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REPORT: Is It Over for CNN+?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 20, 2022 3:23 pm

REPORT: Is It Over for CNN+?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 20, 2022 3:23 pm

New reports suggest that it may be over for CNN's latest attempt at a comeback. CNN pulled the plug on their new CNN+ streaming service. Senator James Lankford joins the show followed by successful entrepreneur and television producer Eric Bischoff, who has experience dealing with executives at CNN's new parent company, Discovery WarnerMedia. Logan and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Just received the latest attempt you informed CNN on millions of dollars for their CNN plus streaming server, according to new reporting from actio's today. Warner Bros. discovery parent company suspended all external advertising spending. The new service and laid off CNN's longtime chief financial officer. We want to hear from you. Now your brother today got interesting show lined up for 11 special guests, but we are leaving with is a review report came in actio's yesterday but something's been talked about for the last number of weeks and that is that CNN plus DC live streaming service. No asked for is shockingly already scheduled for defeat.

If you will or is doomed.

A lot of numbers are coming out they really wanted to get to 2 million subscribers. The first year they had played a 15 to 18 million subscriber count by the first few years breaking even in here for what we see, this is just the first day alone.

They were able to get about 18,000 downloads. There are rumors that there's up to. Maybe now hundred thousand or hundred 50,000 subscribers. A lot of those not paid a lot of those partially paid their offering. At one .50% off for life joint CNN plus deal about a perspective that quickly, a social media video source which is short form videos launched. You may remember it.

Steven Spielberg was behind it. A lot of people top executive policy and input some near-term people are behind it and it launched its opening day. At roughly 300,000 downloads a first day and was as we all know quickly went under as well because this is a very expensive endeavor people to understand the prices of lodging on streaming service and they brought in some top-tier talent in front of Fox News because of the heavy hitters like Chris Wallace who came and then all of a sudden he had a bunch of T-shirt where like me T-shirt wearing versions of their current lineup. The leather jacket Anderson Cooper and the that you know I got kind of felt jacket edging happier and happier with his book club right it's all very lifestyle programming. It doesn't really fit the CNN brand of your hard-core fan. If there are any still of CNN.

This is not what you I don't think you want and it comes during a time where this project took out a year plus a lot from announcement plus the launch and now you have a brand-new resume at CNN we already have seen mass changes happening. There is a attempt to once again fix this brand it.

I do believe holds a lot of value. If anything, we can see what comes to the situation in Ukraine. At that moment. Not a lot of people do a better job than CNN because they have these giant yellow staffs that are on the ground, especially or even Afghanistan, originally great coverage coming in from CNN.

There are people there doing great jobs. However, this is the new project and we are seeing failure.

Now this could be because of many different reasons.

Number one look at the numbers of CNN in general where they think they're going to get that that number how you better get to 15 to 18 million people watching. When you don't have a court of that watching your network see that's I think people looking at it the wrong way. I think actually this is a huge success because it seems like with roughly 150,000 subscribers. They got every prime time viewer of CNN to subscribe. That's 100% conversion.

I think this is what came out this morning that his report talk about it. Warner Bros. discovery which by the way, don't know Warner Bros. I just recently merged with discovery which is your Warner Bros. owns Time Warner and CNN are they said Warner Bros. discovery has suspended all external marketing Spencer CNN plus that we do not seek CNN plus add or marketing beyond the CNN and has laid off CNN's longtime chief financial officer who is being replaced immediately.

