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God Cares about Money

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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March 17, 2021 8:03 am

God Cares about Money

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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March 17, 2021 8:03 am

You may not realize it, but the way we manage our finances affects our relationship with the Lord. And that explains why much of God’s Word is devoted to instructing us about how to handle our money and possessions. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore discuss that and more with Compass founder, Howard Dayton. Then Rob and Steve take your calls and answer various financial questions. God cares about money on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.  

Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
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Rob West and Steve Moore
The Todd Starnes Show
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Rob West and Steve Moore

This is Doug Hastings, VP of Moody radio and were thankful for support from our listeners, and businesses like United faith mortgage. My grandma loves Ice-T. It's her thing. So I go to hang the grandma for a bit and I see she's holding her big plastic cup with her T the cup is literally sitting inside one of grandpa's sports socks. I'm not making this up. No one can make this up grandma you okay of course dear the socks soaks up the sweat and keeps the tea colder. Hey, it's Ryan from United faith mortgage and as I thought about it later. I thought that's the kind of mortgage team. I want us to be the kind that's willing to take any step needed to get the job done on your new home purchase, refinance, or cash out refinance and can we help everyone know, obviously we can't know were willing to use grandpa sought to keep a drink called you know were willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you're taking care of. We are United faith mortgage not a faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Melville, NY license mortgage banker for all licensing information, go to NML as consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and I am the vine and you are the branches.

If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit hard for me can do nothing. John 15 five isn't averse to normally apply to money, but how we handle our finances truly affects our relationship God today host Rob West discusses that and more with compass founder Howard Dave limits your calls on anything financial at 800-525-7000 times more. Yes, God cares about money, your money and that's next on moneywise five is back with us today to talk about how God views money from his book money of marriage God's way well and as you know Steve Moore.

He is one of our favorites and so is that book our great to have you back with us wonderfully with drop just wonderful. This idea Howard that God is very interested in how we handle money and possessions.

No doubt explains why so much of his word is devoted to it. Talk to us about that with my former business partner, Jim said have asked me to join him in a study the Bible to find out what God said about handling money. I have to admit it, I was clueless.

I had no idea that the Bible said so much about money or really that was so important to the Lord thy head certainly had no inkling that learning what he said about it was going to radically change my life, my marriage and I would say this, all for the better. Rob, we were just astonished to discover the Bible contains 2350 verses dealing with money and possessions and I think that God said so much about it for two basic reasons in the first us discovered totally by accident. Every time I applied one of these financial trees from the Bible. I noticed it also improve my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I grew closer to them. It was something more than just dollars and since it had a direct application to my daily walk with the Savior, and in Matthew 25, Jesus tells us a parable that really illustrates this dynamic. A master entrusted some money to three servants and then he went away on a trip when he returned, he told the two servants who would handle money wisely.

Well done good and faithful servant. You were fit for the few things I put you in charge of many things.

Enter into the joy of your master plan.

I love that last line that's really Howard where we see that following God's financial principles affects our relationship with him right is exactly Rob. The last part of that person enter into the joy of your master and frankly I hadn't realized that how I handle money could have such a significant impact on the intimacy of my relationship with Christ, if I handled it his way.

It would help me know the Lord better if I didn't.

On the other hand, it would damage that relationship and really there's nothing on this planet that's more important than knowing Christ well and experiencing his joy and in the second reason the Lord said so much about money is that he wanted to equip us to be smart with our money. He realizes that all of us will have financial challenges and because he loves us so much he wanted to equip us to manage it really well Howard, we got so much to unpack here, including our roles and responsibilities related to managing money talk for a moment about this idea of being in an intimate relationship with the father and the connection with our money you talking compass, finances, God's way a lot about this idea of financial discipleship which is really a different idea related to our money than we often think about explained that for us so we got just about a minute before break, sure thing Rob will the good news is Scripture yet has this body of 2350 verses dealing with money and it's practical. It allows us to get our financial house in order and but as I said his real heart is for us to know him better and he uses money notes that we all deal with every single day as a tool to help us accomplish just that when we do it his way. Trusting him out of obedience.

