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December 11, 2019 12:54 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 11, 2019 12:54 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about the matching fundraiser, which goes until the end of this year.-2- A caller wanted to know if Matt knew about the child abuse cases regarding the Watchtower Society in Australia. They also discussed strategies for witnessing to those of the Watchtower.-3- Regarding Revelation 3-5 and Revelation 17-8, when is your name entered in the book of life and can it be removed--4- Why aren't you more inclusive of LGBT-

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Mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why live it is December 6, 2000 like to have a good time listening and Friday, who yet Friday and her Christmas is coming up and things often slow down on the radio approach of Christmas time.

So if you have a question. If you are calling now might be the time your fiber from line 677-207-2276 last four digits will CRM and hopefully both of you out there listening have been to my website the Christian apologetics research ministry. I hope you will go check it out because of the work unit for 24 years is a lot there so the Lord bless you, if you were curious, and you want to go do some mornings a lot of information there a lot of information to say so myself.

All right, so again we have five open lines 877-207-2276 and am okay so what were doing is we are to say thank you. First of all, to all of you who contributed to the computers that we needed for Brazil for Columbia and for Africa. We have three missionaries out there and we are trying to supply them with what they need. So how it works is some were paying them to do work in those respective countries, and it's a whole bunch don't have exorbitant salary so they can't just buy a new computer and this is how it works, and so we go fund me and people came through and we met Sieben we needed yesterday, and so praise God for doing the transfer did not let set up so that they get the funds to buy the computers and want to say thank you to all of you who contributed to the hats are to say thank you and go funny thing they have a thing we can say thank you notes appreciate that. Also only for the calls to commend you for open lines 877-207-2276. We are now starting our matching funds drive. So we have a donor who will match whatever it is that you contribute and so if you were to do $25 a month. He'll match that and dystopia working out for the whole year and give us a check for that amount. So if you do five dollars will become town a few hundred will become 200 so you be doing this to the end of the year. We do this each year in the same donor does. This is awesome and so if you want you can contribute go to and you can go to the donate page etches/donates and helps out and that would be very very helpful and so we do are usually sick and just let you know.

You know what we like is recurring donations, even if just a little bit don't care because that helps us make budgets helps develop a budget for the coming year. So praise God for that. All right, 305418772072276 Liska Chad from Illinois Chad you're on the show are you doing all right, but God's grace when you write what I was going to call them class got out last call and talk about what you and I don't know. I don't know if you know the watchtower is going right right now because of like a lot of the legal stuff they're going to the child abuse like that, though I don't log heard about that are not. I do know other than paddle problems and they kind of go through them and buried them quickly as I've known that there's been consistent periodic lawsuits and things like that about child abuse.

But something new or more coming up all yeah couple years ago it really breaking here in America now the entire country of Australia document and overall the child would be eight and they called a national they call it the loyal commission of Australia and they it. They gave every different denomination a case number and they found out that the watchtower had did and covered up 1006 child predators in the country of Australia alone.

I do know that they been doing that here in the states periodically and trying to do is have their own elders take care of it and they often very attuned and these guys in some cases women I'm assuming these guys continue their abusive abuse… I know) now at a point now where they're getting food and are not able to keep it under wraps because when people start looking for it. You get start talking to X Jehovah's Witnesses. What you find out there are Jehovah's Witnesses over me day and because their family is there. They don't want to lose their family and either high ranking people they leak top-secret documents how elders are supposed to handle problems how their overseers are supposed to handle problems and I actually have a copy of the manual where it talks about how they're supposed to cover up problems using what metabolic to witness will email you a PDF. Yes, we have it, the actual meal at its elders eyes only. I want the yacht email you a PDF of it.

Yes please do useful, yeah, yeah Sandy. I've been witnessing. After all, is what you do not overdo it with the trying to help them come out of the watchtower and it's amazing because as you know it used to be you could start a conversation with the Jehovah's Witness and they would then an hour or two hours just arguing and now they're at the point yet now there at the point where it is, will you need to go to and look to stop and restart your cell you know that there are new yeah handling I love so it is healthy so much. My research against him and I don't know if you know it's a credible stuff left do you do know about the downloadable file searchable file that you get from them. Yeah, I got you beat the prize like I have and what is the document false prophecy and then I've downloaded so much stuff directly from your own website because you cannot you cannot get JW to take off the tractor creek and I'm at the point now and I want nothing to Jehovah's Witnesses. I stack of papers printed out. I keep in my backpack that I carry my backpack everywhere I go I'm talking to Jehovah's Witnesses, and I know the thousand knee, I will go up to it by feeling McDonald because most of them know me and they are told not to talk to me though if I feed Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't know.

