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January 22, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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January 22, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Those that Jesus raised from the dead during the ministry of Jesus, were they raised with glorified bodies---2- If we're to spend eternity in heaven, are we eternal or created beings---3- Does Genesis 1-24-31 prove that humans existed before Adam and Eve---4- What is original sin---5- What's your take on what happened with Ravi Zacharias---6- Matt discusses the care that should be taken for a man in ministry in regards to ministering to women.--7- What's the best way to become more efficient at Scripture memorization---8- How can I discern if I am called to be a chaplain---9- What is your preferred way to study the Bible-

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Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick why Mac is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research what is found you have questions about Bible doctrines Matt slick why branches called in responding to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick Matt slick wanted McCall as usual we could do was delete 77207276. If you're new to showing the Christian apologists to do here is that the questions on the Bible prophecy doctrine, Mormonism deals with the subscription site unity behind Islam. Atheism see UFOs with all kinds of slim people talk of war has several consequences marriage, homosexuality might do its research on some stuff on release tomorrow to debate tonight at 630. Don't click the link information of promotional for the economic harm, Facebook page, and hopefully the wealth was an atheist in the house can work to be different to be sick of the discussion, debate, find out if open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 and they just let you guys know we have a prayer ministry if you want a prayer you need prayer will do is see Miller's prayer's prayer: literacy condo board with the Christian apologetics research ministry initial months calculations couple weeks ago updated. How many page views we've had.

We had 144 million and done every know every milliliters of all dual account but to the sites you just 25 years old Prescott go through all kind of change get a new website version up and yes it's slow yes we know what we are working on that discriminating message from the text guys about that they're working on that usually is a problem here in her neck to fix it well. So what can think really the thing is to get into sauté. What was he McCall 877-207-2276 must go to Dave from Kansas City.

Dave welcomed you were on the year you will. I like to say we give your ministry every time you come on all while thinking that is really appreciated.

We definitely the prayer so really value that seriously, thanks and my question is, will you note Jesus raised some people from the dead after he was resurrected and that I was the first route given to the father, the resurrection on where they raised in a physical body or resurrected body, and I'm not real glorified resurrected body Lunesta had that happen is Jesus and we will be raised later in his coming to the end of the of the same. So those people who were raised in the ministry of Jesus end up dying again. They were just better word is resuscitated, so to speak the computer to resurrected in the context of the resurrected body.

Okay, so they would die thank you. You will be interesting accurately. They but let okay so they were running around Jerusalem. But no, they died, and he still denied that they had me well summed something out that no single LinkedIn. Some didn't believe the fact is that just because miracles occurred as a people get to believe automatically. You will have the waist denying stuff but a lot of people really do we know Jesus wanted people to so one thing that last debate with that other guy on eight as a cabinet. Yeah, I thought he was already acrimony. I thought he was pretty acrimony it did not neck you ad hominem. He left the argument as it is EE a lot of ad hominem at that my cuteness thank you GE heretic because he was, but to anyone out in the networks of salvation, but not an ad hominem attack that they so it was, it was was unfortunate you want to be me again on something you know he's a Church of Christ person so the last person in mind. They don't base with the cold. Okay, sounds good, but you too. Well folks are going to be a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 Kelly from Los Angeles you're on the air. According one that all things were created by eBay and Damon in the gavel are created correct the created beings yes they fell through canceling sales and we know we can help with. Okay, we are not eternal in the past. Since we are in the future senselessly come into existence. The attribute of God. See terminology because for me, this image is ours and we will continue on just what the Bible speaks of eternal life and eternal destruction and the destruction is not nonexistence but it can't conscience come to storm so that's how it is that we were were created by God. We are contingent upon his work out how okay God is the only eternal being who has never not existed. He's always existed who is not contingent is eternal in his nature.

Okay, okay. All right. Thank you Matt if you're welcome. That was easy one. I arranged to think that I write you McCall. We have four open lines 877-207-2276 want to give me a call with Pedro from Maryland. Welcome. Are you there 00 you know what I did it again.

