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TUE HR 2 092722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 28, 2022 12:29 am

TUE HR 2 092722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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All the way back there and and many times since then We've told them over and over about this So we're gonna go now to a clip and we're gonna tell them one more time and we're gonna have this. Dr Kingston we're gonna have them So take it away Thank you for sharing that just incredible research that La Quinta, Colombia has done it is truly groundbreaking in our battle against this bio weapon attack transhuman and transhumanism attack on the American people and the globe and it substantiates everything That I've been sharing on the Stu Peter show for over a year now from all the patents as well as what other doctors like Dr. Carrie Maday and Adriana Love and Dr. Jane Ruby have shared so it really is groundbreaking evidence that I hope and pray is brought into all of the lawsuits that shows the dangers of these injections combined With the danger of radio frequencies such as those that can come from cell phone towers 5g and potentially even our own phones All right. So in this particular study, they did use electromagnetic waves in Up against the Pfizer vial of vaccination of the vaccine now Karen.

What are we looking at here? So what you're looking at is called single wall carbon nanotubes s WCT ends for the patents that Use a technology called Tesla phoresis and genetically engineered hydrogel, which is under the quantum dot Technology and this is based on per the patents the bore particle which is based on frequencies So when certain frequencies are given the genetically engineered hydrogel and the graphene oxide nanotubes Begin self-assembly and that that is what you're looking at There's a video that people can look up on the Rice Institute that they look up Tesla phoresis This is essentially a version of it. So you're looking at a Advanced artificial intelligence technology that is receiving electromagnetic signal signals to self amplify and build out and with according to the genetic genetically engineered hydrogel patents and Literature it actually can use calcium in our body to further produce these these tubes that we're looking at now is that what dr. Jane possibly found with The embalmer Richard Hirschman you said it calcium deposits and I know they're finding white fibers clots.

Is this related in any way? It is and I've also been in discussion with Mike Adams about the those clots that dr. Jane Ruby brought to the attention of the globe and In the patent, there's some further definition and explanation of what those biosynthetic materials are as well as chelation treatments So chelation is a way to actually dissolve and remove these clots and Mike Adams is currently experimenting on with a few Chemicals that would be safe for for injection in the human body that may work on these but yeah This is this is essentially a version of what dr. Jane Ruby's embalmers had found. It's certainly a version of it so we're looking at nano size and as you look at the patents, they grow from nano size to micrometers to millimeters to centimeters And I can't believe I can't believe that they pushed this on us. They put push this on children They force people to get this experimental jab, you know And look at what it's doing in the body and it's reacting to electromagnetic fields. Like I'm no expert at this I don't know what I'm really looking at However, I know that you have brought patent patents after patent after patent and the receipts to kind of back this up and they try To convince us that what we're seeing isn't real but it is here it is.

It's right there You know another thing that they tried to convince us wasn't real. I wanted to share this video with you It's actually a video of my grandmother. So she got the Moderna shot This was early on during the rollout and you know, I love my grandmother She's I'm a grandma's girl personally and you know, I'm more so angry about what they have done But what they try to tell us is that you know, oh your arm isn't magnetic. This isn't real what you're seeing is not real however, I tried it on my grandmother about I was three weeks after her Moderna shot and It ended up being a magnet to a bobby pin that I had and it wasn't like she had sticky skin or anything like that there was a pool and it stuck right to her arm and You like just stood right there and I I was like there is a pool there.