I walk up to introduce myself and of a high.

I'm one of Chad's Jehovah's Witnesses might want to share with you about this account invisibly in 1874 in the battle, getting in there like no know that that's not at all economic Jehovah's Witnesses believe.

I could only evidence and I pull out the actually copy of their own publication and taking a look for yourself and you will see a look of fear, over them and adapt when I get that you don't like that I have more and I'll give you my number one talk about this later on we can and I quickly move on to something else because one of the things like I try to do and this is probably the most effective way of witnessing the Jehovah's Witnesses.

I've been in, you have to short-circuit their programming and get them to think for themselves, something they're not allowed to do with the watchtower I'm slowing what you're saying is you're so right at every point that I can tell you that a lot of witnessing to the witnesses because you're exactly right. I calm watchtower rights, not her face but the watchtower rights they've been brainwashed by the watchtower the match.

If you been to a Kingdom Hall set to similar services are not allowed in whatever I was resiliently I was initially invited through Bible study. I would only and that was at the beginning of the Bible study at the end of the Bible study that that are not welcome on the property so you hereby really affected escorted off the start of the Kingdom Hall properties more than properties and not by being mean just asking questions is the fact that even then went to Mormon church. For example, I did say just kept quiet.

I was escorted off on your Matt slick yes we yeah it's always good to thinking about you need to get together then. I assume you have a ghost similar services because it's very eye-opening to see what they do and how the brainwashed of the procedures that use so it is that I got a hold of a book written by an X Jehovah's Witness in it to help people who are trapped in the watchtower or who just came out the whole goal of the book is to help them find wholeness apart from the watchtower that the author of it is a great book to read going to get you inside the mind of a Jehovah's Witness. Now the author's name is Bonnie Zeman been out of the watchtower for 20 years reading the book which she recommended through me.

I got Dr. on Facebook just looking through her book reading it I can see even though she's been out for 20 years. There is bits and pieces of the brainwashing in programming bidders dill in her mind and she and she left. She became a life psychologist or psychotherapist and she still doesn't realize the mind control they have over, and I love it that, but I evident. If you read or write. Because when she's describing what to look out for in a high control called some of things you look like this is the only way of salvation will wait a minute Christianity believed that they in Christ and his sacrifice along the only way to salvation, but that doesn't make up a call that make us a world religion so it's really interesting how people been out of it so long will be programmed if you know the truth then gets a particular time to find out the truth is that so you know my my advantages. I was never Jehovah's Witness or Mormon or anything was next upon in the cult when I was younger and got tricked into being saved in a very dramatic fashion and then start a study so I learned my theology basically on the streets by talking to Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and oneness Pentecostal people and Christian science. I did this back in the early 80s and had a swap meet ministry for 2 1/2 years went on every Saturday my roommates and I we would set up a booth and pass out literature and we would debate discuss so this is what we did and we just we had no denominational leanings.

We had no anything and so we just go home and look at the Bible for answers a question we can have answers to get us.

We did and so we learned a great deal to break out of a hold of them anyway so what you will from Illinois direct backup is less dystopia for the life-giving calling 77 mass Y77077 is immensely back of the show recalled through online 77072276 Rebecca Chad Chad enjoying the conversation having on Jehovah's Witnesses so all my all my we were talking about how their program brainwashed the and I mean it. I look at it going staying because one thing I've seen over the years watching Dr. Walter Martin videos in his lectures been watching great golf you and from others. No witnessing in real time on the street it's been so beneficial and I mean it. It amazes me just how brainwashed folks can be and I never went chocolate Jehovah's Witness. I never used terms like cult brainwashed all always refer to it as if I do have to go to it. I'll call it programming a little less offensive. But one of the things I've discussed with Jehovah's Witnesses and had a really good that's great that getting them to think for themselves is I will take them know they like to play Bible ping-pong and they like you just take you into all these different things that don't even matter. One of the things I've done is I will start talking to them about the Old Testament sacrifices in the Old Testament and you know there really hung up on Jesus was not crucified.

