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June 4, 2021 4:00 am

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June 4, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Was Cain conceived by Eve and Satan- What about 1 John 3-12---2- Are pentecostal groups Christian---3- What is your take on socialism---4- Would God put you through something and you not realize you're being tested---5- Does overseer in Titus 1-5-7 mean bishop- Is bishop a separate office from elder---6- Did Islam start with Ishmael---7- How did Moses know about Adam and Eve-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances goals in responding to your questions. 770-7276 Matt slick Matt slick live listening to 20 medical, as usual listed five open lines 772072276 and hope to hear from you right now I can catch you up on my schedule because so let's see next week not be live on the air for the whole week go down to Salt Lake City some stuff down there. Then hold to be fun for me to drive down to Laughlin Nevada and I go to a beautiful convention's never been the one I tell people to go. They could've rolled her eyes.

Yeah I know I'm a researcher I got a go so anyway so this will be doing and hopefully it'll it'll be interesting. I'm going because it's kind of work out the schedule were to go and a pastor who wants to go Rudy, if you're listening and so we'll be having a good time and fellowship and think like a woman as she was going on. I got some theories about some stuff so I took some stuff out and will to see what happens. See find interesting. Good stuff. We might have a guest in who's gonna take my place for a week that we get to work on the tech problem so that may or may not occur. We don't know. But that wouldn't work.

So if it would be anybody be Luke Wayne. He works with me. I took the car intergalactic headquarters and he's a good guy is leather look and I am so yes, if you know I'll fix for radio so that'll be fun and Alexi will see that happen, so we don't know guarantee but it would be fun to have him on while I'm out driving I could listen and I could do call-in and do my your tickler voice know how we solve tough questions.

See what happens to it anyway. Three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get on the line here with Charles Raleigh, North Carolina Charles, welcome your on your right because great men hang in there, but we got up after what he was talking about the punishment that would stop a start upon even in the garden and being brought out Gary was that in addition to eating of the fruit that you had really with Satan or child which was many use of birth in first John to collaborate that anything that why evil then to paint over and that's what he was there and I forgot what birth that is in chapter 3, saying that your deed volley said you will you and faith and will be enemies because they had the relation and you will want the man I originally gave you which was Adam and he will rule over you, and that that you get going with you easily get that pastor should step down and never speak again because he does not know the Scriptures teach. He does not know the truth is he teaching false doctrine.

The guy couldn't argue because we have a wet paper bag. If the opening was there and then on night was pulling the way out. Had a rope pulling okay so well this, but it shows on TV or what you love them on you okay yes of the skull discrepancy doctrine and it's a load of Gustav much of Polish world word and you can imagine what it is that it's stupid. Okay it is ridiculous to look Genesis 41 now the man had relations with his wife.

Even she can see the gave birth to Cain refutes it right there right there right there so it says that Adam had relations with his wife.

Even she produced king so obviously the people who hold to the moronic Canaanite or Canaanite theory, this stupid idea that even Satan had relations apparently can't read any further than the myopic rigidity allows them to and it's it's stupidity doesn't say it like it is it is it is just it's stupid, stupid, dumb, and why do these people not look at God's word and then they start getting this idiocy coming my spiritual Tourette's wants to kick in okay to be nice when I read you guys get this out of the book of moronic cults. Okay, second Chronicles is what I get it and they should be allowed to preach and teach because it's his. In one of the thing that comes out of this is the descendents of the Canaanites, their wicked people. Oh, and I've been called a keen night because I don't agree with their doctrine.

It is no. It just is like you and I could be out there and and you could get on your penal hands and knees behind him and I push them over, you know that like shot. It's just it's so stupid okay and shepherds Chapel teaches this and I've warned people about shepherds Chapel in this foolishness and its foolishness to teach this. It's foolishness.

Genesis 41 refutes it.

I've heard him say now they had relations, but it was because she had letters with and without Satan that hatches really pregnant was like are you the text as they could go to just memorize and the book of Chronicles and the is called out with the chapter subject cults to beautification so ridiculous you know something like that. I almost put together and made me wonder, thought, thank you for clearing that up. Will you know it's a slick look at the cyclical excuse me. You then slap him upside the head.

Not that it's it's refuted.

