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May 11, 2020 2:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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May 11, 2020 2:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What happens to the soul after physical death---2- Is the old Jehovah's Witness book -millions now living may never die- useful in witnessing to JWs---3- Could the current pandemic be related to the U.S. recently pushing for a -two-state- solution in Israel---4- What is your response to replacement theology---5- How does the church wake up---6- How do you respond to the Seventh-day Adventist view of the mark of the beast---7- When Jesus speaks about -this generation- in Matthew 24, doesn't that mean his prophecy had to have happened back in Jesus' own day---8- Among the four horsemen in Revelation, is the rider of the white horse Jesus or the antichrist---9- 1 Peter mentions our prayers being hindered. Does God hinder our prayers---10- How can God demand the sacrifice of Isaac or the slaughter of the Canaanites while also commanding us not to kill-

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A previously recorded mats like shelf mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive that for you have questions about Bible doctrine serves a max Y granted you will recall, we held flawlessly. We have 5 o'clock so if you want to be a quick one here is delete 772072276 don't talk about everyone talk about so well this remind you Lexi was still nearby. Your support if you want to support us. You can do that. Just go to work on the road/donate sorority page of right and so I let the patient for that we ask five dollars a month to month. I know pandemic and all that was going on but the need no we don't people and you will help out camp. Also we have three online schools and check them out. You can there's well on the homepage check really good actually. If I do say so myself.

And we have the podcasts so if you want to catch up on past shows all you do is go to Truth you can type in the podcast community thing there and you can check it out because of the car/radio and will have a link.

Therefore, the stuff and I released an article today on socialism and is a biblical and the some research on difficult principles of government and Boyle tell you it was interesting, and more research produce another article on that flat out socialism is un-biblical text is not good talk about the call and we can if you don't want to that's okay though all right I think about it is getting the calls here. Let's get to vomit from Richmond, Virginia Yvonne, welcome you here hi sure about what happened though growling that I know a lot that don't lead and Hildebrandt to write down a lot of a lot of people that have been what the Bible about the adult following Heart Does Not Teach Soul Sleep Is Really Is Doctrine and Its Held by Those Who Teach and Isolationism and I Wrote 180 Articles with Annihilation and the Social Sleep As Is.

But It's Not True As Sacred Is 58 to Be Absent from the Body Is to Be Home with the Lord and Second Chronicles Is to Corinthians 12 to Itself, so I Know Mandler 14 224.

I Know Men Were in the Biter of the Body Do Not Know What Was Caught up to the Third Heaven so His Conscience Could Be Heard. Things Saw Things and Stuff like That so Looks so Existence Apart. The Physical Body Is Definitely Definitely Possible and Also Also We See in Luke 1619 to 31.

Some People Call the Parable. I Don't Believe It Is. It's the Story of Lazarus and the Rich Man and They Both Go Die Conscious after Death and Having Conversation Discussing Things or Whatever with Abraham's Bosom. So That's the Position of the Biblical We Continue on As a Questions Call the Intermediate State Dealing with. So What Happens to the Soul. We Don't Know the Bible Doesn't Say That Were Disembodied Say Anything Just As Difficult As I Quoted You Show That There Is Consciousness after Physical Death and Were Aware and Then at the Resurrection Will Be Reunited with Our Physical Bodies and Continue Water Back Seems to Be the Issue Okay Okay I like Last Night for That.

Not Please Ask These 12 Nine I Believe It Is. Let Me Check 12 612 Seven but It's It's It's That's Where He Is Picked Him down Right No End in What See the Problem with That Is You." Ecclesiastes and Noise in the Background Was Going on. Ecclesiastes Is the Beginning of Ecclesiastes. In Verse Three. What Advantages Man Have in All His Work Which He Does under the Sun under the Sun, and That Means It's a Perspective of Looking from the Earth to Prospectively See People Die within the Dead Know Nothing.

