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Elizabeth Warren Threatens to Shut Down all Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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July 15, 2022 1:59 pm

Elizabeth Warren Threatens to Shut Down all Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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July 15, 2022 1:59 pm

Senator Elizabeth Warren publicly stated, "We need to shut [crisis pregnancy centers] down here in Massachusetts and we need to shut them down all around the country." Jordan and the rest of the Sekulow team break down the Senator's statements and where the abortion battle stands exactly 3 weeks after Roe was overturned by the Supreme Court. This and more today on Sekulow.


Absolutely rages from some girl was born on pro-life pregnancies talk about talk with the direct report) on secular keeping you informed and now this is now your home $500 a year in federal tax subsidies there not a billion-dollar your organization fight most of our local or regional or statewide. We are to have a director, a CEO of a pro-life resistor of work closely with that race resources for the events for the Piedmont women's center which is based in South Carolina, Kelly Ross could be joining us later on the broadcast to talk about this attack by was with Ward. You may hear this and say okay this is just words by Lisbeth Ward, but we had to defend these pro-life purchasers across the country in federal court and State Ct. in New York City. In California there is a move. There is been a move long-term low by the pro-abortion industry to shut these pro-life pregnancy centers that remember in California. They wanted them to advertise for the abortion clinics is if you want to keep operating. You gotta tell people where you can. They can go get abortion effects got put that up so invited Violet to freeze of freedom of speech that the whole basis of the centers, which are self-funded nonprofit organizations where they raise their support is that they have free speech. No one is forcing you to go into the pro-life urgency center.

No one is forcing you to take the advice they are not stopping you in any way from going to have an abortion and and again the justice that animosity and what you realizes even in a state like Massachusetts. The pregnancy centers pro-life princesses outnumber the abortion clinics 3 to 1 that he that's great is bad for the abortion businesses bad for their bottom line, but only right to fair bit it Washington DC because thank you. See language like this.

She says court torturing pregnant persons now course views that gives a pregnant women, but it is pregnant women is what you talking about using the word like torture for that on a place you would voluntarily go that would provide you all sorts of resources. If you wanted to have your child, but need to put up for adoption needed financial support needed a basic items so you can care for your child. All that we did they do pre-and post birth assistance for women during the Sen., the centers do some of the most selfless important work unity across our country to come alongside of pregnant mothers in very difficult circumstances and they take care of them all the way through pregnancy then after delivery provide the essentials for that mother to care for the child.

It is some of the most important work. You're in a country you know George, I think it's interesting, though, even in a statement from Sen. Warren. Even in attacking them and even in throwing all of these falsehoods their direction. She concedes one of the very central points that we've said all along the only Planned Parenthood even if they were providing care to women why don't you need them.

Jordan because pregnancy centers outnumber abortion clinic facilities all across the nation might be three to one in Massachusetts. Jordan is more like 4 to 1 nationwide. They are the ones doing the work. Real healthcare offer pregnant mothers because of this to the idea, using words as if the pro-life movement in these pro-life crazy sinners are torturing women post that's a worthy torture for folks I would again take your calls 100-684-3110 that's 1-800-684-3110 that's ACLJ.a large second. I know a lot. We have a lot of listeners sorority calling and who work in a run pro-life practices around the country. I would love to hear from you folks at one 800 684 31 tinea views volunteer there because you been under attack.

Literally, we've seen the firebombings mixing the receiving the spray painted the arson, we seem just again the vandalism.

The threats by pro-abortion radicals against pro-life pregnancy centers to force no one to come in their doors. But if you do course, they are going to provide you with information how you can continue your pregnancy and if you need to adoption.

If you need financial assistance. If you need help with food or how to take care of your child. They are there that they are nonprofit they provide this to women were about to be joined by a Kelly Ross who runs Piedmont women's centers throughout South Carolina in the upstate of South Carolina that I know well it worked with Piedmont and seen one of their newest locations as well. Just a few years ago, but I want to play the sound from Elizabeth Warren this is Sen. Warren. This is by the way, what we have been fighting in states like her so in New York and California and now she wants it done in Massachusetts take a listen to Elizabeth Warren because pregnancy centers are looking for termination, I would walk through this with Kelly Ross. She was the CEO of Piedmont women's center that's Piedmont women's in South Carolina.

