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Biden’s IRS Abuse: Jay Goes Before Congress

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 29, 2021 1:00 pm

Biden’s IRS Abuse: Jay Goes Before Congress

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 29, 2021 1:00 pm

Biden’s IRS Abuse: Jay Goes Before Congress.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

You always back again and Biden's IRS abuse. Our chief counsel Jay Sekulow was before Congress testified during his live broadcast keeping you informed and now this is in again today. Despite the fact that we have a signed agreement for the federal dealing with the RF hardening of the departed group for life that I believe the IRS is incapable of self we want to hear from you. Sharon posted comments. Call one 800 684110 say that they would correct or not do it again last for five years and they go to get it back.

Done at this time even more great now your home sick and we are tearful because 100-684-3110 that's one 800-6811 zero right now as I speak you live at noon Eastern time. My dad is finishing up a test for special house Ways and Means committee hearing set up specifically by the Republicans, Democrats will participate, but it's about the IRS targeting the continued we see the IRS again reared its ugly head yet again. We talked about that case, where they went after religious organization and put this in writing. Quote the Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican party and candidates. This disc Wells disqualifies you from exemption.

That group I was testified to a Senate testimony is happening as we speak. Here is my data. Chief Capt. ACLJ in the opening to at this hearing today. My first job out of law school with with the office of forever in the office of chief counsel in the IRS. I was a trial lawyer for the Internal Revenue Service. Things have changed a lot since the 40 years ago I worked there. I don't recall ever having to get a little issue there with the video. This is this happening live as we speak what you all understand the reason why this applicant.

Remember, twice now run the second and first the we had the Congress try and remove the lowest loader rule that happened early in the year the section that required the IRS not to utilize any group's ideology to determine whether not they are tax-exempt that failed. Now the IRS was over $80 billion but have the corrected and the idea here, we believe that the ACLJ as evidenced through this group that the IRS was talk about the word of God talk yet biblical teachings being affiliated with a specific political party. That's exactly what we we fought against. 10 years ago and why we have to continue to fight today so I and you and you as we speak. Right now he's testified before this hearing. Notable the Democrats were nothing to hear about yeah the Democrats are noticeably absent and I want to be a part of it that I want to be affiliated with anything that speaks to this issue and I think once again we are facing the battle against the IRS that I thought we want Jordan we had the linchpins for liberty consent order against the IRS and we had repealed and done away with a lot Lois Lerner rule, essentially under that state under that consent decree. The government had agreed that it would not target Christian organizations based on their pollutant of their religious beliefs and now again now we we have a rule that's being proposed by Representative Sarbanes-Oxley liberal Democrat from Maryland HR one that would put back the Lois Lerner rule that would stop the event you would did stop the IRS from targeting speech.

Now, if enacted into law. These provisions would re-weapon eyes re-weapon eyes the IRS and limit the abilities of organizations, corporations and individuals to freely exercise the most fundamental right guaranteed under the United States Constitution, but that will be joining us for that hearing wraps up will have some more from the hearing to play free. We come back from the break.

Remember we got a petition up in ACLJ that are to defeat by the IRS targeting Christians and conservatives. Yes, it's happy again.

It hasn't gotten out of probably don't believe yet level was with the tea party cases, we have to watch very carefully, because with a target one someone speaks out you don't know how many people just said you know what I want.

I just won't have our group, we will go for this exempt status and that's were always concerned about is that they are scary more people away or even learning about which is why you always want to contact us if you feel you're being treated this way by the IRS, we can handle it and handle it quickly. We have to know about in ACLJ that are/help if you got those issues are petition up will be right back on secular challenges facing Americans or substantial time and are now free to insert constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades now ACLJ on the front lines protecting your freedoms defending your rights and courts in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success.

But here's the bottom line we could not do or work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you.

Not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about our life changing work, member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn, called mission life will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the and what Obama care means to the pro-life in many ways your membership in the ACLJ is empowering the right question for you, mission life today online ACLJ/speaker testimony continues this house Ways and Means committee hearing. I put together by Republicans of that committee because of the IRS rearing its ugly head once again I targeting conservative groups Christian group specifically talk about things like the word of God in their own analysis whether groups get five tax-exempt status talking about. Well, if you are this is tells a lot about the mainstream mainstream view beliefs. The bureaucratic view of religious people in America quote the Bible teachings are typically affiliated with Republican party candidates. This disqualifies you from exemption.

So if you have any kind of religious viewpoint, specifically Christian coming from the Bible. I did LOL that's typically file with Republican, so you must be disqualified. This is happening after we beat the IRS is after the consent to Greece at stay. The IRS will not database any of their determinations on the group's ideology which would include the religious beliefs but I want to hear from the hearing itself. My daddy get address address questions and the members of Congress, including Carson Kelly Kevin Brady I debited as others I said in 2015 and I will unfortunately have to repeat it again today. Despite the fact that we have a consent decree entered into federal court dealing with the IRS is targeting of the conservative groups and the tea party groups and pro-life groups that I believe the IRS is institutionally incapable of self-correcting.