When People Go to Ecclesiastes, in Order to Make New Testament Documents. That's a Big Problem over the Week. I Watched a Seventh-Day Adventist Preacher and Writable Black Guy Friend His Name to the Member's Name and He Talked about 1844 and Some Other Stuff and They Also Teach This and Socialized in NST Is Is Wrong Something or Flat out Wrong and I'll Debate Them Debate Anybody on This Issue. I Mean, This Is like the Bible Says. I Got A Lot Of Information on It and Doug Plus the Soul Sleep Destruction Issue Has Problems with the Nature of the Atonement As Well. Okay You so Much You to All Right. Let's Go the Phones with Me before We Do That I Can Make a Correction. I Said Something on Friday Turned out Not to Be Accurate. We Talked about Some Heavy Pink. I Said Affirmed Universalism.

He Does Not Okay Just Want to Correct That and Someone Listener Signal Is Not Correct and He Showed Me How and Where, Thank You Very Much for Doing That Is When Nature and Make That Known. So, Good Stuff in a Different Pink. You Can Read Okay Good Nelson from Bakersfield, California. Nelson Welcome the Question Referring to. You Might Even Read It. The Book from Rutherford Now Will Never Die Jones Witness and Am Well Going through a Sample of It, but I Am Impaired and Blind and Not. I Looked through My IPhone and Bright Red Assembled There and It Talked about Give a Quick Little Riff and Fainted and so My Question Answer I Want It. I Purchased That Speculated You That to Witness to the Witness. Okay so You Know Is Going to Make Sure That You Know That That That Book Is from Rutherford Is a Second President of the Jewels with a Summarization and You Know That the Jewels with Us Is a Non-Christian Called Right Yeah Okay Good You Can Use Any of the Materials to Witness against Him. You Can Show That in the Plethora of Information They Have so Many Contradictions and Changes in Teachings.

But Yeah, You Know I Got That Book Packed Away Couple of Them or Something like an Elder in 1800 Google Works Correctly. I Called and I Mentioned That I a Friend of Mine Came over to Me and Them Does Limit" I Was Talking to Couple Weeks Later, over the Phone and I Was from Scripture That in Their Kingdom into Linear First First Chapter 1 Verse 15 but the Additive without the and Licensed It and It Didn't Register My Will Back out There. We Started after We Spoke, and Spoke for A While, and I Will Thank You for You Have Given Me a Thank That Is Stated to Be Stronger Now, but He Believed the Truth and like All That Okay Whatever Common Timeouts I Ignore That Situation. What Came You Write so I Would Suggest That You Attended Kingdom Hall and Listen to What Is Going through. Listen with Their Brainwashed Because You Actually Bring in Its Very Evident When You Go There and You See Think They Trust the Watchtower Organization over the Bible. That Is Undoubtedly True, and so You Know It Your Desire to Witness to Them Is a Good Thing You Find That It's Can Take A Lot Of Work to Do Witness It. Just What It Is Because Are so Brainwashed the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the Jump Easier with Legally Blind. An Oath If the You Know, but You Can Go to and You Can Get Do Searches for All Kind of Topics in General That with the Blind Have Readers and Things like That What Your Condition Is but Get All Kinds of Information Witness to Them a Great Deal Know about Colossians 115 to 17 Know What I've Done This with Jehovah's Witnesses As Well. Since All Other Things Were Created by Him before Him, through Him, All Other Things Can Get by Him, All Other Things Are Created Only the Ad with Other Four Total Times in the Text Now. In Greek There Two Words for Other and What Is All Us and Others Had Terrace and All Loss Means Other of the Same Kind Had Terrace Means Another or Other of a Different Kind and so the Greek Is Very Specific and Neither One of Those Is Used by God in the Text and Show Them This and I'll Say It's Not There and I Have for Now, Here's a Greek in College and Seminary Check Is a Look of California.

The Greek in College and Seminary.

I Can Read This Right Here to Tell You What It Says in His Word. Other Allah's Thoughts Are Not There. Why Does Your Watchtower Put It in When It's Not There. Is It to Change the Meaning.