There is a magnetic pool there I'm not crazy. This is real What have they done to my grandmother let alone the rest of the population and you know It's scary because they're doing this. We're watching as these self-assembling circuits are Assembling themselves around electric magnetic fields and I mean there's all this talk of transhumanism with Joe Biden, you know What is the end goal here Karen? Yeah, I mean the the end goal is is what they've been telling us It's a depopulation right and enslavement of the American people and you know, Steve and I talked about this last year Where you know, he said well, basically the vaccines are an enslavement platform and and as I agreed with him But I said but for those who don't obey it's an execution platform as well so because people are being injected with these artificial intelligence advanced technologies that can send and receive Signals that can literally build things out in your body as you're seeing under the microscope there They're targeted also to cross the blood-brain barrier And so that becomes a neural weapon and that neural weapon can be used. Yes to induce a stroke in somebody But it can also change someone's emotions and behaviors and you know, James Giordano who works at Georgetown University He's an expert in neuro weapons and neuro ethics. He began working with Obama in 2008 on the brain initiative He gives dozens and dozens of seminars at West Point and the US Naval Academy Also with the intelligence community explaining how you can use nanotechnology To change a person's change a person's personality or to execute them from a distance using optics Which are our light signals.

So, you know, this is and La Quinta Colombia has now shown us You can't deny your eyes. I mean they've shown us the evidence from Pfizer's vials This is self some assembling self amplifying graphene oxide based technology that's been injected into the human body This is more than just mRNA. It's more than just the gene editing which is horrific and blasphemous enough this is a way to Control the global population and and Americans and the global population need to say enough is enough. It needs to be stopped Nobody was informed. They were injected with this technology nobody there is no reason why any of these vaccines should still be available in any Country in the world. They should all be immediately recalled and and I'm very disappointed in you know There's there's leaders and people who actually are inventors of mRNA, you know who happen on the forefront talking about these injections if they fail to tell the American people the risk of the pegylated lipid nanoparticles are any of the polyethylene glycol that the mRNA can Never be delivered without peg and peg can contain whatever it wants plus the fact in many studies It has a 10% or higher myocarditis rate So it's you know, the grounds to recall them that alone is right there, you know, and I am NOT a scientist I am NOT a doctor and I can find this information right and bring it forward, you know I know you have brought a lot substantiate everything left with the Columbia spot You know it seemed I can go and I can then do the research and substantiate look This is what they're seeing. It's in the patents.

It's in these publications, you know, why? Where are the attorneys? Where is our military? Where is you know, why aren't we moving forward with this?

Why are we pretending that somehow or another? Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson and Moderna have a shield that they can commit crimes against humanity against the global population Because of laws or contracts that were passed by our governments that we never approved of right? Nobody agreed to this Nobody agreed to this Nobody was given like awareness of what exactly was in this thing and they pushed it on us Not only did they say hey, it's available for you to take and propagandize us into thinking it was safe and effective They also, you know mandated it for people like, you know, they mandated it for kids going to college You know, if you want to play sports, you have to get this what we're looking at right now injected in your body It's crimes against humanity. It's evil. It's Basically, I think it's demonic. It's so demonic what they're doing is absolutely demonic. Yeah. Yeah, this is like demonic technology right here And it absolutely is demonic.

This is not of God's world This is of people who are playing God and their God who is Satan. That is what this is This is no longer a fight for our freedoms. This is no longer a fight just about our health sovereignty This is literally a fight to preserve the human race at this point people don't understand This is the convergence of artificial intelligence in the human body.

It's right there in front of your eyes to see right? You can see these self amplifying self assembling technologies that are growing inside human bodies that can conduct Electromagnetic fields and as they do that one of the side effects is death One of the many I mean, you know, they're trying to normalize now myocarditis in children Like it's completely normal. Like this is like oh, this has always happened. You just didn't know about it You know the greatest sigh up of all time and those who did not get the vaccine I want to commend you because you did survive the greatest sigh up of all time. Everybody was in on it Everybody told you to take it and you still held strong. Thanks to freedom fighters like Karen Kingston who did her research I mean you literally all you did was read the government patents You had read the studies that were done and you know as a result revealed their intentions that they had for us Which are not good intentions, by the way, these people do not have your best interest in mind They will exterminate you and they won't care No, they won't and I think people also need to worry I was like at this point, you know if you take a look at Biden's executive order and you take a look at these environmental bills and movements or executive orders and organizations are coming through you can also we can all see this transhumanism movement and it so It's not just about getting injected with these bio weapons the lipid nanoparticle technology can actually be injected into a human body or a person could be inoculated through a Contact surface skin to skin surface or an aerosol attack.

