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July 8, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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July 8, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses how the secular concept of relative truth is infiltrating the church, particularly in the phrase -The Lord told me...---2- Can a person be an apostle without having seen Christ---3- Matt talks about the similarities between the control methods of cults and of the government.--4- Matt talks about the power of the gospel.--5- How do you know if you have true faith---6- Should we say Yeshua rather than Jesus---7- Why is Matthew 25-14 different in the KJV-

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Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about wide-open lines.

What you call 772-072-2761. Alright, so some of you know I do Petri on picture and video today on the topic to talk about more details there clicks his business. It's interesting was happening in the Christian church and will talk with a little bit. Developing a table. I like tables I like to develop information that you can see things very quickly very easily understand that's what I like to do make it quick and slick and like to say and so distant and with so here's the thing I there is a movement occurring in our culture, stuff like that where truth is well basically just a commodity and it gives you can. You have the truth is no absolute sense but that way and I noticed that in the Christian church.

One of the ways of that is manifesting is in something as simple as something the Lord told me now. I've heard people tell me our members discussing something with a woman a few weeks ago online and I was telling her something biblically with the Scripture said she was well.

I don't agree because the Lord told me blah blah blah and it was really stunning to hear that she's with the Christian and she just said all the Lord told me the spirit is what is that I'm telling you the truth, and it was about experience. It was about working like that's good representative of points about it and maybe you go to a church where people to say, the Lord told me.

The Lord told me this. The Lord told me that all rights as a possible well you know it's possible. I think that God could try to communicate with us but is it separate the Scripture with the church to go to view you to church when it happens. If you do call me and let's talk about it go. Tell me what you think. Tell me if you you think this legit.

The Lord told me, and how would you note from the Lord will simple real basic question and I am curious about it.

Also, when you call me at 87720722760 also was a mistake. I just thought). Never happening there.

Listen to me it happened to be known. And that's all right for the lies that he may call 877-207-2276 is get a little from Raleigh, North Carolina documenting her lot. I don't want that code also though not quickly correct possible without having you will. I'm not sure because I'm sure I'm going through in memory issues in the New Testament where people are called apostles and there are seven kinds of apostles in the Bible see if I can find it. Seven.

Apostles seven types of apostles that I found by looking at the word of Estella in the Greek find and I can't find it on my website… And but it's there. A Jesus can be called an apostle because the city's apostle and Paul claim to be an apostle, Eddie verified his apostolic succession of authority by saying in rooms. If it does not want have I not seen the risen Lord is in his defense of the apostles.

So, in light of the hats I'm thinking to be an apostle of that sort.

You have to have seen the risen Lord.

But what I'm curious about is to know if every if every individual called an apostle has seen the risen Lord and try to review that in my mind and I can't think of anything like that's limit do something fast. This is going to Bible program and look up the word of Estella work. Pasta loss actually occurs 79 times and the facility apostles with the Lord and in the school into some later stuff apostles and the brother and apostles and the elders so will not apostles are their own nonprofits so you get good question and I one of these I want to do is finish my section on new apostolic Reformation and a are and that very question is one of the questions I need to research and answer I've gone through actually find it last. Donovan released gone through and I found I did a examination of every single instance of the word apostle and the verb form as well as the noun form and I've got them ever released city and our Ricoh find those who have concluded with so anyway and Ricoh. So let's see where study on apostles and you have apostles of Christ and slickers apostleship interesting. Anyway, I guess incidental but you my social 651 is a number and you can have it as apostle. It is a from Jesus a generic reference peters apostleship is to the Jews and the replacement of Judas that says do apostleship of number 651, number 652 which is apostle we have five false apostles, and they are set for the equipping of the saints, we have generic apostles and that's what I would look at see if I was being set used so I'm just rambling out loud here and not really able to answer question very well right now. Top my head. I hope my notes are coming with help me out so I wanted or I will cook the monthly light from now that you making book that told you that I am not sure but I think between the length of September and no movement. They try to close them off.

But God let appellee like you that I think there 24, along with trying to do things that I don't think big lit cane say when it comes to light gold. People like finding all the politics you and you didn't.

