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Gov. DeSantis Suspends Soros Backed State Attorney

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 5, 2022 1:10 pm

Gov. DeSantis Suspends Soros Backed State Attorney

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 5, 2022 1:10 pm

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended George Soros-backed state prosecutor Andrew Warren. Gov. DeSantis has stated that by declining to enforce a number of state laws, Warren has "publicly put himself above the law." Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss this and more today on Sekulow.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

SICU synthesis means a sorrows back state attorney. How did it happen you informed.

Now is the prosecutor attorney for this judicial circuit Andrew Warren has put himself publicly above the law. Want to hear from you Sharon, call Dobb's decision was rendered by the US Supreme Court. He signed a letter saying would not enforce any laws relating protecting the right to life in the state of Florida.

Now your secular secularity or phone calls to 181 said we wondered start of the broadcast. Today you do a little bit.

You may have seen the news reporter Gov. DeSantis removed actually one of the state attorneys Andrew Warren for the Tampa area Hillsboro County in Florida because he signed a pledge not to follow or enforce the state law. Florida not happen to be in this case the state law in Florida was a 15 week apportionment. People already say you know the governor in New York has the same kind of power over the DA's and so you can complain all you want about Albert Bragg she could take action. We saw voters in California recall San Francisco of all places that district attorneys, so we are saying to a point where George Soros this is a Soros backed state attorney today recommitted to investing millions of dollars of those local DA races standing behind his candidate so he is not going anywhere when it comes to the funding and the backlash that we've seen of the DAs, unwilling to enforce whether it's criminal laws. Whether it is the 50 week abortion ban in Florida at the list goes on.

To not receive around the country, whether people getting attacked in the streets are just violent crime or just lawlessness in general it's it's bizarre because the lawlessness is coming from the law enforcement officials know it's so interesting about this is first of all I want people to think about this the George Soros is spending money on local district attorney races which tells you how important they view these local DAs now when you take an oath as a prosecutor for a government lawyer, you'd swear an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the state of in this case, Laura.

The prosecutor doesn't get to pick and choose the laws he wants to enforce so you can have this issue of prosecutorial discretion versus nonenforcement of the law and you are DA Ibis DA remembered system DAs this idea that you just not enough enforce the law is not in the DAs prerogative. It is not. It is repugnant to the DAs prerogative of the state's attorney or the Atty. Gen. is not the province of the district attorney or in Florida they call on the states attorney to decide which laws enacted by the legislature that district attorney likes or doesn't like is going to prosecutor is not going to prosecute prosecutorial discretion is one thing prosecutorial refusal to prosecute is another will get into the difference in the in the next segment project understand what's going on here George Soros is being really smart. He is funding local DA races. For precisely this reason that he could get district attorney's are here is any said state attorneys to not prosecute laws that are on the books passed by the legislature, signed by the governor in Florida basically make those laws null and void, or try to edit and see that happen, the criminal row now were sitting in it when it comes to social issues, so we saw that this the surgeon violent crime PC spending millions of dollars. This is not like you know $10,000 donation to a local DAs racy spending millions of dollars backing candidates who say I don't care what the laws to choose not to enforce this part of the law at all the governors they just took action under most state constitutions, the governors have disability allowed people to know that I to step in, so that your cover can complain all she wants about the New York City DA but she has the power to remove one 800 684 31 two if you have questions about this comments on this at 2000 684-3110 share this broadcast with your friends and family for support or Ygnacio J ACLJ.or be right back. So yesterday we saw Gov. DeSantis take this action. People may be surprising to take this kind of action against the state attorney in Florida in the Tampa area who signed the letter saying I will not enforce the new Florida 50 week apportionment. So not pick and choose our work in make this a priority exercise lesson, I will not enforce the law and so Gov. DeSantis uses powers governor of the state constitution Florida and removed the state attorney by the laser Soros back state attorney. This sick the next day.

Today, George Soros has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal saying he is not backing down from the support of these controversial district attorney's that this is again it's a way to radically impact the country by bypassing Washington DC completely so outsources spending millions. I guarantee you he spending a it is a lot more effective dollars if you're willing to commit to these. What usually triggers a social change.

He makes the idea your way to be people in prison.

