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February 8, 2021 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 8, 2021 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why are Christians against socialism---2- Why would God send a delusion on people who already don't believe---3- When will we know if the antichrist has come---4- When the Israelites started worshiping idols, did that replace the worship of God entirely or was it added to it---5- Why does Jesus command people to choose Him- How does choice fit into salvation---6- What's your opinion of Shawn McCraney---7- Is it reasonable for people to question the concept of election---8- Can you explain John 3-16 and why -world- doesn't mean all people---9- What is meant in Genesis 6-1-4- Who are the sons of God---10- Are objective reality and objective truth the same thing---11- Because the Jews are God's chosen people, is that why they have been persecuted so much over the centuries-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the heart the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max what Y rises call to respond to your questions at 877 Matt slick show that slick live and I hope you will give me a call. We can talk 877-207-2276 this morning and interesting of meeting with a couple and the the know they learned maladie's monkeys from Madagascar and so my national discussion about transmitting some articles and event language. I thought that was awesome and is looking forward to that possibility. So nice couple and talk about you babies. They had a couple girls one brand-new 114-year-old understood just great. Was fun to talk to and let's see what else so we got five open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 would love to hear from you and see how come you don't have Facebook thing going for the wrong want to do that all the affects of the second and let's see we have for achieving have the life you a call okay and we have schools. If you're interested in checking out the schools on car rental and theology will apologetics will and stuff like that. All you gotta do is go to Carmen Rourke/schools check amount by doing that you can sign up for the theology Sklar recommended that people do that they should learn the theology school because in the theology school. You can pick out all kinds of areas of knowledge where you might be weak and you can strengthen yourself in the strength in your understanding of the legal schools.

I guess that's can work at and hope are suggested at the schools rock that is good and I'm glad you like the people like that stuff. So that's always a good thing to hear the people enjoy the schools also over checking out the idea of going to Israel. So if you're interested in checking out going to Israel with us on Carmen's quick harm Israel one word Carmen and it will forward you to other sites and check out information as little form to fill out like four questions that you so we have an idea of how people might be interested in one person says that learning atop time in the school and got a lot of stuff in there so good yeah fix the Facebook thing a little bit for Pilates. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Jamaal from North Carolina you're on the merits mode under management wanted to you about the kind of question that Dr. Eric a while ago, but no kind of a different take on the question took them people on the talk about Jesus, would be for socialism.

The Greek family talk about the socialism.

So I think so, wanted to get your flick like toolbar or or if you think it would be a gift socialism and NY because socialism is not biblical. One thing I socialism is it's a bad system and it fails. The biblical position. Again, though the Bible says about governmental stuff. It does speak about it. So the biblical position is private property. For one thing, representation, representative government for another doctors taxation and that's fine, but you have the rights of private property and you also have the right of self-defense now in socialism. What happens is the government is the one who takes more and more of your rights away. It takes more and more of your property at diuretics away your right of self-defense and that was the basic ones right there and so is not biblical. Socialism is not biblical people say that it is but it's not first filed the defined what socialism is in the multiple don't know what it is but products you know it it's an oppressive system is the stock doesn't work, we have these moral's in our government who want socialism and we have a diluted populace who don't know how to think the way in the wet paper bag and that they want socialistic ideology. To think is good to great and we can do it right the arrogance of socialism is proven to fail repeatedly all of the world so we don't get my notes biblical government is a representative form of government self-governance. I got the Scriptures for this. If you're interested. Private property rights. The principle of liberty and freedom capitalist principles and witnesses and fair trial and the right of self-defense a capitalist principles. This is the parable of the landowner leaving servants in charge of his vineyard. He owned a vineyard and required proper treatment of his people and his property netted 21 and the right to use what they had in order to make more money for themselves or to help people and also Matthew 25, 14 to 30 parable of the talents for the master gives the servants different amounts of money requires of them to produce more out of what they have been given so they produce and they get to share in one visit, a produce but is socialism. The government gains more and more property rights more and more distribution rights. It tells you what you supposed to produce, and it governs how it most. And so it removes a social your rights and facts case study of it can be found in Venezuela and right now and 2001. Chavez passed laws aimed at the redistribution of land and wealth. This is exactly with the socialist moron wackos want to do in our country and then they voted for a socialist president and voted for income equality. This all sounds so nice doesn't it. Income equality is redistribution of land and wealth will who who decides what's equitable who decides which article of rights and wealth gets distributed why the government does private healthcare was socialized in 2004. This doesn't sound wonderful Chavez signs earlier in 2005 I decree to eliminate large estates and remove the removal of private property. Wait a minute. Love you see getting rid of the rich people stuff. The Met private property that's for the younger me for the small guy now deliver the problem stiff fines and prison terms for those in the media who criticized the public figures of the public in the first immediacy and so this is great. And then when they start realizing that Xavier to come under control of the socialist government. Then they start having problems will then either put in prison and 2070 others announced the key energy and telecommunications companies would be nationalized so that means there can be control of the means of production of energy and the distribution of it. Then thousand seven. Higher education becomes free. These are all the things your hearing about right and they confiscated Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips operations and the government took them to call the era on sites facilities confiscated them and kicked them out of the country so they took over when another company.