He was oriented to state is just across right well right and I'll talk to them and say what you know in the Old Testament that will be learning about why Jesus had had to be crucified and L agree you know agreed with our sacrifice for sin.

And at that point all taken into like Exodus 29 or some other passages were talked about how the priest had to take the blood of the sacrifice and put it on the corners of the altar in Alaska. How many horns around the altar and they'll say well alone and I'll say right and Allstate.

Now you believe Jesus is your sacrifice right now. Yeah, and off they were looking, was crucified on Tuesday. How many places are there for the blood to be applied is 200 and go always able to and I'll say, but according to the Old Testament sacrifice had to have the blood put on all different places of the altar not to and if the cross is the New Testament altar that the sacrifice was laid upon 34 point mistake. We only have to copy writing that I'm and then I use buzzword they are really struggling. That didn't help me understand something that forces them want to help it.

It's just amazing how if you take that little little nonessential, and you get them to start thinking for themselves about them can oftentimes lead them to think about major so absolutely correct things. I'll do is I'll ask them questions us all signals reading the Bible I came across a very interesting, I never lied and said it is a couple verses a company thinking maybe you could help me understand them better and was certainly possible because her Jehovah's Witnesses mean they can't have some correct information. Sosa Sherwood versus I'll show them. And I have these two would do that it altered the Bible and one of them so that it makes it more difficult but different. 30 years and be doing this with him.

I don't go to Chuck since 1924 Jehovah rained fire and brimstone from Jehovah on Sodom and Gomorrah and showing the verses right.

We think that and have the time to look at PNC tradition with the Trinity and excite you get the Trinity out of it and they would just as I get is another verse under sharia law and they would they would let me should continue to do this and I have a lot of time.

They were just as what will be back later and never come back later writing everything and you know one thing I've learned from another extra all equipment is brilliant and they all have to get up because they have another appointment. After a really cool wit whereat because when they do that most of the time they're actually lying and added a hollow yeah erratic war strategy. The technical right you put them on the spot about that. It really it really bugging them look and not the goal of bygone and make him feel bad. The goal is to get them to think for themselves, because once they start thinking for themselves to be able to start researching about they will be able to discover the true and then that's why our prayers are so important because we need to intercede on their behalf of the grace of God would awaken within them that they would believe the gospel until you get a lot of witnessing experience with them, so any funding that would soothe you with two witnesses. All especially if I dressed like one see, you just does it again he just said something that a lot of people don't pickup on this tells me you have spent a lot of time talking to them to the Jehovah's Witnesses have a certain style of luck in the Mormons due to the very similar, but I can often tie up energy dubs as you lock on a Saturday is driving down the road.

Okay, those guns with excellent and is not often follow turning another caddies do energy dubs. I just know and go back in for Mike.

I call it dove hunting with some families to do is go to Impose on a Saturday and wait for them to leave folks pick a car you can do all of them. Pick a car going the neighborhood and pacify warning track which I just now checked. Is this broken link on comp you fix that with the warning track tech Dr. Walter Martin I to go to his classes and ice to have met him a few times and the people I worked with were working with him so I had to think of the warning track is on farm you can see the printed the text version of the downloadable heights of three reuploaded but any rate, Walter Martin, one order hundred thousand and pass them out on doors because lay people from joining more misjudgments is and is called warning track right so he one order hundred thousand is an advertisement for his national radio show and then he passed away and then diverted Jerry and Mary about being with a worked with him at CRI Christian research Institute so about four or five months later, I approached Jerry I said hey Jerry projected distinct track with multiple Martin would suggest this to it. Then Jerry had a stroke so you know and never got out in that sense, but any rate, while what I tell you what I'm working on a project now and have a couple my friends and on it and when it happens I'll have to send you the YouTube video. I'm going to have a friend of mine go inside of the kingdom of all in their ability texting me. I have actually discovered a way I will be able over their PA system they use the character I will be able to wash out whatever goes over there microphone I'll be able to play whatever I want Sinclair's physical oil is was fun. I was that he really does got it of the open lines folks 7207 mass Y77077 is immensely back of the show lines give a call 877-207-2276 Scripture Kim from rural North Carolina. Welcome Revelation. Revelation 17 890 and into the light and can be blotted out well of the phrase life occurs eight times in the Bible and the once in the Old Testament rest of the New Testament and others discussions and debates within Christian circles about whether or not you can lose your salvation so I don't believe you can record what Jesus says in John 637 through 40. And so if the book of life needs are saved, then it would not be possible to be blotted out of the book of life, somebody will then why would he say he will not erase it. It might be a phrase it this is what you don't and you will not lose your salvation because if Jesus gives eternal life to everybody to his people and they will never perish, that he could say and you will never perish blue because something tobacco. Oh, that means you could perish if you if you said you want them. It is possible to do that for you and necessarily so. It just depends on how we can leave the phrase because it is a difficult thing to kind of understand. Plus is a cultural phenomenon that was a book of life at that with every city, every basically in the training area but particularly in Jerusalem, they would have a list of the people who live in the book and in that city elect that town and when they would die to be erased and so the idea there is that your dad your bigotry to be down. I would be the context of the phrase you can. They would be blotted out of the book of life. It doesn't mean that they were in. It was more of an idiomatic expression of damnation and it looks like the those whose names are in the book of life and the foundation of the world are there because God from all eternity has granted that that would be the case, and there they will not be blotted out of the book is a simple way of looking at that would make sense. In other words, want you in no way he can't take you out sequence in relation 1780, says the beast that this down the beast that you saw was and is not is not to come out of the abyss and go to destruction, and those who dwell on the earth whose names whose name has not been written book of life from the foundation of the world. Wonder when they see the big stuff.

