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December 10, 2022 12:34 am

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December 10, 2022 12:34 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt talks about his recent online discussions with atheists related to philosophy.--2- Matt discusses with a caller regarding elections and voting.--3- Is covenant theology linked to replacement theology---4- Where do amils think satan is now---5- Is it possible for someone to receive Christ on their deathbed-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Look live, I hope, that you're going to have a good time watching, listening, and all of that.

Now today is December 8th. Now I'm trying something new and I don't know if it's going to be working right now, but we're trying it on Rumble. So we have a simulcast on Rumble as well, at least the video part. So there you go. You can let me know if it works. And we're trying it, right.

It seems to be, but I'm not sure. All right. We're trying different things.

Okay, good, just checking. Okay, if you want, give me a call, 877-207-2276. And of course, just want to let you know that we stay on the air by your support. Please consider supporting us. Five dollars a month is what we ask. Five dollars is not very much, and hopefully you'll want to just give this effort a little boost. And what we're trying to do is get people, you know, 5,000, 1,000 people at five dollars. And that's not a lot for a ministry that has missionaries all over the world, but we are trying to do what God has called us to do.

And we need your support, and just go to forward slash donate, and you can help us out there. All right, wow. So last night, so last night I was on, today's Thursday, so I did this three and a half, almost four-hour teaching thing, or Q&A thing, with some atheists, and mostly atheists because they're the ones who came into the room that I was in, in Clubhouse, which is, you know, club deck for the computer. And so I was there for a while, it was a really good conversation, we had two atheists that came in.

We had long discussions with each one. And one thing that kind of happened, I noticed they've been doing this a lot, some of the atheists, what they'll do is they'll try and ask a question, and it seems to me like they're just trying to find any reason not to believe in God. And I'm serious, it's like any reason at all, they don't want to believe in God. And so there might be, for example, 50 different philosophical positions. We have all kinds of stuff that, in my opinion, the unbelievers have developed trying to make sense of the world they live in. And so we have different issues within philosophical discussions, and let me tell you, they get to be very, very, very, it's hard to say, it's very detailed. We have, they call it aesthetic realism, analytical constructivism, they'll have axiomatic foundationalism, they have Cartesian problems, they might have issues with coherentism, consequentialism, they will talk about error theory, epiphenomenalism, empiricism, rationalism, nominalism. So what I've been doing for years now is collecting information as they bring it up, and then say, well, what's this, what's that, and I'll go research it afterwards.

I have 60 pages of notes in Word that I've developed over the years with them, from some of the things that they have said and brought up and try and use to try and make sense of things. So anyway, no big deal, but last night I was having a discussion with some of them, and this has happened a lot, where I will answer something and then they'll say, well, what about this view? What they'll do, it seems, is they have a list of ideas from different philosophical positions, and then they throw it out, and then they want me to respond to it. And last night I said, you know, I said, look, I'm not here to argue with every philosophical position that you might throw at me. And what I've been doing is saying, what is your position?

What do you hold to? Well, I'm not sure what I hold to, but what am I arguing with you for? What am I having a discussion with?

You don't even know what you believe. And you know, I've told them, I said, look, I don't want to do your homework for you. I said, you know, if you believe something, tell me what you believe, and we'll argue and discuss about the issue of what you do believe, not what you don't believe in, or what someone else might say might be of view. Even when I answer them on these different views that they posit, that they propose, they'll say, there it is, you know, what about that, what about this? And I've discovered that what it seems to be is that I'm obligated to know basically everything. And I thank them for their high view of my ability to know everything. And I say, I'm trying not to shake your confidence in me, but I don't know everything. You guys give me all these things. And so I was kidding, you don't want to say that kind of stuff, I'm adjusting with them.

Come on, you know, come on, guys. And so last night, for example, someone brought up the idea of propositions. And they said, they put this one proposition and a view that someone holds, and I was quoting it. And something really, for me at any rate, interesting happened. It's not a big deal, but it was interesting, because what I was doing was reading a definition that I got on a proposition. Now, I'm going to read something here, and then I'm going to go over it, because I have to kind of set the stage for what I consider the inability of some non-Christians to think very well.