Rejection calls on this are also special guest cabinet 100-684-3110. Next segment remove a little bit. We have considered James like from Oklahoma he'll be joining us red talk immigration for this assignment, it will go right back to this and then later in the show. My special guest. One of our friends over Turner executive Eric Bischof will be joining us to talk about a merger he went through what the media landscape looks like right now in Turner and overall should be really interesting conversation that can be later in the broadcast again give us a call 1-800-684-3110 will be right back. The American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom ejecting those for that. We are grateful to others and help in the way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms most to you when you forgive today only one. A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice defending the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus is McCarran means to as many ways your membership powering the right question for you/secular will continue discussion right now about the recent news coming out this morning from CNN plus as it seems to be a doomed platform and what this means for CNN in general we know they have been going through a tough time that a lot of shakeups on area a lot of shakeup behind the scenes or that's Chris Cuomo. Whether that's Zucker any of these guys who have been a part of leading CNN and really you prime time CNN over the last decade or so to see that major change already happened, but now you see them launch a brand-new service with really unrealistic goals of her being completely honest and you get they they wanted along for 2 million subscribers in the first year breakeven of 3 to 4 years with 15 to 18 million subscribers. What happened is about 18,000 people downloaded on the first day they said that numbers over hundred 50,000 people get numbers to be a little misleading comes to the streaming providers and I work in this industry. We have looked into developing our own sort of service as well is incredibly expensive I think to do pleasure talking about pretty top-tier talent that they moved over decibel people under seal in contract, I guarantee you they half to do more. They had to pay them a little more come up with something you're asking to do a lot more work so I that's Jake Tapper's book club, the Don lemon show Brian Stetler knows every day. Well I owns or has the daily reliable sources now which I don't understand why anyone would want to pay for seven days of Stelter by DME and it's it's an option you can watch reliable sources every day, but that's also the thing about using the top-tier talent area and the people on CNN that tried to be more hard news like Jake Tapper or Anderson Cooper. They're not as opinion hosts type driven as some of the people you see on Fox nation that have carryover shows so when they're doing a streaming show in the person you're supposed to take seriously in a war zone or take seriously talking about an issue like immigration or Supreme Court decisions or things all of a sudden are wearing the leather jacket or wearing the you know, flannel jacket, talking about their favorite books they're reading. Currently, I don't know if it translates and I don't know if that's what people want from those hosts and I think maybe they they didn't estimate what the fan base actually was wanted, nor who they were provided to it again when you live news 24 seven news that is top-tier news. You don't necessarily always want more news and we learned as a people watch their show at night there to show/or maybe the Fox News watch. Or maybe they watched the whole block.

A lot of people watch what they watch every night and that's it now depend a little off of that we are joined by Sen. James Lyford, longtime friend of the broadcast, and that he's obsolete as that if Oklahoma were talking about a new bill, the RUL you can kind of describe it at the sooner you've introduced the public health and border security act, along with it's a bipartisan coalition of senators and maybe one of the more bipartisan coalitions.

Good recent history around like so what is this build the public health and border security act.

What's it do in why do you think it is so important right now until August What border left title 42, making a public health issue. I think a lot of different things that happened during the pandemic all across our economy across the executive branch, but you want to list the pandemic restrictions on the border but keep them employees in other areas of interest about nonsensical dedicated pandemics over the border, but it still present on your plate right now you can do that were normal expiring members of the military right now because they're not getting a culvert shot by opening up the borders to be an essay to be BID, costing pandemics over budget. Also, our basic bill is that you think the problems with satellite from the redial gets more questions and will but it does bring up some interesting points is received. Restrictions based but we also saw as we talk about to just fail broadcast that airlines have changed their rules so the course they're going to be changing the rules, but there's no plan in action or casket breakout. That's right. And in like we talked about the federal judge out of Florida that struck down the mandate to wear masks on planes. There was a federal mandate put in place by the Biden administration. There the Justice Department yesterday said they will appeal that if the if the CDC deems it necessary. So I guess my question for the senator is if the DOJ is still trying to decide whether or not it's necessary for restrictions on United States citizen want to go. Why was the first one to go a restriction on non-US citizens pandemic era restriction 100, but I realized that exact same thing why the dam on putting more American than Peter restriction the people illegally crossing the border that make no sense in the same thing for members of the military, there still firing members in the military I don't get a job on the border turbine development without a culvert shot not required in the pandemics over at the border have a shot at. The military is making bill and putting forward the hafted want for time lost their number one garlic dollar want you can dictate database. You got actually had to tell.

I like the writers didn't look like let's travel his early career try to get back to you on what days are around such technical problems here, but one of the things he is able to do and I really appreciate the time we we like to just take you going through it, but the bill will as you brought up is pretty remarkable that it specifically has a lot of Democrat support and a lot being what five their L5 cosponsors, including Dr. Stinson of Arizona is one of the code top cosponsors with Sen. Langford to introduce this but then they have Mark Kelly from Arizona Sen. Hassan from North New Hampshire and tester for Montana center tester so there and also from West Virginia.

We have sooner mansion. So it's a broad coalition of Democrats within their party joining with about six Republicans and so you look at that and you like one other bill in the Senate right now could get 11 total senators from both sides of the aisle to come together on something and I guess like we we hope that the Biden's ration will look at that and see okay if the Senate Democrats are saying we need to think about this for a minute before we just scrap this entire protection at the border without a plan without something going forward, then maybe the Biden administration will hear that and respond in an appropriate way. And so that's really what were hoping for here as well. The a lot of stuff going on, wash it a lot of thought. People are currently trying to figure out that there are few bipartisan items that can happen that one of those may be that allowed them to watch CNN that could be related. I think the liberals always. They got their MSNBC. They don't need someone who pretends to not have an agenda. They have their MSNBC, but for see they were to keep this conversation going about the changing media landscape. One of the things I want to talk about even was going to be the consolidation of streaming services and a lot of people saw streaming services is sort of the deathknell for the cable big packages. What are we seeing right now we are seeing discovery merged with Time Warner and without water media which that by the way, means that you essentially your gift to streaming service there that probably will have to combine and I've seen a plus which is their external Signet gussets probably can happen that a five to guess that is up moving itself over to this HBO Max provider is well likely that is what's happening as we see discovery step in what is it mean for you as a consumer.

