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August 24, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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August 24, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is your opinion on Karl Barth---2- A caller wanted to dispute the Trinity.--3- Why don't mainstream churches go door to door like the LDS or JWs---4- Can you be saved without believing the Trinity---5- Are there any acceptable analogies to use for the Trinity---6- Why isn't Catholicism Christian-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research what is found you have questions of our Bible doctrines as a matter slick why branches called responding to your questions 07276 Matt slick Ouimet. Lucas met slick live irreducibility August 20, 2021 for the broadcasters and wanted me to call all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 just like always, we hope for several Polonsky McCall and for those of you who watch the Bible study last night if it was interesting that was fun. That was interesting. Good went through the first half. Roughly 5 jet of Galatians 3 and what's something really interesting happened after the show yesterday and a Seventh-day Adventist I and I headed I don't know how long… A lot.

I guess you could say after the show is not The difficulty after show.

I do know and I thought it was interesting and he was polite enough and can't tell you he was teaching a false gospel absolutely without a doubt, teaching a false gospel and he was agreeing with Mormonism without knowing it, Catholicism it was an interesting discussion on how did you state heard that if you want to call about that. That's all. It's also fun to talk about. Let's see, let's see how I love Fridays when I was in high school. For some reason Friday afternoon when I got home that was always the best is the best time of any part of the week because I had that evening. All of said it all is something that at me and that I was mad at, so not that I don't like doing radio I do, but after the radio show.

It's like okay there we go get a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday and the work on stuff and what I'm working on is an article the work of this a lot lately and having some inputs on it. In the article is titled Christians have the right of physical self-defense. It's rather apropos.

Consider it was happening in Afghanistan, and particularly here in America and in different parts of the of Africa and India. Christians are being physically assaulted and I could put I put a lot of work into this and the articles of the 4000 words right now and am my goal is not to make something long but to make a sufficient and so I probably will release it tonight or tomorrow and it's it's interesting to my conclusions have slightly changed. I discovered some stuff one of the things I discovered was that we have the obligation to defend people. We have an obligation now doesn't obligation mean physical I can doesn't mean spiritually. Yes. Is it mean another workplace.

In fairness, yet there's actually admonition the command to guard and protect the innocent. How about that and I thought was just a recommendation but nope fact it's far more stated to for that than it is for self-defense. And anyway, I'm learning not learning stuff, so there you go and enjoying the study three open lines of one to give me a call 877-207-2276 what you McCall and let's get the micro Greensboro, North Carolina. Mike welcome here, back and neck and somebody here 99 Karl Barth writing called Bart he was not a Christian and he I believe he held to the graph will house in theory, the Pentateuch and some other philosophical issues that he put over Scripture and so I would not I would not trust him as it is an authentic and sufficient expositor of Scripture. I had a recommend him without writing about. I like her what's in what regard will be trying to learn new debate and I would gather better knowledge on all right well I could be so boastfully arrogant to say you know you can always go to Carmen if you haven't already learned a lot of stuff in and read the biblical based material not philosophically based on biblical material.

So there you go. And God bless. All right even called forth in lines 87720722 access to the ridge of Morris County, California. Richard welcome you on here good at it up and take a question for you like to live in Orange County California. What city are you in just to reminisce on the 10th who work in Fullerton there and at the Kimberly-Clark motel. I worked out I worked right on that street to build down case a small world: I drag him Glenn Scott Clark was his name.

The new one there. I dug his roommate Doug. It was what I know. I knew, but it makes a small world. So we got Richard, what's up Matt, straightforward question, why can't you count the three everything I need a Trinitarian and one night they wanted God to God.

Three God, they always go back to one God. I don't know if it's the educational system.

I assume you're saying what you think they go to 123 God's you not making any sense to me. So please explain well what I what I do with my Trinitarian friend.

I put three pieces of been on the table, one banana tubing at three that they take great that I put the God Jesus the Godfather and that God Holy Ghost, but they don't safely God they say one God is because you're not representing Christianity.

You're not representing Christianity and what God is a look to tell you that you're getting it wrong is not an issue with mass is an issue of understanding the issue to begin with. When you say sell God the Holy Spirit. That's wrong right there.

We don't believe that the Trinitarian's don't affirm that we don't affirm. Three.