The benefit is not only financial stability but a closer relationship with Christ mother author and teacher Howard Dayton with us today. He is the founder of compass, finances, God's way. He's written a whole bunch of books about money and your relationship to it and your relationship to God.

It's all intertwined. Find out more when we return.

This is moneywise live your calls later 800-5257 back to moneywise live today why God cares about your money and why you should care about it and him as well. Howard just before the break we were talking about the 2350 verses dealing with how we should handle money and possessions and why that's on God's heart.

Ultimately, it's about drawing us into a more intimate relationship with him, but it also speaks to not only the responsibilities we have a steward of God's resources, but our roles as our respective roles in managing money.

So help us understand a proper view of our role in light of Scripture sure thing Rob that the Bible reveals a clear division of responsibilities and the handling of our money. Simply put, God has certain responsibilities and is given others to us and I think that much of the frustration we experience in our finances simply comes from not realizing which responsibility are ours and which are not, and would you look at the Scriptures. The primary responsibility for the Lord is he owns all of our stuff.

He owns everything, some 24 one tells us the earth is the Lords and everything in it and that means we just can't give our tithes 10% and think we can spend the other 90%. Anyway, would like if God's owner of everything me think about that. That means we have to handle it all in a way that pleases him. And frankly, this is kinda difficult to get our arms around for a lot of people. Let me just think about it. Everyone around us are our neighbors, the media, even the law say that we own our possessions. But the Bible really reveals the truth. God is the owner and it's so big. Howard, we can gloss over it.

As you said it. When we think about this. It means we have a high calling coming where the caretaker or manager of the creator of the universe's resources. That's a big deal as an it's a lot bigger than us owning it.

I thought you had a man. You're absolutely right Rob, I mean this is an incredible responsibility that he's given us that we talk a lot about stewardship on this program and you know once we give our lives to Christ. The rest is about stewardship, not only of our resources but our time and stewards of God's word and relationships but let's talk about this role of steward in the financial context. One of the implications of that will steward is simply a manager of someone else's stuff and were to be the managers of whatever the Lord entrusted to us. Rob and I love what first Corinthians 4 verse two tells us it is required in stewards, that's us that one be found faithful and that is the key and if you don't know what God says about how to be faithful in handling money.

Just imagine with me. Suppose you bought a complicated piece of machinery.

Yet, how would you learn how to operate it.

Well, you'd start by studying the manufacturer's manual and handling money. God's way is no different. We need to examine the creators manual the Bible to find out what he wants us to do and handling his possessions right and you know God's wisdom which comes from his word applies, no matter how much we have Howard write a mean this could be if we have an abundance or if were dealing with minimal means you're right on Rob.

God wants us to be faithful, regardless of how much we have in fact in Luke 1610 Jesus said he he was faithful in a very little thing is also faithful in much you know if were faithful with small financial matters. God knows he can trust you with larger ones.

Yes I love what missionary statesman Hudson Taylor said small things are small things, but faithfulness with a small thing is a big thing well I love that idea and it really does underscore the responsibility we have. Faithfulness is about being consistent over a long period of time and it is in the small things which amount to big things over a lifetime, but no doubt Howard. Some people are out there listening right now and they're thinking I just can't do it you know every time I tried to be that faithful steward of God's money. I fail and I'm frustrated about what counsel would you have for them.

I totally understand their frustrated by the inability to solve their financial problems because they seem impossible. And sometimes they are impossible, it can't be done without God's help you remember what our job is it simply to make a genuine effort, no matter how small it appears that they leave the results to God I love what the Lord says in Proverbs 21, five steady plodding brings prosperity in that great. It's just like our God.

The secret is steady plotting Rob moving ahead, step-by-step, even if it first, you're just taking those small steps. Don't be discouraged. Don't give up take a step forward, even if it's a baby step.

The fact is our heavenly father takes joy over our first steps of faith every bit as much as a new dad or mom takes joy in their little ones first steps that's exactly right.

