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May 25, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 25, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why are there so many heretical preachers on tv---2- Is a pastor supposed to pray before beginning a sermon---3- Do you have to give to all the various -funds- at your church---5- What's your view on federal vision---6- How does studying Calvinism affect how we interact with unbelievers---7- A caller wanted to dispute the point that you can not lose your salvation.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the board you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max Y glances goals in responding to your questions. Time will give a good weekend and a good weekend. Yesterday yesterday I take one week off one day off a week is what I do and that yesterday I watched TV. Basically all day then went fishing got skunked and I watched aliens will be aliens in the second one for the 69th time that is correct, 69 so the big 70's, and I love sci-fi and that movie came out when I was so in college. 27 units on order system on a semester so it was more like 30 units a semester, 30, 32 and the I just got engaged and my mom was in the hospital. My dad just go to the hospital. My brothers wife to the hospital. I just moved the stressors were immense, and it was like more aliens please. So that's what they watch it.

So what will become going to a really good thing for you I can quit anytime I want. So, will he look at 20 McCall.

We have 877-207-2276. Okay now let's see, I am scheduled to be in the Salt Lake City area. Let's see next.

See June we can June 5, sixth, seventh, so I'll be there. And the thing about taking people to dinner.

The Navy means other people they want to deny probably go down to Laughlin Nevada afterwards and go to a UFO convention and yes I am smiling. I don't think that I'm going to bring any tinfoil hats back on that I have a good time to become a researcher writer and I like to research the kind of stuff. Anyway, things really time to start getting into that so models kill two birds with one stone and get down there in Salt Lake.

From there go to Laughlin and then so be fun. I'm so probably end up doing is taking a whole week off of radio on the week of the seventh, eighth, ninth, 11th and stuff like that so looking McCall for open lines 877-207-2276 if you need prayer. Just email us at and if you want to be a prayer warrior with this ministry. All you do is so contact people there canasta I think that's about it. Okay give me call folks for open lines 877-207-2276 Alberta from Georgia. Welcome your on their way.

Company preachers will claim to be. They'll yet follow everything preachers on TV you need to defend them and also leave your congregation but to be preachers and also the pastors also felt they claim to receive a divine revelation God happened at the Debbie preaching you know so I figured claim to be there if they will in all men of God yet who follow everything preachers on TV, and defend them correctly say that all the men of God and all that because their false teachers. This is the second Timothy four verse three and four for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine the 100 years tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires.

So one of things I do on Sunday I try and relax on Sunday but sometimes it'll do in the evening if I want to get my blood pressure up. As I watch the religious channels and sure enough, I see a bunch of wacko moron heretics.

There who are selling things and taking verses out of context and then turning them into amulets, turning them into posters, turning them into this and you send your money in this prayer this prayer and the blessings will flow over you.

It's your tickling nonsense and people do this because they're not listening to God. It was another flesh and then when they say God told me that always gets to God told a blog about really weak verify this with Scripture lesson God can't speak to people today. I do believe you can, but I believe it to be very rare and I also believe it would only be in harmony with the word of God, and it would be for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and so what we see is that a lot of bad teachers on TV say Lord told me about Bob Loblaw and if you just pray this prayer you just give me a stink and break these guys are are whacked and in light of all of that.

I've been seriously thinking about contacting NRB TV and see if I can get a show going where I teach like this and name names and tell people what to watch out for and and stuff like that because we need to have the truth to get out there and too many teachers out there who don't take the Bible seriously for blood problems. That's why Avenue apartment is that after your church. It you know they finally got it bending. The third member to go to a quality guy and then all the… Derogation that after the accused you of being a heretic, or turkey by Jan I know what works you know, I know my doctrine so well this for so long.

Patrick can call me names only want whatever I know my stuff you don't talk about and I love to talk to pastors who teach this stuff and said let's go to the Scriptures.

I got challenges out to various pastors, various people over the years to have theological discussions. Not a single one is accepted over the years you have contacted Joyce Meyer contacted what your name Beth Moore recontacted other ministries and opportunities. I can tell you though that so for example here and in Boise, Idaho. If you years ago during the winter.

