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March 2, 2022 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 2, 2022 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Can you be both Christian and patriotic---2- Is socialism unbiblical---3- What your take on the -great reset- and -agenda 30----4- Why do people think that -separation of Church and state- is in the constitution---5- What is amillennialism---6- Can those who have passed on still see us here on Earth-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is the president found online.

You have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is tuned Russell as usual I'm always doing something I can't help but I've got to teach.

Your questions are going to chat rooms and just look for opportunities to expand on the gospel of Jesus Christ that this weekend and also dismissed the wife watch install often enjoying TV together and just relaxing stuff like that now tomorrow I will be on the air because good about the wife.

You do a doctors thing.

No big deal.

Luke will be on and you be the one doing the show tomorrow so you don't get get the really hard questions, the ones that are like really tough and you know just asking these questions and then she would be fun. Okay you call 877-207-2276 and we have Lucy for the line source give me a call. Just a way of reminding you I do patriot on videos and going through the course on apologetics from actually doing is going through my notes. I've been developing notes on apologetics for year two, maybe 300 and just put everything in outline form.

So that's what I'm doing going through in teaching through what their really is the kind of stuff that I developed in real time, not theoretical behind a book. Not nocking that, but with me. It's okay. I didn't worked with me all day with this verse and it forces me to learn about this topic that way and that's how I learned my theology to begin with. So by time I got to college professor theology professor said that I knew more going into college than most of the pre-some students did coming out to Braggs just hate when you do this you learn stuff and I put those that learned stuff in the notes and make those notes on open sea. Let's see, because so quick to notice its opening and so you just add to it. Got all kinds of topics and dots 45 pages by 11 so for 45 pages done teaching through a single line going to the things that are useful and appropriate. Okay there you go. Having said all that, so if you want to give me a call to go to do was dial 877-207-2276 is good to a bushman from Ohio. Welcome your on the American talk to you again my friend talking to you.

So to my question once again Mark not brought this up in this conversation with you but I have a conversation with a question that said cannot be both Christian and patriotic and initialing that my head went to Paul believe those acts 16 and 22 server where he brought up his Roman citizenship to to discuss when they were going to flog him and that was one of the first things that I thought of when it comes to being patriotic was that a good rep and do you have any references that I could take fellow Christians to break the word of God to say here is what I can stand on when I when I want to stand up for the freedoms of the BNI glass to be borne by God into this country United States of America and not some other country he could will need to be born in the in a different country, but this is a totally different form of government, and I consider myself blessed and here is what I would say is, why, and then pointed at Scripture.

Do you have anything like that additional stuff that was the conversation we ran a couple of hours ago or so is working out some inside this solution: so oh.

As Christians we are obligated to be involved in politics.

In this idea calibration church and states is just not biblical.

Unfortunately, too many Christians out to the secular philosophy is that the biblical oneseparate sector to state so therefore, Christians aren't supposed to do what Jesus said to do is hold all things in subjection to his greatness as counsel to his wisdom, his Lordship now that's now excluded because a secular assay for the separation between church and state and so the Christians don't realize that when they do that they are in sin because they're denying what Scripture says and so while Paul did appeal to Caesar in his citizenship and death is no problem with that.

And so the biblical form of government is very simple, its representative, Exodus 1821 to 22, Deuteronomy 113 again I look at my notes, my article that I wrote on karma right now.

What is the biblical form of government is a little bit and talk about self-governance and I will give all the references is just the right there.

I have this this title self-governance and then the Scriptures that support private property rights. The principle of liberty and freedom in the promotion of those things. The principle of self-defense and defense of others capitalist principles witnesses and fair trial, the right of taxation limits of government and were not to follow the government contradict God not to follow the government leads us into simple things like homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion, socialism, transgender is him etc. the Christian's obligation is to follow Christ, not the secularists who are antichrist because they deny that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, don't read something. A lot of Christians need to know a little bit of a polite lesson love do not believe this is for John for one do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world by this you know the Spirit of God. Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist and go on from there walked well. So this secularists are of the spirit of the antichrist with too many Christians are doing in their ignorance and their laziness is saying.