So last year on Stu show again. I had Very righteous anger when I found out at my son's school They were using a product called Enviro mist, which was a darker gray graphene oxide Microorganism based quote-unquote sterilizer against COVID-19 that they were going to be spraying the school down with Well, that was nothing more than another way to infect the children with these graphene oxide nanotubes That's what it was. It was made by DARPA and I'm like, why don't you stick with Lysol and bleach now? That being said be appearing on Stu show sending emails to my son's school.

They ended up going with Something like Lysol and bleach and they didn't move forward with a darker product. So that's good. Hey, we're being attacked gone No, I was gonna say hey like that's how we fight back. Moms angry moms are the best Yeah, the people have to speak up and I'm so grateful for this platform for allowing truth-tellers to come on here and And share the truth with the American people and and I I hope people take this video from La Quinta, Colombia They look this is what's in the vials, you know This is terrifying to think that this is injected into human bodies now but this is the hope is again in the patents there are chelation therapies and also you've had Matt that engineer on your on your program before who talked about the frequencies that activate the building of these Well, there's also frequencies to deactivate them for the patents as well So, you know, there is a way to stop this. We just need the right leadership in place the right Government in place, you know and we need people to to not be afraid to tell the truth Regardless of the consequences or who they're gonna be speaking out against so, you know The other thing is we have been misled by certain people, you know that we trusted, you know Recently and over the years and you can't be afraid to speak out to say look Here's a situation where I understand this person, you know, well respected and well trusted But these statements were false and misled people and here's why and I don't think we should be afraid to do that We have freedom of a speech and it's time, you know truth teamwork and integrity are of utmost Importance and I am thankful that you guys have had me be part of this to Peter's team because let's be honest Not many other people have me on their team, right?

Well, we need a tribe especially now and you know, we always have your back. Yeah There's a lot of experts out there who are intentionally leading people astray, you know They intentionally tell lies in or gatekeep to keep true information out, but that's how our enemy works. That's how Satan works You know, he always uses a little bit of truth and to cover up a big lie, and that's what he does It's just one of his strict strategies per se and we're seeing the same thing Going on even now with the quote unquote experts or they take a little bit of truth and they blow it up into a big Lie, or they you know hide a big lie So Karen, thank you so much for coming on coming on and covering this with me today. We'll see you again this week Thanks, Lauren.

Take care. God bless Already we are back now Joe. I praise the good Lord for like Alex Jones Stu Peters World News Daily But before there was Alex Jones before there was World News Daily before there was Stu Peters before there was Fox News There was what's right?

What's left? All of these years we've been telling people and bringing that and without without any compromise without one time not one time did we compromise and No it has it's been it's been interesting because They've tried about everything to get us off the air and by God's grace, you know, we're still here. I mean, but You know, I you know, I you know, you just think back about world You know move on dot org and all of those with all of the different ways They try to knock us down and get us off the air.

Remember what mr. Bloomberg did to us out there in New York And so but we're still here Somebody else and it turned out to be Bloomberg that it's by God's grace that we're still here. And so anyhow this last week actually The Oath Keepers forced to go to trial on bogus edition conspiracy charges Five weeks before midterms governor a government denies them discovery arrests their key witnesses And you have Jerry bias totally totally unethical judge Plagues the kangaroo courts Democrats desperate to retain power Again, here's what they're having The Oath Keepers including leader Stuart Rhodes will be forced to go on trial prematurely With with numerous attempts actually This was this week. Actually, it was started Monday yesterday Okay, and so this week they're gonna be going on and you know what they're doing Joe So they go and they find out who their key defense witnesses are and they're they're arresting them They're arresting them so they can't testify that is how corrupt that is how totally corrupt You know you talk about this so January 6 panel You know, it's like It's like they went to The gates of hell knocked on the door and asked Satan to send them the best liars than the most corrupt people they have No integrity, no remorse at all no conscience right and Anybody that looks at this January 6 it's not conducted like an investigation.