God's unity Daily's apartment correct three persons one God, it will hurt the different personality that know it's a personality we said person and tell you that a lot of times people who argue like you do not have to be disrespectful but are woefully ignorant of the theological terms and reasons for why that is set in the context of of the Trinity and unfortunately people think a person is a personality person means another God. Now it's not with the position as if you're going to punch a criticizing you to understand if you don't understand it. Don't criticize it when someone says no, that's not our position that is look at and what is the position you think I know what your position is better and you do like this is one this guy said to me, as I know what you believe more than you do you do that.

What was ridiculous. So you have three part. You have three what we say three say that we write. We quickly Equate weight. You have one God in three persons, so that we say will say three say Hadley Free Press. You have one report you yeah that's great.

That's why said it's three persons just three but three persons don't strip the. The context away and then apply to letter context is an error logic error on your part three persons in one God. That's how it works. Say three things still freezing you like to write three equals one nothing in say three equals one where you getting this signal is literally no you don't.

I met with you know you know every kind of got one plus one plus one like A511 plus one plus Lycos three. One plus one plus one to one person plus one person plus one person is three persons, Jesus and for God knows not a god father at the end for God and the holy don't know know I don't know Richard. Richard Jesus is not a God is eternal UK do you hear what I'm saying he's not a God that we don't believe in more than one God. Journal. Okay, you're not listening to me. I asked my biggest statement, you ignore the statement and you going to something else. I'm telling you we do not know you're not which you know you're not limited I'll show you whenever also listen know that you're not listening. We don't say one plus one plus one equals three.

We don't say that you say that that's not our position. We say one person plus one person plus one person is three persons.

We say there's one God God one God who has manifested himself as three simultaneous persons that's what we say. So how can you have three person. We quickly mean three persons. But they're the same.

You're not being descriptive enough. This is your problem but they're the same same. In what sense we mean by the they have different mind correct. We don't say they have different minds. We say that God has one divine essence is called divine simplicity that the one being who was God. We see him. He reveals himself to us in three distinct simultaneous persons that's what we say and that each of the persons mutually indwell sufficiently and totally.

The other two persons and neither person derives his essence from either one or the other two in the Trinity are they separate from each other in what sense separate. They have their own identity and what sense they have your identity weeding by their own identity.

You mean their own personal Holy Ghost is the only growth and identity you not dear not explaining yourself what you mean by identity.

Are you saying of being do you mean in essence what you mean. So person what you mean by that is eventual that can act on it on tape. You keep changing the words we don't say individual when we say we talk about the Dr. the Trudy was a persons enters a theological reason for it. We don't say personality.

We don't say a God's and plural. We don't say individuals we don't save beings and their reasons for this. What you're showing me, Richard, no offense meant is that you don't understand the Trinity. You do not understand what it is that it teaches probably the client and make you you have the Holy Ghost is not a questionable time Holy Ghost with what they Holy Ghost by himself and I say yes or not they were that separate and answered by himself. Look, I don't know what you're saying to them because you misrepresent even what I say so I can't trust you representing what they say accurately only ask a question time itself.

The thing called time.

It's one thing right. This is a correct and the concept yet okay so time is also past the present and the future.

Would you agree your so do we have three things there you can so that, are you saying one plus one plus one equals one that you're thinking not asking you. I said the are you saying it is a I am I said are you saying that you said three things that I was leaving out any you are you about time I can talk about fourth 1776 right now is passed out today.

I can talk about the fees I can talk all three at one and 1/2, then you we get back to you after the bridge okay hold on doing folks is trying to show you how people don't think clearly and critically about back please stay tuned. Three open lines 87707 mass Y call 770-7276 back to the show. Richard church to go to. I go to the local church reformed reform is a denomination CUSA. I know I rather not. I I want to keep it private eye.

I can be found out. It's not sure if I think too much to be recognized well. Reason ask you because you don't understand the doctrine and it's really a problem with that plan, to be on the fact that I'm not trying to fight with you.

Is it being very think the eye of those people who listen to the truth. And at the end I come up with with three God's ideal night. I looked into them that that might be a question I can hear themselves. If you can't come to God's eyes are clear to Scripture, one God, okay, is Jesus called God something about God to the father.

Yet then we met you.

