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November 14, 2020 3:00 am

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November 14, 2020 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Do you think there is a conspiracy with this election---2- Matt discusses the importance of trusting God in whatever happens with the elections and the resulting direction of our country.--3- How does all the killing in the Old Testament line up with Jesus' teaching regarding loving your enemies---4- How is it biblical to carry a firearm---5- Matt asks for prayer for his family and COVID.--6- Are the Jews saved by keeping the law, even if they don't believe in Jesus as the Messiah---7- Is the election outcome a judgement of God---8- Can you explain Philippians 2-13-14- What does it mean to work out your salvation---9- A caller gave his comments about one of Matt's recent debates.

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines version maps.

What why is usual to do is dial 87720722765 open lines.

She recalled right about whatever you talk about the newbies. What we do here as we enter questions on the Bible, apologetics, God theology, Jesus redemption, biblical principles, Scriptures, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam.

Women pastors and elders women deacons all kinds of stuff with her biblical or not is something that atheism so well give McCall we have all kinds of topics we talk about and that's a drunk check my website CAR Feel free to give me a call if you wanted 877-207-2276 the listeners chose computers on the fridge right now so he'll be in the room when it gets fixed. A power supply went so where have never worked on. And if you guys are out there and already land are interested in a stunningly negative theology only do scorecard work CAR and you find some schools that we charge for those we use them to help keep the lights on. If you want to sign up as well support as you do, that's going to check out the schools and we always like to say that. Note that we do keep the lights on right those in the nice donations and stuff like that. If you want to school you can afford them. Just email us saying like a school uniform that that's it.

Not here to make money were here to glorify God to equip the body of Christ is what I do and so praise God, you know that your opportunity and God provides. We had a gentleman recently called several times he donated to Carmen a substantial amount and he saved or save or make the right time God keeps doing this and is just amazing what God can do and what he knows or needs but you know how it is. Sometimes God let you get right to the very edge I got here At the close keepsake after all these years.

I wouldn't worry so much. Sometimes the sweetest and also we do stay on the year by your donations. If you would be so inclined.

Yes, five dollars monthly to do was go card that work CAR the right hand side you'll find words you don't support donated into we to satisfy those left click on the link and it does help us produce on budgets and along those lines is not to say that you were trying to expand the ministry.

Always believe in moving forward. Not ridiculously not like it's being stupid about stuff that move forward and we have an opportunity to get a website system going in Swahili, which is spoken by next 30 million people in Africa. We have a translator and translators ready to start working on that this could take a while because Africa just a growing cotton and we want Google to get as much of the gospel in there before Islam, and false theological systems take over so were trying there as well. You just never know what God will do. We never know what little thing that we do can turn into a big thing.

The way he uses it and let me move forward by faith that if you want to move forward by faith. If you believe the Lord Jesus Christ you want to support the work of ministry, for the expansion of the kingdom, then please consider supporting us. If you are already supporting somebody else will praise God that's good enough to do that alright alright through the lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Andrew from Florida you're near welcome mat. I don't well. I am five done better, and a fellow night.

They thought I went to bed last night at 3 o'clock that morning from was when I was gone then Michigan and I woke up this morning. Three hours later he down big so there's a lot of non-Christians that stop by the Donald Trump will win reelection, then Eric contacted. He said that there's a difference.

They will fail. Mark my words, but that will be a left and those that keep an indifferent and what it takes to keep the Republic. We cannot continue as we been doing anything that they're going to fail in the solids wondering what your thoughts are going on right now.

Well I would say that we get what we deserve because our country is antichrist because it's kills babies in the womb because it promotes homosexuality because it insults the things of God because it uses the Lord's name in vain in every way possible because it promotes pornography and the destruction of the family promotes lesbianism gay this and that transgender is in its gaining power and all the corners of the country. Because of this, God owes this country. Destruction and judgment, but he has not because he's a God of mercy is a God of grace because the Christian to be praying.

