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BREAKING: FBI Seized Privileged Documents in Trump Raid

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 15, 2022 3:30 pm

BREAKING: FBI Seized Privileged Documents in Trump Raid

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 15, 2022 3:30 pm

In last week's raid of President Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, the FBI seized documents protected by attorney-client privilege. Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team discuss the most recent twist in the latest Deep State saga — the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid. This and more on today's broadcast.

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Breaking news attorney-client privileged documents. The rain monologue talk about the implications. Take your calls all today on site now boxes labeled a 26 840 3A 13 833 and would labeled as a set of documents that they contain information covered by attorney-client privilege present trumps attorney-client privilege. So, did they get those documents back immediately. They set up somewhat debated between the go-between between their the FBI agents and and you who is actually doing the sources of looking at the classified information they did I do that either. They are setting up what they're called quote a filter to to look through the document, they will be burning so it is the FBI running its own document review over which documents they should even be reviewing in which they should be excluded. Trust this FBI to say all you know this was a bowler, but we did have any right to these documents but will put that right over here.

It's more than this section and I get what it shows. He was by the FBI not try to put any safety guards in place here.

All these documents kitted up in Washington DC about all over the place. Here's what's totally outrageous about all this and let let's be clear, this number one if you take the FBI engages in an unprecedented act, which they did when they made the decision to execute a search warrant on the form present United States principal residence unprecedented in US history. Then in the process of them gathering this information that they had they come across what they come across documents that are clearly attorney-client communications between the President and his lawyers those are privileged to come anyways.

Now what would normally happen then is once notified you would then ask for a special master a special master works with the judge not with the Justice Department to review these documents so that they're not used by the Department of Justice to engage in activities that can be problematic, like reviewing attorney-client information but know the Department of Justice says no, we will set up a filter to meditate with ultimates we had at me. I had this with when we were doing the motor broke you remember the story of filter team is the Department of Justice. It is the PI reviewing your department just as words with the up yet reviewing the document saying this is covered.

This isn't an end a sentence what's called a tank team and tainting several maybe this document should go back but does anybody believe for a minute that at that point. These documents haven't been thoroughly reviewed by the Federal Bureau of investigation and the agents that are involved in this case is anybody out there believe that this is a coincidence, although maybe a couple other coincidence want to talk coincidence during the molar probe when it was issues about Strauch, the FBI agent spiritual agent that was the counterintelligence expert when they needed his phone because of the Inspector General's concern my communication between him and FBI lawyer Lisa page. It was scrubbed when it was turned in.

We don't have access to a date and preserve the evidence we go through the list of the FBI filing with the court a false email changing the language of an email that unifies a warrant on an American citizen. All this just happens. It's just happenstance. And don't worry George's trust the FBI.

They'll handle it.

Yeah that's right no problems with the FBI. No issue to see here. Nothing to see here folks. We are to your phone calls, one 800 684 31 to want to continue take your questions and questions about this to ethic every time of sickness throughout every time someone asked the question you're helping somebody is this this broadcast understand something can get very complicated very quick to see the further we get into the 164.

31 table be purchased or to work We were matching child trade. I can double the impact of our that's ACLJ.4.

So I encourage you go there today.

