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Whistleblower: FBI Investigating Parents

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 12, 2022 1:19 pm

Whistleblower: FBI Investigating Parents

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 12, 2022 1:19 pm

According to House Judiciary Committee members, a whistleblower has just revealed that the FBI has “labeled at least dozens of investigations into parents with a threat tag created by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division to assess and track investigations related to school boards.” This revelation follows sworn testimony before the same Committee where AG Merrick Garland denied any DOJ “counterterrorism statutes and resources” were being used to target “parents at school board meetings.” Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the whistleblower revelations. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Getting parents Johnson, the national Board Association sent a letter to present by saying you need the Department of Justice to come and you need the FBI to come in to investigate these parents there just to hostile at the school board meeting the roster over mass.

They were hostile over mandates. They were hostile over virtual learning. There hostile over critical race theory of what that a lot of parents who were learning exactly what the curriculum was because the their kids were doing school virtually at home during the lockdowns and they were actually hearing what their kids are being taught.

Remember, yet even those school board saying that your parents don't have a right to listen in on on the other teaching. So then that that's the again that came in September 29 October 4 a one-page memo goes out to the FBI from the Atty. Gen., Mayor Garland about partnering using the FBI resources to look into these what's happening at these school board meetings. Then you get just a few days later that's on October 4 the same. October 20 two weeks later a joint message from the criminal investigative division and counterterrorism division of the FBI about can they which receive this before time and time again bring a little legal challenge criminal challenge gets one of these parrots I get this whole idea of trying to silent speech well just out yesterday.

Last night Congressman Jim Jordan and Congressman Mike Johnson Carson Johnson will be on the broadcast with us later today sent a letter to Mayor Carl of the Atty. Gen. They now have with its whistleblower reports about the FBI continuing to use a threat tag edge you officials, so again they got a threat tag set up investigating parents.

They got examples of this. It's all based off a whistleblower. This is after Mayor Carla testified that no doubt they pick Tech counterterrorism unit would ever really be involved because a paired speech that with the donors again. The leadership of the FBI and the Department of Justice's weapon on the FBI to go after parents. We got another problem with terrorists around the world and in the United States organ ago there'd bigger make a priority and have a tag that talks about education and EDU tag tag means that the support of the threat assessment. They have a once that happens, they tag it and goes to a special group now any, as we join is later the broadcast morning and in the particulars of this but this is a really serious matter that the federal Bureau of investigation would do this we take just a brief moment here to pause for second so I want to thank our ACLJ members that supported our matching moment we exceeded our goal got right to the go I should say we met our goals actually exceeded a little bit of what we anticipated the response was incredible. Thank you and the bill to codify wrote that was put up by the Schumer school consumer legislation that was the Morgan row even failed now failed, barely 5149 and that the concerning news of course is that Sen. mentioned said he would support Roe versus Wade convocations were preparing for that one already but we got a duties battle by battle. That battle was a success.

Your support of the ACLJ made and that significant and I will tell you this, were filing a brief today in the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. This case involves Planned Parenthood funding in South Carolina been challenge were backing up the state on that. I will people ought to be clear, it's just a huge thank you to everybody who I was part of that matching moment in the describe these last couple of days raise over $500,000. That means it's like $1 million for the ACLJ suite doubled really double the initial goal was $250,000. We doubled that because you see Weaver that's that's because of you and your support and we defeated that extreme abortion attempt to codify in Congress and in the sitting down to get you know that your mansion is the outlier. Still, he was the 51st vote against it. They even had volunteers there ready to go if they had the votes ready so real estate audit real estate. This will be right back on secular part of the letter. This is from Carson Jim Jordan Connors Mike Johnson Carson Johns will be on the broadcast with us live on the second half hour of the show others the letter to Mayor Garland out from last nights of after this whistleblower information is come out that the FBI is in fact opening up investigations into these parrots out after they've opened up the investigation they found out that there's nothing there so they say again that there putting FBI files out on parrots. I see the FBI agents out to interview parrots and a lot of this you can see his partisan motivator will go through some of the examples I want to read this from the letter, the whistleblower information is startling.

You're subjected these moms and dads to the opening of an FBI investigation about them.