Let's let the unbelievers rule over us. Let's let the believers pass laws on morality and righteousness list at the unbelievers tell us what we can and can't do and because of this sinful attitude that so many Christians have that God has let the judgment of the secularists come upon us, and were now reaping what we have sown in our rebellion against Christ and that is in it while you mentioned article, we can find that it yes, what is the biblical form of government and in the discussion. Someone said socialism is the biblical way know it is not, and I heard that there socialism is not biblical people say will you know it didn't help everybody that's not socialism. Socialism is looking to scale until people scale on the left is governmental freedom. On the right is a personal freedom and are balanced okay that W to start off in the democracy America is not a democracy to Republic constitutional republic. It's another thing the Christians are our ignorant of an employee to answer your stupid media promotes something that is not true so in a democracy over that. Generally speaking it's mob rule, because whatever the majority says goes.

So then on on the scale of on the scale it's dipping towards towards freedom of the and the rights of individuals and that's okay that's fine as long as there are godly women are ungodly like the majority says yeah let's kill babies in the womb, then that's a brought a problem as an example, socialism and Old Republic is the same thing except the Republic let's just say it. A democracy is take that to scale a democracy can bottom out where the right side individual is bottom out and isn't as is the major thing in Republic, it doesn't bottom out it goes so far down you can't go any further because of the Bill of Rights that limits the power of the states as well as individuals in that you cannot like sheet steel murder etc. and is that these attributes cannot be with his rights cannot be violated. So there's a certain balance of freedomů Take socialism.

Socialism is the opposite of this because the more socialism you have the more governmental control you have in the means of production and the distributional production that means there laws they pass laws, the oligarchy passes laws in order to tell us what to produce and where the production goes it has number one for ever been the case that an oligarchy can run efficiently, a governmental system with hundreds of millions of people and thousands of thousands and thousands of trickle-down facts that have to be managed that agreement best managed by individuals who have the best intention of the majority at heart, but when you have God out of the equation and the best intention of the majority of the heart is selfishness, then what you get is a necessity of the increase of laws because the government has restricted our belief in God and his work toward secularism. It needs to pass even more laws for the ungodly and therefore gains more and more power and control. So in socialism in order to assure that control it has to confiscate the property rights more and more increased taxation as well as remove gun rights self protection rights of the reason I want to do that is because they don't want the via populace to rise up against the the, the, the oligarchy just think of Canada when the people gathered for protest because they don't want the oligarchy demanding a dangerous vaccine be injected to them and into them and then what happens is if they don't then they can buy seller eat this is an applied oppressive system and that's an oligarchy rule and so then the declared martial law restricted the rights of the individuals suspended certain powers and rights of individuals had been forcibly confiscated from their their assets froze assets. The court confiscated their trucks and stuff like that. Remove them and then they instituted basically what would we call tyranny. So if we auto and the end of the people didn't have the the right to to resist with weapons do not say.

I'm not advocating violence and advocating that but understood that with United States have graph they don't have that recourse may animate. They still don't not have all our nightlights constitute welder. I had a right mall not quite as the robot not right now. Furthermore, think of this that the Australian government confiscated all weapons of of the people like 20, 30 years ago so that I got. And look what Australia is now become it's become a police state and so this is the same thing that happened up north with Canada and not saying that you I will be via I do not. I don't want that will tell you whenever guys are the governments can think twice about coming in and saying this what you can and can't do and eat and buy and sell. Karen will know after a while the population is a we've had enough of this and this is why you are our amendment is there. I've already spoke with my local authority to make that I am discerning as our word teaches you know what I can and can't do play out. I live here in Ohio as in Ohio spirit that I know it changes jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Even as small as your County and even your city and I have explored that I was with all three of my the call 877207 right back.

