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BREAKING: America on the Brink, ACLJ Fights Back

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 19, 2022 4:07 pm

BREAKING: America on the Brink, ACLJ Fights Back

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 19, 2022 4:07 pm

This is a big day for the ACLJ. We're launching a brand new sister organization – ACLJ Action – to fight the radical Left. ACLJ Action utilizes the legal expertise of the ACLJ to take the fight directly into state legislatures. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Sister tyrannical born now day for the ACLJ wall just as we are launching as you heard of the tees. The broadcast organization. If you're on our email list getting that email as we speak. You might've Artie received.

This one is called ACLJ action of 501(c) four organization.

This is to take the expertise of the ACLJ but to take it into the states to take these battles right into your state legislators all the more hard-hitting a little more directly involved in politics. For instance, we will be doing a congressional scorecard about all the issues you care about the ACLJ Artie put a team together that's running this at a Washington DC, a part of that team as well. It is a separate organization so we need you to join as a member and membership is $25 she could join it ACLJ action.or won't be talking through sure they were working to be focusing on some of the issues were to be focusing on a year ago we decided to move forward with this creates this new sister organization why the Dobbs case.

We know that there was a likelihood that we would be fighting the abortion issue in the states and not just in courts but in state legislatures, so we wanted to have the ability which the C3 did not. The ACLJ to hire lobbyists at with no limits and helpful on advocacy to go in the state legislators to write the legislation with the so that the doctor saved us do a legal review which were happy to do it. The ACLJ but ACLJ actions to the state lobbyist did were doing a review right now all 50 states to know where we need to send those lobbyists where they need to go and write good legislation where the biggest fights are going to be will also include advertising that you'll see online television in the mail so and when your politicians do something good we might highlight that we probably should do something bad.

We might be highlighting that as well so this is a much more hard-hitting political approach that again, using all the expertise we have the ACLJ Robles for decades now turning it into but it is a separate is not just an addition of the ACLJ, I want to make it clear it is a separate organization. We need you to join as a member. Membership starts at $25 she could join today ACLJ you be the first group and some of the issues were to focus on course life that is right out of the bat were to do that with some issues that we could do more on with this organization we can through ACLJ is on China, for instance, in the economic issues on border security on inflation and economic freedom on going after big tech, especially run campaigns against some of these tech companies and content platforms who are silencing conservative speech and of course of a bigger right now border security, and energy independently. Here's a perfect example is Headley right now this is this tells you how bad this is. House passes bill to address baby formula shortage that I put on my notes to this one are good on the producer Sen. Sally handed to me. I said you know what this reminds me of Jimmy Carter, 1977. We are really having a house built necessary to address baby formula like were Third World country. But what ACLJ and others no legal action that can be taken merit.

The ACLJ but what ACLJ action can doing is go in and say this is not the solution here is what we have to do, and you could do it with aggressive advocacy. So were the ACLJ's laws are passed, we can defend those laws we can up craft some but ACLJack J. Action can actually get them past get them through.

This is going to complete the full circle in this family of organization sister organization. I would encourage you go to ACLJ right now right now it's $25 sign-up now very important that you do it will be back with more pejorative until you additional information. What you got, like Planned Parenthood article in the Wall Street Journal about how they are going regional into the states. That is part of this effort is to want to be. Of course, active in Washington DC but active in your states. This new organization allows us to do that.

Join, member ACLJ membership will be right back in the second. We are launching today. This is a big day for us. The ACLJ because we are working on this for over a year.

All the legal structures and getting all set up building the team.

In fact, if you go to ACLJ right now. You see, you can go to the about section.

You can see the team that we've built next to some of the people we brought on to to be part of the C4. This is a separate if you're ACLJ member you're not automatically a member of the DC Ford is a sister organization, but it is separate so you got to go to ACLJ today make at least a $25 contribution and you click a box as you want to become a member. We want you to become a member, by the way that that builds our strength and our ability. The more members we have at ACLJ action. The more work we can do.