There's no rebuttal. There's no other testimony no one's allowed to ask questions present a You know prove to the contrary of statements that they sit and make it's a real joke. It's a kangaroo court it's the kind of thing that the Stalinist Russia would do and and You know everybody that came out of the court was of course always found guilty guilty guilty and sentenced to you know work camp or death or whatever and something I never in my life thought I would ever see in the United States of America and yet most people are sitting back with a Ho-hum not paying any attention to the news not caring what's going on with this committee not realizing the Damage to the Constitution our Republic our way of life and the future of the nation If Republicans take back power in Congress, it's assumed that the January 6th Unsled Committee will be Disbanded many predict a new committee will be started to investigate the January 6th Committee's unprecedented and outright illegal actions Therefore the committee and the DOJ are self President they're in a self-preservation mode pulling out all the stops with a January 6th Unsled Committee show trial Hearing scheduled alongside the Oath Keepers trial this week.

That's supposed to take place this week now you know into ruling the election make Trump and everybody that is for him look like criminals and and revolutionaries and an insurrectionists and as it's kind of like their only way to stop the onslaught of The red wave that's coming. I don't have look I have faith in some people like Josh Holly Jim Jordan and others but as far as Mitch McConnell and And then these these rhinos there. They're worthless. They're worthless there They want status quo and you know, so, you know, we have to We've got to get rid of the rhinos and get some really good decent people in there. That'll do their job but Sean Senator Holly he insists that Merrick Garland testify under oath on the FBI raid of pro-life activists and you know, we talked about the The zero West made the 17 of Jane's revenge attacks and on pro-life Organizations not one arrest they show you very clearly That the FBI is simply a branch of the death credit Communist Party Well, they pulled all their agents to go out and be out.

We said like we mentioned last night. They're out running around delivering It's what team subpoenas for people with misdemeanors. They're not going out to criminals So it's this is the future the nation if you guys want old you know the people of America want to live in a totalitarian state and Become communist control like Cuba Russia some of the other examples, China Sit home don't vote and see what'll happen Let me rage a little bit of this article anything like this.

Let me read you from This article here. This is by Molly Burns And she goes on to say that Josh Holly senator. Josh Holly has demanded answers from Attorney General Merrick Garland concerning the arrest of pro-life activist and father Of seven mark Hulk remember about a year ago. I believe it was I think we had him I believe on the program When that took place out there in Pennsylvania And so according to Hawks family 15 vehicles were estimated 20 FBI agents raided Their house in an incident last year where Hawk had to protect his 12 year old son from an aggressive Planned predator s death scored outside of the bloody bloody abortion mill How can his family are running a nonprofit group that provides sidewalk counseling at these bloody abortion clinics in the city of Philadelphia? The case was originally dismissed He's been following them hasn't been in any trouble for years, so he knows what he's doing the case was originally dismissed Federal court when the escort attempted the death score to press charges according to the daily wire If the shocking reports about the FBI arrested a man Friday in rural, Pennsylvania are true Then you have a lot to answer for Holly said to me to a letter to Garland These reports state that the federal authorities obtained a warrant under the freedom of access clinic Entrances now look Garland knows that this guy he is such a dirty cop He knows that the Republicans actually do get back in power And if these cases are caught brought to the Supreme Court, he knows he's going to jail So they're going to use remember what?