That means that you are going to have to really make those expensive decisions on which streaming service you decide to go with you have HBO Max which is producing great content that COVERS a discovery big enough to move HBO Max.

We also saw seen a plus was I believe originally gifted to every employee which I believe Disney did this is welding a lot of them do that or even like Comcast subscriber expertise ever got peacock that ABC universal streaming service that even plays a Comcast accounting rules subscriber was automatically enrolled as a peacock subscriber even though I never signed up or anything. I just use my regular like for Apple plus it was if you had it bought a new phone with my last year to you are given a free year subscription to Apple plus their television to that there's a television reservist. I think that is going be pretty normal.

As we see this consolidate where that's good or bad for the customer. Obviously using more content for less money. In theory we all know right now you probably are paying for me. I can, we will go to the stream services I'm paying for the probably enough to equal what would be your cable provider but CNN plus comes and wants to be in look. Vaccination did as well and I don't know the numbers vaccinations. I can't say that is minute overwhelmingly huge success either.

What I can say is that there are people going to see it."

How is this even content will have a couple play in the next segment I couples I was from Howard Stern and from Dan Abrams for people that are not your traditional conservative broadcasters also think that maybe get misconstrued who are who are saying that this is doomed if axioms of Howard Stern and you have Dan Abrams all say why did they even think this is where they should go. How is this the best option. I want to know from you what are you taking in media right now. Are you watching our show is that it all you're doing for the day you're watching you what our secular broadcast of okay with that. I prove that or are you subscribed to 20 streaming services are you watching news content.

You gonna want to get news content for more money or do you have that already with social media. Plus whatever network you watch if you even watch people lose her at all on. I like to hear from you.

What 100 684-3110. That's what he hundred 684 31 Terry, listening to other alternative sources for your news. A lot of people didn't want people to did a lot of good ways that we broadcast everywhere that will allow us we are on terrestrial radio are also on big tech companies are on Facebook. We are on twitter. We are on Instagram broadcasting live close to each and every day, but now we also tacked on rumble to that which on each and every day which didn't get a larger audience. As we know, that's where our people are going to find out more about that when you give me a call right back only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus is McCarran means to serve in many ways your membership powering the right question for you/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those for their faith covering correction in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life and the court seen in Congress. ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you when you forgive today to secularly take your calls with current media landscape is a report Camille this morning of seated places intimate demise as all their projections were off everything they told people were all they thought they have millions of subscribers within the first couple years though them affiliates and scribes with the first year 2 million. They thought they be in the 14 day to millions of drivers and the company is like maybe we jump for the future and I'm wrong what it looks like is that they really overestimated their viewership.

They overestimate how people want to pay for content versus how to get free content will be broadcast the show each and every day for free. Whether that's through podcast meeting were to get that on Apple podcasts or however your podcast. Whether that is through the drive terrestrial radio where that is through Facebook to rubble through YouTube. We try to catch up there cast a wide net. You can watch this broadcast. We seen the number shift receiver Facebook was our dominant for years people watch our show on Facebook now you see the rise of rubble rebels coming up and even even there is a battle of three content so you tack on muddy people who make transactional actions even 3 to 5 dollars a month.

We see the first time ever that came out this morning that Netflix has seen a decrease in subscribers since their credit peak first time in again years they have seen a decrease in subscribers, you have probably people at this anything in the obviously things others can throw this into HBO Max. Are any of this be part of the discovery.

Warner Chappell think that, but I believe what's happened with Netflix is you have seen a lot of competition in the space you see them put out content that maybe wasn't up to the standards of some of these other streaming services were providing drizzly abettor content right we love Netflix of a member of member of all the streaming services but if I had to pick the ones I'm going to that's not the first one that what used to be.