The establishment of an FBI case file that includes their political views and the application of a quote threat tag to their names as a direct result of their exercise of their fundamental constitutional right to speak and advocate for their children. This information is evidence of how the Biden administration is using federal law enforcement including counterterrorism resources to investigate considered parrots for protected first amendment activity and the new we had the disinformation governance board announcement. We know that that's out of department of homeland security. These are all what is the one unifier here law enforcement agency asked badges gods docket. Your door is the latest bring cases against you ointment criminal cases right so this is just like the IRS case where you had the government target by names of organizations I did one of the mirror because it said they had the word liberty in an organization. They were affiliated with the same exact thing happened in the IRS cases.

Remember the Lois Lerner emails St. will get DOJ and the MPC involved, but what is the common thread here is that they're using law enforcement. I didn't understand something when a file is open investigation begins any college.

Our senior counsel here, who is also US attorney and it had the criminal division in the US District Attorney's Office in Atlanta. So folks when you get a file open. This is significant personal.

What is the Department of Justice doing here with the Department of Justice is becoming a weapon of the left is becoming a gun for the left pointed at the hands of people who are interested in the welfare of their children for young I can't tell you how much this really concerns me because because you may open your mouth of the school board meeting and I represented school boards.

I represented the Fayette County Board of Education south of Atlanta and there were a lot of parents there who are angry about things were happening in the school board but it did not make them domestic terrorists think about this you get up and you say something you maybe raise your voice.

You show a little of zeal and passion in what you say and suddenly you are tagged as one of the calling here and EDU official terrorist. The FBI comes knocking on your door shows their badges to agents. You become a target of file is opened in Washington DC upon you. You are a federal target of an investigation whether or not you're ultimately acquitted in and I will mean that in a criminal term but I mean cleared of the charges your name is still in the FBI's records. This is a very scary photo and in an Mayor Garland said it wasn't happening so that you whistleblower inside the FBI saying it is happening. Yep, that this that directly from the letter we've learned from brave whistleblowers. The FBI's open investigations with the EDU official threat tag get this in almost every region of the country and relating to all types of educational settings. They have some examples as we talk at the mobs for liberty the same for the monster liberty. All they also know she was a gun owner. The fact is, again, why they know that by without doing investigation and second that's legal or future all legal things. You have a say, a second member write out a God you can be part of the groups called mobs for liberty and you can vocally oppose the defeat politically of any school board member and saying that we want to beat you politically. We want to take you out of office. That is not a criminal speech is not even threatening suite interest political speech. But politics is a winner lose game you have to win, you have to beat your opponent you to take a strong position. You have to be against something you have to be for something again rhetoric political rhetoric in America has always been tough and it's always good protected speech. The school Board Association of these are unions. They have a hold over the by the ministration they send the letter that they Mayor Carla tries to walk away from it, and the truth is, now they know the FBI didn't walk away from it it it did in fact continue to move forward with counterterrorism investigations into parrots. This dad was had one because quote he fits the profile of elixir insurrections well because he rails against the government and he believes conspiracy theories about who's identifying well.

What is a conspiracy theory and what is railing against the government make you a criminal empathizing in a redress of grievances of the government is protected by the First Amendment.

But here's what the people at understand there is an invest to get this information to find that the other person was registered with this group or that he believes in these theories.

They had to investigate this person, this doesn't just come out of the air. This isn't just you know. A neighbor says I don't young worried about this guy, this is they open an investigation. I think it's important for audience to understand what that meet a counterterrorism investigation open up on moms and dads were opposing a school board. Andy, this is terrifying.

This is terrifying that this is happening in the United States today and you ought to be terrified. I don't mean is that in an understated term. You ought to be scared to death that you've the fact that you actively advocate for you passionately advocate for your children before school board could result not only in a visit from a federal law enforcement official. The FBI weapon eyes, does the IRS was weapon eyes by Biden as the IRS with webinars about Obama and then you now have an FBI file in Washington DC in your name as a possible terrorist to the FBI agent to get this information.

Who are they working with inside the FBI department just US attorneys with the US attorney's offices.

That's what this memorandum, the garlands announced that the executive office of US attorneys. All US attorneys all lose FBI agents in other words, it's a coordinated effort put together to scare you from exercising your right to free speech. That's what it is that this is the broader theme received by the administration leading up to, what is it midterm election, what would we see this last time, remember when when did this happen last was on the Obama administration after the passage of the affordable care act leading up to a midterm election where the Democrats knew they were getting it clobbered. What are they tried to silence the grassroots movement that was growing naturally kind of outside of the Republican Party, but certainly conservative movement and the tea party groups. They wanted to silence them.

