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Matt Slick Live Special - King James Onlyism

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick
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December 1, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live Special - King James Onlyism

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 1, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt interviews Luke Wayne, writer and researcher with the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, on the subject of King James Onlyism -a subject on which Luke has published well over 100 articles for CARM-. They cover topics such as---- What is King James Onlyism--- Why does this topic matter--- How did we get the King James BIble--- Is the King James Bible we read today the same as the KJV of 1611--- Are modern translations doctrinally inferior to the KJV--- How do changes in language affect people's understanding of the KJV---and much, much more.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

Matt slick, why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the car.

The more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a map, what, why, glances goals in responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs.

Matt slick celebrity will show live nice project which suits your 20th of November 2020 and hope you can have a good time listening.

Today we have a guest on the air's name is Luke to see if you can look regular Luke. If I am writing you, you find all right, so everybody, this is Luke Wayne and he's on staff with Carmel and given with with S&L staff January will be five years seems like 40 working with you was. We went to know he's good guy.

We tease each other and if you want to call today will be to be doing is talking about King James only stuff that's the main thing off you have questions about King James only. This is the time Luke is the man he's restarting it and he's written over hundred articles on the website on King James only. However, if you have other questions as well. Not just on King James you want to give McCall to do was dilate 772072276 year.

Fridays are sometimes slow in that does happen like that's what would Luke you do when you talk about some of the issues of King James only I was going to ask him some questions and see how it goes for the meantime you want to call for guidelines 877-207-2276. All right, Luke ready absolutely all right so this thing called King James only is him what is it with confused KJV or what is it okay that simple answer to that would be that it is the belief that the King James version of the Bible called the authorized version is the only legitimate translation of the Bible in the English language. Or sometimes it's to the extreme of it is the only Bible in any language that any Christian should ever use. So King think only of them is not King James preferred somebody is that I think it's the best but it's okay if Christians use other translation, but somebody who would say that it is. It is simple is wrong. Any other translation is an abomination is a perversion of the Bible and only the King James version is correct okay so I do know about this topic so do they use the King James Bible 1611 version 1 of the use well to use the 1511 version there would have to only be one 1611 version actually that even that is not quite true. There were more than one King James version printed in 1611 and they had to get differences between the and they the two printing were not bound at the same time. So often it with sheets from more than one printing mixed together so that almost any two King James Bible from 1611 that you got would not read exactly the same as each other if they have pages mixed for more than one printing at different typographical errors and editorial decisions made so there is just one 1611 King James version, but no that anyone who goes to a store and buy the King James King James Bible today is not going to be getting a 1611 King James version unless you're getting a special facsimile edition we would be getting a eight something very similar to the 1769 Benjamin Blaney revision of the King James version. I saw King James reprint original. It was hard to read. The fonts were different in that the DS look was at the athletic and SRD is looking after this you know I FF had two different forms, one of them looked exactly like an F you and so when I got talked King James only people say what which conversions you use of the King James only conduct what is a 6011 of the six is at 69 which one is one that multiple use no will of any printed today is basically there are minor differences since then but basically it. The 1759 lanes of revision of our Huntsville long after six, 11, 17, six, et seq. hundred and 50 years later, so they changed through the Linwood. Maybe the heretics because the real King James only people be 60 levers so they should be saying were 16, 11 or so, then there's a 1789 or that's what I would think Caesar King James only in wars's throat Bible student that he wrapped the slip technically even even today there are the Cambridge and Oxford edition of the King James that very minor differences between the extremely minor they don't affect anything but if you buy into the most extreme King James only assumption even those minor differences you would have to say either the Oxford is correct and that Cambridge is a perversion or vice versa. If you're saying down to the very letter and word that this is the one and only perfect translation there can't be any variance just fell out that there are some things in belief that even know about that and to pick a side, but most of them don't realize that even today. If you go by King James version.

There's two basic different versions with very slight differences on the shelf.

Okay he looks on in the inside of string on yourself… He said that works good okay question for you now. Did King James translate the King James Bible, King James, do it know God actually was a scholar and he did produce his own translation of the fault.