Genesis 41 is so bad it's right there. The man had relations with his wife. He and she can see the gave birth to Cain which wrong with these guys. What is what is so wrong with this guy that can get it I'll tell you what's wrong with them.

They submit the word of God to theirs. Stupid stupid ideology and then they would they do they twist on our John three or something. Yes, what what you got in it or not talking about lineage or anything like that. Now that I know betting who's of the evil one who slew his brother guests for John 312 see me that they had relations, even though it specifically says specifically and clearly. Genesis 41 where this now watch this is with you also go here also. Go here to go to see Matthew 13 uses for slot 30 okay and it talks about the wheat and the tares right in the kingdom that we have the Christians the tears are the Canaanites, their sentence of it's just you. If this is will I get up like my T-shirt that says so much heresy, so little time little Jew it's it's it's one of the few things that just irks me. It is so's stupid. It is so stupid and yet these guys get up there in the mess people out the mess them up parts of words they think part of this word. Part of that word soon. It's all we can get on the pulpit and in just go drive a truck and all you don't belong in the pulpit. Okay, fill the banking dolomites Matt Bakker Bialik and I go I need to do that.

Thank you so much.

Thank you much Matt welcome but hurry. God bless.

All right, you know, folks look there's a lot of idiocy out there in on TV on Sunday morning sometimes.

I watched the the religious channels, but I don't really like to get is a day of rest and I start yelling at the TV because there's so much stupidity so much on their and I just want to relax, but here's a good example that keen night theory what you think of next.

You know I could think of the new Nike you know had relations with the Goliath stepchild you know and that's who will that's what the Commies are who knows people believe almost anything is trying to sound convincing, I could make silly like that actually work out a Scripture by going through and looking at Hebrew words that sound in English when pronounced like English things and then create a theology out of it. Make it sound good. Put pictures in their say confidently and tell you people would believe that what they believe anything you believe in socialism. All right, let's get to Alberto from Georgia Alberto welcome earlier that evening that click my question is why does for me charging even though they got the material in the doctrinal lease by the patient yet contradict himself among among the membership or contradicting palace never saw some Pentecostal churches are good and some are not good.

Pentecostalism tends to be overemotional in the co-pay misuse the charismatic gifts would doesn't mean that they are not Christian but then as Pentecostal groups like United Pentecostal and the occult to stay away from them and then some people can have contradictory ideas like something groups of Christians can say that the rapture happens pretrip and suck essays post triples views contradict each other, but it's okay to have those critic reviews because it doesn't validate the Christianity but you if you're to contradict on who Christ is, then that's a problem. So it depends what the issues are when you say Pentecostal churches, which ones and contradictions which once you see a problem by what I can't find a like date able you owning land you go along with their understanding agree with aunt Danielle like that you got this agreement and data mapping become their faith so that I show on the truth… Don't like you open down memory bulldog asked you to. That's right, you should never point somebody out in the pulpit and ridiculed him a quality say I have done to a few my friends talk about the nature of Sentinel safe my friend Bob will be here. You learn about sin talk to him if people laugh okay. That kind of stuff is okay but you don't want to use the pulpit as a vendetta or as a means to two of get somebody in the church because you don't like what they said that's a spiritual abuse. There a lot of pastors out should not be pastors because they cannot discern truth from error. Don't know the biblical theological perspective necessary don't have a good theological foundation and also abuse her power in the pulpit that it happens okay. Not all of them but there's enough that there's a problem I will not know is Dayo sales start in my neck.

But I knew from the congregation is not, and that's virtually no MRI left for folks to open lines 8777 Matt Y. Call 770-7276 charismatic is Eric from Eric.

There there feedback there. I know that so wait for you little bit longer. Eric is not there, listening. No true one hold. All right, let's get to carry from Greensboro North Carolina carry welcome your on here hello, thank you for taking my call. I got comment that the nominee guy about is then at the end of another continent urinating on to the gentleman that what is your take on for them is that something that you're not proactive for org. Is there; I got to the Bible that on S is in us, which includes Medicare and the security that you have other socialism is you notice real socialism when the government is helping.

Don't think it is not communism.

Don't confuse cannot yes on making one and you're not can you define socialism's like that where the government is helping the people where the government and letting the bill for something that we had not every man ma'am.