What? Chucky Schumer said we need to if you mess with the intelligence agencies They got six ways to Sunday to get you Another words they are working on it there and tell what everything they're doing right now is to intimidate Republicans from speaking out intimidate voters Voters see what happens with the FBI sending a team like a Mira Lago The message is very clear we can if we can go get Donald Trump or the Secret Service is there If we can bust in and tear up his place go through his wife's panty drawers and everything We can do it to you Money a lot worse because you don't have the money and power that Trump does. So all of this is a message They're trying to intimidate us and we are to be as Christians bold as lions. We're supposed to trust in our God and go and do the right thing and Not be living in fear or we're going to be living in fear the rest of our life on this earth You know who's on that January 6 Commission a guy named Jamie Raskin and This guy I'm gonna tell you I watched him lie and lie and lie and lie You know, they were bragging that the Democrats were bragging about how?

that Adam what's-his-name? Was was such a good liar and I'm shiftless. Yeah They were bragging about this guy's whatever he's okay. He's one of our best liars. Well, they're Liar, he's not a good one. He's just a bold in-your-face liar. Well, I mean, yeah, I mean, it's just well, Jamie Raskin I think we give him a run for his money Now I watched him he and so here's what he's saying Leave that guy alone. Who's he talked about Ray Epps? Ray Epps know the guy that was out there telling people to do this and do that he was fomenting people breaking in and It was interesting because he was one of the few people who's captured on video urging people to storm Directing, you know the breach of the perimeter You know all this and the F all these people the FBI had pictures of he had clear picture knew he was He was never brought in for question.

He was never arrested. He wasn't even talked to So we know that he is an FBI stooge or you know agent or something Yeah, well, he's definitely one of their stooges and he could drop the dime on them And that's why he won't they are so corrupt I don't I don't think that that's so-called Justice Department could be any more corrupt than it is I mean, it's I mean how corrupt you can get when you completely and totally corrupted and it's in your face corruption, too Like, you know, look at us we can do whatever we want Whenever we want and there's nothing you can do about it. Well There's some of us to feel that there's a lot we can do about it and we're gonna and we're gonna fight But with every breath that we have because we're not gonna let you take our country away from us This way we're just not gonna do it. So We're up against the heartbreak. We'll be back right after this Read his words Heed his sighs Can't you see these are the times Earth quakes famines and pestilence are all on the rise The love of man Is waxy Just like the way that he foretold with all these things now Happen before Can't you feel the King Can't you sense a new day dawning rising like Read up your minds to be believing prepare your hearts to be receiving The soon-to-be returning Lord of And King of kings When he comes In the clouds Each and every knee shall bow Every ear shall hear him every eye shall see His trunk will sound His fire As light shines from east to west so shall also the coming of the sort of man Me Can't you feel the King Can't you sense a new day dawning rising like the morning Sun Read up your minds to be believing prepare your hearts to be receiving The soon-to-be returning Lord of And King of kings Our Savior and Deliverer and Redeemer the Messiah Jesus Christ El Shaddai Yahshua Hallelujah Can't you feel the kingdom coming Can't you sense a new day dawning rising like the morning sun with healing in his wings Read up your minds to be believing prepare your hearts to be receiving The soon-to-be returning Lord of And King of kings And Lord of lords And King of kings And Lord of lords and King of kings All righty, the Lord of lords and King of kings and Joe people want to know about doers of the word Baptist Church well, I know a little bit about it because I'm the pastor there and We are located at one four seven eight one Sperry Road.

It's 147 81 Sperry Road in Newberry Ohio and that's right at the corner of Route 87 and Sperry Road Under an 800-foot tower. We're right underneath that tower now We start Sunday morning with a Bible study at 830. It's really an in-depth Bible study and it goes on to about 930 and then we have another Bible study another in-depth Bible study and so Then the regular service starts at 11 15 regular service starts at 11 15 and every week we have a different we have a course that we teach us the Bible and current events things is happening like things that you hear on this radio program there are things we can bring you like what we did but we can bring it to you with a Film where you can actually see things that we can't show you while we're on the air. It's very in-depth The Bible says in Hosea 4-6 my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