Also, if you're watching on any of our social media application. We got a special report coming up next. During the break you not want to miss share of the speed with your friends right now you know how to do that with your on rumble YouTube Facebook wherever you might be viewing it back one more moment to the 2000 684-3110. We also if your watch her rub what I want to pay for re-putting up that fee. Their answer audio issues there, but other fee to Facebook, YouTube, that's all working her tongue to allow the radio would serious exit will score the phones one 800 684 31 two that's one 800 684 good reasons: 10 start with adjacent to New York. I live three hey Jason great in all of the American people and unite and get rid of the FBI. So I think the simple way to do these things, which is likely you have some kind of integration of this law enforcement agency right so you have the CIA handling covert you have, then you need the FBI to handle federal law enforcement but is aptly called the FBI the after the same leadership structure know if to elect leaders first in Congress, then ultimately the White House who are bold enough to say were scrapping this river restart this restart fresh ideal take some serious time, but I think like the IRS, we believe that this could these entities could be streamlined in a much more modern way for 2022 that would benefit people working there and benefit the American people by actually focusing on keeping us safe in their law enforcement actions which again should you focusing on tears and hopes to get other cartels. Instead of focusing on American politicians but but let's review here is that all you have probably the FBI but it is odd. It is on full display radio will the FBI you know that the lawyers and FBI agents were able to get a foreign intelligence surveillance Court FISA court to issue a Pfizer warning against an American citizen based on information they submitted to the court that was fraudulent where they changed an email that was ending the FBI then the FBI now goes down to Pres. Trump's home execute a warrant that they get from a magistrate. A magistrate who thought recused himself from a civil case involving Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that Casey worked recused himself or he gets out of that case okay says I'm not can handle that case, that's not right. I'm conflicted. Gets out of that case and then what is he do, he turns around though and signed a criminal search warrant which is just let's think about all this in perspective and think about what we really dealing with here. Now the FBI goes in. They find documents that are attorney-client material and what did they do what is it they decide to do with the attorney-client material send it to attain team inside the FBI rather than a special master that works with the judge to handle the pro forma present United States documents that tells you why there is so much concern on this. Jordan is one of the is the FBI in the partridges not try to at least be smart with the waiter handling this, but they're not.

So there we are creating their own sense of frustration and tension yeah exactly right.

I think that again, the, the amount of outrage at this agency questions about the legitimacy they deserve all of it folks.

They deserve every bit of your outrage in everybody your questions and everybody questioning their legitimacy. As I said we deal with these agencies.

Now, you assume the worst. Assume the worst of the IRS of Gillette assume the worst. If you contact by the FBI because the politics program has seeped into every part from the agent level on down top to their to their leadership and I get that people start defensive about that that the line workers are the front line of the FBI.

I know that there's people who are doing good work there. I think they're few and far between. Now I think of the minority, we still think that was the majority that the majority was so untainted by politics we heard from the letter.

Should you join us. All the people gone. David purged out for steps like the mass departure. We see the law enforcement local left with a just quit in these departments where it was impossible to be a police officer anymore back to the phones we go.

One 800 684 31 to their couplings up if you want to get on this also share the broadcast to their friends and families related to exact kind of answer all these questions that you understand more about where this process is to the tip in California. I like what a tip you might call it illegal to go in and take documents that are should not be taken because it between the lawyer and Pres. Trump right know those documents should be art the naming of the ones the FBI saying hey we got in our when we went in for the searchlight.

We got documents that are clearly attorney-client confidence, attorney-client communication and this is what so ridiculous here. Rather than going to a special master to determine what can be done with those nappy eyes now already reviewed it now pulsates that filter team or attain team but what the FBI agents descended to the taint team and they thought I this may be attorney-client to think maybe they looked at it to make the determination descended to attain team but I got to play this sound from Joe Scarborough with, of all people, Peter struck the FBI agent that Whitehead is at at the text against Trump on his phone and then when they went to get it. The Inspector General one of their phones. They were amazingly white clean under Bob Muller's watch. I might add, take a listen to this. The FBI makes mistakes. The church makes mistakes people make mistakes a screwup should this be any reason for Americans not trusted when the FBI and the DOJ are doing now is in pursuit of protecting classified documents from Joe, absolutely the American public should trust with the FBI's doing.

This is think about this for a moment to get off this team. This is the FBI that had a lawyer submit a document will Pfizer court, a Pfizer warrant and that's when that's in BC by the way has is there expert you you will think you're living in a parallel universe here and there something else going on that were missing here but were not missing they are not a person. I think the whole search warrant was ridiculous in the nature of what I know that I don't know everything so you know I mean I know what I'm reading, but just my experience in dealing with the department justice for site intensely for the last you know during a four-year period when representing the former President. Here's what I don't understand why when they want not want to hold himself above reproach so they don't get caught again with their hands in the cookie jar, but instead Jordan they do the exact opposite.

