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WED HR 1 091422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 15, 2022 1:08 am

WED HR 1 091422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Look what we're were not having a good week with her for one reason. You know, we thought it was going to be better in August and July, but it would really pick up September. It hasn't, but there's no quit enough work in the stand and fight and we just not going to give up. That's the way it is. Never give up never give up never give up.

So we won't so we need to hear from you tonight.

The phone lines are open this pledge week. It 88828111108882811110 the pro-death movement they they understand that one day I did a television program in the head. The madam that runs an abortion mill on their and she said what will it take to give you to quit here. Apparently I was causing the problem by saving babies hundreds of an ice as you know what I don't know. I never even thought about quitting and then likely answer and L8886779673 we have tonight in the boiler room. None other than those to Randy and who Eric there you think you wanted to say something she was dying to say something there you Randy and Eric there in the boiler room. We got elected in their waiting for the calls and then we have our producer on the board. None other than courageous Craig.

Good evening everybody in that little squeaky here fluttering around here that's like and load little Lisa naming everyone get out of here going to get another up there you go. We just got it. We just got it done now way out yonder way out yonder in the Missouri. We have none other than the Parson Pastor Joe Larson highly on paper back and ready to go to work and from the apothecary live natures best in all natural woman, Ms. Wendy Wilson all right there you go here, I'm writing, I pledge 200 all right there you go. 200 for Wendy, thank you very much last night. Okay yeah we you. Maybe we get 100 people mentioned weight if you pledge to me. We had 200 people to manage right 220 listen last night after we were off the air deal for Michigan pledge 200 Shirley from Florida pledge 100 and Chris from San Marcus California put 50s thank you thank you thank you, Wendy, Marco, you yeah okay anyhow. The phone lines are open list match list match Wendy's 200.

Please, please, we need to open the way.

What I have here for those that wanted and that would be you to Wendy.

We have just left these all the ones we have left, and that would be 57 of them and that is the gay agenda quickly called settlement agenda, but that's the book by Dr. Ronnie Floyd is dividing the family is dividing the church and is dividing the nation's is on the move.

Pop culture glorifies the sodomite lifestyle. Politicians are confused by the judges sanction it, the church is in agony over in the nation is divided because of it. The sodomite lobby has learned to put a human face on the stories from his cultured confusion has crept in traditional circles were once we knew what we believed in and why. Now comes a bold new statement about the division and aggressive agenda that is brought to America by Dr. Ronnie Floyd. He exposed the radical plans that in tiny minority in this country has in the mind for the rest of us. The sodomite agenda.

They use the word gay agenda. He outlines not only those goals would also why traditionalists must confront the world view. These change agents represent the balance in the compassionate look at the greatest cultural struggle of our time will inform challenge and lead the way. We cannot afford to ignore this so we know what it's what's happening there. And so we only have live now. Not only that we only have four sets of this we we went through hundreds of these because as is and in this times were battling the communist with the communist controlled work with once we call Democrats know their hard-core communist and while all the attention is on our battle. The communist radical Muslims. Obama's radical fellow Muslims. They been quietly very quietly and course the FBI's been told to stand down and let him open up their camps and training camps to wait to make war against America and are trusted FBI's been told to stand down and ignore them, but anyhow we have four sets of Europe's less than in America's final warning parts one and two will have four cents left and so were asking for a donation of $25 for or more for the sodomite agenda they call it the gay agenda or were asking to for $40 or more for the ascetic part one and two of Europe's last stand. America's final warning so we had to get that right out there folks him again for the first the first four callers get those they are absolute dynamite part 12 you going to be amazed to find out how many of Islamic training camps are already here in America today, which week we talked about this for a long time. Remember, Joe number, long time. Record summary of the subject here and I been talking about for years. And we were on the perpetrator programs to put them on the radio.

It's because we been alone so long in the left things we've been around too long already. When we get to the Scripture title the message was America except they repent, you shall share likewise perish right thinking so will start tonight in Luke 15 versus one through 127. I believe core is it yeah and what and Wendy given a questionnaire, just jump in, already so go ahead, Joe read away and drew near unto him all the publicans and sinners reported hearing and the Pharisees and the scribes murmured pain this man centered, and make this parable under them, saying, what man of you having 100 sheep if he loses one of them does not believe that 90 and nine in the wilderness and go after that which is lost, until he finds it in one day have found a cute way of that on his shoulders, rejoicing and ornate coming home. He called together his friends and neighbors, saying under them, rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost.

