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How Did Daisy Golf Balls End Up On The Moon?

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb
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September 30, 2022 3:02 am

How Did Daisy Golf Balls End Up On The Moon?

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb

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September 30, 2022 3:02 am

On this episode of Our American Stories, although never publicly stated (the brands of anything brought to the moon were kept tight-lipped), there is a good chance that the golf balls hit on the moon were "Daisy" golf balls. Joe Murfin tells the story of an estate sale, a photo, and a story that you won't forget.

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100% online download the app or visit availability may vary by market and we returned to our American stories mixed the story that started in Rogers Arkansas truly beautiful the home of Daisy outdoor products in the Daisy aerodrome Museum which is truly out over this world here to tell the story is Joe Murphy, the chairman of the board of that aforementioned using picture window when I learned this story in my career with Daisy. I used to really love to talk to older people who were retired from the company. I felt I could learn so much from them, and so much of what we as a company thought we were doing was new in a way been done before we could benefit from their experience and so I would tap into that knowledge base a lot and I started calling people and say you know about these astronauts with Apollo 14, Alan Shepard, you knew that I had lunch with Bruce said you know there's two golf balls on the moon. Yeah, I knew that is why have you never told me this, because I didn't think it was important in June 2015.

While I was still serving this vice president of public relations for Daisy was contacted by a gentleman with an estate company in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and he told me about 103-year-old woman who passed away in her state was going to be liquidated.

There was going to be a sale in his 20s estate sales where everything's full price today but if you come back to March, 20% off, and by Friday it will be half price and songs familiar with those. I like the sales I like all things in antiques and he started talking to me about items found in this woman's attic that were Daisy related and bore the name of Jack Powers and I knew Jack Powers to have been the vice president of public relations for Daisy for a long time you joined Daisy in the 60s and he worked there until he actually passed away and we, he and I this gentleman with the estate sale.

I made the connection that probably this woman was a relative of Jack Powers and the jacket at some point in time decided he'd leave some things with her to store as he moved on in his career, but this gentleman wanted us to buy things from him and I immediately told them were nonprofit we don't purchase things will accept your donation with the more he talked and eventually the more photo city email to me, the more interested I was in acquiring some things. One of the things he had was a very early instinct shooting kit that was made for a promoter of instinct shooting.

But I'm a lucky Daniel and it was made by Daisy, but was barely identified is the lucky McDaniel shooting kit and then on the back. Some were very small. Daisy manufacturing Rogers Arkansas. It wasn't a Daisy branded item I heard about it. I knew what it was worth, and so the kind of establish a relation with him immediately. I said I like that lucky McMahon shooting kit would like to acquire that the book value is this, and that's what I'll pay for. Even though it's got a water stain and I just kinda set the tone that I'm willing to do something for you of your willingness to work with me on some of the other things. There were a lot of photographs or a lot of books. There were a lot of magazine covers with famous people's pictures on them that were autographed to Jack Powers this Daisy public relations VP. There were even some Crossman air rifles. Crossman's a major competitor of Daisy.

I knew somebody at Crossman and I said I'll tell you what, I'll even help you if you will help me with some of these other items, and be fair with me. There was, like a salesman's display case a wooden case red velvet line with 1/2 dozen beautiful Crossman guns and I said I've got a buddy at Crossman.

He, like me, is interested in history. Let me contact him all have you a phone call by this afternoon. Somebody that can appraise those for you and/or would like to buy them. Crossman and so we began the work together on this with some of the things that really caught my eye were more unusual things and they caused me to go to the president of Daisy and say you and I need to be pickers this week and we need to go down and see the sale and see these items because I really don't know what I'm getting into, but they belong to Jack Powers and there from the 60s, etc. in one the most intriguing things was a photo of the entire Apollo team through. It had all three astronauts signature which I've talked to people who say that a lot of times they take the screw photocell, but only one astronaut would make an appearance somewhere so Alan Shepard might sign Edgar Mitchell or Stuart Roosa. Very unusual for all three of them the be there all three of them. The sign these photos like this, but they did this one Apollo 14 was signed by all three and then down at the bottom on the map around the man area around the photograph it said to Jack Powers, our most sincere thanks for the Daisy golf balls by Victor there out of this world. So I talked to this gentleman that the estate sale company and we arranged some general pricing on some of these items and I said, but two things I need to acquire them before the sale starts. I need to come down there Monday morning and I want to buy them.

