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BREAKING: Senate Passes Radical Left Wish List

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 8, 2022 1:12 pm

BREAKING: Senate Passes Radical Left Wish List

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 8, 2022 1:12 pm

The Senate passed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Joe Manchin's "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022" over the weekend. The bill is essentially the radical Left's wish list and calls for an additional $8 billion per year to the IRS. Jordan and the Sekulow team discuss this and more today on Sekulow.

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Drinking secular as the U.S. Senate passes the collapse of WishList uniform. Now to the past were they calling the inflation reduction act.

Of course all the analysis of done on this so that I have no impact on inflation might even have a bad impact on inflation because of course this is more government spending to the tune of doubling the size the IRS right employment wise will go through those numbers in just a minute really joined by former secretary of state Mike Pompeo to talk about this legislation to our Monday last week when he said, remember Chinese look into how are we domestically, is it our or do we have riots to have rapid crime do we have rapid inflation are the American people feeling down on their luck because that impacts, of course, how the decision-making of the Chinese Communist Party.

You don't just divorce the issues of what's going on internationally the other US a superpower for what's going on right here at home. Surreal office that has gone through the House of Representatives, yet we that the group that would most likely be the ones to scuttle of the of this would be the far left members of the squad type members of the House of Representatives, but they got a lot of their greed to deal here so maybe they're okay with the private equity investors getting a pass on the tax increase because of their greed to do is to be the largest government spending bill ever in the United States when it comes to climate issues, but the same time they're saying that Joe mansion got now it's not in there but he got approval for more drilling in Alaska and that's of course not going to see that legislative Texan has gone through any of the federal government's red flags and a pot pipeline in West Virginia which remains unbilled so I think again they they always use those as kind of issues that they kick the can down the road on that never get approved by the federal government. This is again a massive increase in the amount of people who will be audited by the IRS. In fact, that's how the Democrats are saying I it's interesting here to run on to say were going to pay for this legislation that you love so much auditing more middle-class Americans who can't rely on big law firms and accounting firms to do their taxes and have and shouldn't have to. It should be a process that that difficult for them. Small business owners give the following to this is always that $400,000 year more number they throw out is bogus.

You start putting it through that you start realize a couple hundred thousand dollars year include small business owners as well. As they pay taxes so we are opposed to this. We also to deal with the realities that it looks likely that less Democrats scuttle it themselves to the House of Representatives.

This is going to go to the President's desk and were going to have to deal do a the supersized IRS to its budget, supersize you, 87,000 more agents that you talking about an agent of an agency that's incompetent to begin with giving them more money makes the morning to spend more money to be incompetent. So Americans are getting more of their paycheck taken out in taxes to fund IRS to audit middle income Americans musing about that for a moment is also something else for school business evaluated the inflation reduction act instead and actually had zero impact on inflation. In fact, inflation may raise arise under this act, so I think the part of the problem here and I think we have to be clear on this is that they put these titles and names to these bills to make it sound palatable but at the end of the day is not only not palatable, it's dangerous what they're proposing because it doesn't have a coherent economic base and that is the fundamental problem that exists here are economic teams looking at right now, but again likely to pass in the United States Congress. It looks like at this point. Yes, every unit would be Democrats have feet. This is not a Republican vote enough Republican votes to do that.

Obviously the house right now so you got a seat would be those that the squad who think this is not enough green new deal, but it is seven this is the first and largest bidding on.

During a time when people call your session inflation is high very high they are spending more on climate they've ever spent in the history of the federal government will take your calls, your comments at one 800 684 31 till we come back, joined by former Secretary of State or senior counsel for global affairs Mike Pompeo and I encourage you to support the work of the ACLJ and that's will be right back on secular back to secular Mike Pompeo at sector Pompeo. We have Democrats celebrating passing with her, this court inflation reduction act of the city over the weekend and now moves to the house and could ultimately move present by his desk would take Democrats scuttling it to to stop that you call it a cover for more government spending what he think the apex had a beef because that you're on the American people try to sell these usually is the beginning flush. Check you get something where people kind of give it a pass. But in this try to find out what is this house is benefiting in everyday average American stuff to figure out your route and I think Walt did a pretty celebratory today.

They should be very careful about what they celebrate.

