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Democrats' Massive Spending Bill Passes Senate, Not All Dems on Board

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 8, 2022 1:21 pm

Democrats' Massive Spending Bill Passes Senate, Not All Dems on Board

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 8, 2022 1:21 pm

[00:00:00] Sean Duffy

[00:18:30] Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI)

[00:37:14] Michael Goodwin

[00:55:26] Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-FL)

[01:13:45] Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ)

[01:37:22] Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY)

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Live from New York City to set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian would kill me.

Hey this is Jason Jape exactly ability for ride rides got a tanning day today so we we obviously for that.

No right like the hardest working guy in all of television, radio, and all the hours he puts in parts of France, then on the radio itself is also doing all these special recording all these things nation so anyway I'm underprivileged the village for Brian love doing so in what going on so we want to talk about a whole ready things to kick things right off by bringing in one of my former colleague somebody. I got the, the honor and privilege of serving with in the United States Congress is a Fox News contributor now former Congressman from Wisconsin John Duffy's online with those so Sean, thanks for joining us, you, you're my favorite member of Congress always thought always smart and have them United UK copyright S.gif Brian K. Like any type or any work you have five people never stopped you out of the office you like you everywhere like there all day long like what I want leave that talking to some 31 hours of programming that he does with amazing is when you do a show you guest host allots a lot of what happens is the preparation right all the prep that it takes in order to actually get to go to do the show so it is amazing, but I want to get rid after talk about what the Democrats did. I'm going to go to cut one here in just a moment, but you know Democrats penned themselves on the back and actually accomplishing something. A lot of people didn't think was going to happen, which is cajoling and twisting and in convincing Joe Manson to actually go do the green new deal. And in that he did it and I can't believe it Chuck Schumer listen to this clip obviously thinks that what he did was quite amazing. Cut one. I am confident the inflation reduction act will endure is one of the defining legislative feats of the 21st-century. Our bill reduces inflation, lowers costs, creates millions of good paying jobs and is the oldest climate package in US history.

This bill will kickstart the era of affordable clean energy in America is a game changer is a turning point and it's been a long time in coming.

Nothing like Pat yourself on the back there. As they passed passed the bill this is going to be solve all of our problems on their fertile factor. Democrats can find out why people in inflation reduction at no when you raise taxes by $700 billion and then you transfer that into the green new energy plan.

This is not going to Lord going to raise inflation and inflationary bill at a time that we already have too much inflation but this is better for the American people. You notice what we will try the world everyone Tucker does a great job covering this everybody who does this radical green agenda ends up or they have less and more expensive energy more expensive food.

Life becomes unaffordable. Look what's happening in Europe and reliant on the Russians for gas because they did this radical you mothball your your your power plants. Whether it's called natural gas you are you nuclear reliant Russian natural gas look at Sherlock revolutionary because they did this green new energy proposal and people were starving. That's what's in store for us and our future will go after our great you know a black gold which is oil. We have under our feet. It's all so well.

We outsource our energy to China did make the windmills to make the solar panels they make in the batteries they make almost everything in green energy and for us if we if we continue on our own course liberal Noel anybody the power car funeral homes and and I don't understand why Democrats want to have less American freedom and autonomy and have more of America reliant on trying to make sense to me. Yeah. Are our teachers feel like you can produce the energy to drive an economy and have a quality of life and to your points on last night I was able to guest hosts for the next revolution for Steve Hilton and we had the former national security advisor investigator Robert O'Brien on the show ended talked about how suddenly you know all these rare earth minerals thereover in China because even when we have rare earth minerals which we need for the production of safe batteries and other kinds of glee green energy we totally rely on China go to cut 21. Please, even if it's mine somewhere else that's mine in Mongolia mine in Australia or even mine here in California those mirrors get sent to China to be processed. So China has a stranglehold on us are just like that and just like with the chips act, we decided we gotta bring chips or strategic asset and computer chips back to American manufacturing back to America. We had to the same thing with verse. We saw how that worked out a beacon of covert when trying to control all the PP.

We can't allow China to control our errors, especially for international conflict, potentially with Taiwan. Your comment about that Sean. I think that's what you're most likely your everywhere yourself. You're doing TV at night and radio in the morning, but that that that that is that is spot on. China has been very thoughtful in how they bought a wall of the different acts aspect of the supply chain including rare-earth minerals, and you know, even if were allowed to my most minerals here.

China's bought them in and around the world. They bought those minerals and and and so we are more reliant on them to make an appointment to the church that is where the tunnel is outmaneuvered is a smart guy, I did not as conservative as as I am even frustrates me as as the leader of the Senate, but the fact that he got Republicans to join impact the chips act and moments after it passes then Democrats about this deal with with mansion she was completely played and you think about in a manner that your NASCAR Democrats spent $1.9 trillion on this covert relief acted when Colbert was already wanted out all the money from the Trump era and even spent the money left from covert packages in the program, Democrats spent another $1.9 trillion, the Republicans joined them. They spent 1.2 trillion on infrastructure which only a small part was the structure chips that you could become the site of how much money that is the chip stack. The chip part of the chips act was 51, $52 billion and they just pulled this bill up to $250 billion that the path now this is another yield $400 billion plus no spending bill.

This is insanity and the fact that we don't think need impact on the dollar. The fact that you're not going to see the reduced value of the dollar which means you can have inflation. The money that you have you burn is going to be less valuable as we completely wrapped the dollar is is shameful, and using you know when you ran for Congress want to make people's lives better.

Want to do things that made the economy stronger people make more money people have more disposable income. The thing the Democrats are doing the exact opposite. And I don't understand the politics they going to do the right things and you know if you and I were gonna pass legislation or ideas that didn't actually work that you heard people did make noise but at some point go hey we thought this was going to work, but it's not.

It's making people may change course, not Democrats sky high inflation were in a recession. They don't give a dark skip right on going more the same as the people they care about this ideology. The idea this this screen agenda. Too bad they keep spending and and and numbers just so out-of-control you know what thinking they don't even give a glancing acknowledgment to is the fact that our our base budget.

When you include the discretionary nondiscretionary is already $6 trillion so you know your spending. If you spent $1 million a day every day would take nearly 3000 years to get the 1 trillion.

That's how much money that isn't so. They act as if there's shelves are bare. There's nothing else going out the door in the discussion Sean that I never heard what I was in Congress, and I doubt you heard when your congresses hey we got a tough decision to make.

You know, and you really want to do this because you think you be good for the country so let's stop doing this over here like there's never a discussion about priorities is just spending more never actually reducing any other account. If you want to spend money and one other player you might reduce spending in a different place in your family budget so we can carve out our our bar budget belt, not Democrats directed the licking, spending this massive amount of money and in a mandatory discretionary spending and by the way mandatory spending that that money goes out the door. Regardless of what Congress does the discretionary spending is what Congress budgets for appropriate it's right and we do have control over that, by the way, we could continue to have control over both of them, but they haven't unit try to do that before but what Congress and and what Republicans will go for that.

But you're right, it's just it's more the same and into think that your $30 trillion debt how much money that is $30 trillion in debt is no way you can appeal the taxes and pay your way out of 30 $20. So what would the government you have to do is to devalue dollar money to pay this debt and at one point I would that mean that even you think 89% inflation is bad, wait until that happens will go see sky high inflation. You think that the old Germany after World War I with wheelbarrows of money to go buy a loaf of bread at the same thing. I don't know. I don't know how we have any other Board or future, but for monetizing our debt, and it's it's good to be a horrible week havoc on the economy and on families and again Democrats care more about the screen agenda everything green is red. This is about control. This is about making sure they have control over our lives. They can let you have a gas powered engine that that's reliant on election West Texas crude with gas stations and if I was a Democrat no control over didn't have control over us and they will have that control of the tall great one last thing I wanted to talk about here with this bill before re-I could salute serious the tax provisions because I thought the Democrats promise that nobody was going to get a tax increase if the know made for a lot less than $400,000 a year, but this is going to have an effect on every single American.