That's what's so frustrating here. Yes, every this is, again, this is the bad actors at the FBI going on TV to defend bad actors at the FBI. This is it shows you a lot if that's who they can find. The only people he can find Andrew McCabe who still try to fight in court his pension back as he got fired from what we can classified information to reporters whether James going to Algeria LEC disappears them for the most part he's not trying to be full on commentator and then at Peter struck who had to be fired from the special counsel's team at this is the guy who's got the insurance plan. Is this the insured plane is askew continuing to let it happen so again, these are the only people he can find to go on TV to do for the transactions because no increases in principle. These are not defensible positions. Jordan mean this is you did this case with me. This is we know what we're dealing with here.

The problem is is like the IRS. They are becoming institutionally and Kate. Why would they not so you know what will agree to a special master. This is, after all, the former present United States, but instead they take the opposite view that were not to American violence is none of this happened without his watch. Will that that's impressive, I think what you got is just a bunch of political actors who play law enforcement their political actors 100-684-3110 is who Stacy Texas on my four hey Stacy, thank you for taking my call. Operating the name and why, when they knew of a vein like that and enough to protect the contaminant personnel here in the world against that government had predicted. We are Lucille Davis we bring to the IRS when they overstepped their bounds and we got already. I mean how many cases we have against the bond administration are our government oversight project at the ACLJ, probably a dozen US question wording and discussions apparently from what we've read they were in discussions. Something must've transpired that happened, but also realize this when you get within 90 days of a general election or midterm election. We were about to generally the FBI does not engage in doing anything that would be adversely impact the election of course James call me make comments that were negative towards Hillary Clinton for a week and 1/2 before the general election for President does. Some Democrats blame James going for her losing, but the fact of the matter is that, by the way whatever side you're on, Republican or Democrat that wasn't right when he did that violated their own internal policies with the following policies are not following the manual they're making this up as they go in the promise when they make it up at the as they go. It's very dangerous that's what's happening right by one 800 684 31 table to take your focus we come back the next segment of the broadcast. Yes share this with your friends and family. "I want to understand we we need your support of the ACLJ that's an ACLJ a dot or we could double the impact your donation of matching challenge this month having to group her donors are ready to match your donation when it comes through until the end of the month so I get if you donate $25.

They will match that $25.

That's all you charged on your hearts are $25 donations like $50 for Stacy updates a great time to support our work. that's On her website to this new piece up by by Pompeo that biological rate so check it out yet former truck cabinet officials waited on these issues right in ACLJ a dot or so a lot to share with your friends and family there in the great way to build support our work just a couple bit.

It's you can make an online donation double the impact that sedation by supporting our online we come back for your questions or your calls to secure we are to your phone calls to your questions, comments on this one 800 684 30 wanted to know about the rate of course, of Malaga, what we now know is that there attorney-client privileged document that would be documents that Donald Trump has the privilege on that were taken in the FBI has been open about this. Effective lately actually said here. They are two boxes, a 14 A 20 6A 40 3A 13 eight $0.33 five boxes of attorney-client privilege, documentation plus us another set of documents that's on the final page.

The FBI's property receipt that contained information covered by attorney-client privilege. The FBI give these back that the FBI sale.

Put somebody between grid appoints a boy like court-appointed person who will sift through this before.

Get star agents on the special master. When they do they know they did not they are internally deciding what they should and should have access to these are people he said you can't trust that. I don't know if there's a legal actually can be filed immediately follow motion for special master so the lawyers for the President could going to court immediately.

I'm surprised they haven't and and demand a special master be appointed because here's the problem with these filter teams learn as you said, and the tainting surrogate. This is not guessing whether there's attorney-client information, the FBI said there's attorney-client communications in here will know what the nature of those are so with the FBI saying is will work and internally review it with a separate group of FBI agents and they will determine if there attorney-client privilege, and then released filtered out to see if they are, and then send it to a tape team in the tainting will say all you think we can use as you think we can know me well three sets of FBI agent, size of argument on these documents.

By the time the process goes for so let's take a poll at 1-800-684-3110. Does anybody trust that process, the answer is no. Especially when you're dealing with the former President and his attorney client communications. So what should happen. A judge should appoint a special master who acts as a judge basically to review the documents in camera in chambers and negotiate through argument that you actually get to make arguing inside the Justice Department for the prep former President that they would've had a special master. It's proceeding. George is like work, but the that is they want to have that these individuals got a search warrant on August 5 they are singular, that risk takes over so important related dual rate they did go into the bar log on August 5. In most situations.

