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September 23, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 23, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you be a theistic evolutionist and also a Christian---2- Matt fiscusses evolution and intellect design.--3- How can I prove to someone that Old Testament prophecies about Jesus were fulfilled and not just the apostles writing it down after the fact---4- - What's your opinion on old earth verses young earth---5- Why do Catholics call priests father when Jesus explicitly says not to call any man father- And why do they regard Mary so highly---6- I live near my father but he is a minister at a nonreformed church. I feel I need to commute to a reformed church. What can I do- How can I best navigate that-

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A previously recorded Nats like show why is the founder and president of a lot more you have questions about Bible doctrine called one Matt slick Matt slick live. Overall, you have a good day.

Bless you, and we have four open lines of you want to give me a call. All you gotta do is delete 772-0722 76.

Every go turn it off. Things going and most of the talk about here. Not a big deal, but to remind you schools with the online school to check amount to do was go to CAR M.O RG right hand side of any page you will find the schools you check amount zero number on it took a lot of years to write all three of them in about two years maybe three. If you're interested in checking modeling of dues go there just so, and set forth in lines if you want to give me a call 87720722761 just jump right in line and get to decide from Arkansas. Welcome your earlier this again all right. Well for a while I found you on the blog directly about the problem, though, I question are you familiar with the you what you think about. To be honest I haven't studied his stuff enough to build until you have to be okay so well not another? I got with can you believe in evolution, the evolution will be a Christian it would depend on what level of theistic evolution, some holding to because I think there is that you don't that we evolved from lower primates on that ancestors and evolved upward and God directed to. That's not the position at all, but evolution is a broad thing and so what about called allele frequency reduction microevolution where we have speciation of saving a flock of birds it is blown out to an island hundreds of miles off the shore and go through centuries. The specie eight because of predation, environmental pressures that would be reduction of genetic information, not an increase of genetic information/type of evolution to adapt to one's environment but it's a reduction of the gene pool information so people you can leave and that because I believe I believe that the precinct on form but is reduction of the gene pool and so that's a form of evolution is what it was that it define or term is always finer terms. So that's why will I have an eight year Brandon argument always buy what you say about the hominid.

Now I'm in the bottom where they just like apelike creature that God created an animal or will try this ask this question say how do you know that your human ancestors just ask a simple question. How do you know there's human ancestors what you say you and basically to say is that the they have attributes they look like it and will say is so limited a straight so you're saying the hominid ancestors because they look like it if it is not scientific. And besides that, from what I've understood all of the hominid ancestors fossils can fit on one or two table pool tables for a while and no start doing the research will see was a lot of the been fake and so I would just ask as I do with evolutions have done your research. Have you done your research at the hominid ancestors. We also so you know I would just say your homework and one things I've also done with atheists from evolution that will save you any counter evidence books that go through the other side of the argument I've heard of say no.

Why would I bother with that to the don't talk to me about how true it is because if you say that you've you can visit is you have say both sides of the argument and why should I listen to you. At least I read both Sophia and her ghetto baby all right now yeah my daughter that I appreciate you and I are get on with our brother in Clarksville, Arkansas. Yes, he's as though there I'm in Clarksville that's so funny while well Mel manager thought that you might know well his name is Eric and he just moved there weeks ago. Eric slick he's I'm the smallest of my family I lost my two brothers, 6 feet tall hundred 20 pounds and he's like 62 or three posted like 280 and the inability of the other 11.

He's a programmer and he makes fun of money and he's told me how long the game programmer.

He's told me how people will call them up and want John to offer him a new job. In fact I visited in LA once phone ringing is not just another headhunter. He just hangs up on and offering a 200 a year like that, that he's has the ability to do good work and communicate with the nerds so greatly Clarksville, Arkansas bike that's nowhere you know you thought just letter and I'll let you go.

Good to hear from you, not Douglas, but thank you okay hey folks, excuse me, we have nobody waiting online. Once you give me a call 877-207-2276 let's talk but evolution little bit is very often I would suggest that if you are interested in studying the topic get books on intelligent design. If you know anything but intelligent design is probably because it's been ridiculed in the media. The reason is my opinion the reason is been ridiculed in the media is because it's potentially dangerous to secularism. Intelligent design what it does is it postulates information development and encoding and patterning inside biological structures and how does it occur where is it come from and there are things that are such segments as irreducible complexity and evolution has a evolutionists house a have a huge problem trying to explain this complexity. For example, we give you something. This is all true.

