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November 4, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 4, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is our understanding of freedom today different from how people in the Bible understood the concept of freedom---2- What are passages in the Bible that explain what bondage really is---3- Is there more information about Nimrod than just in Genesis---4- Is it ok to take mental illness medication---5- When did the church begin- In Acts 2---6- When were elders of the church first called priests---7- What are your thoughts on the Book of Enoch---8- Matt further discusses how the canon was formed.--9- What are the four living creatures in Revelation---10- How do I respond to the statement that men's opinions made it into the Bible---11- Will we have free will in heaven---12- Is hell an actual place---13- What is Genesis 39 about- A man wasting his seed-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

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Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and and if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 the last four digits will see you in your room. That's CRM.RG and the C a release of article yesterday, do animals have souls yes and no. Depending the definition of folks they don't not like us and is later different and I do some research on the definition and to get in the Hebrew and the Greek and put some information up, I'm also working on a compilation of a lot of the coded research where I'm going to be producing hopefully release in our two or three article summarizing a lot of stuff along with a link to a PDF that you can just download people give you any trouble. You could say here, leave this information in a be like two pages so to be printed on left or right or back in front and it was folded up and carry with you all kinds of stuff is there, some seriously thought-provoking questions. So there you go with that. And if you're new to the show were a Christian apologetic. Shall we defend the Christian faith and everything ready for almost 17 years and the think of wife and eyes anniversaries 35 years is coming up. I think it's no it's easy to buy a gift for a guy like tool something for fishing bullets. You don't basic stuff we do for a girl mainly to think romantically and not practically all offer some like meat that is tough, but I'm going to help us suffer through it, you know, part of marriage. I've survived this long. No 5-FU does dinners Frisbee to happy but know you got this for my birthday, but to lead away, so no big deal. I think I'll survive this until stuff.

Alright, so what was get a maligned here and go since we've got someone from Norway calling you from Norway will call him when in first. Alright, let's get to Simon from Norway. Simon Buckham drawn here. I met calling you again. Sure, sweetie, I meant yeah my question is freedom. I've been thinking about recently and you know where we get our conflict of freedom from the Bible and that is our understanding of freedom. Today any different from what the people in the Bible understanding of freedom was guy freedom and biblically is freedom to serve God and freedom to do what is right before God we have freedom in Christ as were free from the bonds of sin, freedom in a secular sense is to do whatever satisfies your own flesh, but freedom in the Christian sense is to do that which is glorifying of God and were freely able to do that will use our freedom from sin and from her enslavement to send to serve God and represent him. That's what were free to do excellent and I was wondering because it didn't end up in the biblical kind of court they experience the pressure in the end of the you what was persecuted at 040 having like their freedom and extent calendar removed and cohorts experiencing similar things to what people today can also have counter and end is, is there a way to look at what they went through and kind of understand our QA fins today oh yeah you know what we what I would recommend people do is of the one with bondage is to read the issue of the enslavement of the Jews.

When Moses came and also go to the book of Judges and read through their and after exact references and stuff but there are plenty of places that talk about God sending in armies to destroy Israel to subjugate them because I turned her back on and there's a cycle.

Actually, a historical cycle and it lasts. I think were in seminary. We talked about this 430 years I think is the average. And America is at the like 450 470 years or something like that. So before the average that went on to clarify the average cycle of when civilizations rise and fall rise and fall summer lot longer summer like shorter and this is what's going on so we have because it was doing what's right in your own eyes didn't have the freedom to serve their own flesh and have the freedom to serve God and serve men and not in the twilight zone sense of serving man, but serving each other and helping each other and can write it when it cometh like freedom. You know you mow the boat work, heroin, and either the hot good sermon on the mound and then call that the air out the got that they have the freedom of speech or even during their time or without any different from today. What is just difference differences to a point I don't know another historian our freedoms here in America and how is Norway, but here in America. Freedoms of speech, freedom of speech is being restricted more and more by the left and by big companies like Facebook and YouTube like that and I assume it's similar there. Norway and we are expressed experiencing least here more and more oppression and restriction in censoring and so that's just how it goes.

