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June 3, 2021 6:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 3, 2021 6:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- I work with people who use foul language. What should I do---2- Is it ok to stay in an AOG church---3- In regard to the tree of life in Revelation, what do the leaves mean---4- What does it mean that death and Hades will be cast into the lake of fire---5- Who had the power listed in Luke 10-19- Are we on the same level as the apostles---6- Do you believe that healings happen now---7- Is it ok to listen to an SDA pastor---8- Does the devil have the power to send people into your life to do his bidding---9- How do God the Father and Christ -as separate persons of the Trinity- factor into election---10- What happened in Acts 2-4---11- Is speaking in tongues relevant in the church today---12- Are Jesus and Michael the same person---13- Can I listen to Jimmy Swaggart-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances no colder responding to your questions at 87707276. Here is Matt slick one welcome to the show tonight is Friday, 20 May 2021 for broadcasters if you will recall, we have three open lines 877-207-2276 and let's see status of the beginning of the show we have a prayer ministry. Please consider praying for us and for others. You want to be one with people who helps in prayer while they just contact us after except prayer@carmencrm.o are lots of good stuff going on and have been busy to work in the schools and other stuff like that so low vertigo just jump right in Rochester. But on the phones euros get going.

Let's get Oliver from Maine Oliver welcome you on the air and write what he got what. So my question for you were looking for a fight at the Christian you know I work with it on my cold is a lot of vulgar language worked out. I really don't know what you like right now. Kind of a awkward laugh situation and I want to do that like practicing the support now okay and I'm doing it there and work just to Hewlett-Packard as contractor fixing computers dinner for five years. I first got there I you know I didn't like 4050 guys on the team and we had a special room we can go into and only but I am a passkey and things like that could be a lot of tech stuff in her so once they got behind that door in this close room. They became fowl and I never said anything. I never said don't talk like that never said excuse me, I never said anything.

I just didn't cost and when it was safe, bad jokes or whatever, I would just politely walk away or just not kind of slink away without them knowing. I'm just leaving. I did this a target. I just bought this for months and I never push anybody and then they came to me and this happened when I moved up to Boise Idaho to the same thing.

After about three months.

They included in the they said look out what's going on. Huckabee don't we notice you know because you don't do this if you don't just tell bad jokes and said well because of the Christian and and that with exquisite didn't. I never bothered them to my surprise, what happened was they started changing their behavior around. I never asked him to and they would stop saying things around because a date they knew I wasn't condemning them I. I was doing anything and their reaction was that I just set an example and that was it and it made a different outfit and earn their respect for one thing and and after a while it was hard asked me questions and then he thought more of what I do for living in all the forceful time with this defendant more than you wait a minute you do you know stuff and we talk so that you know so that's what happened next would recommend is just just to thank you okay wait that it might start walking away more but why thank you yeah I can do it the right way, don't you think middle of the crowd is, or tell you you just walk away. Don't know you don't exist. I would if I couldn't get away. Politely I just wouldn't laugh because I know you know I'm sorry you know and and that was it, that it changed the change them you know, so this might be a good example.

I did not attend but you know look at everybody heart. Thank you much and God bless.

Okay, let's get to Alberto from Georgia. Looking back, what are you on the air when something magically laid my question and ordered that Harry is simply our God wealth one may allow wooden pastors and elders and teach you lose your salvation. There little bit overly charismatic. I'm not against charismatic gifts and they tend to have a kind of holiness thing works as a measure of your stature before God by how holy they are and the kind of impose it on others. But that's not every individual. It's not every every church does that, but is is one of the things of iPhone heard about from those who been inside, but do teach a wooden pastors and elders and losing your salvation and things like that so I could never recommend anybody go to that denomination. Okay what about like me if I be a faithful member in the patches all happen. State the amount that do everything you want. Luke and I don't go eat a cookie or not like that and I did know that you do will be a faithful member and I'm gimmicky. A letter written charge at the happy and be a faithful member dollars that they wanted to and I don't care if I'm biblically. First of all I would deftly church cookies.

When this so what kind of pleased pastor is not what is pleasing to please the Lord Jesus Christ.

That's it.

Your eyes should be set up on how can you emulate Christ, and please him not make the pastor happy.