Some will say well we can get out the rapture and Minnesota to go bad you don't put your hopes and of pretrip elation rapture that another topic were called to be lights in the world were promised persecution personally I think will probably happen is like does when that took about. Camilla will become the president. Within a year, maybe two years and she's a Marxist and you know maybe Civil War; that I looked at all man I don't want that because it's bad and what happens in countries it just goes bad. We have to do as Christians we do is start praying and I mean really praying for country, but Christians are being misled by these moron wacko teachers on TV name and claim with elaborate gravity.

They should be jailed for heresy. I mean if she's facetiously you know, not literally, but it's that they had been, you know, we've got a stand of the truth of the word of God stand on the word of truth.

You can't just put a finger veneers. It which was to be convenient. Women pastors and elders and deacons. We can't let this kind of stuff happen.

We can't let this idea of happen that yes okay to use Lord's name in vain. I know Christians and to do this you don't hold the word of God.

It is high with reference the position of God in the high-risk reference the Christians don't seem to want to be able to trust in God what to trust in your bank account in the insurance policies and this is what scaring me because Christ calls us to pick up the cross and follow after him, not after. In our 401(k) none could have one. I mean it's just that were called in priority to follow Christ and we should be out there in every avenue of of the society in schools in the media in and periodicals on the welding technology we should be there the ones leading with humility and service demonstrating the truth of Christ's love is we need to have lost so much ground that basically society has a momentum is like a big rock rolling downhill, the faster it goes, the harder it's the stuff you to stop. This is what's happening in America that the Gratian the degradation I should say excuse me of our culture and our morality is like this boulder just gaining momentum as it goes downhill is to become more and more difficult. And I'll tell you something.

You know hundred 30,000 I read this this morning hundred 2000 suddenly knew of votes appear.

What was it last night or this morning provide hundred thousand just for him in Michigan and I wish my wife, it's all about who she is reading about how certified pollsters going round the post mixture.

I think your verified work allowed in certain areas that it just less corruption. This is serious stuff and with corruption comes oppression because those who are corrupt and negative power they oppressed those who will expose them. They expect they will oppress. So this is not prophesying that within three months rolling again in a FEMA camp.

I'm telling you that this is the kind of stuff that is is problematic, and those who are listening if you can find the documentation for the new bill that supposed to be your something something something movement inside California to make the Bible illegal because to take speech I heard this on if it's true because you can hear things you don't know if it's true, for nobody knows about it email me at

I want to find out about it, but here's the thing. Look at Mattia something I'm not a normal guy I've never said is a literary like this before. I'm not a mental guy in a lot of ways that ask workers and move 26×4 was 12 years old. I would 66 pounds 12 years old 66 pounds was the lightest kid in junior high I got beat up a lot in a chaste a lot etc. etc. we moved a great deal and a month was a genius. My dad very intelligibly as a stutterer. We moved around and we lived in tents for a while we lived in trailers. We lived in the various areas. It was difficult. I learned how to survive and learn how to not go with the flow because the ones I've discovered were the oppressors in my life and the lives of our brothers and and my friends were always the ones with these liberal wacko ideas who just went along with the status quo. I learned not to trust them. I learned not to trust. This is why do my own research.

This is why I quote Scripture because don't trust me trust the word of God and as I became a Christian I discovered that the word of God has power has powered upset people as power to bind them in his power to loose them if they believe the word of God there freed if they don't, they become people in your bondage, the power of the word of God needs to be promoted by Christians and I believe the net power. I believe in the power of that word is preached from the pulpit and I think pastors to sit there and point to the egg is the safe you don't like what I'm to preach on the word of God today then please leave and open the word and preach it and preach it to the congregations and preaching truth and preach with power so that the people are made to feel a little bit uncomfortable because they're convicted by the power the Holy Spirit in the face of the word of God preach and it should motivate them to do in the first thing would be to praying.

The second thing would be to stand and go do what God is called to do whatever it might be. This would Christians are supposed to be doing if we don't stand up when you lose not only this country completely, but when you become oppressed to such a high degree that will be flinging and this is what were were afraid of is Christians when corruption like this gets in the government and any government, the righteous become oppressed and this is what's happening.