It's not that it's good is what it is we have a how it is.

There will tell you we have here and I am dead serious of the far left. I think I think of mental problems and I'm not joking. I am dead serious of the far left are the people that have mental problems there something wrong coming we have socialism in Norway but when I have yet America right now. I'm getting scared that you're going through far as going way too far and am socialism you know is not really true socialist, country, but a lot of socialist ideas. There in France. There's also a lot of socialist ideas they pay like 80% of their income to the state you live on 20% would make so this is what socialism does and so I haven't been over there tell you and restricting of heaters in your homes, you know they will turn lights on the you know, it's just that their showers are super small vehicle, six super quick showers just a lifestyle because the pressure on the missile system, but never lust is happening here and is good to go bad that we had for exchange students of for years, but not in the past three years.

My wife's open-heart surgery, but we had for exchange students from Japan from France from South America.

Other places, and I kept I pulled them all. This is you watch America's default. You can witness it you see it Magellan what was happening a character like groupthink thing. If you don't like good do what everybody else kinda like your route and your kind of glad they'll do are you're not being loyal, are you not contributing enough light in only stand firm in the Lord. People kind of my experience and respect that year I don't know how is it right. And to be respected, even if you were in yet, but now talk you hear the bell for you. I mean that a question for what is a Norwegian think of even on pretty much right now the media for quite violent because they were like rooting for them all along right now like positive talk about and anything desolate comes like think that they you want to cover like climate change didn't go forth below that great there still busy talking negative about from how you really have much to say about the US having to whenever it could then do talk about something other than by the witness medias lies in the countries against Trump and he was a good president. I didn't know. I might say I was only Bill but he did a lot of good and you know we were energy independent with having a war.

I wore a walled built so that the invasion of the Southwood would stop reducing taxes and a lot of stuff and buying is doing the opposite. And this is why say these the people far less have have mental problems and I am dead serious. I believe that mental problems and part of the. The facts that support this is they want socialist. They want all this idiocy, loss of of freedom they want more control. They push they lie to get some somebody in and then when it goes bad for them, then they didn't see anything still attack somebody else. It's it's insane. This is mental. This is something draw it is it is wrong how they want to do that there something wrong with them. I'm not getting your answer is mental or mental then and then it already. Date David talk about calling the Christian now and then that unbelievable know I was the only male model on the local politics in error. Norway right thing but I was the only person on national TV thing, something positive about Trump during the US election while so that that tell you how how how you know what people talk about anything about America other than the Democrats as as positive when you have to find the book out there.

To say something positive about comp is not wise.

You know, national public.

These well-known scholars did what they anything positive about Trump floor or art Republican yeah that's us. Yes, 39, dates is amazing is no energized especially with Dr. Christian values in the report that the rainbow flag and all the thing that I quite astonishing really that that that Chris didn't even work for the for the sake of of of what to write your name after got like Trump but you noted that Betty and for being that we should be able to agree on a Christian that I that on some issue, the Internet, I find that astonishing that they're willing to just report the other candidate because they have have the image of of corrupting so bad that his propaganda if they don't realize how bad the Democratic Party here in America is they don't have any business reporting the news that my sink. Now the perfect because there certainly are not a Republican or Democrat, independent constitutionalist, but you know it, but it's always one-sided you know you can trust him and that that's this year Rick and Krista left and is as ridiculous okay yeah I know that there are many people that that agree with that. Then there and in the gnarly people are now starting to share their opinions and so forth. But you know it is mostly quiet people like them violent on issues and sent down to kiss a big tell you I just got an headline a guy a truck driver may win a big big CT when the government thinks one of the states he spent hundred and $53 on his campaign and he's about to upset out another guy is been a Democrat and a black woman one and a big seat in one of the states and seven laughter: just because of white supremacy is there insane. The left is I think there's a very good and that you you 27 folks verbalize what you may call 870-720-7276 mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling laterally welcome in the Bible that I believe so let me just a quick check Genesis Rod occurs in Genesis 10 first Chronicles 1 Micah Micah 5 it's incursion to go. Micah 56 the land of Nimrod at its entrances delivered from the Assyrians and then in first Chronicles 110. Pushkin, the father of Nimrod to begin the mighty one of the earth and the like Nimrod a mighty hunter before the Lord. Genesis tonight so that's about it. Yeah, I thought in my mind I thought the Tower of Babel, and many others say that our shot arrow into the sky for summary, I was thinking also.

