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March 4, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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March 4, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- How did Matthew 26-64 happen- How did the high priest see that- What about Matthew 24-32---2- Is the Catholic Church Christian---3- What is a preterist---4- Can you explain the parable of the sheep and the goats---5- How should I respond to the statement that Christianity is violent---6- If a Christian commits suicide, are they saved---7- Does Matthew 13-30 relate to Revelation 11-11 and 16-16---8- The LDS caller from the previous show called back to continue the conversation regarding the book of Mormon.

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics wizards was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why Grimes is called a respond to your questions and wide open for 38772072276. A lot of times people called version of the show would get overbooked.

We don't get to them all but the you want to call now. Have a good idea. Jim 877-207-2276. Alright so let's you have an Israel trip thing and let's see we did the video exposes not just talking about the Israel trip Johnson.

I do this with your interested in checking it out, you can all you do is to carve it so I get to rethink my my notes on Carmen Carmen and check it out.

There right so what I'm doing is I am preparing a video area in and out right plan to start converting articles to video and there is an extract in the audio out of them and supplying a place along with articles and other stuff. Some people just listen and or watch one of things you're hoping to go to do and I have it work out so hopefully that'll be good and good news in the video editors and stuff like that because I got too much to hold all matter so much to do when land is a lot to do all right.

And by the way, we have fuel preschools.

If you're interested in checking out the schools you want to learn theology, apologetics, and critical thinking. All you have to do is go to carve it work/school or/online-schools get to be able to check it out and we charge $33 per school and if you sign up for all three. You get to the one for free or something like that. I forgot what we usually help the bills and pay the missionaries and lights on things like that. However, if you don't see the money and you want to schools you can afford them. All you have to do is just email us and say I don't have the money to to pay for the schools. I like them for free to segments of the radial bank which gives you asking questions.

It's okay.

We want people to be educated and we trust the Lord to provide her needs and that's what we do what we do. So something I think so we could go would like to say that Spanish. The thought of fun to talk like that sometimes.

All right think is about it. I can't think of anything else.

So we get for the lines going to call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Jacob from Wisconsin and they Jacob welcome you here in Matthew 24-20 playing in the club having wanted that Admitted was 54. It says put your sword back. This place all his things. Matthew 20 40 64 okay the basic of the Jesus kept silent high priest said to him jury but living God. He tells what are your cracks in a garden that him you have said it yourself.

Nevertheless I tell you, hereafter you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power, and coming on the clouds of heaven is quoting the Old Testament and he so drawing allusion to his own deity by quoting Psalm 110 and he is demonstrating to them that he is God attributing that return or that moment of God's work Psalm 110 one the Lord says to my Lord. So it says that Yahweh says to to.

I believe it's now Yahweh notes. I do not assume a right hand.

Let make the enemies a footstool somebody's doing is he's claiming his own deity and by describing that you will see this now. A lot of people think what he says you will see emails literally you will see, but he could be speaking generically to the people generically to those who who are wicked like them, you can see this and it could also be that when the day of judgment occurred at their gonna die and that Jesus when he does return for site someway somehow they will be witnesses to that and there. The place of torment. I know Bill have some with assessment of theories okay. We don't know exactly what the parcel A coming in judgment on this is what actress would say that's still progress not the portal. He said okay, Portia Peterson Hunter holds that position in there, but that's okay. The full prearrest will say that Jesus returned in the armies of Jerusalem and armies of Roman and destroyed Jerusalem and that that's what that means but it doesn't say that the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power coming in the clouds of heaven is not of the Army of Rome coming into Jerusalem, but with the trying to do a safe, hereafter you will see the Son of Man sitting at the say what it must be that they have to see it. Well, not necessarily trying to make excuses but not necessarily because there are exaggerations of the Jewish thought regularly spoke let the dead bury the dead. Truly, truly, truly denying her only Lord and Master, Jesus, a name which only Jesus knows you got your exaggerations of things that are or spoken of to elevate the person or the idea and that was going on here is it is elevating himself in quoting Scripture to do that knowing that they're going to accuse him of last week, I want to put to death for the four that is, notice what he says there what they say he deserves death. In verse 66 what did he say that deserved death because death was claimed to be God or for extreme blasphemy. So why is it that he was they were accusing him of extreme blasphemy because God is the one who's going to be returning in the clouds. They knew that God is the one and so you will see the Son of Man, and he talked about himself. So you account for claiming to be the Son of Man wandering Matthew 20.34 one generation shall not have people with each regulation or any other place in Scripture where that you think pain in Luke 17, it talks about it. Say let's see generation of the first he must suffer many things about this generation is as it happened in Nola. July see you, this generation will not pass went all things take place, heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not. These are some of the verses, the pre-theorists will use andsee widget ready was lively, 21, 32 accidentallysee.