The woodpecker is the woodpecker's right woodpecker's tongue, the tongue of the woodpecker goes down its throat leaves its mouth area travels back down by the neck bones back up to the back of the head and travels between the scalp and the skull and as a group in the skull for the tongue to fit it goes right up the top of the head down between the eyes and then enters into a nostril goes down into the mouth and that's the tongue.

Now the question is how does evolution explain that because the idea of the woodpecker being able have a long tongue to go to pick holes in a tree and some something and then take his tongue and ejected way way into cavities. Billy get bugs so evolution what it says is that mutations varying forms mutations. What happens is they cause. Like for example the tongue to get longer okay great will that music and survive better because it can reach further into cavities of dead trees get bugs will how do you explain the idea that the tongue get stuck on the bottom of the neck. How does that help. How does that help in survivability it. It certainly doesn't mean I get to see that evolution is try to explain this covenant tried with woodpecker and the things they do all it's just gymnastics, verbal, logical, gymnastic fit, what's the most logical is it was all designed and put in place because you have to have the group in the skull. You have to have the neck muscles you have to have the vertebra to construct a certain way. Even have to have a eyesockets with padding in them. So the eyes don't blow out from the they had going back and forth you have cushioning in the brain area. All this has to be simultaneously there in order for this to work and all the can only work the tongue goes up back of the head down through the nostril enough to beak. So how does it have evolution explain this will can't.

This is only one of many many many kind of biological problems like it makes sense to say this intelligently designed with evolutionists don't want that they presuppose it cannot be the case so they automatically do is denounce the idea of a designer.

That means that there be a God. And because her materialists and or secularists. They have their idols that they bow down to secularism evolution all the stuff that goes in with materialistic ideology bow down before those altars anything that would come into Dr. Walters over must be attacked and destroyed. That's how it works in the secular world.

They are very intolerant, that's for sure. So this is just one of the issues and as a bombardier beetle that we have the battering flagellum. The little motor on it. If you take any of these parts away. They don't work anymore. The best explanation is intelligent design, and we have even gotten an issue with information is and what evolution is as a biological structure that contains information but the complexity of information existing in DNA is just in man, the cop, the odds of it are just so it just you can even imagine. It cannot even fathom your mind with the odds are against it if you would look at every single atom in the universe.

Every one of them. The entire universe. All the millions and millions and millions of militant galaxies full of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of stars and planets and all the atoms that are in the entire universe in those objects and the dust in between and all the matter is out there in space all the atoms that one in 10 to the 82nd one with 80 zeros that but homey particles are out there. The estimate will the odds of information coming together genetically is like one or 2000 power is just insanely huge so evolutionists doesn't work.

It does not work cannot work through the designer's name is Yahweh and he became one of us in the form of Jesus Christ you trust in him for your salvation. Let's get to MIS news from Florida. Welcome your on the air. I am okay I Scripture and inspired word of God, how to prayer that help pocket calculator Revelation.

How can that white hot borrowing Dan out for will they were borrowing from Isaiah and Mike-something were they were. They had the Old Testament, they said this is what you saw here not in Micah, this is what is says in Isaiah. This is what it says over your insults and little time just proving I know highlight how carpet off after the fact, that when it was time we get back to bring all right evolve right that we have two open line 772-072-2760 mass Y call 770727 charismatic sling so I miss my estimate production. Okay so your question is basically how we know the New Testament wasn't written to make it look like Jesus fulfilled prophecies as our question your breaking up. I'm sorry that your question or I can. So your breaking up a lot. I think that's the question what the New Testament quotes the Old Testament prophecies because there are prophecies that the New Testament writers cited there. There she the only way they could make the New Testament look like it was written to appear as though Jesus fulfilled prophecies to find things in the Old Testament apply in the New Testament they can do it because the prophecies are there literally during the break I found the article written on this night added that paragraph a lowers the break we will expand on it, but insisted that they could do it because the prophecies are there still there with me. Okay: things all day. When this I'm sorry go-ahead highly camera can understand your breaking up so badly that it's so don't want to call right back if you want, or move a different part of where you are because we can understand or try to get to see if it's a better there nope can understand you call back okay if you want to get to get to the top of the line.