I did hit the right button only and I don't think you're welcome.

I Maryland my neighbor had my name in a way that's all right but no. I was trying to kind of find an intersection between science and the Bible, which I know is kind of risky because then you can get into. I buy out about Adam and I wanted to run some thought at me.

If I'm going off the rails a little bit all right go first thought is that when you go to Genesis down today that you have a hard stop that all of creation and it had been already before. You have Adam and you get them anyway.

Anyway lately, would you get the idea that humans already existed before Adam that and Jennifer 124 to 131 yeah a fix in which you had humanity in all the land animal animal created you and you have and then after that you have the data and then you have a hard stop.

He had the entire poem finished and I need a narrative mode with Adam and Eve being created in the garden being created you reading in the text is not what it says are you saying that there were men and women before Adam and Eve yet. That kind of letter starting first 20 1545 so also it is written, the first man Adam became a living soul. Adam was the first right though, when I'm gone for with that part and Adam with the first human being with the breath of life locks limit had their people who are not living souls were the zombies is animated there animated human and.

Bite correct though like a different agency in the Holy Spirit and conscience. You are not getting the son of the Bible. There's no way that Scripture your reading of the text to make it say things it does not say.

You need love and you don't end up little real heresy. If you don't some is hidden in the background you understand that this is not biblical teaching achievement. While there is no mild that you had a strong on well, the Bible doesn't say what you said it doesn't show anything like that More New Age stuff. Okay, mystical, weird, no, I didn't get it from the way that my own kind of wandering in your part of the reason part of the reason why think that might also be much of a right on it because either the second Adam, second deck that it made second is the last no Alaska) always – that was the biblical as possible. The last laugh. Adam you saw the last Adam. What Adam could not not could not but did not, so are my theory, it's really important that Adam be physically able to obey the law spiritually unwilling to do so. Whereas Christ was an you you you you do is use having a conclusion and then you're looking for something to find that conclusion. Confirmation class tapping on something. I love you okay with her driving and her different tax to come to the radio. They can confuse them and take your eyes off the road going on so you have is which. This verse would first your particular looking at to get this idea one particular it was multiple directors so it only I start with Genesis 124, though. Ethically said, I happened to Romans five limit a quick jump and use of Genesis here.

There's nothing in there. Genesis 214 through 36 whatever that says or hints at the idea of pre-Adamic beings. Some people who teach this kind of stuff. I believe our house People blaming its aberrant teaching not biblical. It's not about okay so I hear you blame can mean the strong share and thematic structure or not. Literary structure between the beginning of Genesis Genesis 1 and two. Just once a summation is a shorter version Genesis to Genesis 1 revokes the right that have these messages give me a call. We have lines 877-0776 max Y call 770727 charismatic slave with Pedro. Got a question though. Finally, Joe question out short and original sin to Adam and that sort of logical inclusivity thing where if any man wherein Adam situation than they would be guilty just as Adam was guilty as opposed to yeah Original Sin's biblical doctrine which means that in Adam all others fell, which means that you represent all people, and so we all fell in him, people will say that's not fair. You have a right to represent anybody. Well the biblical revelation from God is that Adam did have that right in Adam all die in Christ all made alive for 2015 20 to Romans 518 says throughout through one transgression resulted condemnation to all men, so we know that Adam send us when he fell. We felt in him. If people want to deny that that's fair. Then they also deny that it's fair that Jesus represents us on the cross be which would mean that the denying sufficiency and nature of the atoning work.

So ultimately the reason Adam had the ability to represent everybody is because Christ was the represent his people across is added.have some inherent right in on of himself, except for that which is given by God ultimately the redemptive work which was which was manifested in the intra-Trinitarian community. The eternal covenant of he was 13, 20, and the election of God before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 14 this is the. The reason that Adam had that ability to be the representative just as Christ was the representative so Original Sin is a doctor and rooted in the infant was all federal headship and representation. Well thank you very much. Thanks for tolerating the questions.