The righteous are being oppressed as can happen even more, more, I'm I'm worried about. I'm scared because I did oppressed. I noticed lack of a public figure and I noticed like to be. I don't like to be persecuted unnoticed like to be. I don't like to be a persecuted Ivan Ivan swatted I felt you had the police called on me and for some it didn't do of course I've had that happen.

I've been lied about.

I been pursued in cars. My wife's been pursued and garden at stake. The state, particularly if it lawsuits that haven't threatened against us.

I've had the website being hacked constantly still now even though I just talk to the host guys that is still happening. We are under attack. I know what it means to be protect this. My wife and only move again. We want to build this hide our address and only trusted people that we know are allowed to come over because it had things happen the middle of night. We've had things happen. This is what it means to be Christian to public figure gone stand for truth and righteousness. What happens is your persecuted Christians is not ready for this. Christians are willing to pick up the cross and follow Jesus Christ and risk would risk life and limb is what we need to do is Christians when he delivered Jesus and if need be. Need to die for Jesus. It begins with our own hearts before God on our knees and then with the follow-through of the church.

The church is a follow the word of God and do what's right acquire the word of God and if people don't like it, let him go and follow the price the weight of the world and then God send us find two sharp sword.

Well, there you go, and drove right back after these messages it would open line 87707276 max Y call 77077 charismatic/try to get not know or you have a nearby rare, you know, just accept the things the way they are moving forward like you, even corrupt leaders are appointed by God and is not that he directly points for the purpose of carrying out his direct will, but is in direct permission office of persecution and a punishment to his people for not doing her job and his discipline. You'll notice deals with the people of God, not with the other nations and other nations are destroyed in the Old Testament when it was a hindrance to the arrival of the Messiah, but once their discipline comes to the people of God and uses the ungodly to do that because if you don't discipline herself. Then they come from outside source. So what her job is to do as Christians is to pray for revival in this country and to accept that God is in control and to read the Old Testament you will notice a great amount of pressure that happen to God's people, and yet I always prospered. They always survive.

They were always taking care one way or another. The same thing happen here in our country gradually slips down into the abyss of corruption and liberalism and ungodliness. But our hope is not in the government hope is in Jesus Christ, so keep your eyes on him and pray for the deliver deliverers to be raised up to this. Pray that we can preach the gospel is a success or opportunity. One way or another.

Find ways to preach the gospel and ask people to pray for an anointing from God to empower them to live for Christ and allow me to warn you that if you pray for that anointing that dedication to serve Christ. It comes with a cost. Most Christians are not willing to suffer the cost is the cost usually is internal and external. Usually it's with you on humility and pride and follows a lot of times with externals in varying forms Christianity a tough life tough life because this will one of righteousness which is internal holiness, honesty, integrity, and we live in a world that hates those things you become targets. Be ready to suffer, and in accordance with and I've gone through these things myself suffered for righteousness sake and spend very difficult to go through them, but if I come out and been better for so use my warning advice: warning advice advice which according to for Christians I most topics of always believed this to be Christians are to be more active as why do I do radio go door-to-door to go from door prison ministry Beach missed ministry radio web newsletters and we can make the difference in Christian support this ministry assignment as well as other ministries because if you say you want things to happen in this world that start supporting financially those people that you know people run frontline ministries they need support in support and that we hold bonds but supporting financially and prayerfully because so you have the ability to do that, you can report the benefit of that anyway that they appreciate. Guess this is like in the pulpit anyway got a goal on a case true and thank you Marek. I hope you have a great night, all right, let's get to Duncan solid city. Doug welcome here right now that's kind of interesting. Your backup all that I believe you answered my question my question was basically non-failing near there so like that. I then went into the not down there so many NASCAR's and everybody's dying, and yet Jesus dies basically love my enemy and I had talked about that some weeks back and the guy were you are talking to is really talking over you, and I didn't get a good answer so high I guess I'd like to know what you talked about the fact that it was hindering the Messiah arrival there like a technical term for that noise to Steve you if you look at this way. If you look at the Old Testament. Satan comes in the garden in Genesis 3 and he causes problems, and then Cain kills Abel.