That means that they will see his return there will see everything and it doesn't necessarily mean that because it can certainly mean that the generation that then lives because he does speak eschatological. He is talking with the return of Christ with the return of Christ.

They will see the Son of Man coming on the Great power, which is what it says in Matthew 24, 26, 227-6636 66 is right so it's it's is not an easy one to get through and I sometimes suspect that what God does is purposely leave things confusing purposely so that we won't know exactly because if we do it'll change how we behave what's going on in the season of incident right hand of power, cloud power and great glory. Luke 2126 or similar so we know that Jesus is going to come back the way the Angels prophesied he would come back and ask one 111 9 to 11 they will come back to say what you said and have cannot be that it was through the the armies of Jerusalem, and most probably are two options. One option is that Matthew 17 is when the transfiguration occurred. Some theologians think that that is what is meant by you will see the lead the glory of Christ coming on the clouds so you will think that might be an illusion of that but I don't know. And some think that it is prearrest view and some think that it's partial progressiveness to be fulfilled of the generation of that is likely right by them by Greg Bob Eaton letter that is talking about that you have make sense absolutely judgment. He certainly is going to be coming in judgment. He prophesies he will. And he's going to be turning in judgment absolutely okay well that sure is not adequate, Kurt called Satan that I didn't hear me so has some weird sound coming in a few hundred everybody else did. But I did you repeat the question I've heard some people say that Roman Catholicism be called in and out of Dayton absolutely guessing that Internet has faith that I believe so. I believe that the Roman Catholic Church is to signal a synagogue of Satan. I believe that their demonic forces in the Vatican teaching demonic doctrines.

I believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the greatest H door examination of any religion on planet I believe and I will say that just sensationalistic. I believe it because of study Scripture nested with official Catholic theology teaches and it is antichrist. Our salvation goes and it promotes idolatry in the form of Mary and so it is a false church and they don't seem to really understand what regeneration is. It's a religion that you will participate in, and salvation is not by regeneration and indwelling of God in you being born again. It's like the quality and the attributes of the church and authority of the church of the sacraments of the church and everything else in the church so they've functionally replaced the Roman Catholic Church replace Jesus with the Catholic Church and then I have taught heresy upon heresy. I can read like me to go over list of the month on the or somehow due to renowned people think of this whacked you say that the Catholic Church is Christian know it's not it's apostate false church. I've always said that once I started studying and I realize how grotesquely bad their theology is not Can't be true it's not actually denies essential Christian faith.

Okay thank you you welcome God bless. All right, let's get to Dean from Raleigh, North Carolina Dean welcome your on their I met with Carl Butcher looking to grab a quick question about that call back is a pre-direct eschatology is studied in times and preach full plagiarism, partial and then falls a little difficult. Plagiarism and partial purism by colorful and partial for distinguishing full plagiarists will say that Jesus for everything spoken of in Matthew 2324 25 that range in Luke 17.

All was fulfilled by around 70 or 72 A.D. the return of Jesus was accomplished in the Army of Rome that came in and destroyed Jerusalem and thus partial. As I know that's not the case, but it was a partial fulfillment of the folks we have three of them. I want to give me a call 877-0776 the man's leg. Why call 770727 charismatic sling all right back show, think, see we are with this hate Dean. There are not part of life I would.

I would be recalled regarding the break architect… Now probably a couple question for you, but I really am. The story of the parable of the sheep and the growth can you use crayons a small working, what's going on what what is happening.

It's eschatological, which means end times all the nations I gathered in verse 22 verse 32 and he will separate them from one another as a shepherd separates the sheep and the goats the sheep on the right side. The goats on the left side left is the site of judgment right is the side of salvation.

In fact, when you find out that Jesus told the disciples to cast the net on the right side.

They caught fish and hundred 53 fish in there some interesting stuff about that. So he says in verse 33 put the sheep on his right.

The goats on his left and said the king, you are blessed my father, inherit the kingdom of God. Those on the right. So those by definition are already saved because they are sheep and goats are not sheep sheep. Jesus is my sheep hear my voice and following.

10 2728 goats are the ones who are the way to help their the unredeemed and he says nice talking before the crucifixion right is talking to Jews who are in a covenant obligation.

