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ELECTION DAY: Will Trump Turnout Beat Biden Mail-in Vote?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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November 3, 2020 12:00 pm

ELECTION DAY: Will Trump Turnout Beat Biden Mail-in Vote?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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November 3, 2020 12:00 pm

ELECTION DAY: Will Trump Turnout Beat Biden Mail-in Vote? We discuss this and more on today's show.


Jay Sekulow line to what extent will buy and the Democrats try and steal this election from present trumpet. Republicans will talk about that today on Jay Sekulow live live from Washington DC Jay Sekulow open and already nearly 100 million Americans cast their ballots. More than two thirds of the total vote count in 2016.

Today Is one of the most highly anticipated Presidential races in US history. Phone lines are open for your questions right now. Call 1-800-684-3110 you elected an outsider as President who is filing the secular folks. To what extent will Democrats Joe Biden in the left tried steal the selection were RDC problems you actually see it on TV with poll watching in Philadelphia. Both parties are allowed to sit in poll watchers sometimes at her as a negative. How to show all the abuses both parties could see that the votes would be counted the right way.

That's all it's poll watchers for vote tabulation up to what the person coming in right now to do with the people come to get this is for is for the counters in the back and it's made it was a trip to paid officials tweeted out how far back there keep you very could even tell what they were doing psych what are they hiding and you hear this from Stacy Abrams or George.

I want to take a listen to this statement, it is disgusting and it's why I use the word steel take because they're already trying to undermine a present drop victory here even though this is a very close election. I don't know why the Democrats always use this style of defeatism.

On the day of election, but here they go Stacy Abrams bite to don't mean to live a long line to signal a better suppression is not a single voter suppression. What we have longer lives this year because of bigger turnout right to we have longer lives because you space people out by 6 feet covert right.

That's probably the double wide actual reason why we have longer lives and is lined is a view of a healthy democracy. Yes, it is not fun with voter suppression. What I went to vote in person.

I was in Virginia at the time it, for it was the first time Barack Obama was ready and I waited.

It was like a three hour line African-American vote. Turnout was huge and bigger people voted that never voted before they did see that as a side of voter suppression they had as many places up and running as they possibly could. This was without covert and estate you would people were able to be inside right now.

What you say you because you to see a lot of people outside this because of spacing issues right that it is voter suppression so that's how they got there steel number one Republicans have suppressed the vote by the way for degrees in Atlanta right now. Racial cut is okay all right Alanna so is lined by sorbet. Okay, so the idea and that you would say don't leave the lines.

We know there belongs like a single voter is not a single voter enthusiasm rather voted to present it's an oxymoron, did I with an evidences on the moron with the yes on the moron on that. I meant to say that you are suppressing votes because there is a lot of people in line. Makes no sense. But Clyburn said the same thing in South Carolina. If Trump wins, that's a sign that the votes have been suppressed that goes along with the Atty. Gen.

Pennsylvania says we can all the boats we already know of course that Jablonski went before the votes were cast for thereafter shenanigans in Pennsylvania by the by just a little heads up on Pennsylvania be in the Atty. Gen. We know you're up to shenanigans.

We know you're up to things.

Believe me, we got a battery of lawyers primed and ready if necessary is going to be necessary actually been marginally big enough but Doug, that's my Jeep and what you hear in this morning look hundred million people literally strong turnout today. I think that's what we should all want to see now saying that we want less of a day. I say God bless the USA. Thank goodness for the turnout today. Chris Cuomo said he thought that there is a great display right now very clear election today will be decided by how many people show up for Donald Trump if you show up and vote for Donald Trump Bass went do not, you will lose it all comes down to election day turnout for present trumpet got work wait in the line wait in the bad weather you take your kids with you. It's a paid take it with you to be worth tonight.

We are broadcasting live right here wherever you're watching us right now 9 o'clock Eastern time. Stay with us on that election live election coverage, the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

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I would give this update to this idea of how far will the Democrat Atty. Gen. Pennsylvania by the nose to get sick VOTES are counted, Pennsylvania Donald Trump loses say something about this. I know we got the car from the Grinnell are going.

This is so absurd as the chief law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania made this announcement. This is the guy would be fighting the Supreme Court. We have an argument over vote counts. He already knows that Donald Trump wins a loses Biden's all the votes are counted by waves, so let me be the executive all Pennsylvania Trump is going to lose. This is not from some head of the Democratic National Committee. This is the state attorney general was good to be litigating on how votes are counted.