It's an issue of murder.

Then there's just up ahead, the people of Israel become oppressed in Egypt. They escape that oppression. Varying countries seek to destroy Israel there delivered repeatedly. They are scattered the time of Christ and you think about these things as a movement by the enemy. The gospel to destroy the people of God and ultimately it's the purpose of destroying the Messiah even when Jesus was born was a movement by the enemy to destroy the firstborn or to get rid of Jesus took to think in spiritual terms like this. This is why history is written the way it is Jesus the Messiah is God in flesh and nothing is more important than him and his work on the cross and so when a nation would come against Israel. A thousand years earlier. Ultimately it was because they were seeking to destroy the people of God and the enemy behind them was seeking to destroy the Messiah back in your life if you go to second Chronicles 20 you'll find that there's a time when enemies want to destroy the people of Israel and so God says is he says that the battle is not yours. The battle is is mine and what he talks about the areas that the people want to come the Jebusites that the column is in tight all people all the place it on. Come down anyone to destroy Israel and Israel's terrified and so they turn to God. A cyst in her relax and take care of it and he causes the enemy to fight amongst himself.

The Kelly children use of the battle is not yours that is mine.

Why did God intervene like that because this ultimately is a battle to destroy only the people of Israel but the coming Messiah. And that means he is out to destroy you. You and me because without the blood of Christ. Big shed.

We have no redemptive hope to help so that ultimately the Old Testament battles to destroy Israel are actually a part and parcel an attempt to destroy you and all Christians in all people. There's no hope of redemption to all go to hell in the insane evil possesses Satan.

This is the kind of things at work.

If you look at this in history. You see, this is why God was so tough in the Old Testament that it makes perfect sense to me is the right to execute judgment on whom he desires because are all guilt, everybody's guilty of sin. He has a right to execute them is not murder. Murder is the unlawful taking of life, but of God execute someone who deserved to die is just a lot of time born decades and decades and that is not going God is more of a break direct that folks have is that it just matters like why call 77077 charismatic/all right for your question or question, but hardly justified agog back to have a concealed carry permit forgiveness.

I get comments on you have it be. How do you justify that you have a concealed carry permit to God. I have one I was out today. I had to go someplace and I was carrying a look into the house to Luke 2236 Jesus said the verse Maria to carry with says Luke 2236 right in the context a set of them when I sent you out without money belt bag and sandals, did you not like it did like it. They did you miss it though nothing had him but now, whoever has a money belt is to take a long likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and by 13 to 7. Why would he say that because we have the right of self-defense going on in the world and knows what he says no you didn't have to have anything you're taking care of that now take longer supplies going in the world take her supplies and he said it right there. Luke 2236. Weber has no sword is to sell his coat and by 14 tell you that is, which is written must be fulfilled in me, and he was numbered with the transgressors for that which refer to me as been fulfilled to some commentator to read about this issue here deals with persecution.

The Christian church is under heavy persecution is increasing but we have right of self-defense will tell you if I come over your house and I found out that your caring rounded got out I did it together. I felt perfectly fine for to be comfortable I feel safer. The wackos they want to go this gun free zones and that's were to be safe to do to do bad stuff and I know paragraph so carry it responsibly.

Don't boast what you gotta do to protect you know I do it to protect my family could have been threatened enough. I have been threatened enough. I took almost 5 years of of Krav Maga and to take the two years of kung fu in your judo and you know who knows what really will happen.

I don't want anything I have to do this because of my living. I don't know what it's like when you're public figure things happen when you're public figure like I am where you knock on doors and you pushover idols. People react and things happen and so when I drive I drive defensively like a little sporty car. If I can get something like that move quickly figured out a way and be persecuted pursuit of been pursued before.