So now you're saying a crowded field. Watch your time and see that which is already slipping the ratings providing content that's like almost bonus features creating content that seems like stuff people gonna want to see their internal reports that people like Chris Wallace who had one of the big reason he was brought in was to kick off this network. The streaming service was furious at the way that is launched. Does this report is not yet. I don't know if it's fact those reports. People talk about it is demanding that 9 o'clock slot of the Chris Cuomo slot because he sees that the great you brought me in for X millions of dollars but no one can see it known that none of these guys and you could say what everyone they all have egos. None of them want to make a show that no one can watch even if they have a bunch of money. Everyone wants their concert to be seen well and in you brought up the Netflix situation, which we learned yesterday they lost in the first quarter 200,000 subscribers. That's more than all of CNN plus oh yeah, I a lot at this point so that was a big news item in their stock price suffered because of it.

It was on their quarterly earnings call, and it right before air. I looked up on CNN and they had Brian Stelter. You can now get seven days a week over at see them plus talking about the analysis of of Netflix losing that many subscribers in it with. But the irony was not lost on me of him talking about a subscription service underperforming. Not hitting the subscriber numbers losing subscribers at the exact same time that we were about to go on air and talk about what's happening in his network of which he will have a show on but you also talked about the bonus content what people are looking for CNN being a news network is traditionally something you want that's constantly going being able to bring you updates we talked about how they do have the assets when there is a war or natural disaster on ordinary work but a lot of the content are like the sun J group to special series that run on Sunday evening, but now you can get it any time which you could also kind of Artie get if you just logged into their app so I think there the added value for people is an issue here because when you go to it and you see either the more casual content or the documentaries they could already watch if they just have the app and have regular cable service. There doesn't seem to be a ton of added value to pay that three extra dollars a month. Truthfully, I think there's a large consumer base that watches the news for maybe an hour or less a night, or they take in their Shelley. This is their news for the night when they go home yet.

They may pay for HBO Max is a love to see that brand-new series really love to go back and watch old episodes of of their favorite HBO series I made. They may have that but for news content. I think it's a completely different world. We can get that from some the scholars are color right out the first number one lata in Alabama who is calling on line 1 euro. There are a lot of Bible directly and I strictly radio now and here in Loxley Alabama.

I got rid Annette blank get rid of everything crap can't and highly, highly thanks alive. Pornography banks may not think that I'm doing radio and local news for ladder a lot of people that's not because of the segment. There are still people listening to the radio. I think that that is a bit of good and watching regular television cable television here there is the movie I think honestly the move is going to be that you get all your content probably right here on your phone. Whether that is through a streaming service or another platform I think that is where the future is headed. It's not there for a lot of people and a lot of people are getting their not getting their entertainment out of the news anymore because of news as we know the last couple years been very heavy. We had to plus years COBIT we had to see the wars that happened in Afghanistan. The wars in Delhi and Ukraine.

People have to break off occasionally take a mental break, so maybe they're fighting their news in the middle of the day the snow to go to sleep to anymore.

I we are seeing a lot of that shift and change, but we are also saying a consolidation of streaming services in a time where new ones to cut a pop up. It's gonna be tough unless they're providing content like she wants, which is content specifically aimed an audience that does not want the alternative well and do you think that there's kind of a problem with a news network just trying to think, oh, everyone's doing a streaming service with extra content or whatever. Let's try that instead of really trying to innovate because then like we're talking about that the new cycle and in the way that a news network, even if they are extremely biased like CNN is that the entire purpose is for it to be delivered in a live fashion as things are happening as breaking news is happening in in them.

Just try to say will let's have OnDemand type content is there, almost a mistake in their thinking and not trying to come up with something a lot more innovative then just doing CNN plus because everyone does the plus right. Everyone is its Disney plus it's it's all of these.

They just add a little light on anything. There's nothing creative about it. So is that also part of the problem is that it's stale to a consumer as well because they feel like they're just being given what everyone else is already doing.

I can given the plus just because plus now has a meeting to it here. Whether it's paramount plus HBO Max as a little really doesn't. That's actually, there is always that all of those are content providers in a more traditional sense of any I know what you are back catalog news is trying to mimic that model without doing anything innovative yet the only thing that can what you did want to see it is.

Maybe some of the old documentaries, names of the old series of delicate manner want to say I can shop.

Alas, what have been from four years ago apparently got a hit this April 30 of 2000 and am glad you picked that yet. My manager, I'm sure she's happy about that. Let me hear from you.

Give us a call. As we head into the next half hour summary loses of the art was non-trust radio, but you have to because we are broadcasting all your favorite digital platforms that is on Facebook that is on it to be or not Facebook or Allied Instagram. We are right now on a rubble that sort of a big growing one here on rubble.