You can have a debate on the discussion in America that we have too many minor crimes that lead to long-term imprisonment, and in people they keep going back this is not with these issues are about that. So I people in San Francisco recalled his DA that he backed there, because he could walk in the street anymore because the amount of drug addicts, crime, and the fact that it was not a safe place to be anymore, but worse, we see a lot about LA in New York. These people all around the country. This is a reminder that they could be your backyard like those were County, Florida, at Tampa, Florida, a pretty conservative area of the country, you know, we had our primaries that were arrived at yesterday is a lot of people on the ballot. I you know, most notably most of you get a choice. A lot of those races, but a lot of people you don't get any voter education on me.

That's the way they want and they come in and you realize weight that they are radically changing the idea of their there is I didn't say were to prioritize this kind of crime because this is something plaguing self and what you would suggest that you take drugs and hopelessness and the street crimes sweetie clean up our streets.

That means we have put resource here. Maybe we won't have resources for some of the other more minor things will get to that.

That's different than say I'm not enforcing the law.

That's, that's right. And so as I said in the first segment when you become a lawyer, especially become a government where you swear an oath to the Constitution and the laws of your state for Mr. Warren would be the state of Florida.

The laws are passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. That's how it works in every state that the laws are created by the legislative branch of government. The governor executes those laws you cannot have a local district attorney were here they call states attorney picking and choosing which laws he's doing, enforce, which is precisely and exactly Andy would happen here and I we need to draw the distinction between prosecutorial discretion which Israel and not enforcing the law. Yeah, let's talk about that for just a second discretion means that a determination not that I'm not going enforce the law, but that there may be a reason why I should not prosecute this particular case, not that I'm not going to enforce the law. But maybe witnesses have died may be witnesses memories have been bad.

Maybe too much time has passed. Maybe there is a sentiment that this I'm never going to get a conviction on this because of the sentiment in the community that's discretion.

That's judgment.

That's what you use in making prosecutorial decisions, but you never ever say I'm not going to prosecute that law. Ever because I don't believe in it or because the legislature and me disagree as to whether there should be that law that is not an option violation of oath.

Yes, it would be a violation of euros because you said you said at the beginning I take an oath to the Constitution and the laws of the particular jurisdiction. That's like me when I prosecuted in Georgia, saying I don't think I'm in a prosecute that particular law because I just don't like it.

This is, as Jordan said, this is a serious bypass of Washington and a decision to just go straight to the roots of the matter to the DA was with the Tampa former police chief said he said let me tell you something Andrew Warren is a fraud. This what he laser his work did you get that. I've never been good at sugarcoating anything. He's a fraud is misled. The people Hillsboro County and when you listen what Gov. DeSantis said he's pointing out exactly what the problem is here yet how it happened.

So I think the Santa suit comes at the political world of the big four river Congress as well is up for reelection to which is not getting as much attention, but he talked about how this works. How does this happen in a place like Tampa take a list. Here's what Soros is doing is actually smart in his heart. They can't get these things enacted in the legislature for your satellite criminal runs run. So what they do people get involved in these Democrat primaries and a Democrat area help flush $1 million to get the radical to win the primary thing that usually when the general because of the party affiliation difference in the jurisdiction's and then you get them in their and what they do is they want to change the criminal justice system through nonenforcement so that total Enron around our constitutional system is this is it. She's been a Millie that that is a ton of money in the race he races and you get you go inside the primary so you go to a place you know the Democrat will win. So one of the dish that seals can be Democrat even if you live in a conservative area profit or but if you lived in that attempt towards anywhere major city.

You likely got him Democrat elected officials whether no Republicans running she going and you back the radical within that race with a million bucks easily when the primary the other candidate has no chance.

And then they go in with an agenda which is not usually how officials whether you are the attorney but the law enforcement at the idea that you're going with a political agenda. I want to reshape policy even though I have very little policy role that no probably really in the policy role is using their budgets to go after when I was that which which which are plaguing the community. This idea that you pick and choose the laws is not the way it's set up to be. That could wreak havoc can become is think about that promote I would only do this letter not come to this line that you know they did that they ran another's quote criminal justice reform issues in California and those DA's are being recalled so I can and this is not about that.

This is about a law passed by the legislature, signed by the governor involving the issue of abortion.

And this is you know if the right was doing this they would be up what I'm saying lawlessness. I think were Soros is every 91 years old so it is up in the Wall Street Journal, likely coming from his team.