That's really how this works through the C4 is the more of you to join up as members. The more work we can do the more lobbyist and these are the good lobbyist because they're working for you is a lobbyist for you and your state legislatures working on pro-life legislation would do that right away right out of the bat were also will be running campaigns on energy independence on to get issues like border security, getting again making sure when you got politicians in your state doing good things will praise him when they're doing bad things will come after the gloves come off is what we say through ACLJ action in the realm of politics what it allows us to is more flexibility and aggressive as we fight of the left. It's not just about law. So of course the ACLJ that's where the ACLJ's focuses is really in the legal realm. We do have government affairs but it's legal based organization that's our your expertise of so many decades.

What this does is let us take the fight to the radical left on the battleground on the battlefield before the issues end up in court.

So while were able, the, the, again, to utilize all of the great resource. The ACLJ this sister organization is able to take the fight into your state. Get some of your bad politicians and bad policies and bad issues but also supporting positive legislation that that you want and taking on some of these big huge issues. Huge issues like like the big Texas censorship like China, like the border and again getting involved at a level I think you're gonna really like what were doing and and I'm wasn't talking to a lot of folks who are ACLJ members already.

We want to become a member of ACLJ action at ACLJ action.or we prepared to launch video. I think it's great for audio to for real boastful shortlist on radio, you learn a lot about what were doing so want to play that for folks I know people are watching online may see that during the break.

A radio audience hasn't seen it yet.

It's take out. Let's take a listen. ACLJ has a 30+ year history of fighting on behalf of you are members in support of life is all about the horses murder religious liberty over school for the last year, a Turkish court has freed American pastor Andrew Johnson, Justice, personal freedom and constitutional government.

Our freedoms are under attack now more than ever left has hijacked the media, schools, branches of government use their power and influence to push deeply un-American causes country.

Socialism, inflation cancel weakness in the face. Stop this madness. We went to our kids and grandkids and the things that make this country great ACLJ has always answered the call as her sister organization.

Using a lot right stomping the last march toward socialist today to join ACLJ action is a separate sister organization.

You got to join separately. It's $25.

That's the minimum donation to become a member and we want you click that box to become a member of ACLJackson that's important to C4 organizations so that we can continue to build our membership base out and do more work. So a good friend of mine is named Tom Logan the last name was in support of the ACLJ has been for a long time just sent me a message saying I joined ACLJ action because here's this gives you the full circle what I say of of of engagement and involvement, but we want you to do both so you know you already member the ACLJ great, but go over the ACLJ and become a member really important that you do it. I signed up and gave a recurring gift each month for ACLJ action.

I bring this up because I think it's very important for everybody to understand what were really talking about here.

Jordan we have an issue comes up first as were defending South Dakota in the issue of auto like as I grumble right now is that the difference with a lot of the C4's that exist and what the ACLJ is able to do through ACLJ actions are our folks know when you trust us to enjoy our long time. That's why the processor card were to be tailoring it for we are tailoring as we speak for you on the issues you actually care about so Sanchez pushed by some other interest group but it's not just the issues we have the contacts we know the Senators we know the members of Congress. We know the governors as you just I met with Gov. know in the state legislature wheat we can go in as a very we start off at already, right at the top very powerful organization because think about that ACLJ action scorecard for conservative candidate there and what that number hi there gonna pay attention to what we're ranking in our scorecard by becoming a member of ACLJ action ACLJ today. The cost that the minimum to join us $25 to become a member you will be funding that work so that we can get that scorecard out so that we can go into the states and fight for pro-life legislation right away as soon as at Supreme Court case comes out so that we can take on these bigger like big tech like the border, like China like energy independence and call out politicians so that is a big difference.

So mass on rumble, but your what is the biggest treatment ACLJ and ACLJ action.

I think what happens is there's Mitt there's a lot less restrictions. Three.

What is donations are tax-deductible right establishment is not a charitable organization. It is a slick social welfare organization is a joint is a membership and it's it, what it does through that through the Federal election commission through the IRS tax code. This allows us to take more direct issue advocacy like hiring our lobbyist so you'll have your lobbyist for you in states that we put everybody's funds together that will go in and put forward legislation you want fixes you want and we can go down to the very local level depend on the resources we have available ACLJ action we get more and more local. So there's a Washington component is also the state component. Of course big state component and then ultimately forgot the resources and even more local component like the school boards and parental rights issues like that we could literally run ads about what your school boards doing in your local community or local committee with LJ would do and we got at the resources to do it and that's why we were launching today.