The problem then call back again okay okay folks, we have four lines of you want to give me a call. I want to hear from you so please visit here 877-207-2276 was good to Matt Forrest, North Carolina you're on their iMac are you applying Matt how are you you hanging in there okay I'm in. I would like that.

That's not standard answer. They are so most nights, but you may have already commented on this article, Robbie. I called Ravi Zacharias all out everything that with investigation. I guess, you know I struggle with as much of it done and apologetic in the book practice think there was a practicing and letting that cross because obviously none of us want to truly redeem them. We hate that I would put it off and yet we do stand and then wait within a bit. I get, get your type on how all that thing to be going down well, maybe discovery were you going for those who don't caress, passed away last year.

She was a pretty good apologist.

She was very eloquence of its public speaker, traveled a great deal.

And after his death. It came out that he was sexually abusing women and I believe in repeating this is because their ministry has confirmed this is public knowledge. So apparently some hints of this were coming out before he passed away and a counter lawsuit was filed, etc. the elders of the church elders involve the ministry should have very very thoroughly investigated and I suspect that they had very thoroughly investigated. They would discover that he was guilty because he was guilty. So if they had found out what he was doing and confirm that he was being abusive and that weight and articles that describe some of the things he did in the spas that he owned with the women workers and inappropriate stuff was about to repeat finding articles because children listening, etc. so if they found out that this was true that he would necessarily immediately need to be removed from any minister. It's one thing if a person it was suffering from little bit of ego pride struggling with it on preaching and teaching and now this is all that is a great sermon without management the said to myself that's different than the going into an area where women are and divulging yourself and go requiring in love the pictures love about. So this is the latter is a severe sin that was sought after numerous times the current repentance or accountability. So to be honest he's disqualified from the position he was in his came out after his death. So that's what it is like not like a faded judgment only for him but it that point I challenged me that you know what wingspan and Adrian Rogers going down but Everett ever correct and I'm not don't work there and obviously challenge daily not become legalistic but the love the Lord and allow him late July. That's how you live in this challenge may vary thing out that somehow hopefully not to the level of that but allowing Eric using Jeff to find a graph allowing them to rein in my body often put one of the things travelers… Or sanctification. In fact, lately he's been working on me on my period of signification and to spend some stuff between the Lord and myself and down the seeking repentance and seeking holiness and you know things I would never have done 40 years ago. You know, but as you grow older you for realizing more nuances of things you need to struggle about the thing is here.

Not that we want to say there's this way if there were a pastor who we discovered was committing adultery and rigor basis for a couple three years. Obviously he's disqualified because the older must be above repute. He must have a good reputation and such a thing would be a direct evil and it is spoken about in Galatians 521 on the deeds of the flesh are evident with her immorality, which is tornado in the Greek and sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes the sentient factions envying, drunkenness, carousing well if the pastor were guilty of things, two, three, four of them. Whatever he's disqualified with similar profession beautiful.

My guess is that life's area to get help hold on a regular fellowship for them. I did want to give me a call 87707277 Matt Y. Call 770727 charismatic slave back everybody we have four open lines of want to give me a call. Want to hear from 877072276 with get to Matt manfully forced Stiller by argument. Thank one of the things that were delicate. They delegation that it apparently, but mentioned that the ministry if they are available. A lot of very not think my heart you know my heart, the faithful and desperately wicked coming out of physically done about it that that the belt.

There are I struggle with wanting to be godly and still falling short and then the young people like that. I want to keep it going to make it nothing and I am the brain for that across the claim numbering and he fell a lot when for Aladdin. Give me a new heart) I have anything dark for all operating for. I do think that for his ministry and the faith of their work in their family terrible's.

This is one of the reasons I usually tell people not elevate any person other than Jesus Christ don't consider any monies or public figure to be good or want all this respect and honor. No, the glory needs to go to the Lord Jesus Christ because all people are sinners and will let you down one way or another. Some have greater deception in their sin is Ravi Zacharias apparently good and some will have far less justify many is just a I was told people to put your eyes on the pastor, the preacher, the apologist, a radio guy achieving guy don't do that if they fall oh Christianity is not true within your hope wasn't in Christ with these people so that's why tilt and that what you heard about Robbie this way without God and pass judgment.

