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August 11, 2020 9:00 am

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August 11, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does the phrase -keys to the kingdom- mean---2- Does Psalms 11-3 apply to our country---3- Is the sabbath on Saturday---4- How important is it to stress the order of salvation when sharing the gospel---5- What is amillennialism-

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A previously recorded Nats like show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why August going to McCall. We have five lines 877-207-2276 busy day today working hard to get the new website prepared and ready him tell you it's a slow process or just so much to do once the new site is is not really good read a lot of stuff going on a lot of plans for next year developing so praise God. There's a lot of good things going on here for intergalactic karmic orders free, but that we would love that's it also said five lines give me a call 877-207-2276 waiting right now we have three online schools. If you're interested school on theology school on apologetics and school on critical thinking now if you're interested in checking them out if you want to grow in your faith you want to have a foundation for what it is you believe what you believe in those schools are there for you. And when I do stuff I like to do things quick and slick, just get it done and because I was on the radio for now that I have Asperger's and autism spectrum thing and I just get to the point you know isn't what it says.

And so it turns out to be perfect for writing on the Internet.

Sometimes I'll read an article what is a Trinity and then three days later you're still reading.

They have an answer the question what I do is I answer the question right away and then expand on it.

So if you only read for 15 seconds you got the answer the question you got the answer.

The significant things that I do and I hope you enjoy the kind of writing that style. A quick and slick and also by way of this reminder. I do a lot of debates and impromptu debates and discussions on the Internet do those in the evenings and often enjoy that again folks what's up with you guys give me a call 877-207-2276 would be great writing stuff on the be doing research on NT file. I've written on BLM say this again black lives matter is not an organization that any Christian should support and the reason you should not supported. If you're Christian. It is because of what it teaches in the hidden kind of agenda thing again on against racism, the Bible teaches against racism not to sin were all made in the image of God and we deserve to be treated equally and respectfully that's out supposed to be. That's what I teach this. I've always thought that I would leave the one race, the human race. I'm leaving different races stopped so if if you are looking to be on my website you'll find out that what you basically do is promote homosexuality and destroy the nuclear family was not be rephrasing this is with her doing. You can read up on it. If you want to go to the content or website CRM O RG in this type in black lives matter and you'll find the article there and also the founder was a Marxist use and promotion of what's called the breeze act. So I went to the breeze act and I took a look at it and let me just say it's a come communistic's Marxist socialistic scary stuff. So this is what I'm talking about is we can't lend support to the just can't do it, so no Christian should be supporting an organization, but Christians should be speaking against racism.

The problem is, do you sign up with this organization so him about on the street and march with them.

Well that's for you to decide. But the thing is, what are you marching for. It's like what if you know you didn't know this to Weldon to see what you might march with them in and join up with them but if you didn't know then you're responsible, and you should be responsible anyway should study so I'm just telling people what it is and it is not a good group not good organization because of the underlying principles that it teaches, which ultimately will destroy the family and promotes sexual perversions and to tell you this, that God's judgment on America has been state has been held back because of God's mercy. The Christians in this country been praying with a holocaust of abortion and it's it's so familiar to so many Christians that they hardly even ever anymore raise any objections to it thing I just whatever's happening. We should pray guessing that's about it are so accustomed to it.

It is an abomination also slows homosexuality and pedophilia and other things that are sexually incorrect and against the written word of God against the revealed word of God. So I'm just telling you that God has been very merciful to this country so in spite of those great atrocities.

We Christians need to be praying and we need to pick up the cross and follow Christ and we need to stand against those things. With love, with patience, we need to stand against him, not by sitting down doing nothing and wouldn't get rapture data.

Here we need to be forthright and politely aggressive about what we do. Making calls, writing emails and if you have to you go march with people who were standing up for righteousness that just like we did here in Boise Idaho when BLM came up here and about three weeks ago and I went out with a bunch of other guys and there were about 50 or so that I could count maybe up to 100 BLM people and 500 to 800 Idahoans who were just saying nope is not happening here, and this is the kind of thing has to happen that it become a little bit uncomfortable and do stuff without a fight for the righteousness in this country need to fight not with human just merely human.