Okay and all all the talk was a little bit okay so folks when people are still below the New Testament writers just made it look like Jesus fulfilled prophecies will okay how was able to do that how the by going back to the Old Testament, finding stuff right now.

They would do it that the look and you'll test is exceeded that and you what I'll do is I'll say well let's go here. Let's go here where it says read him something be not far from me, for trouble is near Fuller's none to help many bowls have surrounded Maple strong bowls of bashing have encircled me they open wide your mouth at me as a ravening, alluring, roaring lion, I am poured out like water, and all my bones rub joint. My heart is like wax is melted within me. My strength is dried up like a potsherd and my tongue cleaves to my jaws and you leave me the dust of death for dogs have surrounded me a band of evildoers has encompassed really pierced my hands and my feet.

I can count all my bones. They look they stare at me. They divide my garments among them, and for my clothing they cast lots in a vast critic since it was a sound like Jos well looks like it's been crucified so yeah because it was written 2000 years before Christ was born and he quoted that Psalm on the cross, my God my God why he forsake me some 22 verse one and little to come back to with Jimmy look back with the idea Pacific Mesa still there better connection is still there. I guess we could let me finish this thought and see for the right track is a something little sales.

Jesus didn't do anything. He didn't really do anything.

They just wrote it, so it looks like it's self-fulfilling prophecies. What that would mean is in the third minute and you'll test what has prophecies that would mean plus then how they explain other issues if it's the case that the New Testament writers invented. Jesus made it just look like he fulfilled stuff, then please explain why they would do that when it would cost them their lives.

When would cost and their families.

When the Roman Empire would go against them when the Jewish people go against him. I get to see a bunch of them in a room saying a guy to an idea of what your idea well is make at this character called Jesus.

Let's say he fulfilled a whole bunch of Old Testament prophecies and inaccuracies but is going. Are you kidding what prophecies well is over here bumping crucified the school be here about being born in Bethlehem, look over here about 30 pieces of silver Say that he fulfilled all these things that he's the Messiah as the Bible talks about the prophecies than the guys would say are you out of your mind. You killed due to us. If we start teaching this they will seek to kill us because in Rome there was seasonal paganism, which is Emperor worship and all of the Empire was post about the need to amp 20 the Emperor to Caesar the Jews would do it. And so the Romans let them have their own little worship as long as they were under control out there in the far east of the Mediterranean empire of the role of Rome. And so they had a puppet leader.

Puppet ruler in Israel and the Jews were working with a puppet leader in order to keep the peace, so that the Roman garrison would come and clean Israel out. And so they didn't want any problems so this would mean that that these guys just made it up that they will be teaching about how to be honest and loving and sacrificial all the time lying and risking their lives for it just makes no sense. So anyway, I'm excited.

So there I near great day say okay well that might not like or on easy the suicide bombers give up their lives for what they believe the G. The disciples gave up their lives what they saw is different because the disciples saw the risen Lord Jesus. That's different than just having a belief because varying people have varying degrees of the leapfrog all kinds of reasons but that's not the case with the disciples.

They saw the risen Lord.

Now, as the Muslims have you seen the risen Lord Jesus be seeing Mohammed rise from the dead to be seen anything you disbelieving because you been told, which is the difference really help. We welcome right okay God bless. All right, let's go the phones with Tom from Des Moines who will really like you and II hit the wrong but that I do that I hit the road, but I just hung up on Tom from some point, so Tom call] will get you right back. The top of the stack. My bad buddy. I goofed up on that one. Let's get to Steve from Utah Steve, welcome you are on the year will all right hang in there. We got buddy water on older version. There were old bird verse you wreck while I about four years now and I still a major site is no, but I I I'm an old bird that howled. I don't know what like for okay not good thousand year old bird that I hear people talk about like this don't be all that is all I mean I understand God created all the everything else but I believe it but without will I tell you what I would do is hold on for a break in today's already a bread folk say we got the one open line 877-207-2276 mass Y call 770727 show daughter are ready to suggest is if you believe in the older okay to do some research on young Earth creationism intestacy to see with the evidences because if you're like me to like you are love science and I do. I just love science art watch documentary/document. I just love it Supports a watch that stuff and my wife thinks I'm odd to say hey I don't watch sports that you know okay so what does Mark go so some of the things that I've I've over the years have discovered seen to convince me. There is young or such things as the cemetery rock levels all over the world. They require universal flood, some to look into.