Now, that's not saying that if you're not Christian, you can't have some good critical thought ideas. But this has happened a lot, and I'm noticing it's increasing. It's all subjective, it's just my experience. But I've noticed it seems to be increasing, that they don't make sense of things. And then they argue that as though it's true. So believe it or not, get this, a proposition philosophically is defined as the shareable objects of the attitudes and the primary bearers of truth and falsity. And so, you know, I'm like, is that what you agree with, and they go, yeah, that's what it is.

And, you know, okay. So one guy mentioned Frigge, I love Frigge. And I quoted Frigge, and it says, the thought from Frigge is explicit about the nature of of thoughts. They're not part of our or of the outer realm, which consists of those entities perceivable by the senses.

I'm reading this to this guy, right? And this, Frigge thinks, is obvious, nor are they part of the inner realm, which consists of ideas. All right, now this is just stuff, now I'm going to read something, you'll be able to get this. And he goes on, unlike ideas, thoughts do not require an owner, they exist even if not present in any mind.

And they can be present to more than one mind. So I said, look, Frigge is saying that thoughts can exist without any mind. And I said, am I misunderstanding him? How can you have thoughts that exist without a mind?

And that's the question I asked. And this one guy said, well, you're probably misunderstanding him. Maybe, maybe I said, these people aren't dumb, but this is what this guy said, and I want to know how you can have a thought without a mind. And we went over this.

Now this is kind of a big preliminary to get to this idea of just simply saying, they work hard at damning themselves. This is ridiculous thought, you know? Thoughts exist even if not present in any mind, how does that work? And the guy I was asking about this who was defending the propositional position that Frigge held to, some philosopher, I think he died in 1922, I think, or in the 20s or 30s, I don't know. But anyway, so I said, well, how's that possible? And he says, I don't know. And I said, do you think it's impossible? And he says, well, it can't be impossible if this guy said it. Now that really blew me away, you know, because, well, he's saying it, he must understand what he's saying. Well, OK, but then do words not mean what they mean anymore? Thoughts don't require a mind.

They can exist apart from any mind, but by definition, a thought occurs in a mind. So this is what I was dealing with last night, in part, and then we had some other discussions. I actually delve into this kind of thing frequently, where I will talk to people and they will have different ideas, they will have different arguments about stuff, and then I analyze them.

I try and expose the problems within their thinking and the quotes or the people they want my reference, and then what they do is they basically ignore it and then go on. And I was doing that also with a guy in the same chat room and another guy, and it was interesting because he made a statement, and I'm trying to remember what the statement was, but I really can't, but I responded to him and I remember answering it and giving a good response, and then he ignored the response, because this is what became the issue, that he just ignored the response that I gave and then went on to something else. And I said, wait, wait, wait, wait, I answered you. You just dismissed what I said as if there was no answer and then you wanted something else. He said, oh, you're going to kick me out of here now?

You're going to bounce me? Are you a coward? And so I said, yeah, you're gone, and I got rid of him, because we get a lot of occurrences. I meet a lot of people, what they'll do is argue and then they ignore your answers, and then if you say, do I talk to you anymore, they accuse you of being a coward.

This happens a lot. And another thing that's happening is people are now recording what I say in different venues and then what they do is they take a segment and then they put them up on YouTube as videos and then they analyze it, showing how wrong I am about something. And I say, well, look, I've been saying to some of them, one Muslim guy said, look, just write me. Write what it is you want. He goes, here, go to my video, not go to your video, write to me what it is the issue is and then I'll write an article and put it up on Karm as a response. How about that? And they don't want to do that.

Anyway, this is what I deal with, you know, I have a t-shirt that says, so much heresy, so little time. And this is what's going on. Hey, look, if you want to give me a call, we have wide open lines, why don't you give me a call, 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you, please give me a call and let me know if you're watching on Rumble how that's working, if people are watching there. We don't know exactly how it's all working because we're trying out new technology.