I believe there institutionally incapable of correcting themselves even when and I will hold it up here we have a multipage consent order issued and signed by a federal judge, a portion of this members says this, the IRS acknowledges that the First Amendment prohibits the government from discriminating against citizens on the basis of viewpoints of the protected speech or other protected associational interests, be it goes on to say that the IRS admits that its treatment of the plaintiffs during tax exempt termination process including screening the application based on their names, policy positions, subjecting those applications to heightened scrutiny and inordinate delays as set forth in the tech report, which is the Inspector General's report was unnecessary to the agency's determination of the tax-exempt status and was wrong committed to consent decree was issued saying that they would collect and not do it again. Fast forward five years and they done to get infected done at this time. Even more brazenly clear you get from that from the hearing and concluded right out of it and write to you this all happening within the last essence about 11 AM Eastern times an hour before going on the air coming from Christian event would take this because it sets up to what were talking about using these legal terms and Chris Walker to secular you're on the air, but what centigrade court judgment and are there.

Thank you for not obeying your Bible see this Chris back when this case was handled.

There was our case, which is a civil case may succumb the constitutional violations. There was also a case for damages. We are a lot of our clients are part of the iris had to pay damages well, but I do so I that there are multiple ways the IRS is being hit during that time.

About four real.

The actual damages but also what we want to focus.

I was institutionally that's with the sky consent decree comes into effect and that's what I joined yes a consent degree is a judgment of a court. It is a judgment of a court is a judgment of a court by consent of the parties. All the plaintiffs and the defendant. The IRS entered into a decree signed by US District Judge which is a judgment of the court and the way it works is the parties in this case the IRS apologize for the mistreatment of conservative groups is seeking tax-exempt status and said they were not repeated this legislation that is being proposed would reverse that judgment in that court degree and make legislation now that replaces the Lois Lerner approach and who will that was abused by Lois Lerner and that would permit the degree targeting of conservative nonprofit organizations who believed in God, the Bible and Christian values.

So this is a date. What is that this legislation is seeking to do is essentially up and the and upset that consent judgment or decree entered by the District Court yesterday got that that Explains what that the situation is Michael wrote it on you to mark freedom of religion, freedom of association. Still, the law of the land was a Harry density with you would think that the law of the land and that's but when you see terminology in this is after after we won these cases, saying that will because your your your associate with biblical teaching that means you must be associate with the Republican Party so you're out that that's that's modern IRS language absolutely and so I think it's very very imperative to note as Jay put it earlier that the IRS has failed to correct itself. Indeed, it incapable of correcting itself. So instead, the IRS has doubled down on its commitment to bigotry by classifying the Bible as a form of politics.

So having failed in the court and in the court of public opinion. The Democrats now seek via a statute or the people lack which really means for the Democratic Party act. They seek to overturn the Lois Lerner rule but they implicitly are seeking to overturn constitutional provisions which protect freedom of speech and freedom of belief they believe. I think they believe this sincerely that they can pass a law which basically invalidates provisions of the United States Constitution so that would then leave us with no choice but to go back to court and to protect these conservative and Christian organizations through litigation and hopefully we can find a federal judge who still believes in the United States Constitution who believes in the text who believes in Supreme Court precedent, but I think at the end of the day what we are witnessing both at the IRS and within the halls of Congress is an attempted power grab by the IRS and they are attempting to increase their funding by a total of $80 billion so that they can engage in surveillance of individual transactions that you and I make, so long as it it exceeds a threshold of $600, so this would be a massive invasion of privacy and at the end of the day.

The Democrats clearly are demonstrating they do not believe in the United States, here's what they're doing to guys what you understand this is from the hearing today. This is from a group called Christians engage that very similar it's it's it's it's almost eerie how similar it was the way the IR at the departure for treatment take us.

The fact that providers of litigation and a consent agreement entered into in October 2017.

It didn't take this administration five months to begin again. It's harassment and targeting of individuals based specifically on their viewpoint, but this was even more odious than the other ones that I'm handling handled all probably 100 of these cases over the course of my career, probably more than that. This one starts with the legend includes D equals Republican so they don't want to say the name Republican in the in the letter, so they use the word date which of course what if they were being honest would be if they were doing alleging a Democrat, but they're not piatas. They talk about MM is the word of God that I want everyone to think for a moment, why is it IRS agent writing the word of God in the determination letter on the tax-exempt entity that come into their thought process. This paragraph get approved by a group manager in the Internal Revenue Service when there is a consent decree saying they can't do this and that it reads as follows. You are like an organization described in American campaign Academy because you are serving private interests of the D party more than incidentally in confirmation of treasury regulation D party.