Other companies had produced by agreement then in 2009, the socialist ban private ownership of guns. Oh my goodness, what is like oh yeah it's that we have the leftist moron wackos who are passing more and more laws. Now the Dems are in control. They want to get more and more laws passed against gun rights. Who are they going after the bad guys of course not, they're going after good people. They are the ones who have weapons of the wedge of ammo in there trying to decide how much you can have how much magazines you can have and eventually to be the confiscation of the gunk and that means all the bad guys that got you to go. Hey, they passed a law so we need to turn in our constantly the whole is not how would our son leftist moron wackos. All this drive me crazy. And then the Dead Sea voters approved to abolish term limits in 2009 well, I should have term limits is what they're doing now is people in Congress are 3040 50 years.

They are out of touch with real people. 2012. The government enforces price controls on basic goods to battle against inflation. Why is it inflation because the government keeps printing money to bail people and minimizes out because of the lack of efficiency. Start money 2012 Bernie Sanders praises the American dream of the Venezuela and then there's a deaths as antigovernment protest occurred in the government turns on its own people and starts using military force to enforce its own power what's happening in DC, opposition leaders were imprisoned in 2014 food and healthcare shortages become widespread in 2016 Constitution elections are suspended in 2017, 2019 arm citizens massacred by their own government and in 2008 to nebula the was at the hello this evident in Venezuela, stop of the 2000 1900 and there were there citizens were massacred by their own government. 2018. The UN says 2 million Venezuelans fled to neighboring countries. I think people want to come to America because he socialist countries south of the border, there's oppression and people want to leave. They come here leftist doctor called leftist wacko morons. They are in power and they want more power.

And if we as Christians don't stand up to Ithaca to come in and they can fix it so that we are the ones you have to go to reeducation camps and what is a leftist warrant moron wackos do they start to say things like the cult of Trump and reprogramming of of the Republicans and can have freedom of speech. This is all socialist agenda stuff and it's one for the socialism. One put in fascism and talk about right is as well, but the young guy giving. What about moral law. You might believe though that might not be to about nine if you are balling so-called moral law to be a violation that could lead to repercussion. Yeah yeah and this censorship occurs because it would.

The thing is just and I'm also reading a book on on Nazi Germany and the methods that the Nazis used to gain control of the people and how they gain control of education, the gain control of the media and once they've had all that and they had control of government.

People started disappearing so in a Christian organization is suspended from Twitter after calling Dr. Rachel Levine Amanda believes is a woman now you can't say no right right you can't say that on twitter because you to be suspended for saying was a man think is a limit. If I believe it's a man who thinks he's a woman. Should I be suspended now know the leftist don't want you to have free speech. In fact, CNN's Brian Stelter wants the liar Fox news influence to be reduced. They want Fox off the air. Oh yeah, it's just it's ridiculous. I got a whole bunch of collecting headlines and we develop developing stuff. I would say to people just cohere unharmed and look at the evidence that's going on it.