They used law enforcement tools to attempt to silence those groups that use the IRS. The is the FBI. These department of justice.

Here again, it's a natural grassroots movement.

That's the scariest thing in politics to any politician is not political parties and the kind of the party activated your lardy. It's the real grassroots movement that pop up when the people who usually wouldn't go to meetings. The people who usually don't take strong political positions suddenly get awoken to what is going on. They get active they start their own local groups to say you know what, it's not that hard to defeat the school board number doesn't cost that much money to run a school board race we could run the school board and we can then set the policies of the toads and I think this again these.

This is the biggest threat to politicians is natural grassroots movements are being forced by either major political party.

This happens to be a conservative movement and so you've got these there tried to use everything they can to get this speech silence for its awful but law for their defining what's off on this is this is what they're saying. It was awful that a Republican state elected official, again expressed public displeasure with the school district mandates that was quote inciting violence Republican against the Democrat said he did like Democrat policies was quote inciting violence. Listen to what do we play Mayor Garland but yet let's overplay this because this is even ISIS and we know it whistleblowers but it really said I do not believe that the parents who testify to being in harmony with complain about school boards and school should be classified as domestic terrorists or any kind of criminals. Parents have been complaining about the education of their children and about school boards. Since there were such things as school's and public education. This is totally protected by the First Amendment. But in the it it is totally protected by that party got right we got wrong is that they are classifying these parents is terrifying and he says what he just said that we quoted many rights memorandum that says just the opposite will and the look of the were going to get the FBI working with each US attorney to facilitate strategies for addressing threats against school administrators, board members, and to have dedicated lines of communication communication for threat reporting is setting there is a threat to them is I disagree with the policy.

The Republicans agrees with the Democrat. I consider that inciting violence that all these cases, these came through this national threat operations center tip line in the cases that were are are mentioned in this letter from badge of Jordan and Mike Johnson to Mayor Garland nothing, all the FBI started the file did the investigation brought you brought these parents and individuals in and what they think include, there was nothing illegal about what they were doing.

In fact, most the time what the the extreme parts about what they were being told these tip lines did add up. There was no evidence there was. They were making threats they were saying the really use God's and all these things, but again the idea is that if you just let it out there that most people that's their hopeful so you know what America show up.

I know I don't need to be deal with the FBI. Just like with tea party said you know what, who wants more involvement by the IRS and so this can sit back and talk at the idea of getting you to shut up feeling speech chilling the organizing 1200 684-3110 at 2064 3110 bills carded from Wyoming online through a bill of secular person. My old life I worked in retail for 30 years and indeterminate interactively. Children, their mom and dad are proud and happy and will be a kit that I get tired of I don't like the idea of them being further wanted to know about the debate. This is the problem. The problem he punishes in his statement to be investigated by the Federal Bureau of investigation and Harry Hudson Agricola policy has just written a piece called Pres. Bynes extremism Harry, this is certainly one absolutely so if you look at the misconduct of merit Garland if you look at Nina Janco wits who is now the head of the Biden administration's Ministry of truth. If you look at Joe Biden's own statements where he labels essentially anyone who opposed him part of the magna crowd and he calls them extreme and divisive. It's important to note that the Biden administration has launched an unmitigated attack on the American people and the American people. I think through the electoral process. They are going to react to being placed under surveillance by the Atty. Gen. of the United States and justifiably so yeah I am a parent I think that where it resonates as this is a conversation happy most all parishes.

It's of the idea about when they came out this the in the this the teachers unions saying don't you can listen to the what your kids are being taught virtually about the curriculum you have the role of this.