And it can seem overwhelming, but we need to press on, let's describe what that looks like Howard and get practical here and when we talk about being faithful with 100% of what the Lord gives us what is that look like well unfortunately Rob.

Most Christians have been taught how to handle only 10% of their income. God's way area of giving and all the giving is crucial. So see other 90% which most people have learned to handle from the world's perspective, and since most people have not been equipped to handle the hundred percent of their money. God's way. Unfortunately, this leads to bad financial decisions. Painful consequences terms really good news. We don't have to wonder, we don't have to guess all the basics about handling money are found in the Scriptures, yet think of it this way, just as your hand has five fingers.

If you give some save some get out of debt, with some spend some you'll always have some of those other five keys in. We think Ron blue for that. We sure do. I know though it's not by accident, Howard, that gives some was the first in your list and that runs counter to the way most people approach their finances. They might wait and see what's left over to decide whether to give what is the Bible teach us about that. Well, it's all about our attitude Rob when I realize importance of giving with an attitude with love. It completely revolutionized my giving in first Corinthians 13, Paul writes, if I give all my possessions to feed the poor, but do not have love, it profits me nothing to me. Think about it, it's hard to imagine anything more admirable than giving everything to the poor.

But if we do without love.

It's of no benefit to us and for years I couldn't figure out how to consistently give out of a heart of love, then it dawned on me. The only way to do it is to give our gifts first to the Lord himself because he's our creator, and Savior. We can express our gratitude and love by giving to him and whenever we give we should remind ourselves that were giving our gift to the Lord Jesus himself that's so important you know giving is going back to our friend Ron blue says breaks the power or the grip of money over our lives. And that's clearly what we all want because we want to get to the place hour that you started with today and that is where we can hear the words enter in to the joy of your master Howard, so thankful for you my friend, your friendship and your participation in the program today learn malicious or think you Rob my joy coordinating the author of money and marriage God's way and your money count to find those books and more aware of you by your books online will be right back with you. Minimize live that guy over there. The one answering your questions. He's read last time. Steve Moore and we love to chat with you today.

When you dial 805 five 7800 525-7000 is a great first to hide in your heart. Matthew 621 for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. So your heart follows your money and that's a again, something to be aware of something to be wary of because we want our heart, only to be following God.

Nothing here on earth. That's for certain. 800-525-7000. Let's begin. Rob Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Ryan, what's on your mind today I got my call. I wanted to get an idea for you guys on how to approach my family finances so we been black to just recently be debt free from my student that currently we just have a mortgage and or one income family with two little boys we have 1/3 on the way and we have the finances to cover the basically the monthly bills and have an excess we currently do have an emergency fund set up sort of trying to figure out with that accept we got it into our home because the markets going so crazy right now, or delete keep building a retirement or yet basically invest it what what would you guys recommend yeah well Ryan you are blessed the Lord obviously has blessed you with two children. The third on the way. That's exciting. You're clearly following his principles when it comes to managing the money that he's entrusted to you. That's phenomenal and I love that you're trying to be intentional. Looking forward as to how you want to align your spending your allocation of God's money with your values. What's most important to you, you know, this goes back to what Steve just said a moment ago that is her heart follows her money so at its core, money issues are heart issues and we realize that the way we allocate our money is the clearest indicator into what's most important to us what we value and the question is, are we happy with the story that Armani tells about what we value most, and I suspect you are because you're doing the right things but we also recognize this other principle is true, that applies to what you're talking about and that is the longer-term the perspective the better the decision today and so if you can look out as you're doing and say where are we going as a family as Christ followers. It was a couple but also as a family, including our children and how can our money is a tool be reflective of that we look out a long way then it helps us make a better decision today because you may decide you know what we need to dial back certain things we may need to sacrifice in the short run, so we can accomplish everything we want to in the long run, that you know at the end of the day. Lifestyle is often good to be that thing that derails you from accomplishing what's most important you beginning with your giving.

