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TUE HR 2 092722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 28, 2022 12:29 am

TUE HR 2 092722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast WR already, we are back in the Jill labs tell you there was some people that had gone on vacation and they stayed in the motel and trying that it was the current remember where was but anyhow the prayer request was that in this, but this will tell what he stated he had a restaurant and then under the.

The restaurant you had chlorine gas that they use for the pulls resort area and the use of chlorine gas to chlorinate the water. The pool water in the would happen apparently the gas line burst is the people were in the restaurant. The chlorine gas came open to the restaurant and 25th, 24 people on oil slick notice. 25 people were affected by this and two of them were in very bad shape. Scott and Barbara. And then we've got prayer request asking we would go pray for them because there been shapeless pray for mall heavenly father will God. I don't know. I don't know Scott and Barb, but I know their friends doing the very concerned about them and and board. So they've asked us to hold them up in prayer.

So as we're here tonight.

I would ask all of the folks of their listing to us all across the country out there because again Lord you've told us that there is power in prayer this power in prayer. He told us Lord the that all of us.

Every single one of us, and someday will need prayer. Many of us the playwright today, but at some point world in a prayer and you also told us Lord those and show mercy, receive it, and so Lord for those people out there that would join with us and holds up of these people for a healing Lord's eyes, I realized that there there there was a been burnt with his chlorine Lord that when they need prayer to the receive prayer from people's allure. We just would hold up the Scott and Barb and asked father God, Lord, that you might touch them.

He might heal them. And Lord, you made turn for all. All of these people that were affected in this turn their desires toward you. More and more every day in every way, and all things completely and totally we asked us in Jesus name, amen. Clara pastor forward one I want to do one warning about. Candidate. There is one more warning that especially in view Aaron Philadelphia there is a very narrow and horrible drug loose in the streets and killing people, not vendors in the foreign press that's called crying, don't violently Eric is a horse muscle relaxer for large animals at prolonged size from other drugs like current one that's program like Sentinel throughout cut other opioids love these people fall asleep. They pass out around the weather got your injection starts to ulcerated and turns into a flesh eating process. Those that live are losing fingers arms straight legs and Philadelphia is ground zero and about 1/3 of all fatal opioid overdose in Philly related to this drug, no one talking about it. It's not out there in the news, but it pushed all over. It's in Philadelphia they'll be going to another big city that's not there already.

Very soon, so we are a sick nation. There has to have all these drugs in the first place. Banalities drugs are getting more and more lethal, more and more dangerous the dealers are mixing the wall in this style as being with all kinds of other things to apply and lengthen my downward and Seymour more dead bodies this year because of the and we have a government that doesn't seem to care Jill. Let me explain something again again will explain this again and that is you.

I did talk to about this back in the 80s for the first time because even all way back there.

You had the idea. The depopulation movement here and where of these people are still there to get the world of the world health, economic form you got the new world order the globalists they all are together. I've said in their meetings have told time and time. The Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, World Health Organization, and I know it's hard for some people to wrap your brain around because it's it's hard to just understand the people would be so wicked as to one where you want to depopulate our planet and so we've got nearly 8 billion people. They one note drop that down to half a billion Joe. That means that 7 1/2 billion people must be eliminated to to meet the goal of the elite. Remember, they believe this planet should be kept clean Lord pristine for them. Joe and some anyhow that's the reality they are there. Killing these people with poisonous poke there killing these people with that know they're doing it as to and they're all involved in this no I want to were to go to listen to Karen Kingston GST sitting in on the Stu peters program and what we've told about not Joe. This is September 2022 and March of of 2019.