But he's got kids, they are running this.

This is not going away and he's saying this, the Wall Street Journal, you will not scare me away. I am doubling down in these efforts.

She had to be very vigilant if you are voter in in major cities in order major urban areas and he sees what he's DA start someone running that way too many ads way too many signs away too much money behind sometimes are taking on the local DAs been there for decades. It might be a Democrat affiliation because that's only the elect to those areas, but was a political person at all in the coming you don't know who they are, but how they brought a lot add think they look nice and flashy and in the coming with in there like electing a politician a lot more than law enforcement official, the coming in.

They don't just say this is our problem here willing to worry about this budget. They literally say there's a lot of books of Florida. I never enforce this never once with.

That's exactly what he said, which is at Rachel's going to call the ousted Donna in New Jersey online.

One hi Donna, call Michael legally binding. He's an American citizen so he can either's multiple vehicle just like any of us up.

This is that they gave the George Soros is playing is kinda daring someone else now on the right. You would have to have you seen this investment and at the federal level. Certainly in big races, statewide races, even your house races.

Sometimes what you haven't really seen on the conservative investment in these types of races.

Now some of that is because you can spit him $1 million behind their a Republican DA candidate, a major urban air. Then I went like you gotta have that D next your name so some of this is you've got to be creative like DeSantis said in that statement you go to the places you know you're going to win if you get through the primary so I don't think it's a it's not a major issue for people outside it's it's mostly happening in Europe to live in a Democrat district. The sources say you're sorry Democrat I'll back a Democrat was so much money the people shall vote. That's the neighbor got another to vote for that person and then they'll start enacting the social policies via the DAs office of state attorney's office and we see that we even see Democrats complaining about important sepsis with actually recalled their Soros barrel EA but he's doubling down today. So after this move by the state is he saying this money is not going to stop going to these races I think were actually to see more of these people, not less. At first I I think people in understand the role that the local district attorney plays an local government and any willing at a minimum for the break run DeSantis right was saying is actually a smart move that that all it's a very smart move.

This is what will we lose in Washington we lose in the Supreme Court not tell you what will do will just bypass that will just go down when the states and then who had let and enact pro-life laws and will just say to the DAs down there. We support those of you who are candidates and who are say were not can enforce the law.

What a brilliantly insidious move on Soros's part.

So if you got issues like this in your community or your questions gives call 1-800-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 is removed.

DeSantis has authority under their state constitution to do that. That's not true in every state but a lot of states at me at York is similar to the governor how to remove the DA from your city today and instrumented to be logical and your support it with attempt.

Democrats are moving Democrats, but will that actually happened 164, a second look to your house on the DAV cover DeSantis move in Florida. I like the zeros I would like to see more of it. I like to put a bipartisan way. I think that it you see that the voters in California. They did it themselves in San Francisco against telegraph Democrats taken out didn't read because they got fooled into electing somebody with an exactly how DeSantis laid it out. Somebody came that person comes in to get a million bucks behind them. That's at lot about even of age. That's a ton of money for race like this and in this is that the starting point and so people elected that you noted that it's good to be Democrat. Then they start implement these policies and you can see your vote for the people, but in this case, the state attorney signed a letter saying I'm not going to enforce the law, not abduction to prioritize this or about you. We need to focus on this and I think this is a distraction. I am not going to enforce the law so governor DeSantis takes this action. I think that we need to see more of this in states where you got governors of the ability other states way that the recall ability because were seeing the the social engineering coming from these these DAs and state attorneys is is pretty the impact it's having is massive where the crime so I get will continue to because of that, but it would shift to because there was big news yesterday. We talked about the Joe mansions build back better I would call it that because he hates Bill back, but he does like tardy, but that's really all this is degree new deal repackaged in a pipeline that probably will never be built was for Jenny's as it gets approved they will ever get built, but what is it having it as you might see there's a Christian Cinema was able to take out some of the tax provisions, great. If your hedge fund manager does it impact you if if I if you're a middle-class American working American because guess what the IRS is doubling their size to come after you. So Christian Cinema, and Joe mentioned didn't do anything about the $80 billion to the IRS about doubles their budget. But see, think of cases to reducing so that we can start paying our taxes easily, electronically, literally $3 million of taxpayer limited years so it's a really anybody answer the phone right you still will be faxing to. As we've learned through people's homes and all that we can releases the privacies that that's it for all these documents are around peoples as we had a HVAC contractor called to say he was at main IRS Washington said it was empty when he went through the desktop and moves 1950. The typewriter still there was no employees there in the idea of IBM's electrics are a big sissy. Let us note that the only agency flat foil you stuff to faxing your four municipal look at me you give me an incompetent agency $80 billion.