When people you know you as a derogatory terms for my that might be little stupid. Nimrod thought he did something stupid in the Bible to get that reputation studied Nimrod looking at information right now about him and is just general information traditionally should rule over Babylon cod in southern Mesopotamia and over Nineveh in Assyria Franklin of Nimrod seems to be synonymous with us or with the Syria itself, so there's some information on that it is all kind of stuff. So there's also pro-pre-and post biblical literature and legends.

Some looking for the stuff you were talking about their own.

I don't see anything so now that I am so long ago.

I'm not really sure where I got that something had to know sometimes you just hear Stephanie think that's what it is in the stuff that is a famous hunter. We know that the it's worth discussing who was Nimrod and justice research and write an article that I do the Lord when they cower because I think they were trying to build it to the heavens are not something like that but it did. God didn't like that right yet he was at the their own rulers own sovereignty and build this thing to demonstrate their greatness. The greatness of people and it was arrogance in God destroyed them for our scattered and say look at the language of scatter okay computer language in that they scattered right at that yet. In the places right? That's the root word for pharmacy.

Yes, the root word is used in English. The pharmacy pharmacopeia but it's transit into sorcery in the Greek yeah that's what I want wonder about so sorcery is to say, with prominent think about it and not take meds but was wondering if I have anything to worry about the meds are associate was sorcery know they would do is use medication to achieve altered states of consciousness, they would use and become addicted and things like that will taking medication. The Bible says Textron drink to the men struggling to manage the stress privileged. 33. Six. I believe it is so the idea taking medicines for needs is certainly fine. It's as valid. Not a problem. You can do that. Don't worry about it just to record instructions and in the big deal like that mind altering higher something like that. Yeah okay output using it as a medicine using it as an entertainment and its to achieve things that are not designed to be achieved by that medicine abuse them and Missy asked him and it is a result the sorceries of like that was related to the issue of medicines and drugs and you are so are some things okay. I need to pick up what they will feel the lines give me a call 877-207-2276 Chuck from North Carolina. Welcome your near on my call.

Sure thought that before. Well it depends what you mean by church and so if we define church as the elect that starts from before the foundation of the world. If you mean the church as the time when the Holy Spirit came upon people's and elders and pastors were instituted and that happened at Pentecost which is next to if you want this offense because of the Holy Spirit came upon people are speaking in tongues. Yeah. And baptism was instituted.

But that was for the issue of whether the care is not a lot people don't know that next 238 so that depends how you define it because were church is ecstasy in Greek and it can be used in different ways assembly. For one thing, I have the ring and it doesn't have to be an ecclesiastical body enters ecclesiastical gatherings of bishops of elders and things like that and you have the church gathering in acts 15 and that's a church within the church. If you could if you say the truth, the church is comprised of the saved, then it church would have to include legitimate saints if you say no were talking about. After Jesus ascended to heaven when the church began. Then different answer, but you know the right under the governor on heard bad pain from one dollar and 33 we went back with your fellow blogger back and the Lord lata for the now held by Americans only in America. Yes that's right and the left was saying that she won because of white supremacy coupons on open everywhere yeah figure that out a lot on the road by the people you know I don't know well you and online how you what will the Lord save America from the right you will you as you will see you folks for open lines want to give me a call 877207226577077 charismatic sling back to the show. What you give me a call.

