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April 13, 2023 6:32 pm

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April 13, 2023 6:32 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is produced by The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry the show, Matt answers questions from live callers, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Theology, Apologetics, Religions, Atheism, and other issues---- 05- Advice on witnessing at public secular gatherings, such as PRIDE festivals.-- 32- Danites, Modern day Mormon mafia.-- 38- Matt tells stories about public witnessing.-- 46- What did forgiving sins have to do with the healing in Luke 5-18-25---- 47- False claims of Spiritual Gifts and power in Mormonism.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Today is April 12th, 2023 for the podcasters. And just to let you guys know that for the first 10 minutes we do a pod... We put it on YouTube and then we stop the YouTube after 10 minutes and then go straight to Rumble. If you want to join us at Rumble, you can do that. You can just go to I think it's just Karmorg.

Just look for Karmorg. You'll find it. And what's cool about it is there are a lot of people in there in the chat and it's pretty cool. Pretty good.

So we enjoy that and enjoy them. So if you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 8772072276. I want to hear from you. Give me a call. Okay, we can talk. All right.

We have nobody waiting right now. And also, if you are interested in emailing me, you can do that. Contact me there by just going to your email and emailing us at info at

Info at And just... What was this? It was radio questions, I think it was. The subject. And that's what Ernie was telling me.

I can check him out. Not a big deal. Pretty easy. And that's that.

All right. So I spent a couple hours today on Clubhouse. I was working. And I was doing some AI prep inside of MidJourney doing graphics. And yesterday I was working on the logo and getting stuff ready for another intro outro for some of the stuff I'm doing. We've got a lot of stuff going on. And so, praise God for that. And so I went on to take a break. And sometimes it happens.

People will want to talk to me. And I ended up talking about the Trinity and the deity of Christ for this one guy. And it was really an interesting conversation because this guy... I'm not trying to misrepresent him, but I don't think he knew what he himself believed. Because when I would listen to him and I would work with what he said, he would change his position. And this happens.

It's unfortunate, but it does happen. But it was a good conversation. And then we got talking about some other stuff afterwards. Which reminds me, tonight, in three hours, I'll be on Clubhouse on your phone or club deck on a PC.

And you can look for Matt Slick, interest questions, whatever it is. And it usually goes two, sometimes three hours. And people come in and just fire questions. And we often get into these long conversations about sometimes esoteric topics.

But it's done in such a way that you can actually understand it and follow it for the most part. So I enjoy that. And if you want to check that out, you can do that. I believe, if that's correct, maybe Laura can tell me or type it in there or in private chat there, that she puts the links and stuff up.

I think she does that on the CARM homepage. We've got to figure that out. I think it's social media, social-media. We have that page.

We can put stuff up there, too. There's a lot going on. And people actually were talking about the ministry, CARM ministry, really being appreciative of what it is.

And I want to thank them for their uplifting comments and how much CARM had helped them. I really needed that. It's been tough lately. There's just some stuff, just some things that we have to deal with on a regular basis. And just life, just life.

It was good to hear people say, oh, man, CARM has really helped. It's a blessing and things like that. We like that. I appreciate it. So thank you very much for those of you who did that. I really appreciate that. All right.

Now, I'm looking at the Rumble account. And we have people in there. And more and more people will join in for the next 20 minutes. And there we go.

All right. So we have no callers waiting, 877-207-2276. I'm going to read an e-mail. Question for Matt on the radio. Hey, Matt, Steve here. Steven here from Scotland, UK. He says he goes by a certain – oh, there he is, right? Oh, he's on there right there. Hey, RedformYT on Rumble. Hey, how you doing, buddy? Where I tune into your show pretty regularly and take part in the live chat.

All right. Anyway, my question is, here in June there will be a pride event, first one since 2019, apparently 14,500 people attended that one. I want to fly over. I want to come to Scotland and I want to go and I want to speak and equip the churches and have the discussions with them. I would do that.

I would go to Scotland for that. They say it is going to be bigger than ever. I am prayerfully considering going to pass out tracks, God willing, possibly right by the entrance of the ground where there will be a stage of performers and things. Wow. I think I can make good impact there by way of reaching a lot of lost people. Quickly.