To be more incompetent, absolutely. And so they can go after the middle class simultaneously.

Of course with this Sen. Cinema's carveout for the rich, they will get richer at the expense of the middle class that were carrying what is to actually service quite simply carried interest is form of income or compensation received by managing partners of hedge funds and private equity fund different than your W-2 income absolutely.

It's so which would normally be taxed at the top rated 39% yes 39 or 3730 ISN and so what hedge managers are allowed to do is to read classify the so-called carried interest income as capital gains income rather than ordinary income. So, hedge fund, private equity fund is typically organized as a partnership as if your partner you initially contribute a small portion of the initial capital of the firm. Then you go out and attract investors, and so let's assume the hedge fund earns $100 million this year in so-called income. What happens then the hedge fund, hedge fund managers take 20% of that. That's $20 million but it's not taxable as ordinary income. It's taxable at 15%, saving more than half my goal was the 13 cards absolutely, and this is from the political party that same were here to help middle-class right. All they did in this to get this past was bailout the superrich this is that is the top 1% of the 1%. This would even apply to that. This would even matter, for they make a big deal about this today, but what that she didn't do is cut funding to the IRS and at times when let's you inflation at a controlled $80 million over 10.

They say there doing this to come after middle-class Americans who don't get audited as much they think they can find more money for the federal government by coming out to people who can't don't get to rely on accountants and lawyers to handle their taxes usually so what are trying to follow the rules every every every year and I will tell you give the budget for more vehicles.

But this is is is okay.

This where this is outrageous. You can even get them to answer the phone. So what are we giving for taxpayer services and is $80 billion program $3 billion. What are we giving for operational support $25 million.

I mean task force to design for the direct e-filing system.


I mean you look at the numbers of what they're doing and you realize you have an agency that is totally incompetent and what you're doing is giving this incompetent agency twice the amount of money and you become more incompetent when I see and for enforcement a $45 billion budget compared to what you just said for taxpayer services 3 billion okay. They don't even answer the phone except maybe 10% of the times. If you want to communicate with an IRS agent you do it by fax to their home. Okay so that is all you will give for taxpayer services but targeting the middle class. The people who make 200,000 or less.

Okay your vendor then just make a best deal monster out of the Internal Revenue Service by giving them for enforcement purposes, $45 billion. But here's the thing.

I think that we got a point out Harry and that is this eight. I've said this before, they are incapable of institutional correction I and and I think that giving them more money for the problem doesn't solve that. I think that is correct, but it's also quite consistent with the Democratic Party's playbook.

They insist on rewarding incompetence. So, as a general rule, Democrats campaign on raising taxes for the rich but fake governed by insisting on tax breaks for the rich and placing an increasing tax burden on the middle class and that is consistent with this so-called build back better light bill that Joe mansion signed on to so on one hand they claim they are reducing inflation. On another hand. They claimed that this will stave off a recession, but I think at the end of the day.

Common sense Americans realize that they are being lied to by politicians who have consistently lied to them in the past in a politically Jordan. They got the studio this will be needed to understand gabbing it so as to go through the reconciliation for budgetary process process so see if any provisions could strike there, but if they have the votes in the Senate now the house there votes to lose. They have a lot of people who are up for reelection overtired so you don't as much political pressure on them so I enlisted some revolt by House Democrats and Republicans generally do so much and I think it was down to Christian Cinema and she was near the big donors got what you wanted and she's moving on, so I will receive in your major Christmas. It was there. Democrats liberal Democrats because they both say it's a good idea to give $80 billion more to the IRS right now that is a bad idea to veto and raise taxes. So I get word to your phone call. Second, about 164 30 within my cocktails can be joyous like to talk about the situation with China and Taiwan, 1-800-684-3110 will be right back at the American civil injustice were engaging solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be managed $10 gift becomes 20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secularity of 100-6431 two next segment enjoyment my company were to get you off all these issues with China receipt. You see the news the ramp up the test and also the USA all right because they're upset we won't do our plan military test in the Pacific, which we see this the second time receive military test be called off because we don't want to upset the Chinese. There's people all over the place. Whether Nancy Pelosi should have gone in the first place. Once she announced it there for much support you have to go at this point and and so whether or not this increase tensions behind-the-scenes.