Don't don't deny it.

Don't tell us that it doesn't. These tax provisions are going to hurt all of us. You know it when I ran for Congress.

You think that the IRS is imparted and we saw that under the Obama era directors part of my rent for Congress.

Miraculously I got an audit. I made no money out of the prosecutor's grandson, Rachel, my white male of the type and they audited me. That was a gift that I got it from my Democrat anything incumbent.

But you know what you like to have higher once you have your technically to raise taxes got me most about what what what match and didn't cinema did their get rid of the carried interest loophole.

That loophole is with your money managers are hedge funds that make money on the investments that they make with other people's money when they get paid to the investments they they don't pay income tax they pay capital gains taxes that obtain a top rate you know of 38%, there came down at 20%. That's that that's a loophole for Wall Street Democrats were going to do that. They didn't take away and said they raise taxes elsewhere, and so again you confuse transition happened in America were Democrats are of the part of big business elite rich people on corporate America and Republicans were good with the trump transition if it were blue-collar party looking out for the average men and women of America. The middle-class Americans of people working, make thinking America would want to focus on them and those of those very people. But Democrats wanted back more would look good to go. You notice this corporate minimum taxes of 16% in place those same companies are the ones that probably most people have their 401(k)s and in the retirement in their savings and don't pretend for a moment that all just a bunch of rich billionaires again to pay that know these corporations the pastors they pass those expenses on by either cutting cost-cutting labor or just what charging more for their products in order to cover the cost in and out of soldiers that affects all the stock buyback provisioning attack company divider stocks is that there is that if there is well acquainted with the company stock gets cheap and could they have a great future, they may actually buy the stock back only by the stock back what happened in the stock price goes up and the people who own it, which is all the mariculture point. This is mom to dad to have a small 401(k)s many times own no stock.

The company stock buyback on the price goes up, and Democrats. If we can't have that you buy a stock that we needed That increases the value of the shares and people make more money because they hold in the 401(k) exactly like you. Let me go, but one last point Democrats in the in the chips grill lower taxes Jason so they can get more investment in chip manufacturers in America, so Democrats understand lower taxes incentivizes more growth that specifically for chip manufacturers right after that is going to do his will that corporate America will if you reduce taxes and get more growth in chip but then you increase taxes on everybody else. You're going to get left scroll left investment with less job, less revenue and how they may or not it was a little Koppers it's how they made the numbers works shot.the Fox News contributor, a former member of Congress Wisconsin. Thanks for joining us on the Branko Mead show will be right Fox News contest network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join in conversation every week. This depend on its podcast listen no Fox News precise personal power is America's losing in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you did your project breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show, take a moment to say a few words about the so-called inflation reduction debating this evening I say so-called by the way, according to the CBO and other economic organizations will study this bill. It will in fact have a minimal impact on inflation. That's Sen. Bernie Sanders actually tell the truth there because he's right. The Congressional budget office others that don't don't think it through this fa�ade of a reduction in inflation and that's what this bill will do. That's that's not what the bills going to do that was the spin that the pollsters told them they needed to have in place in order to get a bill passed, but you don't go spend hundreds of billions of dollars more on top of the $1.9 trillion on top of the infrastructure built on top of the chips bill you don't put do all that. If you want to reduce inflation because that's too much money chasing too few goods that's not what you do and we don't raise taxes even Barack Obama and others are saying hey look in recessionary times you don't go in, raise taxes, but this bill fundamentally raise taxes, put an army of IRS agents after you and guess what, that doesn't reduce inflation that's never with the filter stay with us will be right back will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just Fox News contest network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest. The fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me, actually states to deliver brand very appropriate for playing a little kid rock here because were going to go up to Michigan and talk to one of my favorite members of Congress that you probably can't spell his last name-I defy you to type in his last name, it's Bill Huizinga and Bill is just a rocksolid guy. I've been out there in this district. I was out in the in Holland in, but someday got to spend with you side-by-side for years and got to know and just thrilled that Bill Huizinga can remember Congress from was from Michigan is a is joining us online today Bill, thanks for joining us. Jason good, do good to hear from you again and that you're absolutely right at the kid rock bump music was perfect. There is nothing like Michigan in the summer time and now we we we have started San Diego, jammed into June, July, August, but it's an amazing amazing place here in West Michigan. We get sunsets over sandy beaches and beautiful beautiful place so got to get you and the family come back up again in the summertime. That's not I have a list so we will see that that's your your financial guy here there in the financial services committee. I want to talk about this bill passed out of the Senate.

It's coming your way there in the House of Representatives. I'm guessing you're not supportive of this bill and the question is why here's here's why.

By the way.

I lovingly had previously called the first iteration of bill back better the buyback voters act so this might be the buyback voters slightly less expensive but that's about it right and you were doing more spending 300 or $430 billion in additional new spending on this and here's what I think is that the saddest part of this all Jason.

We know that in the ensuing year that we had been having this discussion about bill back better the effects of federal spending on inflation and on those cost increases that we've seen and now you could you could have maybe passed that office ignorance on the Democrats part not understanding how the economy works not really fully understanding of the effects that that you note that the Federal Reserve's monetary policy might have those kinds of things. Now we have shifted from that very story after story after story and it's not just the academic white papers. It's the AP you know when AP and NPR are reporting on the bad news of federal spending.

It's an obvious one and so we shifted from ignorance to malfeasance.

Frankly, these folks know what this is going to do yet they plunged ahead anyway just to try to please their base yes and I hope the American people start to understand or realize this when there there when inflation is so rampant in its overcoming any sort of may be increase the people got in the cost-of-living adjustment or any sort of razor work. I think most people. Most economists would understand that throwing more money raising taxes is not to solve the problem� It is Sen. John Kennedy and cut eight other Republican from Louisiana. The senator there on his take inflation. We are really getting good barely getting by an extra for most Americans to Americans if not all Americans are now don't have even less money and cash prices continue to rash it takes a special come in my judgment to raise taxes during both the recession and inflation that's called inflation. Mr. taken that people understand how their several different provisions. I want to get your take on two things. One is the tax increases that come with it and the other thing is how they're going to spend money on these 87,000 IRS agents. I mean that's just out of control that it is the first of all shout out to Sen. Kennedy. I love him.

He lives unique ability to talk in a way that Northerners just can't talk right in any paint the pictures that are just better just awesome. But let's start. Let's start with the IRS right that we know that this is what tax-and-spend liberals do that, they tax more and they spend more while they they are believe that they're getting screwed.

Somehow or another here and so they need to send even more IRS agents out there and I is that it documented how many billionaires we have, which documented how many multimillionaires we have. We don't even have as many billionaires as there are IRS agents that they're trying to add and that so where to date. Where are they going to go after this money, it's going to be meet mission creep. They're going to look at those lower income folks. They have to and and if you look at a heat map of where the IRS is active at any in those blue states it's in the red states. Now we can leave that aside as to know what political motivations there might be, but it is a fact that there are going to be most more small business owners that are going to be having audits going in that's got taking away from their ability to do their job and that that's can be tragic. So now when you talk about tax increases that these folks are going to be feeling. It's just outright false that this is only going to affect people in the $400,000 and above income categories.

The joint tax committee.

I know you're very familiar with that Dave laid out that this is going to be going and I at that upper-middle-class independent small business owner that that might have a a reasonably healthy balance sheet, but they own equipment, they might own, whether it's in construction equipment or they might own a plumbing supply shop or they might own a pizza shop to Ed, that is.

That's the type of folks that they show an income on their income statement, but that doesn't mean they collect all that money right there reinvesting it into their small business and your noggin have the IRS just diving into the books even deeper and further you're going to be increasing the tax burden, and what are they going to do pass it along to their customers. So it's going to affect all of us, even more so. And despite whatever kind of wage increases that there is that there's been in the recent years were going to see again more fuel on that inflationary fire and I and the Democrats are touting this as a victory yeah really I want to go back to that IRS provision Pacific to make a good point right out of all the millionaires and billionaires and not to come up with as many as you do with the number of people that are in addition to what the IRS already has. I saw graphic up on Fox news.