Make sure you subscribe your channel over on rubble support the work of ACLJ we do are we are in a matching challenge halfway through right now. My dad, my brother there out doing some amazing things for new project continue to talk about yet. We could use your support to good make your donation today will be matched by another donors Xavier $10 is another children others as if they get to all gifted goes up and up and up from there to really appreciate it do that simple, easy come of the second half hour. We have a for return executive characters often friend of mine to really break this all down will be taking your calls 100-684-3110 will be right back as the American Center for Law and critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 rejecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Logan Sekulow secular. We are taking your calls and comments right now about what is happening in the world of streaming services and specifically the blast that has been CNN plus which launched just a few weeks ago are already seeing some massive changes as Warner Bros. discovery, which is a brand-new merged company has suspended all external marketing spend for CNN plus they've laid off see that longtime chief financial officer is being replaced by someone who is from one of the discovery executive so there's a lot of ways we can break this down to talk about it just launched on March 29, with the hope of getting couple million subscribers within the first year and with getting up to maybe 18 2015 to 20 million subscribers. The first few years to be up to just to break even.

We saw was 10,000 subscribers are so the first day and maybe it's up to hundred thousand. And a lot of those are employees of CNN because they were your gifted they were gifted. This subscription sure they want exactly what every one who works in a place they really would love to go is really dizzy David Ray cut were usually offered you. If you work at Disney World. You want the free passes to send your family will Disney World or will give you a prescription. It is the plus how we think people split Disney plus I was to move like the Percocet and their families that the Disney World, but that's beyond the point. Look, it's not just conservative media talking about this. Dan Abrams did a great show about it. He broke a downward play clip from him a little bit. But even the guy calls himself the King of all media. Howard Stern had something to say few months ago when they announced CNN plus let's take a listen to the great what harassment and I got it today. People don't want CNN will pay for CNN. Plus, I mean I they had it in mind, CNN, plus regular CNN is in enough hours.

There okay so what people loved and hated them over the years. Very controversial figure arising from or arising guys for at least called Allie how he sees it and just said, essentially, who would want this and you think you would want is someone maybe like I would start plus all people.

He actually may be at the top the list of who would want it right now. He even knows that this is a ridiculous concept. And maybe maybe if you see CNN as part of a global catalog you'd be interested more doing it. One of the night relaxing out. There's HBO is also Turner classic movies. There's a Cartoon Network adult swim. There's other things that they're providing for the all are within their scope now in a discovery different majority said discovery plus and HBO Max are going to have some sort of merger coming up and be associated in there that doesn't end with so much egg on your face, but right now it's hard not to see that well in the CNN plan was they thought it would be profitable in four years and they were investing $1 billion into this so this isn't even I mean astronomical number of investment in this it is astronomical number but I will tell you someone who look with the streaming services all started popping up. We looked at here. We looked at. Can we provide additional content we come up with something that could compete in that market. Look at nothing whatever to do but the expenses of launching something like this is you when your network is fledgling when you have to bring a whole group of people because what's all going on is not a great idea is incredibly expensive. You talk about not just the physical creatively consecrated brand-new content using about catalog be different if they had this extensive back catalog. Like he said he wants to watch news from two months ago. Nobody, however, when you have the situation at hand or you are shooting for $1.2 billion in a hopefully breakeven. Get your not Disney is much as disease come under some some fire. Recently you're not dizzy with 60 or 70 years they borne out close to 100 years of back catalog of family back catalog content is a different world were living in right now where Texan calls coming up. Also, in the next segment afraid of the shelf or the bars Eric Bischof you may know and remember as a President of where it is not everyday is this guy was more they got it within a Turner merger and what that could mean for a streaming service like this went on about the business side of this. He was young was a Turner executive is a fascinating guy you're gonna like this come up the next segment, Eric Bischof, the undertaker calls as well. One 806 843-110-1800 684-3110 to get your voice on the Arabs to check all the brand-new content we produce every day.

By the way, for no extra revenue.

This is not a seal. J.

Plus, you can find it on limit the plus we have a chilly, guess what it's free as part of a provide you this great content at no charge, but we really could use your support. That's will write back with Eric Bischof, the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life courts and in commerce ACLJ for that.

We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and religious freedom is most important to you when you forgive today only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus is McCarran means to as many ways your membership powering the right question for you/secular, we're joined now by a longtime friend of the family, a longtime friend of this show Eric Bischof joining us live. Eric I was talking, our producer will here is Whitley this morning as it will.

Who do we know that has gone through situation.