I say into you that likewise George shall be in heaven over one sinner that repented more than over 90 and nine just persons, which need no repentance limits is when you think he used as an example, the shape and shepherd in the in the one low well several reasons. One is something that people could relate to theater something growing in the vineyard or shape something that they were familiar with and the second he was the good Shepherd and referred to himself as the good Shepherd. Shape his flock. He was the one who took care of his flock so he uses that all through Scripture we represent the shape of his pastors well but doesn't that doesn't that appear to be someone who's very careless so they would leave 100 sheep to go out and and to save one. Does that appear like a person that would be very careless what I'm saying farmers and ranchers. I lived in Oregon where a lot of people actually figured out. Moreover, you go find one looks lost interest but nature of a shepherd or a farmer or rancher you got account missing you go spend your time looking for the lost Lost out on that one is never went out looking for laws, Joe. What about old snow blizzard.

That's usually when out to go looking smart, really bad. So's experience in life that you never forget Wendy, but anyhow. Jill. He knew the Lord Jesus knew something about shepherds and she and he knew that to that they had to shepherds when they were out they would always form a sheepfold they would they would make sure that there there sheep were secure in an area they would put them in an area where they would be least vulnerable poor attack and in so he knew that. So he was using that example but also he knew this the 10th 20 say I say into that. Likewise, joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repented more than 90 and nine just persons which need no repentance of that word just there. What is what is that word their interest. That's right. That's what is referring to self so otherwise I all all of us are sinners. Every person out there needs A cognitive factor of repented and forgiven by the blood of the Lamb. But even here in the saved. After guarding Emily Stanton and that he's forgiven, but we are always forgiven Billy but would you think maybe the emphasis is on that that one lost sinner will be avoiding a horrible, horrible, horrible existence and eternity in hell fire right: 31's no one. After Joe there is not his will that any should come short of the glory on any should perish right already so numb. America Joe and Wendy has long forgotten her. God and and America today for eyes as we live is being turned into hell.

Psalm 917 know who are they that have forsaken their God, and dereliction of duty. What is the one group of people, more than any other I should say the one calling in one position more than any other that has for us as well. I would say right I would say forsaken and betrayed their God and then than any other pastors.

You're right, it's exactly right after the real world are not really pastors are heartland hirelings pretending to be, or not really pastors but they are wannabes pretend to be an irate care would be those that are in government positions of power. First Peter 417 for the time has come that judgment must begin at the house of God, and in that it begins in the pulpit. No the one group of people that were obligated to delete the people where the pastors of wheat we see that in the founding of this nation who was it that God raised up to lead the people for the war of independence pastors. There were very heads of the militia for the most part. Talk Thomas Jefferson was asked to get him some of the great ideas that he had and he gave out the list of several pastors and theologian that these are the people they gave me the ideas so here they gave credit to the general pastors who are in turn were giving God's word so it comes back.

The God was a wonder did information the ideas now how do you know how to make a difference between a man that God has raised up God will raise up to pastors and how how can you distinguish between whether God has raised up a pastor or whether maybe there mama raised him up, and the distinction between a pastor and a hireling by his fruit of Perkins producers and you can go to Scripture, saying, doing, and living match Scripture that is true, pastor negates the Bible says the righteous are as bold as lions and clients one so so that's the one thing then we attest to how did you testing by one Scripture know what a God like what prosperity preachers are making millions of dollars having some have airplanes multiple mansions. Scripture said what if it's not that after no filtered worker that he doesn't take the profession for the money. Those are wolves in sheep's clothing live pleasing their fleecing the flock on date.

How are they placing I guess not.


We haven't had one in addition, since Wendy made a pledge. I am in a one pledge Clement liniment. I guess we have all all yes I miss it. Here we have Connie in Florida. Pledge is 100: Texas pledges 50 and Lori New York pledges 200 Lori met know we need to learn better last night I put 200 try to get some people to match their grandma matsuri more than that, that's great, but I guess you're better looking.

Joe even I'm better looking than you probably true to your close already there you go.

Let's move on.

Now is the time okay one verse your talk about all nine verse 17 that ties in with everything you're saying that wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. And we know that if the nation forgets God. It received judgment and this is what everybody out there needs to understand the liberals the Communists.

Now everyone a column the other side is trying is the antichrist system they are rejecting God there rejecting his commandments's laws and statutes and judgments and explanation. This nation forgets God. The Bible says it shall be turned into hell, God does not stutter right now he doesn't know. Going back we were talking about the pastors were to be bold is an extreme dearth of courage in the pulpit is in this country today, but I I'm seeing some good signs of that changing them everywhere I go on to speak nowadays we have a running into younger pastors, younger pastors that are coming up and tell me that they listen to me and they agree with the we need to be bold in that that is really good.