That's not the issue. If you start doing that, you're going down the wrong road so make noise in the background or body follow to the thing is, keep your eyes on Christ and said that example, some people I think stay in the AG because he want to be good examples of things that's okay if they can do that and survive it.

Okay. Thank you God bless. What about okay we have one open line 877-207-2276 Thomas from North Carolina. Welcome your on yeah yes I can. Okay I a revelation cannot ponder these questions for many years and you yell at you of the word got good and have been a Christian keep talking the same volume you are you talking loudly, then softly so it's hard to understand your folly, the cook, keep going okay for my question is on on the yellow talk about the river and all can barely hear you again very program is okay and so is the fully healing of the nation explained that he could understand why you know this is at the end of the thousand year old. Why would you really need to be taken place on the claimant. I don't know.

I know I don't know what it means exactly. You probably know more about it than I do. It's not something that's studied very much at all. Rarely ever comes up, the new Jerusalem, yet reverently know what is it mean because of the new Jerusalem is like 1500 mile cube that can't be for Royal. The river is a symbol, both sides will become symbolic and I just got studied at two embolic of the really the work that little river there okay I'm just saying that's where I believe the word that's fine. I'm just saying I don't know what it means you could have a little river it's talking about. They could have a highly symbolic, but it could also assist is not a real river but it's a very symbolic mention of reverence. I just don't know which one it is you. I agree that Victor that believe. Probably some kind of symbolic meaning and so you can ask you a couple pastors about their you know of the same thing was you that you all and thank you know you compare Scripture with Scripture. There's no thing about the right we don't get a lot of questions about about the great white throne judgment and a part of this many years in the Old Testament and and and 80 of Old Testament the word help correct you. Okay, great white that this fee gave up the dead yet and L to play gave up the dead which were in their okay so can't and does in and they were judged out of workbooks like opening and were not found written Catholic yes no and the lake of fire. The health Catholic dad with Catholic. So I'm not just came to me the other day back that yesterday that okay get it because I keep thinking about this hell is a separate place that's worth is it hell was created for the devil.

Okay, okay, and so will you go to hell hello Charlie will that's true, but hell itself Into the lake of fire cracked the lake of fire is what that of darkness as debates about eight battles with we don't know exactly what it means and how it works because some of the terms seem to be interchangeable, right right yesterday is cumulative. Little bit because is not interchangeable so I can't tell you what it is another one right okay okay and will hear something good that I cannot came to me yesterday. It talks about death.

Okay when we die. You know there's spirits is just physical death. Maybe the and in the great the great the grave his dad gave a 50 that was in the seat right in helping out the gate and it in and fill maybe maybe the dead, that is in their body did we look at.

I just don't know how to start with. I just don't know. And so I don't really settle but say talk about Revelation 20. The end of that to the last few verses we talked about that and you don't. Generally speaking, doctrinally I give you a lot of good solid answers when it comes to interpreting things like this on the book of Revelation that I have problems because I just don't understand what it means. There are discussions about it, and different commentators have different views and I just don't know which one is the right one is is death and Hades are thrown into the lake of fire. When I understand like fires and thrown out into eternal darkness and that's it. That is the state that the argument be and forever if you're not sorting that bright life you reporting limit on fire so I know that's that's legit.

But as far as which desk is a second chance some to the first that is your is just being born in your sinful and the second death is the ultimate judgment.

Some say the first resurrection living born again in the second resurrection is the restriction of her body.

So this is okay buddy Revelation talking about me when you get a break. We have rights okay okay holding call back or I could live forever mostly right back after these messages, please stay tuned for mats Y. Call 772-0776 charismatic slave back so let's get to Derek from Derek. Welcome you are on the year will hello. Yes, you are on the air.

There yes your eyes I'm wondering what talk and my about all the grip altered critical interpretive scorpion over all the programming enough of anything to hurt you got for Christian you know no context.

The 70 returned with joy, saying, Lord, even the demons are subject to name and he said to them I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning hold. I've given you authority to transfer conceiving this to the 73 talking to work were not the word less than the apostle WR. We all got the same no, we are less than the apostles in authority position in the church so that is me were different in nature, absolutely called apostle for example has more authority in the church than we do. As John Peter there's a crock here at exactly you are not a left second. The difference in authority in the church then you and I do not different in nature and their save the same way but with Jesus was talking about their's to the 70 a lot of times these been a pastor teacher guys on radio will take this verse another verses out of context and SASE that means you can tread on serpents. It means you have the power it doesn't say that East is talking to the 70. The subject is I've given you authority.