He says you did these things come to me, you who are blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom of God prepare for the monies of the world, for I was hungry you gave us of the degree it was there to give you something to drink and stranger you my demand, they could clothe and they said, what would we do this summer when we do this, you know, we didn't do that to you when we see you hungry as we did to a stranger in my demand they could clothe the following. The aspect of of loving your neighbor. Leviticus 1918 was Jesus recounts in Matthew 2239. What he's doing is simply talking theologically covenantal are the people of Israel, you are obligated to do these things if you do these things in the covenant contact you to be fine doesn't mean, though, that they are going to be saved by their works because are already sheep in a are sheep because were given by the father to the son for safekeeping. Matthew 2750 Matthew Bobby John 637 through 40. So, as was going on. I guess I get back where I was better. I would compute that so because there sheep they're doing anything that might write anything, you direct what I want to look at what's right way to look at the other there already saved her.

That's not even what happening at that point you think you they have a shuttle correct on the judge that she on one side the goats are the other on the day of judgment.

So there already.

You think her bank goes look around thinking your sheep because I was good-looking as well or is already some well exacted. Matthew 722 and 23 Jesus as many will say to be in that day on, I think, Lord, Lord, we not prophesy in your name, your name perform the right articles and because of the musket with never knew you. So they were appealing to salvation.

They were appealing. Salvation based on their own faith and their own works.

But this is not what's happening here. They are not appealing on it to ask here Jesus is saying you you did some good things and obviously the reason you don't get things is because they love the Lord, they say, Lord, when we organize things they're humble about it. Their works are part of their salvation issue and you singled you did these things as reward for you but it doesn't say the reward is for salvation it's reward would be a reward for what works okay. I think your cricket at the decorative arm, okay, good. All right think that okay let's get to Daniel from Portland Daniel welcome your on your I called Friday.

I want thank you dear member around during the better. Now and welder and I want a directed graph from time ago I wrote a book called great work Armageddon and talk about how world preliterate religion is blonde daddy helped bring about like Armageddon. That idea, but I know Christianity does not want the world to an it's not you should want it yeah my question. How would I do like somebody that you think Christianity about the violent legions you say show me where Christianity teaches violence: the New Testament showed to me. Just because someone who plows a Christian without the slightest revelation know that's God's judgment of revelation and that and that and the old graph you this God's judgment. God has the right to judge and he is the judge with Christianity is not taught being violent. We are Christians.

Christianity is our religion.

We teach love and patience and kindness but it also teaches that the Lord God himself will execute judgment upon the wicked. Just tell him that's what the differences so I think you show me how Christianity is violent what he means by that is that the that it keeps violence navigable to practice it but must Islam doesn't answer a nine but it doesn't in the Bible. Okay, okay, okay. And if I cannot Cheryl test real thing.

Yeah, like, so if the current work you committed suicide. We have the support that he would be a there's no comment in the Scriptures about someone to commit suicide with her Savior, not suicide would be a sin to self murder, but I read an article on this and I hold to coaching the teaching that we cannot lose our salvation is not dependent upon her goodness or badness.

They plan to Christ's faithfulness and there's reasons for that. So if someone kills themselves then that means that they're not in the right mind. For one thing, God will of course take this into account the saying it's okay to do that. I don't advocate at all. I don't make a short-term decision will have fun eternal consequences. But you can go to the current website. Read the article or okay okay yeah welcome. I appreciate our culture okay right anthropological to give McCall folks 877-207-2276 give a call Kathy from. I will welcome it on their yeah I hope you can hear me glitching a little bit but I might make a comment feature. Your comments about jerking and I thank you that I try to have, I think you know, not happy, they can fight. I keep a lot of you break the hold on okay folks will realize 727276 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show.

We have three open lines of 20 McCall 772072276 of us get back to Kathy from Kathy okay where were you making a comment right arm making a comment about what it what the comment you made that the Roman Catholic Church and I I I am a coach. I cooked a lot of Catholic children and end and your wonderful loving people like you are absolutely correct.

Every single thing that you said and I wanted to say thank you for mailing that on that hand.

I guess I got, taking today, but about the false God. In L asking other people to forgive you get only one why I can forgive you of your guy Pray to mother Mary are anything like that and I tried to blame the history of the Roman Catholic Church. The intelligent academic building that you did any huge red flag that they would have something made you wrong, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for you know first birthday note for being on the air you know for trying to let people know what the truth of God work day.