This will prove to be a victory without any repair hole up because it will all come back to harm the American people average ordinary families are trying to live their lives got your cute things we all do. I will be punished by death and are deeply buried in acute handouts to the union bosses. The union coming today manage union work against small companies all across America. If anybody thinks perspective that the new 86,000 IRS employee just go after that couple hundred billionaires are a couple thousand people with a lot of money that greatly they will come after the 10th of every stripe, gorgeous working people, but the cost of the American economy and even even the CBO doesn't think you can do a darn thing hello inflation I can't imagine that government spending for the first time in history ever actually lower inflation like the focus on the IRS aspect of this because my first job out of law school was the office of chief counsel Department of treasury Internal Revenue Service.

I was a traveler and things changed a lot in the 40 something years I was there, but the problem is you got an agency that is unbelievably incompetent and ice absent institutionally incapable of self-correcting and at the very same time they are given this tranche of money to increase their agents and this could be audits on the middle class because that's what always happens here so it's as if the American people spending more than money to get IRS agents that are are not properly trained in an agency that distilled the fax information to to audit middle class Americans. That's what this bill really does want to innovate the claimant that they hired you the agent and that more than paper without more summary figuratively $50,000 for every additional IRS date might be right, canted and generating monitor $50,000.00 so this will be a net cost. Not in that game, but J you been so much of that are working on the issues at the IRS don't think that this won't even make it more politicized. You remember when they came after conservative everybody remembers the famous Lois Lerner that the risk that the IRS now almost double in size will continue to be incompetent, but political increases dramatically name it will shock you to know that out that the Democrats know that to I'm holding my hand.

Actually, Mike, the consent order that we won in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. It's up on the screen now lengthens liberty versus the night stays American in the two aspects of it that are really interesting one is the RS had to acknowledge the First Amendment generally prohibits the government from discriminating against citizens on the basis of viewpoints, especially when well protected speech. But the other thing is the IRS admitted that its treatment of the plaintiffs in these were these nonprofit conservative organizations during the taxes that the termination process, including their screaming their applications based on their names or policy positions. Subjecting those applications to heightened scrutiny and inordinate delays in demanding from some of the plaintiffs information that the tax inspector general's office to determine was unnecessary to the agency's determination of the taxes and status was wrong for such treatment, the IRS expresses a sincere apology. That's in the consent decree which I wanted it in there because I wanted to show the nature of this but the problem is, the whole policy here doesn't address the need that the American people are really feeling and that is the increase in inflation at record rates higher than it has been since at least 1981.


Appointed director and the work located help conservative organizations protected without them. They are should never be forgotten now that you have twice as much work to date about your viewpoint about this bill. There's not a single provision that you can point to it that you hear a family living in Iowa are a family that meant Minnesota process, but that's really going to help me make sure I can afford energy instead of going to get a bunch of money to somebody like that of the window are her I thought panel that are doing the things that would actually impact you like this.

The disconnect that dad by the mistress trying to foist on the American people as they celebrate this victory.

It's going to drive cost of the average consumer. And I think people will be able to see right through that most of us that is the again it's it's that the wealthy can afford their attorneys and accountants handle interactions with the IRS. We don't this new group IRS agents is being tasked with finding and she said find more money so we can pay for our green new deal and I just have this concert are critically going to the people who are doing their best to follow the IRS rules and pay their taxes on time and pay the right amount of taxes but don't have a lot of professional assistance were to be hit with these audits it's can be a lot it's it's a lot different experience for them, it will be for the people in the top or early top 30 brackets you can rely on professionals to handle the taxes 80,000 new 8000 massive company in its own right, and father.

Small companies try to comply try to figure out the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code family whose data Second Amendment that they do after work hours for clinic and effectiveness of the book to the IRS will in the coming after they won't have time the resources to actually defend against what they did that they thought was right.

They may even have it right won't be able to produce some document that some government officials that she must have. This is tragic that will impose enormous cost and it will benefit it will benefit big government and big business at the cost of ordinary families and small businesses Accurate.

Let's connect if you could change topics for moaning and go to China and that is you a piece of that by demonstration displayed weakness during Speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan this morning reporters as present.