We spent a year putting this together.

We got a full staff in place references that ready to go. You can see their information online and at ACLJ action.alert consistent with government you got coming in the step you got princes James rockers was Executive Director he was in the State Department under Pres. Trump as serving Wilbur Ross the secretary of commerce. He was the director, deputy director of policy and strategic planning. You've got Tom Gilman. Tom was this chief financial officer under Pres. Trump for the US Department of Commerce. It was confirmed by the United States Senate. You've got Robert Burket who also has just a wealth of experience again served as a special assistant and Senior advisor in the office of the secretary at the US Department of Commerce on the present front and commerce is one of the biggest issues we are facing in this country right now. That's why you see headline saying we got a problem with it.

We know we are probably gas prices and energy going up to the roof the ACLJackson will do that parents can get baby formula as a prairie Third World country, so we are to be in a position as a membership organization to take direct action. Now there needs to be something somebody needs me soon over and you know your American Center for Law and Justice is good to be there but to be able to stop it before gives us another another way of approaching this from the families of the United States that want to see American policies.

First, that want to see American interests protected here in the United States and globally.

If you have questions about any of us call one 800 684 31 to request that the baby formula crisis at Planned Parenthood is planning to do but let me encourage you this the best way to explain the most simple way to explain it is. This gives us another weapon or arsenal of the weapon and one that again members of Congress can pay close attention to in your spirit that your politicians in your state level II because the ACLJ is going to be grading them for ACLJ action that's never been done before.

They never had ACLJ action great. This can be on the issues you care about what to do all this, we need you to join as a member plus $25 to join.

That's the minimum you can give more.

We certainly would appreciate that if you can. If you can join today as an ACLJ action members $25 ACLJ learn about the new organization.

There we are launching a sister organization, a ACLJ action is launch, you can now join as a member. People are doing that as we speak. I think we are to have over thousand members already and just launch that muesli just getting to your inboxes while we were coming on the air and of course announce it on radio. It's ACLJ

We do want you to become a member you click the box become a member and that because it's a $25 minimum donation to ACLJ action ACLJ was if you are not financially able to do right now.

We still want to sign up and be part of ACLJackson. You can do that on the homepage. You put in your email address so that you get the updates and I will tell you will not be as often as the ACLJ you not to be flooded by like 10 different new emails every single week. It's very targeted this work at ACLJ action of the part of this work is that we are targeting using these resources in a very targeted way and in a way that again it's it's we're doing things through ACLJ action. The reason why would do is think that we could, can't do through ACLJ but that we would know you want us to be doing and we know we can be very effective because we arty know the players in the ghetto to see for the ACLJackson which is a 501(c) four not to be infused with ACLJ which is a C3 different nonprofit organizations. One is the legal advocacy group the C4 of ACLJ action. There is no limitation on advocacy. We have limitations on that of the ACLJ not a litigation but on advocacy soul advocacy and lobbying. Also, this will allow us to focus on getting in there before the laws become laws to craft and protect your family to deal with issues in the middle. Give me the issues countering China protecting the unborn, energy independence, religious liberty, defending Israel and finding anti-Semitism defending persecuted Christians around the world, not just at the UN, or just in court. There's a lot of other ways to do this, the inflation and economic freedom or security parental rights, free speech and big tech fighting the global marks of communist ideology, not ACLJ can file a lawsuit on communist ideology lesson was a mall involved in something that can be litigated, but the ACLJ action can so I want to work were talking on radio and on our social media platforms were talking to millions of you today. What I like you do right now if you're able to do this financially, and if you can't do financially can still get information. I would like everybody that's listening or watching the ACLJ that's ACLJ and become a member's $25.

You can donate more if you like, but is $25. If you are not able to do it financially.

We understand some of you, can you still can get the information like torts exactly like the ACLJ were given the case updates every day. It can be much more directed, but the idea here is to complete our circle of capability and this new team in place is got extensive experience under the previous administration there going to be able to fight for you in a different way and I'm very very encouraged about where this is going, but we need to go to ACLJ and sign up today having it's about new resources, new people and a new expertise says we so we got this incredible expertise. The ACLJ in the legal world in Washington DC and entered an internationally of what we want to take is the political expertise that a lot of their ACLJ team has yet but they were not able to fully utilize the receipts, reorganization which is not allowed to do that.