There's a lot of people out there that not that many. You know like golf and golf. I'll enjoy the glory of God not I'm not trying to get midnight. Lord knows I can't do that by his a lot of people out there that think that that might with their with their newly know what they're believing in it, correct, and the Catholic Church today. She wrote down the wrong path. You know. Thank you all. Not to damnation.

Thank you so much that he will good. I'm glad okay will appreciate that arrival.

God bless you have a 100 wanted to say that thank you for having the courage to say what need in the faith of what I'm sure at time is allotted, eating, feedback, and I like a thank you for having to carry if you think you appreciate that it's not okay with goblets rights yet to cover questions on Catholicism answer is so bad, folks. Catholicism is really bad. People just don't know that it is marked for North Carolina. Welcome you are on the air it tightly against her talk about the 1330, Paul was almost like a good so refers gather together the tears that have always always think that the church going back to first and then I was confused when I was read Revelation 140 talk about their he's talking about.

Revelation 16 of the 15th.

Think taking a fit gather together to the place called TPP group obligated.

Okay see that also is a dog my dog in, but then I went to Revelation 1111 and this is the two witnesses which there's not sure that think it says and after three days my hand, the spirit of life to them and they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon them all the and they heard a great board.

Everything come up here and they stated up into heaven in a cloud, and their enemies beheld the correctly. I wouldn't call you might be, but I wouldn't call this to the rapture event which is spoken of the second Thessalonians 416 following and we will either mention here. I'm Noah thought of never put together as may be that is simultaneous with the rapture by believer going through little maybe that's his possibility say you just entertain the idea but I don't think so, but thought hear something about to because your I'm with you on some Matthew 13/31 Of the tares, and bind them together the week of the barn. The tears are the evil that's what Jesus says in Matthew 1340 when he interprets it and following that also was addressing is assessed to minute if you want to take on his left, less the context of the wicked being take another good and it's very easily understood when we go to 24th Thursdays seven I think it is in Luke 1726 for the bratwurst reversed. It was me just check 24.

Let's go 30s, Gallic 37 becoming sentimental be just like the days of Noah.

They were eating, they were drinking to middle be in the field is taken with his left little ones were taken of the wicked. Verify that the going to Matthew 1726 talks about Luke 1726 talks about the wicked go to or taken one field is the wicked were taken and where they take the taken to a place of judgment with the body as vultures gather is what Jesus says it. Luke 17 well since you went to Revelation 1616. How about this for fun note, once taken, one is left one taken, one is left right every other one like it hopping.

I saw coming out of the mouth of Dragon now for the base of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs, spirits of demons, performing signs and gather them for Armageddon. Could it be that there's an allusion to the front half of one taken ones left. I don't know this is fun.

Just wanted to raise the OR greater as you are about what were talking about the think that the two witnesses are the people of God, but compared Revelation 11 starting at verse 11 and compare that to CQ 37, started 13 and 14 there almost on pinnacle midyear would not have get that check out trust him to do that because you might surprise you did almost reportedly stood upon their feet. Think about the great spirit entered into the it's almost identical to Revelation 11 Ezekiel what Ezekiel 37. Starting in verse TM to go through 14 talk about coming up out of the grave in relation with a lot of people take then Revelation 11 write a two witnesses called start the awning if it will not that it ever heard in my talk about… Gosh, it's almost say it back to the site will take a look and you never know what you can find in scholarly research so much we love talk to praise God that good stuff on the check it out okay your blessed thank you that I will goblets with goblets arrived. It was Mark from North Carolina. Let's get over to running from you to welcome your on here. Are you doing this for continuation called yesterday for a minute before I get finished up like week we were talking a little bit. My question initially it was that about you people who profess to follow. Thank you. Be happy to read it and I get rid of multiple or any book by Christian authors, non-Christian others, whatever that are written about Jesus Christ. Why is it then that people will just throw out the book of Mormon because ultimately I think about it, it comes down to the fact that because you become a fundamentals difference of opinion with with a very important doctrine. You're not willing to even get like your reading the book of Mormon, the beginning of being decided that that is wrong. The question and yeah my question is why why why are you still decided beforehand that the book of Mormon is over on his authority from the and you the book of Mormon is the book of Mormon is false because Joseph Smith is a false I disagree. The telephone is God. Okay, let me finish on that you and I disagree you can just really look at but the fact is, the guy taught there's many many gods you become a god. He said got a take away the fact that God is only on I said, my God, I hate AP look at it automated. I miss what you mean when you can understand something the Bible says God, that even though the other gods are will be no God formed afterimages even know of any other gods, and you say limits and says yes, there are other gods would contradict us your interpretation. I just quoted to you. I just quoted it here, you close to you just cannot see little to moderate her hold on hold on you Joe that you like to move you make a point. Okay have to keep him quiet because he's one of those kind of guy who doesn't listen. So this is what I did. I quoted him Scripture before there was no God formed to be none after me. That's Isaiah 4310 no God. For before the be none after he said the certification means.