What is a national security issue. They would go in the moment they got the word, with whatever problems I got a deal with when they show up that they are doing the former President here, but they have to wait three days. That in fact it hurts her case. In fact, it wasn't just three days and three months because in Juneau they said oh yeah baby put the lock on this. They go toward the back.

That should've been a signal to the lawyers was up when the subpoena came and then they want to lock in the new one. Videotapes of the idea that it's top-secret really important documents is undercut by the fact that the FBI's ticket took no action on this starting digit. But what is clear is their argument. This makes me wonder whether this has anything to do with these documents Jordan or is it something to do with January 6. Is it something to do with Russia and Muller.

I mean who knows who's not working or thinking communications between the President and his lawyers previously well drove his lawyers in the air so that we don't represent them in this currently is lawyers in Florida.

They need to be filing a motion for special master here so I don't understand this. I don't understand the reluctance he of the Department of Justice to not take the here's what I don't understand you know you're under intense scrutiny. Why would you not take every single precaution you can to avoid a problem and they will not do it were taking your calls about this at 800 684 31 tenants 1-800-684-3110 was going to a medical backs of hundreds of egos go to Robert Indiana online five hi Robert legal expert. Things like the apnea stepped over there found. Are they aware of it and anything we had the ones you notified the lawyers at the documents in concluded attorney-client communication be clear that that's not something that the that the trial lawyers asserted the FBI department just to say hey by the way we grab those documents, including communications. Mr. former President that you had with your lawyers were not sent here to get back so yeah they know what that mean and doubly multiple eyes, put on this Robert. That is the problem.

That's my special master to be born this whole process like usage or the way they waited rumors over the weekend. There was no nuclear code material there. So if that was the case you think they would've waited five days or three days after they got the warrant to go wait if it was that significant. Of course not really know what they were looking for but we do know what they found.

We need always a fun attorney when what attorney-client material I found that they found some right meets and we know that Cymbalta boxes a good five boxes and at separate set of documents to get six different indications that of attorney-client privileged documents the privilege of be held by the present tribe. The FBI's stiffing through this on their own 164 30 wanted to talk to us on the air.

That's what 100 684-3110 will continue take your phone calls that right now.

Osgood awarded Idaho online Six-Day War Michael my question would be with with everything that they're doing and they're getting away with it and they know they are, how much did that embolden them to come after the listen, save, operate, if you get contacted by these agencies. Now with the real caution dental mortar coming I would be very cautious in dealing with these agencies now, but if you're the former President who can get lawyers and as lawyers they need to be taking some I think you know some aggressive act not aggressive dog tactical moves here and that tactical first move would be a special master being a point that I want to let her play with Sen. Grassley had to say about all this in the FBI take a listen. I think the credibility has hurt as a result of their soul warrant being issued three or four days before the raid actually took place. If there was a nuclear has to be an odd sort of thing involved. You would think. Friday they get the warrant Friday. They immediately go to the President's home that is what we are saying is it if it's truly national security.

Truly national security you're in there. The moment you get the word yes you had a dealership different things he's at Secret Service. He contacted me there within our but instead they wait the week it was just such typical Washington.

Of course become so these FBI agents there is such a national security matter that I have things scheduled since we have Friday Saturday Sunday will come back to be the nuclear code right so it's not and if it is, it wasn't relevant because they enjoy to get it. :-) Did they wait for June to August the did there. They got their search for it and use it immediately and they're telling us that this is like documents that any moment could put our national security risk so there is no isolation there except for all explained it. It's a horrible agency full of horrible people can't be trusted.

That's why Joe Scarborough, a pretty horrible person himself can't find anybody to talk about it, but Peter struck is a horrible person cheat on his wife. I get kicked off the Mahler tube with another person that kicked off the melody by the way, this is who they could find on MSNBC to even talk about this mistake should we trust the FBI. But we know we can't trust you, Peter, that you hear your lover Lisa to trust either view your email and your bones are likely that we can trust you guys which we trust the agencies all the because it's a bunch of Peter struck since the whole agent, including a lawyer gave false documents to the Pfizer. These and these are the kind of people that are running this right now. So know the trust level should be at zero initiative taken extra precautions and reviews we alone or I would think a one minute break will be back with more support share the speed with your friends back to normal as the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you in your beautiful gift today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular. I was little pose at his political opponents right out including a former CIA Dir. Mike Hayden are calling for Donald Trump to be a put the electric chair.