Of course being Republicans as well as serving a substantial nonexempt private purpose. For example, you educate believers on national issues that are central to their belief in the Bible as the inerrant word of God.

Let me stop right there and IRS agent took a government computer to write out that you're being denied tax-exempt status because you have a central belief that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, then, is that specifically you educate Christians what the Bible says in the areas that they deem instrumental, including sanctity of life, biblical justice, freedom of speech US and Israel relations. The Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the D party candidates. This disqualifies you per exemption. We think about that.

I just alone using the and in the attitude identify as the Republican Party to try and confuse people to try mislead people. It's whites never done unintentionally known wrote word of God. Don't make these connections on accident. These these individuals are being there at dawn and encouraged in this culture at the IRS, which is why we believe is the institution doesn't serve picked up the modern-day purpose of event of a revenue set this up much more autonomous, so that you're not having these individuals make these personal decisions about who's to religious taxes of status and no one should be direct should not never be consider your ideology but it's your political ideology or your religious ideology, whether or not your your your organization to receive tax-exempt status, religion should never come into play were fighting back, testified at specified right now as we speak the serious ongoing will be right back on secular only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is certainly protect. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally support the publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists. The ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in emotion and what Obama care means to the many ways your membership in the ACLJ is empowering the right to life question free copy of mission life today online ACLJ/challenges facing Americans are substantial time and are now freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack is more important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades.

ACLJ on the frontlines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in courts in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. Here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms event remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member bank not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life changing work, become a member today ACLJ back to secular without the full cost of 160 31 said that I just finish a piece of the studio. Now I the hearing on Capitol Hill that he is actually that because of the pandemic still sets able to do this hearing out remote I would if they had been at that.

You just jumped in Arthur's Washington DC just explain to people I get to reset what happened this morning and the purpose of why this hearing was called by these numbers, Congress yeah during this is in front of the US House Ways and Means Committee, and a data panelist.

The Republicans there led by ranking member Mike Kelly from the oversight committee convened this hearing Jordan for her for a couple of reasons.

First of all, the IRS targeting that we handled a few years back more than 40 cases representing tea party groups and other conservative groups.

Essentially Jordan it's happening again. The IRS is at it again so they had your dad. Our chief counsel on to talk about the targeting that we have so much experience in and then also a representative from first liberty to talk about the Christians engage case that we talked about on this broadcast before and that we have a FOIA request out on essentially Jordan, the IRS is targeting conservatives and Christians. Again, just like they did back when we handled those cases and so your dad had the opportunity to provide testimony to the committee about what needs to be done to that we can get into some of that in a minute but I would just give you two things Jordan. First of all, the Congress is currently trying to repeal wind that we got accomplished. It's known as the Lois Lerner rule that says the IRS cannot target groups based on their viewpoint. They're trying to take that out of US law as we speak. It's in HR one and the second thing they're trying to do Jordan are trying to throw $80 billion at the IRS before they leave they fix this is your dad correctly testified to them. Why would you get $80 billion to an institution that has proven to be incapable of self correction that's the Congress is proposing.

That's why the Ways and Means committee Republicans held this hearing today and that's why we were testifying right and that your joy is now. Are you able to testify before the committee and and again it will start to see the IRS said was its rearing its ugly head.

That one term. Like you said were they used it in that the D and to represent complicated to try to throw people off putting the word, phrase, word of God in a IRS letter and for that, by the women didn't want to say word of God. They would just say M so here is what you have had a real and this is the tragedy of the whole thing is you have to realize that in once we had this litigation underway under the Obama administration and resolved on the trump administration we we had basically four years we had no IRS issues with clients. The Obama administration will a lot of problems there was all this targeting comes in was a product of the Obama ministration.

Obviously within months the right back at it despite a federal court to create that says you cannot do this and despite a role in Congress that say you cannot do this and in the IRS did it again.

I held up the consent decree. Actually Jordan and and read from it and told him it says right here we can. You will not determine tax exempt status by big viewpoint. The group asked spouses get precisely what they did well. I will work with you deeply and intimately in connection with that case, the linchpins of liberty in which we represented 40+ organizations who were suing the IRS because they were being discriminated against because of their religious status and their political beliefs and should have been grand granted tax exempt status. We worked out after months of haggling with the IRS. A comprehensive consent decree which is a judgment signed by United States District Judge which becomes the law and tells the IRS. You can't do that anymore. And in that thing. The IRS and that document actually J if you remember I apologized and apologized but the problem is here. They did it again. Jordan and they did this time. Even more brazenly if you can imagine that I said this to the committee just not can you imagine that the IRS agent sat there, writing, typing your computer word of God, but relations with Israel you're impacted by your faith. D equals Republican like they were to pull something on somebody. So we've issued a Freedom of information act, a demand on this and go to court to find out who authorized this would always makes me nervous is who else got similar letters right because was this it was this a test letter that went up to 50 other groups.