I should say merely human weapons but we should fight on her knees and pray for this country and I prefer country regularly and I hope you are to three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Deborah from North Carolina, Deborah. Welcome you are on the air welcome and out. He from you regarding anything exactly sure what it is to be honest, I looked at its head to look at because Roman Catholics will say that it means that they have father because with the backup Peter was loosely given the keys so therefore since they are in line appear.

They also have the keys with the key symbolizes more or less is the issue of authority and power. But I don't know that's what it really means. And so when I look at this kind of stuff you know I try and try and consider what it's saying but look at it in its context, and it refers back in parts to Isaiah 22 the keys of the kingdom. I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder and what he opens no one so shut what he shuts no one shall open sort of the Catholics will do is go back Isaiah 2222 and will say with the wood public. Peter opened and closed.

No one could open and close other than what he did because it authority the same authority as Jesus and then authority was passed down to the papacy of the priesthood. Another taking away too far.

So what we we got. Be careful about here is to think that that just means caught Catholic context. It has all authority is certainly does not cover churches' teaches idolatry and a false gospel. So what is going on here and we settled you the keys of the kingdom and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound on. That's the thing that really ties in with this.

If the keys of the kingdom deal with usual authority that Peter had then. It was not passed on to the disciples, but it was just the stats, it was the sink singular in the Greek it's not plural that you will all have this, but was singular and so when we consider this, we have to be careful that we don't want to say that is the authority that's given to Peter and then to everybody else but Jesus said, was to Peter, but what does it mean for Peter to have that authority will here's the thing. What a lot of translations do with the Catholic Church will do is it whatever you bind and earth will be bound in heaven, but that's not what it says in the original language when it says in the original language is the perfect passive future perfect passive future. It will have been bound now I want to get too much into this and make it confusing, but this ties in with the keys are, because it says what you bind shall have been bound or will have been bound so this is in the future tense in the future it will have already been done to this is a really interesting construction and I think what's going on is whatever you bind as he's talking it's a present tense, but as a future context. Whatever you bind you say when you do this in the future. Whatever you bind sorts of future context. Even though the tense is present, then, is it says Jesus as shall have been bound or will have been bound, so that is a future perfect tense the perfect tense is like I have eaten the pluperfect's I had the perfect tense is a past action that was continuing in the past and is still continuing. Now, so I have eaten you still eating. I have eaten or you say I have been eating the same thing if you say I had eaten they had been eaten. The deer in the pluperfect which means it was an accident pass completed in the past.

So what Jesus is saying is the passive tense is to me is the perfect tense that is an action in the past and is continuing in the present.

This is that if it's really interesting construction so we saying is the present tense which refers to the future and in the future which refers to the past three says you what you bind on earth is present, but it refers to the future when you do this when you do this at future. It refers to the past, it shall have already been done. It's really an interesting construction so it's not saying that that Peter is the one who has the ability end of himself and the authority to do the binding and whatever he binds is therefore bound because he's declaring it now. It's already been bound, so that's already been bound within. She's only proclaiming what's already been done and that's the secret is a secret so the keys of the kingdom, you know this when not so sure what it means in this context because it generally means the authority to do something. Why think what is taught about here is the authority to proclaim a pronouncement of forgiveness and binding and loosing things like that. It's already been done. When you do it well. If Peter's one doing it, then it will have to have already been done, or it will be done in the future, not passive, tend to be just future tense, so I don't. I made sense on that.

But I'm trying not to be confusing, but this is just how the Greek is done and it's like in the English might explain things what you bind on earth will have been bound. It's the same thing in English and English so it's a present tense, talking with the future and in the future tense is referring back to the past and this is as it relates to the keys of the kingdom with the authority to claim that hold you okay hello you write that book 7 is best to give you two lines 877-0727 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave might look back line to give me a call 772072276, Deborah you still there are two that help coordinate confusing now that help okay thank you my and appreciate what you Dave for listening and helping out with our question regarding Scripture, will you welcome in the along these lines of thinking about holding a an online seminar where I will have a PowerPoint presentation for screen share.

People can watch and I'll teach and they can type in questions and they can download information beforehand and participate but be prepared beforehand. People need to know the fate really teaches something about doing that in doing the patriot on but you know people you know and I think Christians want to know and are not being taught basic to the faith. Great great and I felt like people are very hungry, but the traits like now and are thinking to think so too.