Certainly when God called him a God that's too God's problem right there. God, the creator and God designated either being that God temporarily so that's heresy is false doctrine. It's extremely serious heresy. The Bible says is only one God is even know of the other geyser is none.. There we none after him. That's what he says is a 4310 44 644 845 five. He says this now how many gods are there in all existence, all place and all time. Father God, then I do save one father God, I said how many gods are there and all place and all time. How now God's have are there in all places in all time when I Count all the times that God referred to other people as God in the Bible I I'm sure that the You need to go to Carmen and you need to read the Christian doctrine section of the Scriptures and have you been listening to him. Bart Ehrman I know good type but you don't believe that God designated either being as God's work. No evident that a Court of Appeal, no court, the Scriptures are are no gods found after him because even know the other gods. The Bible says God himself says when people are called God's it's usually in mockery.

Jesus is a job that I'm referring to that the Bible good report that some people, let God that that's what I mean in a mocking sense. I see how many gods are there in all place and all time. I thought maybe I should be more specific, even as a how many divine beings ontologically. Who better God. All place all time. One.

Okay why is Jesus called God by God the father.

I know this is Hebrews 18 but of the son he is the father says thy throne. Oh God is forever never. The father calls Jesus, God, yet I interpret that different than you. I just read. That's not what is quoted to you. I literally according hundreds of times in my life. You have a package. Okay, I just quoted it to you and you said you interpret it differently.

Which means you understood what it said and then you rejected it. See the father calls and got a that's that's it, but of the son he that's the father says thy throne.

Oh God, that's what it is and you deny, you deny that Jesus not only got a great know you did not. Jesus Christ is God in flesh to affirm that or do you deny you.

God bless Jesus Christ as God's representative implies correct I didn't say representative see how you keep changing the words as using my perspective that your perspective is heretical and falls in damnable is Jesus.

When I said that allows you to correct me. I'm doing that to tell you I am not I'm not that I don't have a problem with you correct along that into you need to go to my website

See ARM go to the Christian doctrine section read up to the Christian doctrine section of the Trinity.

The articles of the Trinity. The articles in the person of Christ. You really should do that to be dismissive.

There's a lot of information there is lot of scriptures. I've been defending the doctor the Trinity for 41 years so that I I went back your perspective.

I really do. I think what you find the right path like I learned how you think and how certain you are and I think I'm on the other side of the fence my way and I'm very truly trying to put your perspective but when I you II don't I don't get the conclusion that you come to… Something I need to tell you two things when you go to the website you need to read because I explained it's all there in detail I could do it here again but it's the how the doctor. The Chinese arrived at is there everything is there writing that I will get. I believe that Matt, I promise. I read about the approval before that I will go on to, and I will lay down Trinity, Charlie.

That's good, but I also need to inform you that your position you're holding now disqualifies you from being a Christian from going to heaven now could be that you're just woefully ignorant tonight and you're speaking out of that ignorance.

I don't mean it in a derogatory sense, not judging you in your salvation here because your opening you want to learn and that's a sign of being regenerate. But you know it all depends on what you actually come down to conclude the court of the revelation of God. So you to go and read that took my articles, but did check everything was Scripture in the Scriptures. Plenty of scriptures there to do that not only back okay Matt, good idea. Correct your life. You could be correct, but I just let perspective that's possible. But what you're saying is you're saying he's a God the Holy Spirit was a another God can't have that Jesus has two natures, a divine nature and human nature because the second person of the Trinity became flesh and dwelt among us.

It's all there in the article seem to recall okay I'm I'm going to read at night and I now call you back if I have been more clarity from it while meeting talk all right okay but I enjoy talking to Matt all right well enjoy talking to you to grab okay.

All right.

Next life. Okay so that's Richard so interesting conversation with Wendy McCall three open lines 877-207-2276 John from Richmond, Virginia. Welcome here you think Matt I like what I one thing I wonder about the morning they go door-to-door and thought I hope with which bit of a handout pamphlet at the last time I read one of them that I very well written with the main sacrum. There's a break they folks of the lines 8772072276V McCall max Y call 770727 pairs. Matt back to the show like prickly wrong with all the main hurt, but they can get whatever your answer. Like if they got grenades at the but what brought with them that they can at least look at what mother very brilliantly followed by can't take it. Without the fate what are all failing.

Membership is dropping in the morning start growing the how dedicated the Mormon Gardner fate for the night out stronger quite a long but the main thing Kirk is the faith look like they're doing nothing that is looked at. I think the Mormon church is decreasing.

By the way, you naturally want to damage so much but you have completed 60,000 missionaries out and in the movie with some statement to George of the jungle and whatever his name was Butch the bad guys got of the Bujumbura room jail, either walking towards the camera but halfway through the movie Brendan Fraser planet anyway there tomorrow.