It's likely that the party world because if it did you realize a lot of people get to say okay nevermind I want to deal with this and spell specifically the C4 groups there's a way to apply for C4 you have to go through this whole process. You could just at the IRS.

There were operate this way if you had any issues with us in the future, let us know and you but but then again it takes away that whole idea that you got full approval from the Iran, which are voluntarily asking the IRS to do they come back is that swimming under this position, which is been changed about this position. Any group that had a religious specific to the Bible's a Christian group would would not be deemed eligible to protective status because that means you must be Republicans a number of the Congressman women asked that exact question was this targeting Christian groups or Christian organizations. The truth of the matter. Harry Hutchison may remember this when we were doing the analysis for the litigation in the against the IRS which is on the IRS in one remember we looked at what during a period of time did the IRS do with left-leaning organizations and there was no systematic discrimination against groups left of center that were anything nearing right of center. And here's the thing, or conservative organizations.

They even threw in by mistake organization that no political involvement had to do with the think sex trafficking, human slavery, sex trafficking, but the name Kahneman. We help represent them. They were even apart.

They weren't even affiliated with the tea party organization and they were put in this we could not find any systematic moves on the left, but that's because the institutional bias and in the IRS is so deep I think your precisely correct. So what we have our own elected IRS officials acting as unelected guardians guardians of what we can think what we can say and what we can propose which is a clear violation of the United States Constitution, but since they are unelected and since they are often hated hidden deep within the bowels of the IRS, we don't know whose footprints or handprints are on the decision-making but I think at the end of the day. We know who made the decision to go after conservative organizations and to go after Christian organizations.

It was President Biden. He unleashed the bureaucrats to do their best to restrain and restrict any opposition coming from what he would call bold the right and so now he he's basically saying that if you read the Bible. If you are a Bible believing Christian, then you are a threat to our democracy. This is nonsense on steroids, IRS, and with that $80 billion. Try to put into this new builder forcing through Congress is a rearming of the IRS and with the attempt overturn the lowest learner rule is an unleashing of the IRS is an attack on the American people. But even given the recent history of the IRS J if an attack on conservative is an attack on Christians because we come back again take a half-hour coming out more about the hearing what is happening right now, legislation was defeated that wanted to lift that the idea that the slowest lateral let's remove it and so we defeated that legislation another IRS tell the Congress one 80 billion more dollars. There still trying to utilize this targeting specific American happens to be under Democrat President happens to be conservative leaving Christian and religious organization. So we come back to you talking about this and take your calls 164, 31, two as well as play war from the hearing for decades ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side. If you're already a member thinking.

If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ keeping you informed anything now is Jordan's second statement is here that this is this is not really highly complicated tax law were you needed to have reviewed hundreds of attorneys figured out your subduction and whether not this the right way to go. Move forward with the easement Lala allow your list goes on to state corporate world that that that's we get very cop, that's where complex tax law does occur we better get had to go. She back-and-forth the IRS maybe for decades sometimes, but in this situation is targeting of individual American organizations a specific provision of the tax code allows us to come together and organize officially so that we don't just organize haphazardly. We can organize official organizations that thinking taken resources provide insurance if they need to because again I hold events that was a lot of gracious tea party groups.

Was it.

They came to a point where they needed to rid buses. They did have insurance because it would official organizations right to go get a church had to be in it somehow get some kind of organization and the best way to do that and it is a cost-effective, is a nonprofit, if not try to make this a for-profit entity potatoes this year opening you talk about this really is not so much about the IRS tax code. Is this the Constitution basic constitutional principles themselves. Take a listen.

Viewpoint discrimination by the government is unconstitutional in any form an F precisely what's taking place.

My concern here members is there is a consent order in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. There was a subsequent settlement of millions of dollars to tea party organizations and a companion case that we did in Ohio. Despite money and a consent decree.

Nothing prevented the Internal Revenue Service from doing this again and I think this does not bode well for their capacity to understand the gravity of the harm they are doing to the Constitution and ultimately to the American people, but the that they put in writing that this group was engaging in utilizing the word of God M as they call it for the D party Republican is an outrage and I'm thrilled that they got that Christians United got protecting them status, but members of this committee. Your committee is the Ways and Means committee.

This is neither the way nor the means upon which the IRS should be operating since we did this and this is a lot of juju. Most letters attend the IRS as I think it's I think it's what Harrison also though, I think you I find it hard to believe that the revenue agent here was the one who wrote this buyer for her himself and I just it doesn't appear to me to be possible that you would put that kind of time and effort and come up with that legend of abbreviations word of God, he will form you met all these different examples and then put the equals Republican which is I want to thank everybody that's listening is broadcasting up.