I will not be buying a ticket to go in. See, I would. I would do that. For me it's just research. I would go into something like that because I want to see what they're doing and I want to have film on the inside. I don't look at it as supporting them.

I look at it as researching them. That's what I would do, but that's just me. I don't want to buy a ticket to go in. I don't need to go in.

I wouldn't support that anyway. I think I will stand at the entrance and peacefully pass them out. Peacefully? Well, if it's like anything that happened here in Boise, Idaho, you'll be yelled at. People will scream. They will get in your way, try and stop you from preaching and teaching, try and stop you from handing out literature. They'll call the cops on you. They'll do all kinds of stuff.

He says, let's see, hopefully passing them out, hopefully keeping myself right with the law at that same time. What I would recommend you do is call the police and say, this is what I want to do. What are my rights?

What can I do? And you get the name of the person you talk to, the sergeant, whatever the official would be, the name, maybe even a phone number if you can, of the individual at the place in charge who said that you could go there on this place and pass this out. You want to get that in place first. That's what I would be doing. In fact, if I went to Scotland, if somehow someone just paid for my ticket to get over there and I stayed with this guy so it was cheap and did that for a few days, one of the things I would do is I'd make sure I'd get there. I'd go, okay, look, I'm an American. I'd go to the police station. That's what they call the constable office. I don't know. Look, I want to pass out literature.

I'm from the United States, and you can tell by my accent. What can I do and what can I not do according to your laws? I just want to know, and then that's what I would do.

Let's see. Any advice, tips you can give me? Yeah, I've been giving you several. Like for nerves, staying safe, et cetera. Well, if you want to stay safe, don't go. Okay, there you go. And if you don't want to have any nerves, don't go.

All right? So what do you do when you go? You're going to have nerves. Would I have nerves?

Yes. Would I be concerned about my safety? Yes, I would. And so one of the things I would inquire about there is whether I could use pepper spray. I would just have it on me that if the crowd was pressing in and I felt threatened, pepper spray them. That's it. And then get out of there. I mean, that's me.

I'd see if that was legal, if that's over there or if you get jailed and that gives you some American that's now hostage in Scotland. You know, for whatever. But there's a lot of these, the alphabet, I think I caught another word.

Alphabet Nazis, alphabet Gestapo, alphabet group, alphabet cadre. I'll think of a word, the one I like better. You do put links up. Oh, good. Thanks, Laura.

Thanks for that. I guess so for clubhouse. So what would be a good word for that? Alphabet crowd, alphabet or I don't know. Anyway, says, have you ever witnessed it? One? Yes, I did.

And if so, what are you getting into? Well, what happened here in the United States was that they had the pride festival, which gets me its pride, its pride in their rebellion against God. And so there were some guys who were from another church preaching and there's a crowd around them.

Usually the 20 somethings who have no IQs, whose knuckles are rubbed raw from dragging them on the pavement and their heads are sloped. And they were rude, foul, loud, did not allow, did not want anybody to express a different opinion, just politely give a different opinion. And the Christians who were doing this were at another place, you know, 50 feet away from the entrance, 70 feet away from the entrance. And the pro alphabet, the alphabet, I've got to find a word for that. The alphabeters, what do you want to call them, they went out and didn't surround them because the geography didn't allow really a surrounding thing, but they were definitely there trying to shout them down and try to make it so they couldn't exercise their free speech. The police were like 30 feet away just keeping an eye on things. So, after a while, I stood up and started preaching and just joined in with them.

So, that's what I did. The alphabet mafia, that's a good one, alphabet mafia. So, that's what you did and they would yell and I would just wait, you know, I'd say, well, I'm not allowed to speak here, is that your tolerance? And they wouldn't answer questions like that. You know, they could see they're being intolerant. I'd say, but I was hoping for tolerance from you. This is a place of tolerance, right?

Can you have that tolerance? And, you know, some would actually, they got the point and they would kind of quiet down and said, so what I'm here to do is tell you about the Lord Jesus and what he wants. And they would assert or they would start saying things that I was condemning their homosexuality. I said, I never said that, did I?

Did I ever? Do you ever hear me say condemning it? What I'm saying is Jesus is the Lord and Jesus saves sinners and we're all sinners. And that's what I did. I didn't preach about homosexuality or anything. I talked about generic sin and how we're all sinners and how we all need Jesus.