But is it the political word itself so we want to be able to say you know what was going to the state discoverers doing something horrendous.

Let's call them out. Let's call that governor out, we are able to do that through ACLJ action but were only going to be able to do that with your support and you and I we need members if that's a little bit different that it's a $25 to become a member and I know folks listen I know people are hurting financially right now. That's right. Also sign up to get all the information and when you can join. We appreciate if you if you can. For those of you who are able to right now we are really encouraged you want to come out of the gates ready to go. We arty have resources set aside ready to go once the Supreme Court decision comes out as we speak right now are our team working with ACLJ attorneys and ACLJ action you are allowed to work at together on some issues. What were able to do is were doing this audit of all the states of 50 about exactly they're not just the laws they have on abortion where it could could there be hiccups in the state constitution. Could there be issues at at that with the existing legislation it's on the lonely permits not by a not altogether which is an issue right now right.

We kind of cut through that. There is a lot of I don't get too far into that.

There's a kind of war to go on between the ribs are single issue pro-life organizations sometimes miss the big picture like, let's save as many kids as we can look at let's take the Supreme Court decision. Hope it is the one that is similar to the leased draft and take it in and use every opportunity to first put in place laws we know are not even to be subject to legal challenge right at me and so putting those laws first put a law similar to what the Supreme Court greenlight then you can go to the next step and start fighting getting court over more restrictions. Different kinds restrictions first take with the court to make sure in every state that you can. We've got that law in place and of course there's about half the country were revealed to do that. There's a will there's about euro to 10 or 11 states were going to really fight really fight for life in some states were we are starting to get a pro-abortion industry member their billion-dollar your industry and like I said Wall Street Journal headline Planned Parenthood prepares not not to be not to be over with for a search. A surgeon donations a surgeon financial support and a surge regionally. They are going more local. That's what ACLJ action is about. We've we've been planning this for the entire year so that we can take Planned Parenthood on right out of the gate at the local level and using all the expertise we have.

So I hope you will join ACLJ action today ACLJ to become a member, $25 so that your comments, your great remorseless millions of Julie on on you to send a wow this is great I rejoined my friend Tom joined immediately rumbled questioning a minimal house ACLJ different from ACLJackson Lancelot again in a moment Darren on Facebook that I joined which owns all on here to also join this good work, but let's go back to the question became enumerable and that is the difference between ACLJ and ACLJ action of the first word right away. There is no limitation on the money we spent on advocacy that means supporting an issue calling out you know when a governors due to right fingers are piece of legislation is good. We have no limitation on that we can spend as much as we got on that so it state to state at the federal level as well. There's no limitation on lobbying that this is the good lobbying because these lobbyists are to be working for you Serena pool our resources together. That's the idea.

Here we pool our resources.

We all join up together and ACLJ action so that we can employ lobbyists to work for us to work for you or Ault were all of this would together for this to be successful. We really do need your supported ACLJ this is a separate organization.

It's a sister organization. So again we we are starting out to do the work. We want to do got the team in place.

We put some resources aside for this abortion battle, but it's all good to depend on your support of how much we can do that. There's also ways were to be running basically goodbye call campaigns that campaigns to say yes or no for a specific candidate right now. What I talk about campaigns. There is a campaign for a piece of legislation in your state.

We can go on the air on radio, on television advertising mail, email, digital ads supporting legislation, you care about and I want to remind you not just at the federal level, but at the state level as well. And that affects issues like Israel with the boycott, divestment, sanctions, legislation there. Ours. There are lot issues a crossover, what enables us to do is it there's some issues where it gives us a lot more of an opportunity to get involved like energy independence as we can work with those corporations to pass good legislation on that that is separate something that is very different than what the ACLJ is allowed to do on it so so that's what another thing ACLJ action to partner up with a corporation to run a campaign as well become a member and ACLJ for decades. ACLJ is been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now, this is Jordan secular question came in. We have launched naturally this out of some of you heard this before but it's a good half hour different socialist to write out the ACLJ is mostly sister organization is called ACLJ action I'm heading it up but we got us a significant team already based in Washington DC were ready to expand into the states as well. We need you to become a member of ACLJ action.

