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February 2, 2021 7:20 am

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February 2, 2021 7:20 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is it sinful to wear a Metalica t-shirt---2- Do you think Biden-Harris are wicked leaders- Where do you think America is headed---3- What's the best thing to say to the idea of -follow the God of your understanding----4- Is the sinner's prayer biblical---5- What happens to babies or those who are mentally handicapped in regards to salvation and after they die---6- Is the separation of church and state biblical---7- What are your thoughts regarding Shawn McCraney's understanding of the Trinity and his inclusiveness ideas---8- Is Romans 9 about individual election or the nation of Israel as a whole---9- Is it wrong to celebrate Christmas---10- Do you think most Christians are actively sharing the gospel-


A previously recorded net selection mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found online at time that morning you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps like why branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick, Nicole. All you have to do lines and will remind you we have here with some new stuff going on the website were arranging things there, and I would like your feedback. So if you want to get some feedback system is email us or you can give some feedback there and watch the show go to the current homepage and on the go picture you see the video, click on the video you watch the show. Not a big deal just be sitting in a chair a lot of times people like to watch and participate in the chat room that sounds good.

You want to check it out on the lid so you you you have a newsletter. If any of you are interested in checking out the newsletter. You can sign up to get about once a month once a week at his and today this morning so homepage just that we truly seek really good stuff all right swing just jump on the show had undergone the cult of the error here with John from New Jersey. John welcome you on the go. I had a couple real quick question. There is it then all where a Metallica T-shirt order rate T-shirt I would cite sinful where they stand for in the Bible says whatever you do for the glory of God.

So you know just judge by that. Can you work with Osher to the glory got legalistic about it. You know I don't wear shorts like that and I went shopping today and I have a shirt that said to make 1984 fiction again.

No, I'm wearing a shirt assist truths with a cross on it so you know, I think, for Christians, you might want to use an opportunity to spread the gospel message but I would cite sinful world Metallica shirt okay. If you have any caller waiting there. He was saying that we get wicked leader because of the thing of I get the contrary. So you think Biden and Harris are like wicked leader because it's how they support and promote homosexuality, abortion, socialism's role against Scripture.

I was sitting not good. You know, and promotion of the 10 listen to Hannity was out shopping today and he said that you know just signed up with stuff in to make our economy tank and doing things that are to the advantage of China and all the stuff but I think very they are a judgment in part upon the Christian nation allows 40 think America is headed to destruction that now I don't send that the only thing I see is to redeem this country as a revival revival. We need more people that God raises up to stay to hold back the onslaught of liberalism. History teaches us that every single country existent in the fall.

Lizard overtaken via no award but they don't get generally better to get generally worse in the gradually moved into liberalism more socialist or communist totalitarian regimes of high taxation increase of of laws to force people to comply reduction of freedom censoring freedom speech, things like that. These are kind of things that precede the fall of nations along with the knowledge of homosexuality. In some cases and some other stuff so you know if the issue is Christians be taken seriously when I talk like this and I saw an alarmist or conspiratorial list. But hey, the Bible says that Jesus returns, will he find faith and those days we not cut short the flesh of the left so I believe because what the Scriptures teach something to get worse and worse and also believe that Christians can guide the course of history by promoting the truth of the gospel message and a godliness timeline works all things out so I know I'm a realist and I think Biden and Harrison liberals. I think Obama was part of the judgment liberals in and out of Trump was or wasn't have decided that when you because a country promotes a godliness and legalizes the killing of the unborn and the killing of the innocent legalize promotes sodomy. Homosexuality legalizes and promotes various forms the government but this of pornography, but it certainly does not work to quell it allows her to now is making legalization for various drugs might was a marijuana that bad well okay you know what's next is everything next that you just wonder what's going on since you more laws being passed to prevent freedom of speech, freedom of religion is being repressed or suppressed or should say and I just found out that Biden, for example, says that the people who need to police the social media groups picture doing things fairly is a social media groups, which is ludicrous. So there's all kind of stuff so I know stuff that I look at talk about the gutters are things going on.

They will more quickly. You follow the God of your understanding and follow what works for you because I'm in a group and lady yoga instructor.

He said no.