That said, if you take the State Department the FBI and customs and border patrol and combined their entire staff.

The IRS will have more agents than that. It really is. I mean I look at it and say hey everybody in the countries can have an IRS enema.

That's really what this bill is Internet. About the only did says hey we know you're cheating so were going to come in and were going just audits you and there is nothing worse than getting a notification in the mail that says IRS on the upper left part of it and then said that saying all right now working to turn your life upside down.

You're going to have to spend all this money in this audit proving what I mean like I want people to be honest on this, but there are algorithms you can run to figure out whether or not people are are lying and cheating or not. But boy, I think they did it in part to get their numbers because supposedly it's going to generate all this revenue for the treasury newfound money that never comes to fruition never happens. Yes, just you had an important point there. Jason, this is really a justification right I made there there there making up the story to back their goal and and it it never ends up playing in the type of money that they that they project that it will, it is.

It really is edgy as you call it, you know that that that that that financial enema that is going to go to every small business person here in America and you have to ask why they're not paying as much intensity attention to the southern border you brought up the customs and border patrol in the number of agents if they if they would focus that kind of energy on the southern border as they do on the IRS.

Guess what you told that problem in a hurry because that's tangible, so why this is, this is going to be a bad, bad deal for the American people, and yet we are working to be going back to Washington DC and that be voting on the bill back. Slimmer, I guess, is that maybe another way to put net yet LOL since I had just testing that the next revolution on Fox news last night and that Congressman Brian Masten.

I know you know well was on the show and in heat he made that very similar points what you made, which is you know what, we have a crime problem in this country are they putting more money towards fighting crime. Another.we have an immigration scourge this going on.

People are crossing the border by the millions. Are we putting more money to secure border. No where the Democrats have decided to spend their security money is in the IRS that tells you everything you want to know that they much rather have tens of thousands of additional IRS agents then police or border patrol or anybody else out there actually make our streets in our lives more safe and secure. This is where they're going to spend their money felt like I have to move along, but Bill Huizinga God Congressman from Western Michigan. This incredible job in their and financial services. The financial services committee and I think everyone in that place before you know it, so thanks for joining us on the bright Kelly Joe. Thanks Jason now can hardly wait to get back in the majority.

Now you follow through on November but thanks for having me on that. Thank you again Bill Huizinga joining us there from Western Michigan. This is the Brian Kelly Joe go to Brian Kilby Brian Kilby and you can learn more but thinks hang in there with this will be right back to today's top story. Brian, kill me talk show that's getting you your ways. Brian kill me. Are you encouraging him to run, encouraging them to focus on what's right in front of you. Be very blunt and very honest with you, my focus is totally on this November country would be well served by a new generation of compelling, well-prepared, dynamic Democrats to step up.

I'm working on my own election and that's all I'm focused on right now that's around 2024. I mean first of all, focused on winning the majority right now as we have not. That's not wow have you ever heard such a runaway from supporting their own president.

It's pretty stunning is it.

These are tier 1 Democrats who won't say whether or not they should support Joe Biden and, harasses a ticket moving forward. You know we haven't even gone through the midterms yet and yet the running for the hills on this guy.

The idea that you can't say something nice and positive and encouraging about your own president speaks volumes. II love and that Montes you had Sen. Richard Blumenthal, which it did.

This should put up a rough flashing red light for anybody anytime a politician starts with I'm going to be very blunt and very honest with you, very honest with you I you kidding me like that is the flashing red light that you are just lying through your teeth folks to be very honest with you what you're not very honest with me all the time you do you make a special notation here, Sen.

He is just lying through his teeth. I have never seen. Not that I've been following politics you know forever, but I have never seen an incumbent who is, you know, barely a year and 1/2 into a four-year term have so many people in his own party not rally behind. Compare that to Donald Trump actually I think he was more divisive at the beginning but by the time they got to the end pretty much the Republicans were very united behind the others. A few stragglers here and there they were noteworthy because they were stragglers, but if you look at. Actually, Joe Biden, Harris, and where they are today. You know it's fascinating because I think there are less than five people who have actually encouraged in one and got the endorsement of Pres. Biden going into the selection so the 2022 elections about to happen. There are literally I mean I'm not kid me when I talk about this. There are more than 450 races. I think it's actually more than 460 races in Congress right you get about 30 or so in the in the United States Senate. You have all 435 members of the House of Representatives and the president is out there and has endorsed how many of them less than five how how can that how can the Democrats continue on in this way you have meet major candidates out there Stacy Abrams running for governor of Georgia. She doesn't want to come to town to Brian ready for the United States Senate there in Ohio doesn't want to be in the same room as the president and these are Democrats unwilling or unable because they want to actually win races don't why is it that there's running away from Joe Biden like there. Personally I think it's because none of his cognitive decline, not because of ageism you know Democrats as they always get to be too old as just ageism you can be you can be old and Sprite. Now Joe Biden is not those things. But what they really struggle with his or hers policies hitches policies that are unpopular. He ran to unite the country herein. Further to the left and now there celebrating how he's running to the left, but they don't like his poll numbers the American people are very willing to support somebody when they advocate and implement the policies that they want to see happen, but whether talking about immigration or crime or inflation what's going on at the gas pumps or foreign-policy.

I mean, you name any one of these things.

I think the American people would be supportive of your in your numbers would be good, but they're not because the countries going in the wrong direction. There was a poll recently worked 88% of the country stunning high number 88% of the country said that this country was on the wrong track will you note, the president likes to take credit for gas prices coming down but doesn't take any credit for them when they go up.

All this is prudent Sprite site. This is prudent. This is prudent did that. That's why were having of those are all fa�ade they're all lies.

It's just not true and if it was prudent and raised all the prices. Was it prudent that decreased all the prices know it didn't happen, it's because you have government that is spending far too much money. Only government. The federal government gets to spend this type of money only federal government has the ability to turn on the printer and print more money. That's what causes this inflation. So when you look at what they've done with the inflation reduction act, the infrastructure bill the chips bill.

All these things add up folks and that's on top of the base budget which is too much were paid too many people for too many things more than 25% of our gross domestic product spent by the federal government. It's unsustainable. This is the right Kilby show. We hope we continue to stay with this I Jason J fits.

Stay with us. Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me. Well, almost Brian kill me, this is Jason to fill in for Brian today. I hope you have a chance to check out my podcast along the way.

It said she said in the house to house Fox puts it out publishes it every week with Dr. something interesting go little bit deeper about who they are, what they believe in and what anyway got it typing Jason in the house.

Just in those types of podcast but for today hosted the right Kilby Joe honored to do it and have a lot of fun doing with it.

Doing it and handle each Monday we have Michael Goodwin joined the show in today's no exception.

I'm thrilled to have Michael Goodwin is a Fox News contributor, but much more importantly he is a New York port New York Post columnist and he's got a great column out today. It says less Joe Biden is just fine with Democrats. Michael, thanks for joining us on the right.

Kilby, Joe hey you you hit this one right on the head's usually do. I unite. It is stunning how few people actually want to be seen with and have their picture taken with the president is a clear barometer, and how he's doing with the Democratic base because I mentioned in the column Stacy Abrams and Andy and Tim Ryan in Ohio I Abrams and George, of course, and in both states. When Biden showed up for some event sensibly to campaign with him. That was the invitation they both had conflicting schedules. Now what are the odds of that, the president coming all but I'm sorry I have to speak at the Rotary club. I mean, you you choose not to be with the president of your own party because you think he's a liability and you can get no more clear evidence that the parties sees Biden's problems as a dead weight on their own attempts so you do have this phenomenon of people running from the president yeah we we played earlier in the montage of clips when senior Democrats. I mean, were talking senior house members United States senators asking here we are.

We just over a year and 1/2 into the Biden Harris administration and, you know, should the president run again and nobody, but nobody could get up and say absolutely not.