They got multiple locations. Kelly, thanks for joining us today on secular appreciate you being with her when I saw this was before us and really helping a Kelly on the show because I want to start with this first Kelly did you mislead women when they come through your doors. The fact that you are not an abortion clinic on our web.

We actually make it clear that we do not perk that reckoning or referral for an abortion and our location there on Grove Road and grain bullet across the street from an abortion clinic and that somebody comes in our office believing there at the abortion clinic and they say that they're there for their abortion leaders clearly tell them we do not provide, recommend or refer for abortion.

Here are the services that we provide and we would love to assist you today that assistance Kelly because Elizabeth Warren called torture reads it is so absurd that the language that we have seen, maybe not South Carolina. It will be seen, these attempts in in these much more liberal states to try to shut down these pro shut down pro-life purchasers. That is their goal. They see this is the number one. Even with the overturning of Roe versus Wade.

You all are on the front lines.

I would say that about the pro-life crazy sinners you the answer to the question of what are you all going to do if Roe versus Wade was overturned and the infrastructures Artie there Kelly because you guys have been doing this work, you had these organization set up to help women if they are you in a situation in a pregnancy which they're not sure how to move forward and how they can move forward and you provide him the services they need and they use the word torture to describe the work you do and I encourage people to look at Piedmont women's centers website look at their one of the new facilities and see if if the word torture would make since anything used but it's the rhetoric does, so that your staff is under threat. It's to make it difficult to do your job and ultimately they want to shut you down. Kelly all we are actually funding from the government, which I think is part of their problem. If we get money from the government and they would be able to control us and tell us what they do and how to provide compassionate care and you compassionate care starts at Piedmont women's center and a host of 10,000+ pregnancy centers across this nation and I can guarantee you none of us torture when and what we do is we provide them what Planned Parenthood does not care somebody who is willing to listen to their current situation and circumstance, and that's what Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood does not get excellent abortion clinics don't date they actually they talk about choice, but they do not provide choice. They provide a singular unilateral option and the last time I heard a singular unilateral option is not awake at Piedmont women's center and at other pregnancy centers across this country. What we actually do is help people look at their current situation. We listen to where they are with their circumstances and then we can provide them with options, whether that's creating a parenting plan.

Whether that's creating an adoption plan. Whether there some assistance that they need, whether it's materially financially. We have all of the resources and limits are grateful that's over 30 years and I'll be honest with you that we we've been doing under some pretty difficult circumstances underwear the way I'm ecstatic to see how the pregnancy care movement grows and expands. Now that the weight of when infinity lifted and I'm not ashamed of what we did go out of what we do and how we serve clients and we had a client command that I can share the story real quickly. She came in seeking an abortion and we explained to work and we were and what we do and she decided to stay and we were able to provide her pregnancy care and her ultrasound hand and the nurse she was providing her ultrasound.

She could why we want to abort this baby because I don't know who the father is and the nurse who is providing the ultrasound sheet that will that's not as important as knowing who the mother is not actually going towards choice and I think that that is what our country desperately needs this young woman (who encouraged and on her survey we surveyed every client is likely are the worst, and she gave you know a 10 out of 10 and she put on their no abortion. It cannot torture porn it's coming from. I really doubt it easy way to shut you all down because you are the alternatives and the postwar world even more so when you've Artie been established. Like you said for 30+ years doing this work right across the street from abortion clinic she comes in your doors again.

It's disses these are adults they get to make the decision you tell them right up front we don't do this. This is what we do, do you want to talk to us about it or willing to talk about it.

You still don't have to do it were what we hope you do, but because you're an adult you can walk out here Buck restricts abortion click if you want to know what this is is stopping them from doing that.