It's so it's ridiculous yet it's inferior, quick note and my Bible update 11 o'clock correctly good, like no Gober you think some of the equipment. It is our karma right out. Likewise, none of this quotation just the Venezuela stucco is on should be unharmed leave it liquor and registers. Regrets are special. I'm getting all kind of information to get a sheet you people say Wilmette to stick with theology or theology tells me to be concerned with politics or government or Social Security or yeah that's what I'm doing the things Scripture ago by far the room I felt, but I got a call anytime all right both be right back after these messages going to be called line 720776 max Y call 770776 charismatic slave Ron Webb therefore lines give me a call 877-207-2276 John from New Jersey hey John, welcome hey Matt, so I quite already in 11 all right why Lord God then on people they don't believe already, so that they will believe what is false in the context is important because it see it has to do with the arrival of the antichrist with the apostasy that's coming and all deception of wickedness of so let's see the other lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of his mouth and bring to an end. All the by the appearance of his coming. That is the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan with all power and signs and false wonders in with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence will believe what is false. Melodic will have the idea the mistaken idea that that's just because her unbelievers doesn't mean that they are as wicked as they can be and yet understand that unbelievers have different levels of belief and disbelief on varying things. So apparently we don't know exactly why. Apparently, God sends deluding influence of the believe the lie, it looks like it's a judgment upon them to believe more of what it is they're already heading to since they deny the truth of God's word God sends deluding influence of the believe even more lives. It's a judgment upon God.

He does this in Romans 118 through 31, where he gives them over to the depravity of their hearts and minds.

He does this is a exchange the glory that incredible God for the image of corruptible man. For this reason God then gives them over to it. Why does he have to give them over to it with her already bad because it's further judgment upon them for their evil and the denial that is happening there right that the islands God so got a call or other colored waiting, but quickly have yet to colored with our do you think that the antichrist might be here for you my dear yes or not, but might be of yeah yeah you say good now how we know when will we know when we know where will when he puts himself in to the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem and proclaims himself to be God worthy of worship. Then you'll know that they'll be a sure sign so he may be alive right now may not be we don't know what the end times of length of time we have until the return of Christ and how long and so for my understand eschatological. He is the temples can be rebuilt. Nice not happen just so radically it could be could be logically built in for is under five years of 10 years or 20 or 30 who notes to rightly delete that the template bill for and there has to come apostasy. This is something I've been talking about more and more lipases like the return of Christ look knowingly deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness revealed assigned destruction so the apostasy along with the rival the antichrist has occurred before Jesus returns of the apostasy means that whatever is the dominant religious system within Christianity, will become false so Roman Catholics think that there are the true church.

1.4 whatever is billion people over the world.

Well, it's a false church so the from their perspective, their church would have to go apostate for the for Christ to return for the from the Protestant perspective. The same thing applies. Protestantism went back to biblical theology and justification by faith alone in Christ alone and the security that we have in Christ. But now more and more people are saying no.

We have to be good to keep her self saved and it's up to us of the unbelievers in the wisdom of his sinfulness to let Jesus into his own heart and then their recording the idea of going back with the Catholic Church, for these are some of the aspects of apostasy that are in the present church as well. While in the only way to know this stuff is to study your Bible a lot people don't want to study the Bible because what they want to do is turn on the game go to church and have a your sermon that is couched with illustrations and nice storytelling is that of a serious exegesis of God's word getting into the word and saying what it says and applying it to the situation at hand accord with the word of God teaches. And that's what were supposed to be doing as ministers of the gospel right. I met David our buddy God bless right next to New Jersey. Let's gets on the phone with Russ from Utah he Russ welcome Matt McCall chart my article to make sure my head today with the daily Bible reading the ancient Israelite. They got into idol worship be all God I dated added the God of God to the worship of Yahweh.

They didn't reject Yahweh.

They just got added. Although that no lack asked Barack whatever that through to some extent yeah and some of the Israelites which this rejected Yahweh and with their pagan gods and serve their flesh and things like that but some of the more try to do both because the idea of polytheism which god are you going to go with and so they would they would do. This is a mixture all over the area's matter that you it's our propensity to serve our propensity is to serve things other than the true and living God. When you think about if God were to come down here to say it was a particular field. No particular church but I feel that he went into and news cameras are everywhere and it was him teaching what he's thinking, say, think and say you know these this liberal thing your best life now everybody thing to be saying that you think you be saying all this namby-pamby stuff, put your hundred dollars in the plate. You'll get $500 back. You think you missed talking like that though he would teach the truth that he be teaching about discipleship you be teaching about what Christians responsibilities are before him, to love one another to love God, to be sacrificial when necessary to speak the truth to defraud no one he be speaking like that to be saying go out into the world make disciples go to this that's what he be saying not gather to yourselves, people who tickle your ears and make you feel good about yourself. No, that's what's going on, and so in order to justify that we have the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer Jesus standing at the door of your heart, asking permission to come into your heart unless you idolatries alive. Everybody I was a focus group in lines 877207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave picked of technical advice on something. Oh if you're interested in and looking at something on Carmen go to any web browser to type in karma and in the word and it'll find what you need.