The second letter place where he says is given 12 disciples authority to do certain things doesn't mean that we by default have that authority in the same sense in the same context. Okay, we have other authority right. I often when I do spiritual work. When I pray for people to grip the barn and combined it with his name right and I course account. It's in the name of Jesus. We had understand you got signature when you read Scripture you have to put things in context. For example, Matthew 10 one Jesus some of the 12 disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits accustom out to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness. Does that mean you speak.

Given given that Yahoo or to me that necessarily really remaining in our day course.

I believe in healings and stuff and leave all the charismatic gifts.

I'm just telling you I've got a good dog living punk. I think all the charismatic gifts, just not what I myself I usually have a hearing on saying another telling you up principles of interpretation of Scripture always see who it's addressed to because in Matt and Luke 1017 and 1819 Jesus was speaking to the 70 in Matthew 10. Speaking to the 12 disciples does that mean that we have automatically the authority to. For example, to heal every kind of sickness. Well, there's a sense in which we can in the sense which we can't. We don't have that authority. The way the disciples did, they could utter command because it was specifically given by Jesus to those 12 specifically but Christians today. We can clap cast out demons and heal people, but that's if God was to will it through us, but with the disciples they had that direct authority they got to hear you you you you would have to death so that so with as we are not God but guarded remarkable.

We uncertain what we are, the same Derek. The same with the same in some sense and not the same.

In other senses you have to be more specific were not the same.

No water Authority movement and do not have all of immigrant one going on right. The need to because again we have authority in Jesus. You quoted referenced Luke 1019 that was addressed to the necessity to the 70 arena. Yet that was to the 70 it wasn't addressed to us's this this freaks people out environment on their account when you think about your missing my point I'm trying to see something that when you look at a verse see who it's addressed to see with the context is then asked does it apply to us. Don't just assume that when it says his God given you authority coos that you who is he speaking to is just this is just what you do when you interpret Scripture. Who was he talking to God to look further into that let my own mind, but what I come up with our biblical back and talk to you by the end we do have authority with those are different versus I'm just sitting here and for example in Matthew 10 discredit Matthew 10 servers one and read cozy talking to is talking to the disciples. There are 12 this last repair to attend as the examiner go go there take a look and say how will what is it that he has said that applies to us. The case isn't that attending heal the sick races that cleanse lepers, cast out demons. Freely received, freely give. Was talking to the 12 disciples to what extent does that affect us.

To what extent is it carried to us because you gotta be careful if you say wills to the disciples therefore said to us, then you could just step right over to Roman Catholicism, who says that Peter has all the authority because was given to Peter so to be passed down to his people and their papacy.

Now that the pick the Roman Catholic papacy is is legit. No, it's not just because whistling was given the Peter dismissed God everybody after him just because some is given to the disciples doesn't mean is given to everyone after we have to look at each thing its own context asked the question who's addressing doesn't mean it's for us. Don't automatically say yes to see what it says and then find out that there's other verses like first contents 14 where the charismatic gifts occur in the church in first contents 17 that were not to lack any charismatic gifts were waiting for the return of Christ there to those of the verses are universal, but these can be careful about okay very enlightening not mourn the apartment thank you for your with them and then talking with me that got them in the straight that I got that cannot make it okay my own answer. You are buddy, God bless. By okay all right let's get on the phone now with Scott from Virginia hey sky, welcome your on the air as a matter of Donna Goldman is going we got what looks. Quick question really what you think of the are you familiar with and what you think of the bachelor ministry that is okay. That's all I want to note Doug Batchelor made an fragmented grade never had a guy that stands as STA and ST has lots of problems is got a vulture right back after these messages, please state the mats like why call 770-7276 charismatic Scott, are you still there alright so what is so you know I met him and set bachelor just going on.