That is some good news and then yesterday in a church. We had our County Sheriff come and as he spoke. We had so seven pastors there and these guys were all ready to stand her ground and and and do it they had to do to protect protector. The land protect your families and you know they were. They were bold and they were preaching with boldness to the congregation so we had actually was the it was for the meeting was active for pastors and we had lights beside myself some another show up in but there was about 40 women, all these women came out and that one time in a bunch.

Annie Oakley's there and occurs when all the women will yeah and will we had a number of we had about same unamended came to put some more deacons than that but that praising the Lord did that. The whole place. The place was filled and the sheriff didn't pull any punches will talk about what heat we had to say later, but let's go over we talking about pulpits look forward to Hebrews chapter 13 and in Hebrews 13 readme verse seven.

Joe verse 13 verse seven.

Remember the rule over you. Okay, my dear. The word of God spake follow considering the end of their conversation. Okay, now readme were 17 obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourselves for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy and not with grief, for that is unprofitable for you okay now in verse seven. What's the significance of the number seven and number 1007 is the number of perfection intends the number of completion. Completion know it we go to verse seven.

Again, remember them which Heather will review who have spoken into the word of God, whose faith, follow considering the end of the conversation now when the church is just start these of these in the new first converts in the church then who was it Noel is referring to the Old Testament prophets. He referring to listening to those of the Old Testament prophets okay the words of them because the church was just new here now moving over to verse 17 he's talking about the New Testament that they own the New Testament.

The apostles is referring to here obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourselves them know is that applied to our client really law that applies to all of the believers already church members so further the deacons are the pastors.

It applies to all of the church so King Charles King Charles is the king okay does that apply to the king is the king supposed to go to the minute God and in the province of God and say what saith the Lord God all through the Old Testament. That's what God wanted not always what happened, but that's what video God said what the king was to write all of the words.

Perry's own hand, the words of the law and he was to look at it greeted study and rule the people accordingly. So we see King David received Solomon we see the kings of the past. The Old Testament going to the prophets of God and say what saith the Lord God is filled in the Old Testament we had province we had fourth tellers know for tellers.

There were four tellers or color in the New Testament there for you and I right now were foretell his work were prophets now were not were not of the apostles, but we are prophets, but were fourth tellers not for tellers and how do we know that well in the very first chapter of this book. It makes a pretty clear that the completed canon of Scripture that which is perfect is come, is what we prophesies this completed canon 66 books of the Bible is our prophecy right and silver work of the Bible scriptures. All Scripture. So whether your president quit New York Gov. whoever if you're Christian. If you're professing you supposed to go to the minute God and that's that's bold pastors. Okay and ask him what saith the Lord God. In other words get biblical counseling and biblical teaching from the minute God, are you not) very watch for your souls.

That was never part of being a watchman on the wall is warning the people because so many other things are coming against them, destroy their fate destroy their soul. Replace them in hell.

So our job is to warn and watch for the souls of all those people out there who will listen to us. I remember one time a guy called me and asking me about a certain what I knew about a certain church. They were looking for a pastor and then the conversation.

He said that first thing I want to know about them where they pay is the first thing and first question that that what do they believe that there are statement of faith that what they pay so so is that the kind of pastor you want one that is there for the money. Now let's call the hireling.

So God has raised him up, did we not see the apostles often refused to take money even though they the work when as well with his higher if there called to do it. They do it, whether there's pay or not. Right directly affects why no one in this ministry has ever taken a salary where working in obedience to the Lord during what he's called us to do, and our only real artist of the crowns and treasures relay up in heaven. Plus the retirement plan, which after my folks are out of this world. There is no money to goodbye so were earning it already listened will be back later after this so that you can have some commentary.

I know in the lawyer. Our national and is our song as American unity out of your chain to arrange for the honor our commitment to releasees man. We have laid we're about to fire upon wars over these in late not even the military for Clay Shelley.

They will have warships begin leisure.