A lot of people don't realize, but he would not directly involved in the translation of the King James Bible.

He commissioned it at a meeting of Parliament and scholars were selected at that I at Westminster Cambridge and Oxford that all divided into teams that divided the Bible of the different sections. Different portions of the Old Testament, the Apocrypha, which was included in came to his level of affiliate hundred and various portions of the New Testament were divided between teams of translators from these various scholarly institution, and they were stellar scholars who want to take changes several years and even at that it was not a translation from scratch and King James did establish rules that they had to go by. Some of it affecting which words they were allowed to use to translate certain things but and that the way they had to divide the work we don't have to go in all the technical details, but what's important partially understanding it is that they were told about the previous English translation called the bishops Bible to use the wording of the bishops Bible as often as the original languages would justify it because they wanted to be very conservative. They didn't want to be changing the language from what the people were used to hearing preached in the churches and if they couldn't justify using the bishops Bible language. They were to go back to Tyndale Coverdale, the great Bible, the Geneva Bible. Various other previous Bible translation. They borrowed language from intentionally very rarely were they translating directly their own new world. They were using the language of various previous translation and compiling them together you know verse by verse phrase, but sometimes the same verse will have okay a few words from the Geneva Bible a few words from the bishops. It really it so they were compiling me translation and so that's why the language even in 1611, was a little bit old-fashioned because they were pulling from translation sometimes were from 100 years before that and using those translations as their baseline so that the language would be as familiar to English readers as possible and where was a stop against the teams word were divided into very various areas and in England focused primarily in Cambridge, Oxford and Westminster out of England when they say 60.

Like they say 611 was finished in 1611, or begun in 1611, 15, 11, with the was that the date that it that it was first off the printer and available for purchase.

So that would be when we consider the completion date okay in the major next major revision was 17 would say something 8917 69 and there were that was that was the major revision, but if you again. We don't have to go into all the tedious details of it, but really every printing was a revision after that because each printer was trying to correct the errors of the printer from the left, but they did not always distinguish between printing errors and what they falsely are rightly considered to be errors of the actual translators of the translation was constantly evolving with every printing. The printing press simply wasn't as precise a device as our modern photo printers we have today and so it would, but the text of the King James was constantly evolving over that. Until Benjamin Blake Blaney nailed it down and it stayed pretty consistent.

After that, with minor variation so they didn't even have the stone to do the translation know these these men that were involved in the translation were the work are profoundly brilliant scholars who knew not only the Greek and Hebrew by Aramaic, Syriac, some of the new VP optic they new rabbinic Hebrew and looked at medieval commentaries to help them understand after Stan, the ancient Hebrew language of the Old Testament was not well-known in the late medieval and early modern period by Western scholars and so they were rediscovering how to read ancient Hebrew so they needed to use other ancient translations ancient commentaries to try to make sure they were.

Understanding these Hebrew words correctly and these were brilliant multilingual men who were scholars of the ancient languages, even if some of those languages were not as well understood as they are today, what would you say he was pretty well understood.

Now I think that we've come. I think we've come a long way in understanding the Hebrew language from from that time. Similarly, coin a Greek. Most of the men were studied in classical Greek like the Greek of Plato and Aristotle, or were studied in what would to them have been modern Greek woodcuts us be a late bison team Greek, but the Greek of their day with the people in the Greek speaking geese spoke, but coin a Greek was not known to them at the time, and so they were doing their best with the really ancient Greek and with the more modern Greek to piece together with these Greek words meant and they often relied again on the commentaries of church fathers and on other translations, Latin translations and Syriac translations and things to piece together what these Greek word so when you look at what they were working with, and the information they had the work they did in producing this translation is, it is something we should have tremendous respect for it is the these were brilliant men who put a lot of scholarship into working with two ancient languages, ancient Israelite, Hebrew, and point a Greek that were simply not well known in their time.

And they did an incredible job. They really did for my letters.