I just not going I just asked a simple question. Can you define socialism. I didn't ask for dissertation. What is socialism you didn't define when the government helping you're not gonna like what communism that's done that receive that's all not carry hi Kelly, I can't read yet you're not.

You said it's in the government help somebody if that's all socialism is in the bin communism fits then democracy fits then oligarchy fits because that in all of the help Carol. I have to put on hold because she won't listen. She she's not listening. Folks, this is good to get interesting. But if she can't listen we can have a conversation carry your back on your are you there. Please do take. It pleased the patient okay.

Try to work with you. Socialism is a political and social system in which private property and the distribution of income are subject to social and centralized governmental control. Did you know that Diane alerted back that you know are they approximate answers yes or no, you heard it or not. Okay I social okay or socialist, a socialist economy does not encourage private private ownership of property businesses but prefers governmental ownership and control of the economy for the benefit of its members do agree that that's a good thing that the government should control private businesses and that the proper socialist that the socialism is you have to think about something. Picture a scale and you have the government control on one side and private rights. On the other and are equally balanced. Now the more that socialism increases the heavier it gets, the less your freedoms are, the more socialism. There is the less freedoms you are you have because if the socialism Mrs. cheek of multiple don't know know what it is called or taught is socialism is good. It's a plot by the leftists to overthrow our country because socialism is one step away from communism. Communism is complete state control.

Socialism is partial state control when people throughout history when people get control. They don't give it up. They want more control because the more control they get, the more laws they have to pass in order to keep that control, which means you have less freedom. This is what happens historically in socialist systems. They will tell you in your business. It hasn't happened here. Are you kidding me you are you not care me say something now to carry. You said it hasn't happened here on but I'm telling you what happens in socialist systems and use you ignored that sick happened. Here it is beginning to and it's going to it's going to get worse. Socialism always in the cut in history. The countries means a lack of proper distribution of goods and inflation. This is how it works. You don't know what socialism is done. I don't know what it is and study and that it can thank me that when you ride socialism as you do in connection with communism are not getting about the purity and/or Medicaid. I didn't say that Medicaid can access the turn on words in your mouth and you can relate to. I had to meet her. She's not listening again. She's put words in my mouth. I did not say no Social Security. I did not say no, I do care. I did not say that were defining what socialism is.

She's missing the point. She's thinking that socialism is good because of Social Security. That's what she's saying. But that's not the point of what socialism is. Are you still there carry out here but that's not right you get to cut me off and yes I do I do I just did it again.

You see you to be careful carry. It's my show, not your show. If your doctor be polite, they were not can have a conversation about okay are you there now you're selling all the rest of it. Let vary.

Are you Christian up only a great believer in the lead and I got out of the hole in the IQ. Thank God I hear you and socialism. They want to confiscate your guns when you think about the good, bad, not socialism or anyone trying to confiscate that okay the socialist countries and looked around the world.

Look at them, man. I'm popping you at okay she thinks she thinks because it hasn't happened here yet. It doesn't matter what happens everywhere. Also socialism as though somehow it's gonna be different here. That's just not good thinking Carrie I asked you a specific question.

Is it okay with you in the socialism is regimes that have happened in every country that become socialistic the confiscate weapons are you okay with that figure out yet know. Okay, so then why was the why I got a catch you. Why is that the leftist agenda in the leftist socialist Democrats are trying to get rid of our guns why they try to do that. I don't agree with you there but I don't think we are paying our boy here now, we told you you with the second limits for the second amendment is to protect us from oppressive government know that. I don't a break. Let's continue with this after the break room right back after mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to the show. Let's see how this goes. Carrier is still there right now carry socialism contradicts Scripture okay where we had no chance of contradicts good socialism does not prefer a representative form of government that would understand what happens in socialism. The control gradually filters and moves towards a few people in power who then decide the production of means of production and distribution and in order to keep the people in line who disagree. Laws have to be passed to keep them in line and therefore the representative form of government eventually fails completely in and represent a form of government is found in Exodus 18 self-governance is in Matthew 18.