It is a separate organization. It is sister organization towards part of the bigger ACLJ picture. I explained it as it's another weapon in the arsenal. A big one. We cut a call at the difference between this is kind of bareknuckle getting involved in some of those fights we have, we know we have the expertise to do it. You know, we have the expertise to do it. We needed the right organization to do it so we been working on it for a year. We had a team working on making sure all the legal structures are right preparing for this day where we could launch and you could join you can become a member it costs $25, a $25 donation to become a member of ACLJ action if you're on the ACLJ email list you're getting aside up email today.

Anybody can sign up to get information about ACLJ action to encourage you to do that if you can't do the $25 donation rate X understand that we understand that a me with that of the economy.

Those it and issues were to be fighting it ACLJ action but to to do all the work. Like for instance were to be doing a congressional scorecard or tailoring it for for ACLJ can still part is ACLJ action so were to be tailored so it's all the issues you care about. So when you get those scorecards really go into the states were the first ones over right away is after the Dobbs case comes out higher lobbyists to work on pro-life legislation for you is like having your own lobbyist so we were in a pool our resources together. What should join it ACLJ at any given dentist of the we thought about for years. ACLJ we got it and we we really believe that the Dobbs case was the right time because that's when we have such expertise on where we got the lawyers ACLJ who could write the legislation verbatim, they could put every ailing or write it from scratch, and so we got that team in place. We want to make sure he got the lobbyist in place at the state level who make sure it is the ACLJ legislation, new efforts can focus not just on using the law to defend your rights, which we do and we will continue to do ACLJ. Work continues your membership that your supported ACLJ continues.

That is great but on stopping the left marks towards and let's face it socialism crisis is an economic crisis is baby formulas. An example energy costs changing the law when it needs changing, and making sure your voice is heard when new laws are under consideration with focus on that for a moment list What this gets us to do our ACLJ action team can go in and start not only crafting laws and build but suggesting things that need to be done or more than suggest demand action.

That's why it's called ACLJ action it's got the court work done by the American sample on just as we been doing that for three decades. We got a new initiative.

Now it ACLJ action it's gonna let us get involved. Let this team get involved in a whole different level. This is where you coming I want to encourage everybody that's watching right now listening by radio everybody that's listening or watching this what you need to do gold ACLJ right now ACLJ and if you have the $25 jointed right now become a member ACLJ

If you are not able to, and we understand that at least sign up so you get informed and educated a different kind of information you be getting from ACLJ action than you get from ACLJ that's right and not unravel question came as a $25 a month or just one time Newco liberates its yearly. So again, and that's that that's the minimum.

If you live in Oradell just thinking you can sign out if I want to make a monthly recurring donation, but you can. It is $25 a year to keep your membership active and membership is very important for the C4 organization so we want you to become a member. If you're able to again. It cost $25 you within gas to renew that a year from now for an additional $25 so you don't have to give monthly. You can give more. You can give monthly force, the more resources we have, the more work we can do friend of mine again said I challenge all my fellow veterans to join ACLJ actually took an oath to preserve perfect and defend the Constitution.

Although we are no longer in the field. Our membership will keep us in the fight ACL act ACLJ to secularizing launched new sister organization ACLJ you can go there. There's a new a video the waves all the work that were to be doing at ACLJ action. The team is in place in Washington DC but also getting ready to go into your states as well. If, again, the more resources we have, the more work that we can do.

We were asking you to join and become a member, $25 that has set you up to do that annually. That's part of the C4 organization and I get to do it ACLJ to make that donation today. Rick Grenell is joining us right now. Rick, I wanted much about this right away because we believe a stilted, we've gone back and forth this over the years, but we believe that this is the moment that we gotta take the fight to the states. We gotta be able to call out the politicians when they are doing bad things when they're doing good things and we know that our ACLJ members are core ACLJ members are listed as this broadcast they trust us took to score these candidates to score these members of Congress so that they know I so that they know what they're up to, you know, I just thought that the first time and I'm pretty excited about this is really great taking it into this arena and finding issues in the great waited ACLJ does and you know, I know there's legal obstacles and that's why we're creating ACLJ action to be able to get more inviting when it comes to the site and I laughed and I hope that people will join. I just want to tell you Jordan, I just texted you help me see what I texted you and I said wow what a great video.