I look at that Rick and I say this is why Pennsylvania has this reputation what Dr. Barrow is on the ballot. He's running right. I'm pretty sure that he is going to the voters and asking for another term. I think they should vote them out.

Anyone who recognizes their positions and tries to manipulate their power in order to go after their political enemies.

In this way should be thrown out of office. This is outrageous.

This is America, let me tell you I work at the State Department for 11 years. If I thought this in a foreign country's election we would call it out and tell these people to get back to governing like a democracy, Rick. I would talk about this research to see in some states to track this like Florida on the votes start coming in today. At least we know by party and we do that at present, Trump was just a little bit behind there in early vote when you could buy the in person voting and mail-in voting. Now we see 84,000 vote lead. As of right now in Republican votes that we don't know if those Republicans deftly voted for Donald Trump but what I've been preaching to everybody today is if they want to see present Trump reelected.

They have got to get to the polls because he will wed because people showed up on election day. If they don't show up today.

He will not win the entire strategy has been the Democrats have told everybody about early because there telling people you go outside, and die, and the Republicans are telling people don't trust the system of mailing and and so vote in person.

So today is the red wave day. Today is when you have to go wait in line.

I don't care how long the lines are stay in line.

Go now and stay in line until you vote. Don't think it's just me one vote doesn't matter because that happens 500 times and we lives though. The fact of the matter is go get in line now and take people with nobody should be voting alone make it a social occasion.

Take a couple of people go about and make sure that your vote counts right now. Sen. Koontz just released a statement and we have an audio number 27 states and counties decide our elections, not candidates. And I know and Joe knows that if every ballot is counted and counted fairly, Joe Biden, Harold Harris will win tonight to say something about that directly to the people Pennsylvania to the Commonwealth attorney general, and finally the was later is not that every ballot is counted every legal ballot discount illegal ballots are counted unlawful ballots are counted ballots on people who are on the roles are not counted ballots that come in after the deadline because we have deadlines in our country and our states don't count invalid ballot so it's not that every ballot is counted want every lawful ballot counted. That's absolutely right, Jane, for the Atty. Gen. of the state Commonwealth to not preface that remark by saying legal legitimate proper correct ballots are the ones that you counted is an outrage to say that you are the Atty. Gen. of the state to make that kind of a statement in my opinion Rick I wanted asked you this in your to be joining us tonight. We got a special from 9 to 11 PM Eastern time to be at the White House with present Trump you be joining us again as our special visor. So far Facebook a periscope audience. Those listening on radio right now. Go to Jay Sekulow's Facebook page that it 9 PM Eastern time or You can watch a selection special live that will bring you with people like Rick. Right now Pam body batch slap out Rick for people who are watching this throughout the day, but especially as result start coming at me with states that polls close it in the edit 6 o'clock Eastern time Kentucky at six, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia at seven where should they be looking first to see if Donald Trump is on the path to victory, but I think you've got a look at the red counties and make sure that they are increased over 2016 and you have to look at the Democratic counties and make sure that we are shortening the gap of how we lost in 2016 we can do that if we can keep that gap from 2016 where the Democrats want to shorten it and then increase our lead in the red counties.

Then we will absolutely when I give you an example of Pennsylvania that I'm watching.

I spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania just came on the train this morning from Philly and what our numbers are in Philly as Republicans need to win a 15% of the vote in Philadelphia. Now that seems like a very small amount but 15% of the vote in a highly democratic city is a good solid win for Republicans because we can make it up in all of the other red counties.

So that's what I'm looking at in Philadelphia in Philadelphia proper can Republicans. Can Donald Trump get 15% of the vote, or more, and then that means a red wave and in Pennsylvania. Think about that when you talk about turning out to vote. Rick could not be discouraged. Turnout vote today is still a 15% of their fit.

There's more than 50% of people live without the Republicans he was a very Democrat city right to talk about the outlying suburbs academies. If 50% or more to show up and vote. That's why each one better to say 500 think I don't matter yet to get you like it to 13% to 40 to 50. There are enough there.