I Asked the Question but What I'm Saying Is I'm Suggesting Is Putting Is Not Merely Change the Meaning of the Question Again at the Gimme Some Lame Kind of Anthracite but They Change the Meaning of the Text by Adding the Word Author Imply That He's Accretive Think the Text Is That There Why Did It Not What Was It Not Included in the Original. Why Do You Have To Do That and Elicit Means, If That's What It Means and How Can This Not What It Says Wise Watchtower Keep Changing It. Nothing I Keep Repeating This Will Shortchange Changes It Adds, It Adds It Going to Do Okay. I Noticed When I Will Repeat Myself Couple, However Time-Dependent. It Was It Was You and I Could Tell I Was Registering My Brain and Later Deming Continued with the Alt.and That and I Heard You Stated That before That When You Speak to Any Coke Person Can Effectively Limit Cult Basically Laid out the Repeat Yourself Several Times Registering the Grain so Brainwashed Is Called Inculcation to Inculcate Means to Teach Our Petition. This Is Why I Suggest People of the Kingdom Hall to See What Their against Because They Are Inculcated by the Cults That Requires Multiple Attendances Multiple Times throughout Their Lives. I Made It over and over and over. So a Quick at the Door. Meeting Is Quite a Challenge to Be Able to Produce Something That's Gonna Make a Difference, but You Can Do It and When I'll Often Do Is Take Their Bible and If I Haven't Purple People Eater Recall Her Kingdom Interlinear. Whatever It Is I'll Show Them the Greek from Their Own. Your Own Earlier Writings, Literature, and the White Shot Is the Holder You All Okay Right Back after This Message Is What You Recall, 77207 Mass Y Call 77077. Here's Matt's Leg All Right, but Will Come Back to the Show Three Open Lines of Call 772072276 Us Get Back on the Air with Nelson from Bakersfield.

Welcome. We Got a Couple More Things about Making a Translation of Bible Using 1 at 15 American Standard Bible in the Other to Witness to Witness Well and Would As Possible. We Have To Have Pagination with a Great Deal of Work in Order to Go to Produce and yet to Get Rights from Different Companies and Things like That. It's It Will Be Hard to Think You Could Do That Was Just Produce a Pamphlet That Compares and Contrasts the JW Falls Translation Translation with the Original Greek and Show How They Have Altered the Text's Internal Theological Needs Is an Evil Thing.

My Mother Question Referring to a Note to the Joe the Chapter Is the Word Talk about the Horses Coming on the Earth.

There in the Last One of Them, a White Horse with the Bow in Relation 14 Yeah Yeah the Book of Revelation Chapter Did a Remarkably Are Betting That in Church and Correct Me If I'm Wrong but I Believe That There Could've Been a White Horse with the Bow, the Court, the Partner the Boat but with No Arrow That Refers to the Antichrist Correct. See Intel See the Verse You Can Read the Context.

I Can Tell You. Okay Good Riddle Is a Beaker That I Stated That While Back at Church Them and Make Good.

I Do That Is Satan Himself, but Can Tell You That That Will Directly Cry without without First I Couldn't. And the Reason Kind of Interested You Is Because I Don't Know If What You're Saying That They Said Is Accurate and and Am Not Sure What Having Things in People's Heads. If It's Not Accurate or Not.

And so We Don't Know Him Versus Ours. He Was Taken out in All and and and Look like to Know. You Know It's Possible Okay Go Back and Political but with Diverse Area, Now You're Talking but He Has a Number I Would like Okay Will God Bless Matt That He Call It All Right Is Nelson from Bakersfield. Been There Many Times to Kind of a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall and Bakersfield Was Driving through My Wife and You Know Me, with a Stop for Gas and Some Food.

Kingdom Hall on Because They Have To Be Having Service. She Was Okay and I Think She Was Eating When I Was in There and I Knew That When Asked Questions and I Also Knew If You Start Asking Questions and Ask You to Leave so Start Asking Questions They Asked Me to Leave.