At the same time. So what you told you because you provide this care for women, both pre-birth, but also after birth a parenting program where we have some psychology based programs that we provide. We also provide material assistance to every client who comes through and received a positive pregnancy test at Piedmont women's center, whether they found out for any additional classes or not we provide them what we call a baby shower in the back at about $250 with items they need not more than that if a client is simply complete and of our parenting classes which they can either do virtually or in house. If they complete that we give them any voucher for either a three car seat x-ray pack and play a month supply of diapers. I don't know where they're gonna get that kind of service anywhere else outside of the pregnancy help movement and you know that there are many of our sisters out there who are fighting the difficult fight. The level of protesting that is taking place and that the violence that is taking place. It's not who we are, but what we want clients to know is that we security you saw your new facility to Greenville and just an event at the facilities like yours across the country, but again that the attack on you. I wanted to just have someone like you be able to talk through to our audience.

Tell people exactly what happens. What is the process like because which uses words like torture. She is trying to get she's trying to encourage those attacks on on on centers like you're so Kelly, thank you so much for taking time to be with us on the Brock essay. Let me tell people to Piedmont women's center.or she can learn more about their work. If you're in South Carolina and in the upstate area, South Carolina. They need volunteers.

I need help as well you I'm sure.

I'm sure on the website you can you can donate, you can volunteer. So again I encourage you folks because the abortionist choices will now what you get is as rebellious children, these centers like Kelly's soda in place for over 30 years.

If you work in the center someone here for you that a broadcast 1-800-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 and I get appreciate Kelly George's right off the bat today because this this is not a joke. From Elizabeth Ward know some will say that is you can't really do what she's saying we've seen edible time that we collect city councils and and state governments try and shut down pro-life princesses. They do want them shut down right now there's intimidation campaign against them. But there is also big legal actions. We've had to fight it out to California New York. We they are on the front lines and were proud of the ACLJ provide legal support would necessary at no cost to those pregnancy centers when they needed so they can continue to do their work when they are being intimidated by local governments and state governments, and you got a US Sen. saying that they torture women think about that that the abortion clinic. Pro-life princesses to cause we come back on secular one 800-6831 10 support the work of a Sealed Air matching challenge double impact your donation calling like princesses that they need to be shut down.

There's too many of them that they torture would we just heard from Kelly Ross, who runs the Pima women citizen South Carolina horses 2000+ of the centers around the country want to hear Nasser people calling who work in volunteer the centers and Leah does as well in Georgia on lie to Haley. Welcome to secular on their all in our local black thing when one thing here apply no goal and spiritual support will a wonderful way to Hartford. They'd been planning appreciate you volunteer your time to do that work and is so true.

If you've ever had a chance to be to be one of these centers and to visits to see you there actually do the ultrasounds there and there she providing that for women there any dates again to hear those words from Elizabeth were.

That's why even though he is one US Sen. his extremist.

I want to take that opportunity because this is not this is not so outside is not outside the norm fan in the pro-abortion movement inside Washington and throughout the country. They do want to shut the centers down and we had to fight to keep them open.

I would say it is the norm door and they want to shut them down. They want to make sure that there is no alternative other than abortion and look let me just echo something that both Kelly and Leah talked about nest. The fact that volunteers and community support are really they really form the backbone of these crisis pregnancy centers. You know Jordan, our families done partnership work with sinners as well. We've also partnered with an adoption agency reaction of a baby girl in our care. Right now Jordan and I say all that to say this, there are a number of heroes. Anytime you have a child that comes into a crisis pregnancy center you have the birth mother who Kelly talked about who is made the decision to carry that child to term and might need support you got the pregnancy center you got the volunteers like Leah that come alongside that mother and then you got the adoption agencies that may need to place that child.

If the birth mother decides to make that placement and then of course the adoptive family. So Jordan what you've got is what the left says they they believe in, which is a community that has decided to come together to help those in need. So why would someone like Sen. Warren want to shut that down Jordan dirt. There's only one answer to this is that they're not pro-choice.