Our search engine is good, but the navigation thing is broken right now and working on that it fidgets in a bit of an issue but anyway their ego is telling you put in karma in your search engine. Carmen and like Trinity and will come up with current stuff.

Let's get to Dion from High Point, North Carolina. The unwelcome log hello Leon hi Dion you on your well about… It really young and not like I'm in my dream I can't. I can understand you start again a little bit slower while I'm calling you from North Carolina okay and an early age got in 3D movie industry North Carolina Wharton old house. Our athletes are, you don't. Maybe then I worked on a horror movie called Hellraiser three building said that I worked with John Bon Jovi the rock 'n' roll star which is a good person and a bowl but arrived the media when it comes to wrap the victim.

The illuminati, which is scaremongering and also Scientology, which is available on fiber your opinion on that that throughout allotment.

I'm an independent thinker area.

The one you say and I'm here.

What's your question what what what it what I think the body is the downward spiral of our society is were not fear anything but God in your Gothic bridge. It's unfair for the borrowers debating going to charge a price right is your opinion, what is your opinion on what I'm discussing the movie industry and that they do.

Do you feel may not watch television Mark but Dr. Bock Navy over news left and right. I like Ralph Knight. Lynn is asking a question, please greatest witness question.

What were you or you like it was yesterday about they'll call our target from outside. I live in Idaho but the most the stations stuff is on the East Coast. Okay, okay, now is the regular Mac map line and start the Lord why or how I have a question okay difficult okay my question is okay are you denomination I'm nondenominational nondenominational get a good job hopping along… Michael but I'm in the entertainment industry was. How about you do have a question you. Why it's so fearful of all the plate with light gray is usually the bowls and revelations that they worn out feel people were just in the long. I think the perceptual list. Let's get to. Let's get to Kevin from Georgia hey Kevin, welcome year on year, a perioperative think about all the knowledge or adequately made misunderstanding that you correctly, I do believe that God note the uncontrollable to the believing, mesdames incorrectly understand it, but I thought I read somewhere in the Bible get there think that they need to hear more to what they do cool my my understanding correct my Michael, my question is about sort came back while glad the word wrap… Etc. what is the weather.

The makeup man Baidoa salespeople filled apparently the people in the new commitment to you, Mark, to live what they do them because are obligated to choose wisely are obligated to do what is right, so he will tell people make right choices is likely says everyone everywhere repent. Acts 1730 lesson are supposed to do was okay okay yes but they make a product to make big gnocchi. I do believe it. Philippians 129 that you think a dog can't understand why the golf if you think about it logically, you know to look to it that makes people have the ability to make choices to make choices consistent with their nature. So if you're following the McFarlane choices. If there Christians are to make Christian choices and so that that's what's going on.

Big deal. Okay hi that unit they make the but I do about it. They operated Sherman and the problem. God bless America.

Thank sure. All right, let's get to see Marty from Virginia Marty welcome you on the air.

They met it look like it to question if you'll allow my first question I I thought your debate by way of work great debaters and I and and your entertaining as well.

Another guy I really expect Ms. Sean's Craney and I your debate with well let me just say that I thought your and did you enjoy that debate is much as I want. Like watch my foot well on the switch. Long has many discussions you all. I called okay I like Sean okay I think is an amiable amicable piece. Find these fun but he's a flaming heretic emphasis on flaming heretic. Okay is getting in the nine the Trinity. He's so working on his own Bible or some really bad stuff is been one okay then and there felt I and I and I kind of that on the debate and that and I like Rick that I would say I agree with you 95%. The other 5%. I would say I disagree. I just don't know enough to but my second question is, there was a part in there that I where it was probably when you on the topic of the elect, that there are the Calvinism and their elected people are elected that people are not in a course on the Craney disagrees with that. Now I and and and then when it came to your time. You said that genetic and over with really interesting that topic or any topic will use the delicate you. You guys are acting your reacting emotionally. You know when I act miraculously you want to study and I I I I think that that could be a motion could begin there.

But I think it's reasonable to question is the subject of elect. If you let when something hits you funny, I think it's reasonable to say you know I am not sure I agree with that politically talk about that don't get reasonable for people as the deep wrinkle things by here he says in Ephesians 1 verse four just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. This is from the Greek cling to my enders.