You just told me what you were going to price these items at I want to pretend it's the following Friday when everything's half-price so that was my challenge to him as most negotiations go we met in the middle somewhere of preestablished handshake over the phone price on photos of Apollo missions with this wonderful statement on that really intrigued.

The second thing I ask him is who you're dealing with any told me the name of the family member and I said I need a phone number for them and I need to speak with them and then tomorrow I will come down and I will buy this this this this, but nothing happens unless I talked to Jack Powers family member gives me the contact information. Of course, he said, did you not trying to go around the are you and us in dealing with you, that's fine, but I just want to speak to so I spoke to Jack's son. I letter later would meet with him and have lunch with but I asked that he immediately after he told me this story I asked that he immediately write me an email and send it to because I actually feared what he never comes what we were supposed to meet. He supposed to tell me the story.

I'm supposed to get the interviewing, but I need the story in writing and so he did that but my first question is, so why are there Daisy golf balls at all. Why do they exist and how do they get on the moon and were listening to a story within a story within a story and by the way, what are Daisy golf balls, working to find out in a bit, but by the way, anyone who is ever done, garage ceiling, or better still estate closings and estate sales.

Oh my goodness this is the joy of a lifetime when I enjoyed with my mom for decades, well into my third on Saturday in Bergen County, New Jersey redid out the Bergen record circle the estate sales and go on Saturday.

Never on Thursday member on Friday.

Always the last day and that's where you could make deals and find treasure.

The story of the Daisy golf balls on the moon and so much more for all of your collectors with memorabilia, sports, artifacts, or anything else the rest of the stories for you. We find out the answer to the question, what are Daisy golf balls when we return here on our Americans. This is Tori Jenny with the 90210 MG podcast we have such a special episode brought to you by near attack ODT we recorded at iHeartRadio type event windows came down near attack ODT were magic pant 75 mg can help migraine sufferers still set an exciting event like window tango. I had one night I took minor attack ODT. I was present amazing time.

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Intrigued, Joe managed to get in contact with Jack Bauer's son figure out the story behind the photo. Let's return to Joe so why are there Daisy golf balls at all.

Why do they exist and how do they get on and he began to tell me a most interesting story.

His dad right out of college his first job was a Executive Director of the American sportfishing Institute in Washington DC so young man just out of school takes his first job wants to impress his boss move somewhere in Virginia near Washington DC. He's renting a townhouse with slice and there were six identical townhouses side by side and he's trying to impress his boss in the new job and he works late at night so he comes home after dark. He throws open the door and says, honey I'm home in a gruff voice says I'm not sure honey and I think you're in the wrong townhouse. Luckily no one was injured and is a matter of fact, both of them laughed about it. Both of them said let's get our wives and put on a call pot of coffee and let's get to know each other were were next-door neighbors.

It was a humorous incident, but that chance meeting became a lifelong friendship for these two couples as their futures unfolded. This gentleman's name was Al Shaw. He was the head of Project blue book for the Air Force.

His job was to investigate UFO and alien sightings and Al went on to become the VP of public relations for NASA in his voice could be heard in the control booth mission control for all of the Apollo missions. It was Al Childs voice that was his Jack powers left sportfishing and to the Crossman air rifle which explains why Daisy executive in a relative's home in our way would have a collection of Crossman and then from there he left. Crossman came days. He did a tremendous job.

Daisy and from people I've talked to knew him he was just the ultimate PR guy.

He had a Rolodex with names of famous people in it with their direct home phone numbers of politicians and Hollywood actors and actresses see he just knew every body and he was constantly ripping articles of newspaper and magazines writing a note firing it off to these famous people, letting them know that he'd seen what they'd done in the water at those times during the 60s and 70s. The were famous people appearing in Daisy ads and there was a little bit of a Hollywood connection where Daisy developed guns in the holsters because there were a lot of Western movie being made and things like that so Jack powers was very well connected and he would go down and visit.