Whatever you and the God of your understanding that helps you then follow that this demonic theology words invented God that you like to submit to whatever you think is the truth. Don't worry about the actual truth of God. Just leave whatever you desire, so that words put the truth of who God is up to your imagination. Your desires or wants. It's it's ultimately demonic.only say you will notify the God that you believe in Satan. Is that okay using the correct word doorknob. As they say in the AA synonymous which Christian should not be involved with because it says those kind of things are no hard gathered by the believer's or what you talk about day "like out roots and go all day. Remember that bravery back. Thanks all right, listen the phones with Charlie for North Carolina.

Charlie welcome night. The last question was that guy about the fair. I didn't hear your answer. I will know what he asked what they Google yes and no. So the sinners prayer that there is one in the Bible and its with the tax gatherer praise says the Lord, be merciful to me, the sinner is a sinner whose parenting literalness. God be merciful to me, the sinner next Luke 1813 and it's in the parable of Jesus himself gave when he says, is a man who went to the temple to pray to men tax gatherer. The Pharisees is look what I've done, how good I am not done that stuff. I'm not like that tax gatherer over there in the task at gas has been reversible to be the center Jesus is that he was the one who is justified that rather than the other.

So this is the sinners prayer in the Bible, yes a sinner's prayer in the Bible the center prayer that they talk about is both biblical and nonbiblical.

Depending on how it's used because the sinners prayer is is basically along the lines of there's no exact formula you is basically along the lines of God is perfect and pure, written and is holy. And if you live in you steel you've sinned against God, and there's a judgment to come in. So what you do is you can pray and ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you of your sentence and repent of your sins and you confess Jesus knew confess him as Lord, and you pray and ask forgive you and you forgive you and so is that biblical of course it's difficult.

I have no problem here that that's a good sinners prayer.

If, however, someone comes along and says, and because you said the prayer now your saved.

That's not right. So say if I was preaching and when you lead people to the Lord God sent him to say a prayer repeat after me if you want. It's not the prayer that saves you with the work of God. This is a confession before God and is not and I like to say if you say these words that are automatically saved. That's not the case. If you believe them. If you trust in Christ. That's the issue. And so then I'll Satan, let me on many walk and not to brag but I will get the Lord give me a heart for the law and put it on my heart say a prayer when I thought you meant your ask forgiveness and repent of your sand and then you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord.

Yes I would say there's a certain order. I don't see that. Is this necessary because, yet the way I heard it… Another no order.

Could you send okay helps react to the full shift to open lines. If you want to give Nicole 877-207-2276 look at the Joseph from Iowa.

Joseph will hear yesterday. I had Nick got pretty quick but good idea.

I do not think cool article on the my second question about it will feel about temptation.

We know on the compound of the God and Dr. question about the radio on the baby all, even the people who are mentally handicapped and they don't know how to define what what you want it Gordon, what Wendy L. People die. Wendy people die out there on the cost of it when I want to have. To declare their faith. Indeed will say so I can say this is what happens or what happens. We do know it's only 20 about the we do know in Psalm 22 verse nine God, the Bible, the psalmist said he did make me believe will mother's breast. So we know that God grants that we believe 120 can bring people to believe is so don't know that would have fun so hold on folks right back after these messages, please. Lines 877 max Y call 77077 charismatic sling back in line for to give McCall 072276 Joseph all right now what I believe about babies is that when the field I go to heaven.

I can't prove that from Scripture, but I I have lost the baby and so ever sense that I'm just not been able to be objective about it and I admit that I just lightly. I do believe they don't have it but I don't have yet. It's is I could. I it's one thing I've never been able to really be that objective. But I can say that if any baby goes to hell that's the right thing to go to a good haven't.