They treat this out. This is the day that Mayor Carla puts his horrible press release his horrible press conference that prescribes makes a statement detailing questions and he was honestly very nervous and it did send you our filing speak for themselves.

Course if that was true, he would have to make a statement and they would have to be constantly explaining their actions because this filings look ridiculous absurd but then at least two hours later course because it filing speak for themselves. The least that DOJ and FBI did this somehow involve nuclear sheet by Hayden, former CIA director waited willy-nilly because so eroded near the Rosenbergs were convicted of giving US nuclear secrets to Moscow that executed June 1953.

He writes sounds about right is a direct relation to present tribe. This is the craziness that is taken or isotropic arrangements of the is a real real syndrome. One day we might actually be able to see that they say like these pop-culture items that I like this can become real people lose their bite and you realize even if their political opponents.

Donald Trump is yelling that that any of these documents. People that executed were executed for beats the actual spies delivering documents to a Ford adversary or document.

Here's where should we start where we as Ricardo pointed out a lot of the Trump staff around it was paid for by the US government present federal government employees suing federal government employees over how they are handling the documents because the GA say did it wrong was the covered service administration doesn't get a lot right. Anyways, that's another agency bureaucracy on bureaucracy. It's like the ultimate is the bureaucracy for the bureaucracy was collected from 2000 684 30 wanted Linda in Texas outline what he would likely don't have standard and and or the bylaws that they have to abide by and if they have broken their own standards. Shouldn't they be held accountable from them all the way up to the judge is initiated warrant.

So let's retrace so they have it just has a manual with the IRS is called the DOJ manual that lays out what you should and should not do that. This extraordinary case. So let's start back with the actual FBI work with the Justice Department felt they had enough evidence of probable cause that a crime had been committed, and then they listed espionage, obstruction of justice so forth my presence. Record act that a and evidently communication was a broken or something that a search warrant should be obtained and executed. They go to a magistrate judge, which is how these work. Now what's really important to understand here is the magistrate judge, they get recused himself just six weeks ago from a case involving Hillary Clinton was Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton.

He said I gotta recuse myself I'm not to be viewed as impartial, but that same judge then signs ace search warrant in a criminal case that's number one.

Then the FBI goes in. This is number two here so the FBI goes in the FBI goes in and they find hey there documents here that may well be in our attorney-client privilege. They don't say a word present from me to send these back to you.

They say no working to send them to a filter team within the department justice now Isa Marty seen them be happy. I just got them DOJ now they sent it to this other team would then send it to another team if they think they are in fact attorney-client information that's all the tainting Jeep three sets of IPI reviewing this you think that something's not right here allots not really get more into this. We come back from the break folks your support of the ACLJ is critical you were to give you this kind of analysis, five days a week because of your support to the ACLJ when matching John's campaign towards let you know what to do to get you donate today I the intonation will be matching the group and noticed that the entire month of August will match your donation. ACLJ got a 50 bucks right out that's like 100 bucks for us because it noticed that I also donate a match that was $50 so again it takes your action to trigger the batch so it's really important months for us because we are double double impact of each donations ACLJ the singular to your phone calls to 164 30 wanted questions, comments no bed questions on this thing. Everybody's asking question your helping everybody list the broadcasts of this last week because this is its highly technical. The further you get into it always hung that prove your people to throw the stuff out privileges at the dump boxes of it you have any boxer privilege dockets. What does that mean what should it be were take your calls on that what he hundred 684 30 when we as an interesting question him on Facebook from cats.

It says what exactly are privileged documents were throwing around terms of the people may not be familiar with.