They're destroyed So we try to show you how what is happening today? How it corresponds with what God's Word the Bible teaching how it is opening up so you understand Hey, that's exactly what they were talking about in the Word of God. So it's like a timeline that you understand where we're at now And then That's that's usually either four or five in the afternoon and then at six we have our evening service and Usually pastor Hal Larson will teach the evening service. Sometimes we have other pastors that we have, you know, teach an evening service Doing the evening service and sometimes I do it. Okay, and then We have on Thursday morning we have our Thursday morning prayer breakfast Where we take all of the letters that we get from you folks out there you send us and we get it was a stack of foot high and letters prayer request asking for prayer and We go and we divide them up and we go to prayer for it's sometimes several hours and on Thursday morning and then Also at Thursday evening. We also have another prayer meeting And and so and that's usually starts at about five o'clock on Thursday evenings So that's a little bit about doers of the word Baptist Church. We're an actual New Testament Church We are not a 501c3 corporation. We're an actual New Testament Church phone number at the church is four four zero three three eight one three six seven, that's four four zero three three three eight one three six seven or Four four zero three three eight one zero three six. That's four four zero three three eight one zero three six There you go, Joe You do not have a government 501c Seal of approval you are a true New Testament Church where Jesus Christ is dead And only he is head and not the government and that is a big distinction, right? Absolutely. Let's open the phone lines and take some calls at eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three that's eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three and Before we take the first call Joe world world news daily Has a report out and this is an article From the world news daily services and it says this big pharma pays massive 900 million dollar settlement for bribing doctors Joe remember how we were telling how why the reason the people are losing their confidence of their medical doctors And we told him why yeah, well Yeah, this is a by the Daily Caller News Foundation John Hugh Damastri, okay Biogen a Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical company will pay 900 million to settlement allegations That bribed doctors to prescribe the company's multiple Sclerosis drugs the Department of Justice DOJ announced Monday evening Why would they do something right?

You wonder? Okay, the suit was initially brought by former employee Michael bald bald unique ball Doniac Who alleged that the company offered or paid out kickbacks in forms of speaking fees consultant? consultant GC fees Which resulted in false claims being made to medical and Medicare?

accord to Medicaid and Medicare according to the DOJ The OJ the Civil War era false claims act Allows private individuals to file on behalf of the federal government in exchange for a portion of recovered funds netting ball duty ACK approximately 250 million of the 843 point 8 million awarded to the federal government while 56.2 million will be divided amongst 15 states according to the Wall Street Journal It gets complicated but the idea is that they back an individual but it took him years He's been working on this. I believe we we said something about when I was first wild and I think seven years ago Well, I remember this case it was started about seven years ago and it finally got settled So it's taken a long time that got into the courts far before Biden and his people got totally into place All right. Now this is strange Because Craig do we not have any callers? Okay, we've got well Timothy a word. Hey Timothy what you're in the air Timothy 15 I make the same choice every single day. I choose to serve Jesus Amen this choose you who you will serve this day for me and mine, you know, all right We have a call every day. We have a call. We have to answer the call Where as soon as you swing your legs out on? If you're lucky enough to be able to put them on the floor and stand up and take solid food every day And there's something to be said for that And I believe that all the glory goes to our Savior and we have to then you have to stay informed and we better to be informed than afraid and You know 366 times it's reinforced every single day.

You can you can read them for yourself We're supposed to meditate on it day and night Read our Proverbs and our Psalms every day and and stand on that 23rd Psalm stand on You know everything else that it says in in revelations about what's that if it's gonna happen It's it's it's gonna happen and it's gonna tell you what it's gonna happen You know what Timothy today? I've got two two calls and The questions were why aren't you in jail? Why haven't they come and kicked your door down? Okay, and now the answer to that is well ask God because He's the only he's he's what's keeping that from happening Right and nothing can happen and until he allows it and then whatever His decision is that's that's fine with me. You realize that What don't we don't we have to just tell him touch not the anointed? That's true.