Missionaries ride their bikes with distant past I would just a cutter that was laughing. The other 7% everywhere. I was in the end of the Philippines. I would meet missionaries I Brazil or Southern California. I meet Mormon missionaries I go this place and there they are one the Christians doing it. The question I've gone door-to-door identity to 1/2 years or so of the swap meet ministry account of the beach. Many, many, many times witnessing in all of being go out there and do I know. I think they don't gladly welcome your help with what they rang the doorbell One, and I'm like that don't agree with like a pretty good explanation of what they believe and why can't a mainframe purchase come up with something in the framework, or even with the understanding missionaries out know a South America like They noticed the whole Third World move here. You don't need thoughtful thighs right your own neighbor like nobody quit are not interested in equipping people not interested in Christian life and a family think there's a I don't sympathize with her frustration. You've the church I go to they actually go door-to-door. They do the pastor go door-to-door to begin a weekly basis and so that's good but it's rare to see churches do that kind of thing.

The Bible says about 2 x 2, and it says even a cult called 2 x 2's with and I don't know I don't do that. I don't like not missing the radial capacity to equip the Christians for the work of ministry and down probably never ever be a pastor again because I just don't think anybody would listen to me. I would think he would want to come in and hear a folks on the train.

You train you and what it means to grow in the faith and to understand stuff into delivering ministries maybe go door-to-door. Maybe go to the mall pass out tracks and who knows you don't raise your kids for godly reasons and definitely got.

Who knows but a lot of people you don't were very comfortable and because are so comfortable in church why rock the boat. It's a leisure cruise. The set of the fishing boat and that's a lot of Christians perceive the Christian life. You know, it's a pleasure working or failing that you let me go to any church that advocate like I got a funny quote only hurt you know like the Barna research is showing that the world Christian worldview is decreasing in most Christian that most but it is an increasing number of Christians don't even have a Christian worldview yeah yeah like I definitely like it. I don't know what I learned a lot last year from RIT rate of religious radio stop and like I never learned the art school. Herman Lemanski whatever at the subject, are you listening to Catholic radio, but chance I get this I with that of the Truth Network life Catholic you stay away from the learned heresies but Truth Network yeah I know that but.Strauss you Michael Dell that is good. Roman Catholicism is not Christian miss you. Quick question here. Do you believe the Scriptures teach that were justified before God, our sins are forgiven before God by faith alone in what Christ is done alone by any works added to faith but by faith in Christ, you affirm that you, the catechism of the Catholic Church says in paragraph 2068 that you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments and it says in paragraph 2036 that keep the 10 Commandments, especially natural law.

Paragraph 27 is necessary for salvation so teaches a false gospel. Okay yeah got hurt. This would assert that that's it.

And that is a false gospel cannot call the Catholic Church Christian just tell the more you know doctrine, the more you're able to discern truth from error, you think of my call. I don't know what they're back at work that way catechism or something but but but I can't find it dark that I like the fact that their belief in getting a true gospel that every product I go to wait a minute's prosperity got I just asked you about the secretion true gospel and yet my coat. The Roman Catholic Church is false gospel. You don't seem to say this wrong, so I'm curious what you think a true gospel really is. Well, I mean I get to see you so I forgot to write five-part the work I managed to believe in you believe you're going to hear the good work you would know they don't say that they don't say if you believe you're going to do good works know they say that the good works are necessary to accomplish in order to be safe. They say the actually teach figures you obtain salvation you obtain it by faith in your baptism and you keeping the commandments is a false gospel. Okay yeah just telling you guys. So here's the thing. I look this is a good example of something right to show you something. If I were at church at sea. I hypothetically took over. Churches are teaching like this and I I was very careful and I taught this biblically nasty hungry people you think would stay distinct yet about a very know answer very earned them around that you like, wow, what you can get that a lot people tell me that that when they start listening to me in the radial insert learning. I'm not bragging, just like when you're right there's there's a degree to which a churches don't really teach theology. The the ice, diaper Indian theology that they do not take teaching very deep stuff and they need to teach the doctor, the Trinity, the hypostatic union the Kennecott to injure bottom imputation justification federal headship divine simplicity.

They did teach. Teresa's they need to teach these things.