We have the word to collect us election elect to choose God chooses us election. This right with me. I am so just says it says, just as he chose us in him in Christ before the foundation of the world.

You agree that he chose us that he elected us while agreement okay now that's what God's word says now when we go to to a Genesis 31 Satan says did God really say question the word of God, should we question election.

In that context, I certainly would agree sort of try to do is get people to wake up this is what it teaches election is there because God chose us.

It's what he did. People don't like it because of humanistic philosophy with generally what they want is to say, and take credit for their own salvation in their own believing it's a humanistic kind of system and this worked like a mine is in reference to Jesus choosing the 12 and Luke 613 and and many places. In fact he says in Mark 1320 unless the Lord had shortened those days. No life would be saved for the sake of the elect, whom he chose. He shortened those days so the elect, whom he chose and give me the word elect their is a collect us in the were chose at the click of my the word for churches necklace. See so we can see that the church is the chosen ones, so the elect are the ones were chosen means to choose. This is what the Bible teach will make it, but what about your point about not reading the New Testament like scribe and I'm not saying that you do that, but for example would be for God so loved the world that most people who are not Bible scholars with a will of God. Both of the world, and I know that there's an explanation you have about what the world actually mean that context could you explain it. Sure, that's Marty from Virginia.

He balks right back. I say all the right back after the mass, like why call 770-7276 charismatic slave.

Her ire all right forget John 316 God told the world what is the word world me well people often say that it means every individual that's their thoughts. Maybe it doesn't. So, we have to understand something that God hates those who do iniquity hates them that with Psalms 55 and Psalm 11 five cents.

So if we understand that God does hate people.

And that's sorry folks that says it is what it says are the references.

Then we look at the word world can it mean that he loves everybody well in one sense, yes you, Matthew 543 through 48. God loves everyone in a providential way provides lights and rain in error and provisions for them and so that sense sure sense know he doesn't love every them all. Everybody in the context.

For example, of salvation doesn't love them with the saving love and so things like that in a Jewish mindset yet understand that the Jews understood that the Messiah was to come only for Israel. That's how it was the Messiah was coming for Israel and/why Jesus himself said in Matthew 1524. He said he said that he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel is what he said that the Jesus own words. Matthew 1524 two is not sent to the whole world. It was not sent to the whole world. He was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, the lost sheep of the house of Israel broke the covenant and with the true Messiah.

They rejected the true Messiah.

So we the Gentiles were grafted in. That's why says he loves the whole world not just the people of Israel that was going on okay and I do think you get by with somebody who was in between and couldn't and and and and I was just a hug.

I quit buying into certain things and I really wanted to and I couldn't I would.

I would feel really angry that maybe God didn't give me that ability to lie yet to the elect or to work that that I know the owner of your client shortly at my pie people.

I bought it. People suppress the truth of God in their unrighteousness. Believers do as well some believers is not to say that the other evil that they don't believe in election on people just have different levels of knowledge and we all, myself included, we are not perfect and we have our problems in and we want to understand and sometimes we just don't get in God's loving and patient and kind. It only sends us out, and he uses us in and that's okay wrong to be corrected. When we get to heaven, but election is clearly taught in Scripture it's clearly taught in Scripture as a people ought to believe it because that's what the Bible teaches that they don't like it, that's their problem and am trying to be mean is just that's what it says so belief that he had, so he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 14 that's exactly what election is Matt. I appreciate it less particular about the rightness get to Spencer from North Carolina Spencer welcome around here in Matt my question about the report.

Okay I plan couple question what you and that more of a summary of the.

For this production, it's the. The account of the corruption of mankind before the flood and the naphthalene were present and they were wiped out mode. But Noah was pure in all his generations all genealogy verse nine's God and the lame are the deputy clerk for the sons of God.

It depends on the context. But if I can joke the sons of God are angels and here in Genesis 6 of the seven Catholic daughters of men.

They are angels there for the fallen angels.

That is right because Jude talks about angels leaving their first abode and going after strange flesh and that's in the Jude 7 and this assignment, the more the cities around them since they, in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality after strange flesh is talk about the have to smother stuff that you never get it on the knuckling department.

I can remember exactly what you about them.

It looks like a naphthalene are the offspring between fallen Angels and women. That's what the Jews always taught this with the church always taught that seems good with the Texas teaching and he will solicit ridiculous. Maybe it is.