It looks like every day I have to insert a stream key and an address and stuff like that to get it to go through StreamYard and it looks like it's working in StreamYard. So we're hoping that it is working altogether. And we're trying to expand the intergalactic outreach of the Karm empire. Well, it sounds like it's on the Star Wars, but that's what we're trying to do. So hey, look, we've got four open lines, why don't you give me a call, 877-207-2276. Okay, Charlie said it's working on Rumble.

That is muy goodo and I'm glad to hear that. So I'll tell you what we're going to do. We'll just get on the call here, we have four open lines, 877-207-2276. Let's get to somebody anonymous from somewhere. Welcome you're on the air. How's it going, Matt? I work for a member of Congress, that's why I wanted to remain anonymous.

I agree with you a thousand percent, but it's not just atheists that do it, it's the Democrats and everybody who wants to fight or to disagree in any way. You know what? I want to talk to you. I do. Can you hold on during the break because we've got a heartbreak coming up.

I want to hear you. Hey, folks. Oh, this will be good. So four open lines, if you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276, we'll be right back. Here's Matt Slick live taking her calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right. Welcome back to the show.

We have four open lines. Why don't you give me a call, 877-207, wait for the music to go down, here we go, 877-207-2276. Let's get back on here with anonymous. Welcome. Welcome.

How's it going? Yeah, like I said, I had a phone call this morning, someone calling about the rights of marriage in the field of the past and how come the member didn't sign it or go along with it. And I said, that's their choice. And he said, they're supposed to represent the people.

I said, well, what were the voting numbers? If most people voted for this person, and that's what they're going to vote for because they're okay with what they speak of. And he just kept saying, well, what about this? And what about that? And so in a different bunch of scenarios, and he said, he's in a heterosexual marriage. So it makes sense to me why he kept wanting to go down these different roads.

Like he said, they were doing the atheist. You mean, so he says he wants to represent the people, but he doesn't because the majority of the people don't want this in America. They don't want the same sex marriage. Most people just, they don't approve of it. That's a fact. So why aren't, how can the congressmen and senators, how come they're not to represent the people? They're not.

Well, they're in it for the money, I think, for the most part. Well, I got a question. I've never talked to somebody like you, but I have talked to somebody who ran for either senator of Congress in a Midwest state. And we sat in a car talking and he told me that he was winning. And what the left would do, this is like 20 years ago, this happened or so. And what the left would do was just insult him through accusations of all kinds of things that were just not true. And they knew they weren't true. And they didn't care. They lied. They just went public and said, he believes this, he does this.

He spent most of his time just defending himself. And then he was still winning on all the popularity of everything that was going on as a polls. And then the day before the election, the one county that was the big county that would sway the election, all the voting machines went down the night before and they had to call another group to get the new voting machines and they all came from the democratic party and he ended up losing.

So I heard that. So I suspect, yeah, well, I don't trust the elections as being fair. I mean, I don't know what you, what your opinion is. Do you think they're fair?

Do you think there's collusion or corruption? Oh, yes, yes, I saw it. Everybody needs to see it because they use metadata, which is the same thing the court views.

But good enough for the court that this should be verified as well and you wouldn't have false claims on Facebook about it because that's what happened when I reposted it. Yep. In fact, since you brought it up,, 2-0-0-0-2,000mules. And I would strongly recommend that you all order it and watch it.

Order the DVD. It's also on Rumble too. Oh, it is?

I didn't know that. Good. Yes, it's on Rumble.

All right. That's where I watched it. Well, I'm glad because now I'm going to go to Rumble and watch it again. Yeah, we saw it and it's proof that there's corruption, absolute corruption, that the left was stuffing ballots. This is why they don't want voter identification. They want to have these open ballots. Anybody can just put all kinds of stuff that they want in there. That's what's going on.

They're corrupt. Yeah. There's another one too about the COVID vaccine. I think it's dropping dead or something like that. That's on Rumble as well. And it's about foreigners and people in the funeral home industry, when they're trying to embalm them, they can't because it's throwing some kind of white stringy rubber band.