That's the right thing because God is an ordained, whatever is right and so we don't have an answer. I just prefer the idea that babies go to heaven. I just things better. How about what people people who we don't know the Bible doesn't say in so this can say I wish I could now just doesn't tell us what they show about the church. Even though we know the government but it and we know that we can be comfortable. Not without you know about men not Wendy, who should be ready or not, and it doesn't have to come in gold leaf because for there is not is not to say separation of church and state is not known and say that exit is not difficult to have separation of church and state because you everything is under the Lords of Christ's everything one way or another. So what we have to do is understand that even politics should be on the domain of Jesus. So how do we live that out live it out by raising godly people, and voting for godly people who vote for godly things pass godly laws. That's the idea, and for Christians to say that separation of church and state, which is not in the Constitution nor to the Bible into something the secularists have used to infiltrate into society so that Christians don't do anything politics so that they can be control so we are supposed to be influencing society. Is this what were supposed to do as Christians all bogged out boarding late God I find a little withdrawn even even on the on the on the ark of the locking the front of everyone. They want not of the CIM with what city from you about now I'm in the not bowing down to insist they were Americans with what I was in Mexico. The Mexican flag in the church in Mexico. The deal okay okay my opinion anyway.

Oh yeah, thank you for much sugar goblins with okay let's get to Mike from Florida hey Mike, welcome you on here hello can you yes I can like welcome a going on, but the man is thankful to God can work with vocab alone and I think when I read conversation that CRAIG I have a question like I have a question regarding Sean McCranie though. I watched, I think it was two of your interacting and I know at one point he believed in the Trinity no longer believed in it.

In I know he had the idea regarding the Christian faith. Though I want to get your thoughts on on him overall claims that he doesn't completely reject the Trinity. He claimed that he hadn't had it cleaned properly or something to that effect and also I wanted to get your ideas about his inclusive vitamin. If you feel that was the one that unfortunate route that so the Trinity. I sat down with him many times spoken him and explain the Trinity is when he says no one's explained to him it's not correct. I know I have on others isolate herself, but I know for fact I five sat down with him and explain things to him first meeting we met in Selleck city area at a restaurant in the Lord, which is about 34 years ago August and that he had a certain theological issue. If he was having problems with a sit down with them explained it to him and he actually said to me said, I've never had anybody explained it like that before. He could not make sense and effort of it was but I said okay. No big deal. I'd explain things to him. I sat on the set with only got over things and he's moved into apostasy and is not to be trusted as a decent teacher. You can't apologize is that news right. I have included the year I think on the left. Meeting 2000 continually emphasized the hope.

Somehow, the Holy Spirit was moving all the great people in his church to keep this in practically one person with promote law keeping for salvation and then someone else with promote something different and somehow like the Holy Spirit, all moving them together could just suggest doing together under the banner of disbelieving Jesus. I wonder if you feel that this kind of the direction that were going in the country with a lot of these purported Christian Christian minister breaking 50 feel good come together. You know, we don't need doctrine.

We don't need to believing in essential doctrine just didn't think either the net you and those are false teachers. Because doctrine is important is just follow Jesus thing that generic kind of thing can come in and be held in the Catholics the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses can see the same thing without doctrine. You don't know who Jesus is knowing who the true God was salvation and not all churches are to China but unfortunate are some churches are teaching this only only oxen free feel-good theology as long as you're sincere and you're trying God understands how your sincerity is not perfect.

He loves you anyway. Not that this is just its heresy okay because God does love us and he certainly very very loving and in the person of Jesus, especially to the same but also to the unsaved seed in Matthew 543 to 48 and he is loving but that's how our sincerity is not with bridges the gap between God and ourselves.

God doesn't look at our sincerity and say oh sincerity even though you believe things are wrong, you're sincere, so I'll let you into heaven, that's not the case.

Nothing in Scripture says that's on the books of that nonsense success so you know it's not sent you sent is so because people don't hold to the supremacy of the word of God to believe all kinds of other things happening. Case in that context is love false teachers and false shepherds after who will elevate man's feelings. Man's ideas necessary to the God understands the fellowship to open lines 877 mass Y call 770727 charismatic sling seven Rhonda the question was where is Adam and Eve are in heaven and you want to call back or something, explain why. Let's get to John from New Jersey hey John, welcome you to call back because I had a question and about Romans nine okay go the Roman mind about about individual election or the nation of Israel. Both it's it's talking about both because Jacob and Esau were nations. Of course, talking about individuals because it says Pharaoh, for example, and Jacob is an individual and Esau is an individual what it says in the context is that Jacob I love you so I hated because they had anything good or bad and sold in women. Why, why, why would he say the 20 loves another individuals that would raise the question is not fair. It was just nations that are being spoken about the God can love one nation on the nation that that's fine because the people in those nations will do good and bad of their own free will so that theology makes it makes that the text more palatable to people, but it means then that you don't raise the question as unjust and so they soften it in order to make it fit their theological perspectives and then we know is it just a Moses still have merchant whom I have mercy, so he speaking to Moses about the whom whom in the Greek and singular way of compassion in Greek, you can have singular and plural like who you want to believe in you could say who was an individual who was a group or who was in three or four people and so in Greek, though hope to be the singular and plural in its construction and I will have merchant the one who I have mercy, is like saying that in Greek ants with that's what it says it does not depend upon the man who wills or the man who runs the fund I was mercy. He says switchers of the federal I raised you up to demonstrate my power and use of Pharaoh was raised up and he says is right after the issue number 16 of the not depend upon the man who wills the man who runs the pond God was mercy. What's the it has to do with what God who God loves who God hates previously. So then this is a conclusion about was said before is white so he saying to the man who runs the net mercy the individuals is white, says Pharaoh I raised you up for this purpose God has a right to do this with individuals as he wants. This is so.