Not one of them that we play the collective could come to that conclusion right when you look at the poll numbers correctly on the issue of the economy. The last one I looked at something like 19% approval on the handling of inflation in the dead man walking numbers and the idea that you're going to embrace that president for four more years. I me what that says to voters who who are in the other 80% of the group to think he's failing on these topics. It says you know that you as a candidate, you're out of touch or you don't care about the issue that I care about most. So, as you well know, since you've been in the business that how the Palmer politicians see if they Joe Biden to them is toxic because the public thinks he's failing therefore to be seen with the failure is a good rub off on you, Joe Biden was supposed to unite the country. He was to be the one to know you bring us together, but he really lurched several left. I mean he has embraced them and look at the bill that's passing now look at the mass of trillions of dollars of new additional spending. You think they be patting them on on the back a little bit because he didn't go far to the left, but also America doesn't like that the great mystery of tenure. Why, I mean he was. He was elected because he was the parties antidote to AOC to Bernie Sanders.

He was going to be the moderate time this was. Maybe it will be the last. The last election of the Democratic moderate. They seem to be a dying breed, but still within the power structure of Washington. You know that Pelosi and Steny Hoyer Clyburn. I mean, these are these are not they have not been radicals historically the same in the Senate. But you see what happened, not just with Biden, but with Pelosi and Schumer. They've all gone left and I don't know why they didn't need to do it. The numbers weren't there, you must basically either stay silent or endorse the fund, the police, the leaders actually endorsed it, but neither did they condemn it and so I think it was a strange decision that they all may they gave the left more power than it actually had and therefore they made it strong, and when you think about Bernie Sanders becoming the head of the budget committee and the Senate, Bernie Sanders, Democrat.

As Hillary Clinton used to say.

So why would you make a socialist ahead of the Senate Budget Committee.

Unless you are prepared to move everything to the left you are prepared to submit budget that was socialist inspired and that's what they've done.

Thankfully they haven't gotten nearly everything they wanted, but this vote over the weekend on this latest package. It's like a down payment. You know them moving further left then. Then the country was when they came to Washington so they're making progress in all the wrong ways. I would say yeah you make a case some of these pundits that oh you know Joe Biden. He's getting too old to ask her to make this ageism case about it. What that they couldn't figure that out two years ago in a year and 1/2 regarding what the world is now. He suddenly too old to run for president and there's also the Hunter Biden factor.

How do you think people people in DC do you think they know and understand from Kostas Hunter by his bad and getting worse. Well, the media, by and large, I think I'm a big proponent of the story I written about it.

I think fundamentally, there is here a clear line to Joe Biden all no longer about Hunter. It's really about Joe and did he share I mean opposed to doing some really excellent stories lately have not gotten. I think sufficient attention on the fact that Joe Biden met numerous times with Hunter and with his business partner Eric swearing after they returned from foreign trips.

We know he also met with government leaders and industry leaders who were paying Hunter so this idea that it's all about Hunter that yesterday's news mean the real news is that Joe Biden is participating in this and I think it it's not hard to understand but the ability to deliver the vice president of the United States for a meeting in the White House for an hour is worth a lot of money. I imagine what lobbyist couldn't collect if they were able to deliver the vice president. Perhaps they think of it right. We delivered him we got you the meeting with the vice president now pay me, I mean that is what Hunter Biden has been doing that with what we don't know. In addition, is what else did he get for that. For example, Joe Biden then promised some American government support or paid for these people and their projects and then finally of course did Joe Biden get a cut of the money that was being paid Hunter coming we have the Tony Bob Belinsky testimony that he was the big guy we have another partner in that venture saying you know don't talk about Joe being involved in front of them that they don't like it, meaning Hunter and Jim Biden. So all the all the signs are there and all the arrows to toyland are right in front of us and so I think it is a massive big story. I think it's been going on for a long time that the Biden family has been enriching itself off of Joe's government service, and I think that while while I understand a lot of people have many other concerns, inflation, etc. the border mean there are no notice no end to the list of things to worry about the big one to and it should get its full attention. Yeah, I agree it looks soft in the New York Post and the Foxley been covering in writing and covering the story the boy getting ready else in the so-called traditional media. This is nowhere on this last think I want to get from you Michael about this whole phenomenon about less Joe Biden is just fine with the Democrats, Harris is like nowhere, you know, you would think that she'd be next in line. She fits all that all of the things the Democrats were hoping for, but hike. I remember there was a poll in California her home state and one of the core reasons. She dropped out of running for president are selfish.

I think she was pulling eighth. I mean, she had and your gang pulling again. Ahead of her in her own state, and she's nowhere I meet her at her up inability to communicate the word salad she gives and she's inapt on foreign policy has no experience there but it doesn't seem like she is the person in waiting. If Joe Biden doesn't run again Molly and I first heard it from somebody else. But it was effective. If you are impressed by, Harris just wait 15 minutes. I think that the routine that we see that you know when she broke onto the scene. She seemed to be smarter driven. No articulate new new on the California political scene, but after a while you see as you say the word salad she had nothing to say. So many of the things that she said you're just a small let one a great time man me all these things right. It was a lynching just keeps putting her foot in her mouth virtually every time she opens it and so hard to see how she comes back from this and I don't see you mentioned the polls in California when she was still running and she didn't even make it to hire what she dropped out first so it's hard to see what she could do that would make up for all that was in effect that would give people a reason to give her a second look. On the other hand, we must not forget Joe Biden himself was a loser and what happened two or three presidential campaigns before his ship came in so anything is possible in politics.

If you live long enough. Well will will see.

I mean like our borders are, Harris isn't exactly picking up the slack. It's not as if there saying hey you know, I know Joe can come here and we really don't want to come here, let's have, Harris. I don't see anybody scrambling to get their picture with her going into an election so it's a quickly make your mark on something right. I become good at something, become an expert on something important. She seems to run away from important points greatly. Michael Goodwin, New York Post columnist in the Fox's contributor. Thanks for joining us on the Brian Kelly Joe do appreciate it. Always a pleasure.

I stay with us will be right back to and I cannot seem your knowledge base Brian show is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. They actually this is David's.

I'm filling in for Brian but we want to take a call and let's go to affiliate KR ME out there in Oklahoma. I think we have Ron align Ron, what's that what's on your mind will lose a couple of things actually.

I like to throw out people's consideration 1 as I was hearing listening to you talking about the 19% approval waiting Biden's policies and like I told your call screener if possible. I like to see a show of hands that think that these are actually Biden's policies, they're not.

They picked him for a reason and that's to lead them around by the nose and so these are these are being generated from Joe Biden. Secondly, the Pelosi goodwill tour. We don't drew a lot of attention, a lot of controversy in my humble opinion, Sir. I think this was a smoke signal saying hey in case things don't work out for Joe Biden and Kemal Harris.

I can be the president yeah no I think it Ron I think your I think you're right. I think Joe Biden was the safe pic. I think they thought that he could beat Trump but they also knew that he wasn't really going to be much of a fighter that he would just gonna go along to get along and I think there are some puppeteers behind the scenes, which are large part part of Barack Obama's team, I mean Susan Rice, Brian Deese, these are some of the key puppeteers if you will, behind the scenes that are that are called the shots and like Democrats have lurched left the they were at the uniter's that working to bring together the right and the left and the bread states in the blue states they read the United States that you know Joe Biden's no date they have gone so far radical on the left. I just think that they are going to pay a huge price. I just think America understands when 88% of America says the countries on the wrong track date. Biden has in the Democrats have the house the Senate and the presidency.

They don't have a lot of excuses and to hear them talk about it Ronnie, I think you're right. I think they would do even more.

They would raise taxes more they would spend more if they could, but boy, the raid on the edge of the precipice, but you put together the this this omnibus package or this reconciliation package the infrastructure package the chips bill. The $1.9 trillion you start to add all that up and were passed in $6 trillion plus all those other things I just mentioned and so is inflation getting your worse yeah it's going to get worse is we can I get you go deeper into what I believe is a recession.