Barnaby thought Bush's trip was a mistake and replied that was her decision, which is not exactly a ringing endorsement of what she did what your sense of where we are with this. I thought that abide, or know that basically said we and wanted to get that wicked and the most important audience for that comment was she thinking he now knows that he has the capacity and administration to push back and bully Pres. Biden. That's dangerously same exercises they've been conducting at the Chinese men conducting all around Taiwan are they done it with minimal response from the United States this is this is the kind of thing that creates the conditions for real risk for right conflict. Conflict follows weakness and strength to deter in this administration even this morning, thing. While that was her decision suggested he didn't think she should go. He thinks he thought that she should allow she thinking to drive her travel agenda that bad for us and he sapped some secretary

Titled the Biden administration displayed weakness during Speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan though present. By this made this prediction as Sec. Pompeii of sacred people to read that will share our social media platforms, but he says he doesn't. He said he could serve the way they were moving, but he think doesn't think that there were anything else and is a pretty bold statement to make fairly casually from Pres. Biden that he doesn't think they will take anymore action right that an independent determination part of what he's thinking will bill will be the way he sees America responded that if there weakness for fitted timidity backing up even the simplest things no one wants war, but we have allowed the Chinese, starting to walk all over us for decades and it looks like that the continued plan of this administration and if that is the case, Joerg. If we continue to show weakness and there's more risk, more trouble had from the Chinese Communist Party is always a appreciate RC's counsel, says former Secretary of State Mike Tan was overseen to agencies and one which is vacant.

The Ira will now be outdone by the IRS in size. Artie was State Department was 30,000 staff are smaller than the IRS which will now double. It currently has 78,000 adding an additional 87,000 will be one of the largest government agencies and Christmas. If you take out the Armed Forces themselves will go through some of the staggering numbers we come back, but just the size of this pure beauty menu payment and get your phone answered. Refunds ran months in molecular morning a year behind. This year they ran months and months behind you if you're dealing with a ginger still until the fax numbers. Those fax machines are oftentimes aware understanding going to people agents houses, which is not taxpayer security. So as I said the problem here is you got an agency that is basically incompetent and now you're giving them more money to be more incompetent. This is just throwing money. More money at this doesn't fix this problem. That's the reality. Throwing more dollars at this doesn't solve the problem challenging them is how you solve it. And that's why up with a consent decree back on the wall back on the screens art audience can see it. This is what we got against the Internal Revenue Service and District Court in another companion case we got the money to our clients CF item that's we do at the ACLJ were a matching challenge campaign.

We encourage you for this August matching challenge campaigns.

If you're able support the work of the ACLJ journal and you know the details depths great time to do it our way back to back, July and August. We can double the impact your donation to the ACLJason to make a $25 donation for me say before, that is equivalent of $50 donation for us all your charges at $25 but triggers a match from a group of donors they will match all those donations through the month of August.

So it's really important time for us in the ACLJ you can support our work will be right back on secular secular sitting here because now 100 684 31 two that's 1-800-684-3110 start first with Bill out in Wyoming online to he built all agents and their directing this business a great requiring banks to report deposit $600 or more in account it's not. It's currently not in this legislation. Now this is not moved to the house. That's a good sign. Please could change that would impact a lot of people get to make a lot of that's happy digital transaction now to place a good knowing others, tipping going through that as well but I just understand this. I think they feel like they don't really need it in their joint committee on taxation. It's bipartisan Congress is official Tax Court keeper says it's 78 that's the baseline to 90% of the new money raised from increasing the size the IRS and more audits will be from underreported income from people making less than 20 radio so this is what is that is right at the middle class. Write the small business owner.

And that's to those bills targeting so that the American people, especially middle-class are paying their tax dollars to encourage the double size and Internal Revenue Service so they can audit them to raise revenue.

Now I'm glad the $600 issues nine that we will right on top of that we get a congressional hearing. The blistering cold we did from the studio next door we obviously we brief the issue would bring Congress on we were able to defeat it. But when you look at the fact that the IRS Harry is institutionally my view, incapable of self-correcting and then you just throwing more money at it is if that's gonna solve this problem in the target of this is Georgia sent his middle-class Americans absolutely and in many cases that is always been the target.