Maybe if their listing right now you need to know that if they show up where trumped anything that you want to do that in polling place would go in and cast your vote, make the difference for the red wave Rick yeah that's why when we see situations where some voting machines and Republican areas are working. We get angry because that's how our people are going to vote and I've already seen on the Internet through twitter a variety of examples voting machines not working in Nevada in Pennsylvania always in Republican areas where the machine we know why Rick because the bureaucrats at those buddy machines up and they don't to love Republicans as it will actually happen.

Rick, you have a starting to look look. I am looking light like a laser. Remember looking at all, but possibly a lot of skirmishes and in various precise guess what I'm looking at.

If there is going to be a battle. Okay, that may not even be necessary if it's not necessary will bring this to be a battle Pennsylvania looks like the battle Pennsylvania is notorious for how they handle these things but we are. I will tell you I was with our legal team last night till 130 in the morning discussing this and strategizing this out. I know the moment to pull the trigger if we have to work the Presidents up when all the votes are counted and then over the last three days Monday and Tuesday they received totally in all Pennsylvania making the numbers up her blood so they received 10,000 mail-in ballots, but on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to receive 85,000.

Okay, that's a shenanigan and that's what we have to be looking out for to say that Jay and Jordan.

I feel very strongly that people have to be active participants in their democracy. Every great civilization has lasted roughly 250 years were one generation away from losing all of our freedoms. You have to get active and fight and part of that means that when we have these irregularities, we have to go in with the legal team that legal status that I don't know if I'm allowed to know and asked me to do this, but where I I think that our listeners need to write a little check to ACLJ they need to recognize that we've got legal people on the ready right, we are ready to jump in and all of the states. I know J you've already been working your tail off in the lead up to this watching some of the problem areas.

Problem states I put you in touch with people needed legal advice in certain states immediately jumped on it.

I know this is expensive to do and this is how our democracy works.

We have to participate in. So I think a small check from people to our legal fight is is appropriate.

Really appropriate. This month is matching Jones camping, which means any amount you donate to ACLJ we are meant to give her let me tell you something Bush versus Gore ACLJ filed a whole series of brief why was that I will tell you what. It wasn't just which candidate you were for it was the entire Constitution at risk, and it's the same thing here. This isn't just about Donald. It's really not about dolphins about our Constitution. I can actually tell you and Rick. I know that tomorrow morning if it's necessary.

The email will be going out saying hey we need your help right now because were to be following up in Supreme Court this through the ACLJ to protect constitutional rights of voters to Rick appreciate that that plug because this is the beginning of our match challenge month, double the impact today. Let me tell you so you make that donation online that that is a resource we can use immediately go to donate today. Rick is good to be joining us tonight. Remember were on nine to at least 11 PM Eastern time going through the some of the early states the votes it last time around four years ago we do with the present was going to be by the end of that two hours maybe that's different this year. Maybe it's not Rick will be joining us as well. The White House great to talk to Rick will be right back only one. A society can only whole invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold mission will show you how you personally. Publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists ramifications.

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Protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms. Today online okay what Rick said is right. If you could support ACLJason matching challenge month, double the impact your donation

I hope we don't have to go to court tomorrow but we might, and I know that we have an email ready to alert all of you. By the way the Democrats have this to they have this the code red garage. Yet they started it. It's not been a red wave. That's a red barrage of their data. Deconstruct the wave in court also deconstructed in the media tomorrow night event. Because there to say actually already got ads you want to get Andy and was lost in a bit will get back up and maybe one of things and try to do in the coming strengths tonight so you can see these dumps of data like in Pennsylvania. The present may be way ahead and that it may dwindle down a bit as the mailings are counted or vice versa and same thing with Florida. Looks like were getting more real-time numbers there, but there try to say no to this is a red barrage.

That's what and that Stacy Abrams comments about long lines mean voter suppression is all part about that since an article that try to keep them open. Later that using urban areas to favor the Democrat vote and we got those attorneys out for the RNC to shut that down and courts are very good about shutting it down to size what elections are over.

They say if you were lied and like if Rich is a Georgia if you were in line at 7 PM. You get to vote, but if you get in line and parked her car at 70701 right you don't, it's that clear because the law says 7 PM.