That's what I did. So, they couldn't get me on that. You're just here to condemn homosexuality because I'm here to point people to Jesus, people who are sinners. Are you a sinner? I'm a sinner and they need Jesus. And that's what I did.

And that's how I did it right there. And so they couldn't say that I was there against their homosexuality. I didn't say anything against them. I said, hey, this is, I'm here for sinners. Are you a sinner?

You know, what are you going to say? No, I'm not. Wow. Okay. I think one person said, no, I'm not. And I said, let me look around for some water because I want to see if you can walk on it because the only other person I knew who wasn't a sinner could walk on water. I don't know. Couldn't you do that too? No, I can talk, interact.

Anyway, so he says, I have nothing, I have not been to anything like this before and I've never done anything like this on a scale before. I'd also recommend this. Don't go alone. If you can, you get a friend who goes with you and he, uh, he watches with a camera and he films everything. And if you could, you have a portable microphone on you so that words could be understood as well. If I were to go there, say I was going there and you were out there speaking, I would stand back with my camera filming and I would bring my, my, uh, walkie and I know my walkie, my uh, wireless mic set up, hook up to the camera and hooked up to you and I would have you out there doing it and then we'd switch and stuff like that.

That's what I would do. I don't trust them. Okay. And a lot of times what will happen is someone will come up behind someone and hit them. I've been threatened before. I've never been hit, but I've had in different things, different things I've done. I've had eggs thrown at me. I've been physically accosted, but not struck or someone made contact with me trying to rip some tracks out of my hands and uh, stuff like that.

I've been threatened with arrest by a Mormon cop and I thought from a Mormon church once, a Mormon get together. So this kind of stuff is just what's going to happen. And if you can, uh, also you can buy, you can get a, uh, hold on a second, you can get a chest device that puts your cell phone on it and you can film from your phone. That way you don't need a microphone. You just use your phone and you live broadcast it to, uh, like rumble or something like that. Live broadcast. Hey, we'll be right back after these messages. Please stay tuned. Give me a call. 877-207-2276. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right, everybody. Welcome back to the show. Yeah, you know, it really got me going there, um, about, uh, witnessing evangelism. Believe it or not, I've done a lot. You know, I could talk about some more of that if you want to give me a call.

877-207-2276. So I've done stuff. Oh, excuse me.

Oh, maybe I need a new cough mic here. I've done stuff like stand out in front of Mormon churches and with signs. Um, you know,

You can go to the website. I've stood out in front of, uh, Jehovah's Witness organizations, uh, their big annual, whatever they do, and, uh, with, uh, I got to get that site working up again.

We had to change things. Um, I've gone to, uh, I've gone door to door and beach evangelism and a lot of stuff. Prison ministry, uh, gone out to schools and, uh, just witnessed to the beaches. And that, you know, it's, it's, uh, it's good. Sometimes it's a little bit risky. Sometimes it is. I've, uh, I remember once here in Boise, they had a Mormon temple opening in Meridian, actually, and I was there a couple years ago or so, whatever it was. And I was just holding up a sign.

You know, it's That's all. I wasn't accosting anybody. I wasn't bothering anybody.

People walked by. I got out of their way. I say, hey, you know, have a nice day. You know, I was just polite. I was just standing up with a sign. That's all I was doing.

And some interesting things happened once. I got the cops called on me. And so I see these officers walking towards me because where I was was like a hundred feet or so each direction from, uh, driveways. And so they had to walk and I saw, oh, here they come. And, uh, and you know, I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm just standing there.

And, um, uh, the Mormons didn't like it though. And these, these cops walk up and then they go, you see what you're doing here? I said, hi officer, how you doing? And this one guy goes, are you Matt Slick?

Yeah. He goes, hey, I really enjoyed your radio show. When it was on, he was listening to me. And so I got a kick out of that and, uh, you know, I said, look, I said, uh, am I doing anything wrong? He says, no, you're not.

But we had to come out because there's a complaint and we just have to go see and make sure it's all documented. And he says, you're not stopping any vehicular traffic. You're not stopping any, any pedestrian traffic. You're not calling them any names.

You're not doing anything. He says, right. I said, I will, you know, I will talk to the crowd though.