We told people about this, the so-called vaccines that they weren't vaccines. We told what they were there were bio weapons we told him about graphite all way back there and and many times since then we've told him over and over about this so were going to go now to a clip and were going to tell him one more time and were going to have this Dr. taste, including a have them to so taken away credible research has gone truly groundbreaking in our battle against Bielecki Transmitted on the American people and the glow everything that I do Sherry and Peter showed her over here now from the patent as well as with other doctors. I got a caring day share itself really is groundbreaking evidence that I hope and pray is brought into all of the lawsuits that shows the injections combined with danger of radiofrequency income from cell phone towers IG particular study use electromagnetic waves on Pfizer file that I think I'm now looking here you're looking at is called the law card that you technology called Tesla which is under the quantum dot technology and time for the patent or particle which is based on frequencies out there giving the genetic engineer hydrogel and graphene oxide nanotubes began self assembling and that is what you're looking there's a video that people can look at on the rice is teaching that they look up test with recessed. This is actually a version of looking at a damped artificial intelligence technology that is receding electro magnetic signal signals to amplify and build out and with genetically engineered hydrogel patents and literature actually can use calcium in our body to further produce these these tubes that were looking for. Jane possibly found when I bomber Richard Hirschman calcium deposits identifying white fibrous clots. Is this related with Mike about Ruby Brock today attention of the glow, and on in the patent. There is none further definition of what those biosynthetic materials are laser treatments is a way to actually dissolve and remove the clot and my account is currently experimenting on with a few chemicals that would be safe for for injection given by any work on these, but this is this is essentially a version of what Dr. Jean Rudy's embalmers.

I found it certainly a version of Angela kinds they think romanticized 2 µm to millimeters 2 cm push to push this on children's experimental jobs when it's dealing in the body reacting to electromagnetic field.

I know what I'm looking at on. However, I know that you have brought patent patent or patents on in the receipts to Baptist and what were seeing isn't real. It's right there on another thing that he tried to convince that's what I wanted to share with my grandmother, so she got shot early on during the rollout and my grandmother and grandmother will personally I'm more so angry about what they have time to tell us is that we are seeing is not real. However, I tried it on my grandmother about three weeks after Herman shot Anton being magnets onto a body and it wasn't like she had sticky scan or anything like that whole stock to her arms and I was like there is a point that there is a magnetic pull there. I'm not crazy. This is real happy time to my grandmother, let alone the rest of the population you are doing were watching when circuits are assembling themselves around electromagnetic fields talk of transferring Joe Biden white and gold here. Yeah, the end goal is population and the American people about this last year where you basically vaccines her enslavement platform and I agree with him that those who don't obey execution as well. So, because he will be injected with ease artificial intelligence technologies that can send and receive signals that can literally build things on your body. You see under the microscope there there targeted also to cross the blood brain barrier so that becomes a neuroleptic neuroleptic use yes to induce a stroke in somebody they can also change someone's emotions and behaviors and James Giordano who works at Georgetown University expert in your work with Obama in 2008 on the green initiative he has dozens and dozens of seminars at West Point Academy. Also with the intelligence community explaining how you can use nanotechnology to change a person's personality or to execute them from using objects which are RRR light signal so you know this is now showing us your file. This is some fine technology injected into the human body. This is more than just mRNA. It's more than just editing which is horrific and blasphemous enough. This is a way to control the population and Americans and will not stop. Nobody was informed the rejected technology. Nobody's there is no reason why any available in any country in the world.

They should all be immediately very disappointed in you there's leaders and inventors mRNA forefront. Talking about his injection people, the rest of the polyethylene glycol never be delivered without pay everyone the 10% or higher myocarditis rate to recall now is right there. You know I am not a doctor and I can find information and bring it forward you everything you do the research.

This is what the publication know why where the attorneys where is our military. Where is no why are we moving forward with this while pretending that somehow or another Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson it will turn up the shield of the global population because of law or contract that were passed by our government that we never approved new awareness of what exactly was in this thing pushed available for you to take. I'm propagandizing safe and effective. They also help for people like you know they mandated effort going college you want to play sports this looking at right now injected in your body's crimes against humanity. Evil demonic essay demonic. I went there technology writer is not God's world of people who are playing God in their God, who is what this is no longer a fight for our freedom no longer a fight just about our health sovereignty is literally a fight to preserve the human race. At this point. People don't understand this is the conversion of the human body) from your eyes to see right you can see fine self-assembly technologies that are growing inside human body electromagnetic field.

