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May 19, 2021 5:29 pm

Matt Slick Live

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May 19, 2021 5:29 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- What do you think about the concept of white privilege---2- What do you think about CBD oil---3- What do you think of the concept of positive thinking---4- Why would God command repentance if predestination is true---5- If we take the vaccine, are we saying that we don't trust God---6- Have you ever had instances in your life where God is silent---7- Is the Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday---8- What does the Bible say about child abuse versus proper discipline-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of Christian apologetics.

Research was found alive on the board you have questions of our Bible doctrines. There is a max Y branches called responding to your questions at 877207276. Here is Matt slick Matt slick. Let's see Nicole three open lines 877-207-2276 and if you're interested in checking me out us out to show out to watch the season to just go to Corbett or/1 of the scorecard that works young and you'll see the right-hand side will be a link there. You can check out your Seo watching something so people want to watch. So if you do want to show and see me sitting here which is exciting. Oh yeah that's right little I gotta do is so go there.

Also we finally got the Facebook thing fixed out and it took three of us and then Charlie stumbled on the way to fix the Facebook feed, so praise God for that is awesome I couldn't figure out another guy. Ernie figured out and Charlie this click until we got it figured out so that's the that's working good alright let's see to open lines 877-207-2276 is good to Carl from Orlando Florida. Carl welcome your on the air about my right hanging in there.

We got so far with what the light and going to be all that work. Late fees are going through a channel on TV and thought like that and they think that they looked around quite and I did on that. Why would they beat up on white privilege talk about this look like going to TBN on now well worth talking about, because it's a social construct now, but it's being used in order to attack white people and undone consul to make them feel bad caused a racial division, things like that.

The solution to all this, of course, is Jesus him crucified to treat all people equally and I don't believe in races teach that one race, the human race. We just look different and so that's where it is. So would TBN talk about it well because it's in his business. You need to be talked about affected you in a car.

I've written an article on white privilege and the heart is going about and what is things about it is you're guilty because you're white people, white guy in the black white privilege. I don't know what is it you know. Was it mean to be guilty of white privilege. If your whites are you automatically guilty of benefiting from it. If you are, how do you quantify that how you show that is the case, you know. All I know is I've had to work very hard my entire life and I mean very hard to get my Matt and I still work very hard. I don't know the any privilege that I've had to work that I've had my Cigna does or doesn't exist just about you and your lap of anybody family are now seven talk to about it is I'm the only one is wacko enough to study all the stuff you know and so we like brothers, blonde haired, blue-eyed right and he's not that successful galley. These have right government got your founding member of the boat. No, look at the like. They wouldn't know and believe. Okay the salon is that it did believe in costs that will here's the thing. Let's look 5067 years ago to be in the blocks and likes to stupid Jim Crow laws and the black fountain to drink out of the wife out, you know. And if you are you are black then you couldn't make it because diversity roadblocks.

So in that sense I think there's white privilege.

If were to define it that way and it was basically what was prejudice and unrighteous tyranny. And with each successive generation. We move away from theft and I don't know right I live here in Idaho and the Southern California and I'll tell you, I just work my tail off and I got were met because were of of a lot of work I think it's the same for anybody particularly now care what race you are. You know you work real hard problems like anybody else.

In fact I would say things white privilege.

There's an a secularist privilege and I would see that it definitely exists but pervert no one is good, no one equipment and I don't know. I don't know if that's the case I think there are places where were the good old boys were all white will not allow someone of minority consideration to advance because of their prejudices. I think that's a biomedical and where by an amount of your I think it still occurs absolutely I think is plenty. I think it happens with all people. I think there are situations whether black people who don't want the white people that they will work with them, under them to succeed get to where they are. I think is so it's a if possible. With all people, because all people are sinners. No one is exempt from the attitudes of superiority or prejudice or the inferiority of other groups of people so I will argue I people you using the Bible. The next thing that likelihood not God. Everybody that they you and no late more quickly than other non-modern name now. I think there are some that are our because of history, the enslavement of the Blacks and the prejudice against the agents here in America. I think your silt effects of continued on today but the thing is that if people are beaten down with this white privilege thing it's going to cause resentment is connect cause division and what needs to happen is not your white, white, and therefore your your well you benefit from white privilege that causes problems when these the happiness we need to say all people are equal, all people should be considered equal.