It's like tissue inside your veins. And most of those people who have this issue did get the COVID vaccine. And the statistics now show that the majority of people dying from COVID are the vaccinated. But here's the thing, we're talking about this right now on YouTube. Now all we're doing is talking about what people have documented and you know what'll happen? This show will be penalized.

This show will be penalized and they'll take it off of it and I'll get a warning. Yeah. Gestapo stuff. That's what it is. I've been in Facebook jail several times for just this and I'm posting stuff that you have on your website from the CDC about the number of deaths from vaccinations. I got it for that.

I'm like, that's directly from the CDC website. That's right. Have you ever read the novel 1984? Yes. Yep. And I'm going to say this to everybody, if you have not read the novel 1984, you need to. It's by an atheist of all people and it is absolutely brilliant and it's about mind control, social reconstruction, and how big brother controls information distribution and what people think and what they're allowed to do.

And you've got to read it because the techniques are there and it's got a little bit of fornication in it and stuff in the book, I'm just telling you, but this is what it is, it's an absolute must read and this is what's happening in our country. Yep. Mm hmm. Bad stuff.

Yeah. Here's corruption. I don't trust our elections anymore and I don't trust the government anymore.

I'm a pessimist, I guess. I don't trust the FBI. I don't trust the White House. I don't trust the Senate. I don't trust any Democrat anymore and I could throw an elephant. I don't hardly even trust the Republicans.

I don't trust that people have integrity in their offices, some do, but for the majority they don't. You watch these leftist TV shows, all they want is socialism and they don't recognize how dangerous it is, how many people it's killed over the centuries or in the past hundred years or so, they don't recognize and they don't want to and they're arrogant and then they want to assault and insult Christians and Christianity and then put it down under their foot. Yeah.

So that they can be in control. This is what I'm seeing is happening in America. So I don't know about you, but that's what I think.

Yeah. So let's see. Let's see what happens. I get people calling the office and they say how horrible it is and I said, I understand, but at the same time, regardless, it's God's will and his will will be done.

Well, you know what happens? God's will is a lot of times to destroy a country because they turned their back on them, because they became wicked. And the thing people don't understand is that the leaders represent the country and God will deal with the country according to what the leaders do. And the leaders are now officially authenticating and validating sin in homosexuality, LGBTQ, in the redefinition of marriage, redefinition of gender, not to mention the legalization and promotion of the killing of the unborn. Wickedness abounds in this country and it abounds and we are reaping the whirlwind because of it. We're seeing what the unbelievers are doing in control and this is what's happening. And the country, historically speaking and biblically speaking, the United States will be destroyed.

It's going to fall. It's what God does throughout history, it's what he does in the scriptures. So if we don't change, it's going to happen to us.

It's simple. Well, like I said, I agree with you 100% on that. I think the FBI would like you to stop going back to Germany and tell you the truth.

Yeah, that's what I've been hearing too. You're not allowed to have wrong thought. 1984 everybody, read it and study what Nazi Germany is. They were socialism.

They were a socialist party. Hey, we've got to go. Okay, buddy? Man, you should email me. We should keep a contact. Have a good night, brother. All right, man.

God bless. Hey folks, we'll be right back after these messages. Three open lines, 877-207-2276, we'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. Hey everybody, welcome back to the show. We're going to get on the air here, or with the callers, just a sec, just want to give you a heads up. We're having a matching funds drive for the month of December. If you want to support us, whatever you do will be doubled. So if you give us $5 a month, then that'll be matched with another $5 a month. So we're appreciative of any concern and prayers and donations and support that you would give us because we do need it and matching funds drive for the month of December.

All you got to do is just go to forward slash donate and all the information you need is right there. Let's get on the air with Jimmy from West Virginia. Jimmy, welcome. You're on the air. Hey, good evening, Matt. How are you? Doing all right, by God's grace.

What do you got, man? So I was questioning about covenant theology and replacement theology. Yes. Okay. What about it? Is covenant theology linked to replacement theology? Yes.