You can't self govern yourself when the socialist system is in control of the means of production and is confiscating private businesses and controlling how they are to be working and where the goods are to be going to socialism. Also reduces if not confiscates private property rights to get Nexus 20 were supposed to have private property. It reduces the principles of liberty and freedom by increasing its own power and yet were supposed to not be slave of anybody would have liberty second printing three talks about this. The Bible teaches capitalist principles believer not the parable of the landlord or the servants in charge in Matthew 21 and has a parable to count talent for the master ghost gives to his servants in Matthew 25. A lot of people are completely unaware that the Puritans were they came to this country.

Specifically specifically documented, specifically asked the ministers to go through the Scriptures, the word of God and derive out of the word of God. Biblical governmental system. And this is what became instituted in the Constitution. People know this. We also have the right of self-defense and as Christians we have the right to bear weapons. Jesus is Luke 2236. He says bias toward we have a right of self-defense all the time inside of socialist countries, all of them. They get rid of weapons. The confiscate property and they tell you what you can and cannot produce a how to produce it.

Are you aware of this court carry, then why would you support socialism you you create that monitoring between what is socialism and what is communism and you combine that for a complaint. I don't believe that the perfect world that we wish to live and is not going to happen here until Jesus return. So with that in mind, we have to make the best of what it appeared to programs like Social Security have rent then have Ray, the livelihood of people in an old baggage that people who are crippled before they ever need to know at this thing called back on have something to fall back on because Social Security will something to fall back on with Medicare social programs. I get that but I'm not talking about those things that get the government comes in to help.

I don't have a plan.

I called you about Nick and not people know that there socialistic program and you all politicians after Pritchard created the error of good socialism when they take an extreme. They should know this is not only not want to be the number. When you get as you do. Lisa ran Harry did listening that Matt make it hard to talk to you good because I want you not to understand what associated being an open top, I want her to understand what socialism is, folks. It is an evil system. Socialism is un-biblical. It's against Scripture. It does not work 1992 Venezuela was the third richest country in the hemisphere.

In 1997. They were the largest purchaser or purchasers of F1 50 trucks in 1998 Hugo Chavez elected president of the bull by the Varian revolution brought in socialist principles just socialist principles and policies in 2001, Chavez passed laws aimed at the redistribution of land and wealth that is socialism.

That's what socialism is the redistribution of land and wealth. In 2001 voted socialist president became an income equality now for something that you voted for socialist president and income equality is not biblical thing okay you earn. You work hard and you reap the benefits or the penalties of your successes and failures, and other support to help you, but the government is not obligated to come in and bail you out in 2004. Private healthcare is completely socialized in 2005, Chavez signed the decree to eliminate large estates and remove the removal of private property 2005 stiff fines and prison terms for those in the media who cradled criticize public figures in 2006. Chavez shifts military buying from US to Russia in 2007 he announced the key energy and telecommunications companies would be nationalized to read up on this even more. He was saying to people like Exxon and mobile who had energy to put money in to an end infrastructure into a Venezuela.

He confiscated it for the we wanted. This makes theft and then he said all higher education becomes free.

I was in 2007.

All the sounds so great socialist right will. Here's the real world where it was happening in 2007, Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips refused to hand over control of operations of the Venezuela government and are kicked out of the country. 2009 socialist band private ownership of guns. Why would they do that because if you have guns you can resist and the socialist don't want you to resist because they're in power when they're in power. They don't give up power.

2009, voters approved a plan to abolish term limits. Why because they're controlled immediately got brainwashed 2012. Government enforces price controls on basic goods to battle inflation 2012 Bernie Sanders praises Venezuela is the American dream and it goes on and on and on and millions have left Venezuela because of socialism is not just the idea of having a little bit of a fall back for Social Security retirement. That's not were talking about socialism is un-biblical socialism is dangerous. Socialism is ungodly and it is a step closer to communism. People have to stand up and shout about it and people the pulpits should also preach on it and educate the people about what socialism is Kelly from Los Angeles. Welcome here Kelly you're not.

I found that document don't pick up our Kelly is just I cannot get angry some I'm down to make it quick that when the Confederate where I'm going through.

I repented I keep me and thanked me that over and over and over again. After quite a few people. I say well maybe you're not learning a particular left and I need to be learned, not packing it and it give you a test and not give you the heads that that you're taking it sure you do something in you not know what it is he doesn't inform us. Hey, I'm going to give you a test is going to come up in three months two months, one month you ready to go now, like do that.