Yeah I think so.

I don't think you can spend that much money and have that much government control. Add 87,000 IRS employees on top of that I did anybody ever campaign on the idea working at 87,000 IRS employees. They would never do that but that's what they're actually doing stay with us.

We have resulted run for governor. Next stay with us information you will truth you demand.

This is Brian kill me show about what governor of Texas after months of traveling on the plus direction to come here to that of course is Mayor Eric Adams complaining crying. If you will about what's going on with these people who live across the border now coming into New York.

I got news for you, Mayor, you probably have more that are flowing into your city than even realize. But when they get there to Texas and they voluntarily want to get on the bus because hey that's where they're headed for the governors of Texas and Arizona Gov. Ducey in Arizona as well to send him to New York City. It's a good thing. I think they should pick up the number buses.

That's just my take on it. But let's get somebody you actually lives in New York. Somebody who is the Republican nominee for governor of New York. None other than Congressman Lee's old and who's joining us online. Congressman, thanks for joining us want to get your reaction to what's going on with Mayor Adams. It is complained about what's going on in New York City. Start a long time ago. These plane flying into New York for a long time and I've heard anything from governor Hogle nothing from any of these New York Democrats. All of a sudden a bus arrived from Texas and now they're trying to make it seem like every single person who's arrived into the who's illegally in the country who have all been brought into this country. Throughout this softening of the border and that's what is now a full-blown crisis, but all thought it governor Albert Abbott fault and that's all the story where they were talking about your kitty shelters were being overrun by these migrant and thousands of people write it all thought they also are complaining after one box showed up inside of New York City and the solutions are really obvious as to how to fix this at our border, and the rhetoric of that coming from Mayor Balser in DC. The rhetoric that coming from Democrats in New York authorities calling on the Biden ministration to take action to secure the border want to engage in partisan political rhetoric and try to punch these border governors in the face and nose border town border governors they're getting desperate acting out of desperation and if you think it's bad it bought two shows up in your city. Imagine what happening to them all day, every single day and think through what would you do if you were in their shoes that were talking about millions of people who have been flowing across, I think that the Biden Harris administration is been tacitly encouraging this and engaging in human trafficking and drug trafficking. The amount of the number of deaths. The number of you know you look at the fennel problem in New York City.

The drug cartels are in control the border unit secretary Marcus of homeland security can say all the borders close to the White House spokesperson could see the borders closed.

Talk to any single border patrol agent Nolte that is absolutely fundamentally not true) New York City. They have legal drug injection because of Cassels Balla New York to Mexican cartel drug smugglers just got busted with 1.2 million of crystal meth and they were instantly released back out on the street in New York. They just started giving out cannabis licenses for distribution in the front of line access to people who have prior drug convictions.

So if you have a prior drug conviction. You are first in line to get the license.

Now you look at what going on in our border talk about not just people coming illegally, but I felt things coming illegally, especially fennel that top of mind for a lot of a lot of New York and American families right now and you save yourself okay if I was the president what would I do to construction of the boardwalk let and catch and release. Let's enforce the remaining Mexico policy. Let support customs and border patrol. Let's stop incentivizing and rewarding illegal entry. Let shut down the Biden administration's travel agency were on top of them flying you to destinations of your choice across the country to giving you a free phone on top of it all. The solutions are obvious and that makes people that much more frustrated because they know how to fix it themselves if they were given 30 minutes to do it since talking with Lee's Eldon needs the congressman from New York with these that the the Republican nominee for governor there in New York so let's put on your current your congressional hat for a moment here this bill that just passed out of the Senate, the so-called inflation reduction act you last night I had congressman mass to light.

I know you know well out of Florida and he made a really good point in his point was you know they could've been fighting money. Give money to fight crime. They could've given money to fight and secure the border, but they didn't. They decided to give all this money to the IRS because you know obviously everybody is cheating on their taxes and all the businesses in New York and everybody. They all need this enema from the height from the IRS. Let's listen to cut nine the way get your reaction to it.

It's an attack on American workers there going to tax you.

Let's look at what they're most interested in. The Democrats are. They're not interested in policing our border. They're not interested in funding police anywhere around the country think are most interested in is policing your bank account so much to the tune that they they put forward $80 billion in this bill to hire 87,000 new IRS auditors.

That's not to get you a quick refund is to monitor your accounts to audit you more. This is what they're interested in. That's the policing they really want. I think he's spot on.

Do you agree or what your thought on that I can't possibly agree with you more.

Observation of reality right now in Congress. I believe that control Congress on November 8 is likely to flip. I don't believe it's about riding a wave. It's about creating a wave and instead of just being silent while the Democrats are passing this new bill yet to speak up with regards to what's wrong with it why it's bad.

And where the misplaced priorities are not especially by things important that Congress amassed made the point that he did not. There are tax increases included in this bill it's going to end up including hard-working business owners that get passed down on-call wages decisions that have to get made where Americans will feel this and in multiple ways and I think with the reality setting in for a lot of congressional Democrats that they realize that they're not can have one party rule after 2022 is that they're just deciding to read the treasury on their way out there trying to be responsible, and if they really wanted to make a strong play for showing that there responsible and governing they would they would be passing this bill, they wouldn't be passing the massive boost to the IRS. They wouldn't be trying to spy more on your bank account. It would be raising taxes.

Instead, they would be doing what what concertmaster pointed out, but I think that they just made a decision at this point there very likely lose control Congress. Let's start reading the treasury. They say no, but how is it that the Democrats are just so absolutely tone deaf about fighting crime.

I mean, it's not just New York City week. We cannot look on the contributor of Fox news Integra New York City all the times. One of the biggest most important cities in our country, but if this is true across the country. I mean these prosecutors they got elected in some of these big major cities are some of the most radical DAs that you can possibly have. They just don't prosecute these these things, and consequently the you have criminals who just know that there's virtually no consequence to their actions and but to have zero money to go to fight to secure the border and none on crime. I mean it could have been a pretty easy add, but it's just not a democratic priority to to go actually walk down and get tough on crime rate and it's not that they just forgot about it. It's not where their priority is and what we see in places like New York and York not the only example working elsewhere that you have prosecutors were getting elected who refuse to enforce laws across the board you have some wax judges that will have a criminal in front of them who it shucked yes, maybe it's dangerous this maybe has criminal record.

Maybe it's flight risk with a series of the offense, the average American would realize that if they were the judge this person should stay behind bars, but the judge will release them anyway.

We read the headlines of the person who ends up murdering the Goldman Sachs employee on the New York City subway because that lacked Brooklyn judge released the person that keep the prosecutor rebel.

Last week we saw the story of the Times Square/or will that person was released from a queen judge who was lax and far left even of the prosecutor Queen was asking for bail. We told the story two weeks ago were 16-year-old got into a fight with the NYPD officer, subway just a few days before that committed a violent robbery and the DA in Manhattan.

Alvin Bragg go decide to not seek � spell not try to hold this person accountable and even after getting into that assault with the NYPD officer because, by the way that 16-year-old daughter. Using title to fair junk about the wreck that is not prosecuted anymore right after that assault. He was instantly released on top of that my little robbery days before and then assaulting the officer. All this combined with pro-criminal laws that they're enacting like in your castle spelling people early out trying to limit the tool of solitary confinement inside of prisons really think cop killers and murderers and rapists inside a parole board to not caring about victim impact and leaving Montfort now to drive and refusing to back the blue all by design with law with lack DAs lack judges and they want to bring the national that's that's what were seeing what happened behind the scenes baby just forget about being tough on crime.

This is all by design.