There is big a big public spat China ultimately has not stopped the ramp-up since she's left and they started canceling more meetings gives the meeting with the Japanese partners.

They said he can come in retaliation to the US.

They also try to get our allies and say because she visited Taiwan. They are, they are taking these military actions of people are concerned, is this another Ukraine with a much bigger power, but you know the concern was in February. People remember that that the Russians were going to go in as I did into Ukraine in the China at the same time was going to tame on.

Now the questions I'm going to Taiwan now and and that will change the geopolitical landscape very drastically.

You're talking about an escalation of the conflict here that could be monumental in scope and the problem is that the United States unfortunately we still very reliant on Chinese products in Chinese trade. So this is a very delicate international situation be very good to get my Pompeo's position on this and ideas on this because I think were in a very dangerous spot.

Yeah I'm a Wednesday displays for them on the political side of things to it in more unrest. They have a lot of influence because the economics so the egg China knows it one. I mean, we will target this by Pompeo before his the semiconductors yes it's it's it's upsetting we still waiting for things cars and things like that. They're still not hundred percent back but have on our takes an F 35's and also the same semiconductors that they make, they make that we have software on the one in your Amazon Web services also runs the Chinese Defense Department.

The maybe that's good that where the America present but the influence level of the Chinese you look at the MBA and making more money. There so you have the politics of China have infiltrated professional sports in the United States and you see players players being thrown off teams because they make a stance against the way that the Chinese are treating trains Commies parties treating the Uighurs in our Western China and the Muslim minority there wit, which is been classified as a genocide to the carrier of genocide or threatening a war and their number one trade partner in a business problem. This is not Russia or Ukraine that that is at a very complicated issue.

We have just said we had to start unwinding from China so that it's document to be decision between do we stand with our ally or still be able to fill up our stores are also national security threat. We talked about that the acquiring of real estate makes the military base in noisy LJ action has been working on that mean this is this is a serious threat and you know in the Chinese and the historically the governments in all the different generations and before the Communist Party have a very long-term view on things. That's right. That's the day that that is a apolitical view that we need to learn from.

In many ways because looking at the inlet and the long game is how they play this because they have an and tremendous ancient history that goes back for eons, it seems, and they look at this thing through the perspective of their own history. We don't have the history that the Chinese have and they think about is one of the great virtues that they have his patients. In addition to this, and then that way there like the radical Muslims you know will wait will wait amount we have the patience but the Longview is a Chinese asset. I folks we come back will be joined by a former secretary of state, my Pompeo ACLJ's senior counsel for global affairs to discuss these very issues you would miss that if you want to interact was on the broadcast 2000 684-3110 from the IRS fund government saves lives on China, 1-800-684-3110.

Be right back. Pompeo capability jump right into this a lot so much as with China and the international stage in our own security United States, but we had the US Department of Defense announced yesterday that it was delaying a scheduled test of the Minuteman three intercontinental ballistic missile because of Chinese aggression. I mean it wasn't like they try to hide why they were doing. It messes to the trade it's and Nancy Pelosi's back. That trip is over, and yet the ramp-up continues to point where our own military is not testing its equipment. The Chinese must love this rural one if you ever get your old activity and the bad guys tell you not to do it and you got back I went and it is not about the past week about a month from now if the about the method being sent message being sent to the Chinese government started because you can probably United States to contribute a portion provided diminish our country. It's a message saying thank you to American people that you don't have competent in United States Capacity active military capacity but economic and diplomatic, and then finally to draw allies around the world. The Australian Japanese that the Korean and methods backed off in the face of a statement from the Chinese, party, when we next ask you to do something hard to help us confront the China Party protect freedom and prosperity for us for America. Our allies are going to be that we are not strong.

We are not resolved when I committed to being part of a coalition that will ultimately push back again.