One of the side effects is what I mean. Normalize now myocarditis in children like a completely normal like you just now without it you greatest of all time and did not want to commend you because you did survive the greatest of all time.

Everybody was in on it. Everybody told you to take it and you still held strong space freedom fighters like Karen Hansen who did research on you literally all you did was read the government you had read the studies that were done and you know as a result, revealed their intentions for us, which are not intentions by many people do not have your best interest in mind. They will exterminate you. Anyone care.

Now they will be wary of at this point order environmental bills in order to trans-humanism is not just about getting injected with now part of the technology can actually be injected into the human body or you not read it through contact service service or an aerosol attack so restaurants do show I had very and when I found out protocol in viral message which is a darker gray graphene oxide microorganism base. Quote portable sterilizer against Cuba 19 bring to school now. Well, that was nothing more than another way, what is life on deck. He said, appearing wants to show sending email to my son school ended up going with our product so like that's how we fight back moms angry mobs of the past platform for allowing truth tellers to come on here and share the truth of the American people and and and I I hope people take the bile. This is terrifying to think this is injected into human bodies in the hope it again in the patent. There are chelation therapy and also have an engineer on your program before we talked about activate the building of these frequencies to deactivate her patents as well so you know there is a way to stop this. We just need the right leadership in place, the right government simply, you know, and we need people to not be afraid to tell the truth regardless of the consequences or so and is led by certain people know that we trusted you know recently over the years and you can't be afraid to speak out to say luck here in situations where well-respected well trusted statements were false and misled people, and here's why.

I don't wish to be afraid to do that anytime. Truth teamwork and integrity are important and I will try to specially now and yet we always have your back. There's a lot experts out there who are intentionally meeting people astray on you intentionally tell lies in or DT to capture information out anywhere except as always is a little bit of truth and life and that's what you guys. It's just one of his and strip strategies for sandwiching the same thing going on.

Even now, without quote unquote experts are to take a little bit of truth may blow it up into a big lie and hide a big lie so caring thank you so much for coming on coming on and covering this with me today. I will see you next week. Thank learn to care already. We are back to Joe are praising the Lord for Lycos jewels to Peter's world whose daily, but before there was Alex Jones before the words world whose daily, before there was to Peter's before there was Fox News. There was what's right what's left all of these years we been telling people, bringing the without without any compromise.

Well, one time, not one time do we compromise and no it has been arrested because they dried about everything to get us off the year by God's grace. You were still here. I mean, what the you know you know you just laid back about worldly no and all of those with all the different ways to try to block a stowage of the software. Remember what Mr. Bloomberg did to us out there New York and so forth from rodeo turned out, Bloomberg, but it's by God's grace were still here. And so you know this last week actually goalkeepers forced to go to trial on bogus edition conspiracy charges five weeks before midterm Grosvenor government denies the discovery arrests 13 witnesses you have jury bias totally totally unethical judge of plagues the kangaroo courts Democrats desperate to retain power of idea and here's what they're having goalkeepers including leader Stuart Rhodes will be forced to go on trial prematurely with with numerous attempts actually of this was this week actually started Monday yesterday and so this week to be going on know what they're doing. Joe Billy go and they find out who the key defense witnesses are and there were there arrested them there arrested them so they Could testify that is how corrupt that is so totally corrupt. You talk about the suit January 6 panel you know it's like it's like they want to the gates of hell knocked on the door and let Satan to send them the best lawyers with the most corrupt people that have reported will go integrity. No remorse. Although Concord rights. But the Lord is January 6 not conducted like a member. No revolvers, no other toast father Nolan Palacios questions bruised up. Zero proof to the contrary of statements is very real drill district federal court will almost rush her work through zero cream of the court was of course always felt guilty, guilty, guilty of through federal work camper drill for water, so there are number of my life thought I would ever see America yes most people are sitting back with the whole not pay any attention to the news, not caring what's going on with those committees.