I went to give the story what happened to churches as a people are in defense of their their false doctrines, but I had contacted a large church in Meridian and am inciting anyway. I was there I contacted them and asked them to have a meeting with me if they were interested in discussing Michelin pastors women elders because that with an elders at your church and they said no sure we can talk about it and then after a while, they backed out and I said what you you said that that your word your guesses yes your nose now are you now not going through with what you committed to to do this is serious stuff and they said what is not a gift, have a conversation with and I said you already agreed you were and I was on under their church property that my winter said you already agreed to argue that that's dishonest and it's about what we does not have a conversation with you. It wouldn't defend their error is okay. Then time to go to the body of Christ about this. Are you threatening us with this would allow us and so I said, not threatening you, I'm just telling you that Matthew 18 tells me what to do. I've got going to you. You don't want to talk to me and you said you would know you breaking the works of Naaman to go to the body Christ and so I got got a handout and the next week. I went out on a Sunday. It was snowing. I two people help me accidentally and went out there and the church called the cops on me.

The church called the police on me right to the police got there is always gets worse and so so the police were there and they said look you not do anything wrong like I know my know the rights to know the rules stay on the sidewalk don't block pedestrian traffic. Don't block vehicular traffic. Don't block views for getting in and out, things like that. Be very polite and this is what we did and pass out literature. Nobody came out to see how I was doing. Nobody came out with hot chocolate or hot coffee because I was cold because it was snowing nobody from the church came out there, but I did call the cops. This is the Christian love for you.

Remember, a pray for those who persecute you write and treat them with kindness when I got out to the Mormon wards into the Mormon temples. This is happened in the Mormon temples all hold up signs for the Mormon temples as Mormonism whatever they have literally brought drinks out for me on more than one occasion because it's hot in the summer, usually in the tree to be a lot better than I will trade with the Christians for real so I passed out.

The literature got a bit of a ruckus. Nothing after that was my intention but I just was biblical since coming home. Got the freeway and it was another church.

I contacted the pastors and stuff you women elders.

The wooden pastor went in there. Sure, nothing was timing was perfect. The service was ending and so I brought up the topic in there and the pastor came over we got talking and within a minute he told me to leave the property and people I was up against the wall and people were surrounding the with us as a semicircle and I just started martial arts a few months earlier Krav Maga and everyone okay here we go in my defend myself looking at that and so I inched up to my left towards a door as they kind of followed me in with the door.

He was get outta here. I said I just want to talk to you about this. This issue of women elders which the Bible talks about and then just was a giving answer, and he was yelling at me and politely looked not really loud but anyway I'm backing up, and her walking out and this guy comes out at me and and he's yelling at me and everybody who's coming out of the church is looking at this guy me being yelled at, and now that's a dangerous situation.

So now I'm really nervous. I still go spot for my car is about 70 feet away.

And okay, just back up lock my car this one guys are pursuing me any sort coming towards me and I put my hands up and been in a Krav Maga defense position as your palms are forward and some hands up and out with me. Just leave me alone do not want no fists, just open hands and he yells out about 12 feet from me yelled out. He shoved me the guy lied the Patrick turns around and yells did you shove him in and everybody starts watching me and I'm like oh my goodness it wouldn't take much more for a mop form.

These are this is getting just another church and I yelled back at him. I said look, he lied, he lied to work on the cops on you would have you arrested.

What the heck I can backing up in my defense position got in my car. I got out of there to Christian churches treated me like that over this issue.

Know that this is their great sin on their part, because they are obligated to give a reason everyone who would ask you for the reason of the faith of life within you. First Timothy me first Peter 315, I was politely asking.

I wasn't mean and I was threatened one with the police and to with physical harm. The second time from churches who supposed to defend the Christian faith and establish the truth so I know that unfortunately happening started a dagger up range of faith who they really mean when I got to go. Glad that the people don't need a deacon in the people leadership did the yell at me doing it under at the question.

In the end of the Bible study.

Glad you got five title yelling. Allow me off.

I want my mod.

I want company want them to my pastors will have that would never of North back there from Florida backing up north and she's a cut me off all time.

Finally wonder church lady yell at a picnic that shot up congruently interrupting me from having a question is they know they think they folks. We have three of my going to give me a call 877-0776 max Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg back to the show. Still, there are regular tell me you're getting hassled because I haven't been in churches lately like a punk. I did not like they want… Why is that what I got not to argue, are not arguing. I just rather quiet glad they know that we would greatly like lately. The Bible doesn't say don't argue about it, the worse you get that it's his contend for the fountain June 4, it says to you don't even check with Paul set against the Scriptures neck 1711 when they say that know the Bible says don't argue doesn't say that was ridiculous. I know about you, that they can defend it with Scripture as a copout you got out that I had to deal with the true organic grade you can make sure that both everything their teaching, but of a cheap copout for them to get it not become chronic. What dramatic I shown the truth that wants to look at the been taught by their organization on the school they went to the factor that the defendants are going and they shall each and also my education example like that Thanksgiving… Your document and the organization may teach you dishes. I not Show them that you cannot but they're all out old diesel are engaged in the pastor and you know that the Armenians and this is just ask him if he took credit for their salvation for believing for staying good enough to keep their salvation is no objective we believe is by God's grace flickered to 129. Repentance is by God's grace 2nd to 25 are born again by God's grace. John 113 people need to realize how great God is and how sinful we are and everything we have is by his grace.