I remember think about… Before you go out the first Mike, I preached a sermon where I taught doctrine I inserted doctrine I took a risk we normally do in a sermon. I had people specifically coming up to me afterwards more than one saying thank you for that Dr. part we never get that and we need it. I never forgot that.

So I like to stop preaching sometimes to the right will say that he or I will God bless all rights we have two open lines 877-207-2276 look at the Carolina Chuck dear Matt got. I could barely hear you can you speak up barely. You and your men out there little bit you think okay going try to get back okay that Romolo Gray found that the Roy how that happened. When they were out where Bible help you validate will give the question and note that, if you you thought they might know not really okay I think I'm thing that the young fella that you know about what that really got me. That's what happened you know the people God thought, but all I don't think course.and you know you know I saw this I had to break I saw the text of the verse and I memorized it now just in the break time. I saw more than three it says if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do that should be this the verse for the Christians in America today at the foundations of truth and godliness and all that rest in him are gone. The righteous have no recourse because the righteous. We dwell within righteousness.

We want righteousness so we behave according to righteousness, but the wicked prosper because they don't they will extort they will threaten they do, that's what is unrighteous and the unrighteous hope that the righteous do what is good so that they can get away with her evil.

It's really an interesting phenomenon is happening in this world. Oh yeah, because look, etc. when Katrina went around when Katrina happened the military went was was military action with Katrina in Louisiana area and confiscated weapons broken the homes there people on the military who talk about this, broken homes, and they confiscated what people's weapons and the bad guys were falling behind the military because they knew that as the military took with weapons of the people to people not defenseless and the bad guys when and robbed him, and other things will why did the military equipment I want. That's the right question to ask you yeah I so so anyway the issue is we don't have foundations, then the wicked prosper blessing the military's wicked but you… But there was a service.

I support the military and absently for them absolutely. But things like this occur in our country are happening more and more and I'm starting to collect more information about this and putting up a page hump collective faculty since everybody. If you have information like this document information from new sources.

Whatever the Christians being persecuted email to I'm going through checking them looking at them.

I started a page actually today about this and things were things like this are happening to document what's going on because we Christians have got to be informed and we have to do something a week if we don't have information we don't know what to do and so walkable to know what's happening there good things happen is bad things happen, but it's already known, which happen within T4 and BLM in the various democratically run cities work crime is skyrocketing in writing is occurring in those doing a thing about it. So what we Christians do about this one would be writing about that and talking about because it's more more prevalent and as some of the things of the Bible talks about that. Just as you know you I'm glad you brought this to my attention. Psalm 11 30 with the foundations are destroyed will righteous to do because the righteous count on righteousness with the wicked don't the righteous are drafted left helpless and so what are they going to the stand together on on righteousness which is revealed in Scripture.

And we have the right of self-defense. Luke 2236 treatises by the sword. We have the right to be able to defend ourselves and defend others.

This is part and parcel to the Christian faith have the right of defense on the obligation and we do not have the right to go, be aggressive and to take anybody's lives without due process or in the issue of self-defense or to the defense of another life, those of the grounds.

We don't do any of that.

We don't have to do any like that one vote. We want to pray. We wanted March will be can according to the law and and and do and do our part as Christians if we don't, as Christians have been lax already and if we don't do this, the unbelievers to control us. And just think of that. Yeah, Islam, and with the sharia it's oppressive to Christians you think the unbelievers here to do any better duty better if they were getting control of the leftist Marxists to go do Internet research on what happens to the Christians in a Marxist rule. Go find out so terrible. It is terrible.

It's rare good verse on the other like that right right and on the other. I would… You talk about the three yes that was very helpful very hello I hope so. I hope so. The truth is God's is my people perish for lack of knowledge so you find that person may memorize and address. Maybe some could type it in with the addresses and Chevron are our buddy.

God bless man thanks leprechaun Chuck arrived back dear Matt, we'll talk again how to write goblins all right this get to Carl from Florida hey Carl, looks there to break the start bulldog very right back up. They fall to three open lines which give me a call 877-207-2277 max Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg back the bottom of the hour you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 through line slips good to Carl. Welcome back, Carl remembered he got hello yeah hello buddy, thanks out of the way. One of my friend. It basically the fourth amendment if the only candidate then you and believe we can we do on the commandment, but we'll keep it that it explanation and that was between the lift Sunday believe only art that Abbott Saturday and I never change, and that one God, thank you for every current data date. Nothing that we can praise any other law and the fact this is churches go to the later went good in church yesterday left it because of that reason, so suggest is not it just is. Go to Carmen Savitz and should keep the Sabbath the Sabbath is the seventh day which is Saturday at and as soon as 28 through nine of the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and then we have to ask the question, are we obligated to keep the Sabbath now this is a question to ask if were obligated to keep the Sabbath. Now why is that the early church did not.