There's a link. Some covenant theologians believe in a very strong form of replacement theology and some don't. So I'm a covenant theologian who does not hold to a strong replacement theology. So for those who don't know, covenant theology is a system of theology where God deals with people through covenants rather through dispensations or periods of time.

So he works by his promise, by his word, instead of different periods at different times he works different ways. Replacement theology is the idea that the church, the Christian church, replaces Israel. Now, there are degrees of replacement theology, and I do believe that the church has replaced Israel in a low-level sense in that it's not doing the job of evangelism because it didn't receive the Messiah, but we are. But God's not done with Israel, and so we haven't replaced Israel completely, but that is a partial, temporary kind of we're standing in the gap while they're not doing their job thing. Some people believe that the church absolutely replaced Israel altogether and that Israel has no more to do with God's covenant work, so there's some information. So anyway, if that helps any at all.

Yeah, it does help. And if you don't mind me saying, I agree with you. I believe in covenant theology, but I do not believe that the Christian church entirely replaced Israel. And so the teacher in class said that if I believe in covenant theology that I have to believe in replacement theology, and I said, no, I don't think I do. And so I'm trying to, him and I have kind of started discussing and debating this, and so I just wanted to call and get your opinion on that or get your insight on that.

I agree, and if he understood that to me, if I was in the class, I'd say, no, I don't. I don't have to believe in complete replacement theology because there are degrees of replacement theology, and I would just say, what is the view that you think I'm supposed to hold if I hold to that, to covenant theology and stuff? And I'm a covenant theologian, and I believe in the continuation of the charismatic gifts. So there are varieties of covenant people and covenant stuff, as well as dispensational and replacement. So I don't think he really kind of has a proper grasp on the scope of what it can lead to and be.

Yeah, I appreciate that. I actually sent him an article on the continuation of the gift of the Holy Spirit as well, and he said, how can you hold the best position if you're covenantalist? And so again, I had to explain to him pretty much exactly what you said, but I was like, maybe I'm getting this wrong.

I better call Mac because he knows more than me. Well, I would say that this guy doesn't understand covenant theology. He's making mistakes. And what it seems to be, is he a dispensationalist? Yeah, he's a dispensationalist, and I don't remember exactly, but he wants us to read all these books on dispensationalism, and I explained to him that there's the covenant of grace and the eternal covenant. He doesn't even know what those two are, so I had to explain to him those. What?

And then... How could he not get that? Sorry, go ahead. So, it's okay. So I'm just trying to make sure that I've got my doubts in a row, because I'm now starting to... I mean, he's on the church leadership, and they made it very clear that they're dispensationalists, and I said, look, this is something that I think we can discuss and maybe debate about, but I don't want to divide over this. And so I said, please, can I just explain my position, or the covenant theology position and why I believe it, but I want to do so in a manner that is respectful to the fact that our church leadership maybe doesn't agree with it, and I don't want to divide over this. And so that's why I wanted to talk with you about it.

Right. I totally agree, but let me tell you, I've had a lot of experience with this kind of situation. For me, it rarely goes well. Usually what happens, usually, my experience is they will give you lip service, but then you're on the outside. They're not going to trust you to teach, or this or that, because you don't hold to the intelligent stuff that they do. This is what I've experienced. You're not allowed to hold those different positions.

They say they are, but they're not. So what I would recommend, I recommend you read Romans 14, 1 through 5, and you study it. Actually, the whole thing, the whole chapter of Romans 14, basically 1 through 12, because it says there, except the one who's weak in faith, but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions. They're under obligation not to pass judgment on the opinion that you have. It says you're not to do it to them. And it goes into verse 5, one person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Let each person be fully convinced in his own mind.

So you say, I'm fully convinced in my own mind of this from what I see in scripture. And me, I would just say, am I going to be penalized for this, even though the Bible says don't judge on these debatable issues? I put them on the spot, but when you do that, they don't want to talk to you anymore. Well, and I was going to ask you, so there are some people in the church leadership that do want me to teach a class, but I've declined to teach the class because I think that it's going to cause further problems.