He understood and rejected God flat out when one of my given a ride back to say that both of them.

I think 77 Van Slyke why call 77077 hazmat all articles on the site are now open for comments if you want to get in her comments. You can do that and will be checking through house and reworking we might leave it like that, all right, this get back to Ryan. Ryan, are you still there arrived at the Lord. Ryan Ryan dark got job Ryan I quoted you in verse I didn't interpret, and you rejected God says before, there was no good for the be none after me is what God says. Isaiah 4310. Do you accept that or do you reject that first I need to look at a cake in person. Scripture that Scripture is if you have a life of the habit that Christianity is read the disparate James I'll read the King James performing okay I'll God formed, neither shall there be after me. Okay enough, but why would there be a God formed that would replace God, you are absolutely right it is going to save it as a by Ryan Ryan.

Ryan doesn't say replace God, you change the word of God to make it fit. It says there will there was no default value of their before me. There was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. Okay, so Ryan and I have only support that you have to open up to the greater understanding and greater understanding the greater understanding that the greater the light of Scripture is speaking about being typically that that chapter, but I haven't read the whole chapter or even that is if Jake is say they're going to keep that moment. Let me ask you this get us the King James. Okay. Joseph Smith said he saw God the father you want to know why we don't leave the book of Mormon trust.

Joseph Smith okay there is an event they don't marry there you can get on your audit if you want to Ryan you can go to car and look up Mormonism unveiled written in 1834, but I have and it is eyewitness accounts of people who knew Joseph Smith the swarm before judges and magistrates, and they knew him to be a con artist Ellis to go to the those that with as a single situation and vandalism. Please keep on what hasn't this court it says an arm of flesh hey hey hey hey hey were people that they don't know is right when you don't get it at your radio show picture already show up Matthew question okay is not a king. J. Of this first Timothy 615 and 16, which in his time he helped shoe who is the blessed and only potentate, the King of Kings and Lord of lords who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto whom no man hath seen nor can see.

To him be honor and power everlasting event that is talking about. Obviously the father because seeing Jesus right so this is a God the father stopped talking of him with no man can approach unto whom no man hath seen or can see the Joseph Smith see the father and her father, and you know any other right and I have yet Ryan Ryan – a specific question unanswered. But, incidentally, says Stephen had a vision of the glory of God. And so you saw God the glory of his says that they are not a question I'm basket quick note to me. I Menasha did Joseph Smith see the father when the Bible says the father can't be seen when he saw him okay for the first trip, you did not out individually. Ryan, you deny the word of God and the reason you did that had gone a bit work product driving yet no matter think that the father Jesus as the shutters later said, as lexically and let me be a man of God say that Ryan you could argue, we had a more paperback you don't know how to scribble hard drive so you know only found a great family, I can call you when I'm driving some dynamo that had built not only that, but I decided to torture as you are looking to study the word God Julie that is holy, so I or I do deliver solid severe in the book. I said hello my dear, you need near Sandy, Utah.

Yet I am. I have working in India all good. I have good friends and Sandy Eric Johnson and Bill McKeever.

They are world-class experts on Mormonism, he would be glad to have lunch with you and discussed all kinds of stuff that I was worried on my left all that really I do think they're worth the effort it got out that I like living here your radio station your show because it is state and every time I go back to my Scriptures. I'm always only supported in my own faith everything seismically just Jesus you have all authority in heaven and earth. Of course you do this you forgive sins. Of course you can. You pray to Jesus. Sure you got before. Can you pray to Jesus, compressed in front of you for all of your sins. I have multiple time is almost nominated Bailey they fit but try to break ties us nothing… The father not the Holy Spirit but to Jesus, you pray to him. I guess you personally. I don't know if it matters, I would but yet I deftly have some I usually address heavenly father first. Just like you when you talk to the praise given client I asked you something here. Okay, I asked you okay to Christ and to go to Jesus to forgive you. Jesus is the one who opens the mind understand Scripture he's one who doesn't look 20 fabulous seems to trust in Christ. The book of Mormon is not truth and change thousands and thousands of times been altered of the Bible that I would hazard their know what hasn't. You have no idea what had every trend okay hold hold had a perfect translation old rumble from language to language. Look, if you don't understand the differences you understand the disparity that Joseph Smith said he saw God the father and he said that that God gave him these golden plates that he carried it would've weighed way too much for him to carry and he was chased by people ran miles, 3 miles with a limp, but is able to outrun people he supposed to be able to carry all the stuff she could have Dr. could not have done all of you. I totally respect that you try to look deeper into it, as have I went when you look at the fact from church history or just history itself it I feel supported you feel about evenly.