Anyway, okay. Going here. Good luck on what I think you like crazy and they will get you out there, but I have more stories.

Thank you God bless. Goodbye.

Thank you. All right they fall to three open lines of want to give me a call 877-207-2276 like I was can ask about something the Trinity. Please call back. We can talk about that list before the lines now watching the call of the body 877-207-2276 to Evelyn from Richmond Virginia was welcome out very difficult. Yes, I cannot hear you know I love you I love you and I thank God that I and before the preacher spot) will nothing.

The Bible says he should pray first before preaching the good news says that I think it's a good idea. I always pray before I preach.

That is me because I want God to be involved, but the pastor has been praying all night to get somebody doesn't put prettiness between him and God. But I think it's a good idea to pray for your sermon before he opened up guy thinks that it's a good polite humble thing to do and if he doesn't that's okay letter per pastors don't do that before they preach the good okay in the distant okay folks let's open the word of the get rid of the word in and that's fine. You know I used to know a guy who when he would preach, he would preach barefoot, always barefoot because he believed the preaching of the word of God was the word of God and that he was in the presence of God, and he wanted his feet as it says in the will to take off your shoes are on holy ground, so he would bear, you know, I'm so it just depends I don't is necessary, I do when I pray I preach.

I pray in a long time so I pray on the close to so that I don't have one other question sure and second question is offerings where all the offspring come on like that love offering the building. Find all we got a new pastor after a year and you know we want you to, you know, get my my carnal mind. I don't know if I should say it like that, but my mind I'm thinking you are preaching God's word. Why should you have to pay God's word. That's when I got word should never have to pay at a church service to to hear God's word. Why don't you know a lot of these churches want you to pay the person that was there, will lock it. I'll give you a love offering something like will the pastor is is worthy of wages it comes to him in first Timothy's 517 and 18.

The elders who rule well or to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching. For the Scripture says you sold shall not muzzle the ox while you threshing the laborer is worthy of his wages, so it's really interesting that the word wages is used in the context, preaching and teaching. So we have the right to earn from the work that we do the living from that work for me. I work 56 your weeks every week and make a living off of what I do. Nothing wrong with that. If I were a pastor of a church and we were low on funds and and I would to say hey we were barely making it to whatever events the pastor came into preach.

I would just let her know beforehand. We don't have much and try give you a small offering and I would to save the conjugation if you want to write a check for him or give anything for him to help support them. Now is your paternity if you don't want to that's okay looking to give him something out of the benefit fund. Whatever it is and that's it. You know it just the opportunity needs to be presented in order for the body of Christ to be able to minister with what house there's nothing wrong with but if it's not a problem.

I really don't. But when you know they tell me all you have to get them within my heart got laid on my heart get my correct. That's right.

There's nothing in the Bible says you have to give whatever you know this type of tithing and this is the 10th that's in the Old Testament law and it talks about offerings and things like that also.

But this thing I tell people is your free to give you don't have to give your free to and that's it. Between you and God. That's it so that I got so you know and and they should not.

So you have to give this amount otherwise known as coherent light.

You know they don't have them here know this manipulation is a lot of false stuff going on out there. I wish I could get like 100 pastor together and just teach him for a week guys don't do this. This is what you should believe us, we should not believe the score the Scripture you know all your arrogant yes that's true.

I am arrogant. What is the word of God say let's go to the work I have the privilege of studying the word of God in depth almost every single day writing the thousands of articles teaching and preaching and doing all kinds that I've learned a great deal of so much air you have this possible to go okay. God bless Evelyn I have I got lustful for three open lines 877207226 max Y call 770-7276 is Matt slick back show for open line 772072276 what you call Roger from North Carolina, Roger here I have a question about what. On federal well I need to study it more but for my throat there. I am a covenantal list and federal vision deals with basically the covenant of grace and boundaries that this is where it gets a little bit tough because covenant is a very interesting concept and not many preacher teachers study it very much and are unfamiliar with a lot of what the Bible teaches about so a covenant is a pattern agreement between two or more parties. Now there's a covenant in the intra-Trinitarian communion and that side of the Hebrews 1320, we know that eight Adam had a covenant.