So all of a sudden you find yourself you know in a car accident and you're in the hospital and now you trust God to pay the bills or you get sick or whatever.

Or you just feel spiritually dry these allowing certain to happen for reason and the sovereignty he does know Lisa let you know what are Yes it's a test way to develop your faith so that it might be increased since the testing of your have Bank is considered told you this is James one versus two and three. This is considerable joy when you encounter various trials or tests okay. Knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.

It continues Aldridge has as per perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

So you know you go to James to is James chapter 1 verses 234 so James is writing people going to testing of difficult times and this was going to happen as socialism rises in America and in our morality used on the decrease on the decline and leftists are out there trying to control everything we are defunding the police and funding the leftist terrorists domestically, all right. Thank you Matt already welcome Rabbi Moshe write back after these messages, Matt slick, why call 770727. Here's Matt's leg. Lively Matt slick live show with Richard North Carolina Richard welcome you on your diet.

When I questioned right your blood pressure as part of the first question who hate socialism I hate know was good to this country I know is to destroy this country and the useful idiots marching downhill lockstep to the trumpet call of socialistic freedom and it's really oppression when I say useful idiots. It's a term from I think it's stolen who said that they called the people who were brainwashed into promoting their there is agenda: useful idiots about Russia. I think that's a good segue.

My question so about a year ago encountered an apologetic challenge to my faith from an eastern Orthodox colleague. I had never studied or met anyone who is eastern Orthodox prior.

Now I dealt with Roman Catholics before and whenever I would try to discuss the Bible with him or some of his co-parishioners. As I got to you discussing particular doctrinal issues. The issue of like less just your private interpretation. You're not part of the one true church where your Bishop day with you the whole apostolic succession line. But one thing that now for it. Challenge them on and I saw the debate recently between Dr. Gavin work one problem Gospel coalition with a father, Patrick Ramsey, eastern Orthodox priest out of England, never discussing the issue of the twofold office of ministry versus the threefold.

I guess model for the office of measuring the twofold office being Elder and Deacon in the threefold being Bishop/elder and then write and so I had a question.

Just in regards to Titus chapter 1 verses five through seven. One of the lines that her straws and Eastern Orthodox of the while Titus was a bishop than you think God is asking him to appoint elders in every city but what it seems to me is that the elders that are mentioned in verse five of chapter 1 and Titus that when it mentioned the overseer in verse seven. It's essentially talking about the same category which leading the reason that the station I think is important because the there is just a twofold office administrative whole idea of apostolic succession from Bishop Porter goes out the window every day, I'm impressed you got it right.

Titus chapter 1 verses 5 to 7, says appoint elders in every city. I directed you goes down and it says for the overseer. That's a fiscal path in the Greek, which is Bishop elders is present due to loss and overseer or Bishop this is a fiscal policy. So what they do mistakingly is.

They have three offices elders bishops and priests priest.

There is no priestly office in the New Testament except for Christ's high priestly office and we are kings and priests as is called a priest of all believers. And so we have that generic role that they have an elevation of the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. So you what is required. Yeah, maybe you missed out they have Bishop and then they conflate priests and elders. The term priest comes from Bessie. I'm working on. I still have the bethink yes I do and you can stoop with you and understand is different quite a few variations of Eastern orthodoxy interest bad as Roman Catholicism theology.

They also appealed the church fathers the church fathers of the true understanding and the pick and choose which are Father's Day like and your interactions with Joe Dyer.

Yes, I've been quite Kathy and I have discovered the section of the Internet quote unquote warfare grows. They were very aggressive and very on the right flight in here. I thought of you I do. I looked on the little I talking very often because I ask difficult questions in isolation. With this the word of God, show me this Scripture and incidentally think the guy misquoted verse to you first and second Peter 121 each of the Scripture though say hey you just as you know you can't let your private interpretation, misquoting it says know this. First of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a Scripture prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation is the prophecy it's dealing with issues in the Scriptures make it wrong all the time and often when the cook at versus a hated you here that in the code. What looking a lot. Everything Seneca verse with that context, you can hear that and didn't like that but I do and so you always go to check what they say. Don't assume that the Scriptures of the recording recording right recording context.