I know you're talking about. At one of the conferences and RB national religious broadcasting and went up and said all his years at the TV and goes down and said Matt and I'm an apologist I was wondering would you be willing to have a discussion with me publicly on Seventh-day Adventist documents and compare the Scripture is people running to sit quickly and he said no is not interested in having a discussion with me in a public sense going over STA doctrine. I said what the Bible says was given after everyone that he did want to talk to me if that is the thing about Islam see I would delete that guy in a heartbeat publicly. I fly out we going to set let's talk was going there STA churches have a debate we can go over things like soul sleep we can go over things like his are is our sin be placed on Satan, which is what STA teaches and October 22, 1844 Jesus entered the second and last phase of his atoning work with the heck is that the desiccant of judgment, a thing of all people be decided based upon what you've done the wicked are annihilated. Still, they deny predestination. They deny election which is clearly taught in Scripture and the euro so there are some serious problems and I would debate the Sabbath issue.

Are we obligated to worship on Saturday every true Christian. If we don't worship on Saturday is the singular talk about and have a debate on and they won't do it. The wise of the STA won't debate the stakes an official person to I think because they're afraid that's what I think is afraid to be at get exposed better 50 some STA groups, churches, factions are cultic and some are not. The here's the thing. The good side of STA as they affirm the doctrine of the Trinity as well as the deity of Christ and justification by faith through Christ. The problem with the latter statement is how it's interpreted in the investigative judgment I've read through some of it from Ellen G. White. They say the prophetess but the Bible says no more profits after Jesus.

Luke six no Luke John 1414 and so that's a problem to huge problem.

But the they don't deny the divide basically essentials.

Some say they do in the sense they call Jesus Michael the Archangel with not saying Jesus is an angel or saying that Michael the Archangel was actually Jesus pre-incarnate Jesus an angel. This means messenger so they'll start not denying his deity by calling him Michael or saying that Michael is a pre-incarnate form of Christ.

The second verse of the Trinity, so though they are wrong about that.

That doesn't invalidate their Christology in the ultimate sense with the issues here, but the issues here are when it when they teach that that are centrally placed on Satan at the end of the great controversy biology white page 44 to 22 and 45 is not true. Our center place by Christ and he finished the atonement on the cross to 1930.

Any cancel descendent at the cross.

Colossians 214 so they got some serious problems here.

The social of soul sleep. It doesn't make him non-Christian. But the soul sleep stuff is just as wrong and that the with her not have not annihilated. I did a great deal of research on that and stuff so long. Stuff okay. More on your weblog are just whole section on all right, all right I will get it right now. Okay God bless. All right, let's get to Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly welcome the order of what were on Kelly. Your your next you is you can your on the question to be fair to my bet is to try to get back to my original question. Original question, it is Big Apple have the power to give you a quick canary just as hard as he has his his servants, you either serve God or you serve the enemy, and undoubtedly you can have people who were sent by by the enemy to do his bidding. They wanted me when every battle.

Matt whacked out every else why even allow me any part knowing that you now knowing that it was a good match for me. Maybe the gabapentin.

Now the devil is it omnipresent the enemy but is instead is doesn't need on the presence in order to send somebody to mess you up, take it all sink. I wrote a novel called the influence and in their I took liberties. Of course, but I wrote is the bad guy name Leach and he's a reason was given to gangs, and he's a heavy drug user and is possessed and I haven't messed up place in their work. He's looking into a mirror and the demonic force in him is whispering into his own mind and he's hearing what he thinks are his own thoughts and he's enjoying the lies being taught.

I'm good. I'm this time that and he's he then goes out to do with this thing suggested and so I'm not saying that's exactly how it works but if people are possessed by demonic forces, then they certainly can be used by the devil to do certain things okay okay I had our father, how can the devil I have someone to know he could be in one place because he is one place and give a billion demonic forces and you can say that that person over there. Go hassle of going to you know and use the use evil people to do it right and I sure you're welcome okay all right is get to Tyler from Long Island, New York.

Tyler welcome your on the year. Good evening brother.

Are you I'm fine for you.

Good thing your question on that little diver a while back I read the book by Col. Richard P. And it was called on induced dry resurrection redemption.

A study in following reality and on my remember I think the guy was kind of falling off of a dying younger, I thought little and finally and with you talking about in terms of what: the history of salvation in the order of salvation or salon yeah exactly like you to call the order on burial or something.