People walk in, I'll say, hey, have you talked about this? I said, that's okay. Right.

They go, yeah. As long as you're not using amplification, you can, you can, uh, you know, you can raise your voice and you're not yelling and screaming at him, but you know, you're, you're raising your voice to communicate to him. I says, yeah. And he says, well, and then that was it. We talked and so it was nice.

And then, well, I don't know, a couple of nights later I was there and, um, in the dark, I think it was by myself again, generally not a good idea. And so I'm sitting there and this guy, you know, I'm six feet tall. He's about five foot six and he comes up to me, five foot six, maybe five foot eight.

I don't know. And he comes up to me and he's, he's kind of sturdy and he's with his wife and he is angry and he does not like what I'm doing. And he gets close and he, you know, you could tell he was really fired up and I'm like, okay, I got to be careful with this guy. And so I just took a step backwards, you know, I'm not going to fight anybody.

I'm not going to do anything. And, and so, um, so what happened was, uh, he got, he followed me, you know, a step closer and he said, what are you doing out here? And, and, uh, and mean tone. And I said, I'm just out here exercising my first amendment rights and I've talked to the police.

Everything's good. And, uh, you know, I was talking and he got in my face. He was so close to me. He was within six inches that as I backed up, he approached me again and he could tell if he wanted me to take a swing at him so that he could justify trying to beat me up. And I told him, I said, look, I said, you're putting me in a state of apprehension and that's called assault. I'm, I don't want you to get closer to me. I'm, I'm backing away. I was talking like this, I'm backing away.

I'm don't want any problems. Please leave me alone. I backed away and he pursued me.

And I thought at that point, this is a couple of, I did martial arts. There's a couple of moves I could do. I could drop him. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do anything. So I know I'm going to back up and I just continue to do that. And he got in my face and his wife finally, uh, got in and said, you got to stop this to her husband. He said, you have to stop this. And the Mormons were watching it. The Mormon officials in their suits, they were watching this. And so I looked over at him and, uh, this guy finally just left and then they came over to me and they said, look, he said, you have the right to do this.

And I just want, and one Mormon said this, I couldn't believe it was really good. He said, if this happens again, just walk over to where we are and we'll, we'll, we'll guard you. We'll protect you.

And I looked at him. I said, are you serious? He says, yeah, because you have the right and you don't agree with us. You know, you're not being me.

You're not yelling and screaming and you're not hurting anybody. And this guy was very rude because they were watching the witness who was going to happen. And I said, well, I thank you very much for that. And I said, if that happens again, I will, I'll come over and he said, no problem. And he said, we'll let others know that that's what you'll do if that happens. And I said, thank you. I said, I appreciate that.

And they were nice. And so this is the kind of thing, you know, that, uh, that I got stories like this, this kind of stuff you got to watch out for, you know, I was at another Mormon temple opening in a place called Twin Falls. And this guy, I'm right next to the street and, uh, you know, the side, there's a fence of the property. Then there's like four or five feet of flower bed kind of thing. And then there's the sidewalk and then there's a, you know, a couple of three feet of grass and then there's the curb and the street. So I'm, I'm about four feet from the street on a Boulevard, there's no parking there. Cars are going by and I can't repeat with the guy. I can't repeat what he was saying, but this guy had a truck drives up and he stops right there in the Boulevard.

I don't do that. You know, he's right there and uh, in the street there and uh, he starts yelling at me, rolled down the window. He goes, come here. He's yelling at me. He goes, come here. I'm going to, and he threatened me is what he's going to do to me.

I'm going to, and then I can't repeat it. And uh, so, you know, I'm like 15 feet away from the guy cause he's on the other side of his truck. He's a driver's seat, right? And I'm fast. I can run quickly. I'm like, whatever, you know, he gets out of the car, I'll just run, you know, whatever. And uh, so he, he says, come over here, I'm gonna, and then, you know, he threatens me. And I said, me cause yeah, you, you right there. Come over there right now. I'm gonna blah, blah, blah. And I said, you're talking to me and he goes, yes, you come over here right now. I'm going to be, I said, me over there. He goes, yeah, over here. Come here.

I said, me. He goes, yeah. I said, right now.

He goes, yeah, right now. Where? Right over here. Where? The church?