It is 701 and right that's absolutely true. You gotta be this kind of rules by which elections are conducted and as Jordan pointed out in Georgia 7 o'clock is the time of your line by 7 o'clock, you get to vote if you're not, you don't and that's what we've got to be insured takes place nationally and all over the place. This red barrage of course is another figment of the imagination of the left trying to minimize what were doing trying to minimize the fact that it is important and necessary that the turnout today throughout the country be massive and there's an interesting thing that you mention about the breakdown of voting machines. Isn't it funny that this morning in Spalding County, Georgia, which is a stronghold of the Republicans, Griffin, Georgia, south of Atlanta.

The voting machines broke and they had to go down to paper ballots. But why does this happen in Republican areas. I wonder whose finger is messing around with the computer. What sort of falls 164 3110 talk about Georgia which is a state that I will tell you a lot of Democrats have on their electoral map to get you to buy to 270. They do they think that Joe Biden is going to carry Georgia so if you're Georgia right now. You want to have that happen and let's figure voting machines.

They broke out in Spalding replacing that you stay in line okay because the polls close to Georgia just to be clear, at 7 PM 7 PM. You gotta be in line by 7 PM do not want your in-line don't leave the line. Let them fix the machines. This is that part of election take some friends with you. Don't you talk in line.

Take your phone with you until your inside you can use your phone. We all do that all day anyways but let me let me answer Carlin's question about your job line to possess important when a car would Jay Sekulow life pay.

Hope you click to call Cain's already counting that ballot so they are not some some states do count ballots early.

They could start counting ballots as they come in. So the party started, or they can start counting ballots today during the day in Georgia. You cannot start counting those mail it ballots or absentee ballots until 7 PM but it happens usually very quickly because you can determine how many came in will and it's so six of the local races. It takes more time to talk about like a smaller than Amy is a military basics like that for the statewide results of your what about Donald Trump when he or David perdue or what happened between Loeffler and Ed and Doug College.

It is, I could be run which likely will be looking those statewide numbers to see those pretty early, even George's old secretary of state said we think we can get those out pretty early, because if you could buy what happened on elect election day and you look at 7 PM about how many do we have it, mail it, and is there nothing Bailey that he could change the outcome of the Presidential electoral votes or not. That's the key. So it might be late Georgia because of the ballad, but they they do expect that they will have at least ability to know who is waiting on the other presence aside and asked them about the Senate side of the so George's got an unusual situation because of the wave of the jungle primer.

We may not know the US senator from Georgia tonight. It's almost certain you will know one of them because there are three topline candidates with Kelly Loeffler and Doug Collins running on the Republican side against Gov. Rev. Warnock, probably to be one Republican, one Democrat in a January 5 run out the other one J might be for per decided that Sen. produce race but you have 1/3 party candidate. That's probably good to get one to 3% and so if that keeps both candidates under 50%, you would have two Senate seats up in Georgia on January 15. You imagine that jamming it in that scenario, it's very very likely the control of the United States Senate would be on the line with two Senate seats in Georgia and that would in all likelihood, be well after the Presidential race and so therefore the that the tie-breaking vote of the vice President was decided J that would be that would be another monumental election day in United States America with all of the nation's eyes on Georgia so they can Georgia be a little bit different strategy going into it. Unfortunately, I think, but that was nevertheless the case the candidates ran, and that's what you get when that happiness and and you could end up with the public's radius each other. The likelihood of a Republican or Democrat. Yeah, and here's the problem. And this is where the Republicans are really smart you. Not much money the Democrats will throw posters and see if he lost the White House load of millions of dollars flipping around the Republicans lose the White House tonight.

Republicans are going to be arty know this with with very good sourcing from top Republican leaders. Either way, the amount of money the Republican Party's radius for the Georgia to take to win both those seats I think will out pass anything the Democrats could even imagine. But let's get through this election day first and I would I do it. Take this because that is what we can answer quickly, Herbert flow, and Virginia online for hair.

Good question for you Bob. Bowling centers were supposed to be neutral and I noticed in sponsoring accounting this morning on about five voting facilities that are past that they've got all Democrat Seinfeld. Very few Republican signs, billboards do that is usually with a certain amount sometimes is 100 feet sometimes on 50 yards hundred feet but outside of its zone. There's a speech free zone and a free-trade zone speech free zone is when you get very close to the ballot box is and even there they can raise you with think he was also saying there were there's people there.