I have loose someone in the and in the Trinity so you know, I know what's going on how you know that this is to be have the right of self-defense, not the obligation of self-defense in the right but not the obligation right. I appreciate that last map. God bless. Okay it was just take this one minute to say folks I can talk this very often, but I want you to pray for this ministry, the people involved in this ministry because it's we will filter lot. We felt a lot of stuff out. Let me just tell you this lot persecution is a lot of problems like tech issues or lot of tax technologically lot of financial challenges.

There is no we get threats of various things occur at 98% of time. I don't I don't say anything just because were talking with this kind of stuff among let you know this, stuff is happening this ministry a lot and I'm a focal point for a lot of the crud that comes down the pike and I would just ask you, pray, pray for myself, my family also and also for those involved in this ministry God knows who they are and you could support us financially. That helps. We just need a little bit from a lot of people five dollars a month from a thousand people.

We can later become make bills not have to be bailed out. Every now and then make a sound that is just at this covert thing is really good. A lot of the damage a lot of ministries and got provided but just think this is what it's like to be the public eye and maybe people just don't know is like this for pastors to let us people just have no idea what the pastors are under because I can't say too much because of the minute they should ministry work to understand there often under some varying forms of persecution and or requirements be very very vague here and you did pray for, because pastors are often under pressures that you just do not know about. I know it's like right pray for us. Let's get to Nelson from California.

Sorry for the long white man what he got buddy, not double yet.

My question is about Roman not wanting to have an epic political idea treasure concerning Israel, the number of the sons of Israel be like the sand of the sea. It is the remnant here about returning never at any one of the instructors and teachers from Which I would like to clear the Honda but never a friend of mine that one yet again. Believe that Bert that that by now the Jewish but I don't believe Christ that was the Messiah that they are state by keeping the law and he's a heretic.

Your friend, there is a heretic go to write these verses down you're ready mentally run down there.

Romans Romans 328 RI 28 Romans four verse five below verse 5-51 Galatians Galatians 216 and Galatians, and to stop 221 okay study that was when one started those verses talk right and also you want to go to Matthew 722 through 23 okay. Many will say that our Lord do not do this this and this. There appealing to salvation based on their faith and their works and are condemned to hell and also Luke 18 nine through verse 14. So Luke 18 verses nine through 14, Luke 18 1914, as the.

The text attached together, and the pursuit of the temple to pray and the one who's given the law and doing all the good stuff was condemned when used by faith, not so these are the things you can work with, and presented him the another thing that I mentioned that I quoted him to put up their Galatian meeting 10 and 11 that was a great verses and also I do. I glad James to tell you on that likeness to the Alisal 310 says for as many as are the works of the law are under a curse word is written, curses everyone who does not abide by all things in the book of the law to perform them is quoting Deuteronomy 27, 26, right there is requirement of the day, not because he would tell me "event that out. It then I know he's at this guy, this guy does notice don't easily talk about okay you need to circle to study these things when I would suggest you do is getting a Word document take his statements as objections write about an outline form and hit enter hit tab little sub sub point and it starts thinking through responses and then you need to go to the Scriptures and find these verses and look at these verses and keep gives your response to something, write it down and then come back to him after having prayed and studied and in Québec. As you can learn how to handle these this got all he's doing is repeating various forms of heresies. This guy couldn't couldn't think straight. If life depended on it right so you can try to have him give give me a call. I'll try straight about, but need to get in there and is going to keep it on a cotton picker that you're gone or will they go you will that mean that he doesn't have faith in the power.

The word of God to build to speak to someone and first Peter 315 says give an answer to everyone who asks some on publicly asking him to give me an answer. Okay so see if you can obey the word of God. First Peter 315 right okay event that will bless okay alright let's go to Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly welcoming on their real quick thinking earlier by and tell him he cannot go like to do whatever it is that they're going to do not question why symbol that yet and that guy over at Maribeth for four years, like their last names learn more here. You know hold a vote for the break coming up as the music mass Y call 77077. Here is Matt's way back to the show Kelly, are you still there about Obama being here. I was a breaker truck is a break.