Differentiation between justification and sanctification with propitiation is what it is. Destination election. These are the things that need to be taught on a regular basis. Not every all of it, but elements of this so that they get a coherent system of theological framework by which they can then understand the whole of Scripture and I have you have covenants running into with my pastor don't know this stuff I'm I just don't want to be pastors that do not.

I do know some pastors personally who do know that stuff. Idaho I do nevertheless well I don't know what path there's no one but they don't know but I know they're not very like them. Typical modern I know, but I don't want to go there and here feel good but I want to be convicted if I might be made better.

I know it's the I love that you are saying because I had the same complaint for my wife's only times I leave church whatever church it is I cannot feel and find all the time to come out saying sometimes been that hurt you but we need to have that times, sometimes not everything worked out by Y Lico Margaret do better but it's a shocking topic search even after that midnight think hurt bad, but you know tell people to go to church once a week but I think that like the church for an hour a week and then I started reading the Bible and that one thing got started. Why would I ever have a vector that hurt like doing anything. One hour week was gonna make anything but nobody ever told me that the Bible is shocking, in which the church would have me committed teach regularly teach theology. Nobody appears break the right man. God bless you all that he got it all right evokes reopen lines 87720776 and again that the mass like why call 770-7276.

Here is Matt's leg. What will from North Carolina. Thanks for waiting so long here that you catch the fact that he was a Protestant church all year's prosperity got you. You mentioned that that's correct. That's embarrassing. No one else is embarrassing is that he was also talking about the missionaries away more than JW to anybody that doesn't teach proper doctrine and that a lot. They go out and a few missions all over the place and it is embarrassed is that first gentleman. The reason I called thinking about false teaching is sounded like the first gentleman got caught up in the way international home you familiar with Ellen. Where will yeah yeah and I'm kind of impressed that you know that very few people know about that cult so that's that's all about Victor Fowler. Well it's raining out. Think God yes they're losing a lot of a lot of their where they used to be in the 70s but it is an amazing know that all calls seem to look at the credit card on you.

That's where you the reason I know about that.

Look specifically at my stepdad is very involved in the way international Christian I've ever known in my life. This part is mannerisms away eat the fruit of the spirit, the appearance of the fruit of the spirit. Very few people that appear to be a Christian is much as he is a man. God loves St. Jesus loving do anything for anybody but but my heart bleeds because he doesn't believe in the Trinity doesn't believe Jesus is God. I don't think he is actually saved if you can't. If you don't believe that that's correct. Jesus is, unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins on a 20 4M and I am gone back and forth through the years a lot on this thing. And the reason I called all illustrations break down but it came to me one day without talking to him I never heard before and I've been using the no man has ever seen. Everything the father.

All we can see is the radiance of its light.

Jesus, we can feel its heat is what we use for growing and that the Holy Spirit, I love your sideline to let you know that that's problematic because the younger son is related to the Holy Spirit, which is not an energy but a person and so I feel you'll find that the basically the only and are the only the only analogy I will use is basically the time because I want people get the concept of one things existing as three not parts. That's not right, but three different experiences of that kind of thing like you said, and all analogies break down was able to get that I can sometimes one of the Trinity. So here it like that because like God sitting in heaven looking at cream looking at Craig on my course interlocking at writing one element of time God knows everything is open air, and so but I think that it didn't like any other roasters. I break down because it is linear went instead of the full head of the godhood being in one person, Jesus, and also in the Holy Spirit there all God, but there is only one God is not three gods. They always they always complement angle rights and people to be very confused and sometimes I talk to people about the Trinity is the ninth and I teach them how to ride that in Scripture and cite all on that case, I believe that he understood so./This category that are not aligned with what you said analogy to son break down because of what you want to say that the energy of the sun is the Holy Spirit because that's the Capone werewolves kind of theology clouded out trying to repeal my stepdad about that.

We can feel the heat of this, we can feel the working of the Holy Spirit. Just go to Carmen and read up with the Holy Spirit speaks and has a will and can love and can be grieved and just tell him repeatedly. This is what it is.

The Bible says do you agree with that or not it is right there you are like a radical go around and around about Bible. It was not translated accurately and then they have their own translation. You know Victor Polaroid got his own Scriptures is if it disagrees with his rewrite it.

What they do in John chapter 1 is amazing. You know I wanted to say thanks for the timeline of the bless the skin the phone with let's see Martin from Virginia Martin welcome you a map predicament.

Think back off on the upper: that Trinitarian education question is very hard sometimes, but it was Artie off the rail United panel and I got good documentation.