Why call 7707 Tech problem there that does happen. So I think of inpatient we are still here number of people were taken regular what's going on deals solicited back on the phone with Bush Goodman. I hope I get that right there harassment okay right as a letter you go out there that matter I would highly congrats to all of your listeners. Check with your local jurisdictions when it comes to your Second Amendment to see just exactly what is allowed and what is not allowed. So that's what I've gone and I'm confident in the and knowing what would happen if more.

Map that was there ever be a day that came like that, but at least you know what your lights on. Your County state I believe is very slow organized movement and global level to move us to one world government.

Yet Glencoe would not's was used at all that without Matt Wortman there. Chris do it back a very watchmen price range that you may not make it wonderful that critical.

What should the people inside the wall, they should prepare Proverbs preference talks about preparing not having all your eggs in one basket, so I would recommend that Christians know their rights. For one thing and know what they can and cannot do. According the laws and to be organized with other Christians about its things to be active in voting support people who want to go into politics as Christians in order to stop this secularization of everything and also I would suggest that Christian start preparing for an economic downturn because it's coming. There are shortages more supply problems and with what's happening in Ukraine. There is a natural gas is one of the extent of the stopping talk about what is natural gas line that's being shut down Russia and Germany and that's a problem whenever you have natural resources being shut down one nation tends to become aggressive with another to get those things back or to get new supplies and cutin. What he did is he activated the squad Arnold right name of it is a group of people who are trained in very aggressive tactics of control as well as this is the same group or another group is a phrase, the level of nuke.

This nuclear war preparedness up one level this is a problem and so obviously there's going to be problems over there with the oil supply. So what is our art as a brand administration do what it does when people say get our our internal pipelines for oil and for natural gas get going again does want to do it.

So the end and then he's opening up the borders to the illegals to flood us in the flood in with socially.

This is a part of the great reset that the oligarchy is trying to do upon us and the people in America are just people walking towards the abyss and converted a jump in and we can't let this happen and so there are things looking good and we need to be voting, but then here's a question is can assess how many people would trust the coming elections as being legitimate and Ryland are correct and I my opinion about that. Can we trust the fact that we even have to ask the question and eat and worry about preparing and getting extra food supplies and things like that because what's going on. The fact with ask about it here in America just tells you how bad things are what we are in row as opposed to know five years ago five years ago. It was a different United States and now with social justice stuff you're not allowed to think out loud your eggs express your opinion, otherwise you're going to be canceled you to be docs to be punished and now the government is now using private sectors to silence people so that they don't have the freedom of expression anymore. This is really really bad government is doing.

This is stocky.

That wench got up and said it hinted at the issue of how certain social media platforms need to stop certain people from saying misinformation that the words this is the way of saying stop them from X exercising their freedom of speech we don't like what they're saying. So the private median sectors need to do this, that the government is working or am asking them to do it. This is tyranny in here, meet me saying this, the thing I'm concerned about is starting to come and take me away five years ago I could say this, I wasn't worried about it now when I say that I actually worry, are they gonna come take me away just for what I just said here in America we have that freedom anymore, not so much that I say what I say about what that's it. So we'll see what happens and that's what can be concerning or be heard is when will the golf all of Jesus Christ because of John 14 I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes unto the father but by me. So that exclusivity Matt, when will that be, 8 feet, and when will we do not livelihood it already has stage light, the LGBT community has been a movement to try get the Bible outlawed as hate speech and while it when I talk to me tell you again to be careful here for time and how much do you begin this is not as daring as I was a whole lot on the subject that I'm just saying that that's going to great deal over the years and I want to do more and more seminars of teaching people how to do apologetics and how to answer people how to do critical thinking because most Christians are very ill-equipped to do the necessary logistics of thought dealing with issues and things like this, you'll hear the flywheel simple with Zelda following the freight was move along the light modulator is a vote be right back after the break right folks I call 77077 show with gone there with Jim from North Carolina.