And if you have a prejudice against someone else, whoever you are, need to deal with that. That's what needs to be taught because to say white privilege means if you're white privileged automatically is based on racism your white that's why you're privileged that's racist so they don't see that is form of racism to say it, I think you're just trying to identify things, but they need to be careful because people don't realize that in these kinds of issues you can cause the problems you're trying to stop.

That's the thing.

Okay, you put too much of the church, but" how they go and you out.

That night Marlon Dave, no, no, I I think is a policy unless there's I can't speak and also tuitions all over America. I think that people who are like a prejudice against Blacks and Asians. I think the people were black or get this against white and Asians and I think is people who Regensburg just gets black and whites variations thereof because their people. I believe this is the case, and we can't just say only the whites are the ones guilty.

Blacks are guilty. Asians are guilty.

All people are guilty as groups one way or another.

How we deal with it is the issue, because all of the dissent, all of it is sinful. Okay I just try and judge people by their character.

That's it care what color they are, and what gender they are. Make a difference to me whatever person are you and you show that you mean your behavior in your attitude, and that from the Goldmine compare with Scripture.

That's it. That's it right or remedy less I write, that was Carl from Orlando. Let's get to John from North Carolina, John walking on the air about baby oil. As long as it doesn't have the Z my yeah that's what it is to seek guidance EEPROM with his sister. If it's medicine can be used that way. I know that I can help with people and nausea throughout through yet. My life was thing about that. There's different things. I've had trouble with sleep for years to sleep five tricks. I do want to develop but so yeah you know is long as it's a problem with it is legal is not addictive is not controlling you started to try and help holistic okay right menu to godless. Let's get to Luis Lewis from Richmond, Virginia. Welcome year on year thematic fluid. Lewis and no grout though this was really interested in your take on some of the positive thinking type of preaching that you basically you know if there thinking that you're a good leader. You did continually say that you're a good leader and maybe they that hear you notes to struggling with something you just keep saying over and over in your mind to create new neural pathways of this type of thing that the biblical concept and not this one. And you will not yes it is. It says in Proverbs 23 seven for as he thinks within himself, so he is Celeste Proverbs 23 seven. So what we say about ourselves is really important how we perceive ourselves is important.

We don't want to deceive ourselves by saying or something were not. But the best attitude is to say that I'm saved in Jesus I'm holy in Jesus I'm sanctified in Jesus justified in Jesus unloved because of Jesus and we flits our our emphasis on the work of Christ, and we do that whatever circumstances occur that won't vary and whether we think something highly of herself and it doesn't work out right then it won't vary or commit won't vary either. If we put ourselves first and things go bad. Then we get upset we start doubting. But we should not be thinking, oh woe is me on you know nobody likes them to go eat some worms. We don't want to say that December. During Christ, and I could be used in Christ.

And so, as far as practicing my recommended they voted right back after these messages with Lewis man's Y call 770727 charismatic sling there.

Alright, so one of things I tell people to do is to train their brain is your talk about neural pathways in martial arts.

I've done tennis and duck in both things like tennis, for example, I worked on my serve and I developed a very very good sir, but I do serve like a thousand balls a week and just go over and over neural pathways and now I can go to the same motion. Even after all these decades will you can set up proper pathways in your brain. When I counsel people have a problem with lost pornography drinking where it might be, and though your different degrees of success with this will tell people is to when you entertain the idea automatically think of something other to do something godly. So if you have a thought of your mind about doing something wrong that you automatically think of something good in you train your brain to the one occurs the other one follows immediately and this is one of the ways of re-patterning the brain so some time asleep earlier what I do in order to go to sleep have a very active mind I've always had that was 10 years of trouble sleep will do is I do certain things in my phone a certain pattern of things and then I wait for segment of time and then I turn over to my right to go to sleep and such a certain pattern body start to recognize time for sleep go to sleep feature so this is one of things we can do to pattern yourself that's okay as long as were not patterning it for an ungodly reason.

Make sense yes I guess you were obviously on the garlic that the stars remnant like 12 to you know when on your mind, and I deftly agree with that but one of the thing that you know dictate for instant. Nina famous yellow steam spamming. The I am salmon saying the thing that really found that the main where state that I will end on time make my throne. And so when I hear pastors saying that you should say things to yourself without basing it back to like you led off with a start and cry and Christ is their strength. Christ is there salvation in Christ. Is there justification. All of these things, but rather just saying not just say that you're a good, actually just say that your this and not really giving the full death that I guess.