He's not that great in a lot of areas, but he loses a good businessman who believes in America. Obama did a lot of things in the table also speak to me in passing laws and things like that is a Muslim and he did not help us in a lot of ways he enters into something pretty bad and you know we just patiently endured him and then we had hope in tropic and the leftist media went after him in Riverdale stood manufacturing allies and outages corruption. I'm looking forward can also America deserves a judgment from God for the evil that it promotes of Hollywood pornography and the ungodliness know that homosexuality issues the abortion is killing of the unborn, no miracle so prosperous because of Christian principles were laid down, and then they've rejected those principles into reaping the benefits of those principles in great success and are abusing the benefits of they've received, and kicking out those so the followers of the ones who laid the foundation got to begin with. No. And in this would happen, consistent way of countries over centuries and they fall so quickly and instead Christians are no true friend and not just pray, pray, and you do something just praying you're done two minutes which year you prayed and prayed know God is cause of the cultist more okay guy.

How can we welcome God bless, I back at that YouTube. Let's get to Derek Los Angeles Derek welcome you on the year.

Impute you Mr. slick carried on all right hanging in there and enter what he got. But I am trying to Philippians chapter 2 typically verses 12 and 13. I myself am warm, I believe five point and also I believe in the that we cannot be sure of our salvation. However, when I read the phrase that read by my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling. I'm trying to have a well I get just like a better radiology. I would like to hear your opinion as to what Paul is talking about your working out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who is at work in you both to work as well for his good pleasure is working in you what you working and I do is working and you were going out to work out the salvation that's already there within you not say earn your salvation doesn't say retain your salvation by your words is working out manifested go forward work it out figured out what I work flirted with fear and trembling, because in our salvation will be to be doing is trusting the Lord Jesus Christ and she is the key is the one who offered our salvation or securing him the word fear here is is not meant to be going to he seat. He walks behind cover yourself you hiding because this guys like a bully lacked intellect ahead of you. If you're not careful. And I think a fear has to do with all in respect before God and trembling in the presence of the Almighty God says in the context he says is the issue here deals with the humiliation of Christ beforehand and it talks about Jesus being found in the form of of a bondservant that may like to submit any sissy hold himself to the foot of his death on the cross listed.

This is what you talking about. For this reason, God highly exalted him to bestowed on him the name which is above every name, so that if the name of Jesus every knee will bow those weird who in heaven and earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord of the glory of God. So then I blubbered just as you've always obeyed that all all as in my presence only, but also now my absence, work on your salvation with fear and trembling the sink in the humility of Christ and what he is done lays the foundation for what it is that were to be and to do earlier in chapter 2. Consider others better than herself or be humble and attitude I talked about this issue with Christ as it was good to confess we do so, then use this as you've always obeyed. If you've always obeyed.

That is nothing you have to say to do. If you think you earn your salvation and way shape or form. If you always obeyed that major site if you're obeying the law to keep yourself safe to be savoring it. If that logic is true it hurts then you wouldn't have to say work it out. As in, you need to obtain it because the obedience would already gotten that he's not talking about anything like that piece you've always obeyed. This is the manifestation of your salvation, the obedience of what were called to do in Christ, being in Christ. The obedience is what we do. Jesus in John 1333, four think it is a sissy and if you let me keep my commandments that end up a new commandment I give that you love one another and by this all men will know that my disciple settings. John 10. What is that $17, not delivers my head but don't have mall in with the whole idea here is, is that we need to do continuing obedience to Christ. That obedience is not what gets the saved is not what keeps us safe is the manifestation of the salvation it's already in us, so therefore work out the salvation it's already in you okay that I would you say that that that obedience to Christ that downloaded in the form of dietary law.