This is your government that the ire and IRS agents that would be cute only put the equals Republican and I want to say that the word of God is a basis upon which you believe the word of God is a basis upon which you are to being denied to tax them status and I would put this in writing so I'm glad Christians United got there tax exemption but I'll tell you what were to find out who did it. How did it happen and who were going to sue to find out that it doesn't happen again because we have a consent decree guaranty that says they can't do it so they're violating the concentric rents right as long as we can go back in. That's right as long as there is a consent judgment, a consent decree a consent order. Call it what you want. The IRS is bound by that and that means we can go back to the US District Judge to enter the order and say the order has been violated by the Internal Revenue Service and we want sanctions imposed by this man said Vander try to get rid of the lowest learner really can't really give her the corkscrew that's their try to get rid of the lowest learnable Yanni Congress sought to passing the law present from signing the law.

Section 122 the financial services appropriation act, which said you can't used to be on the lookout list anymore J section 4501 of HR one with the Democrats are pushing forward, it would repeal that provisions of the throwing everything at the wall on this one. Organ have to fight in on all England's unbelievable to take your calls, your comments that Facebook periscope you to wherever your watch if you want to the broadcast as well as places like rubble and if you want to talk to us on the year 2000 684 31 to visit just came out of this congressional hearing live with you on the air. I get that petition up and ACLJ that are over hundred 25,000 people side to defeat by the Irish targeting Christians to real issuer fighting on it and testify before Congress on their back. The challenges facing Americans or substantial time in our value our freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stand with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades now. ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms event remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you, are not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice.

Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally and publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists. The ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the and what Obama care means to the pro-life in many ways your membership in the ACLJ is empowering the right question for economy mission life today online ACLJ/secular network to above talking from the hearing as well. At about the course with the happened here Charles official rights of the Republicans have the numbers in Congress to stop the IRS of this is interesting because there were. Specifically, this here time at the $80 billion IRS is requesting. We know things are right on the line now.

I mean, it seems like the house Democrats get through what they want, usually but that runs into a wall of the U.S. Senate yeah does door and I mean really depends what component of this you're talking about Victor talking about the $80 billion over 10 years that Pres. Biden wants to send to the IRS by the way, what a terrible time to send the IRS more money before they fix this targeting problem, but that's what the President wants to do.

He's proposed it to Congress and if your focus just on that issue. Jordan technically the Democrats could move that with their own votes they put it inside the reconciliation package. They have their own fight over this by the way it's supposed to be 3 1/2 trillion dollars. That's too high for people like Joe mansion.

He's trying to negotiate it down, but I would say this though, don't don't make Joe mansion too much of a hero because what if what if that number comes down to, you know, $2 billion, or 2 1/2 billion dollars but still inside. That bill is $80 billion for the IRS without fixing these problems is that can be acceptable to the American people. I would say no, but that to answer the question to Charles very concisely if they can keep all of their members voting for the reconciliation bill they could leave this provision in and the IRS could get $80 billion is everything I say you're going for the clip dumpling of the conviction was a something more first thinker members at the ACLJ cannot, let me tell you what.

So we have this incredible facility where media centers were an unbelievable student.

You see it every day, five days a week six days a week to watch her Saturday broadcast. We had this is just one of many studios where I Jordan was here leading the team on radio while at the same time I was studio over appearing before the United States Congress because of the pandemic has to be done remotely. But we could do it in such a professional way that your support enables us to appear before Congress do a radio broadcast have a hearing with Congress simultaneously with the radio broadcast going on in your seen clips live from the radio on the radio broadcast while the hearing was going on. Your support of the ACLJ made that possible. I just want to say for everybody for all of us on the set anybody behind the wall behind the glass. Thank you, could not of done it without you. I was thinking about that that was sitting at this new set that we have developed that the team put together that is just a great set perfect for that kind of thing just perfect. I mean were in it were to set right now that we did a Supreme Court argument three sprinkler arguments and not too long ago, so the technology we been able to produce and have it because of our support of a member so I just want to say thank you for the political yeses in the clip. This way I would cars renewed as about the IRS. The $80 billion only reason you would need to double the size of the IRS is at your planning on doing some things that are.

They claim they're not going to do that. I believe they are going to do which is to lower that threshold, requiring banks to lower that from $10,000-$600 which is going to in my estimation there going to just be able to go through everybody's records at all times.

You have the IRS breathing down our throats. What should Americans be looking for what should Congress be looking for. I think we have to do is get behind just the letters but to understand what they're actually thinking and you talk about doubling the IRS just in the double. The problems I'm holding my hand that beguiled document regarding discovery under in our federal court case.

This is up letter an email from Lois Lerner to some of her staff and also to the DOJ to the IRS dealing with the Department of Justice and since she writes I got a call today from the director of election crimes branch of DOJ. I know him from contact from my days there.