Don't know if you know this, but their trees fossilized through millions of years of rock strata under the lighter gray wire you have vertical back to 609 years and that there just one of them just one of them proves that the solution stuff Isn't that old disproves it, because what they'll do is a use ignore it except it's a it's a freak we don't how to explain it was ignore the evidence to go to what we like. Then your there's the dust on the moon issue and it at the that we don't know exactly all the rates for the whole time, but at the present rate of dust settling on the moon.

The calculations it's exactly that exactly but it's equal to roughly successor calculation was just as there expect more, much more, and it was just consistent with the rate of moon dust fall at that rate. There's also the slowing down of the Earth's rotation and I did calculations back renew my math 30 years ago 35 years ago did some math calculations on the earth slowing down rotation is like a two seconds century or something like that and don't I just accelerated it back and just to see and found out that within just a few thousand years.

Nothing can stay in the service of the planet going so fast that DNA is being found in fossils of closing millions of years old can hurt the softer dinosaur crawled all Not bad your bird spell millions and billions of light years away pierced ears and think about, see if I can set make this makes sense when I try and say it.

I suspect that as the universe stretches outward and I like saying these are the right words to use, but I'm trying to the concept as the universe stretches outward. If God were to put this way if God would've treated the universe. Let's say a billion miles in diameter universal to say that and there's a star out there that before the say a trillion quadrille in whatever this matter, the like to take you know three days to get here I like which is no big deal, but to say that's the case with universe is expanding, as it expands the fabric of space is expanding light will take longer to get here as a university granting then it will appear that is older than it is simply off. I better there on earth. It felt like it ought viral go there where our ballot information like not like about about okay, somebody had to create all yes no way create evening accidentally evolved no good All I all absolutely did everything out so Herbert and well I I'm with you on this information theory that is woven and not to mention the abstraction of mathematics and why is it mathematics relates to actuality. What is the bridge between 2+2 = 4. In her mind and the actuality of it there.

How was it that math which is universally proper and apt and absolute in his abstraction applies to materiality. This is a real interesting topic black candidate with your get too deep. But there are evidences for young Earth and you should check amount just go look. I've looked at all the people I Am okay like that.

But I do I'm I write follower for at least four years now and I really believe the Bible is how I really got interested Bible found out that all this really will have that that right field that all things to consider all outsourced or burned away spanning great great as it is, they don't know why it's accelerating some something is happening to the very fabric of the nature of space accelerating. So if that's the case were ever to be able even if at the speed of light will never be able to get other galaxies, visibly possible that the some time work thing to do it with. That's the case, that means a university light will take longer to get here. The further out it is because expanding therefore sky give the appearance of come billions of years old and could be easily explained with the starlight issue. If that's the case because if it remains constant and is another question. They don't know if it's speed of light is constant. Some issues with all our New work and by God said, let there be light on what they're like bird or day what it said, let there be light about what in that sense, because something cannot come from nothing and without getting into the logic of it, but it's usually two possibilities to phonologically two possibilities to account for the existence of the universe. A personal cause nonpersonal cause if it's a nonpersonal cause nonpersonal cause which preceded the universe would have to have inherent in its nature, the necessary and sufficient conditions to bring about the cause of the universe possess those necessary and sufficient conditions. It would have to possess to eternally if that's the case then exits is not sentient. This is part and parcel of its nature, it would've brought the universe into existence and infinitely long time ago but universe is not in fully old therefore that option cannot work. That means none the nonpersonal cause. The universe cannot work to possible logically died, and I will try to sort out the dog bought right there was prolonged primarily for quite a while.going right like that girl. So I became but I still fill out that I will tell you what I have only read the book direct with them in the book for you. Okay and I think you be worth it. Starlight and time by Humphreys. Okay, that part of the whole other that's it's critically important. So in this at issue.