Not realizing video damage to the Constitution, our Republic, by way of life in the future, which is power in Congress as soon as the January search and select committee will be disbanded. Many predicted new committee will be started to investigate the January search committees unprecedented and outright illegal actions. Therefore, the committee and the DOJ are so present during the self-preservation mode pulling out all the stops with the January 6 on select committee show trial. Schedule alongside the OT was 12 this week this posting places we know you know an imperial rule in the election, Rick Trump and everybody for him look like criminals and revolutionary correction of errors, like girl there where to stop the onslaught of video roadways, I don't have the book. I have faces of people I judge Holly Jim Jordan and others. But as far as Mitch McConnell and these these rhinos there there worthless there worthless. There was status quo and you know so you wait we have to we've got to get rid of the rhinos and do some really good decent people in their little do their job with the children, Sen. Holly, his sister Barry Carlin testified under oath on the FBI raid of pro-life activists and we talked about the zero W. Baden 17 of Jane's revenge attacks on on pro-life organizations, not one arrest shows you very clearly that the FBI simply a branch of the Communist Party over all the originals to grow all the hours like eruption lost like girl running around delivering the what misdemeanors are not going out criminals so the merchant will remove the people of America will deliver all current state and become communist control like eruption. Some of the other example China settlement don't vote down through little sister New Age a little bit of this article, like the region from this article here. This is by Molly Burns and she goes on to say that the judge Holly Sen. Joe Shelley has the amended answers from Atty. Gen. Mary Garland concerning the rest of pro-life activists and father of seven Mark Hawk remember about a year ago. I believe it was said that we had him ugly.

When the program when the that took place out there in Pennsylvania and so corndog for every 15 vehicles were estimated 20 FBI agents raided the house an incident last year where Hawk had to protect his 12-year-old son from a aggressive plan predator as scored outside of the blood ability abortion mill Houck's family are quite a nonprofit group that provides, I will constantly at these bloodied abortion clinics in the city of Philadelphia.

The case was originally brought from veterinary trouble for years, the case was originally installed pro-life federal court when the escort attempted the discord to press charges. According to the daily water. If the shocking reports about the OPI rest of them in front of rural Pennsylvania are true, then you have a lot to answer for. Holly said to to alluded to Garland, these reports states that the federal authorities of creative work under the Freedom of Access to clinic entrances look Garland knows that this guy he is such a dirty cop who knows that the Republicans actually do get back in power, and of these cases are caulked brought to the Supreme Court.

He knows he's going to jail. So they're going to use remember what Chuck Schumer said we need to refute this with the intelligence agencies they got six ways to Sunday to get you another word they are working on the current network everything they're doing right now from a very Republicans from speaking out. Voters order through the help of the video communicating micro Verilog oh Zürich where we can everything go get Donald Trump or the Secret Service is there. There we can) therapist players go through his wife's family and everything we can do it to you, only a lot worse because you don't have the money and power. The company also all of this is a message they are trying to intimidate us, and we are to be a description of the folders liens were supposed to trust in God and go through the right thing and not be living in fear living in fear of the rest of our life on this earth's use of the January 6 commission guy named Jamie Raskin and this guy today. I watched him lie lie lie lie.

They were bragging. The Democrats were bragging about how Adam what's his name was was such a good liar and shiftless audio servers. They were bragging about this guy's will, but he's okay as well. Our best lawyers will wire folder in your first wire I made. Yeah, I mean just will Jamie Raskin. I think we give him a run for his money. I watched him and know so here's what you say I'll leave that guy alone who she talked about Ray's rate of Dr. Cohen overthrew the American people breaking their there was interest because he was one of your proposed captured on video urging people for directing the hero of the breach of the perimeter there almost all these people.