Well, it doesn't say doesn't what is Christ call the recall date with the things he says specifically, he says a new commandment I give to you that you love one another to love. Love it do that okay. He says you don't put others buckled like this is speaking through throughout Paul the apostle, in the same chapter verse three do nothing from selfish or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves. Don't merely look out for your own personal interest but the interest of others, have this attitude, which also is in Christ Jesus talked about how he became one of us the humility of Christ. This is what were called to do the works that were to do is to love others to love God, to be humble to seek out those things to work out the salvation because of God working in us is going okay regular you welcome God bless this get to Alex from Van Nuys. Alex welcome you on the air. I was going on that I don't do it, okay. Hang in there a I I just wanted to say that debate between you and Matt you and family. Give me thanks amount legitimate debate. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for doing what you were doing. I with you about it by roughly a year ago when Sam started going to Catholic league AAA feared me if you II got a little bit panicky if you imagine a chance alone. In Catholic and turned against the product been in a biblical teachings, and so forth. Forget that boutique in general and when I saw you came on it so I believe the mayor in July. How you just being the mat click that we all love and started talking about anything that goes against that the patient is heretical. The Catholic Church of the medical center Greek Orthodox Church is a radical, and so forth and so forth. And all the comment that everybody was wise behaving that idea – then in a family role in and I I knew at that point something can happen when I heard about the debate. I was just like my main man better hat and you just showed up and showed how, thank you for that and that you really put my fears to rest because the argument I love the brother demand is amazing when it comes to believe quite amazing when it comes to the Trinity, but just lately I think our brothers lost and hopefully you like and I did way back home yet. I've been hearing more stuff and further what I've heard, sometime and talk to them but that debate was interesting because he's formidable is intelligent, very knowledgeable and we met more than once we've known each other's phone numbers. We talk every now and then but now she he blew it in the debate.

He put way too much because at 120 gotten and that meant he wouldn't answer the difficult questions I was asking you know is Satan at peace with that because it says Colossians 120 by the blood of the cross made peace with all things, so he means all things we do everything possible you know and to include in the demonic realm so I asked him what that mean peace with Satan and it wouldn't answer the question because it's ridiculous to say yes. So try to falsify the idea that all things means that and also I didn't bring up the debate but I haven't direct quote from him that says that Jesus himself. Jesus created evil and sin that is full flaming Harrison is say that I called him out on it. I called about station heresy. While did you figure, now after that we had you, Michelle could do think some of the day, Protestant perspective, if you know like after that you could advise that there will be a possibility that you guys might have debated this to because it was what you were still attacking debate was about two or three months in advance and kept moving because of different things but that's fine so the file I had my suspicions that I is nailed best I could and now I've I'm I'm thinking along some new terms of some other stuff and apologetic stuff will be working on and have some new ammo about this. So yeah, I really want. Thank you from the bottom my heart but the one who actually was a heretic at one particular point that God was gracious enough to we generate great and coffee to believe and have faith and repentance.

I thank you so much. You did an amazing job and everybody were all loving right and glory to God that I just wanted to say that I publicly and you are made so they can handle my letters that he thinks love like you got a brother crab at all blessed like okay, let's get to should Jenetta from Raleigh, North Carolina. Is that right yes sir, aiming to you. Good evening again about about two minutes with what you got going after getting a figure. May God let you have an awesome show. I felt bad. I will tell all the Lamb that Apple and all that the gamut I headed to Glover that is that I just bit the rabbit wanted to make a comment. I like to think that the plant by you a mouthful that I did a lot of thoughts on it.

This program to help you out because I think it out and we need more of you and I agree with you when we use day that lit Christians are not doing enough. For example, when you talk about Obama had colic about the need to go out telling you that I didn't see that we black people need to be evaporated thinking the fan how that gets me up with Donna got a minute but we are not doing enough against what's going on in the world.

For example, Obama thanked and finds that Meredith and that what he has not been this country you and in March again, we didn't fight not in that distraught, but now he is not grand. He got to go.

If the discount stuff going on you stop and do you think that this culvert is upfront. Nothing is that Leah, being on the yet as to the immorality and out anything that is sure that his daughter not what go you call back tomorrow to talk to God was called, and Carolyn from Charlotte I apologize for not getting the Lord bless you and folks there tomorrow is great

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