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MS Top 6 Season 4 #6

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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April 5, 2023 7:47 pm

MS Top 6 Season 4 #6

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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April 5, 2023 7:47 pm

Matt gets calls on Biblical Theology. Matt has answers on Biblical Theology. The sound bites are from Roy Rogers "Happy Trails To You," "I've Had The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, "Had The Time Of Your Life," by Green Day, "Goodbye," by Nylons, and "Goodbye My Friend," by Linda Rondstadt. The questions come from people all over the world.  We've compiled the six most memorable of the week. Number 6 to #1! 

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Africa needs Jesus. Give a radio and give hope. Many parts of Africa do not have the means of connecting to the Internet, so join with the Truth Network and TransWorld Radio to put the Word of God straight into the hands of those most in need in Africa. Visit and click on the Africa Needs Jesus banner, or call 888-988-5656 to pledge your gift to put a wind-up radio into the grateful hands of people desperately in need. This is the Truth Network. Monday through Friday, Matt takes calls from all around the world on his radio show. We've compiled this week's best, Matt Slick's Top 6. through one man, Romans 5-12.

Number 5. I was watching a video on TikTok, and a gentleman stated that if you didn't know God's name as Yahshua, you don't know God. Yeah, that's stupid thinking.

Sorry, I have to call off what it is. Okay, it's stupid. Nobody knows how the true name of God is pronounced. In Hebrew, it's Yod-Heh-Vad-Heh, the four letters, the tetragrammaton, and the vowel points weren't added until later, so no one knows the exact pronunciation of the name of God. There's a group called the Sacred Name Cult, it's a broad cult, and it has so many subgroups in it, and they'll teach that you have to say Jesus' name right, or you're not worshipping the true God, and you have to say God's name right, or you're not worshipping the true God. You've got to pronounce it right, and they know what their true pronunciation is. So in legalism, they hang themselves, because no one knows how it is.

Number 4. It's foolishness. So people will say that, you know, so I'll say, okay, so what's the name of Jesus? And I love doing this to them. And they'll say, it's Yahshua.

And I'll say, it is? Then why does it say in Matthew 5.21, you shall call his name Iesous in the Greek? That's what they were told to call him. Do you call him that? Iesous.

No? But, well, wait a minute, well, his real name is Yahshua. And to have the New Testament written in biblical Greek, coined in Greek of the time, and that was a name used and told right there. So why is it that what you say isn't found in scripture? Oh, they don't like that kind of thinking, because it doesn't fit their cultic mind.

Number 3. Any church that preaches the prosperity gospel, would you consider that a cult? Generally a cult generally means they're not Christians. So you can have a Christian church that's been infested with the filth of positive confession theology, and they can still be Christian. And they'll slowly move away from the truth and people who are truly saved and believe the word of God in totality generally will end up leaving churches like that. I wouldn't call it a cult necessarily.

Okay? What would you say about the people that don't believe and continue there? People can be saved in different levels of ignorance, and as long as they're trusting in Christ ultimately that's what's good.

Number 2. The ones who are going to be under judgment are the teachers like Charles Capps, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, you know, Fred Price, Joel Osteen. So these are the ones who are going to face the judgment of God for their false teachings, and they're not being true shepherds. So the individuals who are in those churches, that's different because they're not the ones doing the teaching, they're being misled. Now they're not being misled in the essentials unless, for example, they say things like Joyce Meyer said.

This is what she said in the book The Most Important Decision You'll Ever Make by Joyce Meyer, 2nd printing, May 1993, page 35. Now that is a damnable heresy. So I cannot call her a Christian because of that false teaching where she denies the sufficiency, the atoning sacrifice, of Christ on the cross.

Number 1. You know, if I were to meet someone who sat under Joyce Meyer, for example, who said, yeah, of course Jesus paid a price in hell, and of course you have to believe it, nor to be saved. I'd say, can we go through the scriptures and show what the scripture says? He bore sin in his body on the cross that we might die to sin and live to righteousness for by his stripes we are healed. So that's where the atonement occurred, and it's a propitiation on the cross, 1 John 2. And I would go through this. And if a person then said, oh, I didn't know that, and then they receive the truth out of God's word, well, that means they're already regenerate.

If they say, I refuse to believe what the word of God says, and I'm going to believe what she says over it, then you'd have a case for saying such a person is not Christian. Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Goodbye, goodbye, oh, goodbye. Now I've had the time of my life. I hope you had the time of your life. It's okay now.

Goodbye, my friend. We hope you've enjoyed this episode of Matt Slick's Top Six. For more on Matt and his live syndicated call-in radio show, go to Got a question? Matt Slick has your answer. This is the Truth Network.
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