If you have pictures of your clear picture newly was it was never brought in for questioning. Never arrested was even talk to so we know that is the best triage or knowledge of or something. He's deftly one of the stooges dropped a dime on and that's why he won't. They're so corrupt I don't I don't think that so-called Justice Department could be anymore correct that it is a minutes.

I mean how corrupt you get when you completely and totally corrupted and its in-your-face corruption to like you look at us. We can do whatever we want whenever we want. And there's nothing you can do about it. Well some of us to feel that there's a lot we can do about it working and working to fight with every breath that we have because were not going let you take a country away from us. This way, which is not going to do it so were up against the heartbreak will be back right after this, you see these will just line a nine.

Lord of glory.

People want to know about the word Baptist Church well I know little bit about the pastor there.

We are located at 14781 Sperry Rd. is 14781 Sperry Rd. in Newberry, OH. That's right at the corner of Route 87 and Sperry Road under an 800 foot tower right underneath the towers now we start Sunday morning with a Bible study at 830. That's really an in depth of Bible study goes on till about 930 and then we have another Bible study another in-depth Bible study and so then the regular service starts at 1115.

Regular service starts at 1115 and every week we have a different would we have a course that we teaches the Bible and current events things is happening my things that you hear on this radio program. There are things we can bring you like what we did put a we can bring it to you with an eight sill where you can actually see the things that we can show you what were on their very in depth. The Bible says in Hosea 46 my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge there destroyed some try to show you how what is happening today how it corresponds with what God's Word, the Bible teaching Howard's opening know so you understand that's exactly what they were talking about in the word of God should is like an timeline that you understand what were no then that's it.

That's usually either four or five in the afternoon and then at six we have our evening service and not usually pastor how Larson will teach the evening service. Sometimes we have other pastors that we have teaching naming service during the new service. Sometimes I do it okay and then we have on Thursday morning we have our Thursday morning prayer breakfast where we take all of the letters that we get from you folks out there. You send us and we get. It was a stack of foot-high letters prayer request asking for prayer and we go and we divide them up and we go to prayer for sometimes several hours on Thursday morning and then also Thursday evening. We also have another prayer meeting agenda so that's usually starts at about 5 o'clock on Thursday evening, so that's a little bit about doers of the word Baptist Church where an actual New Testament church. We are not a 501(c)(3) corporation were an actual New Testament church phone number at the church is 04403381367 that's 440-338-1367 or 4403381036644033 810-3630 go Joe. Mary.

Do not have a government 130 of approval you are currently New Testament church were Jesus Christ is and only you and not the government. That is a big distinction right absolutely let's open the phone lines and take some calls at 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673 and the book before we take the first call Joe world of roadless daily has a report out and this is an article of from the windows daily services and that is is this big Pharma pays a massive $900 million settlement for bribing doctors.

Joe remember how we were telling how were the reason the people are losing the confidence of the medical doctors and we told her why you will. This is by the daily caller new foundation John if you do mastery okay Biogen I met a Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical company will pay 900 million to settlement allegations bribing doctors to prescribe the company's multiple sclerosis drugs. The Department of Justice DOJ announced Monday evening.

What would they do something right. You wonder okay the sill was initially brought by former employee Michael Ball will duly ball the Antioch who alleged that the company offered or paid out kickbacks and forms of speaking fees consult with the consultant GC fees, which resulted in false claims being made to medical and Medicare record to Medicaid and Medicare, according to the DOJ DOJ the Civil War era, false claims act allows private individuals to file on behalf of the federal government in exchange for a portion of recovered funds netting ball duty. Eric approximately 250 million of the 843.8 million awarded to the federal government while 56.2 million will be divided amongst 15 states according to the Wall Street Journal reports are complicated with the ideas that affect an individual, but it took him years been working on this. I believe we research about was first filed seven years ago.

