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When The Answer Is Delayed Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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October 26, 2021 1:00 am

When The Answer Is Delayed Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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October 26, 2021 1:00 am

God gave Abraham promises that would not come to pass for hundreds of years. Next time you feel like God is a bit slow to answer your prayers, remember that His scale of time is bigger than yours. He has a larger agenda.  

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Reason for us to Jesus phone number for God gave Abraham promises would not come to pass hundreds of years.

Next time you feel like God is a bit slow to answer your prayers. Remember his scalable time is bigger than yours has a larger agenda from the Moody Church in Chicago this morning with Dr. Erwin Sir was clear teaching helps us make it across the finish line after Luther answers to prayers. Never, some may wonder if praying is worth the effort actually along the way in which you put in, namely, that God always has a larger agenda. He certainly does. And you know if I might say. He also has a larger agenda for the United States of America and a larger agenda for all of us. I've done a video entitled what faithfulness requires in a collapsing culture.

It is so important for us to know how to respond to the issues the controlling realities that we see around us. In this video I talk about collective demonization.

What does that mean was perfected in Russia.

The ability to demonize anyone who doesn't agree with the party line, so to speak out is that work in America. I also deal with the issue of race. How controversial can we possibly get in when we talk about something that is biblically based, but causing a lot of controversy today and then also issues regarding sexuality now for a gift of any amount.

This can be yours. Ask for what faithfulness requires in a collapsing culture. Here's what you do go to RTW that's RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337 and remember that God is faithful and let us hear about that larger agenda and so Moses and Abraham and all of the other saints listed in this Hall of Fame 11th chapter of Hebrews. They believed in the eternal reward over against present suffering present questions present hardship for them. There was this faith that reminded them that this world was not their home. They were just a passing through. As the old song tells us now. I can imagine that when Abraham was there in the land. There were discussions that took place from time to time. In fact, the Bible tells us about all of the discussions that with the Hittites and what have you in the Scripture is clear that Abraham interacted with the people of this world. I can imagine they'd say to him Abraham what he alone will how was Abraham supposed to answer that God had told him as soon as he got there walked the length and breadth of the land. All that IL that you can see I've given you from this river to this see from therein, and God gives him the dimensions and says this is yours and your seed.

I'm giving it to you as an everlasting possession, but now I Hittites says to Abraham, how much do you own and Abraham has to say nothing I own nothing.

As a matter fact when Sarah dies, he buys the Caleb McPhee lot McBeal and I think is the correct pronunciation depending on where you put them facets. He buys this cave for Sarah, and he gives the Hittites, I read the story yesterday. It's near hadron. He gives the Hittites 400 shekels ice Abraham we like it affect your good guy will give it to you please Abrams is no I'm not gonna take a dime from any counsel for hundred shekels. The Bible says that was weighed out 400 shekels of silver, so he buys it, and then later on when he dies he gets put into the same K because he bought the cave he could be buried there too, so that's the way in which Abraham dies was not interesting. Now notice what the text says I'm in verse 13 these all died in faith, not having received the what was promised will that's interesting, but having seen them and greeted them from afar. Having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth.

They died verse 16. But, that is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he is prepared for them a city. Verse 39 and all these though commended through their faith, did not receive what was promised.

Since God had provided something better for us that apart from us. They should not be made perfect.

The idea there is they did not receive the benefits they did not receive the experience of the promise of the coming Messiah.

For example, but they could not be perfected until Messiah came, so they all died in faith and Abraham dies not seeing the promise. I can imagine if he had lived in our day I were to faith preacher would've come to him and said Abraham. What's the deal. What's the deal. Claim the land God has given you got even gave you the boundaries simply claim it. Talk yourself into it. If you have to, because the word of faith means that whatever you speak is yours and most assuredly you can speak over what God has given you, and it'll be yours Abraham doesn't do that he dies. The Bible says, not having received what was promised. Why because he believed in another world want to give you three conclusions. Three important statements that will help us tie all this together and help us to sort out what's happening and also provoke us in a proper way to pray more, first of all let me suggest to you that our promised inheritance is yet future. Our promised inheritance is yet future kosher. Sure, we see glimmers of it here like I pointed out last time we get the flower here, but the flower is proof that the guard is coming, but we do not enter into the fullness of the inheritance.

Jesus says that if you're in overcome her, you shall inherit all things, and you shall sit on my throne that's in the eternal city that is in the coming world and if you believe that you have to believe in the invisible over against the visible you need to believe in the future. Over against the present need to believe in the reward over against the suffering and the heartache that you are going through, but that is biblical.

Let me take as an example of a sensitive and the most difficult area, namely faith healing is healing in the atonement is in our promise, absolutely Jesus died for us and body soul and spirit. See, the Bible says that Jesus died to put away all sin well entailed in sin is sick yes and furthermore their passage of Scripture that say that with his stripes we are healed.