Why is it that in the New Testament. They did not because he didn't so what we have is we have in the New Testament is recommended a written and that name could do enough that it ended on Monday. Well, what happens in the New Testament is that people in the New Testament. For example, they met on on Sunday in Renaissance art and so they did and they gathered together to get for preaching or fellowship look like for communion and then the very early church right away even before the disciples were dead were meeting on Sunday. If we are to say that we have to keep the Sabbath difference is that we have asked several questions. What is he mean by keep the Sabbath, does he mean no work that he may not travel.

This may not like fires does it mean also not to carry wood over a certain distance, what is he saying what he says keep the Sabbath because if he gets in the car and drive 30 miles to go to church on the Sabbath that he is effectual, effectively doing work on the Sabbath, so is he being consistent with what his own requirement is this is a question got ask now the Sabbath is interesting because the Sabbath means rest now God rested on the seventh day he needed to rest. What he did. Now in Genesis chapter 5 is a genealogy between Noah between Adam and Noah and you take the words and you put them in English and get a sentence it's appointed to mortal men, sorrow, the blessed God will come down when he dies it will come, bringing to the despairing rest or hope so Jesus says come to me and I'll give you rest. Matthew 1128 so if we are to understand the Sabbath with understand it biblically because the Sabbath points to the work of Christ that he performed so that we are not obligated to keep the law in order to be saved.

The Sabbath is an interesting thing in the Old Testament Nexus 21 to 17 with 10 Commandments. All of the 10 Commandments are restated as being valid in the New Testament except for one all all of them except one are stated you shall do this you shall do that, that's correct, you shall take a guess which one is not. It's the Sabbath, and so we find versus for example, it says I look through. Let no one act as your judge regard to food or drink, or respect to a festival which is yearly. A new moon which is monthly or a Sabbath day which is weekly classes to 16 that no one act iTunes.

Regularly he was referring that we can find that the new don't like the Roman Catholic that it be that they are one of God.

It is none of that is not true of it and change it right at you just know he's talking about coming up with respect is no okay so you know, Matthew 1918, murder, adultery stealing, false witness, honoring parents worshiping God are talked about in Romans 13 nine coveting is talk about and what we see Matthew 12 eight we see that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. In Matthew 1128. He's the one who's who says he'll give you rest.

So what we see in the New Testament is the reiteration of those commandment but the Sabbath is not reiterated as being necessary now. Again, Colossians 216 says what it says before the Catholic Church is ever in existence. Also Romans 14 five says one man regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike.

Let each man be fully convinced of his own mind every day alike every day includes a Sabbath so one day was one in regards one day above another.

The Sabbath and the regards every day alike. Let each man be fully convinced of his own mind was 14. Five.

If that's the case and were supposed to keep the Sabbath and why is Paul the apostle saying hey be convincing your own mind. See the problem. My father and in the old man I'm going New Testament of the famed advocate Saturday and then calling. They think that God never did anything 11 lot one of you see you and a debate him about that because you can't think somebody you know will hold onto something medical. You never know what could be said know if I give him the answers and and was 14. Five is the clincher. I talked to many people were Sabbath variance and they say you wanted worship on Saturday that's fine that I don't care you but if you want to work up on the iPod through the workbook on the Everly that the matter is that the okay so he says it does. That's why got a doctor. This is why go to Romans 14 five.

They can't get around this unless I want to say that in that he was talk about everything except the Sabbath which is ludicrous. And so the switch to hammer him on okay and any cost of restricting 16 to other things.

But here's the thing happen call me up Google's have a nice little conversation and let's see if he saw me buying the Sabbath and the requirements of the Old Testament law. It was acute.

The Sabbath us. If you doing it okay so I've got Magda there.

Are you trying them that that God will inevitably think that it yet but have been called to talk to okay.