She's thinking in the Chinese Communist Party. I think about when you were serving Secretary of State, but she was not invading Ukraine and China wasn't rent saber rattling as relates the time on them and they've always ended the view this one.

The one China policy and all that Cinelli got sign on increasing his Jordan said his military exercises around Taiwan and is it not, is it conceivable that they would invade the Chinese government credit party absolutely conceivable but may have said they're going to do what they call reunification be holy by the Democrat people commit today and this is a larger point.

I think you're getting to Pres. Reagan understood peace through strength. He understood that the back. I understand only power that don't understand words and understand new authentic empower and demonstrations of resolving clarity and transparency.

Good thing that we modeled for four years and when we did that we are pretty darn successful at keeping these regimes are important. Americans at risk.

And when you when you when you say that a minor encouragement.

Ukraine might be okay when you withdraw American Americans from Afghanistan to get 13 killed and leave a bunch behind all, whether it's chairman Kim or North Korea or she thinking in China or the Ayatollah Enron. They are going to become more aggressive and present greater risk United States Benjamin Disraeli admin pick up on the tower statement for second famously Cenex and often is broadcasting he was dealing then with the conflict with guessing Russian Turkey was a whole is that the called of the Eastern question.

He said diplomacy can be war because diplomacy back with power since that kind of message going with this. Only saw accident of apparent speaker. Plus she's very fresh and were to stay with Taiwan when I cannot try nicely. Taiwan doesn't seem like that's the message from the bite administration and I was I every no one wanted a war with China anointed were not known it because so many issues that we can raise the it even inside the Democrat party seems to be that there's a rift between where the bite administration is aware that speak of the houses fully and you J me.

Jenny, started to get the earlier question.

Yeah, that increases the risk that the Chinese will be an opportunity to conduct a military action against Taiwan. If it is a pretty straightforward proposition. Disraeli had the threat and I was American diplomat 4008 without both the capability to defend America and our President who was prepared to do it right that well and the capability then that the bad guys win because they will constantly push they don't value human life.

They don't think about the work the same way we do not die, they want to undermine United States America that great beacon of freedom for the entire world. They know that they can take that down if they can destroy our institutions within and prod and Porsche abroad, then America will be less of a challenge for them to confront and they can get what you thinking ultimately wants which is the capacity to dumb to dominate the world in important ways for the next hundred years. You know we talked about the threat to China with you on this broadcast often better than

You tweeted yesterday. Let me be clear, China, under the rule of the CCP is the greatest threat to the US in our history.

It touches every facet of American life military education private sector, government and more and that's all true. So we got offer. I would like to offer our audience hope in positions that would make sense. What would you do if you are in charge to stop this threat from China.

How do you reduce it from being the greatest threat to the United States in our history. We began and we still have a lot of work to do when we left off, generally begin again with communicating clearly, the Chinese government party that we want a nation in decline. So that means fixing our schools all the things here at home. I prosecuted about a strong American home gives us the capacity to push back against the Chinese second in the Delta country on the backs of American workers destroyed tens of millions of American jobs by stealing our intellectual property and manufacturing at all in China. You gotta stop that you can reverse it.

We can do that. It's not impossible to do there not gently talk we can prevail in this and then you you have the ability military have to build your capabilities and make render the region. We did each of those things.

We were strong we put our military back on its front clinically get those right that Jenny, his party will see that in master on America is going to be too much for them. They'll begin to behave in ways that are just fundamentally different than what was thing in the news everyone just talk about yet. I wanted asked Afghanistan that the Sox CA said that's great that they were able to eliminate house that was what Harry added leader of Al Qaeda, but there is so much concern.

The US immediately. At that he was in Kabul being put up in it and in in a apartment by a cabinet member of the Taliban government. And while the Taliban still asking the world to do all these items so the fact that he was comfortable and cobble. It shouldn't be as as scary as it is to America that they are the leader of Al Qaeda felt he could watch back into cobble and be at the home of Taliban leader yet again we see the Taliban harboring someone that they know the US is hunting. It was a great strike while done intelligent unity literally deck at the market was worked up before me and worked on my time at the director and then he spoke Spanish that good on all here was no longer operationally important, but he was a important target because he was at the center of killing American 9/11, but what you mentioned Jordan, Israel, the fact that he was in Kabul in the Center City not in Tora Bora, not in some far-flung place and felt comfortable walking rather suggest that the Taliban continue to violate the most fundamental parts of the dog. They did it watch what they did and I watched we went and killed a bunch of you you you have to make sure that they are violating the agreement. You come right back at them hard in this administration just watches violate the central bank and it is going to mean an increased risk of terror in our mind if we don't put that gas on and put it back in front making clear the Taliban. This is unacceptable you have to change and when they don't, which would be my expectation recovery to think the Taliban to go change the colors and when they don't yet apply pressure to the last question here Mike and that is this.