So just look up starlight in time by Russell Humphreys because I am undeserving through okay. All right. But like I appreciate it. Matt okay no problem but you two all right, let's get over to Matt for Minnesota and we lost Matt. He must've been intelligent and humble guy. Thanks Matt. Let's see how about Robert from Salt Lake City, Utah, and Robert welcome you like deals with all I'll just start by saying that I will fight With brothers not to challenge the understanding so my question is wrong. Matt number one line.

When the Scriptures tell call no man and father but your father and yet the priest is call father never parted Virgin Mary is placed in such high regard seems to be more is on the Virgin Mary as far as I can tell that Jesus Christ will then it's time to.

The first thing you are right about the issue, I know my father what Jesus is saying that for us to recognize you have a data call my father but is not talking about that in that context, talking about the spiritual issue of authority and supremacy.

Don't do that to anybody other than God.

It's a form of idolatry, a subtle form that are distant in the Catholic Church is guilty of it and is guilty of it on the same page as the issues of Mary, and I believe that the reason they focus on Mary more than Jesus because their unregenerate people in a way to help him.

Because of this they don't understand the truth of the gospel of Christ. So there idolatry not just have a lot to break Obama right back folks after these messages give a call to lines 87720722 mass Y call 7707 all right, it was interesting yes what I said about the Roman Catholic Church. I stand behind apostate Falls Church reason I do that I say that is because it teaches a false gospel paragraph 2068 in catechism of the Catholic Church says that you obtain salvation and faith. Baptism and the observance of the commandments and that is so blasphemous, it is false teaching. The Bible says to the one who does not work but believes his faith is credited as righteousness is Romans 45 Romans 328. We maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law.

Roman Catholic Church violates the very nature of Scripture teaches about that and it usually exalt Mary to the level of a goddess.

She can hear Millie's appear simultaneously from all all over the world all the people who pray to her, both spoken and thought in different languages all simultaneously. She can answer them and this is just nothing but idolatry the idolaters to promote idolatry to promote a false gospel and when they die.

Unfortunately, those who hold to official notice of said official Roman Catholic theology will find themselves in the lake of fire, we need to preach the gospel to them.

The Bible warns about false doctrines and apostasy later on in the Protestant church now is moving towards apostasy as well and I just took over positively with everything right but I'll tell you the Scriptures are the foundation of truth that we don't believe in the word of God then will believe in anything, and this Roman Catholic Church does because it does believe the word of God is true and superior and supreme, to all things and places it equally with its own sacred tradition which means sacred tradition interprets the Bible because her tradition becomes equal and is by man's wisdom and logic that he do this in social apostate Falls Church and I will always teach that because the Bible says what it says and Catholicism says what it says and the Catholic Church is a repent and towards Christ become Christian of my morning builder lost him anywhere, losing people and was going on here. Let's get to Jan from Virginia Jan Matt strong back now me about writing that call to my question or old. I believe that this surefire way to know they are telling the truth or it would be very layer for 12 people to experience back pain situation. Many years later, light frame details over and over again even though they haven't together to compare notes. Your story strike and even let the worth of their lives in jail in person and being united in everything that a white your stories are always there the same and change their lives. What would cause somebody to change Alexis degree they die for it with a Muslim disabled an atheist of Muslims believe and they die to the differences. Like I said earlier, the eyewitnesses died to what they saw.

That's what they sent me saw this that's different that is different however or story try calling forever no matter start all that's why I truly believe that the Bible wildly okay. What they thought should believe that I agree with you all right and are enjoying your check. Thanks for light come on and contemplate the good not the correct button to drop you here to second so I you to arrange and goblins.

Here we go click black is something to get button challenged always buttons all right, let's get to James from Canada. James welcome you are on the air, buddy. I Matt, thanks for taking my call welcome. I have a loud noise.

I'm driving my truck right now I have a quick question about a personal situation that, within them, looking for some advice. With all economic situation and with the lockdown. Me and my wife are looking at moving out of the city to small village where my father actually lives right now and I'm just two years reform a reformed Christian I came to understand reform.theology.