I'm all in how to get more involved in ACLJ action allotments is got the text right here. Thank you Rick. I appreciate that what were hearing that folks think that reason wise to you. We saw the disinformation board would talk without a break in the moment, but what people reason why we thought this the right time as we build the trust with you over decades.

We want to build a trust us when it comes these political issues and we comes to scoring the members of Congress and we believe that we built that trust with you. We really do you superficially support the work of ACLJ us so well again, you've able us to grow so we can bring on folks like Rick Grenell to our team so we secure what this is the time because our members need a place they can go to take it to the next level if they sewed if they want to get involved at that next level into the political battles in one of the things Rick I I'd follow up on insurance and you been involved in this arena for a long time as I have any shortness we decide we were looking at doing this for decades, but we've been very busy at the ACLJ just defending because of the onslaught that was coming and you know we were very limited at the ACLJ what you can do as far as legislative initiatives go because the IRS rules but we had our hands full, and you have our Ansell at the ACLJ going to court defending our values now. The idea is to get in there and craft. These measures were to go and stop these issues from we know what if the if the Supreme Court opinion.

Rick looks anything like what's been leaked and we seen this in a headline already from that he was watching the Wall Street Journal were your plan parent as if expecting a surge of both donations and activism. We know this to us. This was the moment is not just on this. Uses on economic issues.

It's an issue that is a concern with China where there's not anything legally. I can amaze that's on the right and go to court policy wise, we could really start impacting that I think is important from someone with your experience to tell our audience how important is to be able for us at ACLJ action to engage it. One of the reasons I love being a part of ACLJ because we don't do everything in what you really mastered here at this organization is to figure out where is your next where can you make a difference and over the years. Obviously what you do as you've mastered the legal fight is to see a whole to see something that needs to be done from a more political action orientated viewpoint and so I love how thoughtful this is then how you move to the point of being frustrated for years and now are taking on this next challenge is incredibly important because if you don't get ahead had these issues, then you're constantly going to have a legal fight, and there are times that when we take action beforehand. We can avoid a legal right so I see ACLJane ACL accident actually working in conjunction almost like a balloon where he just squeezing one side and he keeps popping out of one side. You can now squeeze on the other and really make an impact. Rick is the good kind of lobbyist that were to be able to employ for our members. This is the thing. This would be their own lobbyist who can go in and make sure that the legislation could be crafted by the ACLJ attorneys make sure that's the legislation that gets to the governor's desk or that's the legislation to get through Congress and then even if you do have to go to court you know that you've written it so that it's it's it's it's it's it's ready to go.

So you're ready for the next battle because even though we can follow closely the Dobbs holding and things like that window playpen is going to challenge what you want to do is make things as airtight as possible to take all that legal expertise then add this over to the political expertise and were able to cut double the impact in in the fight or Lenny also had one other point that what ACLJ already does really well with our petitions is to go state-by-state. We all know all politics is local, and people are listening to us.

They care about the state weather in the Missouri or California or North Carolina.

They want to know that their local elected leaders are being held to account and that's one thing that ACLJ has done but ACLJ action is going to be able to drill down in your state. And really, all the punches. I love this idea County all in and said that things that we were focusing on to his on some of these issues work this week and you the radio silent BBQ fuses on radio what we talk about all these issues and we would put information up and ACLJ that are available if Rick writes a piece of sick tape on playwrights piece of Harry Wright's piece, the economy, but it lets us take those issues and activate on the yeah and that's the one thing that were prohibited from doing the ACLJ tour.

You can only do a very little bit. Is this that kind of advocacy our advocacy primarily the ACLJ is in the courtroom at the UN in the international criminal court in tribunals Rick with this does and you know this better than anybody.