Exit Okay Because the Questions They Were Difficult for Them and They're Not into Entering Difficult Questions Her into Having You Believe the Ability to Enter That Houseful to Be Anyway. You May Call 87720722764 Open Lines of What I Hear from You Again. 877-207-2276 Courtney Welcome Back Your on the High Now All Related.


Wondering If You Die January Where Is Ready at the Time I Heard Pres. John Yahoo and Went and They Were Typing about the Keep Working on Tightly about IQ Faithfully Now and I Look out Again and I Read a Couple Years Ago the Reading I by William County Never Heard of That Bug Her Hand That He Now Okay He That Is Actually a Washington Correspondent and He Rubbed It Back and Basically Just the Whole Thing like You Can Read It Cover or You Could Just Read It. I Bet I Have a Question. My Lights Are Now All the Time That Our Country, Our Patient Work. A Collision That Are Country and Having Some Kind of Catastrophe You Think That Possibly Difficult and I Have To Do It. I Don't I Don't Know You Know More and More I'm Starting to See Reports from Various Doctors That Are Saying That Some of the Long the Statistics Are Being Manipulated and No, That's a Concern and I Saw Different Countries Are Doing Different Things and I Think Something Was Sweet. I Saw on the News Last Night They Don't Have a Lockdown and the Death Rate Is the Same As It Was, It Was before Colson under Corona and Their Testing and It Makes Me Wonder. You Know What's Going on Because in Order to Push an Agenda. The Best Way to Do It Is to Crisis, and in a Crisis, You Forfeit Rights Not Not Saying It Was All Made up, Because I Do Know That There's Serious Issues I Friend in the Medical Field and He Says You Be Careful Because a Stop, but It All Okay Where to Come from. I Believe It Came from the Wuhan Lab in China. I Don't Trust the Chinese Government Any Further Than I Can Throw the Asian Continent and They Have Lied and Misrepresented Things That's Communism. And so Custom Okay Will You Know Maybe People Are Using This Opportunity to Try and Back Trump Number I Didn't Vote for Him or Have a Dog in This Fight, but If It Took to Do That to Get Gain Control. I Don't Know Is to Say, since Solution of the New Little Research on Which I Do Not so Much. I'm Studying This Release and Article on Socialism on Written Research on Flat Earth and I Got Articles to Write up Editing Another Book and You Don't Just like I Yeah Just Release It Today and What All Do I Want to Get out Quickly to Let People Know on the Air That Released It's Ignored What's New on Car Condo Plan/New and You See It Listed There Any Not Going to Fix A Few Typos. I Go Back to Three Days Later and Reread It in My Brains Fresh and Polish It but There's A Lot Of Statistics There Are so Will Not Interest Enter Some Information but It's Worth Looking at.

Socialism Is Bad. Socialism Fails.

Socialism Is on Biblical Socialism Is His Formula for Failure and No Folks, If You Want to Say, Denmark, Sweden and Finland Are Socialistic. That's Not They Are Not in Europe Is Not Socialistic Either Because Economies Flourish under Capitalistic Ideas. We Talk about This Would Mean by That Is the Right of Private Property. Private Ownership and the Right to Do with What Own, According to How You See Fit Order to Meet the Need Is There. This Is the Best Way to Do Things the Whole of a Breakup of a Right Right Back after These Messages.

Max Y Call 770776 Charismatic Slave Show Your Back on the Phone with Courtney from Courtney Welcome Rebecca Where about Primarily.

I Wondered I Don't Know Everything Pretty like People Believe What Way Way What Your Question on You Know the Christian Churches Replaced Israel I Didn't Ever Really Know That What They Believe in the Christian Church Has Replaced Israel to Some Extent, but Not in Others, God Is Not Done with Israel. Romans 1125 Six for That. So Some People Replacement Theology Say That Is Really Just Finished. That's It.