If your lawyers communicating with you to the attorney to the client on strategy or legal matters related to the case. Those documents are called privileged what is privilege me, it means they're not. You can't use those documents. Other people can get them. You don't have to discuss them, but can't be used in court against you not hear the FBI is acknowledged in fact that there are privileged documents they made that acknowledgment, but instead of going to a judge to make a determination as to what can happen here. They said no working to do it internally ourselves. That's the danger in all of this and that's a problem wanting to call you go back to the falls.

What he hundred 684 31 table Skoda Jesse in California outlined six hi Jesse and the work that you do comment and question everyone's been after Donald Trump 2000 think very heavily on very many issues I questioning as to what documents really are because they are such important don't you think the President of the former President of the United States would have known that they would've been coming after him. The first question and the second is if he was even thinking that way I would him duplicated then left the original snare and less the originals have something against other people and personal.

If the documents are classified in the classification and declassify imprisonment as a 30 to the class like copy and doesn't address the issue so the cooking I don't what's in the documents we have that we we noted the affidavit from the case. We do have is the one the one is very vague. We do know there's attorney-client medication will of its attorney-client communications from this case on the documents. If it's on January 6 issues. If it's related to Bob Muller of Ukraine or impeachment.

We have no idea what those are in the department justice as far as I know hasn't given a detailed list to the Trump people as to what was taken what wasn't there.

Maybe they had a list before the good, the folks at Alyssa when I don't know but it should be handled by a tainting, not tainting the special master they want to do it internally side beef I was from floors I'd be in court now saying judge appoint a special master not maybe it's happened today.

It did happen Friday. That much I know he obviated the question Dallas we actually know these documents are there where they are, that they've labeled the boxes five different boxes with they put out those boxes are less a set of documents so it's not like they don't know where these are they've already noted them as attorney-client privilege, so the act is Artie rifled through all this, regardless of who gets it next.

They've got it. If they made copies copies of the date it's floating around. I will go to Michelle Ohio online to him a shout. My call question regarding the privilege document current lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and I think still against some of the tech company and now the DOJ has these privileged documents so that impact these lawsuits. The non-private lawsuit so the civil world.

It shouldn't technically impact the question is hello to Washington, holding these doctors for the assembly That they actually want to keep private. But the ones that David is executive privilege a baby. There's attorney-client privilege, but again you get this at the FBI. It might not get the documents leaflet. Jim could only substance of the night and accidentally Jim Comey released his notes from a conversation he had with the President of the United States to a report with the New York Times that was the head of the FBI took his notes on a form 302 is supposedly within the file, and Within confidentiality and released it. We haven't we say will start out any myths he does listen to this. I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with the reporter into a myself a variety of reasons why asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.

So I asked a close friend of mine to do it, who was a good friend of mine is a professor at Columbia Law school, think about this from the FBI director is reprinted as a professor at Columbia Law school and leaks into a report of the New York Times for the purpose of getting a special counsel, which lo and behold a special counsel is appointed who came up with zero after spending about $55 million, but they created all kind of havoc, not just the front page havoc, but that the Pfizer court havoc dental court. By the way. In jeopardy for intelligence surveillance Court so you know that there really serious consequences with all of this is question that everybody resting by the where great will take more those 1-800-684-3110, 100-6431 10 watching on any of our social media applications rumble YouTube Facebook ACLJ that'll share with your friends right now is a good question Becky in Florida online.

One hey Becky, I know what was in the affidavit that they took to that guy to get the warrant in the first place. No, they don't usually a affidavit as part of the search warrant is not unsealed until indictments come down what you have to worry about here is a criminal defense lawyer is a search warrant means they thought they had probable cause that a crime is been committed. You understand that to mean they think there's probable cause that a federal crime has been committed and they talk about obstruction of justice on national security issues in these kind of things and Presidents records act. So that's what they think since they care so they fit felt probable cause and adjust other to be probable cause of this is the problem with all of this right now.

The Trump lawyers me to be going and getting a special master that's on the attorney-client information but you will get the you'll get the affidavit and so I give that would not happen until someone gets a diet or if if anyone gets in the Debbie that that's the big question to you. What was interesting to hear is this the first. I think that we see the split across our present troubles acknowledged that the FBI has lit a fire in the country and its their move next.