They don't they don't listen to God. Okay, sometimes they have to find out the hard way Yeah, they will they're gonna listen That tongue and that knee are gonna get a rude awakening someday Absolutely Praying that those I keep telling everybody I thought everybody I'm around every single day I talked to the cashiers and then in the stores and I'm in the stores and I always tell everybody have a blessed day And I try to be positive amongst all this craziness and the you know The criminally insane they need that. I just hope that uh, Jim Jordan, that's my guy and I hope that Jim Jordan with his Tough fortitude is going to rally all the other people that might be might be on the fence I mean Josh Holly's the good dude based on what I see. I don't know him personally I just know what I see and what I hear and same with all the other ones.

I Know I know a little bit more about Jim Jordan because he's from Ohio and I follow him through his wrestling career and whatnot. He's a tough character Yeah, well, we got to support him. I got to move on but thanks for calling Who do we who do we have next year? Okay, we have pastor how pastor how you're in there Yeah, I just want to call it and make a quick comment I was in a drugstore the other day and a couple middle-aged ladies were still not an application to get those COVID shots and And we got talking and I I felt really a burden for him and I told him about Dr. Tenpenny and how that those things are bioweapons and not Vaccines and they were really interested and they took it down all the information and they said well We're not going to get those shots then and just at that time the pharmacist comes busting out Now, wait a minute. Wait a minute cuz you missed you missed one thing We were telling them about it. You called me and you said I'm here when he's two ladies and you said here.

That's Right. I even I would call it. I even called you and though and I put you on the phone with the ladies and after They got done talking to you. They said well that does it I'm not gonna get the shots and everything just send the pharmacist some young girl about 25 comes busting out the door You know all up in the puppet and you know Excited and she said sir what you're saying isn't scientific and I'm gonna have to ask you to leave and everything and I said Well, I'm just telling the ladies what the what the facts are and she said you've got to get out of here And I'm not gonna let you sit here and tell him all this false information and everything, you know, and and you know Like she was gonna call the police or something So I told the ladies I said just look into it Take a couple days before you get those shots if you're gonna get them, but that I said don't get them You know, they're they're they're about 400,000 people have died or been named from taking those shots. And so, you know They said okay, and when I left I could hear that pharmacist just trying to you know Go it into their heads that everything I said wasn't true and all this other stuff and you know the boy she really she really went berserk and And well, we don't know, you know, you know because you don't know what happened I know often, you know in times past being out there in front of the bloody abortion mills Where you would talk to people and they would go in anyhow but later on I found out that they left after I left that they they never did go through with killing their child and So you told them you did what you should do. They they received the truth. I told them No, and so they knew better if they if they they gone ahead I can tell you if they go ahead and take that after hearing the truth. I got you know, I Really believe they'll they're gonna regret it Well that one lady said even her husband didn't want her to take the shots and everything So she wasn't feeling completely good about it in the first place, but people were talking trying to talk her into it. I I remember getting a call from a fellow who was in his 50s and his family his siblings they all decided they were gonna get the shot and he said no, I he heard her he heard us on the radio and He says no, you know, he talked about what we were, you know He told his siblings about what we were saying on the on here in the air and and they all laughed at him And they said, you know, no Uh, we're gonna you know what the government says.

Well Apparently there was four of four of them siblings that all got the shot and they all died Well, I prayed for him when I got out in my car I sat there and I waited for 15 minutes, they still hadn't come out and but I was praying for him that they wouldn't have any peace But getting the shots and that that pharmacist wouldn't be able to talk him into it Yeah, well, hopefully didn't know they didn't get it but if they did Then it's on them, huh? Yeah sure is Well, I'll get off the phone then Wait a minute. Well, it's time for you to To give an invitation. Oh Okay Glad to do it. You want me to do it right now? Yeah, that's the best time. Okay, how much time do I got? Five minutes five minutes.