Done. That's One Extreme Know I'm Not There. We Have Replaced Israel in the Evangelistic Sense in the Financial Sense in the Promotion of the Messiah, Israel Failed to Do That and so the Gentiles Are Now the Ones Performing That the Covenantal He Got Not Done with His Really Good Though You Think That Character Kind of Going up or Job Yes Absolutely Doing a Poor Job We Wake up with Pastors and Teachers Teaching Biblically Getting on Her Knees and Praying about This Issue to Carry the Great Commission in Teaching the Christians of the Gnostic to Seek Comfort for Themselves but of the Furthering of the Kingdom of God, Whether It Be That They Get Comfortable or Uncomfortable or Married or Single, Whatever It Is That the Request to Be Used by God. This Needs to Be Taught in the Pulpit Push from the Pulpit and in the Comfortable America Where We Can Just Casually Reach Our Finger over to Remote Control and Press of the TV Want This Kind of Thing. Let Me Mean Today I Have on My Phone. I Have an Electric Current of a Wireless Remote Control for the Air Conditioning so I'm Sitting in My Recliner Here in Mike. Mike Recliner but Anyway I Should Chair I Can Reach over and Receptively You Control My My Phone for What You Want to Hear Coded. These Are Comforts. I like Them.

The Great Recognition of the Car, Cruise Control, Etc. Well, Okay, These Are the Kind of Things That Make Us Apathetic, Make Us Weak Because We Depend on Them. We Want Our Comfort If We Can Have Our Comfort and We Have Problematic Get Her Comfort Back and This Is the Problem Make People Uncomfortable. Well I like If We If We Literally Were to Pick up Our Cross and Follow after Jesus Would Be Comfortable or Uncomfortable While Uncomfortable.

I and He Says Pick up Your Cross Daily and Follow after Me, Not Saying If You're Comfortable Your Incentive Not Saying That It's Okay to Be Comfortable. It's Just That We Have To Have This Idea That We Need to Get the Word of God out There That Think about This. My Website Is an Example to Do a Conflict, a Complaint As Well As a Plug at the Same Time My Website Had a 100 Million Visitors and I Won Many Radio Stations All Right and Praise God Praise God We Do Not Have the Funds Coming in in Order to Accomplish What It Is We We're Hoping to Accomplish, and to Do and This Not Only Me but It's Other Ministries That Are Suffering and Having a Difficult Time. We Have To Decide What We Can Get What We Can't Get Is Any Ministry Was Not Complaining about That Missing That That You'd Think That Ministry That Touches so Many Hundreds and Hundreds of Thousands of People Would Have a Little More Financial Income Coming but Not the Case and Its Know It. It's Not That I Know of Churches That Are Struggling and the People. The Conditions Aren't-They Are Giving Is so Churches Struggle. Why Is That We Have so Much As a Great Verse, Read I Do Find It in Second Chronicles and 14. No Room for City from Your Own Where Is That I Just Found It Today so Matter-Of-Fact to Those Looking for and Read It Because It's Such a Beautiful Verse and McCook First Chronicles. See Here. I Found This over and over the Years and It Just Is a Verse That Eludes My Memory Literally from Focus on but This Is What's Happening Is Is There Building the Temple for for the Lord Is David K Davis Time and so Davis Praying and He Goes on, and He Says, but Whom I and Who Are My People, That We Should Be Able to Offer As Generously As This for All Things Come from You and from Your Hand. We Have Given You and Wishing from Your Hand.

We Get Back to You Lord.

It's a Beautiful Statement. Second Is Actually First Chronicles 2914 First Chronicles 2014 for All Things Come from You and from Your Hand. We've Given You Look This Is the Idea We Have Been Given so Much and I Struggle with This As Well. I like My Comforts.

I like My Remote-Controlled like My My Big Monitors I like All That Stuff in My Remote My Wireless Headset Is Nothing Wrong with Liking Those Things, but Do They Cause Me to Not Tighten Given Support Because I'm More Concerned with My Pleasure and Security Than with the Needs.