I was in something we discussed issues ancient Hebrew and ancient Greek and wish to discuss the issue of having no luck. For example, Greek so well now that they were masters of it even better than a lot of people. Natural speakers back then. Some scholars have that great understanding of Greek because I discovered the manuscripts and integrative analysis rates we are breaking up in a minute or two new folks. If you want to call talk about King James only but will take other calls cover the bottom of the hour. Other topics if you want to call talk about King James only controversy what it is you got a question.

Luke is the guy who knows he works on staff with us here Carmen and Jenny would be five years while five years and the strictest time is flying by.

Also in January will will have been on the radio 16 years so generous, anniversary month social or call 877-207-2276 with real lines carries Michael waiting but will get her to blindly out of his mind with a little bit okay so there's a break will go to the break, folks, please hold on right back after his messages Van Slyke why call 770727.

Here is Matt's way back go look at Wayne on with us were talking about King James only if you want call Question for Luke or me at the bottom of your will take the normal calls and cannot contribute anything, but there was talk about King James only, not just little check on the website looks like you've written around 150 articles on King James only stuff is pretty good you're here, you got mental problems like I do decide on an the annihilation of the addict we could talk a question for so what translation do you like to use Luke. I read from a multiple translation might pride you to hear it somebody who wrote showing the problems with King James only of them that one of the translations I read, emotionally, very regularly, if the King James. I grew up in a household with King James preferred. So my dad had us memorize in the King James Bible and then we could read privately and aim in a more easy-to-read translation like the NIV, so that we understand what we were reading but so I grew up on it by Reimer. I was raised in it.

I do think that is a very sound translation but also at my church we preach and teach from the DSP and obviously writing for karma.

Use the NASB in my writing and so on that and I when I'm really studying. I like to compare translations and I thought that you could dig deeper into the text with multiple translation is the new American Standard DES of the vinegar.

The Greek New Testament. The guy I believe in multiple translations as well. Alright so you went all off a lot of articles so you really studied this so you quite a bit's home. Alright so let's folks.

When Kelly threw up in lines 877-207-2276 what is it we get this King James only problem it's a problem in that you have to use the King James, why is it a problem when someone says that welders there are several reasons. The most important would be an and let me be clear. King James only of them. You can't love everything James only been to one camp there is a cultic side of King James only of them but not every King James only if the part of that but that's what that side of it is what is one of the big problems we have to recognize that there are people who take this to the point of saying you are not saved you are not a Christian. If you read from the NASB that if you if you read from that in the spirit doesn't convict you that it's a perversion and it's wrong then you do not hear Christ. Christ voice and you not are not his sheep and so they that is a step a serious problem when you make a translation of the Bible in English translation and say that is the standard over who is saved to do is not and so that it divides the body it infects what caused me to write the King James only section was getting called from a deacon at a church back East that was asking me questions about this because the young man in his church had gotten into a bunch of King James only YouTube videos. The got really fired up on the issue and he was standing up in the middle of the service, interrupting the pastor challenging them on the fact that he was preaching from the wrong Bible because he was preaching from the new King James version, not look at the real King James version and it was causing division and strife in the church and so that is that this is a serious issue that has to be that have to be addressed beyond that for the average. I have brothers and sisters in Christ who are King who are King James only in their view and focus case. What about the film they're not cultic they're not dividing the body. I still think it's an issue because as much as I love the King James version by itself, isolated from other resources either appeal to the original languages were comparing with other translation because we don't speak that English anymore.