Okay, so what can you as governor do I mean you still have a democratic legislature by most all accounts, but what can the governor like you do in New York to help solve my first action right after I am sworn into office returning to the hand district attorney Alvin Bragg and tell them he's fired, the governor of New York has the constitutional authority I would say that the constitutional responsibility to remove it. DA who refuses to enforce the law. We do not have recall election York with me to do what the people there is no recall so I am going to act as my first action after I'm sworn in working with the legislature. Someone Get changed. You have governor has outside powers relates to the budget process bears bill that these New York City Democrats need to governor to sign off on in order for New York City to have permission from Albany to do different things that you're trying to do in the city is the power of the soapbox going into that state senators district was refusing to give a vote to repeal castle spell have the rally have the press conference bring local media bring constituency creative starting with that State Sen. is now getting back in her car going to the state capital and begging for a boat to repeal castle spell as quickly as possible lack of value that mandates are earned. Some people think you when election you have a mandate to do whatever you want with regard to anything know it doesn't work like that yet to tell people what you plan on doing when you win and that's why I'm out there with a multiple dozen plan to secure our street. The taller website building for New Street working. If you elect me this as well.

Do day one. Removing Alvin Bragg this is will do as far as castle spell needing to be repealed and getting a law enforcement bill of rights at all. The website talk about it everywhere we go.

That is how a mandate is earned well with talking to Congressman Lee Selden is running for governor there in New York and I tell you if the good people of of New York and anywhere else in the yard are prioritizing the fight on crime. There's nothing that's more demoralizing, more more paralyzing to a community to business to just the quality of life. If you think that crime is going to be running rampant.

I don't know how how the Democrats think that this is is not a tier 1. If not, the tier 1 issue out there. Congressman Lee Selden. Thank you so much for joining us on the Brian Kilby Joe will be right back. Stay with us newsmakers and newsprint errors. First show from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me say this, adjacent to Philip for Brian here and II have an observation and it was based on somebody else's observation that I want to see what your observation so I Steven L Miller I saw my tweet. Follow him on Twitter and he's here's what he wrote.

Weird. It's not the inflation act anymore member was supposed to be the inflation reduction act. This is what the Democrats were all you know how they had framed the issue with the reconciliation package that they were putting together that now is pass the Senate is headed over to the house by let's start take little look at the headlines as they came out because nobody you know calling it inductive inflation reduction anymore. CBS News Senate passes Democrats sweeping climate health and tax bill delivering when CNN Senate passes Democrats sweeping healthcare and climate bill. The Guardian Senate passes $739 billion healthcare and climate bill. After months of wrangling. Those are some of the headlights look at some of the other big ones out here.

The New York Times vote Senate vote puts climate action in reach in the Washington Post. Top of the fold right up there and stop Senate passes key climate health bill nobody mentions inflation reduction because I think as Republicans appointed out it's not going to reduce inflation. Now I will get some credit, although not really too much credit to the Washington Post. One of their headlines. Also in that story every third the top it says why the quote inflation reduction act" is no such thing. They're offering your perspective here because guess what folks, it doesn't actually reduce inflation.

It's going to exacerbate the situation, they used the inflation reduction act as the bait as the spin to the country to try to say look were solving inflation.

We Democrats are good there.

Exacerbating the situation. It spends more money. It implements a tax increase, and that it sends 87,000 IRS agents after you to give you a political animal of courtesy of the IRS. That's what this bill does so to try to suggest that there was inflation no now after the bills passed all of these outlets are telling you what it actually is kind without really explaining how much money they spent. You combine that with the chips act, the infrastructure package. The hundred and you know the $1.9 trillion. Guess what folks, inflation's going to get worse. It's not going to get better.

And shame on these agencies that traditional media outlets.

They should've told you the truth, a lifetime ago.

They only do it after the fact. This is the Brian Kilby Joe eyepiece achieve its ability to provide live from the Fox News radio city is New York City fresh off the set of Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill for Brian kill me then you know what I'm doing this so I could not think bright enough for trusting me and allowing me to come step in so think the staff as well, but we've got a great couple people coming up really enjoy the discussion with so thanks for joining us to kick things off here with the Congressman and the big Congressman from Arizona fifth congressional district. I got to know when I served in Congress use on the Senate Judiciary Committee with me. He was the chairman of the House freedom kayak is an all-around good guy and very grateful that he would join us on the Brian Kilby Joe today Congressman take any big thanks for joining us to be with you always want to know what what a great job you did the judiciary and the chair of the oversight committee.

Great job in Congress.

You know the truth be told I'm just playing off this and I say this with a great big smile on my face but you know when a member Congress leaves and they have more seniority is a really good thing with people with less seniority because they move up the pecking order. So I appreciate the sincerity which he said that but I know there had to be a little bit of agates moved out of seat. This is good to move up to the top but anyway hey listen you're from Arizona. My wife was born and raised in Arizona.

Actually her family lives in large part in your congressional district and you do an amazing job. I know how hard you work on how much you care about these things but I can get it say that I it's almost comical that these tears that are flowing from the mayor of Washington DC and the mayor of New York City about a few busloads of people that are coming into their cities, courtesy of you know governor do see in Arizona and Gov. Abbott in Texas. Now these are people that are flowing into our country and saying I want to go there volunteers they like. I want to go there and that's where I'm going anyway and to have these buses arrive and then have them complain it's it's really pretty static.

Let's listen to cut 16 this is mayor Eric Adams in New York City, we are going to set the right message right tone of being here for these families help also will reach out to the federal government so that we need help.

We will be on the phone with the White House. They all speak with us and communicate with you saw this real issue is that we that we appraise. I didn't hear him say wanted to shut down the border, Mr. Pres., I did hear anything like that. It is amazing to me to get a few thousand that they know about any by the way our government is people all over the country. But imagine if you're in Yuma you know what you like on the order and community about hundred thousand got one NGO that can handle services for these folks that the country illegally and ended getting 800 people a day so they could about 1/4 of the entire population every month flowing through their area and in New York. The city of million species maturities of millions of people and very upset because we get a few thousand people busted it. To me it is and they don't call for the border to be closed. This is NIMBY not in my backyard. It's okay if it happens to everybody else just don't want to happen to us and sliding people all over the country. Secretly, they know that these people have been coming into New York, New York, DC, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and in small communities throughout the country as well. Let me feel a bit Arizona maybe, maybe 1500 people there.

No services will whatsoever in about a year and half ago just dropping off dozens of people there for what reason you have a bus stop and he loved it so you've seen it all over the country and we feel it. Certainly in Arizona. Well I say I think Brian mass to you and I served with Congressman out of Florida. I think he made a very keen observation of talked about a bunch since. He said at last, I was able to guest host on the next revolution for Steve Elms and he said you know we had a choice. Democrats had a choice, and rather than putting money in the reconciliation package for fighting crime or helping to secure and locked on the border. They gave money for 87,000 additional IRS agents because you know everybody's obviously cheating on their on their taxes. So in every business needs and knowing IRS enema and so you don't. So instead of doing that date that they put their money in the IRS not into helping lockdown and secure the border. That speaks volumes about their priorities and in no money to fight crime. That's exactly what she put EV do hundred billion dollars for Iris. But you know fairness to put $500 million to department of homeland security notice is interesting it wasn't to close the border secure the border help ice enforcement or anything like that.

The it was to carry out sustainability and environmental steps.

The $500 million going to DHS and I'm just telling you I want to ask people all the time you feel freer under the Biden regime then you felt before and nobody should feel free to consider taking your economic freedom or security the crime that's out there that make you feel insecure if you're the big city to go anyplace in and now spreading even small cities coming this administration is attacking the American people, and this bill is exhibit a for that now. Well it's coming your way to get to vote on it soon yes and I pretty sure how you're going about someone you and ask that question I want to transition a little bit more, though, about what's really going on because I was fascinated by the idea that it was called the inflation reduction act, every headline that's out there has nothing to do with inflation because it doesn't actually fight inflations can make inflation worse.

Even the Congressional Budget Office comes that conclusion.