He has mercy on whom is the singular again. We desire to hardens whom he desires to say what what is he still find fault while you raise the objection. If you understand that he's doing this individuals and if you raise the objection just like Paul does, then your understanding what he says because he raises the same objection. If you don't raise the objection, then you don't understand what is filled with a test of interest in the text. Understand the fricative properly is to see if you basically simulate a minute seem to be fair and that's when you know that your understanding of Paul's exercise and focus on also find fault who resist as well know who is in the Greek it's singular right and so are Frank Frank Tariq obtained it right. He was on YouTube and you know he goes around college campuses and study apologetic that Helen asked Amanda gave that answer thought I was dying to answer. I never heard which answer the words talking about Israel and not individual yet, I would take a challenge before it was great guy, but I would say absolutely no is not just about a group it's about individuals as well and it was going to text says. On the contrary, who are you, oh man, that's a single person who enters back to God. The thing all the lots in the molder. Why did you make me like this. This is individuals does not the potter have the right of the clay to make the same lump one vessel, one person for honorable use of common use so absolutely yes it is teaching about individual election. God has a right to do with his creation as he desires.

People don't like it that my suggestion unfortunately it's a real suggestion is to take a highlighter to mark the Scriptures out of the Bible, so they have to be bothered by the fact is God is a sovereign King with realize that he can do with his creation as he desires. But on the other hand he's loving this kind is patient and he wants people to come to him and yet he has a use as he chooses to use the Christians to preach and teach that gospel and we find that apparently the more we preach and teach the more we evangelize. Apparently, the more people got us children to be safe to say so what we have to do is is is realized that all this is way above us. We have to be obedient to God. We go and preach and teach and I believe what I teach. And yet I evangelize regularly. I mean I'm on the net and in the evenings. I usually am on various chat things I try to get the gospel out to unbelievers try and witness.

I trying wear shirts when I go out but hopefully some will start a conversation with signature hacking witness to, and I try this over and over. A woman was a pizza place with my wife on Sunday and a woman. I just had her hands full trying to curse me out of the car is mailing some help but be glad to help you tickets out one the reasons was I wanted to help her help. Another one was. I hope I have an opportunity to dimension the Lord to her and so my last him a slick right and I will a spin minister so I'll used to say no to her.

So will look alike to help people and estimate I'm a minister help people and you don't minister of the gospel.

Turns out she was a Christian.

We just fellowship for five minutes. We see there's an opportunity that I'm trying to witness because that's how were supposed to be. We should always look for opportunities and the more we witness the more we share the gospel. The more people get saved God's in control dress, they believe, but there's something about the fact that we preach and teach leak out there and do that makes a difference I can explain how it all works. I just know that God says he has a right to do what he wants with his creation. You can complain but at the other. Any such cannot make disciples go. How does it all work together. You know what's above my pay grade. And it's okay and so I just do what God commands. I believe what he teaches and probably I was in a group the other night God speaking 27 years in prison and he said he thanked Allah for all the blessings and money was when the group was done I said llama Kristin and I gave him the gospel tract and he said well we serve the same God. We don't hear something to think about and in this been using this month with Muslims recently go to the slowly go to Exodus 314 and the word Lord here is the word Yahweh right now the Strong's concordance is its 3068 so only doing so I'm doing something away from the go to concordance will find every instance of 3068 words that name of God, and occurs 6517 times so 6500 times the name of God occurs in the Old Testament 6500 times in Alaska Muslims when I been doing it this week.