This Is an Issue to Deal with Human like Anybody Else.

While the Wicked Talk about That Much Lately That My People Praying like a Great Way Appropriate Appropriate to Apply. Israel Is like Verifying Our Will and the Idea Is to Look at Things in the Covenantal Context and Encyclical 714 My People Who Are Called by My Name If They Humble Themselves and Pray and Seek My Face and Turned to Look at Ways and I Will Hear from Heaven and Will Forgive Their Sin and Heal Their Land with the Principal Is There for Israel for Covenant Israel That What God Will Do Is Bless Those People Who Turn to Him the Principle Is There to Comply to Us As Well.


Right Now, Not Getting Back to the Lord.] One Dollar from Coveting Their Own Security and Not Giving Back. That Is Okay That Was Not My Wickedness Absolutely to Trust in Our Own Possessions Rather Than the Provision of God Wickedness Okay Okay the Colors Will Look for God Loves, All Right. It Was Courtney from Ohio and Lets You the Swing Person Is Jamar from Rural North Carolina. Welcome Here. Are You Going We Got about Mom, Look No Calling You Want You to Video Couple Weeks Ago, a Prophecy for the Video You Began to Explain the Mark of the Beast Which Is Found in Revelation 1316 through 18 and He Began to Conclude That That the Mark of the Beast from His Point of View Was Really Immoral. How, Who and When We Ought to Worship and Then from There I Began to Realize That He Was from Seventh-Day Adventist. So My Question Is, Is the Seventh-Day Adventist Interpretation of the Mark of the Beast Accurate and It Is Accurate. Could You Shed Some Light on How You Would Interpret That. What Did He Say the Beast Was with the Same Sunday Worship the Mark of the Year That He Sufficed As a Godly Drug Okay I Met Was Healed Us Slender Blonde I Know All This Guy Had Black Hair Black. There Okay the Reason I Ask Is Because Few Years Ago I Met That Guy Was the Main Speaker for the STA Group and I Talked to Him.

I Said I'd Love to Talk to You Have a Real TV Interview Discussion about These Things and He Admitted Having to Do with Right and, Furthermore, the Headquarters Publishing House for the STA Is Only Driving Five Minutes for Me to Say That Sunday Worship Is the Mark of the Beast Is Foolishness and Just Just Because a Letter Says the March to Be on the Right Hand of the Four Head. No, That's Not Worshiping on Sunday. Okay Okay What the Folks to Write Back.

After Mass Y770727. Here Is Matt's like All Robert Welcome Back to the Show Lift, Phone to Cyrus from Sacramento Earlier on the Run, but Also so I Pretty Much Related and the First One Would Matthew 24, 34, Talking about This Generation.

When I Was Debating Whether Never They Are Saying That the Prophecy Had to Be Fulfilled in That Generation Arose That Would Have Been a Shell. I Felt Prophecy You Can Go into That and Then the First Student Right Right in There in the Next Verses, Heaven and Earth Will Pass Away. My Words Will Not Pass Away, but of That Day or Hour No One Knows the Context of the Return of Christ. So It Looks like That This Generation Is Being Spoken of or the Issues Towards the End Times Not. He's Not Talk about Those People Right Back Then with People Later on.

And This Makes A Lot Of Sense Because It Says after the Jubilation of Those Days the Sun Be Darkened, and That's in Verse 29. The Tradition of What Days As of the Great Jubilation Well May Be That This Has To Be a Great Trumpet Will Gather Together His Elect from the Four Winds of the of the Sky.

One of the Sky. The Other, Then He Talks about This so It's Dealing with the End Times. Okay Okay When I Was Saying That and Start Symbolic Cannot Be Taken Literally As You Did Me of Being a Literal Literally Taken at Little Start Guide Did He Say He Was a Prearrest Okay. Did He Say That Jesus Will Did He See Jesus Returned in 70 A.D., I Don't Recall You Generate That Crop.