Joseph Smith is true will because God impelled the data pattern throughout all of the thick left out near the earth of Coley profit and I and his band is a says the profits of dilution and end of the prophet.

The Bible says a lot of prophets were until John John the Baptist. No more of those kind of profits. Jesus said you to reject Christ words yet again in order to hold onto Joseph Smith.

So that's not a good reason. No claim to be a prophet. Okay, so give me another reason. They also claim that there would be a falling away the ravenous wolves would come in very not the flock and knowledge, but I'm also building Scripture. And that's what that means. So he's he said with his Bible already says it doesn't work because you just copy Scripture gives him with me, validated, going up to my memory from the New Testament baby referring to be falling away of the original and any out of continuation of the authority, maybe we both know the world itself out of the dark you do that you are giving is wonderful time with another one to to the field to be in 1/3 one leaving Smith as a true prophet when you believe it contradicts Scripture when he says his multiple gods Bible says is only one you become God's Bible says you can't. He said he saw the father. Bible says you can't do what you trusted you to stroke it to me. The reason okay is a prophet with my right lower profits. Ultimately, I believe that Joseph Smith was infected true prophet and that there been any profit because through all of my studies of the Bible with the even though Jesus has a lot of prophets were until John.

The Old Testament law and the prophets SEL completion of the Old Testament. That was until John Atreides were in the estimate. There's no more profit because figure filled out and then after that awful they were all killed.

There is a time of darkness that you will know doing when they do it don't sound as you well know you don't know what I know her beliefs is not a good tactic for you. Give me 1/3 reason or another that are in the Coliseum. 1/3 reason why you believe Joseph Smith was true, but ultimately you're probably getting me to try to testify that my feelings are belief and what you can do that stab believer. I thought that the right I have personally had experience if they cannot explain otherwise that I believe came from God.

That's holy. These things were true, not a vision. But what what that you will have that my testimony is better than yours, but I had a testimony 17 years old. The very presence of the Holy Spirit came upon me with such incredible power like to do this from my face and my body to the ground and moan out in agonizing weeping tears of repentance in the presence of rentable holiness and then the Lord Jesus was next to me couldn't see him, or couldn't touch him.

I was aware of his presence. I remember him looking at you never his concern for me. I member the presence of the incredible power of his looking and staring and exulting just in upon me, through me. I remember it, I'm 6417 F called out now that testimony right there and I'm not making it up and I'm not even tell you how intense it was because it was far more intense than the data for carried my block, the body my son to the grave in the weeping and the agony that I went through in that presence of incredible holiness before I was forgive my sin was made very clear in the presence of Jesus in his great forgiveness moved in in upon me.

I was saved testimony right on it for Mormons and I'll tell you because I met I've encountered. I know the true living Jesus and I know for fact that Joseph Smith who said God is in the still small voice and always affidavits and all these indictments at all.

The devil all corruption you fall swears he'll boil over your burning mountain rolled down her love. At last frolic about a topic left I boarded most of the never ending man had I done more to keep the church together since the days of Avenida John, Paul, Peter nor Jesus ever did such a work is a high week. That's who he said it has history, the church, lines 64 8409 that's what he said this, we are following okay and when I learned about Joseph Smith that" because of my encounter, but my Lord and Savior Jesus because of the testimony it had who he really was.

When I read that quote that started me that very quote started me starting all apologetics. 41 years ago. 40. Where else would I would never, I would never try to download all your amazing my chest and I'm I'm glad for you.

My testimony contradicts yours and is far more powerful.

Okay, you have some feeling about Matthew loves of you guys and I'm not too wrong.

You have is a connotative. He said he saw God the father with the Bible so the romance as you become God's Bible so you can easily secret handshakes become a God.

Usually, the new name is secret handshakes in the temple. They pay money to get into why is it that bottom line 11 you don't understand everything your eyes have been collated over your eyes. Judgment of mankind is called back tomorrow call back and Celtic from Iowa and North Carolina had a decile from Canada call back tomorrow complex of

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