The covenant sign was the tree.

There was no way Dick covenant, which was the covenant was a rainbow of Abraham a covenant of circumcision is the sign and do my marriage covenant. My wife are coveted symbol is the. The ring.

The wedding rings now and on. These are our marriage is an example perform weddings and the coming of the one of the mother to again and when I have a covenant, but I have of marriage alert you with a couple we go over the wedding vows I meet with them personally. I make sure they understand what you're committing to.

Because backing a covenant. The covenant is triple. It's a three way covenant is vertical between the couple and God.

It's between its wars between the couple and people and it's an internal because it's between the husband and the wife the man the woman and so with her doing is promising before God and before people that they will become mentally faithful to each other, to the exclusion in some areas, like for example sexuality to the exclusion of others. So the covenant house has boundaries from using as an example covenant so the marriage covenant has has some stipulations and it till death do us part. And so when that occurs, the covenant is broken and crisp. Adultery breaks the covenant as well and ended up the freedom to divorce is there, but not the obligation, but nevertheless, so covenant is an agreement between two or more parties, and usually with a sign, and there are barriers not barriers, fences, there are boundaries. Boundaries of what the covenant is to be and conditions on the covenant and the conditions can vary so this is the basic idea all right so the cupboard of grace is the intra-Trinitarian covenant with each God, the Trinity would in its in the God's grace decide to save people and and federal vision courses within reformed theology so reformed theology teaches the election of people. So now we have to understand the concept not included puts altogether. What is difficult. This was called the visible and invisible church.

The visible church is comprised of anybody goes to church this mineral saved the invisible church is comprised of those who are regenerate.

So the visible church has a mixture of both the invisible church is only has once group covenants like the Abraham a covenant were commanded to include infants and also households and various things in the and covenants were required that they would be circumcised and participate in the covenants of boundaries. Okay, so what federal vision is in light of all of this is a an examination of the covenant boundaries the covenant of grace saying that baptism is the means of entering into that ecclesiastical covenant that is the church covenant, and that anybody participates in that baptismal sign of that covenant, which is of ultimate is a manifestation of the covenant brisket or sub covenants as well. The one covenant of grace of some satyrs want some papers to the covenant of grace. The covenant of works but the indirect lot that there's some debate on so what federal vision is saying is that those who enter into the covenant are to be considered saved, though they may not be there to be considered elect for salvation, though they may not be they may manifest that nonelected attitude later on so they could be in the covenant and that the unbelievers can be in the covenant and can also enjoy the benefits of the covenant without being truly saved. And this is the idea of federal vision and yes I had had quit for Iraq where I rented the problem that where that boundary is way out that you know the lector away… Boundary.

Gotta take the ground up not being a and also like when the question come up will pop you part that will be like if necessary to be. They got to get back.well know, but yet you yet.

But now is not like that shaky ground of like character right. I think so. If you have it, but it's on 5 May at what I've come up with that is on shaky ground. Yes, Larry. The concern I have is that the covenant keeping the covenant boundaries is what manifest your salvation and that judgment of salvation is based on keeping the covenant commands and that's a problem that your arm out I'm reading into what I read that that found little shaky and not reading it right but… Yeah… That that's what I'm concerned about so I understand the theology behind it and I believe that there will church but there that know the true church then thought the church that we didn't like it that part but I don't get how you know you go from elect to not let my coming outside parameters will they would say they manifest their nonelected condition. Eventually, even though they were included in the visible church through baptism and enjoyed the covenant benefits that God would give them which is biblical because even unbelieving Jews benefited from the covenant requirement of Yom Kippur with a high priest go in and offer sacrifices for the nation of Israel and obey God's wrath. The unbelieving Jews.

There would benefit from that they were in the covenant and enters didn't get the issue. This baptism because in in reformed circles.