So I just want to, you know, I don't want to blend in, but I just want to be part of the group, basically. Yeah, I've got so many stories, you know, of different things. I've been chased out of a church, almost literally chased, of a Baptist church for teaching predestination. I was scheduled to speak at a seminar and it was canceled because they found out I was on mill. I was told that a whole denomination wouldn't let me preach, teach any Bible study because I believe in baptism, not for salvation, but just as a covenant sign.

You can't do that. I've had so many restrictions and so many things put on by people who are, in my opinion, not affirming Romans 14, and they're too uppity in their position. So in my opinion, hopefully I'm wrong with this group, you expect some resistance and some difficulty because of it. That's what my experience has been, just telling you. Yeah, and if you don't mind me saying one more thing before I go, I've actually, one reason why I enjoy going to this church, although I know some of their non-essential doctrines I don't agree with, is because I'm trying to show Christians that although we may not agree on everything, as long as we can agree on the essentials and maybe just discuss or debate the non-essentials, that we can do so in a loving way, we don't have to fight about things.

Good. That's what I believe in too. Before we stopped going to church because of my wife's health, we were going to Calvary Chapel, and I mean, I'm five point a-mill, post-Trib rapture, and they're the opposite of that. I was going there for years.

I've even preached there five times. So yeah, and that pastor had the same view, and I think that's the way we need to be in Christianity, so we're not divided against each other, but we're united against the enemy. That's the thing. Yeah.

Correct. All right, well, I've taken up enough of your time. I appreciate your time. I appreciate your call, too.

Let me know what happens. Thank you. I'm curious. All right.

God bless. Yeah. I'll call you back in a couple months. Yes. Okay. Sounds good. All right. Thank you, sir. All right, man. All right. Bye-bye. God bless. All right.

Three open lines. 877-207-2276. Brandon from Richmond, Virginia. Welcome. You're on the air. Hey, Matt. How are you? I'm okay. Hanging in there. What do you got, man? All right. My question is, God, you're terrible at times.

I don't know if you remember, you talked to a million people. But I am always interested in pre, mid, post, all millennial theology and trying to understand each one. My question is, what is the theory with all millennialism of where Satan is? I apologize, I'm driving doing DoorDash, but for all millennialism, where is Satan at that time?

Because from my understanding of reading Revelation, I could be wrong. Satan is bound up for that time, and then he's let loose. What he's bound for is to not be able to deceive the nations anymore. That's what he's bound for.

A lot of people don't read the whole context. He's bound for a thousand years. Now here's the thing, it says, threw him into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him so that he would not see the nations any longer until the thousand years were completed. Oh, we had a break. Hold on, we'll work through this a little bit and write for the message. So hold on. We'll be right back, folks. Please stay tuned.

Three open lines, 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

This is Matt Slick. Welcome back to the show. I just want to remind you, we're having an end of year, the whole month of December matching funds drive. Please consider supporting us. $5 a month. That's what we're asking is a big cup of coffee. And if you'd be willing to do that, all you got to do is go to, C-A-R-M dot O-R-G, and you can check it out right there.

It's really easy to do. All right, let's get back on here with Brandon. Okay, Brandon, you still there? I'm still here.

All right. So the amillennial position of Revelation 20 that I've understood is that Satan was bound at the time of Christ because in Matthew 12, 22 to 32, Jesus said in order to cast out demons, the strong man had to be bound. And Jesus was casting out demons, so therefore the strong man, that Satan, was bound. This is out of Matthew 12, 22, 32. So we can make a very strong case that Satan was bound back then. Some people think that what it means is that then he can't do anything, and there shouldn't be any bad in the world.

Well, that's not the case. Being bound, we understand, is not to see the nations any longer. Well, it doesn't mean that he doesn't have the ability through his minions and others to work. So we know that Jesus said that he was bound, and that's what he says in Matthew 12, 22 through 32. So when I talked about this with an amillennialist friend years ago, I said, so when is he let loose? And he said, that's a good question. And he says, we think he might have been let loose within the past hundred years. I said, really?