I like to think so.

Yeah the color after that I diming personally, I enjoy the end. I like to get an impression that you are from potent they may be right with the pump up you call them what I mean you really attack them personal by pointing a finger or are ignorant or uneducated, and will obviously some people think that I do the mightiest when I'm in the stupid, but I try to be gentle and it also look at how preemptive and say look, I'm not trying to be insulting or mock you or anything like that but you don't know this issue.

You don't know the study try to tell them that they have to increase in the knowledge that they don't know these things. I try to be careful about that. I do yet yet not good.

I think what the other day you turn the one call her back around. You got it day and even today you say go to my site look at this stuff and then education and knowledge. The more you read, the more you ingest, the better you get on I think you had one, I think you took a stab at the Catholicism about being heretics their heresy abounds, installs and and and II do II have fun something I think now I I go to so helpful you go every other week there is a return imprudently.

Psalm but but I would go in and I would use their own documentation that they would warm as I got family members were Mormon Catholics but you there some point work. What were trying to go to the right direction.

Some might be different cadence.

I think I Trinitarian Christ I meet to think that Catholicism is not Christian fated to thymic is not what is your definition Christian. They deny so you decide.

Select the deny at least one of the essentials of the Christian faith, which is salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ alone, without any works they deny that the curse it.

They also promotes God's hood and Mary, though they don't say she's a goddess, but functionally she is because she could hear millions of prayer simultaneously all over the world thought and spoken in different languages and she could hear them and this is God's hood and so and then is called sacerdotal is him when you go to the priest in order to get grace re-infused into your soul to the sacraments, so this is the Roman Catholic Church is a false church. It's not a true church, and the more you study at the morgue) appalled by it grew well.

I grew up The alignment that all the great America must one day in my masculinity, Martin pray to Mary for example, I don't I don't frighten her at my preprinted do you talk to my friend about the master question do you talk to Mary. I talked to Mary, no. Do you ever address Mary you know you're talking to Mary your delivered dresser anyway. I have not mean that they don't fail.

Mary doesn't talk, merriment, sort of an intercession. I was was asking about the Hail Mary is asking because it is also a prayer if you put a value if you pray to, or talk to Mary or any of the saints about that you do that right now.

I mean I think you know part of you that I think part of the all when when you go to confirmation you you picking, I asked you, I just got you a specific question. Do you know I I've never talk to Marder or not. I miss going to crash father make you miss it a question of do you believe that were justified which means declared legally righteous court of the law by faith alone in Christ's work alone by our faith in Christ is what you're asking faith in Christ alone is sacrifice alone, without any works that we do with my for the faith we have in Jesus and that enough is enough to forgive us of our sins faith and with Christ, so that that scriptural conduct come into the let me ask you a good thief on the cross of okay yet, but let me ask you if someone says that you have to do good works in order to obtain salvation.

Would you say to them, you'll have to Let me ask you question what would you say to someone if they said that you have to do good works. Keep commandments in order to be saved, that I I'm allies going to in Scripture when they were there quite again like I am asking you a question on answering the question, would it be finest answered. Would it be a false flagellar, all you directly to the question. I thought they got 12 point scriptural. Maybe you go to games maybe go to a couple of this point were pheasant on your work start, but I think work come after your faith is really fascinated really fast. James 214, 226 if you read the context of a justification for people not before God is going to last. James 214, 226, which is why he said were not just God by faith only because it's been a faithful people. Romans two James 218 is the context when the Bible talks about justification is that having therefore been justified by faith. Romans 512, the one who does not work but believes in him justifies him godly his faith is credited as righteousness. That's Romans four, five, Romans 328 segment untainted manager justified by faith apart from the works of the law apart from the Roman Catholic Church as barely 2068, that all men may attain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments that is a false gospel where it will go forward and keep my commandments.

Yes he didn't say that keeping the commandments get you saved. He said on July commandments. The Catholic Church, the Catholic Church is teaching that you obtain salvation in part through what you do in the keep the commandments is not what Jesus said the Roman Catholic Church… That that there are error codes that don't have work that you show the documentation for that I'm telling the Bible with integers you getting the areas of theology not focusing on one thing at a time. I would suggest you go to Carmel to do some study on the Roman Catholic Church is you that Christian should live documentation that you going to go the sorry about that date from call back next week and little me know I hate they have a great weekend everybody bless you another program powered by the Truth Network

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