Is grass roots advocacy, which is where you get right down to the school board level and that can make a huge difference for families. Let's remember what is happening at the UN right now with WHO for instance in that huge takeovers and that they're pushing ACL. JS is doing everything that we can at the UN to lobby in place and to bring attention to that issue. But now ACLJ action is going to be able to do more in terms of galvanizing support to call your local representative, call your congressman your senators to really stop us Rick. I thought of one thing and you remember this when the pandemic first came out and Jordan and his team decided we we got help local families in the school situation, schools being closed was adjustment and what's in those days just even mask. It was the cult schools were being closed and inner-city kids were really getting impacted because they didn't have Internet access data in hand and special-needs kids were having issues so we put a task force together at the ACLJ to provide help and negotiate with school board was her 1400 families right was 1400 families. We help in that short period of time to get access for the kids for their continued education. You can imagine, if you take it ACLJ action that you could do that on a national scale because you can get in there and do that kind of that exhibits will really impact Rick families. Can I ask you, really political question, but when it comes ACLJ action can we pay unlimited funds can can somebody write a big check. That's right, it still gets there is no limit setting. It's a $25 minimum join as a member sets the minimum but there's no limits to how much you donate to it. It's not tax-deductible gift as the one difference but again it's you can go you can go online ACLJ action and contact us to ACLJ action and that is something unique to is that we will be able to work with different kinds of partners to run campaigns using our expertise that we built up at the ACLJ and a lot of the folks at the ACL GT were now the ACLJ action team. I have a lot of campaign experience. They worked on a lot of political campaigns. This is this is kind of the nuts and bolts of where they came from. They might have more expertise now in other areas, as if served in government they can't other levels, but the core is we've all come from the campaign world and is taking that expertise. So yes, we are able to accept unlimited donations and really that will that that will determine how far we can drill down regulates like wheel starting with the Dobbs case. Starting at the state legislation on on lobbing there but but can we get to the school board level we can if we have the resources to do it.

And one thing I know about donors. Very generous donors.

There are some incredibly wealthy blessed people who would like to get to organizations that they really impact their state so I would assume we would be able to take that money and really drilling the state if somebody wants to get from California to say let's keep the money in California.

Let's impact California or North Carolina Arkansas. We can do that. That's a good point.

It is very different.

That is another thing is different than the ACLJ Rick is that if you're somebody wants to make a large donation you want to say but I really want to focus on this. We can work with you on that to say yes these resources we will set aside. We will run the campaign there in California or in the city in California on the school board issue in you know it into the sea or in Georgia or in Florida we can do that as well and she can contact us on ACLJ if you want to. If you think about hey I like to have a sales action run of the campaign for you. I like to fund will contact us ACLJ Rick, I appreciate being on it supporting this to have cost her 100 684 31 two as we launch a new sister organization ACLJ actually can learn about it ACLJ If you're on the ACLJ email list you received the email to your inbox.

If you haven't seen it yet, which has the launch video by the link to the website and were asking people if you care to join and become a member and that's a cool thing about this because membership hears and we will be bring on a lobbyist to the state. We were taught about Rick you if you if you got something more specific and I'm talking to you and your bigger daughter. We want you to contact us.

We got the concert information up ACLJ and and let us know we can work with you on actually crafting a campaign based on the resources you provide. So it's very unique and that is another difference from ACLJ to ACLJ action we can really work directly with you on that.

I want to go to the phones I Julian California online.

One hey Julie torn about that. But I will definitely join my question is about election law. Are you going to be able to help parents.

The crafting of election laws in each state, because the last election in 2020. And I know in this one or 2022 like California, Leo Wallace, or you can't go to the blowhole. It would about the dead people and you can't question of delivered peer signed up and get a license, you automatically count on April 6 when I was a deferred say that you can enjoy to become a member today for folks to know that the minimum to become a member is $25 you can give more heights is that that's annually. You can give monthly if you'd like to add a different amount. He has Rick read over to larger donations we could have tailored donations us of your list right now your you got you out if you got an interesting issue you really want to do in your state or your community and think Julie the answer course absolutely yes we are ACLJ's already been working on election integrity ACLJ action will be able to help craft the legislation. It always is pleased with all the resources of the day to hit as many of the issues.

I think that our folks want us to really hit three fields action we got at the resources to do it and I'm very curious and will be element time here, 1-800-684-3110. What are the issues you like to see ACL delete more that tomorrow the bucket on ACLJ action take on in your communities away hundred 684-3110.