Have You for so He Says He Sound like He's a Preacher, Mr. Did Know You Said You I Think You Said You Use That Word Is That We Said Yeah Believing in a Prearrest Allstate, a Prearrest Role Also Teach That Jesus Returned in 70 A.D. with the Destruction of Jerusalem in the Armies of Rome and You Need to Go to Acts Chapter 1 Verses 9 to 11 910 11 and It's Prophecy in There from the Angel Saying That Jesus Will Return in the Same Way They Saw Him Come up into the Sky in the Clouds Come Back in the Same Way and That's What Got to Go to Because When Someone Starts Teaching Automatically for Luke 17 That These Things Are Fulfilled, Absolutely Only Back Then. And That's Usually the Prearrest View Which Also Means That They Hold to the Idea That Jesus Returned in 70 A.D. and You Refute That by Going to Action.

One Verses 9 to 11 and When You Read That to Them in the Name These Verses Either Context and Make Him Say Thanks for the Toad's Sake That Are Quite Entertaining to Watch Them Is to Click the Return of the Clouds and the Bible Says That the Cloud of Witnesses Would Need Witnesses with the Do Stuff like That Right Is Amazing That There Will Be Dark… During That That's What It You Know There Are Ways to Trip to Get Full Purism and It's It's False, Partial, Progressive Is Okay Partial Printers and Says That A Lot Of What Happened Back Then Was Fulfilled Back Then and Again Will Be Fulfilled in the Future. Okay Bottle Are Rarely YouTube and God Bless.

All Rights Listed in the Phones with the Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson Welcoming on the Air. We Got Back on Will Want to Follow That about Two Interpret the Bible along Anyway. Revelation 1 Death of Her Thoughts Talking about and Revelation 1911 Break Those to Verses down Is in Revelation 61 and I Saw the Lamb.

One of the Seven Seals in Her More.

The Four Living Creatures, and with a Loud Thunder, since There in Revelation 1911.

The Saw the Open Heaven Open, and Behold a White Horse and "u" Is Called Faithful and True in Righteousness He Got a Figure Where to Chapter 6, I'm Sorry Okay I Look Behold a White Horse and He Was Sent on It Had a Bow and a Crown Was Given to Him and He Went out Conquering and to Conquer.

Yeah That's I Can See Why They Would Say or Get the Idea That That Is the Antichrist, but I Don't Know Because It Says the White Horse. In Revelation 1911, and Generally Talk of the White Horse in the Same the Same Idiom Is Used in the Same Way. Generally Speaking, Now There's Nothing Wrong with Jesus. Having Mounted on the White Horse Who Goes out and Conquers of the Four Living Creatures Are Very Interesting Because This Quickly Got Colored Waiting, but before the 12 Tribes of Israel Camped around the Tabernacle in the Wilderness in Four Groups of Three in the Four Groups of Three of the Four Groups Had a Banner and the Banner Was a Lion and Ox Eagle and the Man for Banners in Ezekiel's a Four-Phase Creature, Lion, Ox Eagle in Mandan.

Revelation Is a Four-Phase Creature, Lion, Ox Eagle and the Man. Incidentally, the Four Gospels Were Known As the Line Ox Eagle and the Man so to Talk before Creatures Is Taught the Representatives for Creatures, but They Represent Some Truth in Some Power and Something by Divine Appointment and Design in Heaven and so from There It Says That When the Four Living Creatures Saying, Come and Look Behold a White Horse so It Could Very Well Be a Representation of Christ Going around to Conquer the First Time He Came He Was a Gentle Servant with the Second Time He's Coming with Us, with the Sword in His Mouth. The Judge, so Could Be That Very Easily That There Were Two People in a Bowl and There Is No Arrow in It so That Cannot Well Yeah Me That That's Reading into Its Edges, but with No Air Was Mentioned. Well, There's No Saddle Mentioned Either in There and There's No Feathers on the Arrow Is Not Mentioned Either You Don't Know Hard Mention Either Write and but That Doesn't Mean That That Comment Doesn't Have Validity Because If We Were to Find Every Instance. Hypothetically, of Where Admission Bow and Arrow in the Bible and in Every Instance There, but This Is the One Place It Doesn't. That Would Be Interesting but Is Those Kind of Things You Get a Look at.