They are pro-abortion on demand, and in any and every circumstance. That's the only way that it is and look at how you how do you combat it. You have to combat it federally but then I think more importantly in a proposed grow world have to do what were doing at the ACLJF to come alongside these pregnancy centers in each and every community and each and every state and make sure they have a defense when their attack from this high-profile level area rumble, came and said watching the left side for Planned Parenthood gives us insight to how much money they take it from playing. That's true to. They had a lot of money to politicians to make those kind of statements on the go out there and say this pro-life crazy sinners are torturing women. It's just it's just absurd. That's why I want to have one of the directors he were just here for me is the attorneys to represent him. But as for the people actually running the centers on a day-to-day basis.

What they do and I think you heard that last segment exactly how works if you come in the air as a woman seeking help and they make it very clear right off the bat to not try to hide what they are, that that that they are not abortion clinics and I can refer you to an abortion, but there adults that are going there who can decide on their own what they want to do next. If they want to take the information pro-life crazy citizen provided them or not. In it, it's all the answer to that question, which is what you do if you shut that all these abortion clinics in fan seat. What they don't like is it and what you were just time it is the answer we are to have without we would have to create the response to what happens if abortion is is banned in the states not available here. Nothing we do have all the all you went through it all the different lines of people it already exists. Your and you're so correct in one of the things that I just I just cringe whenever I hear it is that we can have this this huge amount of unwanted children, Jordan, wanting him to set the record straight on this. There is no such thing as an unwanted child in the United States of America. The adoption agency that we partner with has a long, long waiting list waiting for PO for babies to be placed for adoption. They are willing to take a child with all sorts of complications from all sorts of different backgrounds.

There is a backlog of families waiting to make those a doctor so that the D statement Jordan that there is a such a thing as an unwanted child in United States of America Jordan. It's nothing short of then a lie. It's a lie is not true and if a birth mother decides she is going to bring her child to term and deliver it.

That's a huge sacrifice in and of itself right Jordan, but if he is willing to do that there are communities like the one that Kelly was talking about like the one that Kelly's been leading for a number of years in a pre-Dobbs world and in a real-world Jordan now that there is an opportunity in a post-rogue world for these mothers to maybe in in even increasing numbers bring those children to term. I can guarantee you there are families ready to provide those children a loving and a forever home. And that's the end that were shooting for Jordan and I wanted to turn to Simpson's hood out of Washington DC.

It's that Job answers right at the center of it last night there was pretty big news at your baser, and said he ought to not do anymore tax increases. These economic packages and climate packages on out of court by this morning. He is change his mind. Yeah, maybe we talk about this so many times are center mansion center mansion sometimes does the right thing in till he does the wrong thing Jordan and you just you go by the last statement that he gives to the press and it's almost always just in a good negotiating posture. Look what he said last night is that he thought the inflation numbers that are out of control in over 9%. Of course, they mean that you should not increase taxes on the American people.

You should not increase spending from Washington DC. That's of course absolutely correct.

I mean, it's a no-brainer, but you're right, Jordan. Today he is sort of backing down. From then said well you know might depend what next month's numbers look like as far as inflation Jordan. Think about this the American people aren't stupid. Let's say next month's inflation number isn't quite as historically terrible as the last month was what will that mean as far as annual inflation goes and it'll still mean the worst inflation in decades and decades of this is just this is just posturing from Joe mansion and the answer next month needs to be the same one that was last night. It would be the worst time to raise taxes on the American people and to get even more spending out of Washington DC out one real quick deadline. An important date on this Jordan. The end of September is when they would have to move a bill in order to not lose their current reconciliation instructions. I don't think they'll be able to pass a new budget next year. So if if it pushes past September.

That's probably the deadline you're looking at. But again, we disclose where I started. Sen. Joe mansion he means what he says until he says something different. Jordan time is that's so true. Okay folks, we come back every shift a little bit to what's going on overseas right now you know the present bide was in Israel. He's now in Saudi Arabia he's landed there were to be joined by Rick Cornell. He's actually joining us from Albania and he was just in Serbia, so will get up there.

What he's doing there again and also update kind from him on what it is like working with the Saudi's so you get some insight there that they aren't allies but she would comes to Intel and and national security is not perfect by any means. No one is ever say that the existence of missteps, to say the least.