How would you tell somebody you know to retrain their brain, but then also as well minutes with jealousy.jealousy is a false teacher and yes not greater that actually conflict that he wanted practicing with some new features in this program using a connection will find a video of the church that I went to and took film of my phone but I can show it on the screen here. I want to but the thing is Jolo stand. Others did not biblically minded about the things of Christ. Receipt I was involved in the occult and pornography and foul language and the only thing I didn't do, and there's underage. I did. I never did drugs was living with the girl is doing bad stuff I've been just a pagan and God save me. I can look back on those things.

And as it says in Romans 621.

What benefit would you then deriving of the things which are now ashamed for the outcome of those things is death. Romans 621 when my favorite verses in reason, it is because I look back my life and I say what benefit was I gaining none in nothing but regrets from that time only by God's grace my saved and so by God's grace in my saved by God's grace my retained by God's grace I can move forward by God's grace I have hope for my life by God's grace and is not. Oh, I'm wonderful. You know I'm I'm great I'm I'm good now I never say that. And thank you for the office. You may hear me joke about stuff on TV on the radio in our city people, yet they say that there are those who didn't send anymore. Nice able to spend five Ms. with me. I'll fix that because I'm such a you don't obstreperous loser that it won't take long for them to fail and my wife right now Jesus is when payment is so I am who I am damaging, I guess that's it right and I think we're on the same data that I guess my biggest thing was how do we train or how do we make people aware the difference between knowing that there salvation in their security and their being and cry they love. That's what mine expires the features that they the thing teachers go well say that the act is that you need to. If you can talk to them. Somehow, someway, then let them know you know you can't you can't. The idea is to if you can't well you know it's just it's hard you can you do it if you don't wear your email people so what are you doing this I had a Ivan open standing challenge to Joyce Meyer and Randy Copeland and others to have a discussion with me on on various there is thanks and so they will never take me up on reason they won't is because they don't want to be exposed didn't want to have anything that contradicts their idea of what they believe and teach about these things. Any rate that's that's what is good. Thank you Matt. I appreciate you, RMM, government okay alright let's can the phone with Alberto from George Albert to welcome you on the air that late cry when the guy got the chapter lumber or and part about lot of people think that got the decking of no I think we will. I believe in faith for knowledge. God knows that I'm not all. The last credit will expand and why will Christ command us to repent and they got no like it.

God will not overlap free will is born, he knows that people want it… By late fee will first of all first of all, you just incorrect in a lot of things a lot of ways you're just incorrect. I have to tell you that. Okay so it is that God does not know who's gonna pick him and then they become the predestined ones because no one of their own free will would ever pick God. Because the Bible says the unbelievers, a slave of sin. Romans 614 through 20.

He does not seek for God is a hater of God.

Romans 310, 11, 12 Ephesians 21 says he's dead and his sins.

Ephesians 23 says is by nature a child of wrath perspectives to 14th says he cannot receive the things of God because these things are true.

Jesus says in John 644. You cannot come to Maine with the father draws you.

John 665 because you cannot come to me… Granted to you from the father says in acts 1348, as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed in John one, 13 is as I would want to get not everyone will next 13, 13 causing born again were granted belief more profitable theology right back after mass, like why call 770-7276 charismatic sling there hello yes all right, so I was trying to make the case biblically. God does not know who's going to pick him and therefore his choices are based on that.

That's a false teaching because nobody of their own free will is capable of believing and trusting in Christ, God has to intervene if he does not. Nobody will ever be saved okay, but not quite that bad know that I've got it on Friday and you know but we comport all knowledge on my point. My court also basically liquor week, but once anytime he said he didn't force his foreknowledge what you mean by that what we know it and will not, but that's not all the right arc. We will that you know that Becky got a mapping okay. You'll get faith you going to heaven you want to help. They know that all though so he could get an obstacle "going to heaven when I don't know is not a God knows who the me for limited mimicry knows that there will not now I know that I was a dog. It got God's plan for the believing him not, we could adopt. But we have to make the choice to listen to the gospel back and forth of the gospel of Christ command element listen to me looking you tell me several times to keep quite listen to you.

It's my radio show. Okay thank you hello… I didn't write listen you are incorrect. Okay your incorrect all right. The biblical teaching is not that there is a group of people and all that is necessary is that we just need to hear that gospel message to believe that's not the biblical position. A lot of people think it is.