And the ideas it would parents awoke and figured out we we the work and school boards since I his ACLJ 40 years in the ideas that it's not hard to impact your local school board. If you decide to run is not hard to defeat a candidate mean again you would a politically very liberal area may be tough to what is a conservative, but the truth is, a lot of times is pretty liberal people are there in conservative areas because they run they run and they know the boards of of that of of the curriculum being set very early with what these kids are being taught. So I think it did wall your were seeing as you put this all together. It's that don't look at is what it what one piece wood piece put altogether. What is it will leading up to a midterm election will use new terms recovery at ultra mega you know the the idea again there's that that's a bad word make America great again is bad and others ultra version of it and that I speech this is the speech police disinformation governance board in a law enforcement agency weapon advising law enforcement agencies. All they have to do once is whistleblowers come out and you realize that the FBI showing up these parents that that that can chill the speech right there cellular debris you charge know that the FBI might show up at your house because you shut up the school board meeting and have the audacity to wait lied and speak in the FBI might show up. Guess what they're hoping you'll go big thick that the decision that it's just not worth it to show up at that school board meeting because the act because you would be dealing with an FBI investigation, interpersonal life of me understand what this looks like meant they think Amy is important for people in and looks like investigations open, you can get a knock on your door with a person showing you a badge. That's how investigations can scan startup and that you do not chilling free speech walk people through what it would look came into your office. What would happen. While I mean they they shall first of all, they show up at 7 o'clock in the morning.

That's part of the intimidation tactic is they show up immediately in the morning and wake you up and there's two agents there standing and they flash badges that you and they say we're from the FBI.

We want to talk to you. Of course, in my opinion you tell them go away. I'm not interested in talking to you, but they they intimidate people into talking to them and admitting statements that they made which they had the right to make under the Constitution and tried to convert and pervert that into impermissible speech and into terrorist talk that's the fearful statement, event or false statement, God forbid you can make a false statement and be prosecuted under 18 USC 1001 because you lied to the FBI had no business being there in the first place, so, so here is you look at all of it.

We talked about this in Anita Jake was messing up your verified on Twitter at liege edit other people's tweets where what is it where is this going it's going toward massive deliberate and intentional campaign of intimidation. It is designed to intimidate the American people into submission and subordination. So if you look at Nina Janco wits. She wants to control freedom of speech you look at Pres. Biden. He wants to control the activities in the political thought of people who perhaps support the idea of making America great. Amazingly the President. Pres. Biden keeps attacking a trump supporters claiming that they are showing societal division and that Pres. Biden sees himself as a President of unity.

Amazingly, Pres. Biden expressed his commitment to social division last week by fondly reminiscing how united the country was in the good old days when he enjoyed having lunch with real segregationists. Evidently this is the kind of unity that Pres. Biden prefers and he is engaged in a contest with Pres. Obama in terms of which President can be the most divisive President in US history and then they appoint people like Nina Janco, wits, age 32 to be the czar of free speech, who says something like this. Number 14 eligible terrifying patient being verified aren't legit and I mean they are real people that they're not and thereby people can and start to winter.

That's the same site rated Wikipedia estimate contacts to certain tweets. She settlement tweets by third parties unified by private citizens at this. She's an editor speech achieve your verified notes which I verified. It's what I get this because the people try to make other counsel. It's the suit so that you know that I said I like a donation fundraiser with your matching moment that on the real II really the Jordan secular from the ACLJ so it's verified on Twitter right. The idea that I get. She would say what even I though Yost it doesn't really matter for verified, because I'm not not legit because my politics would be so different from hers that she would think that I give it, you need to edit by Comet so even I would should be added at first it's just absurd with the people that the idea to edit speech. This is not Wikipedia dessert dessert kind of breaking moments commentary on what's happening in real time. Saw Edward when you are commenting in real time. You have to take only the facts that you have so sometimes you will learn more information as things develop.

But the purpose of Twitter is the real-time information it doesn't mean everything is good to be hundred percent accurate all the time real-time breaking news is it not opinions. Also, something very different sounds a whole idea here we go to our second half hour. They want to shut you up for the election you want to make you think it is in the letter from Carson Johnson Skippy out with us and second after the broadcast is it.

The idea is to chill the speech that you will make the calculation. I don't show up because I know the FBI showed houses so I'll just be quiet. I won't get involved in the school board election. I will get involved with my kids are doing and want to silence you know what happened to cut and here's the piece for decades. ACLJ is been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now, this is Jordan secular order my photocell yesterday after broadcast came on a special online, but if you listing the broadcast on radio or Sirius XM have seen it. The vote in the U.S. Senate.

I we won that vote 5149. The extreme abortion legislation where they attempted not just allegedly Roe versus Wade.

But to legislate abortion on demand through the nine months no restrictions. Any even the restrictions a bit in place under Roe versus Wade would be would go the it was 51 to 49 all 50 Republicans plus one Democrat that one Democrats Joe mansion on the issue.