We have I got rhythm in order to report everything that you know when it started. No I don't but that's a good question because I do research on the church fathers periodically because I debate Catholics and Eastern Orthodox people and they have an effect I was discussing something within his Orthodox guy last night. As a matter fact in a chat room verbal capital and when we talk about Scripture.

The first thing he does did was go to church fathers does go to Scripture took 15 minutes again to look at the word of God. So I do church for the research. Sometimes I'm not discover this customer research that particular issue, not an end, follow, follow question with the Reformation like Martin Luther and John Calvin all that God they specifically did not.

That's my recollection, all the tilt rate and then I fight. I think the Anglican church which gets their thoughts that they still call the L3. While there is the thinking negative no I don't but I literally put that into my list of things to research the church fathers, I will list here because I don't have an answer for you. I got I don't not yet, but it's interesting because I'm developing an article lifetimes articles I can write in an hour of tongue-tied articles take me weeks. One article's defense of this is what is good for me weeks of what are some of the things the early church fathers did not teach because the proponents of of tradition and or sacred councils, and all the stuff that we get the biblical stuff from say what where are the Protestant distinctives in the Reformation and the church fathers because the church fathers and teaching in the stuff which is true that the debt I can show stuff, but they don't die on the research assumption of Mary holy water prayer to Mary, the infusion of grace con dying and congruent merit were Mary crush the head of the serpent indulgences Latin mass and calling themselves priests is now my list of things to research just from what you said because a lot of time to say is that the church fathers all had all the true doctrines is not the case because a lot of developed much later and so the same criticism can be asked of them as is of the Protestants wears these later things found in the church fathers, but never less, an approach which brings the church fathers to the car with themselves and each other.

But as far as that one goes know I'm in a do some research on yeah I think I think I think on the reason everything, just thought you should make it like you know like the mat sacrifice everything like that allows is that sacerdotal is like exact young once I got appreciate you later connected.I haven't done much research on it but I have, every time I read that Turkey Creek become looking at somebody and not have found yet will I can tell you that there are some very good resources for researching the church fathers that are online and if you're interested in that but I have some links church father Scripture index. For example, and you type in a verse, and it gives a reference of every church father that use or referenced. It it's incredible and I been using it a great deal to work against the idea of the anatomy, the unanimous consensus the church fathers.

There are there are resources out there that are incredibly good and just a great deal stuff that he rate so no strength left to research and I love research I love it. I do what is that what is that website that you will see this one and this researching consumer theologian by Thomas Aquinas. Research him with predestination. Just this morning, but we get to the site see right here and it's called the church fathers Scripture search engine so type in this industry can't find it email me not open the link in an email sent to church fathers Scripture, only a minute there is a vicious Catholic cross Catholic cross reference to seize Catholic signal cross and get you to that you type in any verse like Lucy John 316 and there goes missing and it shows you who what when where is it you get it into they did a brilliant job on this thing. They did a brilliant job and another's other source is the early Christian writings, and you go to early Christian early Christian and you will see all kinds of stuff in their and so if I were to go to for example Colossians I can look up were different people in things taught no chronological list of early Christian writings is got everything in it is like at work after all you do is research and that's what I do. I spend hours just going to the stuff typing in the prepping and word sentences, Scripture references collecting information codifying at writing an article, then talking about so lots stuff. Thank you. Amen. Okay.

God bless. All right well all right for all you do is dial 877-207-2276 we have for open lines give me a call let's get to Mary from South Carolina and Mary welcome here.

I'm doing all right how are you doing well right okay okay you fill out the final outline I correct your you're correct, they are incorrect.

If to say that needs to be in the Bible than they have to provide the reasons that it does, they also need to answer why the Christian church rejected it as a inspired book with Gatsby people say well it's supposed to be in the Bible. It was taken out which are evidence for that to say that where your evidence is provided at no and another thing, there are many books that are mentioned in the Bible that are not in Scripture is a lot of dislike over 20 is so just because it is quoted in the Bible doesn't mean it is inspired to Paul Kotak amenities master. They are pagan philosophers.