I'll chop and his wife in Florida to watch watching space vehicles, rockets, and then he be introduced to the cruise into the astronauts and he would ask. He would ask him to come up and meet our people and walk through our factory and all these astronauts knew about the spirit had an air rifle so they did. That's how the photo ended up in Rogers Arkansas that telephoto sign but still you know why are there golf balls. Daisy was owned during that time by a company called Victor come from Victor come from under me adding machines and when the handheld calculator started flooding the market in the United States and they were not inexpensive at that time they were plentiful and the work a lot better than a mechanical adding machine did this adding machine company decided that they need to diversify their holdings so they built the recreational products group.

They purchased the company's Daisy Hadden lures and fishing equipment.

Poison Valley manufacturing which made exercise equipment Neeson gymnastics, which made gymnastics equipment air archery. Very famous archery old archery company Burke golf equipment did business as a DBA of PGA golf and the Worthington ball company which may golf so immediately. Victor asked the Worthington ball company to stamp a bunch of golf balls with the Victor name. Don't know the exact number of these. I like to think it was very few.

Some of them then they would stamp the other side with bears… Victor bear archery Victor Ertl Victor Martino whatever the other company's name was and so there were golf balls stamped with Victor and Daisy and these golf balls weren't sold in any store. They were just given out president of each of these companies over the executives. Each of these companies would take them out play in the chamber city tournament. Here's a sleeve of my golf.

She tried to play the piano so in 1961 Allen Sheppard became the second person in the first American the travel in space 10 years later and 71 he commanded the Apollo 14 mission and became the fifth person than the oldest person to walk on the moon and the crew of the Apollo included Sheppard, Edgar Mitchell and Stuart Roosa. So knowing that Sheppard was an avid golf Jack powers just made the suggestion that I'll chop wanted to take some of these Daisy golf balls Victor on one side. Daisy, on the other and get Allen Sheppard knowing that Allen Sheppard won the day that by the way, I think I know that I think it was Mitchell that through a javelin. So there've been to sports played on that we know of, but the most famous is Sheppard stepping out onto the moon, and is wearing a spacesuit that makes him look like the Michelin man. He can barely get his hands together and he had taken in excavation tool with him which he was supposed to have.

And then each astronaut was allowed to take a personal item with some of them will take a watch with and Sheppard took a golf head any type sitter attaches it somehow to this excavation tool. He drops the golf ball on the surface he takes a one-handed swing and said that one went miles and miles actually probably went to the 400 yards because there is some atmosphere and there is gravity on the moon. And so it doesn't just go out in space forever. It actually does. So it was a long shot but it wasn't miles and miles and miles.

By the way the crew were never allowed to own the brand name of anything they could sit on. I've done a little bit of research on it. It was interesting how they select flag when they actually would send out six employees tell them the bio flag, bring it back to her up all the packaging get rid of all the tags on the flag and then one of those flights was selected so no one can ever claim we made the American flag. It's so randomly done that no one knows but this was a personal item but Sheppard was instructed never to the vaults will bring the hit and he never did. If you just search for this on the Internet you'll find my information in my story that I've developed over these golf balls you'll never find one by Sheppard Brandon, you'll find people speculate that he like the school I saw him play that golf ball. It was probably one of those. My question was the son of Jack powers. So how do you know any said to waist number one. My father told me every day I put this golf. Secondly, when my father would challenge me and tell me to do something and I'd say you can't make that he'd say. I put golf balls on the moon like that I can make you yard. It's not like Allen Sheppard ever said it, it's that my dad did and he was said he was very proud of a lot of things he did for Daisy was very proud of his career. The people he knew, associated with, but he was most proud that he put them on the moon and a special thanks to Catrina Hines recapturing the audio in a terrific job on the production by Monty Montgomery and a special thanks to Joe Murphy and for sharing the story's museum is the Daisy ergo Museum beautiful Rogers Arkansas and this may be the ultimate PR stunt that nobody knew about.

That's the joy of this one, except the guy did this bunt himself the story of the Daisy golf balls on the moon you on our American story

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