Let's go to cut 10 this is on CBS there interviewing the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, so it still be appropriate to raise rates in September by half a percent absolutely and you need to be data depend. Anything we need to leave our minds open. We have two more inflation reports coming out another jobs report continue to collect all the information from the context we talked to see how this is working its way through the economy. You mentioned you know way to present at about 5% inflation glass printed 9.1% of Americans are losing ground every day. So the focus has to be on bringing inflation down but that's not where the Democrats put their put their money they've done and everything, but to fight inflation. Yeah, that's right. In so this bill is the latest big spender on the part of the Biden's creation, so they spent 3 1/2 print dollars in 15 months if you include this bill. 3 1/2 trillion dollars and that that is just going to fuel inflation and and exacerbate our problems going forward. At the same time this bills also look attractive economy. By the way instruction with his taxes and regulations which even the contractor economy the same time you give inflation. An even bigger boost and you know, by the way I love I love the president of the separatist group that she is the person most of last week that she doesn't really feel it because she she makes enough money. She didn't really feel that this this way to relate to. I think it's actually probably a fairly honest answer but come on folks like you have some appreciation for what people are going through and all the people in fixed income, suggesting their savings is wiped out its mean it's just absolutely static. I don't want to get your take on one other issue here. I because I've never seen it in my lifetime that I can recall. I mean, where were barely 18 months into the Biden administration and everybody's running for the hills. I read something that like five people have been endorsed by the present because nobody wants his endorsement. They don't want to be with them. They don't want to become Lewistown. They don't want to have the vice president come in campaign with them in word like right on the verge of having this this key election and nobody, but nobody wants the president around and when asked a direct question all do they do some sidestepping. Nobody does it better than sidestepping them that Sen. Chris Coons from Delaware listen to him on ABC cut 11. I'm hopeful that Pres. Biden will run again if he does, I'll certainly support so you know that you are you encouraging him to run again. I'm encouraging them to focus on what's right in front of us. That's very good right behind the president. There you know Tracy yeah yeah you know all support online hopefully but you encouraging no one not to say that I'm encouraging really good to alert you to live a really important race in Arizona so you know Mark Kelly's and probably the Democrat senators on because he's not running and you know it takes Kirsten want to get your party, and even your own president of billing you for having to run against Biden because Biden's policies are so unplugged popular here in Arizona and quite frankly, as you point out everywhere in the country because it means attacking the American people and again we get back to the builder talk about that that's just another example of of his willingness to go so radical, but is attacking the American people. Nobody wants and what would you want and I wouldn't want anywhere near me. I think to the fact that it is somebody like a Mark Kelly who is running for reelection. Name something that he opposed the president on.

I mean, you can't name anything and these of course he voted for the bill that just passed. He's such a nonplayer. I can't believe the good people of Arizona put up with somebody who's so timid and such a lapdog for for the president and don't tell me that he's, that's the thing you said you see these ads that say that he's up against the fighting gets her present name one thing worries actually really come out and made the move the meter can't name a single thing 100% Biden I mean really is and Chuck Schumer, Chuck Schumer hundred percent of the time Biden hundred percent of the time. So I meet you for standing up to the president but you're right, he can't name a time and imagine if your enemy but it in Arizona we got a district that is a +7 Democrat district.

The problem with Biden, but by 11 point been played now. Jason and the member of Congress, the Democrat member of Congress who sits there is also word and should be because it's going to be a close race in Winchester. Just take a well yeah go ahead and pack your bags, go back in campaign and you might want to bring your laundry and stuff back is he may not have much time.

When you get back that day so I think you're going to see a sea change their Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona.

One of her one of her favorites.

Just a great great guy. Thanks so much for joining us on the show today really appreciate the great job anytime anything.

Alright everybody stay with us. We got Sen. Cynthia Lammas from Wyoming.

She's going to be coming up later in the hour. Thanks for joining us here in the Brian Kelly Joe will be right back Brian podcast Brian every episode, exclusive interviews on demand more. Kill me coming up on talk show. That's real.

This is Brian kill me show the Navy once future force forcible women dominant wars in 2030, 2040 and to get that for sale. We have enough money to invest in the future if they scrap our current Navy is getting ready to start that ship for Ticonderoga class cruisers that have 120 missiles each on its fish of the Chinese.

For the most because America is not given the Navy enough take to build a future Navy but maintain the force we have today. That was former national security advisor Robert O'Brien ambassador Robert O'Brien. I was so fortunate to guest host last night. The next revolution was developed as a guest host. We had a Ms. lead guest. This is the national security advisor for Pres. Donald Trump.

He also prior that help lead the effort to get a lot of people are hostages out and works closely with the administration anyway.

He is very, very conversant on our United States Navy. We love the Navy would lover military with the sailors that that fight for us and help protect us around the world.

They need our support in one of things it says stunning about this bill. The reconciliation bill that passed in it, particularly date that you know so many parts of it, but the $80 billion. That set aside to beef up the IRS so that it's bigger than the State Department, FBI, and the customs and border patrol combined.

The IRS will just be beat. Be this mammoth mammoth organization. Now you know what you would you like wheat we need Norris.

I'm not suggesting we totally abolish it. If there's reason to give somebody an audit a given audit but every business, every person doesn't need an enema from the IRS like you're going to get the point here is you got this need to make sure that we have safety and security in the world.

You know I'm a big believer in peace through strength yet.

It's sort of the Reagan approaches the Donald Trump approach that when you have this dominating military force.

Guess what, it creates more peace and when you have somebody who now in China has more naval ships, then the United States does that's a problem that creates a real threat to the world but more importantly to to the United States as Robert O'Brien pointed out in her interview when Ronald Reagan was president. We had more than 600 ships. Now we have like 355 and we just put us in a degree of vulnerability where the Chinese are building them so rapidly that again they have more ships more assets at their disposal than we do and so how are we going to be able to defend ourselves not only on our shores, but if we have to fight in the Pacific Ocean and then we also have to fight in the Atlantic Ocean, or if we have to take care of business with Taiwan and with I'm sorry with Chiron. How are we going to do that we need to be of the fight simultaneously as Robert O'Brien explained to me off-line 2 1/2 force you feel the fight out on the West, you need to fight in the east and you gotta be able to deal with a regional conflict, our ability to do that is now very limited and is not just the Navy, but I think it makes a really really good collected case about the Navy and you can't just flip the switch off and on right you catch is a oh Biltmore oh build less, build more bill but a lot of these systems will take 10, 12, 15 years and so there's consequence we went through sequestration were still feeling the cots consequence of the deal that Weiner and Obama came up with, so I mean that this is the problem and I think Robert O'Brien highlights the idea that we better pay attention to our United States Navy because we need them now before we need them, but we may need them sooner rather than later, and let's pay attention to that and give make sure we have the good fighting forces out there call is 86640876698664087669 try to take some calls we have Sen. Cynthia Lammas: up that number one more time, 866-408-7669 will be right back radio show like no other.

Well, almost Brian kill me. This is just filling in for Brian wanted to do so and I want to get to the phone said to go out to Dayton Ohio got Brenda Brenda what's on your mind hello great job at Mary and when Obama care was for coming out and left the packet so we can see what my mom and I downloaded it started just browsing different spot.

There is a provision in their to assemble a new militia that is not anything that we have now and it was to enforce the outrageous character getting IRS so that that is already something that we saw coming. I couldn't believe what I was reading read over and over. I couldn't believe it over and over what I was reading the other piece of information it out there that clearly illustrate what is happening kind telling Bollinger have the video theory about the truth about acting the truth about cancer that they have researched and media of Brenda Brenda read, let me tackle that first one I can only do one at a time. We only have just a couple minutes so let let's go after this, the IRS getting more powers. It is something that I'm really concerned about you know when I was a chairman of the oversight committee, one of the things we actually looked into is they had these surveillance machines.

These things could tap into your phones and do so with out necessarily having a wire you know essentially a wiretap without having to have a court order so we went back to the IRS and said so why did you these machines cost like $250,000 apiece and we said so why did you buy these the cell.