Right there by the car? Yeah. Why? I said, you're talking to me. And I kept doing this for like two minutes. This guy's yelling at me and I kept saying, me?

Right there? What's going to happen? I just kept saying it. It was running him in circles and he was getting flustered and I said, look, dude, you need to leave. You're blocking traffic.

It's dangerous. You need to go. And he goes, I'm going to get you. And he took off. I didn't see him again.

So it's the kind of stuff that happens. I've been followed. I've been pursued. I've been swatted. I've been threatened with death.

I've been told they're going to find me and kill me and my family. That's just for the Baptists. I'm kidding.

That was a joke. I couldn't help that last line. Hey, folks, give me a call at the bottom of the hour. Nobody's waiting. Give me a call. That's 877-207-2276.

Be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Are you doing what I'm smiling because you were out in the chat room and Randall got me. That was a good one, Randall. Made me laugh. All right.

Let's get back on the air with Matt from California. Okay, buddy. So you with me? Yes. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

So I wonder if I could revert to something I touched upon a couple of times before maybe last week. I don't want you to think I'm like beating a dead horse, but I did a little more examining of like Paul's statement in Hebrews, 927, where it is appointed unto men once to die and bear after the judgment. So with regards to babies, they're not men. I'm just trying to see that.

These are women. So you're making a gender distinction here and doing that because men here just includes everybody. That's what it is. Right, right. I don't know if you can hear me, back on the Court of the Comrades, it's disconnected. We've got some problems going on. I don't know what's going on here.

GTL is disconnected. So I guess we're on. Yes, so I'll just keep talking. So let me know if we're on in the studio. We have, it's interesting, we have problems here.

It does happen. Read broadcast was playing and I guess I'm on the radio again and now you guys can hear me yet again. Please check on the radio. So let me know if we're on being broadcast.

Don't know if we are or not. So anyway, I was talking about the things that I've done and some of the risks that I've taken to preach the Gospel. I have been accosted and I've never been struck, but close to it.

I have been, thanks a lot for letting me know if we're on. I've been pursued, I've been chased, stuff like that. So once, for example, I was following Jehovah's Witnesses in my neighborhood that they were going door to door and I just kept 100 feet behind them and when they would go to a door and talk to them for any length of time, then I would go to that door and counter it, so it's a non-Christian cult and things like that. They went to a door and it lasted three seconds.

No thanks. Go away. I didn't worry about it. So I did this once for about an hour and the Jehovah's Witnesses were seeing me do this. They did not like it and one guy, basically he threatened me and it doesn't represent all Jehovah's Witnesses, but he was pretty upset that I was doing that. There was another time when I was talking to some Mormon missionaries. Now to give you a little bit of a background on this one before the comment he made will make sense, Brigham Young was the second so-called prophet of the Mormon church and once they were settled in Salt Lake City, he had a group of men called the Danites. The Danites were a hit squad that go out and enforce what Brigham Young said he wanted to be done and a phrase was, use them up boys. The Danites were involved with the Mountain Meadows massacre and some other stuff.

So at any rate, the Danites were a hit squad, okay, just think of it that way. So I'm talking to this one Mormon missionary and he was a big guy and he was getting upset because I was countering everything he was saying, quoting scripture and showing a lot of the problems in Mormonism and his jaw started quivering in anger and I thought I don't want to push this guy. I'm not here to just make people mad, but I'm here to talk to them. I was getting concerned so I kind of calmed down a little bit and stopped countering everything he said. He'd say something like, well yeah, but that was polite and blah, blah, blah. He finally had enough and he didn't like that someone could answer him and he clenched his fist and when I was mentioning the Danites, he looked at me and he said, you better be careful because they're still around and we know who you are.

That stopped me right there. I was so shocked by what he said because he was threatening me, my life. The Danites did kill people and he knew and he was saying, we know who you are and they're still around. It was a death threat for the Mormon missionary. I'm not saying that all Mormons are like that. No, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that missionary said that. That's the only time it's ever happened and it was disturbing. It was.

It caught me off guard. Here's another thing. I'll just tell you because nobody's calling, I'm going to just tell stories, okay?

I don't mind. Once I took some tracks out in front of the Mormon church. I was on the sidewalk, I was not blocking any traffic, I wasn't there to cause problems. These people are going to hell and I don't want them to go to hell. That's my concern. Lately, I've been getting the urge to go out in front of the Mormon church again with my sign, I'm thinking about doing that.