As a matter fact Satan. What is the Bible say that God's name is his name is I am because Yahweh comes from the Hebrew verb to be. That's why it says I am that I am not, I will be when I will be the Jews translated the Greek Septuagint as I am that I am in so that occurs 6517 times of 6517 time God identifies himself as Yahweh Elohim as Lord God, and it occurs all of the Bible. Now, if the Muslims want to tell us that they serve the same God as we do is to is God not identify himself as the eye in the current. If it's the same God if he were to to say his name 6500 times get it written in the Bible and the 6517 times. Why does it appear once in yours. If you have the same the same God and they can answer your Ira again by the I got a remember that I got another good stuff. Yahweh, the witches to grandma Tonya with his body, which is I am that I am God's name is I am which is Yahweh Hebrew just use it as the of the Anglicized pronunciation if Allah their God Allah is the same as the Old Testament God of the Jews and why is it that all of this to identify himself as saying I am right right are you so I'll have to remember that, but you have an article about our back Monday I got blasé folks with driven lines 877 mass Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg that everyone must get on the phone call about how far we feel that America had dropped the ball and everything God is literally everything they been growing up and we can move forward in the whole abortion thing I could get that forward and when I print the video about how Americans elevate credit.

Now I know it had taken Oregon. You know what your thoughts were.

I know that personal conviction that our elected lines that I was reading in Deuteronomy is aware that there God told the Israelites that they must destroy all of the Gentiles.

God ethically everything I like when I think about like the Christmas tree star and equipment training quality theme like what he's doing this poorly. So when it first contains 10 was the issue of eating meat sacrificed to pagan idols in the marketplace would get the meat sacrificed to sell in the marketplace is okay for Christian to eat meat with animals killed for the purpose of prison worshiping the peace and pagan God was getting the reason was because because that meets isn't it really anything in this cause aren't really anything greater is he that is in you than he lives in the world. You're free but you don't want to eat that meat discussed on the something else pagan origin of of that mate cow was invented by pain is that women came from was of pagan sacrificial origin and so but were so free to build partaken the Christmas tree ultimately is a pagan origin symbol started with went with the winter solstice, which was a weeklong period starting December 17 because I think around 20 December is when the shortest day of the year is in Europe they would celebrate that shortest day ending in the festival and during that time for pagans with would do the pagan stuff so the Roman Catholic Church was in control about the fourth century on, couldn't beat down or couldn't get them to stop so adopted that day as day of Christ's birth tried to purify. I agree with the sentiment in and trying to do that and so the origin of that day is pagan in the Christmas treats office pagan or we as Christians free to have a Christmas tree in our house and of worship.

Worship. But the sobriquet date give gifts and stuff like that. Yes, we are so be free to have Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is just an article by Laursen to card chocolates you nice and all that stuff you do a Valentine's Day dinner. Well, that's pagan origin. Well, you know, basically Hallmark or some company.

Try to get it going to get some more cards and they did would celebrate that Christmas already. Can they have a Christmas tree mass yes they can. If you're not bowing down to Christmas tree worshiping a Christmas tree if they feel convicted about it and they shouldn't do it if they think is a bad thing and don't do it, but you don't have the right to say somebody else shouldn't because each person must be convinced in his own mind and sit for free and no longer under the law, and no longer under the theocratic system that was aimed at Israel. Only in the Old Testament contacted destroy all pagan gods. They were actually believers were actually worshiping. That's not the case here. If there was a Christmas tree that was somehow worshiped as a pagan God that was to be destroyed is because it was a symbol used of pagan worship and then pagan worship. But that's not what happens with the Christmas tree today is just a Christmas tree. I have a Christmas tree downstairs right now and I'll sing a problem with it and my family decorates to be put presence underneath it is a good time of gathering family and city problem with that is likely what a Valentine's Day became the day were surrogates with each other okay and do it.