Other than his sin was was bad and as someone in the text chat room just said maybe got to come out because of so that's it were dumped again in a convenient to be the case gotcha mercy to them in that respect.

I do know it's done and we need to pray for the survivors of that abuse and also think about this one about those people who were abused by him and their view of what Christianity stands for senior they could be hindered greatly from coming to Christ. Because of this, and Jesus is still woke to the one who hinders the children from coming to him that a millstone tied around his neck so I told him that the ocean so it was good to be complicated got a sort it all out. We pray for those survivors of that abuse and pray that the would find redemption in spite of the great center that he perpetrated upon us.

We want innovation. There, thank you very much okay right there. All right. Have a good night okay goblins if those we have five lines. Nobody waiting right now if you want to give me a call on you to do is dial 877-207-2276 on and some just wrote something in there and texture agree with Patrick will be judged heavily. You know I'm a Christian apologist radio guy with a lot of stuff done a lot of stuff and when it comes to areas of sanctification publicly because I got my own personal struggles like we all do but if I were to be at a place, speaking and there was no need to go to. With say a restaurant and I did have a car and a woman said I'll take you. I would not go in the car with her and left 1/3 person to some sorry I just can't do that because I don't want to provide any opportunity for even the appearance of evil. I just don't want to do that and very very careful about that kind of thing because many men have fallen way. I don't want any opportunity for the flesh, and so my wife and I we talk a lot a lot about it but over the years we have fly out someplace and speak can in whatever and I'm always very guarded, very guarded on my talking to the ladies in the in the guise and stuff like that when groups not a problem we drive together in a group that's fine, but there just certain things I won't allow happen if I were in a hotel room and never allow a woman to come up to my room. Unless it was people with us retrieving something and then we left that kind of thing I would do.

We have to make sure that no opportunity for evil can present itself because those of us were public figures.

We represent Christ. And in a more public way. We have to be even more careful and we just not good. Allow this to happen. I remember was a a few weeks rose talking to a woman regularly administering to her little bit on the phone and I would tell my wife each time was nothing we went there together with just a woman just on the phone to ask advice, no tolerance. I told her each time Mrs. Alonso called me.

We talked about this and this and this and she always appreciated that and after a while my wife said you can talk into her life and that was it done and I made sure that nothing would come of that at all just counseling but is about time to be done anyway and only over the phone and was it was cut infrequently easy, just an example. You don't want to give any opportunity for anything that might counseling people and I will never counsel woman by herself on the living room by herself by myself with her won't do that 1/3 person there in the house and the whatever it is. This is what we have to do we honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sounds use these things as an excuse to perpetrate immorality upon others or encourage them to participate in that never ever be the case again. Okay, well, let's get on the phone with Phil from Pennsylvania fill welcome your on Atletico think you want, click help.

What company scripture verses with you today. Would you recommend, learn to be really sharp apologetically know the word building of a good defense of the faith like I'm a everyday Christian video video schedule all business and I want to learn the word out about my Google photos up. I'm thinking love the more time the word on the word of God better and you look at the books I read the article religion okay so if you have a particular question. Several things in their yeah so the everyday Christian alchemy. How can we know the word of God. Better to be memorizing under the Scriptures and okay when I do what you want to write is because I'm called to this, I developed outlines and so I have numerous outlines on numerous topics that are hundreds of pages thousand pages total. Probably maybe a few thousand pages total that want to work on different topics. This is just what I do reason I do outlines is because I don't have a good memory to memorize is more more scriptures are seems to be for me about 1/501 limit and then I cut them 4500. I kind of, the more I got, the more the cadet the other side and so need to keep those going is because I'm on the radio a lot debating a lot, writing Scriptures a lot to do this for 41 years. I got hundreds right now with the references are things like that. I'm still trundling moral time Matthew 1822. I just learned and try to get those plus internal learn psoriasis to fix her for 157 out of the Quran and the church 350 for various servers. I know they mean just by saying them and try to get to that level. I have certain things in the book of Mormon.