Jim welcome right there, may control so my question was the reason why you almost got kicked off the noise the gay site that the computer just rebooted and that can happen, for various reasons. Guys like Liotta, Laura, Richard and Angie got on right now from the guys that I've been discipling for grade 5 and half years now, for some reason they want to get into a topic and you just talked about it.

Interestingly enough about the great reset agenda. 30 and I'm sure the talk is going to come into the one world order type topic and an antichrist topic so I just recently talked on the phone.

School Daniel seven may be helpful and we did get into Revelation 13 somewhat but not an expert on this.

I don't know much about it.

Trying to bone up to get ready, I'm leaving and I want to be prepared.

So prepare me for what and if you like.

I don't really have another question. I'll be having a nothing to stay on we went talk about was a question.

Well, just that I will you tell me the articles on the topic of the great reset agenda 30 UN topic like that and how would you handle the conversation Tuesday night at mile you can call in and conversation that like I be glad to seriously if you want to email me at invalid card that organ what time it is Eastern time and phone number. I'll call in and then that way when I'm done, you'll have so much work to do the cleanup for months delete that it trust me got to be doing the second half of Matthew. The attitude unanimously blurs this. I believe it's got some Bible studies for years and years and years and years and I didn't Bible studies. Where were going to a topic in the Bible study leader says can't talk about that when average when I can't let this take is tangent for a while we can't. It's frustrating because that's what it that's the vitality of what the word of God leads to so I'm always welcoming tensions I recall tangent.

In fact, when teaching in San Diego. We had so many of them that we would distance all assembled simultaneously.

Look tangent because we loved it and we would stop the Bible study for a month sometimes get into a talk at how we are involved in a call girl groups which are not groups of the church is very structured and I think that works at the house.

The fact that we are not structured like that yes we do have a central theme, but that we can better sell going down the rabbit hole and God amped up pumped up and excited to discover the negative. While they keep coming and also live generated out multiple times for other got to go out and start their own groups as well. The landlady wait for the topic on the great reset agenda 30 that type of conversation just talk about it.

I don't have the research done, but you could very easily get some agenda 30 research times, various websites and I'll tell what it is for is when what it is agenda 30 is the global movements to move the economy of the globe under one socialistic control system by an oligarchy, and they want to they do it under the guise of the proper use of resources, climate control, and things like this in order to stop starvation and varying problems and so this is what they say and what it is is world domination and call the reset of where we can get people under control within the ultimately want to reduce the population of the world from what were at 7 billion down to 500 million now how that can happen, that's what's scary so they gonna say Haywood is let people die out or the GNU do stuff we don't know, but this was put this way in the 1900s more people were killed in war. Then all of history combined when secularists getting control of governments.

Stalin, Hitler as healer was that people sit a Christian he was. He was an occultist mouth safe zone. Landon the they killed millions upon millions upon millions of people as they were terrorists who believed in the, the superiority of the state and not in the rights of individuals.

So any rate if agenda 30 comes to full fruition.

We should be very afraid should be very talk about what I talk about his they're responsible for their families and they want to care their families where providers are protectors. This is part of what we are is God is made us it's appropriate to talk about it. Yes we should not.

I agree the haven't done much study on it some time to bow them quickly and at least get somewhat on it to say to say that I don't know too much about it. Here's information.

Let's read to listen, talk, that's good enough.

My concern is the and by the way they taken off like crazy but some of the guys were Catholic Catholic background, a lot of damage occurred duty to know how to pray for someone to have bottled since then. We had wives come in and say you don't know what has changed in our marriage. As a result of my husband being here the bad man asked what Bible do I buy we have baptisms that occurred over the years. We replicated out probably four different times but it all started with two guys not didn't even know each other and I just walked up to reach him one day an incredible six years ago now and then hey there.

I'm going to do. Are you interested in the common thing that brought everybody together was how the cultural the culture nowadays diminishes the role of the man

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