And of course Jesus came and did healing. Now here is the fundamental question, does that mean that we can insist on healing. Whenever we wanted, can we demand it from God because we say this is part of my inheritance. Listen to a word of faith. Preacher words control the body. All glory be to God and regardless of what's going on in your physical body you got to talk to it. I'm telling you I talked to my major organs I speak words to it. The tongue in your mouth will control every inch of your physical body do not tolerate sickness and disease as long as you got a working tongue that can speak the established word of God. Oh that's so good says. Interestingly, this particular word of faith. Preacher wears glasses.

My parents knew the family. God bless them. They were wonderful Christians, but they believe that because healing was in the atonement because Jesus had provided it that we could have it all now and they said that they intended to not die, that they would just moment by moment. As they became sick.

They would continually appropriate. The work that Jesus did on the cross and resurrection, and it would be theirs and they intended to live until he return. That's what they told my mom and dad, well I'm here to simply bring you the news. They died about 40 years ago, just like all other faith healers die yes of course it is true that Jesus died, body, soul and spirit for us and that our resurrection body was included in the work of the cross, but we don't inherit that we pray for the sick, but we cannot demand it and say you must heal because of this verse as some people say we should say, you know there's a another word of faith, preacher who said this, he said as long as Jesus was talking on the cross. He couldn't die the reason that he died is because he quit talking because there's so much power in your mouth that if he had just kept talking, he wouldn't have died. You know sometimes I weep because there's so many of God's dear saints who can't tell the difference between grass and Astroturf. The sheep, the sheep and you look at those rallies and their filled with poor people why because they're saying I want what my who has if I have enough faith I can drive the kind of car he dies I can live in the kind of homes in which he lived, and on and on it goes.

And on and on it goes in my dear beloved friend. This is just between you and me and nobody else listening things in that department are out of control making promises. I remember somebody coming to me absolutely weeping and saying God is forsaken me. I claim my healing and it hasn't. No, that's no proof that God is forsaken you. The Bible says very clearly that if you suffer according to the will of God, and sometimes the will of God involves suffering that that indicates a great reward. There's a member of our church here who recently had knee surgery and he said that that one need was so painful.

These are his words I'll never have the other knee repaired until I'm in the presence of Jesus, how he has my dear friend in the presence of Jesus.

You get to brand-new good you get some good hips you get some you get a good body you get a good mind you get some good feet you get it all over and the Bible says that when we see him we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. Until that time there sickness. There's heartache. It is mean it is cruel for a person to go into a hospital room. As I have seen telling the person that you are sick because you don't have enough faith if you had more faith God would heal you and lay that guilt on a member. One person telling me that people brought them books with all kinds of things marked about how if he had the faith that he could walk out of this hospital. No my dear friend.

Some of the best in the most godly people have suffered physically and died. My dear friend this is in the end the inheritance the full inheritance is coming.

Abraham saw some things he saw the fulfillment of the promise regarding Isaac, but he didn't see the land of promise. Abraham is still waiting. Some of us think that the promises that God made to Abraham, have still not been fully fulfilled to him and to his seed.

He still waiting but he dies faith believing in a city built by God.

Second is very important for us to realize that faith is needed. Faith is needed for endurance for endurance, not just miracles. Sometimes we just need to endure.

Sometimes I've had to say to people regarding circumstances that simply will not change. I have said that what you're doing is right. All that I can tell you to do is to keep doing what you are doing to trust and to believe and to be patient and to trust. I will scan God develop faith in our hearts, except that we look at circumstances that we think God should change. And he doesn't and we keep on believing anyway so Pastor Luther this message is throwing a bucket of water on people's faith. Don't you want us to believe God for great things. Yes, I want us to believe God for great things, preferably the things that God wants us to believe him for should we pray more. Yes, next week I'm going to present God willing. One of the most important messages I think I've ever given. Certainly the most important I've ever given on prayer because working to take that verse you know that he rewards those who diligently seek him out and were gonna find out we can have a whole new paradigm for prayer whole new way of praying so you be here.

You say well we can't be because were visiting from Atlanta listen the same plane that brought you from Atlanta to Chicago this week. The same schedule can bring him back next week. Okay so you be here you be here.

Let death be the only reason why you don't show and bring some other people with you and if you diet will be proof that all of our inheritance isn't in this life there's another world coming but he endurance. This is going to be explained in the second, not next week but the following week. What what endurance means to God young man came to a pastor and says you know I don't have patience and the pastor said, let me pray for you, God, I pray that you will bring trouble and sorrow to this young man.