I memorizing something I need to get on the Joe's witness washed organization stop.

This is so much to learn less on different because I hear more public figuring to do multiple topics that I get into an ongoing stuff about Catholicism all the time to correct what you want to just gonna start out just get better. What you do is ask God to strain you to test you to stretch whatever it is you might be praying this for couple or three days of your knock on the door. He might have some Jehovah's Witnesses there and the next thing you know, for three, four weeks or talking to them. That's what you want to study business and you just develop verses that answer the questions he start studying those things and you can do what I used to do every piece of paper with me. I put the verse on the left electric through 224 and then someone else is on you. I would have that effect, mostly right back after mass Y call 770727 charismatic sling show we lost Phil now with this jump over to Raleigh, North Carolina Andrew, you are on here: start going all graduate college. But that thing about it now. My career technical for what you want to do after going off to school and military okay and so I got up I got a bit in the past, but I got a call and eventually going to the chaplain Corps and stark difference what I thought out, so my guess my question was asked not better to start this business the last few days of fasting were doing this week that you called to be chaplain yes well it's like a calling to any ministry leaders. The internal and external call user vague but the true an internal call is something that occurs in you, you feel led to serve God feel led to do certain things I feel led. For example, to answer questions to study and to debate and teach I feel led in that area called apologetics well if you feel led in the military to minister to the men and women in your command to the base as a whole, then that's a godly thing if it consists of the continues then is probably from God.

One of the things I will do what I pray you say there's a new desire have in my heart is on you for couple three days will do. It's our praying about Lord of this is from my flesh. Please let it go away from you. Please let it increase and for the most part with me. I things decrease because they really will do so much. I'm pretty busy as it is, but that's the general method when the late before God and say Lord if it's from you increase that desire for this havoc be sustained if it's not from your political way and then I'll ask for the issue of the external call Lord if it is from you. Please open those doors and if it's not from you, then please close those doors is that general principle of the internal and external to increase or decrease the desire in my heart to open or close the doors around me. But the thing is that sometimes you may have a super increased desire to be.

For example, be a chaplain and it is burning in your heart and you just know it's from God and all the doors close will then what you do is you just trust God because if that desire so strong you trust him, Lord, at the right time you open the door and then you start preparing good you'll know this desire from it. Fleshly desires are things like Caleb you chaplain, unless you have your chaplain to get rank or to get to status or to have power over people, whatever that would be ungodly you to check yourself on those if those reasons and stuff like that simple reasons are there Golden gate from God you trust him at the right time and sometimes it takes years for the right door opens. Because if you're like me and you have a six goal, it takes a little bit longer for God to get through rice so great a great outfit that the internal and external got away by not dire in the doors. Thank you about the house out and then why not you get a bunch of line and I appreciate appreciate your God, something would bring to the service or you and the Coast Guard okay and how will you come about five years from about five okay will you I wanted to say thanks for your service and appreciate need more people like you and in the military. We do so right thank you sir. Thank you God bless you.

Okay. All right. Praise God.

My dad was in the military. He said, and I never was what he was in World War II in the Navy. He was in Korea and the Army and he went to Vietnam in the Air Force.about that. I figure some of his war stories, along with some bodies from the different branches stories. All right, we have the four guidelines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Mark from North Carolina, Mark your on the air mass good to talk to you again. I will go up three brother in Christ, called in their good way to understand is Bob greater someone had you gave me by ever being given, and I want to share that I hope your split file subject study that you probably never worked when you read your new test, but always through to Tour three subject every time you see that the subject site that they have a little work day of judgment or example every time you see Pam to write those things down and put them in the last chapter and verse go back when you finish reading the New Testament and then look at every one of those verses together and it will open your basket by ever been given. I will have to understand God's word really kept me pretty upscale, you get different ways of studying the Bible mines different than that, but not the kind of similar to the same time you got, you know that that's good advice, but I do is I just have use the speech recognition program I type quickly and I have all kind of tools at 427 inch 4K monitors mean I get into it and all open stuff up next go to town so you know when you have a topic that's a baptism I can look up the block to do so in every single instance of the New Testament. I can see how Houston in the Old Testament Septuagint version and relate words.