I would maybe specifically with Turner with what is now Warner media and everything is happening right now with CNN and CNN plus honestly is weak if you didn't hear earlier, they had their big launch and they were hoping for hundred 50,000 (2 million the first year they lost with 10,000 subscribers and now we are seeing kind of panic happen as they have decided this morning to suspend all external marketing expense for CNN plus and they laid off the chief financial officer.

All this happens the same time I would discovery is is kind of merging right now and you have a sort of ancillary baby just give people Eric just a couple minutes of of your story and what you've been through with this, and I was to get your thoughts and expertise because you were involved with and I weren't in your honor, a Turner merger that did really change landscape and I was a time when you're producing shows that millions of people were watching plus privilege to be here.

Thank you very very much the invitation yeah you know I it's it's like Groundhog Day for me and away you now look watching everything that's going on with this merger and it up to start off by saying you know I've only been through one major corporate merger in my life and that of course was AOL Time Warner Turner merger and going into that.

Having never experienced it before. Much more experienced people to executive level to meet all said don't worry about it. Things are going to be great. You really not going to start seeking any structural no major changes for at least a year or 18 months and that was true. A lot of the changes that occurred in Turner Broadcasting as a result of the merger, especially the first one, Turner Arthur Time Warner was very, very gradual, nothing, nothing happened too quickly and what I find interesting about this situation is that David Zaslow came out pretty merger and pretty much made a clear effect to refer to CNN as an advocacy platform as opposed to a news right lifelong and and vowed to take CNN in the direction of hard news and I that made sense to me because CNN is been averaging hemorrhaging cash and viewers for such a long time to get back out of their hemorrhaging cash or not, but there's certainly behind urging ships and you know, if you look at discovery and have success. A lot of that has to do with their fiscal responsibility in managing costs and and in producing content that you could produce for a budget but still attract a major audience. Successful audience that's apposite to see that and why in the world anybody would think a I've got this idea, let's help grow the CNN brand by creating a CNN plus streaming service while you're hemorrhaging yours and have become basically a punchline in a discussion about journalism and news is beyond me. So I if I was a shareholder in an Warner Bros. right now, I'd be grateful for David's as nothing grateful for this merger is going to be painful. It's going to get ugly and if rapid pace of major structural changes that were seeing and hearing of shortly after merger any indication, I think there's gonna be a radical change in an Warner Bros. as it is accompanied over the next 12 or 18 months. It's going to be it's going to be ugly yeah I think you're right when you look at sermon it in a bigger picture. You have a situation were seeing the plus was created under a previous regime and maybe as well said they plan to invest a billion plus a billion plus into CNN. That plus $1 billion. They were probably too far along, as there was also discussion whether they were just a polis.

It once again happened but I think you're very far along they create a lot of content like you said, not necessarily the content they're producing a some of it may be cheap to produce, but we are talking about some of their top-tier talent.

I'm sure you having to pay more when it comes to someone like a Jake Tapper who now you're gonna make it once a week to Jake Tapper's book club again. Ed submitted it legit. That's the show go see the boss right now it's Jake Tapper's book club is like the first thing you see. It's Jake Tapper in like in a leather jacket looking cooler or add parenting advice from Anderson Cooper. It's his team him talking to parent Oakley who was at full that's not even for your core people who at least maybe there's the couple hundred thousand people that watch CNN a night that it would potentially they probably get enough, but potentially would obey you giving this weird ancillary content. You know it's interesting to compare what she meant, plus a trench in June, compared to what Fox has done with this treatment plan. The quality of the content is really amazing at fostering platform and they're taking people that are our stars legitimate stars who have a strong audience and following in in their extending their star, so to speak into very very interesting content.

Whereas again going back to my point. Go with CNN, you've got a bunch of hosts and cohosts or whatever their talking heads that nobody really cares about nobody's watching them.

What would make anybody think that putting somebody that no one cares about and no one is watching into another format is somehow going to completely reverse your ship and your fortunes. I it's absurd to me well and you talked about earlier. How if you are a shareholder you know that it's always a blessing, that there is this merger happening for the individuals that own stock in your company because it often you see the two industries that have the worst case of groupthink are members of the mainstream media and the rest, and also large corporations where there's a bureaucracy in place and it's hard to break through. Sometimes you think that blessing in disguise maybe for the consumer that this this failure on one end, but having the merger from someone like discovery coming in and shaking things up that maybe we could end up getting better content out of the storied brand of CNN legacy brand with with something like this happening story. I was first hired by Turner Broadcasting in 1991 and I was so grateful for that opportunity for any number of number of reasons or get came in very important times in my life, and two young kids and was struggling financially. All that and just to have the opportunity to work for Turner Broadcasting is really really amazing to me but I'll never forget the most amazing moments was the first time I walked into the CNN Center and there was CNN out right there.