We got conflict in Russia with Ukraine. We got China saber rattling. We have unrest, you know, serious unrest in the in the country but but globally to my concern here is that the administration is just reactionary and is never proactive and that to me causes real concern for our national security. There's the border or anything else we talked about that, not only in the context of the border, but in the context of Iran as well right right our Israeli friend can see that we are no longer on our front, but were no longer played out its will on the Ayatollah to dictate the terms of how we engage in the Middle East as well.

For each of the various it is important when the tiny saber rattle. We should acknowledge their saber rattling and come back over the top.

If we do that if we do that well.

We will decrease the risk of or tear pointer.

Nobody wants to fight the tragic outpouring that we want to engage in conflict with the but if your week, you will begin at the very country complex that it that we aim to try and avoid everyday. As always, we appreciate you have broadcast this insight to Chad asked Afghanistan to the Middle East and appreciate that, again, socially taken from because we come back and when he hundred 6430 went to if you got cause about doubling the size the IRS your cause about China. If you got cause about Gov. Santos of these DA's and Soros doubling down every 91 years old. The foundation, the politics, the family doubling down on the millions of dollars of their own money they're spending to back these radical, DAs, we will take your calls on that two 1-800-684-3110 idea.

Get the threats to our country read with same type of person about our country had, you can bet that a lot is the strength inside. They want to see what is going on domestically. So we have all these crime rampant reports all day on the news when you have rules crumbling and bridges falling. That is there looking to that just as much they are is what what politicians are saying we will also encourage you to support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice, whether it's fighting for life.

Whether it's thing. Top of the situation with China, whether it's national defense or national security.

BAC LJ is there and were there because of your support of the American Center for Law and Justice. We encourage word matching challenge campaign. This is a second month we put a rope we meet last year by last month which was great and I want think everybody but if you haven't supported yet. If you're able double your impact that singular. If your phones ride and Bobby right after Balaguer first arrived in Oregon on line 1 hayride in my culture. We've been a lot of weapon in the Ukraine and I'm glad I will keep sending more.

But my question is are we restocking the weapon design is clever enough that they could be waiting for us to deplete our ply and then attack Taiwan. I listened yesterday to the general former vice Chief of Staff Jack Keene, Gen. Keene and he is very concerned right about that very issue that we are not resupplying our military in the proportion to what we are expanding with the situation in Russia, Ukraine, and I think if you look at the military readiness issue that becomes really fundamental for the United States and historically on if you look at you. Note that Neville Chamberlain gets a lot of criticism I think rightly so. What was interesting about when you study it was England was not prepared militarily to deal with the Nazis. That was fact and not the way he handled it was not the way you would handle it. You would be trying to build your military but historically, any data has been a big issue when you got your supporting conflicts overseas nine state-supported Great Britain before we got into the war in World War II, but it didn't. We had a bar. Our production to meet the defense needs of nightstands. You're absolutely right, Jane. One of the things of the French capitulated.

As we know, and who established the Vichy regime, but they were asking the British to come and save them by giving more airpower to the French forces band that Ben Winston Churchill said I can't denude my own country of its defenses to support you if you won't support yourself and it is the same that this caller is roommate mentioning we don't want to deplete our resources so that we don't have what we need to have to find whoever weird enough ultimately have to oppose and we have to be careful about that. I am not confident that policy wise this administration.

The Biden administration has that commitment to the military that the Trump administration had to go back to phones at 100-684-3110 Bobby in New York on line to a bout Niagara Falls on the American side Niagara Falls, New York. From WDC X out of Buffalo. My question is a new administration takes over and it can easily be done. These extra IRS agents are let go and that's turned around her, wouldn't that easy to do these examples we start with the big spending programs. Whether it's the affordable care act and if you come back you little punk in Majorca still have quite the force take it take things away is that once this money gets spent and on the books. Either you can call back some.