Always check the context always trust him and her quick before I let you go so another passage of Scripture to bring up this issue with acts chapter 20@policy elders of ethics that are coming to meet and I was getting ready to go on very arduous eventually journeyed around and in verse 17 it talks about how he assembled the elders and then down verse 28. It seems to be that guy is referring to those elders as the bishop of the church that there after shepherd the flock of God. The three term pastor elder and bishop you came to be with her into one office, but just thought I did a title versus the role person that's right. That is correct. Very good. I was aware that in acts 20. I wasn't Titus good job for you. Okay you are looking at the word, and you're going with the word you're finding out that what you're saying is not that grounded in Scripture to good for you. I love my I love my calling again you have gotten, noted co-parishioners that down, praying for them because the starting to realize just like out my encounters with Roman Catholics you had 10 years ago that Eastern Orthodox state while they do have a lot of distinctions from Rome. There's a lot of overlap in terms of the things that are wrong with their system security logically and Mary harlotry the same thing they can lose your salvation you keep it by being good following certain rules and Blanche the true church and they have iconoclasm, duals which is at the love icons and just just changed just so much to the word of God just like you Believe Christ my body like out in earlier. I think they think the influence of the door, her brothers growing particularly see the work movement within evangelicalism there trying to pick people off gadget yes and you write that we want about them as well to try to we can face the editors come after the week of the flock to job the pastor to guard them to teach them write what I cannot scratch my question. Yeah, right, Richard, God bless.

Okay, let's get over to Eric if he still there for half-hour you still there Eric I hello I'm back where men yet.

I am sorry for keeping us alone. There are actually young men are very yes I do. Okay I go. My mom would make a good month to start with Erin Abraham, no Mohammed was born in 570 and then and I think it's 610 is when he got the message in the case of and then 613 is his first role preaching so it'll probably say around 610 of the muscle didn't tell you that it was with Abraham, the true Islam no hidden teach to what some teachers and so working with with muscle to see the world assembly to document think that you cannot upgrade a child would concubine her labrum in men who right so I was 13 years difference and that was Hagar bore Ishmael and they say that was probably the did the father of the Arabic nations, but Arabs are already around at that time, but this one is there is okay. 13. The number of sin. Incidentally, in the Bible and so Ishmael was born first to Hagar and then Isaac, but God said to Abraham to get only begotten son, Isaac, and go off on the hill; the only begotten interesting okay thank you for your show. I really ago. What did you like… God bless you to, all right, let's get to Jamaal from North Carolina. Jamaal looking on the air, but let go.go.

I… Try to get going real quick list of vertigo and other colors waiting to do one of them. Okay, go ahead… Will greatly fear that that lady that talk about but waiting for now look at political agenda. It is not a girl purple.

The Christian thing so they got out to get to realize that that be.

The question you about how can I frame it all because I quickly broke before about the Weber bike down part of the Bible how to begin our Butt out and sue Moses, and Moses got it but he might've had some older records, or the Lord gave it to him directly.


Dark brown good and I got breast milk parameter are all the thank you very much appreciate all right this is Martin from Virginia Martin welcome you on the map as I can think we got…… With call Ehrlich liquid 30 seconds of thought back on all so I get the flock family members or friends that hey don't you like so security don't you like a Medicare Medicaid like… Socialism update social program at Kaplan.

I dropped and ordered by very socialistic build on it economy to work that a port and you got all kinds of private capital and private supporting that as well to make it so great that everybody in the socialization, I want that. That's very good I like that it's a social program in a capitalistic society. If you think about it's the only reason it can work because it's not in the socialistic system is in a capitalist system which has the backbone of money in the depths of the resources Bill provided the yet what would you trade euro. For that as well that it's not a Socialism you're not socialist articulate program. My social circle after church is not a side that different social program is right bad news about God bless.

Okay okay it's good to Chuck less, really fast on championship like a relentless, yet are not. I met got. I'm wondering if ever traveled management at your begin your product out of the carrier Raleigh, North Carolina. I think it was her out of its bad news. Don't listen to loud something that died to free the mere chef is bad news time that it was a bout we are at a time in the Lord bless you and another program powered by the Truth Network

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