They headquarters studios were right there and I was never more proud of anything at that point, then, should be CNN was such an amazing thing. Now in our culture most 24-hour cable news worldwide we could get news from parts of the world which you where you otherwise unless you have a shortwave radio or your ham operator. You wouldn't you. You wouldn't get any local news or regional news from parts of the world like that. I was so proud of such an amazing thing.

I'll never forget that in to see where CNN is now like I said, it's basically a punchline in the discussion of journalism.

It's a joke. It's sad and I have so much respect for Ted Turner. Let's face attended his funeral very much a liberal right individual.

You know he supports a lot of liberal causes.

He still to this day, heavily invested in environmental issues but to see Ted's legacy just go down the sewer the way CNN has gone down the sewer over the last several years is really disappointing to me so I heard about this merger and Hoeksema Zaslow's comments early on about the direction he sees see them growing and becoming a real hard news network as opposed to an advocacy platform as a consumer and a someone who indirectly associated with Ted Turner, Turner Broadcasting, I am so happy. I think you have a shareholder bench benefit eventually. I think consumers are going to benefit eventually. But I think this country is going to benefit eventually and were ceiling at Netflix last I read nothing's 12 hours or so into knowledge go Netflix was down 24, 27% right on to the South because lead on to become such a woke platform. I think what were seeing what I hope forcing what I pray were going to seek is the pendulum swinging God direction, least some level of sanity. We only have about a minute after Eric, I do want to just bring up is a lot of sleep, a lot of people are talking about whether this just means you think additional loop CNN plus into what is now to be HBO Max discoveries platform. Do you see I know it's just outsider's perspective, but you brought a good analogy on one of your other podcast. Erica does great podcast about business and everything about how you don't necessarily want special right now CNN have HBO Max which you lets a beast that you sent them a great Italian restaurant you still want to put out, you know, even with the best Chinese food, you know what that on your menu. You think they have to do that to rebuild CNN before they can bring it. Absolutely I would be shocked if they don't just pull the plug and CNN plus in the air.

It was it was ill-conceived idea. It was poorly executed. It was overfunded.

How do you fix something that was so inherently broken from the get-go.

I don't think you do. I just think you put it out of its misery start from scratch because yeah you mean what any platform is going to be branded to be a someone point was a comedy network. TMT was the visit was the trauma network HBO plus is going to have to stand for something. I don't see how cementless fits in. Eric, thank you so much for joining us.

Lecture tag Eric in our social media. Check out all his other platforms. He is, he's always credit great content.

Thank you, Eric will hopefully have you on soon to talk more about this right after more secular. Only when a society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, freeing our publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus is McCarran means to serve in many ways your membership powering the right question for you/the American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those for their faith covering correction in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ to support for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms most to you when you forgive today secular insecticide would take as many calls we can allow you to wait for a long time.

We appreciate you we had the officer guest on.

Thanks, Eric Bischof and sit or lie for the great.

Technically, I'm glad he was able to carve out some time to talk to us about his new act. Let's move. I was take some phone calls and scope. This is going to order. Jeffrey was calling Florida online three year on the air all all are great. Thank you that when I get minute would be one American to have an apple and Apple TV. And that's where I get my new current Junior has a an app on iPhone new is academic and I like to watch Tucker on fake hotlinking, but that's pretty much where I get all minute you are one of the people who is subscribing to these platforms are coupled because I see what America used to be know that they were no longer on a lot of their a lot of the contracts addict. So you're paying for that subscription for one American is so out of curiosity just interested in what made you decide that Fox nation one American news was how your to get your content when there is so much free available is that they were displaying the content you want. Like you said you watched the extra hour of Tucker that he dies is more casual show.

What was it. What was that the Druids do that because a lot of people are probably struggling to pay the price point of bringing not just another subscriber will II really don't will guide poetic news where they ligated. I would think that they think like I do. We have a shared get worldview and made it allowed me to get data for computer equipment I think is a news where they and I don't need somebody to tell me a this is news where they humbling Pirelli's is a good point Jeffrey lovers received a call and then it gets interesting to me to see you here. Chemistry platforms are happening and where you could see the future hold because there are people who once paid, will Patty get counted.