So it's important to keep in mind that over the last 20 years we have seen the greatest transfer in wells from the middle class to the rich in world history and in the Biden administration quite consistent with its preference for the rich has created a scheme involving adding 80,000 more IRS agents. They created a scheme to essentially target the middle class and so Jordan is quite right to point out that up to 90% of the new money generated will come from people making lasts 200,000, while loopholes continue. And while Democrats favor and vote in favor of additional loopholes in those imposed by the way the carried interest they beam you also have we have income communities hedge fund managers, and some coming and it tax long-term capital gain rates but you need understand the size and scope was being proposed here in any you work with the IRS. I work I was an employee of the Department of treasury. My client was ERS. You are the Department of Justice you also represent the IRS. Things are a lot different now than we there, but this is making the stone pretty much the largest agency other than the military in the United States. What if you combine the Pentagon, the State Department, the FBI and the border patrol those four agencies then you've got the equivalent of what the IRS is going to become under this so-called inflation reduction act and again that I think it's a misnomer.

I think it's a and given a name in order to make it sound like it's going to help the people is really not going to help the people whatsoever. What it's going to do his best to utilize.

Make a behemoth in the monster of what already is a monstrous organization and intimidation organization. An organization is going to go after not the people.

As Harry said were really the tax cheats in the tank violators, but really under pre-people were making less than $200,000 a year, and only 4 to 9% of the money is in a come from those making $500,000 a year and they are not the targets of what the IRS is about to do. Under this new logic, I mean out Sen. Ted Cruz by 31 Democrats are making the IRS bigger than the Pentagon, plus the Department of State, plus the FBI close the border patrol combines all the Democrats say they are worried and want to look at a lower gas prices just voted to raise gas taxes and raise your price and didn't look at the border patrol the border patrol from a policy perspective right now needs the assistance they need more agents on the border they get patients and that's usually the priorities of administration spending shows priorities. Yeah, that's right, and Emily back to funds of 100-684-3110 William North Carolina online.

One hey William, thanks for all you guys for taking my call. Actually I am the epitome of middle income America.

I mean, you know, big savings account and here's my question is pretty simple. Now with this laughable inflation reduction act is going through is only in the Republicans take the House and Senate in November. Is there anything they can do to waylay this travesty very difficult, even if it took the House and Senate because they don't have the presidency and when you don't have the presidency, the President can decide not to sign a bill and I think you that will be the race everything came in here and you think that's true because the President sets the initiative. The President sets the goals of the administration. The President has the power to veto, they would have to override them by two thirds vote that wouldn't happen once the IRS gets this power, it's well-nigh unthinkable in terms of reversing it and taking it back again. I think the best you could maybe slow down some of the because these happen over year is 10 years you naturally try to get is is that you come in and you start you don't release the money severe slowdowns or mechanism when I was at rehearsal here is not likely mean the present seconds. That is what he wants. President Biden loves to groups immensely. Government bureaucrats and the rich and both of these groups benefit enormously from this legislation and so I think at the end of the day.

He will be disinclined to go along with let's say a Republican Congress.

How do you think the employer were noted to the midterms are getting pretty close and I were in August and be here in 12 weeks. How do you think this the inflation issue placed gas pricing come down a bit.

So how is it does it start fading as a political issue, and I don't think it states that people are worried about the next crisis so it's with a China Ukraine is still going on at its back to school for a lot of places were starting that process over these next few weeks so covert is still an issue that schools are dealing with and how your school district might deal with it, compared to or statement and might even deal with it and how different that might be from a neighboring state. So all of that combined if if we we just don't know everybody's gotten used to bad information. Bad news whether the weather see inflation weathers been disease when they spin you how to get back to normal were not there yet. This will be the this is like the test of this back to school years as this is getting back to normal. If not, I may think that all this combined know people that I could be excited about giving Democrats more power.

The question of these Republicans coming together that these primaries are coming to a close and some are still going on in other states will all be done by the early mid September.

You've got to have the party. The Republicans have become the other conservative voters have unite beautiful was a tough primary. Because that's the baseline you got to get your voters out and there were a lot of tough Republican primaries around the country can't let that divide up your vote or if your preferred candidate get one race that shouldn't keep you at home when the stakes are this high. Okay to take your calls at 1-800-684-3110 second half are the broadcast is coming up.

That's 1-800-684-3110 is always a good ACLJ.or support our work in a matching challenge. Now this month of August as well.

You doubly affect your donation the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be mass $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan's secular secularity to take your phone calls 100 684 31 two that's what hundred 683110 exit. Packages of life issue made her the news that Indiana this positive news upper pro-life legislation passing through the state legislature. There onto the governor's desk inside it will go into law mid September.