I hate folks will give a call if you open lines 877-207-2276 Joe from Florida Joe welcome your on the year you doing today going around the God's grace that you listen very often I run into the Armenians in many forms. Obviously the biggest one being you now. Generally speaking, independent fundamentalist Baptist and think that nature which my brothers so I don't know the problem I'm having anything and not because I and in one respect was in the same camp many years ago that Christian the 89 so now it's been many years but the earlier years now like I got saved and in fundamental church and again I went the same way they did in terms of the call and everything out and then I eventually came across the order saluted this order right to request my question is that it's actually 2.1 what what is the hour I haven't really done a full system. What more stressing regeneration for the gifts of faith everything out so you can understand what God will hold on, let's talk about this because we have two main issues temporal and logical priority given illustration Elisa foundation worked will do is talk about the issues temporal of foundation or temple priority and you break coming up her soul will Google so I use an illustration of the light switch and light bulb and electricity. If you flip on a light switch and five seconds later light starts. That's called temple priority where the light is so reiterated his filing temporal versus logical priority right that Is that it is a free open lines 877776 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave Rebecca one half through 776. Joe, are you still there are excellent continue with this analogy so with you flip the light switch on if it were to happen. Light came in five seconds later. That's an example of temporal priority you flip the light switch.

Something happens. Five seconds later, light occurs in skull temporal priority. What we have is logical priority in that the electricity in the light are instantaneous at the same time flip the switch on electricity is there in a lightbulb instantly and light is instant so that's what we would call this the logical priority in the sense that electricity must be there in order for liked to be there but is not the case that light must be there in order for electricity to be there. Electricity is the cause of the light, but both are simultaneous. That's called logical priority does not make sense but you know the logical not have to be a for example we know we present… People the people can you hold them to continue okay as I apply this now alright so when were present the gospel to somebody and we we teach them in whatever and they believe if we have temporal priority. Let's say that they have to believe and five seconds later they become regenerate with us since several issues with that, but the problem with me would have a believer for five seconds is not regenerate. How do you have a believer for any length of time is not regenerate. It doesn't make any sense to look for Versed.

Let's say the regeneration precedes faith by let's say five seconds within that would mean for five seconds you have a regenerate person who is not a believer for five seconds and ecological problem as well would say is that regeneration precedes faith logically that when you present the gospel, God opens the heart the mind to believe the word of truth. Luke 2440 5X 1614 grants. We believe flick is 129 a believer's work of God. John 620 29 he caused us to be born again for 313 so he regenerates us and we freely choose to believe and we do so and inner simultaneous so that's why we would say that the logical priority regeneration receiving faith because regeneration enables us to be of the freely choose him into it is not the same escape as a pleading and grace, which I think this is really an amateur and not know where it is anything it's going great cause more problems than it solves. Preventive versus that help right now that the next quick the next piece here is that at that they really are. Meet with with this discussion that I often get him with the discussion of Cosmo's world you get out and out for God so love the really fun and that at the baby diaper the world into the world die. I've been able to in my mind. Scripture cannot break it down to second one. The reconciliation of of all of creation yells versus you know that the benthic part for me and will so often I hear the now people say we can't unite so that it be those who believe election in selection that doesn't work because of the world?

So I ask Noel ask was Jesus sent to the whole world in the same course.

He was to know he was not in Matthew 1514.

Jesus specifically said he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel that I do this, a teacher, Jesus says in Matthew 1524 I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel says it was. The context is talking about Google reader to know when he says the house of Israel. What you talking about talking with the nation of Israel right so that's what it means right now is what it means.

Okay, so it was sent to the nation of Israel, not the whole world with the word world mean in that context it means all the nations right there we go to John 316 it says of her guts of the world was the word world me. I asked him what is it mean every individual. How do you know that no significance what it means. Okay, how do you know that's what it means because the word world can be used in different contexts in different senses. I hear I understand that part yet it and where that's where I get stuck in a particular Stein and I looking to learn really examine the full context of Scriptures from the beginning. He began where God is showing no election in his selection is free will select and pick thing throughout get out. Again, I can see where the logjams they won't open up that whole concept you yeah yeah Jake Jacob, I'd love a thought hated know… But that was only a situation, and it is all by job. When this looks back on this focus, or to the word world that I recommend you go back to the website and look up the word world grid and all grid. Those two words will take you to a grids and charts and have done an analysis of every instance of the word all and every instance of the word world in the New Testament and categorized in the word world can mean every individual a limited area all nations.