I would make sure that you put that in the plan. First, not last. Often we deal with living expenses first, and that results in an unending list of needs and wants and we never get to the other things like giving and saving I do your giving first. Of course, you gotta factor in what taxes I would then look at what debt you have and I'm delighted to hear it sounds like your mortgage is the only debt that's remaining and then you'll want to figure out what savings goals you have and then live on the rest. To the best of your ability in terms of the priority order of these you know you asked about retirement.

You asked about an investing along with that and paying down the mortgage. Your my belief is this. I would like for you at a minimum to be assuming your emergency fund is is there and you said that it is assuming your giving at the level you're happy with right now. You can increase that as you go, that's great in terms of investing more for retirement versus paying down debt.

I want to make sure the minimum you're on track to pay off your mortgage when you reach retirement age, if not sooner.

I would be one of those that say there's great flexibility and peace of mind that comes with paying off your mortgage in full.

And let's not listen to those that would say yeah but it's a tax deduction. And yeah, that money could be working for you you I think it's a great thing to be completely unencumbered, including your home, but I don't want you to forsake the ability to put your money away and compounded at an appropriate level right now in exchange for you're going too fast and paying off that mortgage so I guess the bottom line is if you were already saving 10 to 15% of your household income toward retirement all in.

Then I would be happy without it I would say that boy go and start accelerating the payoff of the mortgage.

If not, I probably get to that 15% level before you put meaningful dollars over and above that the monthly payment down my throat a lot at your Ryan tell me your thoughts. The only question I would have offered that is with it because we just recently, as I had said I don't think that over the air, but we were young, my wife and I are still 29 and we just a week or two ago just paid off the student that felt to get used to having that money so we want to keep rolling out over and I didn't know with that finances. Of course we would love to give more but it in my opinion out. This was always I'm up for hearing, but we we want to make sure that we are as debt. We can be before we start giving above and beyond, so that were why not not indebted to someone else so I didn't know what you would say for possibly rolling over and not getting used to having that that student that money in our bank account would rather just know for what something else on yeah but the only debt you have is your mortgage correct yeah that's that's the only thing the car debt or anything else. Well, I hear what you're saying. I can appreciate it and I love the idea, regardless of what you decide to do with is whether it's increasing your giving increasing your retirement contributions or increasing the amount going over and above the monthly payment to your mortgage director principle. In either case, I'd love for you to automate that so that you don't see this extra money in your checking account and then it could get eaten up an additional lifestyle spending so regardless of where you come down let's automate it's what happens kind of right out of the gate behind the scenes. You're not even seeing it only I would say with regard to giving versus the mortgage to consider is I hear you and if you have a conviction around that and go with your conviction. Pray through it.

The problem is, the mortgage is going to take a long time to pay off and I would hate for you to miss an opportunity to follow the leading of the Lord. Right now in increased giving yelp with regard to versus the mortgage if that's gonna take another 20 years suggest breakthrough that I'm confident you make the right choice. A Ryan. We have like 10 seconds here. How do you guys pay off loans.

Anything special you just just got after it is best to talk about that later. We have to hit a brick will be right back. This is minimized by taking your calls on anything financial today. Questions, comments, anything you want to share or talk about financially related would be preferable to give us a call 800-525-7000 our last color. I asked him a question and that we had to hit a break, but were talking to him during the break Rob and he mentioned to us that he and his wife had both paid off their student loans they had tried very very hard.

I asked him how they actually did that.

He said what we would get together monthly, we would communicate about it. We would look at everything and then we would cut everything and they got to the point where they were buying $1000-$2000 cars and kinda living bare-bones but then they were of the same mind and when you're of the same mind and you have the same long-term goals that makes it that much easier.

What's exactly right because when you establish your values and that's just another way of saying your convictions, your belief system that then translates into your behavior. But if you can land on that as a couple and then as they did practically no former host of this program. It was our guest earlier in the program. Howard Dayton says you should have a weekly money date. What's essentially what Ryan was doing.

He and his wife would sit down weekly during their money date and say okay honey, what we can do this week. How are you.