So walk-through that our team. I was involved in help drafting that through the process as we are, in many states across the country working behind the scenes to make sure legislators are comfortable with the language they're using it it gets enough support in the trend with the try to do the state to make it as airtight as possible legal challenges. They know they'll be legal challenges coming sure that there will be preemptive legal challenges to Indiana's law before it even goes into effect in September, so taking what the Supreme Court, the supreme court decision in the Dobbs case applying that to real-life situations. These legislatures like Indiana who have got out of header the early states were already preparing we were tightening up their legislation. We were consulted with the legislature on this because were concerned.

Obviously, since were defending a lot of the pretend government governor Nome and South Dakota feel very confident about that case, by the way, that's were defending informed consent law they had, which are being challenged under row now with jobs. I feel like we we we will click clear the day on this so that that's one set of cases then you have the Jordan looted to another broadcast of these trigger laws going to affect when new legislation. Kansas was very convoluted process very difficult process with a constitutional amendment and yes or no people you know which way to vote, but Indiana Scott develop more of a straightforward approach to this where they have the ban on abortion except life of the mother rape, incest, and they have a health exception there, but it's only in the event of physical harm to the mother so it's that kind of situation. Those should pass muster what the questionnaire is of course legislatively can they get that through and it sounds like they will get particular because of that as well to get questions about what happy Indiana or your state really good ACLJ that a riff that map of the country she could track exactly what's going or what to expect in your staple to cause this. Well, that's a 164, 31 temperatures through surveys IRS numbers to you her to speak talked about allies with the actual numbers for you when you hear about the size the Iressa. Currently, the IRS is 78,000 full-time employees. That makes it bigger already than the State Department, which is 77,000 big in the FBI that has 35,000 much bigger than customs and border patrol which is one of our future crises. America, which has 19,000 the Pentagon itself so that the DOD at at your at the Pentagon that huge building is under 30,000 employees.

So you add up the IRS at the Pentagon, the State Department and the FBI and customs and border would still be smaller than the IRS which is getting a more than double staff increase loads going from 78,000 adding another additional 87,002 that list to me.

It will be size like the US military and that point that's what you're unleashing on the American people as a US military size bureaucracy in there and they're not saying they're not going after the middle class.

In fact, be honest, they have to pay for this by going after it is going as middle-class with moronic snout the IRS.

As I've said minimum alumni of the Internal Revenue Service Department of treasury office of chief counsel is institutionally incapable of self-correcting up said that 10 years, I still believe that we went to federal court. One gun, and we put it up on the street and got a declaratory judgment and a monetary got damage for clients and when after conservative groups. All that to say the moment Joe Biden was sworn into office. There is a case that her friends at liberty counsel handle out of Texas.

There are texts I remember where the client was but they went after that client for pro-life perspective and in biblical issues. We filed a FOIA request and that we will get all the information about what happened there but that was there was already an injunction in place to prohibit that if the iris did it again. That's why Satan institutionally incapable of self-correcting were on top of it folks here at the American Center for Law and Justice were not only talking about here. We get to educational these issues, we actually do something about it and ACLJ action support the work of the ACLJ in a matching challenge month it that means this any amount of money you donate to the ACLJ we're getting a matching gift and that is significant for our ongoing efforts to defend liberty and freedom in life and the First Amendment support our work. you donate $20 someone else's good match that back in your calls.

800 684 31 tenement to everything you do this throughout the states as they move forward with legislation. This post row error for life for us on the Kansas which was guide I think is a wake-up call. The Tennessee coming through polling for the pro-life community America about how to organize and handle at how you better educate in the post row world. There is rust. Yes, you want to be the first you want to do this and that put special request of voters. Now legislatures are bit different because often times of the state you been electing somebody who been running his pro-life for decades, but they haven't had a lot of work to do at the state level because of the row. I decision that that hung over all the states and state legislatures across the country so we sought Indiana first state whose pastor new legislation and signed by the governor does not affect mid-September I to talk about it with you.