It doesn't mean that all those books are inspired.

Some people who say this don't know what their talking like they don't. I know that that's right, you are correct can you are smart your YouTube goblins. All right hey folks, we have nobody waiting to want to give me a call. All you have to do is delete 772072276 and yeah I'm looking at a bunch of the list of the so-called loss books of the Bible and it's on karma call list of dates of the loss books of the New Testament list of dates that should be of the loss books of the Bible. So the so-called loss books because of the dead in their so-called so still a lot of people just don't believe that the Bible is complete and true that God was able to preserve his word and it used to Christian church to recognize what is true and then establish with the canon already was a good understand of the canon, which is means the accepted book of books of Scripture are not based or not arrived at because of the decisions of the Christian church.

Note the Christian church does not have the authority to say something is Scripture, the Christian church has the right and the authority to recognize what is Scripture because what is inspired from the pen from the hand of the original writers is automatically inspired right then because it comes from God and is part of the canon. So when people say that other books are in the Bible and that the church is to come out or whatever whatever it is they need to provide some evidence for this. If they don't have any evidence for it in documentation and they shouldn't be stripped starting a rumor's because that's all it is a central to losing think is been gossip so this is assuming that they have to worry about the concern about multiple pay for the lines] after these messages, please 287776 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave I met or what current site in the basement manager about the four living creatures of Revelation there.

Apparently Angel send him but except that now they have the eyes around them which psychosis means that for knowledge and history report that one place its computing dimensions that are my bottom front right that one is like a lion in one of my command and stuff like that so that that I found confusing finance like yes they are probably angelic beings that represents the power and work of God in various areas and they are not only present in the book of Revelation with her present in other places as well. In the Bible.

So for example a tenant at Israel. Yes, the tabernacle, there were 12 tribes and they were camped in four groups of three. One. The north of tabernacle. One of the south one of these for the West and is also lion oxen Eagle and a man and we took the number of those men in those camps.

I need to stretch them out from the tabernacle and you have a few thousand feet look down to see across and so they represent something very interesting was I not sure, but the type is there any writer also in Ezekiel lion oxen Eagle and man. Ezekiel's vision for fish creature and request Revelation and logical. Don't know this but the four Gospels were known symbolically as a line oxycodone. The man is man Matthew Brock lion Lucas. The ox bull and John is the Eagle do not encode that way there's more trivia below the of the it actually fish and other people using the Carson stuff that you look at the officious two arcs and what would happen is the Christians in the early days of persecution they did know who was a Christian they be talking with somebody and they would just take your foot and draw an arc in the dirt.

And if the other person completed the arc. Then it was decided to pray Christian and also the word excuse which is fish is 1224 is a good metric value, but excuses Yoda key. I stayed up look for salon and Sigma and those for those five letters are the first letter of each word of Jesu creased us that it costs nothing to who we also tear which is Jesus Christ and God son Savior.

It is interesting trivia stuff but nevertheless as far as back before I not Sure what they are. I think her angelic beings and they represent us with a reference for this is, how do you find everything that they everything they they call for you know everything that happened in the course of the annual Cpl. pork different fuels among non-tenants before creatures calling for right here, they say, the carry out the will of God found that an extremely powerful and they have been around for a long time so it probably has something to do with God sending out angels to do his will in their part of that. That's what I'm thinking great a great in fact I appreciate all your comments like about refinancing mortgage.

Call it let me know this. You learn about the okay thank you are an accomplice. All right, this get to Jay from Virginia hey Jay, welcome running or in that little writing and we got what it will look at the day and the font will talk about the Bible that the effect was being made in that they would have their and when writing the Bible and I didn't really know how to font you say yeah so it would hundred and you didn't revive his essay and you say you see them.

Yes, that's correct. So what is it okay now if they're going to say that therefore you can trust it.