Keep spending in check so we can get more money going in the right places so we can pay off those student loans and men that is the right habit to establish how we love that. So again if you have any thoughts that in that regard. If something is worked really well for you and upcoming programs were going to be asking you to share that information we depreciate at 800-525-7000 Springfield, Illinois, Sue, how can we help information on and expect that the insurance on it which I've never payment, like that and I can't help I should increase that payment on the house I just pay the principal yeah is this a conventional loan. Sue the knowers and FHA affect current buyer. Okay, so yeah, it's probably an FHA loan you can want to know that though if it's a conventional loan you can actually get rid of the private mortgage insurance when the equity in your home reaches 20% of the outstanding amount of the mortgage so that could come through appreciation that could come through retiring the principal by sending just a regular payment or amount above that go directly to principal or both. Yeah, you generally have to pray pay for an appraisal to confirm that before the lender will drop the PMI you want to make sure that they approve of the appraiser before going ahead. You certainly wouldn't want to spend the money to do that if you didn't you weren't sure they were going to accept it, but you can get a ballpark idea of the value would something like or and other online home value assessment site if it shows you have the 20% equity. You can approach the lender about the process of getting that PMI dropped but if it's an FHA loan it's gonna require PMI, so the only way to get rid of that would be refinancing and you'd want to make sure that the refinance makes sense, meaning you can save at least a percent on the interest rate that you're going to stay in that home for at least 5 to 7 years ago. So essentially you couldn't recoup the cost of the refinance, which can be 1 to 2% of the value of the mortgage. So I think that's really the first step, we certainly want to get rid of PMI doesn't do anything for you. It's all for the benefit of the list of the, the lender, but it's obviously an added expense you'd want to drop as soon as you can zip make sense to you I like lightning year how they can only can't get rid like any year that my brain can kill long-term letting so I'm always had a house payment and accounting. I was on my house on gentry except for my mortgage okay excellent. Well, congratulations on that. Keep up the good work and I'd look into this further. It could be that you're a candidate for a refi and if so that would be the other way to get rid of it, but certainly don't want to do that unless it makes sense. Sue God bless you, thank you so much for that. Let's go down to the southern Florida WK ESR station in the sun on the southwest side of things and aura. Thank you for your patience.

How can we help call and thank you for even at Nottage you know no more about what I eat in a neocon. I figured thinking about the heart.

One night, Bates hidden in a vacuum difficult for I and see that I need to commit back.

You cannot buy.

Yes, it's a great question and aura.

Thank you for your kind remarks.

Couple of things. The three fees you will always have to pay when you're buying a new car would be a bit of vehicle registration fee you have to pay sales tax.

And then you'll have to pay a doc fee that's for drawing up the paperwork for the sale, but there are often extra fees that you can try to avoid. And if there there you would want to try to negotiate them away to the best of your abilities and that would be an advertising fee that may be a few hundred dollars to recoup the advertising campaign costs. I just say no to that one delivery and prep fees. You can try to contest those that's to prepare the car for sale. You may see that rust proofing paint ceiling fabric protection of things like that certainly formats extended warranties those are other things they're going to try to sell you yellow I would pass on those your today's cars are built to withstand corrosive weather and road conditions. So I don't really think they need additional treatment you when we bought our last car they offered to do some Scotchgard on the seats for several hundred dollars where you can buy it for $10 on Amazon into it yourself. Your extended warranties study show. We talked about this just the other day that more often than not, you won't get your money's worth out of them.

So instead just make sure you fully fund your emergency fund for needed repairs. So I would just be on your guard against all of those types of additional fees and then recognize there are few of them. The three that I mentioned at the top you will always have to pay that's right and also beware of things like window etching nitrogen in your tires. Believe it or not, we'll live next door molding. All that can add up and all of those things that if you need them at all like nitrogen in your tires. More than likely you don't. But those other things can be purchased off-site from the dealer and at an auto parts store and sometimes a leave and apply those kinds of things for you. So much cheaper if you decide you need them, but don't buy them from the dealer note no reason to be nasty or rude about it, just say no. No no and no and creek they decode today are. We wish you the best. Thanks so much.