ACLJ worked on this and start an account of how what is this look like in Indiana. Now that's gone through both the house there. The Senate thereunto signed by the government to lock so what were doing is we taken a 50 state on the website there is an interactive map, you just click on it and it will tell you exactly what's going on in the state are looking at there's a member firm folks looking on TV or through our social media applications now having said that Indiana has made a move here to put in a pro-life legislation that will basically I think is is it. It's hard to say which is a model because every states different but I think the approach they take and weep, we consulted on this is the right approach cc house here existing accounts for the ACLJ's model of these issues, what did they do that. I think that's important for people understand exactly what has been approved rights in the legislation that bans abortion. If accepted, makes exceptions, except if the abortion is necessary to prevent any serious health risk of the pregnant woman artist St. apartment pregnant woman's life or the fetus is diagnosed with a lethal fetal anomaly or the pregnancy is result of rape or incest, and then they specifically got because we've seen problems where if you say serious health risk, no doubt with mental health and say the mother's just not ready or doesn't feel like being a mother and they actually define serious health risk and they say that dandelions that in the reasonable medical judgment condition exists that has complicated the mother's medical condition and necessitates an abortion to prevent death or a serious risk of substantial and irreversible physical impairment and the major bodily function. Okay, so Jordan and I think this model type legislation is a here's the question. Politically bit. There's a lot of reassessing going on right now after the situation in Kansas because it went down with 30% of Republicans voting to keep abortion in the Constitution.

What what is this mean politically is legit yet giggly and erratic chance is to let right now we size it politicians who been elected by the people, like the state lectures are better situated. Currently, especially the spent time at the speed because they are educated they do work on the nuts and bolts of the of legislation to understand exactly what cc just walk through you put that on the ballot initiative. That's pretty confusing to explain it again. I'm not tired but you to anybody. As you've gone through all the voting for this motivating into that you pay which way is this right or wrong. So I think when it comes to ballot initiatives. We need to spend a lot more time wrote was God lets big time educating people and that means doing a lot of what the left does, which is a lot more town halls a lot more community engagement we know in communities by Doherty communities where Republicans are starting to do a bit better that date, they need education on these issues, we have to be going into those communities and actually putting on events.

You can't just say it's pro-life. Her life yes no that's not enough for people that it's too big of an issue and so why think we can move forward in the legislatures that are pro-life that pro-life governors and you'll see that moving forward or even legislatures were there been a override Democrat governor's veto. I think that we got a few states that have got these ballot initiatives in November. I think a lot of that will be based off the education so I don't think it's necessary that the Republicans will win those states, but kingdoms will enough voters be educated. They should be voting yes on this and no one that and along with their votes for Republicans that have come out in opposition abide she had make that very clear to postretirement more the states to be closer to November, but you are surrogacy states where it's in the legislature. I think that's where it's it's a have a better place because they've gotten the education they got the lobby. Also Tennessee though. I think we better be clear on this. We are going to see litigation cc and all of the state right conservative states, liberal states, the litigation is already getting litigation will be happening where prepared for it. We know that it will happen. I was in DC right after they Dobbs decision and I literally was on a plane and on a plane I standing next to her. She didn't know who I was, but she was wanted to head Planned Parenthood. People in Maryland and they were scrambling. They were like we have to get our on the ground.

People we have to get people educated she was flying from DC to California for meetings. They were having conference calls so they are prepared they are organized and they are ready to hit it and we need to be the same on the pro-life side and of course at the ACLJ we are watching all this legislation were ready for any kind of on court battle that comes after any kind of attack that comes after this legislation. Like Jordan said were watching ballot initiatives in our helping people understand what a yes vote means when I know that means because that gets so confusing on ballot initiatives were just in a paying attention of what happened is happening in every single one at the 50 states and were ready to act on behalf of life. The question that I think it's on everybody's mind right now is you that some states are taking kind of wait-and-see attitude right now or they're simply adopting what the court affirmed in Dobbs because you had there been on 15 week and over abortions in the fact of the matter is, that was actually asked about law.

It was 63 was overwhelmingly there you see that shaking out to be more aggressive. Some too aggressive frankly yeah I think that again most people have trouble ballot initiatives and see if if you'll notice your state when there's a ballot initiative that's important to an interest group you'll see a lot of money spent on tripe try to inform you about that validation, they might see three or four others that are on there where no one got behind it.

There hasn't been much education there, leave it up to voters may be less pressure. Talk to or even talk to anybody about what this actually even does.