Okay. Well everybody hearing the sound of my voice tonight we have one thing in common you'd rather go to heaven than go tell and most people as I said before all your our lives we've been programmed to think that our good works get us to heaven and somehow if our good works out balance our bad works we go to heaven and otherwise we don't and That's not the thing at all You know one Senate keep you out of heaven and we sin every day of our lives and thought were to date and that looks Pretty bleak if the picture ends right there but the fact is when Jesus died on that cross at Calvary what God was allowing Jesus to do was to transfer the Guilt of all your sins and mine onto his son and when Jesus said it is finished. He was saying that all the work Necessary for our salvation our redemption has been done by him and accepted by God the Father But now that salvation don't become yours automatically.

You see God loves you, but he hates your sins God wants you to come to heaven But he says your sins cannot come with you and the only thing that can wash away your sins is the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ Ephesians 1 7 says in whom we have redemption through his blood. It's not through your good works. It's not through the city's water system It's not through the church.

It's not through some religious leaders. It's not through some church doctrine It's through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ because in Christ was all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and his in the very Blood of God sinless blood of God is what washes away our sins. Nothing else could do it That's why Mary Peter Paul your uncle Joe and Nansu can't wash away your sins But there were you can't wash away your sins with your own blood. That's one thing Israel in the Old Testament They had to get a lamb without a spot and blemish and that was figurative of the Lord Jesus Christ And they had to say that lamb and it was transfer of their sins onto that lamb And so that's why you're sin. You're you've got sin in your of your system You're a sinner and you're you can't wash away sin with sinful blood That's why you need the blood of Jesus Christ and John 1 12 said but as many as received him To them gave you the power to become the sons of God as when you reach out by faith and receive the payment Jesus paid for you on that cross that you get eternal life And how do you do that Romans 10 13 says for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved The call means to pray that means if you believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to save Your soul and you ask him to come into your heart You confess him with your mouth ask him come into your heart and save you he'll do it Because God wants to save you more than you could even want to be saved I don't want you to go to hell, but he's offering you salvation through his son. Jesus Christ is a free gift Ephesians 2 8 9 says for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourselves? It is the gift of God not of works with any man should boast It's not what Jesus did plus what you do as far as works that gets you to heaven It's what Jesus did period and then what you do with that finished payment that he did in your place And so if you want to go to heaven You got it. You got to do it God's way not your way and God's way is the most simple way in the first place Jesus is offering you eternal life because he loves you and he knows you can't earn your own way to heaven and And and and the only thing that can wash away your your sins again is the blood of Jesus He stands the door your heart right now and he's knocking and he's asking you if you open up that door and let him come in Revelation 3 20 says behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice That's there his word and open the door.

I will come in So that's right. That's what he's doing with you right now when you're hearing this word being preached And so the only way to open up the door your heart and let Jesus come in is through prayer And if you'd like to pray and ask Jesus to come into your heart, I'd like to lead you in a simple prayer It's called a sinner's prayer and we would be praying a few words at a time and I'll read out about lead yet But even though we're praying together It's strictly between you and God is only you can open up the door of your heart and let Jesus come in and right now He's knocking at that door. So what do you say we pray and you open up that door and let him come in right now dear God just follow me with few words at a time and meet it with all your heart dear God I confess unto you that I've sinned against you and thought word indeed I'm guilty and I stand before you guilty and I don't want to go to hell and I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died on The cross and shed his blood in my place for my salvation and Lord Jesus I hear and now ask you to come into my heart. Forgive me of all my sins and save my soul from hell Because I believe you died for me.

You're my Savior You're my God and you you're the only one that can give me eternal life And right now I receive that eternal life from you in Jesus name. Amen All right. Thank you very much for that prayer because We're we're out of time. I hope the people out there listening if you have not received Christ I hope you prayed that prayer. We're out of time. So until tomorrow we say good night God bless and always always always keep fighting the fight Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance What's right what's left hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry? Please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left The preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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