Why not because so it's because personal preference, but no theological necessity, not okay. I really do be careful when using liberty for sin, but so give them that when my daughters is definitely not a Christian, and she came over for Christmas with two of her friends who were not believers. What they have come over if we didn't have Christmas. No, so they saw my wife and eyes Christianity. They saw stuffing and we got exposed to that even more so that's a good thing. So was it a big legalistic essay.

We can't, I like to see what can we do and and use something to promote that gospel. So we have the careful we don't want to go to the bad places they do bad stuff and say let's use this we get there is wisdom.

The general idea with the Christians not so pure that we don't even involve ourselves with things in the world. Variety rang the cellular lifestyle never heard of failure shares really breaking it down. You really think a whole lot like my gosh he now validates the parable God and where like having it you know it makes you feel terrible, terrible things on this for decades and and I don't see any problems.

He wants to put legalism on people that that's his problem and proud of what I thought you would've what I thought it was a personal conviction that clarinet for me. That's where they went out about them.okay good Douglas to Julie. Let's see this get over to Peter from workforce North Carolina. Welcome here a medley to call me you say Peter, I'm sorry, all I getting annoyed that it okay, okay, I'm sorry that you know I made annoyed in Germany about preaching ministry contribute month.

Need a car that much, but I encourage you to do that and thought a couple ideas that have a question at the end for sharing the gospel. You mention chat room and I desperately, what they like to tell everybody you when phone calls come in unsolicited and there's often as a person machine can't do it, but a person and so anytime I always answer men and listen carefully and then asked all you have some question if I answer your question, can I ask you a couple questions afterward done tonight. I share the gospel through that many times encourage to do that. The other thing is that which is in the learn thing for me at my family. Much of them are not believers and they heard the gospel for me to make time they shut me down very quickly, but I found out over the years, I can share what I call fishing story where I say yeah talking to this man, Robert Knight, i.e. faith want to have a knife that how do you know that anything on the first lot people of the passion that and then I tell them what I told Robert sharing the gospel that it might be and that allows me to share the gospel with my family on the way, I can by sharing the story.

I did have a question, here's my question at the top. When I think about people rarely count me about sharing the gospel with people at my first question at the gospel.

Is it it is somewhere you've got to come to Christ died for your stand buried that there that's gospel by believing in him will have eternal life, and I and I wonder how many people that I go to church with over the year you not do that once with even the people they work with and on your how few of us really feel it's you know I try get people to share the gospel. We have to be careful to make sure people guilty. If a mother is at home to care for children she's she has a few Christian friends that she has she's not gonna have them pertaining to show the gospel very much and she should not feel guilty and so there's will make sure that people understand that the gospel sharing his insight of the context of which are able to do whatever it is you're able to do so you want to be gracious about that and what we need to also ask to be used be willing to share the gospel to write time. I'm obviously very outgoing. In that sense.

So for me is not a problem but no truly carefully because were supposed to preach and teach the gospel one way or another, but we are not to put any guilt upon people if you don't share the gospel. He spent the day you're not a real Christian. Nothing like somebody don't have an opportunity so sometimes God put us through a season where we don't share the gospel because we got other things quickly that I do raise kids, for example, and maybe write a job and you are not allowed or permitted or doesn't work to share the gospel and yet be wise so when the opportunity arises you think the doors open that door, thin step to that door and pray for the opportunity and the wisdom to recognize the opportunity went to be able to show that word had a job in San Diego working Hewlett-Packard fixing computers and when I got there I can let anybody know of the Christian purposely kept to myself and it is working with about 40 other guys were fixing computers taken the whole campus stared doing stuff I wouldn't cause I didn't laugh at their dead jokes.

I was rude. I just couldn't participate in after about three months. They approached me with noticed things about you. You don't cost you don't laugh at these certain kind of jokes and why is that applicable on the Christian and want to be serve the Lord in ministry is to participate.

I didn't put anything on the change. They asked me to seek so sometimes being a witness might take months before the right opportunity presents itself to build the truth. This is different situations like that of excess, I just want what I do yard work.

As I understand most. Many secular jobs you can get in trouble and they surely didn't hire you to be a chaplain chaplain I'm in high-tech business.

But one thing I learned that I take him out to lunch.

I need her back, and nothing to do with work and and then I pray about him, but I especially want. I know that it has been a while and then I think you know we talked about a lot of things that they can try to time, bless you.

Sorry you

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