There were watching the Joe mansions Artie said that he would be good with codified Roe versus Wade that legislation exist by two Republicans, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins who voted no yesterday on the more extreme legislation. The question now is, does the abortion industry give the green light to start a legislative move on that that codification of relevant LB basic taking rowing that exactly codified into law. I which again would be bad because it we we believe in our legal analysis that we could beat that in federal court, but again it keeps the issue in the federal courts instead of actually two of returning it to the states like that draft leak opinion talks about so update your that just update you there. And of course I a big thank you to everybody who participate are matching moment we doubled our goal. The original ghost I toured $50,000 raise over $500,000 in over those two days so a huge thank you to people participate in the matching moment so we have the resources to get this worked out Harry Hutchison, a director policy has a piece coPresident binds extremism. We just been caught in the first half-hour. This new on the partner Justice going after parents at school board meetings and then we got on top of that the new misinformation, disinformation, governance, board, run by some of the things they could say they could edit your tweets on Twitter that she should have the authority to edit and put contacts in your tweets. So in other words, you have free speech date they can correct your speech you look at all of this, Harry, and it points to a very draconian environment where the government's heavy-handed is that the people's free speech, which is always dangerous, absolutely. And I think if you look at Nina Janco. It's for instance, she doesn't believe you're entitled to have speech unless it's approved speech, which is directly contrary to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. So one of the things that we should notice is that the Biden administration typically hires individuals who failed to respect the United States Constitution. They failed to respect the rule of law and they hope that they can continue to get away with it and I think again it's up to the American people to respond to this infringement.

In my opinion of their constitutional rights by getting engaged and by going out and basically supporting candidates who support the United States Constitution and use it.

Also what the Department of Justice has done his weapon eyes the FBI. It is the FBI has begun a gun, a mortar, a weapon, just like they did with the IRS that we beat back and they are now taking the FBI and they're saying if you don't comport with the speech that we like the speech that we approve the speech that is within the parameters that our food to use Harry's two excellent phrases are ministry of truth says is the speech that's permissible. We're gonna make you a target were going to make you a terrorist were going to open the file alone you in Washington DC were in the tail you were going to come to your house and were going to get you. That's exactly what they're saying here don't think it's any less than that Carson Mike Johnson who co-authored this letter which American Idol essays can be joining us in the next segment of the broadcast eyes which understand the what examples of the whistleblower was a Bob.

The FBI investigated after tip. She was part of the quote right wing moms group. Yours called Bob's liberty and all its right wing to got investigate that these are people at the FBI come to the FBI file opened up on them because they had the audacity to speak out against elected official is a public official school board member at this again.

It's basis tried to get you set up sit down and not politics is reported that there's a letter went out last night to Atty. Gen. Mayor Carlin from Congressman Jim Jordan Carson Mike Johnson at Carson Johnson joining us. That is a ranking member of the judiciary committee subcommittee on the Constitution, civil rights and civil liberties. I Carson Johnson wanted to write you with this letter because you got whistleblower reports now that can contradict Mayor Carlin's testimony to your committee about parents being investigated by the FBI for voicing their concerns at school board meetings rented a big deal. You know, we have been investigating the five are Republican. Committee.

We have jurisdiction over Department of Justice and all that they can keep it at that.

We've been investigating the by the administration of misuse of law enforcement resources. Part of that has been the target concerned parents. They been doing it since last fall.

Remember all the angry mob affairs and all that going to school board meeting.

They were they were protesting. They were letting the voices be heard there exercising earth, and they were were letting these go more than the local level know they're not on board with this TRT noncheck.

They didn't like the mass mandate that all that the quintessential part of our profit, but the problem the Department of Justice and the FBI targeted) and consider them a threat.

Now here's the deal. When Mary Garland came in front of our committee in October. We asked him under oath right in front of Judiciary Committee when it was true or not. He said that those parents that never been targeted now we have a whistleblower that confirms our work. Thanks Mike this Jay Sekulow write the letter in sworn testimony before this committee denied that they decide to Mayor Carlin denied the Department of Justice or its components were using counterterrorism statutes and resources to target parents of school board meetings. We now have evidence that, contrary to your testimony the federal Bureau of investigation has labeled at least a dozen of its investigations into parents with the threat tag created by the FBI's counterterrorism division to assess and track investigations related to school boards. We just were talking about like that that you put all this together all the actions of other winemakers last several months. The governance board for misinformation and disinformation date being the screen of the President really targeting anybody that disagrees with them is ultra Maca and then you have parents been targeted by the Department of Justice.