By the by the ministration in dealing with the settings especially now that they're asking needing their systems become the energy to get calls and questions about that. What hundred 64 3110 at 2000 684-3110. Let me just say right now you're financially able to, we have a matching challenge right now at ACLJ.

Were you double the impact your donation donate and if you're financially able to those pro-life purchasers that work that we do to make sure they can remain on the front lines doing the work they do to help women support the work of a sale. the American; just as critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 and $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms beautiful gift today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secular. As you know as advisors now in Saudi Arabia. He was in Israel. We talked about that extensively redevelopment.

More later. The broadcast with REA Whitestone, who was a former senior advisor to the US ambassador to Israel a new book out about Middle East peace that was put together by the trust administration that goes directly to this question asked by reporter to Jake Sullivan because present bide's been all over the place and once is one minute. He praises Abraham records kind of in the next release is the trump administration just messed up everything in the Middle East. Take a listen.

By 20 yesterday when he said the last minute walk away from the Middle East when only a day earlier praised the last ministration Abraham he was referring to a series of steps that he thinks that, which is what what steps are. This me that that's what I keep trying to figure out because with the Abraham records. We were just starting a process is revolution. I think where they disagree. I know where they disagree as they thought the you should never go to that next step without first solving the Palestinian issue that they like to say that you and the truth is, Palestinians can't solve that issue right now they have two David divided government in the Gaza Strip is run by a terrorist group Hamas. The West Bank is kicked around by the policy authority, which also has links to terrorist groups as well. And so, okay, you got to divided governments and again again again the radical thinking from the trump administration was let's circumvent that. Okay, we want you know that that's an issue yes but there's other issues here. Let's work see if we can get Israel to work with some of these Gulf states that we got up present bide. He is in Saudi Arabia sort talk to Rick now we come back for this short part of the segment. The second half hour about that if you get calls and questions Rick's happy to answer those as well.

1-800-684-3110 if you want to talk to Rick Cornell at 2000 684-3110. He's actually in Albania right now. I just traveled from Serbia to Albania will talk to him about that at 1-800-684-3110 this trip again. The and is highly significant because you had Joe Biden go in and calling the Saudi's a pariah because it was worded to take their worthless summary it that you take almost like calling for regime shame. I've asked how he was almost and he did call for regime shame and now his fist pumping with the guy.

He said he was going to be calling for regime change when inflation is so high the US and we need oil and gas anymore produced by OPEC states and of course, and from the Saudi so you will talk about all that was Rickel Thomas Moore, the foreign policy and will take your questions and calls on it too. So don't be afraid to call and we will take your calls and questions while talking to Rick at one 800 684 31 two that's what hundred 684311's right. It was a family to get out quickly because they have just on the Washington radar. We saw that we talked with the mansion there's anything else.

People need to be watching closely.

Right now, well I think may be that the vote that that's taken place in the House of Representatives today.

You talked about in an earlier segment Jordan but actually the vote series is underway right now so just cut kind and explain to people here in a in a little bit. The House of Representatives will vote on that bill to codify a row V Way into law.

This is a bill they've already passed in the House of Representatives, but what they did. Jordan is they wrote 15 pages of preamble after the Dobbs decision and they're putting it back on the floor of the House of Representatives, really. Just as a messaging about now.

I don't want to I want to tamp down to her.

This is a terrible terrible bill that would be harmful to women. But here's here's the deal. I mean, the Senate has Artie rejected this twice so they're gonna pass this there can Senate over the Senate and what has changed.

Well, nothing unless we tease this a minute ago unless Joe mansion changes his mind. So Jordan you know they don't hold your breath on that one guy get what really watch carefully again because the houses get a bill passed codify a portion right. That's a really row rose gone so as to codify right to abortion work with really watch what goes on in the Senate, and of course this midterm election very important coming up as well to try to get this done before that we have lots of Republicans as well. This not your we were were fair and honest to you. There's Republicans get to watch like Collins and Murkowski as well in the U.S. Senate. So again, you think that the 60 professional there's issues at play here, but it's moving, it's moving again. Watch very closely. Come back to secular to your photos to 100 684 31 2064 3110 Rick Cornell Julius or Senior advisor for foreign policy and national security. Rick's actually was in Serbia now is Albanian Rick.