I know where I recently voted most of the word increase the size of government. But that's not what they said to us with this agency did to their separate, let me taped it to have double the steps I vote no on the state by saying that the odds of these life issues at the if we educate people like a rebel, came and took the belts difficult to understand. It will cause voters to reflect that prompt. Here's the issue. The way that most legislative text history written ballot initiatives. It's never to be simple yes and having a giallo got to go to the education got to do the tough work to know how to vote. You will not will not be hated to do on a plate, just a simple vote if you didn't educate yourself before you when and why think the mess.

I think that's the message of what happened in Kansas and that is you can't simply obviously rely on a people are pro-life.

They can about because as Jordan said, cc alluded to the fact is, these legislated in referendums are so confusing that deer in your gut reaction is vote no right exactly and that's what it's like fun for this to actually vote yes I do. I know it is completely confusing and sell a lot of people could have gone in and voted now, but they were really needed to bow.

Yes it there just ballot initiatives are confusing and like Jordan has said over and over has to be education you have to have read it and know what you're doing before you the land and a lot of times people down the first time they're saying is when they're in the little button voting base and their reading it and then there confused and in my voting answer in my voting now with them for it or against it.

It's confusing so education has to happen if you can do these ballot initiatives you know again the folks we were to keep adaptive good ACLJ that are all 50 states. So if you click on Kansas right now. It's updated since the vote there that happened last week we we have all that updated moving forward is Indiana for the outside of the law by the governor will have that updated as well. You'll note talk more about the states with ballot initiatives as we get closer November and after the primaries are all finished up at the begin education is going to be key if if you got it word for three or legislature in your governor.

That's one thing I think those will all move forward pretty easily on partisan lines. It's going to be waited to vote ballot initiative in people being confused, especially if turnout spake. So if turnout is really big. You have a lot of voters who aren't as informed as he is a usually Woodley in a primary in a midterm that you love people stay home for those with Artie saw my kids there a lot more voters they were hitting almost Presidential your numbers so we have that many more people voting you really have that the whole group means they don't date they are going there may because one candidate or one person. They haven't been like they didn't go through the newspaper and ventilators LJ action come, that's right. So our C4 will go in the educate people in Kansas. We had two weeks so in our ACLJ will litigate that's right ended, but in the other states we have time to build up that these can be up to people you have to fund these efforts educate you and I can have corporate spending to help you effectively build the other side. All major corporation be on the other side's issue. So it's going to be up to grassroots Americans to take the decision to do something with it, especially at the international level. I think the artists are to see that will see more of it is people get educated on I will come back and take more your phone calls to on the size the government to know that questions about that at one 800 684 31 two if you submit your state where it stands now on the life issue we can answer those as well you can to buy good ACLJ that are/abortions statement ACLJ a dot or Ross be talking Middle East, we come back to what's going on in Israel violence there. Israel responded, you will take your calls that as well. Back Middle East is doing.

Take the caller. Barbara at a New Jersey online.

One time at the size of government disinflation reduction act to Barbara Walker secularly on the and I don't ninth year working unparalleled government bending. I don't understand how any politician or leader can justify with our current pricing issue. My grocery store 40 year privately owned three in our area wealthy Monmouth County New Jersey closing on August 12. We can't get any evil organist and justify our like any part of being un-American grocery store this week and I would say something I have visited my kids are Jordan and Logan have kids of their own but and baby formula.

I would just happen to walk by that.

I'll nothing there Similac. Whatever it was called there was Jordan literally nothing there I was like one item that this is not to address that, that none of this this this is a big spending bill to pump money not into your pocket like some is in the stimulus checks for this is to pump money into the federal government's pocket to increase the size of a bureaucracy so I the IRS will be double at doubling the size not just by money but by people you create the road from under 80,000. Just under 80,002 and a dish they do build a higher 87,000 new people that like replacements sound like one from one ineffective person. So a new person is doubling the size so II these could be a huge issue. I would imagine Palavi on here is a senior counsel for the ACLJailer is all business really back United States for a few days. Jeff Israel is in the news because rocket fire in out of Gaza into Israel. What's the latest person would talk about what makes this one kind of unique, which is the ruling force in God and also a terrorist organization that also seeks destruction of Israel, and out of it and launch an attack was like something called the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which is another projectionist harvested Islamic organization that wants to destroy the state of Israel and indigent party doesn't claim it wanted to state social structure like that Israel may want to draw kitchen, stayed out of it and maybe even cash. We wanted to have Islamic Jihad wiped out in the tech leadership was like that but is really respondent because after its arrival on the dome. As you know JV the a medical doctor check Israel comical good missiles that shoot missiles out of the sky worked well in this case more better than ever before, possibly because Islamic Jihad although it launched many many hundreds of rockets could not control it. Once an tradition. That was from God and civilians were killed by rocket fire by they couldn't claim what is relative. Israel show them the truth immediately that these were rockets. Palestinian rockets fired out of Gaza that landed in Gaza and killed Gazan so gently because this is over there a lot the office over there and get over there together but you know deeply understanding this is not dimensionally here.