So for Some Essay with a Boat and Have an Arrow Therefore Is Powerless, but He Can't, Then How Could He Conquer Because It Technically Sentinel. You Know the Bow Bow Only Work with an Arrow Arrow Only Working about They Go Together. So If It's the Enemy to Go Conquer. How Could He Conquer at the Bow Is No Power's Is the Sum of the Questions Got Asked. Okay Okay What the Government May God Bless, Mike Arrived. Let's See As Witness Abdul from Delaware Avenue Welcoming on Here Alright Man When He Got for and about My Request Would Be What Will and That One Was the One Question Which First Question by Question Basically One of the Other That God There When Hinder and Enter We Hinder Our Own Prayers Doesn't Say There That He Hinders Us Is the End of This, of All Things Is near. Therefore Be of Sound Judgments over Spirit. The Purpose of Prayer, but This Decision Hinders Our Prayers.

We Hinder Our Prayer with Our Sin. Complacency and Serving False Cuts and Stuff and Not Out Of the Question about That. The and Also for People to Know You First Peter 3747. First Peter or Type the Wives and Husbands or the End of All Things That You Quoted the Invisible Things Because It Were Talked with Hindering a Prayers Is in First Peter 371 Husbands on Future Wives Properly Their Prayers Partially Entered. Okay What Part Two We I Love Teaching on the Theology of Marriage.

This Is One of the Verses All Go to Talk about This A Lot Of Responsibility on the Mandan Marriage Because of the Bible Says and Women They Get There Comeuppance to What I Teach It to You. It's Really for Selected Stories about It, but Will Gender Question Really Fast, and Elegant Struggle Control but That Be Part of That or Not Mean Soft Strong Base of Sin Hinders Parenting You Go to. Also with Psalm 166 18 We See That This Is Right.

If I Regard Wickedness in My Heart.

The Lord Will Not Hear the Idea of of Confession and Not Harboring Sin and Independent to Dinner Our Hearts One or Prayers to Be Heard so We Treat Our Wives Properly. Her Spouse Is Properly Were Honest before People, and for God. We Walk in a State of Repentance. Okay, Okay, Okay. May God Bless All Rights. Let's Get to Jeremy from California Jeremy Buckley Failure on the Left Got Hurry, You Think about How to Respond to When They Challenge the Scripture Regard the Binding of Isaac on How God Commanded Abraham, Isaac, and I Commanded the Decalogue – Murder and Also Command the Israelite Wipeout Me, Were Solo on Time.

Murder Is the Unlawful Taking of Life of Life and Killing Is the Lawful Taking of Life, so the Canaanites Were Lawfully Executed Because They Had Violated the Law of God. And so When God Told Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac. It Was a Murder Was the Command of God to Offer Him but It Was Never Done. If You Go to Carmine Lookup Typology TY Peel Typology Will See It When Abraham Isaac of the Offered up Isaac. It Was a Type of Representation of the Sacrifice of Christ and They Actually Offered on the Same Hill about 2000 Years Apart Three – Turning to Get There in Three Days in the Grave and the Crown of Thorns. Jesus Born a Crown in the Thorns of the Ram Was Caught in the Things like That. That's the Short Quick Version When It Is Challenge. You Always Define Your Terms and Look in Context and You Find Arguments Fall a Manual, Which Will Fast but Had to Ask the Question.

I'm Sorry Lawrence from Missouri Will Call Back Tomorrow about Mary Being the Mother God the Long Conversation with the Lord Bless You All and by His Grace Back on There Tomorrow

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