I would like to ask you when you making these trips.

First is that it's a great opportunity to educate our audience and submits that always front-page news here in the US about the work that you're doing in that region of the world both important or more important part of the world that it certainly a part of the world and the Balkan region that successfully moved forward under Donald Trump and there's a lot of frustration in this region with Joe Biden and the Democrats say it's an exciting time for the Balkan region to begin moving forward with economic development I'm here.

The private then I brought private equity. American private equity folks with me and what were trying to do is figure out how can private equity firms in America help fund project in this region that will strengthen the ties between this region and America well also allowing the private equity folks to make the money and to provide some good new programs for the region for infant were looking at bringing solar energy into Albania and do it in a way that's responsible their projects in this region where the Chinese and the Russians are providing some of the services and we are trying to come in today. Look, this is a region that should not be increasing their involvement with China and Russia, but rather with America think the private sector does and the government supports 120 things organized. I'm walking through Toronto today I ran into Ken Paxton, the Atty. Gen. of Texas is easier because I worked there tribute Texas economic development work in Vista possibly you know II think you'd actually on vacation. He would at a wedding in the region expanded in and went on vacation with him to run Albania is an exciting place. You know, Albania is a member of NATO, and it got a long history of communism and fascism and faith come out of it and so this is a country that very much.

The America stand very strong because it helps the region and there's a big frustration with Joe Biden part of next is because you mentioned was Russia as we see that so much all over the world seen her own country RRC for his ACLJ action is to get involved in some that happen in North Dakota right now with Chinese investments in land there and since people can stay tuned for that. But again the idea that the child is the Russians the world rush these countries who are our allies like you said, members of NATO and provide them the services and and and develop these economic relationships and your try to bring in private investors to kinda counter that because the bite administration is not part of economic deal that administration negotiated economic normalization deal between Kosovo and Serbia, the infant, he decided to come forward and let's try to find a way we can move goods and services more freely. The whole idea of government coming together to agree that is really hinges on private sector coming forward to this perceived conflict in the region still a lot of American picnic out what that had done creating a vacuum and made the Chinese and the Russian participation in commerce in this region. Very easy. That's not good for America. I don't suggest that America come in and give foreign aid to this region. We have to be able to do economic about it from the private sector. People need to make money. But this region is hungry for American entrepreneurs and American investment opportunity was there because if not I see this too often places especially throughout Africa and countries there where they will really wish that they didn't have to choose between all there was no choice for them that there is not wasn't like American business choice was a Chinese or as a Middle Eastern, Iranian or Russian company that they have to choose from that they don't really have not. Another option, and that you like you said the private sector is to go in the also blood education from the US government could come and say this is a place you want to do business weekly we are to encourage you to go there and do business and instead of making people think you know this was a formerly war-torn area and it's too complicated nor too nervous to actually be there and do the work. I want to shift a little bit Rick because we've got Pres. Biden. He's gone from Israel is now in Saudi Arabia he's with Mohammed bin Salomon MBS they did their fist bump. This is a guy called a pariah who is now asking for more oil and gas from them and basically little bit of begging, but I would little bit of insight to because as acting director of national intelligence and your diplomatic work just for people to like what is it like working inside that kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their kinda set up.

You know I very much after spending eight years at the UN and working about her in Europe.

I understand that valleys must have powerful and consistent relationship with America and difficult many times because we believe many and many don't always share the same values, but we have to have a relationship with God and many Americans can ask why the very good question to say what, why, why would you care, we know that that many of the 9/11 bombers came Saudi Arabia on what I would say is that Middle Eastern very difficult region got you got Ron many terrorist groups are experimenting in that area and what we have to be able to do is have allies to keep the pieces much as possible.

Valleys are a blind force against the Iranian they are enemies and we have to be able to control the Iranians which are an aggressive character supporting state, and many times we've been able to rely on the Saudi to blot the growth of the Ron and now we see Russia and China becoming very close with the Ron. It is a problem.