Remember, this case started about seven years ago and it finally got so that's taken a long time regarding the records far before Biden's people got totally in place right now. This is strange because Craig, do we not have any callers. Okay, we've got to legitimacy a word. What your they are typically low in the battlefield and I'm glad that I made the right choice.

Joshua 2415 I make the same choice every man this to you who you will serve the state for me and mine. You are right we we we we have we have a call every day we have a call where you swing your legs. Look it up on the floor and stand up and take solid food every day and there's some I believe it's all the glory goes to our Savior. Stay informed and we better be informed and that afraid and six times is reinforced every single day can read them for yourself to meditate on God day and night. I read Proverbs are Psalms every day and stand on the 23rd Psalm stand on everything else that is in revelations about what that typically happened.

It's going to happen and you want you know what Timothy today. I got to two calls in the questions were, why aren't you in jail.

Why haven't they come to kick your door down. Okay and not the answer to that is will ask God because he's the only theses was keeping them from happening. The fossa structure elsewhere right and nothing can happen until he allows the defendant whatever his decision is that's that's fine with me. You realize what, don't tell him that that's true.

They don't they don't listen to God. Okay, sometimes I have to find out the hard way via they will that tongue that need to get a rude awakening absolutely (I keep telling everybody around the stores start to tell everybody have a blessed day and try to be positive.

Almost all this craziness of the criminally insane. They need. I just hope that Jim Jordan that's my guy and I hope that you and Jordan with his tough fortitude is going to rally all the other people that might be – always a good based on what I see. I don't know personally I just know what I see and what I hear with all the other ones I know, I know a little bit more about the Jim Jordan because it's from. While I followed him through his wrestling career and whatnot. The top character we got a support I got to move on with thanks for: who do we have next okay we have Pastor help as to how you are near yeah I just wanted colored liquid, no drug store the other day, middle-aged lady Bill nonapplication to get those go Chuck and we got talking and I felt really a burden for him and I told him… Then Finian of the other things are bio weapons and not the vaccine, and they were really interested to know they took with them all the information on this and what would like to get that shut them just at that time the pharmacists come busting out the minute, wait a minute, could you miss you miss one thing we were telling him about it.

You called me you said I'm here with these two ladies you said here, that's right, I recalled you on the phone with the lady that the community should limit that I'm looking to get the shots and everything just in the pharmacists that some young girl about 25 from Boston out the door. You know all about the notes excited. She said sir what you said, it is in scientific and vascular leave and everything and I said the just on the ladies with what the facts are. And she said you gotta get out here and I'm not let you sit here and tell them of this false information and everything you know and and the like she was going to call place or something so I told the ladies listed just look into it. Take a couple days before you get those shots would be going to get them don't get them you know there there there by 400,000 people died been maimed, taken those shots and so you know they said okay and when I left I could hear that pharmacist to know build into their heads and everything else that wasn't true. All this other stuff in the you know what she really she really went berserk well we don't know because you not know what happened. I know often times past being out there from the bloodied abortion mills where you would talk to people and they would go anyhow in the but later on I found out that they left after I left that the they never did go through with killing a child and so you told them you did what you should do.

They they received the truth.

I told him no and so they knew better.

If they have the got ahead I could tell you if they go ahead and take that after hearing the truth I got to I really believe those they're going to regret it. Even her husband and wanted to take the shots and everything so she wasn't feeling completely good about it in the first place. But before… Talk rental fight. I remember getting a call from a fellow who was in his 50s and his family.

His siblings they all decided they really get the shot and he said no. I he heard her appearance on the radio and he says no heat talked about what we were usually told his siblings about what we were saying on the inherently earn and they all laughed at him and they said no, no, you know what the government says will.

Apparently there was four of four of them siblings that all got the shot mail died well.

Form when I got my cards out there and I would go ahead and come out and that I was informed that they would have any Facebook shot that that pharmacist would be able to document well hopefully didn't know they didn't get it put if they did then it's on them half yeah sure is get off the phone them. Wait a minute, but it's time for you to to give an invitation. Okay glad to do it want to do it right now.