It is right for misunderstanding that it is very easy for us to misunderstand the text and thus apply God's word in a way that God does not intend, and that becomes a very serious problem in the life of the believer agree with you one of the lines want to sneak in with us are taking open calls upon the yarn I'm sure that local want to hang around so that we can ask questions that it's okay. Here's one of the questions I think is important when asking this King James only people make a lot of accusations about modern translations and they will accuse the modern translations of of removing the deity of Christ, of attacking the person of Christ and things like that and other things so well when you receive a net that first and foremost we don't start with the doctrine that we want to buy a first essay and then pick our Bible based on whether it agrees with what we think the verse affect your putting the cart before the horse. We derive our doctrine from the Scripture not we don't pick our Scripture based on the doctrine we wanted, but beyond that, that is the accusation to simply fall any sound there some wacky translations out there, but any sound Christian modern translation. If you apply the same standards of interpretation you're going to end up with the same doctor now. I will admit that you will sometimes use different versus to arrive… There are certain verses which are which the King James translates in such a way that more clearly point to the deity of Christ than they do in some modern translation, but you could think about the reverse of that as well that like for example if you're wanting those the version that is that just most upholds the deity of Christ, regardless of whether it's the best representation of the text or not. Then in the in the book of Jude.

For example, you would want to go with the DSP because the in verse five it says no I want to remind you that you once knew this now in the King James it says that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed those who did not believe him paraphrasing it… Exactly with the candidate, but it that the Lord after saving the people out of the land of Egypt, the NSB would say the same, but in the ESV, it actually says that Jesus, after saving the people out of the land of Egypt. After afterward destroyed those who did not believe it specifically says that Jesus was the one who saved the ancient Israelites out of Egypt and destroy the Egyptian so the Exodus was Jesus now it doesn't get much stronger than that on declaring the deity of Christ that Jesus is Yahweh, the one who delivered Israel from Egypt. The strongest version of that verse on deity of Christ. If you're just going off doctrinal fidelity is the ESV version.

Of course Jesus is the Lord, but a non-Trinitarian could interpret the Lord specifically to mean the father there whereas Jesus is very explicit look at the Greeks and the Jews live the Savior. Jesus is a Jesus that would be a tech survey in textual variants.

There you go depends on the manuscript. Your reading and BEST is not new on this that variance was known the John Wycliff Bible back in the 13th century, hundreds of years before the KJV also reads Jesus, and you thought so even very early. That's not just a modern Bible issue that's that variant has been known and Bible translators both historic and modern have cited both ways on that ticklish the meaning of obviously really the same.

That variant doesn't affect the doctrine, but in clarity on the deity of Christ Jesus is the clear if that is correct that social Texoma called. Please stay tuned after these messages.

Mats like why call 770-7276 here's Matt's way back. Wayne on the air with us on staff with Carmen's been with us for almost 5 years is research writing what I do is read a lot on King James over talk about that and I did say that the bottom of the organization calls Liska to carry really quickly got something on witchcraft that would get to some King James only calls so will carry welcome your earlier reading in first annual portion where it's all our meeting and call I got which of Endor okay what and how know it will really was.

So Samuel came back he wasn't home. We can talk about that word. King James version, but know he was just probably place called Paradise which the people who were faithful, who died beforehand to Paradise and a son of Luke 1619 through 31 and was called up and really wants us and came forth. Okay.*28 WordPerfect: just referring to his body being in the ground nor it was the resurrection, but calling him as a person of force and God allow this to occur.

Another some debate on some safe tax.

It really wasn't him it was a familiar spirit to imitate what is he to be the case, it seems it really was Samuel and the witch was scared because realize what heaven really was him, but I was in the physical resurrection was just a spirit because we do know that this human spirit can survive the body and even though the annihilation speed of them said that the case they're wrong in that area and second Corinthians 12 to Paul talks on demand letter in the body or body 14 years ago I went to heaven and saw things and heard things and things like that. So we do know, the New Testament confirms it for sale 28 is a good place in the Old Testament confirmed as well that the human soul can exist apart from physical body – was going on with soul without Samuel and he's called forth God allowed them to come forth and communicate rebuke Saul you're welcome very much okay alright let's get on the phone said to Charlie from Indiana and I think Charles got a question of King James stuff so Charlie welcoming on the air. Hello my call. I spent about 20 years in KJV only fundamentalist Baptist churches spent about five years and left Mennonite churches and counted them. I'm no longer involved in all, I'm not. KJV only anymore I still love the King James version and enjoy reading. In fact, that's the version I memorize from anyway in my encounters.