Try to persuade people with about like I do and where I voted. There's a recall effort on our mayor and a recall effort on the tax rates you had to walk over to that section. They could really shout at you they get in trouble for that. But there were signs there edited where I live there with it's very mixed Democrat Republican suicides for every body. But there's a certain area and they're not allowed.

The other if you put it with the other area breaking the law so that just means he may be a place where there's not a lot of Republicans at Fort Lee, Virginia is a state why is a tougher safe Republicans now we've got second and then of course tonight till you get starting at nine bistro time. This is after a lot of major states polls have closed, including Pennsylvania, including Georgia. We will be live with you on on periscope with people like Rick would help him body and match flat at the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. Give a gift today online okay live from Washington DC Jay Sekulow and now you want to do this for the battleground states just for those who are in limited aikido for every all 50 states. But just when you're polls close at the go to stir for Kentucky why because the majority leader of the U.S. Senate is up for reelection there. Polls close there very early at 6 PM local time. This part of the states at Easter time part of states etc. but it closes. If you're this at 6 PM regardless if you're the central 6 PM Eastern, 6 PM Florida closes at 7 PM local time. Most the states of the Eastern Times obit part of the Panhandle is in the central time zone so it's 7 o'clock regardless of where you are in Florida based off the time zone. Georgia also 7 PM South Carolina with that race with Lindsay Graham who I think will win if people turn out to vote today in South Carolina. You gotta turn out to vote, or else would you grandma went and Republican senators who are up for election will not win if you do not turn out to vote on election day today. That's at 7 o'clock at 730 we got North Carolina and Ohio at 8 PM. Made. This is important for congressional district to which the labor kind of blue-collar district, which is very telling for the Midwest.

It's also a huge Senate race for Susan Collins so get out there and vote know you're polls close at eight Michigan 8 PM local time. We say local time there because part of the state is eastern part is central. That's could be huge state both for the Presidential election for John James running for Senate New Hampshire polls close at someplace at 7 PM in Eastern others at APB. It's New Hampshire just it's a state that understands politics.

You figure that without you this 7 PM zone or the 8 PM Eastern zone, Pennsylvania, 8 PM Eastern time.

So that's just getting us through the 8 o'clock at over and watch lessons in it is so my friend Chris, and he and I got along well. He's on the hour that the late hour they do that the town up in New Hampshire. This three little town that you so that they can't name a camera on it and they get all excited because the first only five people voted in all five voting for Joe Biden to may start analyzing what does this mean that split tickets then the next best wrinkle towns are coming out the third little town like 40 people. They did not do with this.

Your physical for the second time came in your moments later, quaint little town to may coming and going for 10 minutes on what this could mean and which is nothing is what can the next town comes in 16 for Trump five by the time that was in that I will discuss the matter to Americans though yes they talk about. There's the Trump America and which a lot of people live in and and then there's this blue dark blue America of leftists that the other part of the country lives in and I still think we will see is that it even if there's electoral college blowout on either side. I think that favors present crutches because the way the map needs to work for present Trump if he wins, favors electoral blowout will still probably see Democrats with the popular vote. Don't let them confuse you with that tonight to get it if they lose tonight there to harp on that for days to come, that there to say like Stacy Abram said they stole this look having more votes we had. But guess what, to win something we have to do first gifted with play within the rules that you can't you can't just win a football game invited to get a bunch of penalties you will end up losing the game. If you don't follow the rules, you will be able to play this game.

It's about the electoral college. That's how you win the presidency and were to have a video at the end of the broadcast today that our team put together the bald Eagle team that you don't. Same for kids but I will tell you that a lot of adults watch this one. Why explains the electoral college in a fun way for kids but for adults to we come back from the break. I want to play the same. The, the Stacy Abram's bite one more time I will get Harry Hutchison's comment on the two because long lines is a signal not of enthusiasm but voter suppression see on Fox's right now. Maybe the realistic conservative groups reportedly prepared for legal fight over the liberty of sub ballots will be certainly are the ACLJ matching challenge one, November, as Ricardo said, make a donation to support our work so that we are ready to go.

We are tomorrow to figure constitutional rights donated double the impact of your donation. Join us tonight at 9 PM Eastern time, the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

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And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn mission will show you how you personally. Publication includes all major ACLJ fighting for the rights of pro-life activists ramifications.