A lot of reforms not all infant baptism is affirmed and I affirm infant baptism, but not for salvation I have from it as a manifestation of the Abraham a covenant which can banded to have children and it and it's never just got a still in effect. What that never every generation never is regeneration only as a covenant sign in the Old Testament type that's my position and I have my reasons for it, but I know people don't agree okay but I took just under two hour study on baptism last week of people interested in checking it out good karma. Look at the article what that is a lot of stuff. There's a cover letter two hours was a lot so this is not an easy topic and unfortunate a lot of people I don't need to knock people for not studying Chris Tinoco to get jobs in our lives, we can study the stuff but when you really get into this deeply and some theologians do then you understand wider same with her saying, but it's not so solid as to say that the safeness is solid as people might think it covenants a very fast topic is a big topic that I like. I'm thinking our brother God bless right and Roger from North Carolina looking over to Michael from Carolyn. Also Michael welcome your on I met you pick my call sugar. Would you have my question was II generally know a lot about how it worked as a thing you and I think that I have a thing grasp of what it means like geologically and kind of like nothing but a bad word like theoretically, but you what is it that the different make like a practical point of view like I wasted relate to nonbelievers and things like that because I think that perception is that like cabinet think that you are not believers minority are the likely bother with them, but that of a family case. I explained that we don't know who to elect and we don't know how God elects with Karcher. Our job is to with this as much as we can and that's why do I look for opportunities all the time to witness going to unbelievers, chat rooms and look for unbelievers to witness to look for them and ask you, do you think non-Calvinist prey like Calvinists when they say things like Lord, please change that person's heart as a Calvinist prayer because we we know that there heart is desperately wicked deceitful. We have to ask God to change God open their heart to see you, Lord. Please grant grace that would hold that I already voted for the line if you want to give me a call 7776 cubicle mats like why call 770727 charismatic on the air with Philip from Orlando, Florida, and Matt are you doing doing all right. God's grace so we can get go about all your salvation right okay and all you know many scriptures in the Bible where Jesus talks about losing your salvation okay. Like you said things like your God that has power to take you to hell you know like what worked late words that say or lose your salvation. All it for the right there like your God that have part in particular how does that doesn't mean that you lose your salvation is secure going to get the hell does mean you lose your salvation you like it doesn't clearly like you can lose your salvation like that the principal defendant like what you said I am God that I am God like that you have universes replenished so that you can lose your salvation so I was thinking that one know if they can word in first Peter two first Peter 220 okay or second Peter second Peter 220 word for the and another verse says every tree that is not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown to the fire. You suggest that talking about the believers to if I'm not bearing that's why Jesus cursed at the century. You would think that I tree that is not very good fruit. It will be cut down and thrown to the fire so that if I'm not bearing fruit. But if I'm not very good fruit. I will sooner or later. The later it may take a year and make it one day I will be cut down and broke the yeah okay so you teach, you can lose your salvation. Okay, so what you do to keep it what you do to keep yourself right with God won't keep it. I probably come that you will ligament you lose about what you do do you do keep in my what you do what we go go. Let me keep it only care we keep it going to jumpstart okay so what do what you do to keep it from asking but holding onto Jesus so messy?

Does God make a person on born-again so say they are born-again there saved in the good unsaved is God going to make them on born-again yet look to do that.

I just ask you question Jesus was never saved. John 663 so does God make them on born-again processing what would your opinion yesterday change them back.

You know why okay okay that's what your position is yes he does is not a question. So when Jesus saves a person does he forgive him of all their sins. Okay does he forgive them of all of the future sensitive ever committed. He forgive but they partnered on the earth.

Yes, I understand. So if a man is saved at 50 okay and he's gonna go live in UK solicit he's seated 50 years old and he dies at 70 to say okay and that would mean then that Jesus paid for all of his sins for 70 years. All seven years of center-right.

Okay, now let's sing another man could say that's at 50 but he loses his salvation at 60 okay and he dies at 70 now when Jesus forgave of all of his sins that he forgive him of all of his sins are just most of the sentence because there still good with the help so that he didn't forgive him of all the sins forgiven all O at 5050. He came to Jesus and all of his sins are forgiven you are his future sins forgiven.

Also on the road and upgrade no no no no no no no no no. Did Jesus forgive him of his sins. You see, if you get saved at 50 loses, according, you lose the salvation at 60 then his sins.

Jesus 2000 years ago pay for the sins of the age of 51, 52, 359 right is not right. All yeah yeah you got me how I felt. I did just foot focus so he's he's paying for all their sins and then he doesn't pay for the sins we lose the salvation so that means that Jesus saved him without all his sins been forgiven. Every member Matt Hoyt could be you not answer never got Philip to answer my question okay you not answer my question. So then did Jesus forgive and if all of the sins or not forgiven of all of the sins yeah that you could go if he was forgiven of all of his sins. How can he go to hell if all of his sins are forgiven. Hoyt is said and what you want to go to hell let him go to hell Philip all his sins are forgiven. Yeah, if all of his sins are forgiven. How could God send to hell if all of the sins are forgiven you want to send to did he pay for the center, not how can God send someone to hell if all of their sins have been paid for the troth to if all of their sins have been paid for.