What do you what do you want to see happen here. Well, ultimately we need accountability. We gotta make sure that the product up not weapon eyes become a political arm of the Democrat party exactly what they've done today, albeit surreal dystopian development that you just prescribed and many others lead only to one logical conclusion that that the DOJ is no longer this neutral arbiter that the agency that's in charge of maintaining our our justice system and making sure that the logging of the law is is equal everyone equal for law and justice is blind all at the front it all out the window. They're using that to advance political objectives and go after their political opponents and family and very unfortunately not a dozen. But does that and now we know because this whistleblower dozens of parents who have just shown up their local school board meetings to to to show their care and concern for their children to be exposed to. They've been labeled as domestic terrorist. This absolutely happened. The threat tag. By the way is EDU officials that that that the FBI tactic could only smile and in their treating these people like her.

Enemies of the state. It's unconscionable and Jane at the end of the day. The greatest threat here. You and I both know is that it's undermining the people strengthen our institutions and if they limit our faith in our system of justice brother in a constitutional republic where Morocco reminds me exactly what we had at do with the IRS when they target the same thing.

Based on the names liberty 9/11 freedom that became be on the lookout list which and then we had the I'll never forget in the discovery getting those emails from Lois Lerner where she said let's get in touch with the FBI and the FTC and bring a criminal case because that will shut this down so we know where this can go and we took action on the course we want, but you had to take legal action to do it well right and ended that may be a component of that in the meantime, Jim Jordan INR letter dictated Mary Garland last night we called in listing number one you have to now produce all the documents and materials that we have been sending this request for almost 18 months now. On this issue and in things related to it. They haven't they haven't been forthcoming.

They haven't shown us what they are required under the law to pray for Congress and we demanded that we also said take reasonable steps right now and immediately to preserve all his records responded to our letter because you know what other data get rid of the evidence so this is serious because of the highest level. This is the top law-enforcement fit official in the country and remember what's so ironic about that Mary Garland they told us never even be on record as you well know daily.

They told us he was the lion of the left. That's got to be the smartest that that the man of the highest integrity on the left and it turns out he just raised his hand in my Congress. I mean it is. This is really really serious.we're not going to let go what lags Carson to is the idea that some music. Most of these examples. It's someone who is using political speech saying you know what were to get rid of you guys at the school board officials there and their elected, the school board members are elected officials and the idea that in America you can't save so you over to BU politically rerun candidates to get you that suddenly that makes you a threat. It makes your inciting violence. If you express displeasure with their policies this idea.

Again, I what I deserved about is that there's no longer this idea in our country is not shared by both political parties anymore that we protect free speech effect now saying that your free speech absolutist is a bad thing in America but we preferred a used by this disinformation for the awful but lawful course there defining what awful is having the I think here the there's the there's the disillusion with the institutions of government, but then there's the at the second idea which is they really just want all these parents and everybody who may have been politically motivated to get involved to sit back and say you know what I would make the calculation would rather not have the FBI knocking on my door. Saw Dr. to show up abductor to voice my concern. I'm not getting involved in regular and in the three of us have been serving as arena in this arena defending our final grade of the priestly politically. We are all arrears because we saw that a day like this may come one day and were here now right you have a government. The highest levels of power in the country. Labeling citizens who have disfavored opinion there lately and we had a press conference yesterday in a deep unmet disinformation board give it our best shot Jim Jordan on Longboat and other and we stood there I stood in front of this whole cadre of of the hilt reporters, you know, Washington, reporters, and I said to them, I everybody wake up at your stupor and remember this is not who we are in America. In America we do not trust the government to be the arbiter of what is true and acceptable speech that that's called tyranny guys you eat here. The Free Press right the First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech and a free press. Guess what, that's in jeopardy right now because the government may disfavor what you say tomorrow right were all in jeopardy. We have to stop it wheat week we have to keep government in check and we have to defend freedom had never been more important to do that right, Mike Johnson, a good friend Marshall longtime fellow worker and prefer religious freedom for First Amendment freedoms and is always great working with you Mike and I'm thrilled that you're heading this up with our friend Jim Jordan. This is really important.