Just to do it on Sunday, just stand up across the street and hold it up and that's all. I had this handful of tracks and people are going into the church, into the Mormon ward. This one guy, he comes up to me and I could tell he was very agitated, but he was trying to control himself. And that's fine, I understand. And so he was just a few feet from me, in an appropriate distance, in an appropriate distance, not an inappropriate, but he was fine, I wasn't threatened. And we got talking and he said, why are you doing this? And I explained and I said, I know what Mormon teaches and it teaches a false god and a false Christ, a false gospel.

And I said, I know this is upsetting, but this is what I believe and I'm studying for the truth. And he was very irritated and he asked me something else and I got a lot of answers, a lot of responses and so he didn't like that either. And he comes up to me and he says, can I see one of the tracks? And I had my hands filled with both these tracks and it confused me when he said that. And so I go, yeah, and I went to sift one of them out to give to him and I saw both his hands come forward and I realized he wanted to get my tracks and he grabbed them.

And we had a tug of war over my tracks and he pulled pretty hard and some of them got loose and he had a bunch in his hand and he tried to rip them, but it was too many and he couldn't rip them. And he threw them down the ground and he starts walking at me, right? I mean, as far as I'm concerned, I got to defend myself now. And so right before anything, these other Mormons grabbed him and stopped him. They just got in front of him and said, that's enough of that. And to their credit, good, because me, I was backing away, but if he's going to come take a swing at me, you know, I'm going to defend myself. And so they stopped him and I'm thankful for that, you know, I'm thankful for that. And they were very nice.

They picked up the literature that he had tried to destroy and they put it together and stacked it nicely and handed it back to me. And I'm going to just tell you that, you know, I respected them for that. And I understood that they didn't like what I was doing, but they were, they were neat. They were good people in that respect and no problem. And so they apologized for his behavior and I said, I understand, you know, I get it. And you know, I said, I'm going to still stay here for a while. That's okay.

That's okay. You have the right to do that. Most Mormons treated me like that.

Most Mormons are really nice. So about 10 minutes later, I can still see him. This guy who, you know, tried to steal all my tracks, he starts, he's walking out by the door, up from the door and I could tell his gate was stiff and there were two guys walking with him left and right of him and I knew what had happened. They had rebuked him and he was stiff and I could tell he's going to come out and he's going to apologize. And I knew that's what's going to happen.

I figured that's what's going to happen. And so I go, okay, fine, no problem. And so he walks up to me with these two guys left and right. And in a strained voice, he said, I need to apologize for my behavior. It was not very Christ-like and I am sorry for what I did.

And I'm not laughing at the guy because I get it. That was hard. And I, you know, I admired him for, you know, fast enough, okay, it happens, you know. And I said, no problem. I appreciate that.

Thank you very much for the apology. And I understand that. And I said, would you like a track? This whole body stiffened. You could tell. I could tell what was going on in his head. He was imagining a punch in my head. I knew that's what he was thinking.

And so I wasn't trying to be to be obstreperous or anything. I just, you know, you want, you want one, I'm going to try and witness to him. And he goes, he said, no, it was his teeth are like clenched. He said, no, thank you. He turned around.

He walked off with these two guys next to him, all the way back into the church. And so that's what I remember there with that one. And poor guy, you know, I don't blame him for getting upset, but hey, I got more stories too. I got all kinds of stories. So folks give me a call 877-207-2276 we'll be right back.

It's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276 here's Matt Slick. Everybody welcome back to the show. Hope you enjoyed my stories. I got a lot of them.

A lot of stuff I've done and I love telling them and people tell me that they laugh when I tell them. All right. Hey, we've got an email question. Why did Jesus say the sins were forgiven for the man healed who was lowered through the roof by his friends, even the thief and the cross, even with the thief and the cross, we could perhaps see some repentance. We don't see that there had to be any doctrine understood or a gospel presentation.

All right. Good question. So the man's a paralytic and most probably it was the paralytic who sought out Christ and asked his friends to take him there.

That's probably what was the case because if people are, are there, this is, this is my conjecture. It's where my response, if people are hearing about Jesus and they're, they're okay, they're healthy. Okay.