He wanted to know who at the IRS, the DOJ post could talk to about Sen. White House idea at the hearing that DOJ could piece together false statement cases about applicants who live under 1024 that's the tax-exempt form saying they were planning on coming political activity in turning around and making it and basically says if we could bring a case like this that will make a real statement that the response she gets is to not only have the DOJ and the IRS involved, but the federal election commission would raise the alarm bells for me is that once we had the situation resolved several years ago in 2017 we had no problems. I don't. I cannot recall a maybe one or two instances where there was an audit of the nonprofit group that we were able to handle very very quickly and then all of a sudden this organization in Texas gets a letter drafted talking about the Scriptures using this legend and they had to go to and partially went arguments are good friends of the Liberty Institute to help them just to do a whole wave of people who have the IRS fired or left in the Lerner air in which said that logging on me.

So this is not resolved until 2017, but it appears the animus is still very much there.

Wesley that's that's what is this and was towards religious people who might be conservatives but shut them out of the let's shut them out of process which is exactly what C4's exist where she could be part of the process is violating the rights of the bureaucratic assault was declared the government assault on religion is an attempt to do an end run around the Constitution which permits Congress not only for making a law respecting an establishment of religion, but from prohibiting the free exercise thereof, but these barrack bureaucracies in these bureaucratic rules and Lester challenged and changed end up having the force of law and the IRS is the most unregulated bureaucracy in Washington DC and this is a governmental assault. The governmental attack on religion retreat at the hearing today and members of Congress are on top of these are not members of Congress who live through this last time around, and some new members as of yet new members as well, but that the Iressa get it's it's like the boldness comes back. But how does it mean to you know the political system was anybody worked at politically, so they got caught last time he got in a lot of trouble, even Even People on the Left Were Saying This Was Outrageous. I Mean It Was It Was Outraged and Then As Soon As Joe Binder Sworn into Office As Harry Said It There. It's like Areas like That Embolden Because They Got a Cover Now. I Think They Have Been Unleashed, but I Also Think They Have Been Working on These Initiatives Even during the Trump Administration behind the Scene Graduate Once They Got the Permission to Go Ahead.

They Were Indeed Ready to Release Their Fire on Virtually Every Conservative and Every Christian Organization. So I Think at the End of the Day. The Lesson for Us Is We Have To Be Eternally Vigilant, Particularly against the IRS but Also against Other Government Institutions, No Matter Who Is a President of the United States.

You Know There's a Judas Expressions Chutzpah of Got A Lot Of Nerve to Do What You Did Again and This and It Was A Lot Of Chutzpah Yeah That's It Is Putting It Mildly. But As As Harry Says There There You the Left Never Sleeps. The Left Never Sleeps That Their Persistent. We Have a Victory in the United States District Court We Get a Consent Decree. We Get in My Mind That We Get All Damages for On Behalf Of One of Our Plaintiffs and They Just Wait and Bide Their Time Bide Their Time until Biden Becomes President and Then They Say. Now Let's Just Go at It Again. They Never Give up and Therefore We Must Never Give up Exam Must Never Sleep. We Must Always Be Vigilant Because the Wolves Are Always at the Door with Jordan. It Seems to Me Following up with Both Amy and Harry Said That They'd Just Been Waiting to Do This God by US Senators and Members of Congress so That I Is in the Delete Thing during My Hearsay Grandparent Leah Latest What He or She Did Sleep Go to Janet Yellen, the Treasury, It Sounded Pro-Israel Rutgers University to Lose Their Text of Status That They Really Would See Received Members of the U.S. Senate Putting These Letters Requested to the IRS. Still to This Day to Investigate Conservatives and Conservative Organizations and Conservative Organizations. One of the Most Recent Things Was It Was a Favorable View toward Israel That We Can Be One of the Things That They Wanted the IRS to a to Flag but Look, I Would Add One More Thought to This Door and I Really Think That One of the Reasons That This Same Playbook Came Back Again so Quickly.

It Is Exactly Because of Something That Jay Said in His Testimony, Is Because It's Not a Rogue Agent. This Is a Top-Down Play.

This Is a Play Literally from the Administration from the White House Is Putting the Same Playbook Back in Place. This Legend That Jay's Been Talking about Them Where They Know They Substitute Letters for Political Parties Are Herby Fused Jordan.

That's the New Bolo List That Is the New Buffalo List Even Though That They Federal Statute Says You Cannot Do This Even Though Our Consent Order Says You Cannot Do This, They Just Tweaked It Just a Little Bit to Get around Those Requirements and They Put the Same Exact Playbook Back in Place and It Happened Quickly. Jordan Because It Was in a Rogue Agent.

It Was Someone from the Top down Saying This Is How You're Gonna Do It. You Know It's Not Going to Be Some Loan Agent Came up with a Jordan. There's No Way, No It Doesn't It Doesn't Happen That Night There There There Working with Congressional Staff. They Are Working with Others at the IRS. There Were She Would DOJ We Had Issue with That.