Thanks, Mike folks again catch Johnson's writer committee hearing that I want you understand today are state exposed this now there going to be able to say that America is not that it's not just idea that the FBI might be doing this. They have a whistleblower was provided the information they get federal protections that whistleblower to provide information to Congress because again they have the oversight they have the power of the purse they can like you start defunding of these.

The idea eat, and even when you're the minority party used on the committee's you have the ability to seek information. The idea that he hears is no longer just hypothetical writing got the evidence now that the parents are actually getting the knocks from the FBI in I'm wondering if these parents you look at what their civil rights claims and violations of been there could be very significant. So what were saying is were looking at all this in totality. As we put together our efforts and you saw how successful those efforts can be yesterday on the pro-life situation will be able to fit that bill and I were looking at the legal work and hopefully illegals the note leaked opinion will be the opinion will be a big day for for children in America and stop the slaughter of unborn children that is taken place for four decades now, at least reduce umbrella status. These kind of encroachments on free speech and fundamental liberty are the reason the ACLJ exists and I want to again and join Jordan joins with the slogan jointly with this whole team joins us. Thank you. We had a moment that we realize were rent expend significant resources in a very short period of time because of the leak of this opinion and to combat the attempt to intimidate judges the attempt to get legislation through, or maybe even pack the Supreme Court and we had a really quick and we did it. It's called was called a moment we never done it like that before we had a matching challenge for a moment.

It was literally Tuesday, Wednesday, that was it done yesterday. Midnight and we met our goals exceeded our goals because of your support of the ACLJ and I know I filled up my car with gas yesterday to folks I know what it's like out there. It is on believable $105.50 to fill my car up your favorites and SUV and I was low on gas but $105.

So knowing that you all sacrificially gave makes a huge difference, and so all of our entire team at the American Center for Law and Justice from the people that you don't see behind the studio to the lawyers and government affairs people to our entire teams around the globe. Thank you for supporting the work of the ACLJ coming up. Another reason when you support the ACLJ our senior counsel for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo secular joy of RC accounts for global affairs for the sector state my Pompeo wall sites were evaluated. Since reporters were discussing this was the head of the CIA's retail retirement counterterrorism in these these offices of the law enforcement being utilizing its parents in America.

I believe this is so wouldn't run these agencies also was a member of Congress to suspend on the other side of this holding the executive branch accountable and an secretary Pompeo. We now know because of the whistleblowers of come to icons for Jim Jordan Congressman Johnson was just on the air with us that the FBI did set up the threat tag EDU so education officials and their counterterrorism and criminal divisions add that the Atty. Gen.'s testimony earlier at let last year about saying that they would they would never use counterterrorism divisions against these parents was in fact not true because now it's not a hypothetical.

We have a whistleblower said that it was provided. The reports that these parents have had the threat tag used against them. They had the FBI come investigate them as simply for voicing an opposing view at a school board meeting this attempt to get to weapon dies.

All of these different branches of government executive branch against the American people secretary Pompeo. It is really troubling to us ACLJ weeks.

We see it as we leave the lead into an election type absolutely deeply troubling you worse than that. Using the full power of United States government investigative power capacity go out intimidate by showing up at the door and threatening people are just out there trying to take care of the kids. Parents simply try to make sure the kids get out the right things in school than up the tart.junk in their schools and for the life of me I cannot figure out why I cannot come up with a good motive for why this ministration is so focused on this went on all the challenges we have, whether ski hotties broader folks coming across our southern border for the life of me I cannot figure out a good motive for why it's the case they are so stuck on in dictating parents it's it's important deeply and consistent both with what the Atty. Gen. said. And with the basic tenets of American privacy and freedom. I am confident that the ACLJ will keep at this J document, because you would find out why it is the Atty. Gen. didn't know this was going on, or worse. He didn't. He didn't tell the American people the truth. I am confident you will be an important part of rectifying what appears to be a truly abhorrent policy for this administration. When you look at the way this is going down.

You got to see EDU officials tagged by the counterterrorism and criminal divisions of the Department of Justice.