Since that time with the KJV only fundamentalist that I deal with their whole attitude and or their whole attitude is one of it doesn't matter what the King James translators. It doesn't matter what they knew about the original Greek. It's almost like your attitude is one of God inspired the King James version, in spite of them, not because I am also like to comment on question.

You get around that you get around the idea that it doesn't matter what the original Greek said because the original Greek manuscripts don't exist anymore.

Go ahead. Luke jump on this one outing. There how you get around it if if what if what you mean is there some silver bullet magic thing you can say that's going to make a rock the night hard-core King James only asked automatically see the error in their reasoning. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. But where from that when you're talking with someone from that perspective them.

Often times the going to the Greek isn't going to be persuasive and one of the more basic things. One of the more basic things that I try to help them see is that they are not accurately understanding the King James itself that the bill language has changed sufficiently that it that the whole purpose of translation of any translation, regardless of what you think about the original King James translators up that the purpose of the entire goal of translation as a concept is that you're trying to bring something from a language that we don't know into a language that we do so by the average Christian America doesn't know Greek and Hebrew. They need to be able to read it in English but when we say English, we mean the English that they actually speak no I King James only believes that when they pick their King James Bible up that they understand what they are reading and I like to help them realize that that's not true. One of the biggest problems in King James only is on or in an King is only as unk is not so much manuscript questions the great question. Things like that. Those were important.

They're worth talking about but there's something much more fundamental is that your obscuring the clarity of the word by making people read it in a language that they don't know and one of the biggest difficulties with the Elizabethan English that the King James version is written in is not the archaic words. There's all sorts of words that you get there and you're like yeah I've no idea what this word means okay you know that you don't know when you can look it up. The problem is that the King James translators used a lot of words that we still use today, but those words mean something completely different and this is what a lot of Kenyans only if they fall into traps when they're reading the text that they don't know that they're messing up. I'll give you a lighthearted exam and then I'll give you a more a more serious example so installing song of Solomon 54 in the King James it says my beloved put his hand by the whole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him now if my wife walked in the room and I romantically tried to tell her you just gave me a bowel movement that would not communicate the pink today that my bowels were removed.

The word bowels simply means inside the doesn't mean it in old King James English and the sea of emotion was considered differently so culturally they used that phrase but it just doesn't mean the same thing today. My bowels were moved has a different connotation of that in context. You can figure out like that that's a lighthearted example.

The more serious one. You'll often have King James only if who will wanting to show the inferiority of modern translation will go to will go to that second Timothy 215 where in the King James it says study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth, and I'll point out that a lot of translations, modern translations will say things like the joke be diligent to present yourself approved or in the NIV, you might say, do your best to present yourself approved my feet.

You see their removing studying this purging to study the word of God to show yourself approved is being removed from the Bible you see the way they're trying to schedule the problem is that the word study doesn't mean that in King James English the word study actually means to be diligent to strive hard at something that the King James version means literally the exact same thing of the NASB or the ESP, but because the words that he has changed.

They think this is a verse about studying the Bible about reading and remembering and learning about academic study, but that isn't what the word meant back then and so here they are taking a verse, and they are using it to judge other Bible when in fact what they're proving by that attack is that they don't understand the verse in the King James English. They don't know what they're reading and so yes leads throughout the Bible. These differences in the way words are used lead to a building up of misunderstanding that cause you to start miss reading the Bible on large-scale and when you're free to compare the King James with other translations you can discover where you're making the mistake that you can say will wait. Why would the King James study to show thyself approved any NASB save. Be diligent to present yourself approved in the NIV say, do your best to why would they say that when you asked the question you start looking it up and you realize oh study meant something that I didn't that it doesn't mean today and by comparison. You can learn and you can make sense of it, but when you're not free to make those comparisons when you're not free to look at another translation you are trapped with your misunderstanding of the King James English and you will never be able to know what the verses really thanks and some of them can lead to very serious misunderstanding and so helpful to you folks so right back after this message is going to call seven right back after mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave. The last segment of the show we have look wanting on with us as a staff member with karma for Christian apologetics research ministry is a lot of reasoning and the research just as I do, and he's done a lot of work on the King James only controversy that were talked about right now. Let's see if Charlie still launch earlier either here okay so they look at your question pretty well. You very much. I got one common want to have you the ultimate authority of God is himself the best in the special revelation of the Scriptures is something that we have in our hands with the Lord himself chose was Hebrew and Greek government with Hebrew and Greek in order to communicate to us with the King James only us are doing the radical ones is saying that that's not sufficient in and of itself. We need the English as the final authority. That's not what God chose when he inspired the word soul adjustment. We could unpack that more but that's one of the points is worth making as well. I originally got blessed but all right discover two herb from Charlotte, North Carolina. Herb welcome you here question.