They want who will not pay the CNN viewer. Let's move on to the next call. It's good Arthur in California, line 5 years old and I've never been on the CNN. I never had cable never had any doubts of undiscovered EMI will often go on FM radio and now that's about all I listen to I wanted a motion through the antenna TV with the mainstream media because there is nothing that the continuation of the fake news in Alicante curious Yalies eight years old and still is addressed regularly. Thank you. People do bilious people is, nor shall addressed radio is a call. The minute we talk a lot about digital beautiful said if he ever did get to watch her so that you like our show visually but I don't want people like you still do get to the get their media from either over the air radio trust radio or get it from local news were not agitated. Do you listen to a lot of news programming or do you say hey I only want to listen to that hour a day that I just got only my head filled with nonviolence and the one as far as I'm concerned so much of the other. I don't abuse the Internet. I never win the plywood around when they first acknowledge the Internet and emissaries. Garbage in, garbage out. And I'll tell you what it's about, all filled with garbage were 30 years into the Internet roughly as I have again advised most of our lives and you can't really argue with that is, true.

It's not X the silly bed.

The best thing for the world. It's the best thing to get information across the world that you get this done a lot of damage as well. Let's move on. Let's go to Linda who's calling, I'm sorry that lived in Kentucky with a clinic at Northern Kentucky and I just wanted to know I appreciate the love and great program today. I really like Jay and Jordan and of the whole team.

It's really fantastic and I've only will I listen to quite a bit on my computer and I really like at and I really appreciate everything you're doing there. Also, we used to watch her :-) you still watch the mainstream media every single night and then-President turned pain. While this is fake news and started thinking about it and looking at propaganda.

This is most propaganda because they don't cure all of the knees, and especially listing a scale general could hear the real me.

At the same time, we have never paid for news. We don't have any cable we don't watch Fox and let's rent a motel or something that we did start watching Muzak and then I got a couple of acts of my fellow is Michael Lynch he's really good. You get the news and he it's free and I listen. Demand Longino, sometimes on the rumble.

Also, instead of Netflix we would not get that because we don't like the movies.

They are just too risqu and silly get care clinics well and Linda you brought up just let you know your flex. Interesting enough, just like this out there, is owned by Sony major corporation worked they purchased last year by Sony and Sony give them a little bit respect to this there investing a lot of time and a lot of money into really interesting content. Pure flicks of a couple years ago was not the same.

Using God's not dead people think those movies sure they make those movies they are putting in some real heavy hitters into pure flicks. I'm interested to see where they go in and how they get kinda reshaped as well. There, having what CNN had were now going to yell at Nelly Avenue ownership a new group receives a shakeup that well and it kinda goes to what Jeffrey was saying is that he doesn't need to be told what's newsworthy. He wants to go see what interest him when you compare that with Windows call saying that you know we want to go, we don't want Netflix because we don't want that content or we don't want this news network because you don't want that content we want what we want and to Sony's credit there saying that there is a market for people not just being told.

Here's what you need to watch. Here's what's can be big. Here's what's popular. Here's our algorithm has put together the perfect 95% match for this particular web series or whatever. Instead, you can go in and Sony recognize this we need to put out content because there are people out here that want that content. So instead of being silenced in just taking whatever is given to us, whether it be. This is newsworthy. This is a new story. This is fake news. If you are loud and say this is what we want in this what we don't want the corporations well listen because it some point they do want to make money and if there is a market to make money that's not being served. They will meet you there at some point. Two calls it two minutes were a target was Stephen Tennessee first ever look at you Scott.

I really apologize Steve you're on their quick .1 love what you got to the only streaming service I drive through warrior poet Society network all my war poet and I think CNN along with many other networks have been in a downward lateral for a while and cable has placed themselves out of the garage. Steve is on its connection problems.

There is a vented drop you but we really to write.

I think I headed towards an interesting time in the Scott Ike I know you're on hold for half an hour but to give you like 30 seconds, discredited, real quick online want take my call. Love your show.apart from what kind of anomaly are outlier.

I don't watch any TV and haven't for years get all my content to the radio or the phone occasionally balked the traffic on the way to work it up new epic times in the Bible and that's where I get my relation love you show. Thank you Celeste people you pick and choose a few things you want. So maybe that's were CNN plus also miss the mark is able to pick and choose a don't leave endless amounts of options like hearing, make sure you have great content across think everyone who listens and I recall that our special guest Eric Bischoff consider Langford listed a show that Jordan back tomorrow if you want to stay in touch with the ACLJ and support the work of the ACLJ during our matching challenges do that right now that see the great content there is not just a portal for you to help and support for Chevelle at organization going. It's incredible free content that ACLJ.R will start tomorrow. The American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 and $20, $50 gift becomes 100 rejecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family.

You forgive today online

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