40 years later, when Obama care me in many ways your membership is empowering the right question mission life today online/also promote Stacy Abram Democratic candidate for governor, lost very close race, statehouse, and in in Georgia. She thinks that long lines mean voter suppression, place where the gutters, don't we live, we know that will be long lines, which is not a signal. A better suppression ridiculous thing. Never in my life that is so absurd but it comes from a person who is the queen of the voter suppression argument.

First, she doesn't understand why she lost in Georgia, she still believes that she is now. But governor of Georgia.

Number two, it's important to note that the whole voter suppression argument in Georgia which grounded in a bill passed largely at the behest of Democrats and the law was enforced by the Republican Secretary of State so she doesn't even know why she lost yet. So I think she is a clear and unmistakable person with respect to demonstrating one thing and one thing only only she is confused is computed as long-lived people that we never seen this many people voting all that's voter suppression because of scaring other people away. I know that your's first hollows with the Pennsylvania governor now saying is saying is Biden campaign manager okay listen you're a ghost. This is all I told you it's called red garage they want to turn the red wave tonight which they think could happen into a red garage. That's what it is right against tonight to steal the election.

This is Jen O'Malley Dillon.

She is the Biden campaign manager, you will see a lot of these ultra puts people out there. You don't see a total abide people you/watch MSNBC with listen to what she had to say just now also want to be fine and I don't care what we are believed to be trail under no Mary out while Donald Trump being declared a victory and Victor on election night and we think that that's really fundamental to how we want to approach tomorrow limiting how dangerous this is for democracy. Okay, I want you break them with. We also want to be fundamentally clear what we believe to be true under notes and are under no scenario will Donald Trump. He declared Victor on election night.

Let me give you a scenario, the President wins Florida he wins North Carolina. He is at the end of election day +400,000 in Pennsylvania, Ohio, went to the present.

Mike you keep name easy procedures can be scenarios where the boat is so large that these mailing absentee what everyone mailing ballots won't affect are not outcome determinative what they are saying. Under no circumstances can the present be declared winner. They didn't say. Under no circumstances can Joe Biden be declared winner someone what you understand what they're doing here so if you respect the Constitution, which they don't respect the rule of law which they don't think to find the rule of law as the ends justify the means. They are the ones this is the irony of all this.

They're the ones that tinker with the Constitution. They are the ones that legislate from the bench. They are the ones that don't understand what the role of courts are they are the ones that are suppressing the boat legitimately cast to be legitimately counted yet previously read that statement you read it could be true that we might await what is tonight being usually it is two or three in the morning to really know sometimes it's a little earlier because in Florida right now Republican votes that have come in on this by party registration. Have 100,000 vote lead of Republicans over Democrats. This includes all this voting that's happened today and all of the mail in an early vote for another President as of you know is 12 41,004+100,000 or more, because that that means there some Democrat people and a registered Democrat that voted for the President or some Democrat revolves about the cell but usually people in the past in these states of the red states it were Democrats before yeah and they made out of chaser registration. So these are like the least +100,000 and it's 12 o'clock so if at tonight. It's plus the 400,000 you call a big state like Flemington and I call Florida Texas state Presidents +350 to get the vote counting in the volcanic energy donate yeah yes it's like trying this electronic event. Of course you go to Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania you look at the night world came in on election day and then how we votes they have left account and if they have, to be left account. Maybe Pennsylvania takes longer than a day at night, but you know what, there always are present Trump to it and by doing without waiting Pennsylvania either of them since Pennsylvania is the state to watch definitely, but is not the only determinative I will ever throw this one can embrace instance so Andy you spend a lot of time also in Georgia.

Georgia is very close on the on all the board is no polling that doesn't show a close matrix very close to what is your sense. My sense is going to be a massive turnout in the state of Georgia. I've already talked to people who are friends of mine in middle Georgia in Northwest Georgia and in deep South Georgia. There is a tremendous permit.

There is one county in Georgia. Lawrence County that I told you yesterday that has 10,000 registered voters in many voters have already voted 10,000. In other words, that County complaint has voted that those counties you can have altogether. They do is about Republicans that enabled it off Stacy Abrams. That's one that's when we are in this one so let's look at the statement diversely happened in every county toward yes so let me just ride people you need to go vote.

You need to stand in line if it takes three hours or three minutes.

Do it if you got it. If you gotta spit somebody on childcare today is that a spade if you got a fight you know you and your husband are your partners whatever you figure out how to do it. Figure it out.