Let's see with the policy of her break, Rob. Oh what about the what about the the of the latest updates when it comes to our order my looking for. Here are the Allegheny link here. The app yeah I mean if we want to say no, no, no, no to the app is something we might want to yes yes and yes. Absolutely. So the Randy moneywise app is ready for you to download as we speak. So head over to your app store. Whether that's the Apple App Store the Google play store it's it's there in both and what you will find is first of all the money wise community will be waiting for you in our community tab.

You can post questions and comments be encouraged by one another and I even jump in there from time to time are discovered to have as the best content and biblical finance of all the leading voices in one place and oh, don't forget the digital envelope system. It's the best you go. 800-525-7000 will be back to moneywise live on Rob last all right working to have our family meeting. Part two is that you ask. Well you were here yesterday and you know what I'm talking about.

If not, I'll fill you in. So I've asked Steve to step out during this final segment of the broadcast today so I could tell you something that's coming up here in the next couple weeks.

Steve Moore.

I believe with all of my heart is the best cohost in Christian radio is great personal friend and has been really a fixture of this radio broadcast for decades, going all the way back to Larry Burket.

I know you love him you tell us that daily and he has been an instrumental part of what we have done here for a long time, but he approached me a well over a year ago and said, Rob, I think my role as cohost is done. Meaning I want to transition a bit more of my time toward my family. Marcia, my wife and my grandkids and have a little more flexibility to travel and see what the Lord has in store for me and not be tied to a daily radio broadcast, and I certainly understand that. I encouraged him to stay as long as he could and felt like the Lord wanted him here, but that time has come.

In fact, Steve will retire as cohost of moneywise and moneywise live in just a couple weeks and were sad about that but were also excited about what the Lord has for him in this next season and I will tell you with regard to the show.

We have some really exciting things planned as we reimagine what moneywise live can look like as we serve you biblical financial wisdom. Each day now.

Why am I telling you this now today is not his last day because we have an opportunity for you to celebrate Steve.

In fact I'm gonna stay after the broadcast.

Today the team is going to stay as well and we want to give you an opportunity to be able to celebrate Steve on the air were gonna record these you will not be going over the year were going to be recording them after the show and I give you just a chance to express how much Steve means to you how he's been a source of encouragement and laughter over the years.

So right now anybody would like to know if got to about eight lines open if you call 800-525-7000.

The team's gonna put you on hold and that as soon as the broadcast ends. We're going to give you an opportunity to express your sentiments to Steve more so call right now as soon as the lines are full. I'll let you know. But here's the number 800-525-7000. If you want to be able to share a word about the impact Steve has made in your life. All right, let's go back to the phones were going to head to the Twin Lakes area and Mike, welcome to the broadcast I make you I'm super excited time because I called and roughly 4 years ago my wife and I had sat down with $75,000 in student loan debt amount is looking for. Know what I can do and we had encouraged me to get a budget stick to it live with them are mean thing to put everything that we had Torgerson on and today I made my final payment, and there yes praise God literally today.

You made the final payment about four hours ago. Mike is amazed at scattered provided Cora you not every at every turn has been ED but baseball and I just want to give an encouragement to anybody who don't like they don't delight. The let it all you get there. Great. I can only imagine so you last student loan payment. You said it was in excess of $70,000. You did that over four years, which couldn't have been easy, what might you share with our listeners with regard to how you did that. Would that look like practically practically bicolor earlier you got it down, but with here about and make what you can do each and every month that what we worry.

Don't drink it that Matt and out not doing things that we wanted to personally because again, our financial goal like to be out of incredible slime. Sure, that feels great and I know the Lord is honored by you of following his principles being diligent and then now you have the freedom and flexibility that comes from having that debt completely eradicated and even beyond that to those in our listening audience.

Mike had been encouraged by your testimony today so we appreciate you. You calling today and I'd love to send you a copy of the stewardship Bible just to encourage you. This is a beautiful Bible that we put together with the our friends at the American Bible Society every passage on money is highlighted in green and I'd love to send it to you as our gift just to say a way of saying that congratulations for all of your hard work to use down the line will get your information get that right out to you and Mike.