Really, why not mean God can't work through people and direct our hearts is eyes SS on 4021 one cents God moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go.

Can he not do that so it was a problem for us. It's simple like trying to understand something the life and what people do is they don't meet something like that challenge and then they try and answer that if I want to know this again.

So what about it.

I want them to provide the exact reason why with her saying isn't or is not an issue that I'm a tackle that reasoning want them to provide their the ones attacking so let's let's find out what their assumptions are with the reasoning is an attacked assumptions and reasoning in and they ask you questions and you should answer questions to of course, but this is what you doing to make a statement like that you want to challenge. So what what was it a big deal like what is it that they can't use her own opinions and thoughts.

How do you know that there was those opinions and thoughts are guided by God the Holy Spirit. So one will put sure about the no of mind that and that that all that in heaven that will build and I would look like the we can have free will and yes, yes, hell is a place but it's also state of mind particularly look at the socialist Commies have a nebulizer with yet. It's a natural place and the little Luke 1619 through 31 talks about the them the just did me the parable of the story of Lazarus and the rich man and Lazarus was an actual name of an individual purple still have names and they went to bed place and so that's that.

And would you go to Revelation 1411 and 2010. It talks about people been cast into the lake of fire is not just a mental idea. On that and will general arts and free will and that it was 11 he will in heaven sure to be made like made like that will well most probably we won't be able to sin, because already be regenerated in a complete sense in the presence of holiness.

We see free will is the ability just make a choice that's consistent with her nature is not forced, the unbelievers have free will. There for you to sin. All they want, they choose to send the choose to freely rebel against God. We who are in heaven.

When we get there. I don't know what is going to be like. I don't know all the answers to the questions because the Bible does reveal it to us, but I'm assuming we will not be able to sin from one of two reasons, or both, in the presence of God's incredible holiness. The light of his brightness will cast away every shadow of sin, and in his presence.

We won't because of that presence that one idea. Another one is that in our completely resurrected bodies that sinful self will be terminated. Our identity will still exist and we will be able to to live well and by God's grace without sent you up around okay. God bless. Okay. All right.

Thinking lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to hey Eldon, welcome your on the year I read about that it will go away. What I don't know if that's the case, I know I don't know the verse like that event about I don't know if it's in the Bible may be assigned listening they can find that I'm looking through a varying verses about the word seed to see and I don't know what context that might've been if it did occur, it might be there and I don't know that all of the Bible memorized so I don't know okay I'm looking now were talking, unable to just click a certain button and I could find out.

See, you thought that's what that's probably 33 six is a good strong drink 33 six is not 31 600 want to help you. Well that's frequenting 69.

The idea here is that those who participate in that and our fornicators Esther lifestyle then yeah they would be good to have a generator going to be going to hell. Okay, it had to trust in Christ. Okay either good or not know. But the strong drink. What is Proverbs 3160 strong drink to him spiritually living a great read it and it is the drink by doing their Lord America. Now I don't doubt that the day the okay the next is nestling recently when that is about that's owned and all right and I think is Isaiah 3860 BC BC 38 no nine he wasted his seed in the ground and the reason he was in trouble for that is because he was not carrying out the obligation of raising children up to his brown brothers and so is best to take a wife go and do that and his judgment upon him for that was still the seed on the ground and then God punished them for this.

We write marriage you will burn in on our cold adultery and fornication as you are married but yeah it has a good you can be forgiven.

Yes that's in finance and yes you can.

If anybody can walk you well know that there very long day messing and repentance is this.

We need to go through about that and that you we will be putting faith and trust in Jesus Christ repentance as part of the resulting origins of work and so we freely turn from our sin and seek to repent from such things. Fornication's adultery. If you don't run from those things is a demonstration not really saved and you are on your way to hell. On the right.

If you participate in them and stick with them and then you okay right already think a lot of all right hey folks, we are at a time. There's as if the Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow and hopefully will have a great evening. Powered by the Truth Network

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