Why? And he says, because now the nations are deceived, World War I, World War II. The nations are moving against Christianity.

It's happening all over. That's an interesting point. He says, it was just a point that was raised, and I'm saying it's true, but it made sense. So we would say that the thousand years is a figurative period of time, of course, because God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and a day's but a thousand years. So the word thousand is very often used in a figurative context, because it says angels coming out from heaven with a key. The key is symbolic, a great chain, symbolic, laid hold of the dragon, symbolic, the serpent of old, that's literal, the devil, that's literal.

That and for a thousand years, literal or figurative. So that's the Ah-Mil response to that. Now, do you want to, I forgot what your initial question was, but where were we? Nope, that sums it all up for me. Okay. So the premillennial, I'll just throw this out, the premillennialist would say the future one thousand year reign, Satan will be bound during that period of time completely, and it would be harmony and peace all over the world, and then at the end of it, he'll be let loose, the nations will be deceived, they're going to rise up against God, then Jesus will return, except that he, what confuses me is he returned at the beginning of the millennium.

Then he's going to return again and destroy, and so I'm a little confused on that one, but that's what I understand. Okay? I understand that. Yes, thank you so much. You're welcome so much, God bless. All right, hey folks, if you want to give me a call, all you've got to do is dial 877-207-2276, Buskman from Dayton, Ohio, welcome, you're on the air.

Always good to talk to you, Matt, thanks again for taking my call. I was in a conversation with a brother, and I'm finding out, Matt, that when brothers don't really know scripture, they tend to move in what I would call a Christian-based theory, for lack of a better way of putting it, and here's what the discussion was at, was about, Matt. People dying, and their whole life prior is nothing but sin and revelry, and no, Buskman that Jesus stuff is for you. The person dies, and there's a theory that, well, he could have prayed the sinner's prayer right before he died, you don't know, Buskman, if he's in heaven or not, because, and this is the verse I always get, Matt, with God all things are possible, Buskman, and I'm like, but everything that I know about this man was total rejection of Jesus, was he a good man?

Yes, but he said no to Jesus, and according to scripture I said to this brother, he who has the son hath life, he who hath not the son, hath not life, what is your take on that, Matt? I'm not sure I understand the question yet, do you mean, is it possible that such a person who's evil his whole life can receive Christ on his deathbed and be saved, is that it? Pretty much, now in this particular case, the man died in his sleep, and he was on his way to take his sister to Las Vegas and spend the whole week with her, going to shows and hanging on and things like that, this is a real person, by the way. I'm confused, how could someone be asleep and also on his way to do something? So I'm confused on that one. That was my point to this brother, how could he say the sinner's prayer when he was asleep, and he said, well, Buskman, he could have said that before he went to bed.

Okay, I think I'm getting it. It's certainly within the realm of possibility that the Lord convicted him and granted him the act of faith before he died. It's a possibility. We can't say with assurance that it occurred. What we can say is it doesn't seem as though he trusted in the Lord and we hope that he did not die rejecting God. We just hope that's the case. We can't say either way with authority, and that's it, and just say, there you go.

That's what I said to people. My take is on, because I knew this man very, very well. He was my brother. He's my brother, who was cursing in this story. He was my blood brother, Matt. He rejected God his whole life. He knew God like when I did his business and we were children growing up together.

We had, there was five siblings, and he had a bad experience in church that really turned him away. But his little brother, me, one of his little brothers, like we've got a younger, even younger than me, but he's gone as well, that continually, Matt, continually, that's been preaching after preaching both nice and kind all the way through. You need to come to Christ, brother. No, that's for you.

That's for you. Can God, of course, but since I knew him all the way until he went to sleep, I sensed that there was no repenting, Matt. But this man claims, like I've heard so many Christians say, it's almost like a hyper-hocism, which is good hyperbolic.