I make sure I'm understanding is regularly like a question that most the time I am wrong. The different like it or note the litters, like the part that the order by which we get it in the neck at three, like how it played out in redemptive history. How God is like that night at the Christ, the second of the primary issues like for example, how does how does the issue of salvation work with with us. So as I taught last line Bible study I taught on election and predestination for about an hour and what I taught was that God, who knows all things simultaneously because he doesn't grow in knowledge then when Ephesians 14 says that he he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, so he is the father who chose us. The elect music choose chose us to elect in Christ was in Jesus will now were talking about is the issue of election for salvation before the universe was created, and that election occurred in the mind of God. Even though nothing was existing yet and it was done in Christ, and that no election is possible without redemptive work of Christ already being so to speak in the works.

I don't mean it was back then but it was already planned.

So then we would say that in the performance or to salute us that election is first because God has to make the choice and before the foundation of the world and then predestination would fall follow.

Then he calls us forth because he would speak to us in John 644 says you can accountability father draws you and he does this kind of thing that he regenerates us and regeneration precedes faith logically, not temporally the Arminians would say that the first thing that goes on is redo my notes is is the calling that the gospel has to go forth and pretty lenient. Grace works on the person was like I argues that all day long and then faith occurs because of the privy new grace of God and regeneration follows that faith that the temporal problem so make that liquid like printed fully understand it.

I think it I like what I like a lot of you get that like in front of the left during the legally reason you will allow me to breakdown okay Burkholder, Rebecca voted right back after these messages, please state who think he was on the mats like why call 770-7276 charismatic slave Rebecca reported Tyler go there. Okay, so where were we were talking about inference super labs Arianism, which I don't agree with either one myself, but you or to salute or so I hope you in honor of the answer to what will you deftly clarified a lot of things thank you, and you really even yelled during the break I would think about how comforting it really is. Know that God or the everything was created like his ultimate purpose, and Christ. The evil felt the one thing they can't take me with my friend anything to church on time.

Doctrine and equipment during baking. Thinking that the leg is a dead body in the consummation is the greatest comfort of the Christian is likely God restoring and consummating him that file. They want me fully baked a bit… The comment off really is not very much, and he got let you to S. Let's get on the phone with Andre from Mississippi hundred, welcome here on the year that I thought that we got all that and at Though to first talk much, speaking to birth demand on the bail out each person heard that all of the language envelope dipping through the Edmonton today you have a hollow language seems to be the glossolalia in the Greek and that that is the gift of the Holy Spirit is the charismatic movement and the ability to do this kind of thing that's with the context here next to his talking about the it seems to be the reason is so unusual is because the idea was that the Jews only spoke their language or they wouldn't be speaking scriptural stuff in other languages because Hebrew was the sacred language all of a sudden not there here and stuff in in Greek and Latin. In Egyptian and all kinds of languages next to the B was going on there.

Okay, speaking relevant today and it starts yes I'm the house as a thump it with the lid out there think you could do it honestly is wrong because watching some woman and some video games on Sunday nights on TV. Sheesh. And she's a preacher, teacher, pastor, which is wrong and she said, speaking in tongues, wellspring of the lien to state just know it is ridiculous to go wrong yet it's Israel is mostly done hundreds was redone in the context of a church with interpretation of the likely quiet. That's the Bible clearly tells of his 14 year your right and I read somewhere on the link with white bandage on my back out with the go you give birth it it the plea, mobile Kaiser perspectives that you is first 2013. The scalding antecedents is the issue, but then when the perfect comes then with the single seeks what's the perfect some with a call. It is the perfect is to be the completion of the Bible.

The perfect this is the return of Christ, and I have articles on this another website, but because this is when the perfect comes, will see face-to-face and will knows were fully known. That's not the doesn't happen when the Bible is completed because to face-to-face is personal encounter, and to be known, it means you're saved, it's a phraseology used by God and with men never knew you or my sheep hear my voice and I know them and so that's was talking about is a salvation thing and when the perfect comes, the partial shall be done away and that's for 2013 1020 is one of so that birthday, basically sees it as knowledge, it will be done away prophecy will cease, and tongues, and knowledge will can ask if the Bible is what is supposed to be the perfect then was it being the third knowledge will be done away with Ascom that they might mean less, it will stick to the word of knowledge and then you have my say that but the thing is, when the perfect comes, show me from Scripture that the perfect means the completion of the Bible. I can't do it. It's not there.