Think about this. The names of the people who can be saved or the book of life would from the foundation of the world. This means this is an eternal decree of God from the foundation of the world. If God knows that some of you will be lost because if hypothetically the name was in the book and then to be lost. That would mean that from forever ago God put their name in the book of life, only for them to not have it doesn't make sense to some might say, well everybody's name for it in the book of life that and then you lose it when you die out of salvation. That's one theory after you and I don't really gonna lean towards that. When necessary, but I don't believe it is the book of life is of the elect that God has given to the son.

John 637 and John 17, and that those are given to the sun for the redemptive work of their names have been for the foundational world written the book of life. That's why we have phrases like your name will not be written be a race for the because it can't be okay. Thank you.

Public RNA of lust, but all rights was Kim from rural Hall North Carolina was even call folks if open lines 877-207-2276 look at the nape of my neck and look for the show.

I radio we got.

So I wondering why simply way I don't I through a form of phraseology that would be more inflicted Christian why don't use phraseology. I joined in the minority understand what phrase my supposed to use what you buy that I can understand your question is one thing is I'm not sure what you're saying. So my question is why white you are Christianity at particularly the community because LGBT is sinful and is not Christianity to practice that beyond the live in sin, homosexuality is a sin, you have basis for that other than the thick but then repeatedly tell you what if you want.

I have an open I'll make it a challenge. Right now I will debate that your best. Whoever whatever on that side out of those verses in Scripture with a formal public debate. I would have no problem finding okay just let you know everything you hold so that those verses that are supposedly dead okay alright so those verses that you say been refuted.

They have not been refuted. Have you looked at the information I got on Carmen about this and those verses. I have actually every careful not divine and I like it are short in several areas.

Well I'm sure you would mean if you want to get on that won't happen.

We have time that I could this argue jeepers out of the sky I debate my question is if there are more than one way to read sure what you think that your reading of it, which is particularly at the message that you not ending at while Helen correct their reading agree with you I do. I'm correct about this. Thank you. Appreciate that playthings of the day. You are correct that lie. You did, you said you said that you and I just like oh no residual again you get to saying I am correct in that that Matthew finds wrong. I agree with you that sure is excited by your – why my patient is just what you asked my why my interpretation.

It is the right one on this interpreting what you said to tell me how is it that my interpretation isn't correct. One of what you just said I you look at your medical structure of my question after it though you can't interpret that at the says I can't.

Just because you the question make interrogative doesn't mean that there's a statement not hidden inside of it.

I can try whatever limits your being. I think you're being completely and I don't think about our file look like you think that your early expert I got there and on about creation lie is that the correct when in reality the messages want to include.

It's not what universe do you come from, Jesus is on the way, the truth, the life nobody comes the father but by me is that inclusive or exclusive much more inclusive than that previous theological narrative which is it inclusive or I asked you a question I asked you question is, it includes its English it says that he's the only one we please go to is wrong. Confucius is wrong.

Mohammed is wrong.