Take the kids with you if you got to.

It's fine. It's actually pretty covert. It was fun to do that and they have fun watching the process and a lot of the states have made it where it still you're going to see a lot of lives because people are spaced out 6 to 6 feet apart.

If it's raining.

Bring your raincoat umbrella.

If it's snowing bring a heavy jacket, but I've already let me let me go to job right now Pennsylvania because jobs got a problem. Already there is County John draw the air. First of all, tell us what county or any Pennsylvania and where is that like it if if people don't know Pennsylvania where would that be the state order granting case your Northeast Pennsylvania outside Scranton big Republican vote right job is pretty pretty conservative they're actually where in the embodiment right now. What's the issue you explain the issue well I morning, never a part of Ashley Pennsylvania. Maybe 10 miles from Scranton only computer failing voters away you see turning voters later telling people to leave and go where you come back later. So if you also polling places. The night is valid so doesn't get counted tonight the same way and do not do that. Folks you wait there until he fixed it. Stinking machines right don't don't don't say I'll come back because it is locked the doors. We have their lawyers that the RNC has deployed a job to call you that up.

Let's get him into and it will give that this is these things are going to happen and when people say things like, you know, come back later for another location that's voter suppression and the answer was to pay the lot. These election P Pennsylvania Northeast PA outside Scranton that is heavily heavily Republican. It's how Donald Trump saying Laura was the senator yeah you take outside of Pittsburgh, Northeast PA and of course the Philadelphia suburbs. Essentially, with respect to the whole voter suppression issue. This is a claim made by Democrats. In essence, they failed to recognize this is precisely the kind of conduct that they engage in routinely they are global elites. They are pursuing. One thing and one thing only and it's not principal they are pursuing power by any means necessary. Many of them have been trained by Saul Galinsky or his acolytes. He wrote a book called rules for radicals in a hurry. That book is dedicated to whom it's dedicated to Lucifer. So it's all about rebellion. It's all about the accumulation of power. It's all about achieving Frederick Nietzsche's dream by any means necessary.

I just got text from Pam body for Atty. Gen. Florida should be joining us tonight are lectured specialties can be at the White House to choose what is lesser should be joined by phone and NSU. The trend with the campaign.

Up until today. She says, looking very good right now with voter turnout so again this is someone who understands voter turnout because she's been the Atty. Gen. Florida. These close elections in her own leisure and it's just part of your part of present legal team as well and she is saying that there sing very good numbers.

What is this made folks nothing. If you don't keep showing up nothing.

If you don't get your friends to show it's great to start off the day grew strong but can you go until late afternoon in the evening get there before the polls close. That's how you would like only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn will show you how you personally.

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We at 9 PM Eastern time, and by that time will have for the polls close Georgia polls close, North Carolina, Ohio, made Michigan, New Hampshire. It's a vague yeah even Arizona which close at 7 PM local time, they're very quick by Tiber of the year.

Let me just tell you who else is just is just this is just with the show starts. Other states of close.

Also, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin in the next hour while were on the air.

Iowa will close it so will Nevada really enjoyed by people like former Florida Atty. Gen. and Trump impeachment legal team member Pam body will be at the White House record Dell fork truck cabinet member special advisor to the ACLJ will be with Pres. Trump at the White House.

We are to be joined by Matt slap is a Fox News contributor and at a chairman of the American conservative. You did, he'll be joining us as well and maybe other special guests and take your phone calls.

So we are going to be with you at least a couple of hours. At least they be more breed you information in a way that the major news channels, including cable to be careful about Fox has to be careful about. Even if you love fosters there to be careful about persuading because people may be voting other states we can cut right down through it a little bit more so to be doing with a special guest and with your special out with your phone calls as well. And again I think that what is so important.

What is so important right now is that you just just if this is the last thing you hear from me today. The last message you hear it all you get out there and vote.

If you are devoted you have a candidate that you want to. When you have free Geo support that candidate get them out to vote and wait with you now at Abby lit literally at it.

It's this is the only way Donald Trump wins the election today is by election day turnout that meets voter turnout you literally be huge like Rick said record Dell said in Philadelphia that the suburbs in Philly got to get 15% of the vote has to be Republican. That may seem a small but that that means it basically almost all of the hard right Republicans show up and vote.