I know this topic. Verily right and one element by element like we got we got five people for people waiting. So is good going to take on likely all right okay okay you will not be on the eye Monday so call back on Tuesday because Monday is a holiday read hundred outlets by okay let's get to Jamie from Seattle Ginny welcome you on your I was very happy about them will need Dr. Michael yeah though what I what what life investigate why should we think that is the case would be more specific. Michael and you are not right. If you have a lot of you know that because nothing the Bible says Michael is Jesus okay just not there, and the wiles it had to deal with this particular issue, but it's is not taught as the say what had my voice. I would think that only you think the rape that you Michael is a good way for the Archangel on your right that note this essay, he raises a dataset of first Thessalonians. It's as if the sound of the trumpet and the dead in Christ will rise okay.

They like and with the shout and the voice of the archangel that has Christ arrived first. Yes, that is asked if does not say that the archangel is performing the resurrection. Just as with the voice of it and the shout that these are things that are simultaneous or very closely connected consecutively that that's what sang like as I went down the hill like I wonder what the current favorite book and having a boy.

You must have some sort of biology or something that the symbolizing I do know it's a big question have been just going through first Thessalonians 416 through chapter 5 verse to verse by verse and what it says there the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first. This essay who is the action okay go back to the idea that Moses was resurrected and you that like you contends over Moses body was Satan, the sugar question is not why you were going with that with that why nothing related direction, then no, no, no, I don't know if you know it. We've Artie got over for Cecily, for that's the archangel's not perform. The resurrection is not the text doesn't teach that I understand you have an automatic leakage. I could beat Christoph in my mind. I do not know Michael is at once a link is not Jesus in the Old Testament, but the good things of the Lord or the right.

It seems like it would be but the angel the Lord is also mentioned in the New Testament.

So this is unenjoyable Lord, but the others debate on this issue of the angel of the Lord, the messenger of God.

Some say it might be pre-incarnate Christ and you can dine the hell either way. But we are worshiping loud works are done like that angel Revelation know I'm one of the brethren order.

The other question for you.

What will we have a hold of you and I think we have callers waiting I want to get to them okay and when you allow Skype alright buddy just like a slit up okay call back on Tuesday night. Okay, let's get over to Chris from California. Chris welcoming on here met the first time color okay.

Well, good Celexa.

If you have been as lovely.

No okay will I what I've been writing you fro a few years now in Utah prison in the eye that I've been up for, not this one is that I tried calling you your number.

I called once in and it didn't go through the judge and I when I was down in Kelly, were you in prison that week to meet you in prison know I started writing you about two years ago.

Okay, here we can get mail from from prisons in and stuff like I did nine years of prison ministry, but the your out now.

Where are you in Kelly general and I live in the about 50 minutes south of LA really is enslavement in the piccata yet, second is like a Oceanside once I south of LA, maybe not as North County. So Goodman Glenn drought.

Thank you will. Good I will talk later than Friday will keep listening and I got contact us via email. Alright Chris got you arraignment guidelines okay all right like to hear the presidency for nine years and the was good to see you guys get out and follow Lord Nathan from Iowa. Welcome your on the air. I met first time color really appreciate right and I had a question on I want and indigent flaggers ministry and life.

For years, nine IRI and IR I believe is a talented man and I don't question salvation or anything like that or if you're still on.

I often hear the statement you know, we believe your see Jesus Christ now on he died on the cross first – and will I don't recommend you listen to Jimmy Swaggart. I recommend you do not okay for reason might I mean I just wanted to be careful not to come across as entertainment not gas. The reason is because he was caught with prostitutes two times I know that yeah since I just call out my Gillette fiscal okay thank you okay so what I did want your opinion on national okay you get qualified to it really matter. I think he overemphasizes all the work that add the caveat with the evidence of speaking in other, and I believe in, and the gift I could never hear anything about interpretation or witness the yeah I think there's an old grandpa. Thank you. That kinda confirms what I appreciate your insight thanks listen recommend that I will guide God bless bless you sir about their ready for Kentucky call back on Tuesday, so Monday is a holiday for the red you won't be on the air. Then back on Tuesday will talk you then have a great weekend everybody left another program powered by the Truth Network

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