The sound was to play two hours Shelley every time I see the file to the illuminated red glare. We have now is the old ship that rampart flag down. He said we don't understand something, no reconnaissance tells us, yet still stands what he said. Sunrise came in knowing all humanly like when they died and then he said have anything in the right to read it later on in the air that are play is our prayer. God, that narration was by my dear friend Pastor Doug Majors and though thank you Doug for that. That was very well done. Now I want to think that I care for you. Your eyes there's something wrong with you. All right, will Bob and Lori Michigan played 75 Robert in New Jersey pledges 100 Cynthia Minnesota mass matched Miss Wendy had 200 anonymous and takes his place 40 and she lived in Michigan pledges 100 or sell a cell in Michigan pledges 100 and cell in Pennsylvania pledges 100. Thank you thank you thank you for right now. We need approximately still are 4000 and 800 short 4800 4800 is what we need. By the end of the night, 4800 is what what we need now, you're absolutely right. Joan now let's ask out there very quickly. The American people, folks, or are you like the pages where they are. Would you rather die and your feet to live in your knees I can say I would were not freedom is not free, but the freedoms I grew up and lived with wood bought by better people than me with their blood and I tell you what I'm I'm going to do the same thing for my for my children and their children, I'm standing my ground and I know that this nation is under attack by the enemy the enemies from within and is as the sheriff spoke to us yesterday. He said protect yourselves, he encouraged everybody to be armed, e.g., encouraged everyone to be armed. Protect yourself and and let's keep our freedom. Let's fight Fort again. We'd rather so Joe Bob, Joe, Obama, Biden, Merrick Garland, the deep state FBI. You know what, we'd rather Diana feet, then give in and give our freedoms away to you tyrants and if you know what's good for you you better repent, you better repent God's Word, the Bible is clear, repent or perish. So there you go after everybody has read any of the American history. What the American patriots went through fighting that terrible war of the suffering they went through. Read the story about George Washington and that great weather there at Valley Forge for men were losing their hands and feet to frostbite. There were more people diagnosed and out frostbite and freezing to death. Starting than there were in battle the horrible price they paid off and you know they did not fit get paid or not.

I look at this nation all the way through the great wars and of course the Revolutionary war and the Civil War and World War I and to all the American men and amazing to me. Most of the men came from the farms in the country the Midwest for the majority of the military was made up of Christians, and now we are seeing through the from Obama and now Biden are trying to drive the Christians out of the military bring in the woke, and it is been the Christian soldier that is been the backbone of this country from the revolution all the way through. That is one the wars defended freedom paid the price.

And now we are letting it be turned over to a bunch of blokes who do not even believe in God and we know that that kind of army is never one will never win when I'm not be that way, you know, I will fight with last breath. They have so we won't but I'm trying to get the message of the people that they must now take your stand and we can still resist this communist takeover byword sends out where you must stand let our feelings be heard in musket everybody we know to vote. We must be willing to speak out, condemn, and out the evil that we see and be willing to go to school boards go to Iraq meetings get involved in politics write letters to the editor call talk radio. It is time for the men and women to get angry and start acting like Christian soldiers and I hope that rendition of what happened at Fort McHenry Nixon appreciate the freedom that they have my Joe's note is not time is way past time this we should've done this a long time ago and so those that said, I mean he's telling freedom is not free of what you may know he got ask yourself what are you made of thin what God do you serve, I gave the God that I serve was inadequate and him and he held back nothing. And that's exactly what they are.

God demanded more than anything else was obedience and from Genesis to Revelation. Low-grade year will obeying the right resistance to tyranny was always obedience to God and so of winter you have another one saline Philip in Texas also match your pledge of 200. So, since it's working so well do this Wendy pledge 2000 and see if we can get it we get a bunch of them to do that here really really speaking I'm sneaky but I'm not pretty, but when these very pretty and she's pretty smart to and when it comes to all natural herbs I know because I've got them all out there.

I've been taking herbs for a long time and she has a little catalog and I'm holding it right here in this is filled with good stuff. But let me telephone so they can get it. You need this catalog. You really do you really really do. Folks, especially now. We got a dark winter coming up and you better be prepared. And one of the things you want to be you want to have is all natural real medicine. So, by the way at the top eight ways that the AMA, the FDA and the CDC Berry natural cures. Wendy will get to that. But them the phone number for Wendy is 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 is the power folks you want to get listen if you get the catalog and you take a look in there you will order the product. Believe me, and so that's that and that we want to see the number is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 hour door down to now just three sets of your last stand in America and that and America's final warning William three sets left no so Wendy taken away about a topic I think may be interested in that wrong growing old.

At the light guy I do I really believe right daddy and university didn't on here and they were looking at our modern light salt and light bulb closet. Then the old condense and follow through.

Well, I thought it was NBC, ABC and CBS. There was a kid me but I don't. I don't know what you think Joe didn't seem like the invention of the new light bulbs came in.