All of them are wrong is that inclusive, exclusive that's not the same I know is it inclusive or exclusive heart that you not listening-UK-is it inclusive or inexpensively fully. I know not, is it inclusive or extensive than one way and not exclusive in another.

Okay, so it is exclusive claim and it can be anchored event that the amount of light Nathan so it's exclusive so you said that the New Testament the Bible is inclusive know it's not in fact Jesus says if you trust in him, you can go to hell. John go to Johnston 316, 17, Matthew 2546 Matthew Mark 329 book, so he says these is it doesn't sound as laymen. Let me explain why I am paying the word.

I think that wrapping when I think look at what I'm saying that every Google Earth that no matter where they are where they come from or anything like that and I'm right it a note you so I am not like you think that your your biblical interpretation of the event, negative path to justify an act and other social group. When exclusion is to you Meredith. Only the only form that has not been done by rather by denial right you need to show me why they hold on to say: to say hello to say hello to not make the top Nathan when you set a try and ask a question that's a super complicated statement?

I know you doesn't work every hold on, I'm sure he would love you like this conversation is that a lot of folks you write that got his messages that I call 77077 pairs nicely reported back to Nathan on the air.

Hopefully still there's what you were doing a matching funds drive through the end of the year. If you are interested in supporting us. Whatever you give will be matched to give 100 will be to figure 5 will be done. All you do is go to all information is right there is going to do that we will automatically know the new sign-ups and network as new sign-ups is what it is to Nathan from Idaho.

Nathan is still there. I am so you want to do outreach in Scripture that condemns homosexuality.

But Sherman asked the question or did God make Adam and Eve, male and females and how God did initially, I mean everything. It literally okay so that's what he did and you talk about Christian context and Jesus authenticated the teachings of Moses. So Jesus there thereby supported the idea of of man and woman is marriage and in Leviticus 2013. If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed an detestable act and then we will bring us Romans 126 or seven. For this reason God gave them over to the group to degrading passions gave them over the music judgments upon them for their practice and what you believe about homosexuality.

God gave them over to degrading passions. For their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural in the same way.

Also, men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another than with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. The Scriptures clearly condemn homosexuality. I don't think your complaint you think but I think we need understand or you can continue which of the different sexual acts of animal sexuality as though it all and they have attraction in fact multiply that I don't think anything then apply the earth that the people even with your interpretation unless you can conclude that they had indeed part architectural action so everything going forward.

I need understand sexuality at a group or if there is an actual social group. This is to me as the type of brainwashing. Marxism might have in 1984 the novel look, there's nothing to do with Mark nor coming of know that's what it is brainwashing and it is groupthink in this other than your use. The phraseology of these kinds of things in it so you have means of inculcation and brainwashing, but nevertheless if people are born with a tendency of homosexual attraction will it still sinful, just as are born, the tendency of lying or the tendency to lost covet this. It is are born with a disability. Okay, I wasn't talking you show me where in the biblical pack that attraction came back currently in the book of second Chronicles see when you say show me and then you give a sentence.

That's you going to do that what we want to do is go to the Bible says we know that the intentions of people's hearts are wicked and no one does.

Right before God. Homosexuality is not natural is not normal and it is not wholly it's an un-natural unholy predisposition just as is the tendency for pornography and lying and staff. These intentions of the heart because it's on the intentions of the heart that the hand then follows okay so be toward heterosexuality at no so what is the distinction because God created us for heterosexuality as is obvious since biological structures that faking a claim, you need explain why that I'm trying to. I try to do what you do is you really stop God made male female genitalia go together. Male female.male male not female female. This is how God intended things now again you're going, I met sexuality. The orientation and I told you that the orientation leads to the act. It's the actions that are kind. I understand that not in every case but is a sinful thing because God created male and female he created them to be married and them to be joint. That's what God created anything that deviates that from that is not godly and is ungodly and whatever is ungodly is sinful. So the tendency for that is is ungodly against God's created order something is against God's created order that by definition that… Create that week saying that he puts you you begging the question. You assume that God makes someone gay is gonna make it does not make them gay is make them sinful and unique tendency toward think that okay just you just you hear me he doesn't do that. This is an issue that little theology. He does not do that right isn't Mason's with the sinful tendencies so then your thing that people choose same-sex attraction about over and over again by the psychological know, though, don't give me that I know better than that and you should know better than that to say it's been debunked that this list is not true.