I love doing that kind of stuff in this window in order to you when the more you understand about God's work, the more you want to discredit that much harder.

I had a director, bless his heart for our good friend Bidart Hartnell but I was talking to him about the day of the Lord, the Lord is seven years in the Bible, 27, I can have you ever read. I get one day it's right but I could basically told her that the courtly plays like pretrip director of the listeners out there. There is no greater regret. Read your Bible study group Bible, the Lord find this out to the Lord.

65 times in the New Testament back onto New Testament 22 times in the Old Testament and every passage it talks about a day just like you had extensive study has reported a day that you going judge the world in righteousness will I see 28×90 quick search of my Bible program. Okay, I see him start up. It's just that it is 27. That's interesting because it's 3Q3 10, 310 three is 27 and outnumber patterns and things like that, due to that stuff. So I love talking to you or your wildland for your your student so much closer to understanding God's word and not licking you all at you so much posted so teach God's word and how I'd never knew you how little they actually knew until I started studying God's word is seen with the truth. What I find that you not disappoint people looking like the world has no clue. The you know what I was teaching Bible study, but a year ago I we could Bible study in person. I'm going to church and teach and I'm going people when I start I say look, the longer you study with me, the less you're going to probably the less you will understand or appreciate your pastor's sermons. I said I'm not trying to cause problems announcing I'm better than them. You just can assert learning things and you start listening. But wait a minute, what about this little but that is going to happen, and sure enough people come back to me for 56 months and you know what you said was right and is not trying I'm trying this to make it bad for people is just the start listening. Wait a minute that's not that's not really sure you know or or he could've said this, I never once went to a church and it I put up a chicken with a different church while back and I went to this church and of all the passages he was to speak on it was on Colossians 31 through five, which is tremendously rich and deep thinking this is going to be awesome and he barely skirted over the top didn't dip down into the depths of it and kept going through stuff and I remember I just end up With this term. All three quarters just walked out just on and it was in that I want to list Greek exegesis is like food you get into it at me to die with Christ is right. Thank life is you die, your life is hidden with Christ in God.

What is that mean it is beautiful here. The Bible is alive or you read more you realize the book is a lot as I live. You can read it a million times and you still get something out of it every thought. That's right that's right you're so true.

Good for you brother. Good for you. Thank you all right okay but God bless all right is good to Braden from Twin Falls, Idaho. I noticed I forgot to call back Braden what's up are you are not good man. I forgot to call you back. Just think about this one called me to get a call bringing you need to go and repent and call I call you that is so true. Sorry about that. What are you doing, no worries doing good I you doing all right doing all right hanging in there as life and could they are doing very well very very well multi-left husband of your house with Joy Dixon enjoyed the meal from back then will you guys got invite me out there you know you know what yet not be on your Quito .Mac time and we enjoy anything really good.

Yeah, I'm off of it now, giving it a try to find it with my wife told me I got a picture of a guy 63's old boss and got abs yes dear will be to do I care about their life. You look like him because he's smart and intelligent. I'm not. That's what those window people usually have a little bit more time to be at dinner, so he thought like myself, that is so true as he has to select the yes it can apply what they did.

They enjoy the finer. When I was there.

Oh yes they did. They really really get a black shirt and without fully blessing. Thank you again for doing update and said that they want. Have you come back up and do another student listening to me then they will back the Atlantic. They didn't like it at all. They located everything that sets is the Braden I know will take them online so we got a bit though I have a quick question regarding the note. That is correct, though I read company talk with somebody that been teaching that are buried here is no theory in such a way that they are even almost getting at the point that Jesus the bill, not omniscient on the present and I'm hoping as of right now, but I doubt that would be save you a call like this will talk to them talk about what it is tomorrow to topics folks read a ton of Braden Lord bless you all.

I hope you

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