Ellie Was a DOJ, but inside the DOJ and FBI Agents Try to Get Involved with Our Groups Who Were the Ones Being Mistreated and We Caught We Cut the Aunt We Cut the Department Just Softly Said They Were Doing the Investigation Will You and You and I've Made the Call.

We Said Were Our Participations of Wood Because We Heard the Questions They Were Asking Became Very Clear They Were Not Investigating the Event at Which You Are Doing Today Set up with Some Criminal Case to Scare People Out Of a Part of the Political Process. We Should All Be Welcomed into Regardless of Our Views Have Final Say Become Enough Playbook for the Hearing As Well. What 100 684 30 Wanted to Talk to Us on Error Petition of an ACLJ.Orbit over Hundred 25,000 Signatures. You Can Cite That As Well and Only One.

A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Gold Edition like It Will Show You How You Are Personally Support the Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist the Ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the Obama Care Means to the Prone Life in Many Ways Your Membership in the ACLJ Is Empowering the Right to Life Question Free Copy of Mission Life Today Online ACLJ/Challenges Facing Americans for Substantial Time and Are Now Free to Insert Constitutional Rights Are under Attack Is More Important Than Ever to Stay with the American Center for Law and Justice for Decades. ACLJ on the Front Lines Protecting Your Freedoms Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena and We Have an Exceptional Track Record of Success. Here's the Bottom Line We Could Not Do Our Work without Your Support, We Remain Committed to Protecting Your Religious and Constitutional Freedoms Than Remains Our Top Priority, Especially Now during These Challenging Times. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side, You're Already a Member. Thank You, Are Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us Where You Can Learn More about Her Life Changing Become a Member Today ACLJ to Secure Your Phone Calls Georgia Asked about You. What Happens Next Is This Way Virus Agent Is Other Issue out There about the $600 for Each $600 Transaction They Can Utilize to to the Openness and Edification to Americans Right out Official 10,000 Every so Significantly Different Said to Get the Power Grab by the IRS. Everybody Makes 600 Transactions Probably Multiple Times a Month.

Indirect yet Rigorous Car Radio. Lisa Cars If You Buy Anything of of Its Electronics School Vacation to Go on Trips You Might Take to Get the List Is Endless of the Night Your If You Got a Company Credit Card, Your Business, Your Spending That Kind of Money Probably Daily If Not Multiple Times a Day for for Purchases for Your Company but Was Ridiculous. This Exchange As Well. How in the World Can We Trust IRS Agents to Do the Right Thing by Looking at Our Bank Accounts and Even If We Could Trust Him. Why the Heck Would We Let Them in Our Bank Accounts.

Anyway, It's Time to Put a Stop to This Is Time to Burn It down Several of You Can Make Monitor Comments on That Because I Drink This Big Brother. At Its Worst. We Know about Government Abuse. We Know That Even Warrant Process Main I Live This You Live This in the Last Four Years I Think. Think about the FISA Court.

The Father Was Put out on a Court Where They Were Getting Warrants on Our Process Work Required Probable Cause, but There's Not a Not a Lawyer Representing the Other Side of Star Chamber Basically Identifies a Process so Now Think about Now. The Government, Getting Access to Everybody's Bank Records with No Basis, No Probable Cause. Just Because a $600 Transaction. Okay, First of All US a Very Important Question.

How Do You Trust the IRS Agent That Comes in to Look at This and Here's My Answer They Give Every Client. Every Time a Mass Don't Do Not Assume Assume Where from the Government. We're Here to Help Assume the Opposite Wherefrom the Government We Have an Agenda in This Issue Gentle Lawyer.

That's What I Tell People Because When You Allow Investigation without Probable Cause without Search Warrants without Judicial Oversight. You're Setting up the American People, and This Is What This Reconciliation Bill Does for a Draconian Approach to Typical Business Transactions of Everyday Americans Were Personal Transactions Were As Was Mentioned Earlier College Scholarship Funds Are Called 529 Accounts. Why in the World with the IRS Need That Information Other Than They Can Get up on the Tax Return If They Think They Have the Basis upon Which to Conduct an Audit Legitimately within Established the Basis for That Audit and Conduct within the Rules and Regulations to Postpone Leaving North Carolina Online When He Probably Welcome to Secular Your Mere Secular Hearing, Whether They Are Recommendation Made from Nano Entire Congress or What Is a Couple Provisions of H or One That Is Mentioned That Congress Particularly Concerned It's All This Money Going to the Internal Revenue Service Is the Revocation of the Lowest Learner Role, and It's the $600 Threshold before That Allows the IRS to Then Investigate Individual Citizens Financial Transactions.

So What You're Doing by This Hearing Is Highlighting If That's a Problem Now in the House. They Probably like. I'm Assuming Then They Could Probably Get It through the House, but I Think We Got a Real Chance of Killing This in the Senate Yeah I Do to Jan Inlet.

There's Unity Phases to This and We Been Honest with Our Listeners.