You thought they with November. You know that negative cane you political alignment now the thinking that he that God they might cut the change a thing. But because little like the fact that we thing the world right now they get a lot of control gold so that's rain my marked article before November, but if the well is to say that I've heard of sources, the stuff that there's ruminations of something major coming that'll have a major effect on American there's Biden.

Biden mentions also second pandemic is coming. How would he know that Bill Gates so if that's the case of bells Biden sudden the trust of these deputies he's is not mentally older… Be disrespectful.

Obviously he's got some some aphasia problems, but Bill Gates also says it that there's an issue. They may know something that we don't know. And here's the thing concerned about is that when the wicked get in power. They never want to give it up. There is no way. And so I wouldn't be surprised if there's another pandemic and all of a sudden when voting comes up, you have to you can go to meeting places that would've ballot boxes because with the ballot boxes you can stuff and you can put all kinds of stuff and then the second question is of how we trust the counting of the balance is never no, I don't know the desert just questions and I don't have interest.

So would be surprised to try something maybe good. Thank you for your help and they okay you welcome gutless all right five open logical. You may call 877-207-2276 does these kinds of statements I make like that. I believe that the people who don't like what I say in regards that will trying to turn me in to the powers that be YouTube her place attractively kicked off because they don't like the idea of many people don't like the idea of saying well I don't know if I trusted election to just my opinion.

I don't know if I Georgia I really don't think I do. I just don't know I just don't trust him much it touches me. Maybe I'm way off base.

I don't know I don't trust the Democrats and I don't trust Republicans so my conspiratorial stop. I just wouldn't put it past people to just have another crisis that comes up in all the sudden we have to submit to the requirements and restrictions another couple hundred crisis you know it worked once, and we lost a lot of rights and privileges that go to hospital today. There were magically going or it makes me mad because you never had to wear masks before covert. Now you wear masks and each time I go to the hospital sick.

Why work by where these are only 50% effective. These particular kind they put out only 50% means you touch him on outside in a contaminated and I said to this lady and she gleefully said to me. I've been wearing mine for two years I haven't gotten sick 800 1984.

Again, a brave new world. You know it's big brothers taken care of us Colombian MSA mega hospitals, cancer doormats come in or were not good and they could do they want, but you know it just makes me wonder just what's going on when you have to wear before and now all of a sudden we do I deny I get too suspicious of us looked at me was because of things like this of Matthew 24 and they asked you this will be the sign of your coming to return and Jesus says that many will will come in his name, saying he is the Christ will mislead people in escrow the wars and rumors of wars I'm reading through this site think what I'm scanning as I'm reading through method 24 will talk wars and rumors of wars, nation will rise against nation, and to be famines and earthquakes to be delivered to tribulation will be killed for their faith of many will fall away and we false prophets of lawlessness will increase not certainly like this would Jesus what you think.

Anyway, give me a call when you talk about everyone talk about a 77207276 mass Y call 7707 everyone hey we have five open lines watching may call 877-207-2276 and you know I know I talk about depressing things out during the summer things slow down and the caller sold out to ramble a little bit and others a lot to talk about. Is there another pandemic coming.

Why would they say that went with it either is another one where they now do they know something. Is it also but I don't know but I'll tell you know. It just makes me just makes for suspicious and the thing is, here's is why you see I believe that having studied the Colts for so long in the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity and stuff like that of study. These groups have studied the people in the Mike talk to thousands and thousands of people in those groups and they have the same kind of mentality for respective groups. The same count kind of obedience training that they they have to follow and is not that it dividends biblical but that you're supposed to follow with that particular group says is the right thing to do and for Mormonism. For example, you knuckles really were beards.

Even though the early pioneers did and so just generally not accepted that your beard and so you can tell you more misjudgment generally don't wear beer to sing with Jehovah's Witnesses under certain dress codes there certain haircut styles. They prefer nice and neat and not too long, too shabby if you can be respected within within so cannot generate so when I see the stuff that the government is is doing to us trying to get us to do what it says. That makes me nervous. Maybe just my rebellious heart.