How can God's in the health if there's no sin held to their account. It's all a matter Philip talked about why we got it died greatly, got it. Pick up the cross because I love you now answer my question on the quarter with a girlfriend heart. Philip you not answering the question, how is it that some of the go to health. If Jesus paid for all of their sins.

Sin that's gone.

All that matter. Okay, you don't get first choice is a problem.

Philip, you can't think clearly about you can't because your view is just about it's messing you up. Jesus says this is the will of him who sent me that all he's given me. I lose nothing but raise it up on the last day as John 600 theater and got out and do whatever I want.

Couldn't let me ask you this question here about what Jesus says John is saying yes I know what you're saying. I am asking this question and then I can answer that.

But Jesus is the will the father's if you lose none to what you do with that were Jesus is will got the father's it. Jesus not lose any recent rises can only yet met you what it is your choice. If Your arrogance is incredible so no I'm not going anywhere with that. You people want to hell Philip Philip people wonder how I believe you always a Philip pride. This is just blinding you because you're taking credit for keeping yourself saved. You're the one who says that you can do it.

It's all up to you and your wisdom and your ability. Your price limit on the I also question I have to question if Jesus can lose any you ignored the question you would ignore the words of Christ, no, no, you can't look at any only if you can't lose any then you can't lose your salvation about God. What about those jobs is saying here in John 639 specifically says he won't lose any why you set Scripture against Scripture. Okay so let me come that you and and if I can't lose. I probably should go out clubbing. Then we go out to whatever. Why can't lose the right, I can't lose you and you know what regeneration is. You've heard of this concept called regeneration unit is. No no you know what regeneration is what church you go to all like regeneration, like every reborn.

Yes, regeneration. This regeneration meets the creature second Corinthians 517 a measly born-again John 33 through eight me to be indwelt by God John 1423 yeah weird changed were different were regenerated. That's what happens with this receipt I can go and sin. As much as I want to know that I can I cancel and you know what Mayor yeah you know what fellow I don't want to send because I'm regenerated what you got up I can go to hell. Why should I forgot what you should you go right straight white shorts heard what got there but Philip, you should let me answer your question the reason you should fear God is because if you're teaching you keep your salvation by your goodness, you're probably a false convert and you should fear him sending you to help because a true convert would never boast in any way that in their ability and their wisdom they keep themselves saved Susan America. I can't believe what they've always saved entirely without success. And don't believe what he says. I think that will the father she lose none okay to come across the then fights because Liz my bed elevation as a Christian were called to do that daily for sanctification used tend to stop that you tend to think that from what you're saying is that salvation is dependent upon how good you are.

That's what you you're saying if I'm Philip will Philip you got Hillary and all you want to go. You can sin and you can go get my back. Why carry the cross or time all your works is all your works are what get you say, along with your faith.

So let me ask you Philip.

If not happen. I wanted that to happen to blessing a meteor coming out of the sky and just vaporizes you right into second-tier bait.

You know you're done you're facing God and he says, so why should I let you into heaven, what would you tell this is why should let you have and what will tell what we got from a wicked critter should have because her wicked Savior would consider okay yeah I knew I wanted what I would be good.

I need help I need a Savior save save me, you need a Savior to have save you go to heaven. Okay good on the cross. Although there you go. It takes a while for you to get to what Jesus did on the cross. Women did brave members Lila writing Philip did Jesus pay for all of your sins yet then how is it that you keep your salvation by being good. If Jesus did everything on the crater got God might actually have it know it wasn't God I got God I want to go to hell.

Okay to let it go to hell. Philip Philip cause you to be born-again. First Peter 13 born-again not of your own will. John 113 God granted that you believe liquids one 2090 grant you repentance 2nd to 25. You take from God and attributed to yourself in your own arrogance you need to repent. Know Matt, you did a repair to a lot of people are going out because of that doctrine know there's a guy in hell Philip for believing in one Philip always. I just gave you the Scriptures were God is the one who caused us to be born-again.

First Peter 13 were born-again, not Little John 113. He grants that we have faith.

Philippians 129 he grants we have repentance 2nd to 25 you taking all this on your own you taking credit for what God has done okay what about what about the gospel as Jesus did everything that's what it says. Praise be to God. They sorry Erica Canada marked for Virginia will talk you another program powered by the Truth Network

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