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An Eyewitness Account of the Crash of Flight 93

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb
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September 12, 2022 3:10 am

An Eyewitness Account of the Crash of Flight 93

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb

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September 12, 2022 3:10 am

On this episode of Our American Stories, Linda Shepley reflects on the heroics that took place on United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

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This is our American stories today will show long work commemorating the anniversary of September 11, 2001. Many of us have strong memories of that day in New York today were going to hear the story of flight 93, the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers tried to overpower the hijackers first going to hear from Linda Shepley wind is a native of Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and saw the tragic crash flight 93 hears Linda with her story and the events of that day, September 11, 2001 item on a bicycle road about a quarter-mile from stories, and my husband was off work that day there watching today program when we saw the first plane actually hit the World Trade Center and I was in the process of doing my laundry and hanging them on the line and I had gone outside and hung up. So close and I come back in for another load and lease on the bottom of the screen the Pentagon. And I thought what's going on here and then they had grounded all the planes and all lights and I had gone out then to hang up the mess letter close to such a beautiful day. I can remember that always. When I went out it was about 10 o'clock I was saying we close on the line I heard this noise a sound like a truck going over the bridge and I looked over my left shoulder looked up and I saw this plane and its wings wobbled in the sky. Not that they'd landed on the planes in this plane is out there like a mainland China. Maybe it's time to find an airport and why wobbled out that while it was having some kind of a mechanical problem and as I saw it coming over.

I could see the engines on the wings. This was a big plane. We live near the Queens airport. This small claims going over all the time and it was slowly descending down as it was going out towards the horizon and then all of a sudden it dipped its right wing and started to turn that will Pringles airport is too small to take that size of the plane.

I don't know what it stolen and just as soon as the wing dipped down. It took a nose dive into the ground. It took me a minute to comprehend what what I had seen when the plane hit the fireball came up over the trees and I was screaming for my husband Jim call 911 he came running out on our side deck and I said a big plane crashed and he set a small plane is not. I know now is the big one was a big one.

I saw the engines and on the wings and he tried to dial 911, but the line was busy so he kept on I said keep gone as far was blowing and I don't know if they knew where to go and finally got through. I said to my said downward. You think Atlanta and he said maybe Lambertville. My son Michael works up there rollup right where the claimant, and he said you better call your sister. She lives in Lambertville and see if she saw where the plane went down so I talked my sister and she said she doesn't know what happened but she said her windows and doors rattled in house from the pressure.

It felt like the inside of the house was pulled outside and she says I don't how to tell you this but she said there was a big explosion or Michael works. Jim lives over the hill from rollup and anything I could think of was a big explosion and it can cover a wide area, so we jumped in the car immediately. I still had my laundry in my hands and we drove out to rollup. We were there before the backtracks.

It was hard to tell where the plane went down because there was no smoke no Barrett was gone and we pulled in to where roadblock is and at the why there stood my son directing traffic self-efficacy after big hug. We talk to permit he had said it went down just a few yards down from where he was and he said there wasn't anything left of so we went back to my sister's and I made a phone call to my other son to make sure that he knew his brother was okay while we were there the firetrucks, I may never a lot of firetrucks and they wanted to turn in the road below and my husband ran down her quick and told him to go straight and turn it rollup and he was down there for a little while and we went back home after he helped a lot of firetrucks and we turned on channel 2 on the TV and they said that that was the claimant was missing and I had terrorists on minutes. That's hard to believe something like that could happen and they said that they had put up a battle to try to take over the plane somebody compliant and land that was a passenger anybody that tries to fight and know that they released their life. They are healers and associated after that episode I just watched as planes and it was a long time before that. Can planes flying in the sky didn't have any planes in Glendale and anytime I was outside hanging longer than a liner or just sitting on the porch. I just looked up and luncheon planes to splotch maturely condone was afraid there was something to be long time not to watch the planes all the time but I can still remember it like it was yesterday and I went to Shanksville to the church.

They had a memorial there. Everybody in town. I think the service it was a huge brown with a set of families working went through that United can be found in welcome Leon I was saying to myself later on as I was standing there in my yard looking up at if any is for people slowly stand on their was nothing I could do was heart that they thought they were fighting when they are prepping and that's what counts their true heroes were reworked by medicine, space, and the special financial choice 93 national moral insurance will cover the Pittsburgh area but honor the memory of those that did what they did on the flight remarkably heroic acts by the passengers on the plane. Linda Shipley's 9/11 story dear on fellow Americans.

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