It's a false doctrine is taught through a lot of churches in America. They think that is just up to the individual unbeliever, the center, all he needs is that gospel message, and he somehow has that ability in his own free will to be able to believe in Jesus that is a false teaching. It's a heresy and is taught in a lot of churches in America are you with me so far. All it got valid throughout libido, but I happen to have a bigger Cabinet. I have now totaled completely to the left of the can't cabinet the completed to write what I'm okay will hello if the Bible says that the unbelievers, a slave and send a hater. God can do no good can seek for God doesn't seek for God is a slave of sin is righteous deeds are filthy rags how to select that just believe in God will ever quit about right. Okay Ganesh and I fell and cut how to someone with those characteristics simply believe in God, who's a hater of God cannot speak for God doesn't do any good.

Cannot receive spiritual things. The righteous deeds are filthy rags. How does he disbelieve in God's deadness since it is by nature child of wrath. How does he disbelieve in God seek well well I got put a print and every man and every man okay let you know that's my question that this is the Scriptures teach what they teach and because they teach that if it's if it's the case that the unbeliever is incapable of his own free will is sinful free will. He's has free will. But it's free will that sinful. If that's true then we would expect to find verses like this. Acts 1348 for as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed or those who born or not it will the flesh nor the will of man, John 113 with a God has to grant that we believe is 129 grant is repentance. Second Timothy 225 he caused us to be born again. First Peter 13 if it's true that the unbeliever can't do these things on his own his own sinful free will, then it would also be necessarily true that we would find those verses in Scripture where Jesus has you cannot come to me… Been granted to you from the father. John 660 phone so these are how it works. What we would say is that God regenerates us and were freely able to believe at that point and what some people do to save this date the call. I call it kindergarten theology is they add something called pre-convenient grace, convenient grace of God gives a measure of grace. Whatever that means.

Convenient grace to a person to a nonbeliever that enables him to believe or not believe.

Of his own free will with the person who advocates this is doing is saying without merit without biblical support that human free will must be equal to God's free will and sovereignty. That's not in Scripture. God causes us to be born again. First Peter 13 and Proverbs 21 one it says that God moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go to God as the sovereign King.

Furthermore, it says that God creates everything, even the wicked for the day of evil.

Proverbs 16 for some people think in a humanistic philosophy that our free will is on the equal level of sovereignty in our lives as is that of God that is not true. He's the king we are not what God does is he has given the elected to the sun. Ephesians 14 did this in Christ before the foundation of the world.

That's why Jesus says in John 637 all that the father gives me will come to me. It's not all that thought all the who come to be the father will give to me this is the sovereignty of God, which is why Romans nine says what it says, Romans nine 9023 says what it says seek. This is so important. The Christian church needs to repent of its false teachings. That man is the center of salvation. It man's free will is just his sinful free will enables him to believe because the Scriptures teach to the contrary and back convenient grace when they say that God gives a measure of grace to a person to enable that person of his own free will to build a belief they still all kinds of questions and why does that amount of pleading grace given to that person work but not on another person. Doesn't God know much race, so to speak, to give to someone again to believe course he does. And if he gives us a matter grace to Bob and Frank. Why does Bob believe and Frank does not consider free will. Why is his free will and able to believe this is free will and the can't answer the question but I would go to Scriptures that God grants that we believe liquids 129 and are believing is the work of God. John 628 29 we have answers they don't is because they elevate man's free will to an equal level of God's in the area of sovereignty and so what they do as he preached false doctrines of the Christian church in the Christian church as a whole in America and the world needs a repent of its false teachings about this free will is him of man is an equal level of sovereignty. I'm not saying we don't have free will we do with the unbeliever has sinful free will, we as Christians have regenerated frequent okay this is important. Thank you. I'm thinking now you and I apologize to you little upset there and in an excellent United. This is what is the big W called many times your great guy and sorry about that but the thing is that this is such an important thing, and I see the damage of the other stuff is done of the Christian church that is one of the ramifications is well if it's up to your free will in your sense, sinful self will then that's that teaches is called semi-Pelagianism which is a heresy and it also means you can keep your salvation by your goodness, that's another heresy because it's the level is the elevation of human nature and human ability to that of God in that they be safe with that man's free will and his sinfulness is equal interest to God.