But you are to be reported say that he said had I called the staff that I think he's see the outrage level from his supporters is at a fever pitch and yet they get for good and for good reason in your supporter present troubles, but this whole idea to these try to stoke something you just do the opposite. Right now, but if you think they are all constantly try to stuff they want another January 6 over there what something else they can blame trucks about what is asked, kind of. The hearings were over and done and it really is so partisan and bored really bored people for the DOJ value. No, by the way, all of them should be laughed at as if they were still there. It of this was going on so that a lot of hired by the people you never heard of and will never hear of it. Names it will not be in history or in Washington, and then she started to another oversight allows for us to take a listen folks that I have asked for. Along with Herman Maloney, a damage assessment by the intelligence community and a briefing to Congress when you got one.

Have you heard from the director of national intelligence. I have not heard back yet, but I'm confident we will get one, and I'm confident the intelligence community will do a damage assessment that is I think fairly routine when there has been the potential risk of disclosure of national security information classified information.

Look at this is a serious is is and ships acting like it is a shift for that for second. Soon we can get rid abstruse power. Let's make sure that happens. By the way I read it member even when we take back the house to deliver the less you don't take back until J during that these guys are to do every thing they can thereon they are on a day like a tear there until about say how do we take them out as much as possible because when God Betty wise. I blues it all by power in three months.

So what can I do to try to destroy Dallas from three down my thing. Look, I think the fact the matter is you said it with a cultural shot using the term of that's when this they been looking for that against Donald Trump for five years that Cinelli did bit to him up the ante this is more than a special counsel investigating, you know, the Russia collusion.

This is the execution of a search warrant, meaning they found probable cause of the crimes been committed to the evidence. Those crimes were monologue of the President's primary residence in Florida and they went to a judge who disqualified himself from a civil case involving Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton but then signed a search warrant that was just six weeks ago but sign the search warrant in a criminal case involving Donald Trump meet folks we go to break. Think about that for a minute. How could that possibly be the case. Take your calls 164 3110. We have not been a couple other cases Maceo J we come back in the right 1-800-684-3110 share this with your friends. You folks we encourage or support the work Maceo J, that's it. ACLJ.or redouble the impact your donation. It's that you transfer the month of August so that a group of donors who will benefit donation comes through. You take the initial action they match What else we find there the whole page or five. A brand-new piece by former Secretary of State over Cedric my company about the dangers of the virological rate you will find that peace anywhere else.

That something ACLJ that it will be right back to your calls at 104 31100 Paula into your online what a polyp. They are the culture community really more classified or And ultimately my crack addict and informational determined ultimately by the President. While monopoly I don't know what that can apply after they left on their thinking classifying information is really determined by the President as well through Executive Order correct so it's a bit more complicated than that. So agencies can determine information that they have that they're generating what is going to present or elsewhere is classified and what level of classification is where you are correct. The President has under his authority as commander-in-chief has the authority to declassify any document any document the present could say this is I no longer deem this a classified and is not classified now for President is made statements are least issued statement saying these documents from some of this is folks of said these documents were declassified. Here's the issue, though the issue is the department just is not that probable cause of the crime of the committee.

We now know what those crimes are obstruction of justice, classified documents Presidential records act. I mean okay but they go to a judge who refuses himself in a previous case involving the present Hillary Clinton but is willing to sign a search warrant. Then they execute the search line and they lowballed get attorney-client communications. They tell the former Presidents team hey we got that we got these attorney-client communications here and were not given back to you working to do ever document to a special master working to attain team to review. That's another set of FBI's eyes on it that may then go filter team that goes to attain team significant of three sets of FBI's eyes on it as anybody believes is the author's income for the ACLJ that these information is not being reviewed by the FBI. This attorney-client information. Does anybody believe that now because it's at has to have been reviewed wine when I picked it up. That's the first time because they had to say okay this is something working at sea and go through it, put it in the box. They took it so you have one set of eyes on it.

Then they probably had to look through it again and say oh well, maybe we need to send this to the filter team are they the taint team and sell seminaries looking at it and send it back to another set of eyes, probably at that point. So yes, they have seen it multiple times, why not have a special master appointed wine when the trumpet wasn't. Let's get a special master look at this. They didn't do it. Explain that to me drunk with all the issues in the FBI's been dealing with this President with his former President while he was President. All of the irregularities I'm being kind.