I think it would take revolutionary Approaches which Donald Trump was doing by removing some of these officials, but the pushback what you had to go through chief to make that calculation.

So if I remove this at the eye directors no good that no one likes The special counsel investigation and then try to impeach me over phone call and by then think about that phone call to the Ukrainian Pres. and where Ukraine is now in all the things are going on behind the scenes. We don't even know about that country try to prevent conflict and average the world but no simple questions. This is the Democrats try to get wins before the midterm elections are hoping they can keep that is about the mentor. Right now I think there's some Democrat momentum. That is, to be honest people that that we saw. We saw some of the Kansas vote where they they spent a lot more money on the abortion issue I don't that's good to be the number one issue everywhere because most people to be voting on the economy but is also to be.

It's about ultimately is not the candidates think they get the people out to vote. I something public is a very good chance the house is tougher. The Senate today. That's today and in a month out three weeks ago that look different. That's gonna keep shifting and I think it will continue to shift these data statements to discuss spending bills that it is a tax hike. It is a bailout of the IRS. It does give Republicans of the site.

This is what they can continue. Do you think Joe buys ineffective but you get the 50 votes through we have no way to stop it now suddenly he's basically got his bill back better with degree new deal inside of it and elicited traction with it there excited about this big government, big spending at its core, the inflation reduction act as a lifesaving job creating cost reducing bill gets what the American people want is what the country so desperately needs. And it's what Democrats will deliver on this is their unique you see exactly what they're doing.

Politically, they're expecting an avalanche against them in the in the house.

The Senate is looking tough for the Republicans. Let's be honest to make it could happen, but it's not looking great when you said Jordan is the momentum shifts here are going back and forth. And this is important as we can look at the political end of this yet. I do think it where you are to look is there going to sell this says William it you know your states have this influx of money these different resource Levin for somebody but because of this likely even today.

Getting seated. The jobs report. But I think of you actually know these kind of jobs that people are taking you still see that the shortages in a lot of the workforce allows because of Covey had a covert, but the same time. Don't discount you can't like you to win two months out were still primaries in lifesaving you not to do the reunification of your part electricity states and had tough primary statewide of people that have led any other be on the same team and those are two Critical states that we can Ohioans get the Senate owner just had it.

One that was to get truck back to base to great but it what about the other. You gotta bring the other group of Republican voters to turn that into about that right now. I think that's the biggest question Republicans. Can They Bring Back Their Ct., Democrats united even though usually when you have all the bridges over that we start dividing they feel like they're under attack. The left because the 20 think the 2020 lectures never ended yet.

I believe this can perpetual politics of January 6 committees in January over and over with the same news and there's all these things going on the world. Afghanistan recoded this monkey popping these things again you can you watch the news and you just watch the local crime in areas go up to pointed there seizing on that seizing on the eighth. They're not at their own, just like the less I think less divided innocence that I think that's really in any easement alone time in Atlanta to admit you got a huge Senate race, a gubernatorial race. The spending is supposedly at his every Apple instrument is pending and it's because it's it's I think it's going to be outcome determinative of the control of the Senate J. Quite frankly, and that Senate race in an and in Pennsylvania to the money is just going to be imported into the campaign and is Jordan says it's extremely mobile. The dreams today is August is going to be seven timber then you know better than no hemorrhoids you think so there's a lot of movement. Are you convinced Jordan that the house meet you look at all the polling in the house to look like it's a little overwhelming. The public interviewed redistricting a lot of retirements the race of our local so eat and you don't have to have the same kind of unifying but at the statewide level.

You do. You can't have the Republican Party think Kansas example that the abortion issue on its own. Does divide differently than just Republican, Democrat, but 30+ percent of registered Republicans voted with Planned Parenthood. Some show they were not convinced by their conservative colleagues that they they devote the estimate is the right vote and they still voted was likely to stay home. They devote so I we have to focus a lot conservative like Presidential skits device to begin his primaries in the back supposedly getting out of primary season.

Now you got to come together and that is your candidate, the conservative candidate is still better. The service pack. Think about it that way and I think that you could repeat that takes progress as well. See if that occurs there to be a lot of effort toward the touch of a

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