Yeah, it's best, stunned. I got five minutes five minutes. Okay, well, everybody here in front of my voice tonight. We have one thing in common. You rather go to heaven… Most people have said before, all your our lives we been programmed to think that our good works get us to heaven and somehow up the good work that bouncer bad works go to heaven. Otherwise, we don't and that's not the thing at all you know one thing to keep you heaven and within every day of our lives and thought were to date and it looks pretty bleak picture right there, but the fact is, when Jesus on the cross of Calvary would God was allowing Jesus to do was to transfer the guilt of all your sins of my son when Jesus said it is finished you saying that all the work necessary for our salvation or redemption been done by him and accepted by God the father, but doubt if salvation don't become yours automatically for God loves you but he ate your sins.

God wants you to come to heaven but he says your sins cannot come with you and the only thing that can wash away your sins is the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 17 sins of whom we have redemption through his blood is not your good works is not through the city's water system. It's not the church is not through some religious leaders is not through some church doctrine is through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ because Christ was all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and has been the very God sinless blood of God is what washes away our sins.

Nothing else to do it. That's why Mary Peter Paul, your uncle Joe and then Sue can't wash away your sins, but there you can't wash away your sins with your own blood. That's one thing Israel in the Old Testament they had to get a lamb without spot or blemish and that was figurative of the Lord Jesus Christ and they had to say that lamb and was transferred there sins onto that lamb. And so that's why you're still your your your system.

Your center and your you can't wash away sin with simple blood. That's why you need the blood of Jesus Christ. In John 112 said, but as many as received him, to them gave you the power to become the sons of God is when you reach out by faith and received the payment. Jesus paid you on that cross you get eternal life and how you do that. Romans 1013 says that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved to call me right. That means if you believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood.

Save your soul and you asked him to come in your heart you confess with your mouth asking committee your heart and Savior don't do it because God wants to save you more than you could even want to be saved, don't want you to go to hell, but he's offering you salvation through his son Jesus Christ as a free gift.

Ephesians 289 says, for by grace are ye saved through faith and not of yourselves, it is the gift of God not works with any man should boast is not what Jesus did for us.

What you do as well as works to get you to heaven is what Jesus did. And then what you do with that statement that he did in your place so you want to go to heaven you got you got to do it God's way. Not your way and God's way is the most simple way in the first place. Jesus is offering you eternal life because he loves you and you know you can't earn your own related heaven and and and the only thing that can wash away your sins again as the blood of Jesus used at the door of your heart. Right now he's knocking and he's asking you if you open up that door and let him come in Revelation 320 said, behold, I stand at the door and knock any man hear my voice that there is work and opened the door, I will come in so that's that's what he's doing with you right now you're here this word being preached.

So the only way to open up the door. Your apartment Jesus come in through prayer and if you like to pray and asked Jesus to come in your heart. I'd like to lead you in simple prayers got the sinners prayer and we would be great if he was at a time in every outbound lead.

But even though we pray together strictly between you and God is only you can open up the door of your heart to Jesus command and right now he's knocking at the door to what you say we pray you open up that there were not implemented. Right now, dear God, just follow me with you was the time and meet it with all your heart.

There God.

I confess unto you that I've sinned against you in thought, word and deed. I'm guilty and I stand before you guilty and I don't want to go to hell and I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed his blood in my place with my salvation and Lord Jesus site here and now ask you to come into my heart, forgive me of all my sins and save my soul from hell because I believe you died for me, you're my Savior you're my God, you're the only one that can give me eternal life. And right now I receive that eternal life from you.

In Jesus name, amen. Thank you very much because we're we're out of time.

I hope people out there listed. If you have not received Christ. I hope you prayed that prayer we are out of time so until tomorrow we say good night God. God bless. And always, always, always keep. Friday five.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right.

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