I bless you.

We appreciate you calling all right hey let's continue to move along here working to head to Inverness, Florida, and Carol calling from WHD in your own moneywise live very good for stretch talks in December and I and come out $10,000 so I think he was saying something about giving up 20% to God and living a minimal stump to begin in my correct when you said that and I should get hundred percent even though I'm on a fixed income. Well, Carol, first of all thank you for calling.

I'm so glad that you did know, and not necessarily giving 100%.

But let's talk about that for a moment because here's the thing you will we search the Scriptures. Carol, no matter how much God has entrusted to us. However, little or however much we see that first of all, God wants to be in relationship with us. He invites us to come into a relationship with him through faith by way of his son Jesus death on the cross on our behalf. The Bible says in Ephesians 4. It's by grace we been saved through faith and this is not of our own doing. It's a gift that God extends to us freely, not of works, so that no one can boast. We can't take credit for because there's nothing we can do to earn it or deserve it. It's a gift, so out of God's generosity.

One of the themes in the Bible. One of the ideas is that as an overflow of our gratitude to God for what he did by sending his son to pay the penalty for our sin that we all have you and I am everyone listening we give back.

We allow is an act of worship that gratitude to be expressed in part through our generosity are taking a portion of what God entrusted to us in sharing it with others in need in our local church so clearly part of what God gives us were to live on and it sounds like you're on a limited fixed income you made that clear, and so clearly you need to provide for yourself that's that's why God has brought this provision in your life you need to keep the bills paid and food on the table and the utilities paid in a roof over your head.

But the question is what portion of that that God has entrusted to you might you allowed to be shared with others and it's not about the money Carol that God doesn't need our money.

He owns it all the cattle on a thousand hills. The Bible tells us is already his. He wants our hearts and he wants us to participate in his activity because here's the secret. When we give we are the recipient of the joy just as much as the receiver up, let me ask you this. Have you ever come to a place Carol where you've placed your trust in Jesus as your Lord and Savior which I like that you be doing well, dear, let me tell you you are a precious creation created by heavenly father loves you dearly, and this created you with a for a purpose, and he wants you he doesn't want anything you can do for him. He wants you and he loves you more than you could ever imagine. And he's right there with you, even in the midst of the circumstances that you find yourself in.

So here's what we all have to do. We can all know Christ and have a relationship with the father, a growing relationship with Jesus, we have to first acknowledge that were sinners we all are. We've all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

We have to recognize we all deserve death is the penalty for that sin. But we have to understand that Christ died for our sins and rose again. That's the good news. God demonstrated his love for us even though we were sinners in Christ died for us and then we have to put our trust in Christ as our Savior. You need to do that I need to do that we all need to do that and when we do that were reconciled to the father we can have a relationship with Jesus and then we need to begin to grow and that by fellow shipping with other believers, even if that's virtually an online or whatever that is and begin to study God's word. So here's what I want you to do.

I want you to call this number want you to call 888 need him 888 need him is the number want you to call or if you'd rather do it online and you have a computer you could go to need they're gonna walk you through what I just explained and pray with you, and you can know for certain.

Today that you're going to spend eternity in heaven with the father. When you place your trust in Jesus of anybody else asked you that question, you can say yes absolutely.

Jesus is my Lord and Savior. 888 need him also want you to hold the line because working to send you a copy of God's word that I like for you to begin to study as well and I'm in a pray for you. Just as we close today. Father, thank you for this divine appointment to this conversation we had with Carol today. Lord we want. You didn't hurt to know how much you love her, be near to her. Thank you that you sent your son to die for her and for all of us.

We tell you today. We trust you for her provision and protection in the days ahead of us.

Call us in Christ. Hey folks, that's what it's all about knowing Jesus and then being good stewards of his resources. They will look forward to having you back with us tomorrow if you still want us your word about Steve more you can do that by calling 800-525-7000 moneywise, not as a partnership between Moody radio and moneywise media come back and join us tomorrow. William God bless you

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