That's how you waited in Pennsylvania you got a at least chip away of the hard left heart Democrat blue area Philly was with us doing this and he's also Lussier intermediate where media cores are also in Georgia, which are since you just backing toward what you sent. You know, the momentum seems to be solidly in favor the President even though they're telling us is a tossup and a state. I was thinking about what happened four years ago and I am hopeful that that will happen. Something like that again tonight. We can't take anything for granted George Wright. People have to get out and vote, but at last time these polls excites close some wholesale by dinner in a double-digit lead they are doing the same thing. Many of them that did it last on their pulling too many college grads to few rural people to you working-class people.

That's a mistake they made last time is going to be close but I think the polling stats are misleading. I think it's always there trying to create momentum for Biden. This simply is not there so they let me ask about the Senate here.

Okay, I have heard and again you will note below tonight like Susan Collins.

Race really tightened up in a positive light on what is available off or not. I know. But traditionally you would know this better than they traditionally she's always underdogs and seems to pull it out the last two times you brought she always closes well and she typically wins races that are within the margin J she surprised. Before I wouldn't be surprised to see her when the end of the thing. The significant about that race J is it's one the Democrats have to have there been a switch control the Senate. So Jordan talked about the second congressional district and its importance in the Presidential race luck. Others not more important race in the country than Maine because while Republicans are likely to pick up that scene in Alabama which would give them 54 seats there are at least four states, the Democrats are pulling very very close in Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina and Maine now J there are couple races on both sides that the parties hope to pick off Republicans are looking at Michigan and Minnesota Democrats at Iowa and Montana.

But if you want to talk about Susan Collins. If you were to tell me the outcome of one race. It would determine control of the United States Senate. I would say Susan Collins race in Maine, whether you go, that would be a great that when Cory Gardner got tougher. Looks like yeah court. Cory Gardner is consistently pulled behind and stated Colorado. Colorado has gotten more difficult for Republicans over the years, but again Jake I would just say this never count out a sitting incumbent of either party. He has voters condition to go to the polls and vote pull the lever for them to look. He's an underdog there. But that raises and over. I was going to call you back. The thoughts we got we go you will go to Scott Colorado online what he Scott Walker Jay Sekulow okay thank you very much.

See my comment really quickly with what you said Atty. Gen. Pennsylvania state and county determine election not candidate sounds similar to what Stalin said one time that those who vote to determine election count the vote exactly be that way in our country but were always want. That's why we have political obnoxious, great, great call.

Scott Matisse also Colorado. I think this is very interesting for all of you who are voting in person today and got a mail-in ballot because the teacher tell your story about how we have already received your mail and thank possible, I never mailed again thank you and I pulled it out of my purse and after about 30 minutes until they called the impression that socially much easier to take your bow that you did use, or even tear it up or or not he would bring it because you can just say I never got it in their say it was in their system ceases there try to get you. That's voter suppression.

This is the text of your time trying to make you like the bad guy yet. They sent you about.

You probably did request you didn't send it back in their economy was they have it on their system somewhere. Understand this, you voted and tell me I listen to my friends and colleagues of these other network like there's no such thing as voter suppression, there's no such thing as fraudulent voting nonsense. It may not be the father that's causing it to study administrative parties been winning elections for years. They wrote the book is from Tammany Hall rated voter intimidation, voter suppression television got away, tell me, let me say here with Maria Dante about to get your calls today, but you know II will tell you this California with the delays and stuff like that it second to determine the electoral college, but could deftly determine the makeup of the U.S. House of make get out and vote say, but with Maria you let me say this, we are going to stay with us after work and go up La Brea radio network, but our Facebook.

I want everybody right now to share this with your friends because we're gonna run for you a production that we did all by our team here called bald Eagle. This is the group Logan the team ahead up to explain the electoral college is really fascinating that it was aimed for kids to understand it, but I will tell you the views a bit overwhelming and a lot of it been just say my original so that we want you to watch this if you got kids great, but share this favorite your friends right now that videos for the start the moment that were were done. Also tonight. Don't forget 9 o'clock Eastern time. Live election coverage analysis here, I promise you you're not to get anywhere else share that with your friends to make sure you join us tonight for that election coverage support the work of ACLJ were to be ready to go legally if we have to would more funds that are available, the better. Better off we will be to matching challenge but donate the impacted donation for watching online, keep watching.

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