It's a good form of hyperbole, but scripture, I said, sir, I said, I have more faith in scripture than I do a hyperbolic, good faith in this hope that my brother would be in heaven. Because I knew him, point blank, no bones about it. Can Jesus have saved him? I, yes, but I doubt it, because he rejected all the promptings that I ever gave him. The churches that he would pass by to go to his home, ever gave him, he was one, the moon smiling at him saying, you didn't make me, God did, gave him, and there was just a complete rejection. I said to this brother, I said, wouldn't he have called you, brother, had my brother met the Holy One of Israel, the giver of life, wouldn't I be the first one to take up his home and say, bossman, Jesus just touched my heart, everything that he told me was true. I mean, he didn't have to say that, says this man, I was the real God, but I'm thinking if he was the real God, I don't know. Do you think he is in heaven?

I don't, no. So I have, my wife has brothers, and four brothers, two older, two younger, two have passed away, and in their early years, they both made professions of faith, and then they did not live accordingly, and in fact, they lived in contradiction to it. So if someone were to ask me, where are they, I'd say, I doubt that they're in heaven. And I'm not passing judgment, I'm just saying, I just don't see the truth. And that's not to say, that's why I say I doubt, I don't know 100%, maybe something did happen before, God has his way of communicating stuff, I'd say, well, if I see him in heaven, praise God, it's because of God's mercy, and if I had any problem with that, I would love to be wrong. And that's it. I would love to be wrong, I would. I just leave it at that, and say, I don't know what did happen, I hope something happened that changed them, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

And that's it, and I just say, that's the way it is. The question would be, I mean, could a man, like the people on the cross did, he produced fruit to the man on the other side of Christ, and he was dying as well on the cross. Don't you know who this man is? He had the repentant thief, the one who did not get his eyes plucked out by the raven. So wouldn't there, according to scripture, wouldn't there be some form of addable, if you will, life change, where Christ actually changed him from the inside out? Wouldn't there be some kind of reaction from my brother to say, I would think there would.

I mean, when you meet the Holy One of Israel, a human just can't just, oh, turn it over to the human. Yeah, that's in a normal situation. Now, I used to work at a hospital, hold on a sec, I used to work at a hospital and I had two jobs. One is working in emergency registering patients, another one was in transport, and so I'd take people all over the hospital, I had access to every place. And the church I was going to had the chaplain of the hospital, they had a couple of three, and he was one of the chaplains. And I asked him, I said, do deathbed conversions occur?

Without hesitation, he said, yep. And he was very adamant that people on their deathbed will receive Christ. And so not every one of them, but there's many times it happens, he's there and they're dying and they're afraid. And he'll give them the gospel and they profess Christ because they had some earlier information or whatever it is, we can't judge their hearts, how sincere.

But people say, well, you can't get in if you have fear. That's not your reason. Yes, it is good enough reason. Because I can show you where Jesus actually talks about the unjust steward in his parable. The unjust steward made sure he was taken care of in the end and Jesus praises him even using his unrighteousness so that he'll be saved.

And he says, and the children of light aren't as smart as the children of the age. And so, yes, it is. So, people can, you know, it can happen.

Did it happen with your brother? You don't know. I don't know.

We can hope it did. And that's all. We just put it in God's hands. And that's okay.

This just came to me, the testimony of two witnesses, wouldn't there, because in both the parable as well as the crucifixion scene, there was a witness of the change of each person, the steward and the repentant thief. There was nobody in my brother's bedroom. Nobody. That's okay. There doesn't have to be. It doesn't have to be. Okay. Okay. There's not a necessity. You could have somebody on a deserted island who, you know, the Bible washes up in a Ziploc bag and he reads it and gets saved.

So you can't just make that rule. So what I would say is we don't know what happened to your brother. We hope he was saved at the last minute. We don't know. And leave it in God's hands.

But if there was no repentance, then he's not in heaven. It is. Okay. All right. God bless.

All right. Hey folks, we're out of time and the Lord bless you. Remember, we're staying on here by your support. Please consider supporting us. We do need it. Matching funds drive for the month, month, month, month of December, forward slash donate. We'll talk to you later. God bless. This is a program powered by the truth network.
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