Excuse me. Good prayer. Romans chapter 5 verse three it is suffering. The Bible says that brings about patients and patients brings about whole and hope brings about faith and in that God is glorified. So my dear friends there. Some of you who are hanging on and you are tempted to give up in your faith, keep on believing keep trusting, keep committing and will talk about what that means in a future message keep committing in such a way that you draw near to God than he grants you the ability to tour yes we do pray for healing in here at the Moody church we anoint people with oil. When they come to us and we had a couple of instances where people would say yes, there is definitely a healing that took place many instances where we can't say that, but there's still a purpose in that anyway will become clear next week. Finally, it's so important to realize that faith for our future, which is what we were talking about today faith for future is actually based on faith that looks backward today. We talked about the faith that looks forward but you need to look to the faith that looks backward in the writings of the apostle Paul, faith is seen as something that we look back toward because you're looking at the work of Jesus Christ. You are looking at what he did on the cross for you and the completeness of the redemption and that's where our faith begins and then we commit to God for the future and we trust God for whatever lies ahead. Knowing that eternity is coming.

Let me put it to you this way there. Some of you were listening to this message, who do not yet belong to the city of God, you belong to the city of man. I don't mean to say by that you don't mean or you don't believe that Jesus is a savior. As I think you probably believe that or you wouldn't be listening to this message. What you cannot say though with assurance and notice the Bible talks here about the assurance of faith. It is the assurance of things hoped for, is the assurance that we have met God all the way through this text.

What you cannot say with assurance. You say that Jesus is our Savior. What you cannot say with assurance is Jesus is my Savior.

I have personally trusted him as mine which you must do to be translated from the city of man to the city of God. Here's another way in which you know whether or not that translation has taken place. Augustine said in his book. He said this, that when we belong to the city of man we have in our hearts. Such a love for this world. Almost to the contempt or the neglect of God because were this world absorbed but once we belong to the city of God.

When Scott does that miracle in our hearts and our desires are transformed and we been given new hearts. Then we love God so much that we have contempt for very little regard for the things of this world because the love of God swallows up all other loves so the question that I need to ask you today, which I end with is simply that you trusted Christ as Savior, so that you become a member of the city of God and once you're a member of the city of God like Abraham like Noah, like Moses, you begin to look and live in light of the city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God the eternal city that's your hope and that's your motivation and that's why you can put up with what you put up with in this world and all the while believing, trusting all the way to the end. Let us pray. Father, we thank you for Abraham because even though he had lapses in his journey, spiritually speaking on the whole, he really did believe you and I don't know how much you showed him but the fact that he had confidence in a city that was designed by you.

I think of all the architect who are listening here today.

They've done some wonderful things but imagine a city whose architect is God and we thank you for that eternal hope that is been birthed in our hearts through your word and by your spirit and we ask the Lord that those of us who are members of the city of God, that we may go on our way with joy accepting whatever you give us and for those who are members of the city of man turned their heart today toward Jesus. Now before I close this prayer. It is time for you to talk to God. If God has talk to you.

You tell them whatever you believe, you must our father.

Would you accept the cry of our hearts make that cry acceptable through Jesus Christ our Lord, through whom we come into your presence, and we ask today that you will grant us the grace to be great men and women of faith to keep leaving even if we don't see all the promises in this life grant that, oh God, we ask in Jesus blessed name, amen, amen. This is Pastor Luther and I want to speak directly to your heart now.

How are you doing how are you managing in a culture that is falling apart.

We just listen to a message that emphasized the need for faithfulness.

No matter what was happening around us and you and I need to be able to look at the culture that is around us and say what does faithfulness require for me I'd given a lecture entitled what faithfulness requires in a collapsing culture.

I just emphasized in the message. The fact that we do live in two worlds, there is the city of man, and there's the city of God. How do we manage the city of man in this lecture I deal with issues such as collective demonization which has to do with propaganda race. Either way, let me ask you a question. How do we respond when people say that America was stolen. Is that a legitimate criticism of who we are as a country. These are the kinds of issues I deal with in the lecture entitled what faithfulness requires in a collapsing culture in advance.

I want to thank you so much for your support of this ministry. It is because of people like you that we can continue and we are making this resource available to you and we do so for a gift of any amount. Thank you in advance. As I have already mentioned, for helping us get the word of God to thousands upon thousands of people.

Now here's what you do. I hope that you have time to write this down. Go to RTW that's RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337. I believe that this lecture entitled what faithfulness requires in a collapsing culture is critical to help you navigate what is happening once again that phone number 1-888-218-9337 you can write to us run into when 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago, IL 60614. Where is a kind of mystery recommended to ask in faith without doubting. Sometimes we pray for things we clearly need no answer, but then out of left field. Another answer, next time I'm running to win. Join us to find out what to do when the answer is disguised. Thanks for listening for Dr. Erwin looks her, this is Dave McAllister running to win is uncertain by the Moody Church

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