The First Phase of This Is Fairly Defensive and in the Move Right Now in Congress and from the White House's Action to Give the IRS More Money and More Authority. So Were Fighting against That. Now I Would Tell the Caller This. Remember, We've Got a Wonderful Consent Order in Place and Current Law Is Actually Very Strong on This, so If You Can Just Defend Those Two Positions Which Is the Goal for the Republicans on the Ways And Means Committee. Right Now You're Actually in a Pretty Good Place. I Would Maybe Add One Thought Today Janie Goes Back to the Sound You Just Played about Your Exchange with Congressman Drew Ferguson from Georgia.

I Think There's a Pretty Big Appetite among Republicans in Both the House and the Senate to If You Can Win on Defense Right Now to Actually Go the Other Direction, and You Might Be.

Start Time to Start Taking down Some of the Tax Code. Getting to a Simpler Code Where Some of This Abuse. The Out-Of-Control Agency Can Start to Be Reined and You Got a Look at It with Both Phases. J Yeah but They're in It to Do That You Have To Have a House in the Senate. That's When the White House on the Side. We Know That Now. So the Question from the Caller Jordan Was the Good One Is You Highlight These Things You Do, the Freedom of Information Act Litigation If Necessary, Which We Are so You Get the Information and You Hold Them Accountable. Again, I Think We Should Not Forget We Have a Consent Decree Here so That Case Were to Come to Us When We Were That We Would Handle That Part a Little Bit Differently If the Democrats Had Their Way They Would Reperform the IRS into This Aggressive Kind of Organization Ability That This What They Want the IRS to Be Doing That.

They Don't Make Any Mistake about That When You Have the Hears Which of the Senators Bid Specific Mechanism Egging the IRS on to Do This. This Is What They See As Though the Right Role of Such What He Wanted That Repealing and Get That but They See the Right Role. The IRS Is Harassing Conservatives Note.

No Question about It and I Think Is in Harry Said This Earlier and I Think It's Right Here. They They Feel Emboldened and It's Not As If They Were Asleep at the Switch.

The Last Four Years.

Absolutely. So One of the Things to Keep in Mind, Particularly with Respect to Left, Is That They Never Give up Their Commitment to Ideology and the Ideology at the End of the Day Is Anti-Constitutional and Anti-American.

This Is All about What Nietzsche Calls the Will to Power.

They Want Absolute Control over Virtually Every Transaction, Every Idea, Every Thought Everything You and I Do in Our Daily Lives, and They Are Opposed at the End of the Day to Something That Seems to Them Quite Quaint, Freedom yet, but You Know It's Interesting Here, and I Guess That We Wouldn't You Know We Did Havoc It Was in Our Client Descriptions That Were Following up on through FOIA but We Had We Had Eight We Had a Consent Decree Declaratory Judgment and Consent Decree That Could Be Put in a Forced, of Course, It Could've an Invoice Is Unable without Help. Now That He Has Not Got a Degree Signed by Judge Walton That Ended This Litigation That We Can Always Go Back and Say Judge, the IRS Is Violating This Do Something about It.


And so Even If Congress Doesn't Do Anything.

We Have the Ability to Utilize the Courts Because We Got the Degree to Do That but You Know Lest Your Pastor Also Said This Is Scary Stuff.

Are Churches Absolutely Scary Stuff for Americans If You Look at the First Amendment, Which Deals with Free Speech and Freedom of Religion but concerning This Rule of Examining Bank Accounts for $600 Transactions Is the Violation of the Fifth Amendment.

I Think You and I Think with This Is the SAG. It's Your Political Donations Is Future Sedation Tickets to That Sentiment.

Designing Max out and Close Contributions That You Can Make to Congressional Candidates Just Made One Recently Happy That That We Six Times over It. We Would Be Vessel Every Political Donation You Make A Lot Of You Who Ties Regulate Your Church Could Come about That. Especially If You Made More Monthly Instead of like Weekly, so That You Have a Large Center. They Look at Every Every Transaction You Have Asked That the 10,000+ Level but Basically Daily Life. You Can Piece Together the, the, Who This Person Is Exactly without Ever Seeing a Picture of Them Figure out Where They Live. Figure out Kind of What They Spend Their Money on Where They Spend Their Time. You Know What What What Hobbies They Have Your Hobbies off This Cup of Cost 600 Bucks a Single Club by Sam's Club.

For More That They Know the Value Go off the Spigot Time Interest. It Is a Talking about Just a Dangerous Dangerous Road to Go to the United States Of America Because We Know Even without All That Are Still Abusive.

They Still Want to Targeted Service. I Will Talk to Tomorrow. The Repetitions of Inacio Data Talk to Second ACLJ on the Frontline Protecting Your Freedom Is Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side. If You're Already a Member. Thank You.

If You're Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us,, Where You Can Learn More about Our Life-Changing Work, Member Today ACLJ

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