You have twins start it's a habit I can. Let me finish you have twin studies. Identical twins which demonstrates it is not just the mere born with. Because identical twins want to be homosexual, one cannot be, and yet their identical twins. The hope that the twin studies put a big step of disapproval on that theory, and what we do find out statistically that a lot of homosexuals have been molested as children and they have these aberrations because of it. If someone is born with a tendency hypothetically if they are it still sinful doesn't mean it's okay any more than seven born the tendency to lie is subtly look at other born okay so you need to point individually for you mentioned, which I will mention have more than one being added, not constructed properly within the by even that you are that they are correct in their and out what they and we still have a lot of category.

The Look at epigenetic, we can look at psychological media. Do you know what I did not is illogical.

You week I I know a little bit more than probably average for thing but I want Daniel epigenetic is that with the blankets for anyone to stay because of it in at any organism can second that I never been a question for you later this should people like me who speak against homosexuality on the radio and on the website.

Should we be silenced relevant that the biblical query I should we be silencing your opinion just cures which opinion I don't think that's relevant to the question, should we be silenced. I just want this quick question answered at the red herring was not a red herring. I wanted I answer you want to the question you want me silenced. Don't you different. Do you want to set a slot jointly hazels as I lay it out. Just as in the question direct even firing questions at me up and enter the amount now asking you a question. Should people like me and speak against homosexuality and the radio and on the Internet and conferences should we be silenced should be allowed to speak in front of a violent no elation okay I just wanted to hear.

Okay, so we should not be forcibly silenced.

We should be silenced differently Violet you should be silent yourself. I should use. I was a very lighthearted all the harm that it does so you're talking about harm. Okay have you done the studies of Uganda's CDC. I have talked about psychological harm. The homosexual community is suffering because of their homosexuality.

That's it for much of the New World uses an AIDS you've done the studies right.

I have, I think you're aware that AIDS is something that can be contracted yes I'm quite aware of that but have you done the studies with the CDC on the percentages and the problems I read that they haven't done that yet. Okay, so you can bear it all up and I would be inflation.

Nobody got all you okay so you know then it's a very harmful lifestyle both emotionally and imprint physically. I don't think the electrical current that week.

Many studies that look at up orientation. At that show that actually it's more harmful for a homosexual in America, but they are not affected and as the market fell objectively.

If they do not remain celibate and find a partner with their will to should be getting there this hydrate so down they should be good miracles or areas anywhere reported your depression go down 90 rates go down that really leave that time and time again that you should go to Carmen and look up statistics HIV-AIDS health the physical problems we have all kinds of problems that are are there from alcoholism, domestic violence, AIDS, breast cancer everyone is increased in that community. Every threat enter is higher among lesbian restaurant that's right greater risk than heterosexual men for developing breast cancer. Gay, lesbian IL Association GL Go read. I got the stuff I've done my homework on this talk about what causes you talk about. This is higher okay that this rig the court from them so you think the thing that here's the thing you think I should self regulate and not be not speak up about this, but I have to speak about it because I don't want people to go to hell and suffer eternal damnation. This is the greatest harm that can happen to them if you say that I going to hell or not they are going to hell like anybody who I don't because like anybody who abides in their sinful rebellion against God does not repent of it is not trust in Christ and abides in their sin to be down back to my original question. Would you been.July. Why do you believe that the Bible at the relationship because it condemns in Leviticus 2013.

Romans 126 27 2013 heavily and at Mosaic law. Also, you admit that his Mosaic learning today, but it also it also probably know from a lot of Levitical prescription and The 20 that it it was probably given that the delete delete and delete and create were already married in different doing that than it actually does the combination of adultery coming out of the relationship in and of itself. Note the difference different thing altogether. It says in the beginning of Leviticus 20 you shall also also citizens of Israel in the man for the sons of Israel or from the aliens sojourning in Israel so that means everybody and it goes into verse 13 condemns. It's not just Leviticus with the Levites that that was simple. I desiring to have a good Romans wanted to you, you eat pork or workload with more than two material. Yes euros. So why are there, they take a look.

My weight it. It ratified only we got you like. I am not entirely accidentally quickly. Just because it says to the sons of Israel say and it was only the Israelites not to the Gentiles. The other thing I just read was the Monday. Sorry about that folks were at a time. The Lord bless you with him by his grace there tomorrow on Monday.

That is

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