We don't use them in a civil 2 x 2 of them and it was pretty stunning in it and the un-amount of ammunition and guns that the IRS had purchased now. My guess is if you're going out to do some collection or you know might be a dangerous situation, but that's where you going with your local sheriff or law enforcement. I don't need my IRS to be the law enforcement but this is the way some of the things some of the things they were doing and I think we ought to keep a vigilant eye on that because if you can add 87,000 additional federal employees as IRS agents to the tune of $80 billion. We just got a put that in perspective, the entire state of Utah and over with 3 1/2 million people. Everything we do everything from education into the National Guard to I mean, you name it.the whole gambit up and down the line. Everything we do with the state of Utah. It's like 20 $25 billion or something like that. And these people can have eating billion dollars. I'm just sorry this is so out of control is so much bigger and more expansive than I think anybody's and is we pointed out a couple times in the show already, the number of people that are going to get in small businesses that are going to get these IRS enemas is going to be just off the charts and the Democrats guess what they decided not to put it into help secure the border not to do more law enforcement to help with the crime surge that were having around the country now this is all about all about making sure that we have more more IRS agents and you know I think in part, the Democrats did this because they wanted their numbers to look good, because supposedly with all these additional audits. It's going to bring in hundreds of billions of dollars of additional revenue. There's never come to fruition ageist. I've never seen it happen.

But it made the numbers look good so they can say all long term, it reduces the deficit but you know what the Congressional Budget Office came back and said maybe not so fast not to reduce and the deficit in the first four years. It's only in the outer five years that supposedly it does that, but do those things ever come to fruition. We actually get ourselves out of debt now which is going further and further into debt. The numbers are really stunning so Brenda I do appreciate the call and thanks for listening to the Brian Kelly Joe there out in Dayton Ohio W in D B's so thank you so much for joining us. We had sent the alarmists that the senator from Wyoming coming up and stay with us here on the Brian Kelly Joe, your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me will almost Brian kill me.

This is just filling in for Brian and post Michelle, thanks for Brian and his confidence in his chair for a couple hours today though. We got suggest on the phone. It's one of my favorites when I Once upon a time I used to be in Congress and is the 2008 cycle where I was first elected and there was a neighbor of ours and I say neighbor because Wyoming in its proximity to Utah. There is another person running for four Congress for the first time in her name was Cynthia Lammas. I once she one we got to know each other very well and the just find her to be one of the finest human being somebody who cares deeply about her country of former rodeo Queen, none other than Sen. Cynthia Lammas is joining us. Good morning Jason, I finally back in Wyoming after that we take care less marathon load around that the Senate concluded yesterday midafternoon so my colleague John Grasso and I went running to the airport to try to get back home. It's great to be home back happen now.

IRS agents can you please that I mean, it's not as if the Iris wasn't already big and bloated to start with, and we've seen how they've abused their powers along the way I you know Brian mast like I keep talking about this, but he brought at this point yesterday. The Democrats that are using money to go fight crime they're not doing to secure the border there investing more IRS agents who campaigned on that I never heard that during the campaign you elect me and we will put an army of IRS agents out of their give you all an enema. I never heard them say that army there are only 15% of the IRS employees that are still working that are currently on the job Come back to work after that that working from home so taxpayers want to make my question answered when they want taxpayer services when my refund coming now. Not that purpose. They're not the customer or or taxpayer services side of the equation.

They're all auditors. Their all to go out and through your records and find mistakes you made when you were filling out your taxes and then you get to pay those plus penalty plus interest; staying cynical things that the Democrats passed yesterday and then we took boat after boat after boat during that grandma that was 50-50 early.

What were all very partisan bill that was Democrats versus Republicans you know in the Senate. We have some pretty moderate Republicans tend to side with the Democrats on a lot of issues not during that spell 50-50. This was Democrats getting everything that could grow in that monster still.

It really is studying. Originally it was it was framed supposedly in the inflation reduction that, but I don't listen to your are calling their Sen. Chris Coons and cut three. He was on ABC talking about what may be inflation, not so much.

And while we may not see huge impact on inflation. In the first or second year treasury secretary who served in both Democratic and Republican administrations support this bill and the AARP who I trust is the voice of seniors in America says this will make a big impact on prescription drug price yeah and I will write earlier in the show.

I went through a whole list of headlines from around the country. Big news outlets. None of them were talking about inflation reduction because it doesn't it doesn't reduce inflation doesn't, and in fact, organizations can outfit called Pan Martin MNR own Congressional Budget Office have both said now this is going to change. Inflation span three quarters of the trillion dollars, which is what Bill cost and benefit all without funding the government is not the traditional fund Bill Sharon to the traditional fund the government bail.

How can you stand that kind of money and expect inflation.

Depending contributor to inflation.

Last year the Democrats. $1.9 million bill that was supposed to be their last postcode bill course there was a bill that we call the China bill Lord you see There's another nearly half a trillion bill that was 1/4 of trillion. Then there was the infrastructure bill last summer which was not build or ignore intended to be the traditional fund. The government built on top the traditional fund the government bill hi extra trillion, and taxpayer money to spend that to help inflation to help the American people at the gas pump to help the American people who are with immigrants coming in at the border, including Sentinel is the American people are talking about our rest in this bill bill was intended to pour gasoline on the fire of the issues that the American people are already suffering over well, I'm glad to hear you fired up about it because I know it's going over to the house and be fascinated to see how the vote goes down there. You know hopefully maybe there's some miracle that can be pulled out there, but I doubt it like I am just shocked and surprised the Democrats are falling on their sword on this one because it doesn't do what it said it was supposed to do and I do think the situations going to get worse.

I still remember this Milton Friedman talk was from the 60s you go look at it on and on YouTube. I've I've heard it a few times and played it again recently. Only government creates inflation that they're the only ones that have the printing press and these numbers are so stunningly high. I just don't even it's hard for people even fathom 1 trillion, let alone the trillions after trillions after trillions and no attempt to ever come close to even trying to balance our budget. You and I were together in the right hand what Jason Campbell what I was trying to fix the Democrats freshman terms, what we trying to do when jumping speaker when the Republicans took over with reducing spending and we only chipped away chipped away. Yeah you do you know going back and looking at that time and try to get some semblance of a fiscal sanity in place where you out with the balanced-budget amendment. I mean, I kinda come to the conclusion that Congress is just not going to be able to do this and I totally in favor of sending to the states and let them make a decision. Do we want to balance their budgets, or do we not and you have an interesting perspective because most people I don't know if they know what were talking to Cynthia Lama see you are also the state treasurer you run a sovereign wealth fund for goodness sake I you kinda know what it's like you know you're heading out so I didn't hear the question you posed you tried when we were in the house to get a balanced budget amendment attached to the U.S. Constitution. You can count on death ears and I just think tank that was in place today get printed with me in the life of the American people and what they're paying for things that they need and use every day what it would mean for our country. Hello in terms of having an economy that is robot there only three way to get this under control Standing raise taxes which of course hurts people and that's what the Democrats chose in this bill the economy briefly for a brief time during Pres. Trump presidency. The economy was growing faster than the gap in the gaps it can be done and yes done for a while and then call yet and the economy seems to grow as fast as it had been to that same old tired and feel performing means of addressing standing in the rain I go just I, I got interrupted because I want to talk about one more thing and were coming against the heartbreaks but you and Sen. Gillibrand have introduced this bill about digital assets in block chain industry explained that I've only got a minute left, but explain what it does and why we need it.

I don't know.

She could hear me but we I wanted to talk about how low your back now and I have to question digital crypto currency and traditional means of regulating traditional assets like bonds, crypto currency looks more like a stock, it will be governed by crypto currency looks more like a commodity, it will be governed by the commodity futures trading commission. It's a way to allow new that, to date, and the people that are creating applications for this asset base still there regulatory compliance should protect consumers back you all so so Sen. go look Sen. Cynthia Lama so you want to learn more about that. Go look online. You can hear more about it. Thank you to Sen. Lammas for joining us.

I just chafe. It's been an honor being with you. Stay with this. Talk to you tomorrow 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box with just personal powerful subscriber. Listen now is not just

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