I'll give you one example of the Biden administration took the rebels which are supported rebel off the terrorist list and within just a short couple of weeks the cookies were bombing the United Arab Emirates are our partners in the UAE of commerce in Abu Dhabi.

It was really frightening and the implications of bad policies coming out of Washington DC we could go on and on about loss of influence in the Middle East, certainly in the Balkans. We have to have a strong United States commit to be smart about it. I am not suggesting I want to be clear, I'm not suggesting that we start wars or that we have foreign aid that just three flows from the United States without getting anything in return, we got a very smart about this is to take some of the grace because this is his attack on the administration you serve. Take a listen by 22 walked away from Iran to clear the only ones away from our allies that it was US was isolated on Iranian away from the pharmacy when it came to ending the war in Yemen's conflict in several years and in Saudi Arabia he will seek to deepen and extend that service and start a wider settlement such as some of what he was referring to this. Rick is wonderful that you get get you the truth I don't agree with taking like you should take the suitcase off the terror list was wrong but he said that they administration the trumpet as she walked away from the closing date. Continue LSO Rick to catfish set. They just ignore the Abraham records just ignore what I project all of the ridiculous that we don't even know where to begin here.

Let take the fact that they inflamed the situation and our heart credit for everybody in the region. On my God you got to who would be bombing the UAE something that be done and we walk it back a little bit.

Inflaming the situation and then walking it back to me that you are successful because that what takes over the airwaves in Saudi Arabia is a whole earful from the Saudi or how terrible their policies are. You go on and on but the rewriting of history project about Rick.

I appreciate you joining us from Albania. Also educating our Arathi city support that region of the world what's going on that reads the world and and also about horses figure from the present. As always, we appreciate your joy and your insights for record. Now, the former acting director of national intelligence investor to Germany we come back for a trumpet administration official to be Jordan this is a senior advisor to the US ambassador to Israel. This is our daylights toes had a new book out about peace in the Middle East of Abraham or to what I would miss that ministration Saudi Arabia little like talking about the Abraham records it like mentioning this little breakthroughs in Middle East peace were almost mind blowing applicant of the trumpet administration working highlight that right now and we we we been highlighting it. Of course, as the ratio J into our broadcast here in secular and REA light stone who was a former special envoy for economic normalization, also a senior advisor, former senior advisor to the US ambassador to Israel under the trumpet ministration David Freeman selling.

Think about all the historic things that happen then the embassy moved to Jerusalem. The of course the economic normalization between Israel and some of the Gulf states fixing the travel that's occurring even today, Joe Biden was able to to fly from Jerusalem straight to Riyadh that that again even though we disagree so follow their policies is is a moment. REA lights are distorting us now and are you got this new book out let my people know the incredible story of Middle East peace and what lies ahead. First let's talk about two people about how we got to the point where these peace deals were made. These economic deals were made between Israel and these Gulf states, gravity, and let my people know the goal that we get here and what it will give an example how little people know there was a tremendous celebration of Joe Biden was the first why from Israel, Saudi Arabia, which is true but private and tribe already for 8 1/2 years ago flew from Saudi Arabia is now about a two lane is not a two-lane highway, but when Biden done that if an enormous celebration and when trumpet people rolled their eyes at the left of the hundred and where the historical correction in here. So love what Biden and Pres. Biden did today to be downgraded a small step forward in the heck of a lot better than a large step backward with a direct flight with a knife before, but that's what it was a tell people about your works in getting these deals done because the binder ministration sure doesn't highlight it for anybody. I did a lot of mainstream media doesn't highlight just how historic these peace deals were and are definitely to be captivated to ugly kickers leave them be like a relationship knowing that it will go fail and it will go without so they are being invested and does not by the United States of America. I am pleased that private inviting data highlight the excitement of the event record for the first time yesterday, but like most things that the President did the Middle East let the of the deed matches the rhetoric.

Let the of his action is matched by his word and we'll see whether that's the case or not but how'd it happen was very simple.