About two years ago my father is a Pentecostal assemblies of God to minister and so we had a discussion that we had a discussion need not the fundamental about salvation by grace, faith, good but the Pentecostal to think that they are a big issue and I mentioned them today that I would probably be looking at commuting to another community to go to church and that really affected him hurt them as though what what kind of I I'm not sure thing. Good concert. I could attend his church. Even though I can still call my brother in Christ. I'm not sure how to navigate that you just didn't you say to him, and according to what I believe and what I believe before my Lord I can't in good conscience go in and do this. As such, he can't argue with that because it is he would not want you to violate your conscience before the Lord. Okay, I that's what I would say if his main concern is made concerning my main concern with that decision would just be the effect it would have on the village saying that the past, the son of the pastor of the only church in the community wants to go to another church and decide I'm sure there's a way to navigate that this router is you know I'm reformed.

Also, when I got attend a non-Reformed Church and I navigated fine by not bringing those issues up in that context, I don't do that. There is no one there to do and thereby grace and sisters in Christ, so that said, you could just say that everybody was so brothers in the Lord and the Bible says in Romans 14, 1 to 12. Romans 14 that each man before must be fully convinced in his own mind. And that's doing, and we still love each other as a Christian and that's it. I just say I'm reformed my theology and he's not in some of my soul. What is that mean and then you can start teaching of Scripture. So my conscious before God damn thing I got for God regarding doctrine is more important than how my father interpret honoring my father will be to honor your father, what is it mean to do everything he says is and what it means right now it doesn't make no you honor him by respecting him and he's a preacher of the words you could be very careful not to disrespect you show honor and respect all that time but in your conscience you can't attend hyper Arminianism man centered kind of teaching and that that is pre-Stratus in all and I'm sure he teaches you can lose your salvation then you keep it by doing good thing yes it which befalls gospel and so it's a serious thing. Okay I figured right map and I get out of verse for you. You need to study and when it comes up asking about it, it's Colossians 214. Okay, Colossians 214, so I recommend what you do is you study it for a little bit confused about why am bringing it up in this context. Call me back because that verse cannot be properly understood by anyone who's not performed okay okay alright I will okay I think it arrival. God bless.

Okay, let's see, let's get the clay from Raleigh, North Carolina Clay, you're on here and God bless you man happy Friday to you as well you know it's interesting that you're talking to him about it out on Earth Day because I would always have it in my face from family members about you know you're not on your mother or your father.

But what you're doing, you know, I also was going to touch base with you all the conversation was you know about the United Methodist thing. I come from a method of background and I'm a Baptist, but I learned that there's a difference between being sprinkled and you know being fully immersed. It's a good thing where you know your your your being coy and when the client without and so you know I think it will help brother James. Understand a little bit more about the part I was talking about somebody and the Lord created and I truly believe that there is more to creation in Genesis thing is there are people better. You're talking with their believer stuff like that, that it's it's creation God created the moments that are there vehicle talk to a brother in the Lord our system load when you're wearing a hat or shirt that something and so on the part it is not only about respecting but what you're doing in your life that people see that is honoring the parent that brought you into this world. If you act any differently than that the different story, but honoring part is you is what you were doing with your life that is bringing the mother and the father full work, the kingdom of God K. I'm listening within the hour.

Jim question along with this is when can do that comment now humming under 200 wondering what your thoughts are about that because on and you know I have been told several family members.

At some points that you know I'm not honoring my mother or my father because the way I do things, but I'm a Tylenol economic $900 but you can, brightly colored Christ and him and you know, I know that what I'm doing is is I feel it honoring them even though they tell me I mean for them whatever you like that wet my disagreeable because of what, actor.

You know what I do when I say certain things that are you will get available like that okay and that's what that means, but so are you.

Follow-on bodies are but I follow the Lord Jesus Christ to see God in flesh, you know, popular doing what I need to do in regards to the light bulb following him yesterday when, why would you be upset with you pagans or what I'm not sure about the pagan. I will be don't know that I can honestly say that many when you don't. People like them. They are not completely accurate. Like I am when you have somebody that cares something and I get on the electrical beat around the bush but I did look at it and I say that I know where they would think them out want because when I am in my heart where I am following things with the Lord, you know going and being able to think of people in a weighted Roman old people screaming and they think that they extremely grow but you have a family member that doesn't that doesn't they have attended to go get that's true, which I think you were out of time, but I'll be a great weekend.

Thank you for all the folks we are out of time and though I will be back on the air Tuesday. Have a great

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