Yeah. What's he doing? But what if you are a paralytic and you're hearing stories? This guy is, he's healing people. I would, I could see him saying, get me over to him, get me over there. I don't see, we don't see anything in the text that says that the paralytic was talking and urging them to get in, but I bet you that's what it was. But it could also be that, uh, the, the parallel, the men were getting this paralytic in there and I don't see the paralytic saying something like, don't do this, don't do it.

I don't want to. It doesn't make any sense. So it would have to be that it was voluntary and that the paralytic agreed. It would make sense to say that. And so therefore he had that measure of faith to have his friends do that and be let down in the room. And, uh, hence he was forgiven.

That would make sense. Okay. All right. So there you go with that one. And we have a caller.

Let's get on the phone with anonymous from North Carolina. Welcome. You're on the air. Hey, how are you doing? I'm doing fine by God's grace.

So where do you go? I love listening to you and your stories and your answers to people, but, um, something I wanted to share about Mormons because, um, I've got some Mormons in my family, so I've been exposed to them most of my life. I was raised in a very conservative Baptist church.

And so sometimes some of the things they say just kind of really get over me. But I was staying with, um, my cousin overnight and her husband was way up in the church and what they called an elder, I think. And we were sitting in talking, he was explaining to my sister-in-law that was with me, um, some of the stuff about Mormons. She, she didn't know.

You broke up there. We were together to pray over this body and I went, what? And he said, yeah, we're going to pray over him and bring him back to life. I said, you know, only God can do that.

Not you. He said, oh no, we can do it. And I just cut it off cause I know how to go, but I mean, you know, I really didn't know they believed that until I talked to him. They believe they have a priesthood and a priesthood authority and that they can then raise the dead. So they believe they can do all kinds of things and it makes sense and it's consistent with their theological perspective. But I don't know what else you know about Mormonism. Do you know that they teach that God came from another planet, used to be a man on another planet. Did you know that?

That's what they teach. That, but I have seen it, you know, around newsstands and stuff, but the other thing that I do know is his, his wife worked at a, at a meal thing that they owned and she was, she, she didn't stay at home. She had to be out and work and they had like nine kids, you know, nine or 10 kids. I mean, she was just under his thumb and both of them died and bless his heart, she, she died, he died before she did, so she didn't even have a, or she died before he did, so she didn't even have a day without his thumb on her. I know that and they tried to explain to me about who Jesus was. It's not a typical thing that I've heard that Mormon men are always oppressing their, their Mormon wives. That's not what I've heard. And it's okay for them to have affairs. No, it's not. It's okay. They don't believe in that.

Yeah. No, they don't believe in adultery. They don't believe in that kind of stuff. They don't believe in fornication. They don't believe in lying, but there's some things, but no, for the most part you're pretty moral people. They're not weird. Okay. They're good people.

Well, this one was. They just believe in a false God and a false Christ, and that's what the devil wants. He wants them to be nice and be as nice as he can and just believe in a false God.

That's all he cares about. They tried to explain to me who Jesus was, and I just couldn't really wrap my head around all that they were saying. I usually just kept my mouth shut because I knew I would get into a heated discussion I couldn't get out of, so, but I mean, I was just amazed. Well, yeah, Mormonism is a strange religion started by a guy named Joseph Smith who claimed that God appeared to him, God the Father, which is impossible because the Bible says it can't happen in 1 Timothy 6, 16, and he said the Mormon doctrine is that God used to be a man in another world and became exalted to this God, to this place, and that's interesting. And I just saw a new thing pop up on my screen, and so he became a God by following the laws and ordinances of the God over him on that world, and then he was exalted to Godhood, and he came to this world, formed this world, and he has a goddess wife, and together they produce spirit offspring in the preexistence. There's not a really well-defined preexistence doctrine.

They've worked out the eternal intelligences, which is logically impossible, and the issue of the pre-born spirits, and there's a lot of gray area in that about, from Mormonism, but nevertheless, they teach that, and they teach that, you know, temples and having handshakes and going to the temple to learn how to do stuff for the dead and hopefully become a God of your own planet, stuff like that, that's what Mormonism teaches. And Jesus and the brother, Jesus and the devil, and all of us are brothers and sisters in the preexistence. So they have a false God and a false Christ, and they have a false gospel. The only thing I agree with is that we, as the denomination that I am, Christian and all, we need to be out, like you said you did, tracks with people. And when they all got together, if somebody needed help, they got together and helped take care of their own, you know, I mean, they even left their doors, and if missionaries were in the area, they could just come in, lay down in their living room to sleep and get up next morning and leave.