I know it will Greek very good but five or six different versions of the Bible and compare verses I can come up with a consensus of what the original Hebrew or Greek, said yesterday is a good way to interpret the Bible.

I do their expertise. Their expertise and Greek putting it. Put into a list so I should be able to be benefited by their research, what exactly I would not I would not only completely agree with but one of the most important historic English Bible translators by Miles Coverdale who was involved in the Coverdale translation the great Bible and the Geneva Bible. He was involved in three different Bible translations pre-KJV what he said on the subject is sure I am that there, more knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures by their sundry translations.

In other words, by multiple translation then by all the glosses of our sophistical doctors for that one interpretive something securely in one place the same translate if another or else he himself more manifestly by a plot, a biplane bookable in the same meaning in another place, be not thou extended. Therefore, good readers, the one call a scribe in another: a lawyer so what this point that's obviously an older English he saying the best commentary, you often have an understanding of versus multiple translation putting them side-by-side studying them together and you can understand the words more clearly where one translation is unclear. Another one will make up's. Also, there are different translations that some are intended to be more literal and rather should tend to be forthcoming. Dynamic and so is why like the NASB, myself I want is literal translation is is possible.

For example, the Phillips translation is is formally loosely translated in the NIV would be in the middle – someplace in the King James B. Close to a literal translation to good translation as I just on that a fan of these and douse myself. That's all. But the okay so okay Herbert got it. Good stuff.

I bless all right, I love this question coming up from tree for Winston-Salem North Carolina trade.

Welcome you are on the air you don't highlight how you and Vargas Mark working there. Okay, what do you guys prefer to use barfly Breaker Type Situation. There Paperwork. I Love Only You and I Came Out Of the Line the Criminals on the Middle Classes at and They Were Things. James Armani for Senate. So You Got I Bought at the Signs Are Very Shallow People Thought I Sent to You Exactly What's in the Verses in the King James. I Went All My Nonlawyers Don't Eat Right Well Is More to God and Gently and Call Attorney Dr. Tanya Evans A Lot and Is Theology Is a Whole Lot Deeper and Users Basically Asked Me and about 3000 Mixed up Out Of That Yesterday There Now like to Look at an Opt out Iosco Field Reference Model That I Use but I Do Not Agree with Some of the Stuff Is Going through Put in His Footnotes. I Do Not See on Some of What Is Good, but I Don't Agree with All off so I Guess My Question Is What Would You Guys for Library Top Records Are Displayed United People Fancy Heading up.

I Guess I'm Not. I'm Not 100% Clear What You Mean on a Tiebreaker That I Apologize. I Can Be a Little Dent Will Flow like Your Gut, like a Couple Different Versions of the Report Is Not Really Put Together. It's like I Version That You like to Refer As Far As Playing Well Here's Here's What This Letter Is in This Is, What Were You and I Work More toward What Y'all Really like to Unite Going There, Both Are My Experiences with It.

KJV Is Usually the One That the Last Block, like to Use It but You Knowledge Is Recently Which Almost All Sorrow Will Jump. Here's a Thing Is That You Had Seminaries I Had Hebrew and Greek so I Can Turn to Those Languages and and Work with Him and Help People out and What Translation Really Is Better in Certain Areas and Point Particular Things out. But You Know Convincing People That Kind of Thing Is Difficult. So We Have a Tiebreaker Is Really Isn't Really a Tiebreaker Thing If Civil Lawsuits King James Bible and They Don't Want to Go to the NASB or ESV or Whatever. Okay, That's Fine.