Having studied the Colts so long that I see that kind of a thing that a knee-jerk reaction to it. That's really possible, so some in the chat said that Medicare requires her on the yearly checkup to wear a mask and run home when they go and I guess they come. It was just ridiculous in your own home ignore mass conflict when negative stop and say what you can just outside know my arm outside to get my blood pressure outside and were mask you know it's just this stupid and and yet people are just buying into it and the frog in the hot water. Little by little the temperatures raised up and they don't realize what's going on to sleep okay and save my brothers texting me. I clearly going to tell my grandma so anyway to present an interesting conversation but there less so is what it says Jesus is saying this you lawlessness is increased. Most people's love will grow cold winters of the end of the same not notice this. He says this was really good.

He says so the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the that's an encouraging statement that Matthew 2414 because Jesus said the gospel of that kingdom will be preached in the whole world and what's interesting is this is before his crucifixion and resurrection gospel of the kingdom is the good news of who Jesus is and what he's done and it's gonna be preached to the whole world and you know what is being preached to the whole it's being preached over the Internet is being preached over radio.

There are ministries where if you pay like $15 redone is like $20. You can think is used to buy a solar powered radio with Lupita battery to so they could listen in the sun goes down, which is not cool so that people are using them, and for ministry having preset to some gospel stations in respective countries like Africa and Nicholas other stations to their being given out and the ideas to listen to Christian radio and it's also it's awesome of whether the web is incredible, the Internet is just a special incredible thing in the Gospels going out. I remember I've got its I got emails from all of the world. I mean all of the world.

One of my favorites is on Africa where it was. It was some island chain out in the middle of nowhere. I mean I do look it up by doing heard about it and I do zoom in on on the maps online and there's in the middle of things in the Atlantic, someplace and and they said yeah we got your stuff here were listening on the Internet were laid out like wow so praise God in all the Internet is such a great opportunity for Christians to be able to witness.

Is it such a great great thing to do and so if you like what you will be due here.

You want to support other ministries that reach out on the Internet you might want to consider supporting him because it's something very useful and we need to be supportive of the Internet of those on Internet that's me just me, but others as well who work hard at its pregnant gospel and there's all kind of really good stuff that's going on that there's a lot of really good movements going on Mattel you that the gospel is not to be stopped by the enemy. It's going to go forth. That's the nature that gospel is powerful and it just turns out that the more people try and stop it, the more it tends to increase. I like that that's an encouraging thing is were the reasons I continue to preach and teach because I want that gospel message to go out to the whole world is much as possible so there you know. Okay now we have nobody waiting much. You may call 877-207-2276 right now, so maybe think about my loves can fill you in on something is so much like going on. One is thinking about converting lessons into videos that takes a lot of working to teach myself a lot of new things to do that and I was thinking about working on apologetics from two specific directions one from the Christian perspective and another from the non-Christian perspective and I've been thinking about this and from the Christian perspective, you assume the truth of the Christian Trinitarian God and you work from there. If the non-Christian perspective.

You simply ask them to provide the conditions which must be in place in order for their beliefs to be true, real simple, and I have been experimenting with that linguistically logically experimenting with unbelievers asking it in varying ways we have our discussions and I want to tell you it is been incredibly profitable. It's very valuable so I've been thinking about working up a lesson on this and going through various things seat and as a way to prove God's existence, and thus by the impossibility. The contrary to give you something.

We have two possibilities only say God or not God we have a or not a we have the thing and the negation of the thing. There is no third option when you have your God exists, God is not an they want to even call 877207). Mass Y77077 back to the shoulder going to be call you for guidelines 877207227 sacred.but… Give him a call. Let's get a little line with Laura from Utah Laura welcomed on the air. Now I know quite well between a missionary, a man I got somebody out. They wanted. Now how know if they had true faith we were reading in on John 15, and good question and I did the best I could explain it. How do we know if we have true faith.

We know we have to faith we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to describe the Scriptures.