Most of us were already tribunal probably speak. Better if they'd come about 1015 years earlier while their continent digital aging TV. Derek, you may check your tablet or smart phone and your growing older child record computers and the blue light that from these devices that increase increase in the aging process. Though their findings on the blue light from these devices. They create a lot of health issues. Apparently that light technology influences that tablet and level and and resulted. It alters your metabolic function here that quote from Oregon State University professor of integrative biology to Jadwiga good arrow with correctly that extensive exposure to blue light from everyday devices may have detrimental effect on a wide range of cells in the body from the skin to your fat cells and brain neurons. We are the first study to show at Pacific levels of metabolism and the chemical used for yourself to function correctly or altered when you're exposed to the blue light." Though they going to explain what happened to your brain and you may find interesting pastor. The research universities that your brain function normally when you're both to high levels of the blue light to be elevated level of your metabolism profile called and glutamate. They tend to either rise or drop an important estimate that about light is necessary for fuel for the brain to function in. Else to grow dimension young children exposed to this stuff all the time, though, if any, high level. The blue light like you have gas in your car tank but can't get to your engine that make clear so if I'm exposed to high levels of the blue line that I might think that will nobody knows what a woman is, or that men, men can have babies or there might be 96 different genders. I think is an interesting thing to what what particular group of people are more concerned about looking older looking then than any other group. I give you a BSC of a women be men or see children what of those three groups. Okay now we get to this will equip you are the most.

What group of people are continuously more than any others.

Now on site on the smart phones with the blue light there on their smart phones which is causing a great increase of infidelity and cheating almost married couples. What group of people are on those cut and I like if you another hint of these the same group of people have a tendency to make sure their husbands don't see what they're texting.

So would you think it is women can be found like your same from what you're telling me more women yeah it is about 80% now there lived there cheating and mostly with with unmarried men, but but there being caught. Now men due to humming and obviously Larry limited cheating with men right foot and right but here is the group the highest group are our married women in the ages between 430.

Believe it or not, between 30 and 50 that so those are the ones in that category is like they're going through a different childhood or whatever but they're getting caught. It's like they're doing almost purposely to where when they start doing this and in their husbands come over to see with her laughing at when they're texting the put the phone down and says no, your business to me that would be a red flag would not.

I think the average person to be curious enough to know what what might really mean like with the neurons in your brain, because the glutamate metabolic drops too low to your communication between the neurons in your brain is affected with this study doesn't tell you how the words is distance between you and the phone between you and the computer does that make a difference appear that high level of exposure so I would think if you're not everybody computers and Maybe tablets and smart phone.

These things are on and off all day long and in your work area. What Prof. Chadwick said their findings are particularly troubling instead blue lights or LED lights are everywhere and active during day and night. Got some good news for everybody out there on that my wife bought me a screen that hangs over my computer that blocks the blue light still enables me to look at the computer and I don't know but I know that there wasn't too expensive. It was reasonable and not really protects you. Those are easy to come by some. She ordered for me came just couple days and then you can buy for yourself on spirit. The eyewear yeah I wear glasses when you get here prescription glasses. This special coding. I think you can order in your classes at Joe until I want you to tell Harriet that if she really loves you shall buy me one of those things for my phone. Dr. okay, let me know if you know if you don't ask right okay… All right, we have all your wife and tell her what a wonderful idea. That would be her present for you. I'm going to mention it to my wife I find a way to get one of those I would do that okay I will try and find out saline Philip in Texas pledged 200. They matched YouTube of Wendy Bob and Marie pledged 300 and they want me to match it. Okay all they want everyone. This listing however okay yeah they want you they want Bob and and we want people to match the 300 out there listing okay so there you go.

Very good. No Wendy picking up where you left off light might fall.

It was patented in 1879 in 1835 the first constant electric light waves that released in decades. The lightbulb kinda went through a lot of improvement and your fluorescent bulbs came out in 1950 because they were steady 75% less energy than the incandescent bulb at your LED was being developed by GE in the 1960s and they were first thing it in traffic light.

No I did not know that. So if we Started 2010. The LED bulbs were now being released to the public and the replacing fluorescent bulb that your LEDs are said to be more limited and also they were developed to be seven time more efficient than your incandescent bulbs and fluorescent will. Well, you know, long, long, long, long ago where the oil lamps and then we've got more energy efficient ways to eliminate with that there comment light pollution your LEDs and the LED bulb I is affecting our physiology human body. According to the research and research in Israel also chimed in on the LED bulb admit a white light using an orange and yellow light but it looks blue because there is a short wavelength spectrum of 450 to 500 nm, so with the wavelength that went on when she didn't pick up on here. Wendy would come to a harder break. You'll have to wait till after the break and you can pick up on it and then will will take from there. Be right back don't go away. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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