When you hit it in the introduction. It was the recognition of Jerusalem of the capital of Israel from that Biden present Biden nearly walked back earlier today and you stroke it with the recognition of the goal line height.

It was the undoing of the Iran deal.

It was bringing clarity to a combo on the tumult of the bottle been doing like brain surgery and Keith and Natalie and took an unlikely Character by an unlikely President Dylan Baxter David Friedman Jared Kushner Bobby Bartlett Mike Pompeo Mike, this unlikely group of characters right are the one who made it happen.

They were deemed to be unqualified.

Indeed, they were the one who got a gun. It was my privilege to work for them to try to execute on the teeth, but it only happened because we brought clarity to the region when that clarity existed and can happen and what Pres. Biden have done so far on the trip to bring uncertainty in the question.

Will he will not talk about Khashoggi will, he will not go with an Israeli killed Israel will regularly not be strong on the Iran deal all done so far by confusion and then go for something that will be walked back in the Middle East where you at confusion oftentimes definite instruction follow your book. I don't think it's the right was saved because of how copies of brain surgery peace. The Middle East weave our office in Jerusalem and and it was this radical new thing like you said, which is hey you what we can we can deal with the Palestinian issue we have to deal with that will always be working through that we don't have to wait to deal with other other countries in the region to develop these relationships a week. If we can't solve that right now doesn't mean we can't talk to the other Gulf states about working with economically with Israel are developing even tourism with Israel so will people learn in your new book is just out this week and I got invited that really back. I had about the oral cavity years that what the plot, the European foreign policy and we decided to drop straight down from what you know what the morale at the end they chose to stand from left our people left All-American troll Israel that's connection to let me let me tell everybody how to get your book is simply to read this does not give enough attention as I'm glad you wrote the story of how it came about and what it needs to be done next. We got up on if you watch our broadcast arena.

Let my people know the incredible story Middle East peace and what lies ahead this to key parts are so important and I want to encourage people to go to go to Amazon I could have it right away if you put in let my people know you find the buckets out of just this week's is brand-new is endorsed by people we got on our team like Mike Pompeo is artist.

It was a week or his connections got but he's at what he thought about Mike Pompeo. My company is on the team at the ACLJ. He endorsed this book she know this is good information and I know our audience would look at wants to know boarded such a study covered a radio broadcast with some behind-the-scenes about how this all work between again something on paper. We been told so we told by academics and experts and even by the binder ministration is you can't have any kind of peace in the Middle East until you solve the Palestinian question or until you deal with Iran and you have to have a nuclear deal with them and you won't get anywhere with the Gulf states and they will deal with the Israelis and they will work together. Now it just took all that is true it out the door and is and is and is are you said you took the suspect had a cast of actors and characters who just would not intimidate who were not owned by that that old-school State Department thinking that we can't do. We can't get this is to be if we don't handle the passive issue we can discuss these issues.

So let me encourage you get check out the buckets and let Amazon and I let my people know the incredible story of Middle East peace and what lies ahead. Just saying that to that there is this peace in the Middle East between these new allies that you gotta continue to foster family ship.

I would be checking out the book are good friends of ours who endorsed it by the RE was able to join us. We've had some connection issues on that is able to do is on the broadcast is catfish out today so were working on all these issue course at the American Cephalon Justice at ACLJ that are you know July is a critical month for us at the ACLJ because financially I weave matching challenge month so I know that there are lobby right now. You can't make that donation. That's okay you do other things that don't consciously assure the broadcast side petitions get information out and share share the info that we provide to people. That's one way to do things, but for those of you who are the financial position that stable where not make a decision between can I donate to a sale.

Jared or do this for my family. This is a time for you to step up really sick so that we can continue our work and even expand our during this time we been able to continue to do that during the pandemic for the election certainty even to this Tuesday because of those you coordinate stable financial position and your and you continue your donations or even increasing the donations.

The ACLJ when others just aren't able to make that donation right now so it is critical time the entire month of July is a matching challenge month CW Patrick donation. I hope you will. If you're able to donate

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