Mormonism say they have to want to say they have with their Jesus is the brother of the devil gone through the relations between God's got his wife keep the planet so that's not true faith is only as good as you put it in the Scriptures tell us that is only one God, all existence, all place in all time and that so he was never meant another planet, etc. so the way to know if you have true faith is to know that if is consistent with what God has revealed some people will say they have true faith to believe in something false, but also God revealed to them or the prophets were there. Whatever organization without saying that the Scriptures aren't sufficient in themselves do something else. So then they're open to deception. We know about so people are self deceived, redefined internal inconsistencies in her belief system such as the case with Islam, Mormonism, Job, witnesses and things like that when you want to find an external problem that that's more broader. You can find external facts that contradict thing you find it in Mormonism and Job's witnesses criticize unity you find things historically that don't matter match up with what they teach, with a say what they want to say there's ways to find out what people want to find out if they had true faith that they need to do some homework and do some examination but they will never be able to know that ultimately unless they believe in the truth and inspiration of the Scriptures. The old New Testament, not with the Apocrypha, not the book of Mormon.the April great price, not doctrine and covenants not to block the books of the Catholic Church, not Sgt. held the key to the Scriptures, not the Carano, the hadith, but the Scriptures, the word of God, not the watchtower Bible and tract Society of the Jehovah's Witnesses, all false religions have extra biblical revelation or extra profit that tells him what the real truth really is and so they will. People will believe these lies unless they believe Scripture for example, not rambling a little bit but one thing I do for for example the Mormons I meet them and I try not to be mean I just want to just tell them the truth quickly and I think I say is if you believe first Timothy 616. It will change everything. There is a good example of something because is talking about the father and the son and it says who the sovereign, the King of Kings and Lord of lords, who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light, but that's not Jesus. Obviously, because we've seen Jesus. And so, who alone possesses immortality dwells in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see that's the father spoken of their so it's as simple as this would people say do they have true faith of custom. Let's see if you have true faith. Does your true faith agree with Scripture, and I've shown this to look for example, Mormons and say this means that the father could not be seen. Therefore Joseph Smith could not of had the first vision upon which Mormonism is based. He could not of seen the father as he said he did as the Scripture says he can't.

And I've had Mormons. For example, looked straight at my height is eight. I don't care what the Bible says I know he saw and so they can't know they don't they have true faith because they don't care what facts are they care about feelings.

If people want true faith and not they have it they have to rely on what God has revealed, not what they feel or think God has revealed. And that's you know and then you go to the Scriptures and you find out who God really is and you believe the true living God illiterate along the abiding and required you and you will find unfortunately that most people outside of Christianity. Of course most people don't do that.

I don't believe in that that the truth of Scripture, they believe, and the truth of their profit or the truth of their church effect on my face book account which I have run is its title is Roman Catholicism true and that's a good example of of having false faith as well. This one woman. This is telling me that I need to come home to the Catholic Church and point out, I say you're just being idolatrous so because were supposed to come to Christ, not to a church. Jesus has come to me and say come to the true church and that's one of the things that all false religions I've studied will will say hey look, we have the true church, we have the true organization and salvation is found in our church and our organization and you know that my knowledge base is idolatry with desiccation never know the truth is, because you trust God and trust with the group or organization such you think. What a great way yet and hopefully turning she heard all kinds will hopefully you and I know I'm on my neck thanking me. I really do know that you dislike a list of the McKeever in the mornings and those from my for you know Bill is know who I am. I always try and speak of to what I think is necessary to remind man watching a series on Hulu under the Banner of Heaven on my goodness variant, I got all warning. There's a little scene in the shower just fast-forward through it, but it's very interesting. While quite interesting about that because when I was growing date daughter at one they now that man actually, I've been to his house and while they were on vacation wanted to plan and their dog and be actually where dad and women with executed and the baby was way that Hal Fleck all absolutely it it it it absolutely real I met damn I yeah yeah and it's real and I watched it I like the fairy and it it it it crowed me out because it it know and where I grew up and in the community that I grew up in way I want to, but rather the land they Mormonism was just like what you're seeing in the show how it was treated actually one of my old Bishop married one of the life after he went to prison while fellow a look at right here in my community and I knew one of the daughter and she is gone now.