Then you have the bind administration setting up a disinformation governance board where they can either determine what's appropriate speech and what is not program appropriate speech. So there it looks like to me when you take these look just these two actions. They are really focusing Mike on squelching the constitutionally protected free speech rights of American citizens that seems to be the target right now. Any doubt about that and you mentioned right you know the particular place of the counterterrorism division and the criminal liberty look just like Mark they have a very defined mission and their their mission is far afield from somebody standing up a school board meeting. Speaking on behalf of their child try to just get it right for the kid. You may disagree with that. It may be about a mask and you disagree, it may be about some subject matter but that but the criminal division of the Justice Department and the counterterrorism at the Justice Department to sick them on these people is truly dangerous. Combine it with this this truth squelching disinformation board in your right gate that the risk is what they are trying to do is to undermine the basic freedoms that these parents have an II I'm praying that we all uncover price likely with this material. With respect gift and in the end we get them to stop.

That's the most important returns as to China as well because a give the touch minimize domestic issues. The last few days are broadcast but I we we discussed previously with you that if Russia had this quick victory in Ukraine were saved, not we might see try to do something similar in Taiwan, and now that Rush is bogged down in Ukraine received reports of invasion drills by the Chinese military around Taiwan jujube leader preparing for an actual attack. It's always difficult to know, but the United States should be doing the thing that it knows how to do to support the Taiwanese people. In the event that that is the case, and by blonde thought that teaching thing was less likely to do it than others by military force. You want to reunify Taiwan for sure about that, but he would use other tools that I like what he did with Cardinal that yesterday right just putting pressure on religious leaders pressure on political leaders and ultimately getting them to bended knee to his authoritarian dictatorship about these drills are certainly ominous. They are certainly suggesting that he is making sure that his military is more capable than the Russian military has permanent and we should never underestimate keeping things full capacity of the capability that he has and it detaches with expected, he is determined, and I don't think for a moment. That's what happened.

Ukraine is going up a slow him down or prevent him from achieving what he ultimately wants to achieve. The only thing that will stop it is that Japanese and South Koreans. Your strength and United States of America, helping Taiwan, giving them the tools they need to defend their own sovereignty.

I know the flight we need to give them the tools to do that in advance of the invasion, not as we did in Ukraine after so much death and destruction is a quick question on the Ukraine front also see the status of that right now unless you now moving towards Odessa.

I mean not showing up yesterday at this play hockey match sign which read into that exactly what would you see things they look like were going to see more of what we've already seen Jake right that it clearly the initial set of objectives to destabilize and overthrow that Zielinski government at the outset of the campaign failed.

He didn't achieve that. But that Dr. determines back a change of ultimate objective. He will still try to do everything he can keep destabilize a puppet regime placed inside of Ukraine. The movement so death that look like a another phase of this hill get as far as he can. He may slow down, he may stop in for a little while it may feel like there is a calm but it is.

It is almost certainly the calm before the next storm. Absent American deterrence of the capacity your past to deliver what the Ukrainians need to defend themselves from the start of a credit they don't lose sight of that, if Latimer could should stop and take a break. It is not to stop it campaign it is only to regroup decent size on a quest for a sick they are trying again advertising to all this is a lot domestic issues going on and then there's a lot of attention on Ukraine that there's little bit like the six E. slow data there's little less attention on Ukraine but I think has benefited the most of this is China a workpiece brutal lockdowns show the failures of insecurity of the Chinese communist system at their brutality during these lockdowns to be the imagery caveat that we have see that forever the scope is locked as it is, it is unreal that that this is happening it in. In 2022 but I feel like there's this this disregard for human rights. The past month because the focus is shifted so people's attention is not on China and it needs to be wrote about the Jordan for exactly that reason.

It dollars in Ukraine are worthy of all the attention that they have received the horse are taken quite from the Chinese government on their own people are equal, general secretary, she should bring out the problem is that he was good have the recovered bait the case. He posted the Wuhan virus of the world. And yet, that no I know how to take care of it. Now you can take his policies are beginning to break down and balance so he is the girl lockdowns within the 50 something. Hi Stacy, well they have to resort to these kinds of things he can maintain political power. I I am, and that that the people of China the good people inside are saying what they can place and they are horrified by the lockdowns for a virus and they're beginning to think the real brutality and I hope that this will unite them and encourage them. As always, thank you great having you as part of our team. Thank you for your insights folks. Your support of the ACLJ allows all of this broadcast most informative hours on radio in my view, my unbiased, but I was just on the door under the break. The amount of information we can get out an hour is is is something I want think our entire team production teams for the producers, allowing us to do it and thank you again for your support of the ACL. J med a lot

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