It is equally sovereignty of God's not going to do anything to violate and why does it say God moves the heart of the king where he wished it to go wise and safe. They were born again, not of our own will. John 113 so God is still sovereign over and will but I will is subject to him. And people say whether that's that's not true that we don't have freedom. Yes we do. Jesus had free will.

He absolutely he had free will. Jesus had free will and what it's what Jesus says in John 519 from the screen here. This is really important. John 519. Therefore Jesus answered sexually. Truly, Sadie, the son can do nothing of himself unless it is something he sees the father doing whatever the father does these, the sun does in like manner, in verse 30 John 530 I can do nothing of my own initiative as I hear my judge and my judgment is just because I do not seek my own will but the will of him sending Jesus his will is subject to the to the will of the father Jesus to have freedom. They both were God's okay number don't write thank you God bless you too, but I already got voted right back after these messages, please man's leg. Why call 770-7276 charismatic slave there would be you just described Scripture Becky memory Lane how the Lord save me and while my coming out but I went out to that it is good and were not. My question is referring about the vaccine basically what would you say to a person with that would say that if a person takes the vaccine.

The natural thing in God's title slave faith in the vaccine. My wife has a very very very rare condition when the rivers in the world. No exaggeration and she's got all kinds of medical issues and she's just a trooper. She she's a great woman, except for tasting that she's had open-heart surgery and she is a pacemaker though she's taking other medicines for osteoporosis. She's got scoliosis. She said free back for back surgery section total.

There's lots of things, and by going to doctors when I say we don't trust God and if he had not had the open-heart surgery she would've died within just a couple, three, four months back and arrange that's how bad it was.

Not saying we don't trust God by taking a vaccine. Vaccines are very helpful. Vaccines are very good, but the vaccine is it states the right of the individual to take, and no one has directed for rent on you know as they like to say about abortion. My body might I produce my body. Whatever it is exhibits vaccine. And when they want to control you, then it's different than it's it's it's our body not yours need to submit so there's hypocrisy. So there's nothing wrong with taking a vaccine in that sense.

Now I want to quit. That's got a be in real stuff and it's an unwanted like that. And I've had Covidien on a plan to take a vaccine. Plus I have to go to Israel next junctures of necessity not to go because I okay but other than that I got it.

What about him. They were the FDA approved that's okay and a lot of medicines are FDA approved that is meant to take him Tylenol's FDA approved take Tylenol is like someone saying we want everyone to walk around with masks anything Poppa Tylenol today life well because if you don't see you get headaches and then in headaches cause you to be mean towards other people and impatience and it has sex driving it affects productivity. So if you truly love everyone else you'll take a Tylenol to the same kind of logic and then the guilt with you into the submission well is a gutter take to help people because they have ways of wording things that people feel guilty about not submitting to whatever they tell you what to do now. I've had the measles vaccine that had polio vaccine are born as a kid I got him standing in long lines. I remember that having to do it. Okay, no problem. I had pneumonia and almost died from it and had penicillin.

There is a medicine no problem with it. A vaccine take a vaccine as long as biblical research the different kinds, but that's a token you echo the out come in and not against it. Also on that for you to not want the vision made or affected.

I also got covert "I will need to pick the right thing and that is a life and I've had it and so you go okay. All right. God bless what I recommend Emily does is every morning you get up and drink a tall glass of water because your kidneys need that extra water in the morning to flush out all the crud that is storing overnight and it's also very good to get a little bit it a dab of apple cider vinegar with mother put a little bit in half a tablespoon or so they like that in there in the glassy intricate every morning. It's really good for you. Look at what apple cider vinegar with mother does for you. It balances a lot of things it really helpful little things like this can make a difference and you don't take on bed crud in your in your bodies like Coca-Cola and Annalise carbonated things and stuff. This is sugars getting an assignment for you was chocolate peanut M&Ms then that's an exception because of the perfect okay let's get to Kelly from Los Angeles County will Camaro near okay right now that in your life when We get irate in providing any direct can fragment and the Holy Spirit lives in me and you cannot get any any direct like he's on vacation last about five years and when you do what the outcome, the outcome was. Here's the analogy I give I went into this desert and I had my compass and my hat had like solar panels. I had my Walkman while I my radio my will.

You know my cell phone in this desert and all the stuff that I needed for survival. I had backpacks and candy bars and everything's energy bars and a walk in this desert and this is the desert where God doesn't talk to me for some reason and I go through this desert and I find out that I don't need this to drop that on away I don't need that to get rid of that good don't need this to get rid of that when I came out of the desert.