It's interesting looking at the comments is are coming in Jordan, I think the recurrent comment is this sounds like it's a proactive initiative. It's very proactive so this again this is not ACLJ will be going to court and fighting those long-term battles. This is again and in the in the short term, one right after piece of legislation going right into the state legislature going right in with that campaign. Something about that. You never seen before.

Really ACLJ ad campaign is not how 501(c)(3) is set up the C4 will be running in the ad campaign will not be about the ACL's action will be the sponsor of the campaign will be running the campaign, but it will be about the issue. It'll be calling out the elected official who did the wrong or right thing is what we say take the gloves off is not just about praising our ally, our allies and friends in it in government and politics. It's also about calling out the bad actors directly running ads in their district running ads in their state about how bad they are about the extreme abortion legislation they support about how weak they are on the border and the more resources we have, the more those campaigns were able to run it ACLJack so I think what you need to see happening here folks, and this is what with the ideas as we wanted to join succumb to complete the Arsenal. The ACLJ is jammed.

We are jammed of the American Center for Law and Justice with the legal work and argument and are taking on. I we got case we haven't even announced that art I mean gigantic, and the impact of these cases are gigantic, but then on the local level to be able to go in and serve your families and communities on a local or state-by-state basis is something we talked about for decades, but we felt like this was the time to initiate it. So what we'd like you to do is go over to ACLJ that's ACLJ two things to do there putting your email address you'll get information about the ACLJ action for ACLJ actions put in your email address and get it but also in this is really important. Folks, if you're able to just $25 you donate whatever you want but $25. You become a member of ACLJ action and we want to encourage you to become a member. This is gonna be a grassroots movement that I think will be unprecedented in and certainly artistry but I think in the United States is focusing on America America's interests ACLJ do it today. We encourage you to do that when they were able to use these the contacts that we have is and I let convocation very early. How does someone watch a rumble said you know the difference is July the C4's in the ACLJ action is where you know that we you guys know the people we do.

We represent the presence of United States during the Muller investigator entered editors and the unleashing is on our brief for decades.

Yes, so we again to pick up the phone and reach anybody what we want to be able to do here is to make sure is to offer them be able to work with them more and I think that is huge when you talk about the issues facing our country right now in the device of this were at about 12 essays taking the gloves off because it's not just about putting out a congressional scorecard to say all your friends get good scores from ACLJ threat who gets really bad scores from the ACLJ as well who he also these policies to try to hide by displaying their moderate claiming there is an elected officials, claiming that there there there mainstream women should be able show you who is who is not. I will have the photos for Lillian and I Michigan online to hate Lillian doing going to wind up being able there this new world of free speech was Newtown Square. We talk about that sexy on the holdings ACLJ action is free speech and big tax because this new place were we talk about speech is really the online world that is it the public sidewalk right into private companies, but they have special laws in place to protect them from liability section 230 people talk about. We can go after that we can go after them. What are things really available through ACLJ action is go after Facebook we go after Facebook we can go after the concert providers at aggressive we going after the concert providers changing legislation proposing laws that will really impact them so fighting back hard. Instead of just letting them label us up with a false statement that they men have to correct but already do the damage to go to war them.

Yeah, that's the difference that we can we can correct that were big you on what I liked it when they got to individuals and that is who is willing to enter directed we can get a corrected. I want to go to war with the big tech companies literally. This content provider serves good tech companies to buy the way rumble want to do the right thing Rob I that results are elusive of others, but I want to build the Lord. Facebook now you can't just say her to go toward Facebook that you have the resources to go to war Facebook what we have is the expertise what we need is the resources and that's where you come in it ACLJ You become a member, the minimum cost become a member is $25 donation ACLJ you can give more.

You can set up a monthly donation plan.

It is separate from if you're I don't already to ACLJ is entirely separate from that it's part of the sister organization of what the great thing is the C4 can utilize a C3 as much, as is believed to all those ACLJ attorneys expertise so acute works that way you were able to really this is again so we can go toward a different level that at all but were doing is saying it's a new way to go to war not just important, not just overseas of the work that we do it to your states. If you're communities.

I want you to join ACLJ action today, member ACLJ make at least a $25 donation be a member today

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