She left after that here.

I don't blame her, watching.

It was fascinating and that is fiction, but if it's your time, it's true I didn't know I must've missed that part. Patient story, but what I thought Don and I looked it up in a cabinet.

They have actually changed the name for legal reasons.

Right of access what I thought was interesting. As I mentioned them Mountain Meadows massacre which happened on 9/11 29 and for real next.

That was the up to the Oklahoma City bombing. It was the largest domestic terrorist occurrence, mass killing and hissed in American history than the tug-of-war. It is a Mormon that killed hundred 2225 men women and children and melt metals and because a blitz and it's never stuffy. You actually do not have good light on Joe the they will revealed truth and at one point they actually show the red book with you know what it is one of the brothers at Sandra Tanner's book that shadow of Mormonism had Sandra Sanders book in that in the show. The brother yeah you are not honoring their life at the book showing the show is literally a don't mention what it found that it is literally Sandra Tanner's book Michelle and San Rafael are bucket and filled out while you know Bill works there at Sandra and said we did with the home is whether I helped her a lot, so maybe I'll build what he says about hell I thank you. Wow, interesting, very, the Lord bless you hate will be right back after these messages, please say to mass Y77077 back to the last segment of the show McCauley 77202276 with Skip to Janet from Raleigh, North Carolina welcoming their thank you quick quick quick anyway. When asked you if you are in a debate with the person who said that the name of yes you what the true name versus the name of Jesus and how would you defend the faith. With that I just show me a Bible history.

But the memory actually that that Hebrew name or Jewish nickname or something it might be I just say so to be in the Bible where Jesus is called a shoe and I would just camp out on the question. Can you please show me where it says in the Bible but show me show me this and have hundred and Hebrew originally actually worked with in the Bible.

Okay, don't have this would assess Matthew 121 she will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus Jesu. That's the name that God had written in the Greek New Testament if it's supposed to be a shoe, then why is it not pronounced or still written in such a way that's equivalent to Yeshua in the Greek you can get pretty close to that with Greek letters but think that there they're getting that from I think is called crackerjack theology Fortune cookie theology. I talk to people as a sacred name calls and things like that they get it out of people who say this was supposed to be because the I've had recently talked to some to say that all of the New Testament documents were originally written in Hebrew and they were all converted to grow correct so so where's the evidence for that work worst.

Where is well. It was all lost hope today so so you just saying is all lost means it's all lost and therefore it's true you be something more than than that. What Matthew was written Hebrew. How do you know maybe it was my quote some of the church father might say that Matthews could put in Hebrew, but to say that original written people to say they have something like that. Okay what about Paul's writings, ready to up to Ephesus there not Jews. There the Greek speaking.

I've been to Ephesus, to great but you write in Greek and the national language and he would mention Jesus name to you it they don't really think through these things to get through these ideas that that all this has to be this way. If you don't say it the right way, you're in trouble. Ephesians 11, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God.

So with was Paul writing to Ephesus in Hebrew know Ephesus is in Turkey, and Alexander the great had come to the Mediterranean area and he brought Greek as the national language and the Jews retained Hebrew in Israel, but Israel geographically was very important because if you wanted to to go from say Italy to Egypt you could take about, but was very expensive and sometimes quite dangerous because the.

The storm could come up unexpectedly. People die so it was safer to just take a wagon wagon train was electric train all of the of the group that would take months to go around what he had to go through Israel Israel was a strategic place reason bring this up is is it strategic geographically dispersed strategic in war Christie Christie Dick for the Roman Empire. Everybody would go through that landed on north, south, east, west, up, down, left, right and so Greek would have been spoken in Israel, along with the Hebrew as long with most probably Latin and putting other languages because it was a it was like a distant hub of all kinds of traffic in all kinds of people right there. That's why God put them there so that when the gospel would be going forth. They would know languages and it could be spread out all over the better training area. So anyway, all this to say what they only spoke Hebrew right there did all the he obviously knew Greek and so he would write in Greek. Okay he writes were Jesus and so why would Paul writes were Jesus as a quick example if his real name real name is with me Yeshua in the sink. I've heard them say well though he voted Hebrew to the Ephesians and just like okay you know how much of the cigar put on her.