One thing was left just one thing with me. My faith and trust in Christ my trusting in Christ because of what he can do for me because how he speaks to me because I have to hear him or my trusting in Christ because of who Christ is, for me, that desert was to strip everything away so that I realize my faith was just in Jesus and him alone and after that was thoroughly ingrained in my heart is it that I needed it to some other issues you know I'm a sinner like anybody else. Then, start hearing, so to speak in that vague way we talk about us Christians from the Lord for maybe the same kind of things going that way for you that he wants to strip things out of your life and if God is not speaking to. It's for a good reason to be is not opening up that door. It's a good reason just asking what it is and if he doesn't tell you because easier to desert just keep moving forward and what happens is your faith is usually purified and it's worth okay okay okay Matt, Matt and one last thing. Sometimes the will of God is not knowing the will okay now that I write that down. Sometimes the will of God is not knowing, because sometimes he wants us to walk by faith, complete faith as we weigh everything and we move forward by faith to trust him. According to prayer trust in the word of God and sometimes those decisions are good. Sometimes they are but is how we learn and glorify God in the process. Okay thank you you welcome. All right about okay God bless Liska to Vern from Boise, Idaho. A Vern welcome. I've been watching a program for little while.

It became what you have. Make okay what a godlike question and it Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday. Well it was on Saturday and now it's on Sunday and so even though some people to the office of the evidence and sense something that teach that you must worship on Saturday, but of the 10 Commandments in Exodus 27 of 1 to 17 the 10 Commandments, which includes the Sabbath the only one commandment that's not specifically reiterated and re-justified. In the New Testament is the issue, the Sabbath, and the reason is because Jesus is our rest in its Matthew 1128 come to me over every leg will give you rest. And so he is our rest because he fulfilled the law. The Sabbath in the Old Testament was a prophetic representation of salvation and or the end times in heaven. Kind of a thing that our rest in Christ are not obligated to follow the law, but it became a legalistic thing.

This letter topics so because the deed the new covenant is instituted with the death of Christ that he was six Tuscany Hebrews 952 16 then the ratification of the covenant of the Sabbath tape became Sunday because that was the day that the church started meeting and that's why schism in frequent is 16 to and for subversive psychic members asked when he started meeting on the first day of the week and gathering together hearing the word preached. It is called the Lord's day, because that's the day that Jesus rose in a debt and early church very early started practicing Sunday worship in and search services and so that's noted that the dearly treatment it true, but it was very early and adjusted further evidence of the rest the case. So I took an article in Carmel on this onset the Sabbath. Saturday or Sunday so if you believe it's Saturday. The worship on Saturday if that's what you want and if you believe it's under the worship on Sunday but if you crash landed on an island and forget what day it is and what it well. Pick a day. Have your Sabbath relax have some coconut juice is okay okay I welcome that. God bless. All right, let's get to Brian from Charleston, South Carolina Brian, you're on the airman they met Rebecca Michael, I got a question about child rearing about the conflict.

What is the Bible today what to are even a threat yes up you or you going to far out of you noticed it does talk about a lot of discipline and the rod can be spiritual as well as physical.

But it also says don't frustrate your children and that's the key thing all discipline must be consistent and done for the glory of God. That may sound odd, but the idea of disciplining a child whatever direction it must be the means it must be at least for the purpose of of it training the child in righteousness and for some kids you look at him sternly and that's all that's necessary and for others. You got a vacuum packing ceiling put employment with Velcro on the ceiling and hose them down before they get the message and so parent has to abide in the discipline that appropriate but never to the literal level of abuse because what might be for one child abusive might not be for another, but I think the key is not to frustrate your children don't want to frustrate them through inconsistency with children will often do is take the other thing that dad said then go to the mom and not then asked the same thing else to have it Eminem and you know the cooking gets is no ghost among mom says yes will then the child is we discipline them on the debt against each other in what form that this money to be cooking for rest of the week. You know whatever. So that's what it is. I think it one of the key things is to be consistent. The biblical as much as you can't control. You make mistakes and don't frustrate them to frustrate the children and if you make a mistake knowledge okay very helpful. God bless you Marty from Washington DC race without works.

I would love to call back tomorrow and talk about that because very important topic to talk about tomorrow the Lord bless you all. By his grace folks about here and hopefully tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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