Maybe it isn't what is that to Scripture teach and so that's that's right hold to nurse as the Bible says Jesus says in Matthew 2732 2437 Luke 1726 and following. He says that is was a days of Noah social be the days are coming, the Son of Man, they were eating or drinking, they were giving and merit of the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came in destroyed for the wicked are the ones were taken. So what's going on is a tough one to go on but the colors that enter question and I think that RMS God bless.

Let's get over to Kevin from Atlanta, Georgia Kevin Markham who do not click yes my favorite Christian curmudgeon pleasure to speak with. Thank you. I wanted wanted to ask your question.

I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication his ministry. I counted Discover card 2004, 2005 good to great help to me that young minister at the time… One thing that Crystal.

My question is about up in in in a lot of discussion about the critical race theory in the art, which by the way, I think, is like one of the biggest they can controvert in the church, but that's a whole another story and called it talking about that because talking to you about that another time.

But in that discussion, a critique of CRP is that it supposedly denies the objective reality and I responded to someone explicitly pointed on the literature that that's not that that's actually not true, but in conversations that came up that there is a different someone said that objective reality, and objective truth are not the same thing. So I'm coming to that question because I know that very important in and of theology and how we communicated it really is there a difference between objective reality and objective truth is, in your view, number one and number two the collective stack that objective reality needs that there is a reality that exists outside of our own mind and true, these are statements about things sometimes about the actuality outside of her own minds and also things that we can't see with horizon and touch because there could be truth values that are revealed by God in the spiritual realm. So truth is basically an abstraction truth as it is. Whatever conforms to the mind of God so that's that.

And so truth is, are statements and reality. Basically this would be really really base basic truth statements and realities what you can touch the different data okay got into it I get my other question would be the second part of that would be that our both of the confidential realities on the ideas represented by the spoken of in Scripture, or they more or less inferred from and I'll hang up and listen. Thank you very much. Sure, God created the universe and that's talked about in Genesis chapter 1 and then guides like is to jump all over over to John 14 six Jesus is the way the truth and the life. So they are related. What I like to say is that truth relates to reality. So 52 blocks and two blocks. That's four blocks, 2+2 = 4 is an abstraction, but it agrees with actuality there's a relationship between truth statements and what actually occurs. And so there is a relationship between mathematics, logic, truth values and what is actual and because God is the author of truth, then all truths are moral 2+2 = 4 is a moral truth because it rests.

Ultimately, the transcendental mind of God we apprehend because it comes from God, therefore, is true, whatever is true is good because it ultimately comes from God. And so that's a very low-level way of describing these things is worth the discussion to the to discuss how truth statements relate to actuality and counterfactual's and other things with a lot of big words and stuff like that which I'd like to talk about in other venues with her people's brains. Let's get to Karen from North Carolina, Karen, welcome you on here thinking that earlier in the hearing a lot of that is financed by and yet I've been pondering a little bit and just want to know, thought asked Eli that professionalism is just wanting to be very controlling and general and at the cot that I need it found me like it is nothing more than simply just what Satan did try and rebellion against God. What do you think will connect a few more dots on that socialism is the idea of moving away from God's decrees of representation of being able to do with with what you own. Ultimately, for the glory of God for taking care of others. Self-defense were socialism contradicts those things and takes away those things and instead of being rooted in the rights that God is given us roots itself in the rights that the state gives us so therefore ultimately with socialism is is an ungodly humanistic philosophy and is not a biblically-based one. And this is why it leads to oppression. A lot of people don't know all take this moment to this point, my people do not know that the Puritans who came over from Europe specifically asked ministers to go through the word of God and extract out of the word of God. The principles for government and they established governments in their colonies based on biblical principles and then when the Constitution was written influence of those principles woven into the culture and the politics of the times were within income within embedded in a lot of constitutional principles people have no idea about the history because the leftist wacko morons who are out there controlling what is said and they want to get rid of private property, private control, responsibility, and turn everything over to the control of the state. And this is that one more question, I can go for. I have pondered for a long time and it could be very obvious in front of buy it because I think she are God's chosen people that agree then for hatred and persecution toward answering my thing.

When everything is wrong with our time, such as Google quickly. Sorry there's music might be that it also might be because you sound like Christ as a spiritual consequences being The Federal Call Back Tomorrow. Thank You Very Much for Your Orlando Call Back Tomorrow about That Topic. Brian and Brian Douglas

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