That blew my mind. But, I mean, you know, they had some good stuff, but they still never trusted Jesus. They haven't trusted the true Christ, they have a false God, they don't realize they're believing in a false God. What gets me is the thought of a Mormon who's been raised in Mormonism, believes in the Mormon God, the Mormon Jesus, the Mormon gospel, and they get old and sick and they're under deathbed and all their loved ones are around them and, you know, and they pass away. And then, instead of entering into the presence of Heavenly Father, they pass into damnation because they haven't believed in a false God, and they're idolaters, and the sheer shock that Mormons go through when they die and they face the true God and not the one that they were believing in, and then there's no hope after that. And this is what they're faced with, and it bothers me to hear that, to think about that even more.

Yeah, yeah. I mean, they're so close, you know, why can't they just listen to what people tell them? But my cousin was raised Baptist, and she married a Mormon, and she turned completely into Mormons.

I just pray she was saved when she was young. Well, the Bible says they went out from us because they never were of us, if they had been of us, it would have remained. What should happen, that's 1 John 2, 19, what should happen is that pastors should be teaching from the pulpit, Christian theology, and what other religions teach. And not every single day, every Sunday, but they need to preach it, that over a few months these things have been addressed, but pastors aren't really doing this and equipping them. I've talked to so many people who raised Baptist and then who joined the Mormon church, and a lot in the Catholic church I can understand, because the Catholic church is not Christian, you know, it has all this false stuff in it, but the Baptists, I was shocked when I'd hear how many Baptists became Mormons.

Really. I don't know, it's just scary for people, to me, for people out here that refuse to listen and refuse to accept Christ, it's just, it's a hard thing to watch. I had a guy, I want to tell you this, I'm going to let you go, this is quick. I worked with a guy one time, and everybody in the store knew I was a Christian, and he come up to me one night and he said, you claim to be a Christian, I said, I don't claim that, I am a Christian. He said, well, how come you're here working at this store, when you should be over in China, Japan, or one of them foreign countries, helping people and teaching them about your God? I said, because that's not what God chose me to do. You know, and everything I said to him, you couldn't, the more I said that his countenance changed, he just began to look pure evil. I got scared of him, and I just walked away. I just wasn't strong enough to fight him. There's a lot of people who seek to speak against God, because they hate truth, because it means they have to answer to him, and people don't want to do that. So yep, there you go.

Well, he said he was raised in a Baptist family, but he decided it wasn't right, and I just left him, because I have heard that phrase, their countenance changed, and his did, and it scared me, and I'm a grown old woman, but it still scared me. Well, I get scared when I look in the mirror sometime, but early in the morning, but it's a different kind of thing than what you're talking about. So yeah, I'm with you.

I'll have to run up to it and jump up. Well, thank you for listening to me ramble, but I just wanted to share, and maybe that will help somebody or something, but I appreciate all you do, and I listen to you every day, every chance I get, and I'm just hoping to pray the best for you and for that station. Well thank you. I don't know how the whole network's doing, but they still have me on, which means they have pretty low standards.

That's how I would look at it. If they have me on, it's hardly worth listening to, but you know, praise God though, trying to preach the gospel and equip Christians and inform them and help them in things they want to do. Okay? Okay, well you take care, and God bless you and your ministry. You too. Well thank you very much. God bless. All right.

Bye. Okay, well you know, speaking of that, tonight in two hours, I'll be on Clubhouse, and it's not a big deal folks. You can get on your phone, you can just download Clubhouse and sign up, and it doesn't cost me anything, and around 7 o'clock or 9 p.m. Eastern time, you can just type in my name, a search, and look for it. You'll find a room where I'll be in, Lord willing, if everything works, answering questions and talking. You can join in and listen. It's easy. It's fun. So may the Lord bless you.

There's the music. I am out of here, and by God's grace, we'll talk to you later everybody. So have a good one. See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.
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