If There's a Longer Mystic Issue That Arises Then We'll Deal with It at That Point, but If It Doesn't Arise.

No Need to Cause Division or Put up Roadblocks Because of of Phone the Translations Get Loyal like Me. I Think the NASB. That's When the Apostles Used.

That's Just My Opinion and Some People Say, Not Conjunction J Paul the Apostle You Select Anything. So What Tiebreaker As Early As the Tiebreaker Thing Less You Want.

Unless This Is an Advanced Technique You Can the Headlock and Then You Just Bashed Her Head and Looked at the Doorpost A Few Times and Then You Whispered This Translation Is Not Usually Become a Way Whispering It When so That's One Way We'll See You Do It You Anything That Is a Link No. I Think That Pretty Well Covered Good All Right Here Headlock Strategy at the End I Think That That Works for There Have Been a Good One Final Gently Though Informative.

I Got It I Was on the Word of the Numbers Are Bible Was, Researcher in the Microphone Which I Greatly What Your Thoughts on Those Margins Goes on. Check Those out Now That the Mop Entry. I Think That That the Geneva Bible Is a Very Solid Translation.

It Was Thought Translation Trusted by Most of the Puritans. It Was the Translation That Most of the People Coming over on the Mayflower Using It for.

It's Been a Very Important Translation and so It Was the First English Translation with Bible Verses.

The First Study Bible.

There's A Lot Of Things We Do with Bible Today As You Have the Geneva Bible Think Forth.

So I Think It's Valuable for Christians Who Have the Time and Leisure to Go Spend Some Time Reading Some of the Older Historic Translations like That. I Think That You Would Have the Same the Same Difficulties Switching to It As Somebody Would Switching to the King James It's Written in an Older Form of English. And so It Presents the Same Challenges, but I Think There Is Value and Going Back and Putting the Effort into Reading the Whole Translation and Seeing the Boat the Bible out As It Was Thwarted by Those Who Came before Us, but I Think There's Value in It and the Geneva Bible to Good Bible This like: Robert Trinka Looking for Good Next Caller Outlook, How Can They Get a Hold of You Want to Email You.

Jean James Only Stuff Questions.

What Would Be What Your Email Address.

If You're Wanting to to Email Me. You Know, Positive Civil Discourse Than You Want to Go to Email Me at but if you would like to get it for your your angry comments just call in the show on Monday went and you can filter those through Matt he would love to hear all your angry, I love angry comments because her efforts as obstreperous individuals. So who sometimes are obsequious and let out salute, but not everything. Luke about how you can reach me. good or just insular and will get to look as well, but took Luca Condon a look at the sketch of JC from Virginia JC welcome you on the airmail I heard 30 years ago where he thought it was better was substituted one of the that job white jazz. There will be someone thinking that maybe I and I believe I found out that it was to be a female looking games are apparently turned yellow. I'm talking about. I haven't heard you could give you specific reference I might be able to look its resources real quick start yeah I'm driving you may describe how strong all race work out of the mouth like all wrong. What's Jeep to see if you could email us at home. Research one verse that is you know the exact verse and if you were to email or you can email Luke and Luke info and is this verse is from thinking is really women. It was changed to Bend King James only issuing and looking at research and let you know I like car seat CAR M.G okay, I thank you God from God bless God flat okay. We got about one minute show and we've had Luke Wayne on with us and he's on the steps with the staff writers account with us almost 5 years mankind slimed by, and that this is your first radio gig is not defined stuff so folks look if you have questions about taking James still looks you got until you can always email him Luca carpet work or info@can't get to them as well and please pray for this ministry because of eating forward the were always on your time when we are spiritually. Please pray as we and you have a great weekend as far as that's on here on Monday

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