When I say that they don't follow the rules of the house there was a think they care for your out how to follow the rules they get so ahead of themselves. I think so hyper this drumbeat for him to be arrested and and you know usually that would have been coincided with a lot of this sedated the fact that they get caught off their feet and what you actually looking for you. Kelly's privileged documents. The truth is what we all have to be. I think notice right now is you have a DOJ led by a guy whose field most the pressure from the left the state. He's making decisions based on political pressure.

That's where Carla clearly wasn't prepared for this. What he did his press conference seem scared to death that he either sold by China question that he was a good answer present wanted to hide it you know it's a whole thing that the steps are very obvious about what's happened when we take the next phone call, though, one 800 684 31 Tillis got a freak on line to pay freight to take my call. The question, the judge had recused himself why hasn't Trump's lawyers already yelled declared as invalid what they would do as it would file a motion to quash the search warrant, and then argue that the documents obtained with the fruit of the poisonous tree.

This Supreme Court precedent on that this is this is textbook law that if you get evidence from an illegal search. It cannot be used in a subsequent proceeding why they haven't filed it.

I have no idea.

Maybe they didn't just hasn't made the news but but that's normally what you would do which would try to quash the evidence that was illegally seized.

Once you have a court order saying that the search warrant was improperly obtained that's what you have to do for think they actually can confound that because here this magistrate recused himself, saying that he could not be impartial are he went he went.

He basically partial and biased and sell it out in this morning's afterwards. He doesn't recused him to think that having a solid argument he has with every day that goes by that they're not doing it doesn't matter. This is the problem this should have been follows is what war next Thursday the 11th 11th Monday and last Monday I meet it's a week now mainly thought we just don't know. But my goodness, I would be in court on this. The next day pounding the table yet I did that scare Chris of Texas on my five hi Chris, a elopement of the day to mark out adequate kind of that I had in the back my head so all the classified documents that were unclassified by Donald Trump. They say that only 60% of more really have made it to the public eye. Maybe these are documents that he's declassified never made it into the public. And now that they have an active investigation into it.

That means that they call Chris Caray or anybody else in front of an essay.

We can't talk about matters in a pending investigation on all matters and under, that's what they have to say when they got a matter that's pending in a criminal case, they will say that that's not that's not it, Chris. They will know you're asking the question about the declassification and I think they have to get it's an argument that they are lost that that is lost because there's nothing clear on this, except for the fact that the President could declassify as easy as your present you can walk up to a podium anywhere. The world and you start reading the most highly level secrets of the United States out and at that moment you've declassified so the FBI making that argument court is pretty tough to say what's that's why present from severe highest. We assume we made broad declassification's recruit. I was part of some of those as well because he commits to say this, the liberal rubrics of the brackets over and over. The cave is its distance overly classified supported know if you get the info they need to do broad declassification that page by page, but literally everything involving Hillary Clinton Russian was declassified with any document in their that's really clear the Russian was declassified under the understanding present throughout that FPS is ticketed that that stuff to court to get that petty you realize it is that nuclear codes and it's it again.

Who are they protecting here I'm feeling who they're protecting his Hillary Clinton, Peter Strack, Lisa page that group and the whole crossfire hurricanes.

I guess it was the beginning of the investigation is that I think has been declassified. Yeah, I think of George Washington spitting there. Try to go there to explain with that is to people because I think this probably documents of their position are don't shed like good light on the FBI. The DOJ Hillary Clinton. This is just speculation but why on earth it's like the treaty it very seriously but not seriously enough to actually execute the word.

The day you get the search you get the great effect that the next day or the next day, but then the next day his golfer bid the work of the week it is not for stage if they want to go to gastro rate on Saturday probably basis for the week and probably to this will execute a raid on about what you realize with a target and such security risk would wait one minute before you had the vehicle they did because this incompetent. It is a infested organization of politicians playing law enforcement officials.

I don't think it gets the more dangerous that they are God and ability to arrest you provide particular documents a greater house, but it is politicians playing law-enforcement.

That's very scary port or grayscale JVC LJ data?

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