It's just it's just like you guy and then if either the revelation.

For example, an pride in Jesus right. Let's see talk anymore to Kurt yes it does what you know. Revelation 11 the revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesu's in Greek. Okay. So yes you are coming from the old Hebrew, there want to say that Jesus real name is Yeshua and you have to say Yeshua if you don't say Yeshua you're not worship right in Christ. It's guided it's stupid okay stupid… Say that you know I I am in a car accident and rolled down the hill and for some sleep thinking, reason I all my identifications lost and they don't know who I am and my fingertips are burned off for a bit, writes third in a minute, and they say that guys John Doe that mean you're not really talk about me because my name is Brandon not John John Doe right now in the name it means what it means in reference to the individual you're signing it and get we had people who lost their memories and I get a new name and things like that because they don't write this and have it all.

I'm sorry is a real person use different name. It is the same person. So it's the kind of lame thinking that people often offer in the cults and this is just get tired of it and factors of this mistake this I have trouble with sound and thick accents because my hearing is not very good in some areas and talking to a guy last night on line and his accent from India was so heavy I couldn't understand.

I repeatedly said her understanding of someone else to me what you're saying. I said looking in, and he could to give Justin a clear racist illegal don't like limited what it got really mad and it is like people they don't think they really help correct in this.

It's so it's an endemic problem it. The pandemic was his bed thinking of her. Yeah yeah yeah I appreciate back about unite drag account with that I would let you know how I regret that I like.

I don't know that much about death. She was like I am missing show me the New Testament by basic rules as somebody wears us in the Bible show to be okay and just as a court reversal could go look at it does do that okay.

You'll find okay most the time.

This is say what they say.

Just like his inferences pride.

I don't think that word means what you think of me and so a good way to handle situations really is.

You shall mean an adequate benefit shall mean the word and led word and also define your terms you do that you can you be fine, got my day not apologetic in the lab might map out even enjoy it all right. Let's take a college and yeah okay I would bill and I by like it when she calls this just lifts my spirits. All right, let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome around here not just another terrible from the Lord. I really like work really gone on the game version and now, in that their board met before beginning the first 14 and the end of verse 30 expectant but the but economically think that in another new in the new American at that what God if the light of verse 14 chapter 2025, most likely for you some Matthew 24, 25 Matthew 25 birth 25, 14: Lexus is a document that's going to journey calls on slaves entrusted his possessions to them yet, and not given thinking that the effect a like the kingdom of like a man going away in the majority kingdom and the new American the take a look. I do not yeah it's so I don't see the word kingdom sleeveless in the Greek so I think you yeah so I see many 2514 ESV yeah I think it is for the wrong verse or something just as big of a ended up verse 31, Brentwood 1000 you don't out under dark night, weeping, and that and I then it okay in the neck after that about that that great. The goat be cannot think of the sun okay sources for the kingdom of heaven is as a man.

Yet the kingdom of heaven is not in the Greek it's just it's implied and Saddlery 30 Cal. Verse 30 My Way.

Bert 30 everything in order.

Go with the weeping, and that's not the report without punishment absolutely all gone about that great of the goat and so okay I okay so what was his point was he trying to say that on will basically the view that out with them mean and the mainland right will be believers, but faith that there will be fire being one of the word on finished size what he says and I don't recall having your verified your five birth out year payments by yes not good enough… Not purified by fire, less a Catholic doctrine of purgatory had thought that if purified by your sufferings not purified by the blood of Christ, by your own sufferings is a problem yeah okay I think about it, you will write talk to anybody hey Dave from North Carolina. I know you're waiting and we only had like 10 or 15 seconds left in the show and the prick up you want to talk about I think would be very interesting for call back tomorrow. We can talk about that first Timothy four and I would hear from think about that if you want to call. We are at a time of the Lord bless you all and by his grace back on your another program powered by the Truth Network

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