So here you have a conflict between coming out of Gaza to Israel, but it's not Hamas. Even though Hamas is the controlling party may post this in my will or break this down. Rather, it's the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Another group that some terrorist but Hamas would like to see them eliminated because they affect Hamas's capabilities. So what are they do they allow this conflict to take place. Hoping Israel actually knocked out the Palestinian Islamic Jihad leadership, which they did, which they did and did spectacularly producing proof instantly with respect to Gazan civilians killed by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad missile, but what this proves, of course, is that the Middle East and especially the Israeli situation is, as you said Jay multifaceted, you've got Hamas a terrorist organization. You have Palestinian Islamic Jihad or terrorist organization, and you have the one true and only democracy in the Middle East and that's Israel, with its iron Dome effectiveness as Jeff set higher than ever being able to ward off these attacks. Being able to succeed. Hopefully, the United States will continue its support of Israel. I do not wish the Biden administration to lessen that support I want to see that support continued and extended. Jeff will reissue this we know that these like us and you think nine dimensionally here but what is that what was the impetus for this particular action what what started the Palestinian Islamic Jihad taken this kind of move in course it's it fascinating that Hamas stays out of it, hoping that the PI J gets hurt. And this gets gets her limited thing at which they did. What was the impetus for all this speculation one period.

Any moment of opportunity. According to the terrorist right they think their test in order to remember these are Iranian proxy. Iran is backing the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

By the way, it's also related with the Muslim brotherhood which I ran back at you, not to mention generate your right so show both Iranian proxy, but in this case, it's governing so you guys are a little more wild West and it could be that they're probing for a grant to see exactly what the reaction going to be because remember July just came back to Middle East recent very negative messages about who we supporting in a conflict there and so this could have been Iran testing the waters and thank God. Israel's reaction to being judged on the money like duck leadership and and Hamas stayed out of it because right now pretty much the whole Arab world is a little sick of the Iran-based terrorism that's attacking Israel is what you can size this has regionally passes Israel and my Hamas what sounded to us all. Their leadership skills. The template policy Islamic Jihad from North and South, East and West is killed.

This apathy wants 900 rockets and is 900 rockets a short period of time.

Again, iron Dome working successfully and and because these are cut and fired as Jeff settled kills a lot of Palestinians because they are there, they can be like root, but remember the Arab world is very united right now against the Iranians and anybody was a symbol of the Iranians were the hoodie rebels in Yemen, whether it's policy Islamic Jihad is seen as a problem, not just as a threat to Jews in Israel but is a threat to Arab regimes and governments and whether it's kingdoms, whether it's to get we saw post-Abraham accords these countries uniting not just because they wanted for a good economic relations with Israel in the United States because they saw that they need to unite as a block against Iran who they think is your out-of-control radical Islamist regime who funds a lot of these terror efforts inside their their countries to so the condemnation of Israel is a lot different this time around.

I think that that speaks to get the highly targeted nature of Israel's response and also the fact that Hamas wasn't throwing hundred school kids in front of these these targets like they would've done if they were in charge of this operation to the reality is exactly right. You have to realize the scope and nature of the complexities of the Middle East, which is by the way, not new. This been going on since the Middle East is planar but significant role in world history, which is been a long time and that nuance we have we been limited. We have worked it. We understand we have.

We've been there we've seen it presented in negotiations with the patriarchate of Jerusalem presented in negotiations with all manner of things in the Middle East, including international cohort and then international criminal court which J argued before in the Hague on the very matter of Israel are folks support the work of ACLJ that's support the work ACLJ again with a matching challenge right now. The month of August like July, double the impact your donation does not match each donation to come through a sale. That'll also subscribe for social media needs on truth on twitter on rumble Facebook and you to make sure you subscribe very important way to stay connected with this will be back with more tomorrow

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