The secular realm and planet Earth. It means different things different contexts. When people say to me. For example, John 316 single what is the word world me and they can't tell me what it means they just assume it means certain things and maybe they're correct. I'll save it yet to demonstrate that what it means and then when they say Jesus paid for the sins of everybody asked what does it mean does it mean to pay for everybody.

I asked questions and you should too. What does it mean anything if you go to a restaurant to some rich person when it will restaurant and paid for everybody's meals right there would have the same kind of thing go to Gaza by analogy to think of anything good to anybody's debts of the meal exist anymore. No can. The can.

The manager of the employees say he said to any of the patrons there always the meals know the canopy does exist anymore.

If Jesus paid for our sins and they don't exist in our right if he did forever, but never lived and how anybody could help that argument that you know.

At the following argument damning, it logically and and argument that her regarding that that point which is that at the rock solid argument. I know here's the thing to hear about the white says a lot you know about the windows. The video was a real bad panic. One is named in on Sunday. I'm stunned that I don't lose a lot of the details but anyway that I would take up too much time before I go I just want to thank you for the work and what I list you wish you good luck to you both you and Brother Sam, would you be debating down the road and I let both your brothers and I know is going to Lawton in there because brothers we like assembling the thought about you guys put the gloves on and smack you gel around little bit and that the other thing is that you were wondering it was because they have 46, which was the yet, people perish for lack of thinking for yourselves as they are high. Yeah, I think that God bless listing phones lists. Let's see Orlando from which is from Orlando and you'll say, but is not from North Carolina. Hey. Hi nobody grip. I got about a millennium, legalism, you wouldn't want that they really mean that the replay like the moon and for them at the millennialism yet all millennialism deals with the millennial reign of Christ.

That's all it is talking about it. It would set in when they would live in and in the millennium now.

Yes, it was say there's no future literal 1000 year reign of Christ that the millennium reference in Revelation 20 is in the context of the figurative usage and that Christ's kingdom began. Back there on earth to Sissy when he was on earth just as he bounced Satan when he was here so the millennialism say that family lists would say that the thousand year literal thousand year.

His future is a difference in both within orthodoxy know that replacement theology in a way that will replacement theology says that the Christian church has replaced Israel completely and totally.

And so that's not what's all millennialism says some people who hold to all, legalism will also hold replacement theology. Some people who hold to premillennialism will also hold to replacement theology.

I'm all millennial and I don't hold to replacement theology. Okay, okay, good. Your online I'm all know yes okay you believe that we did the bullet down and will live in the moving down now. I think he might be found or loose because he said to be bound towards the end and gather nations to war with each other that's happened things are going really bad, but I do know that Jesus says that he must sing must be bound and he said he was bound to Matthew 12 2232. He said it was. And then Jesus says in Matthew 13, roughly 30 through 40 that range.

He says that with you at the end, the end of the age will gather out of his kingdom. The wicked and the first was taken before the. The Christians according Jesus or the wicked Matt 1330 so not met the week that the first was to go to tears exactly with us as first lovable to go together. I'll save the Angels of the reapers first gather the tears fight yeah yeah and he says and he'll take out of his kingdom. The lawlessness thing in the wicked will and must mean they're in the kingdom in Christ kingdom in Jesus kingdom is not simply just can be a thousand year reign. There's nothing wrong with that but you know I just believe the other thing's description point away from that and and and accepting on and I have my buddies I buddies who don't agree with me. Okay fine, whatever care will I don't agree you that I'm on mail coming out told PostScript strip rapture. Yeah me too segment them know know that this technique of you. I believe in rapture at the return of Christ and the rapture spoken of in Hebrews is to be first Thessalonians 416 to check fibers to have a great source Thessalonians 1st Thessalonians visit is 2020 when I will be change that's the rapture resurrection.

That's that's it for this 15 but the rapture does occur, that's what he says will be caught up together, beat up in the air.

That's what the rapture is that it's a lot tourist to be caught up over clean it up. I hope I did. I say these things on the air. I know a lot of people frowning at the regular six. Say what JAL references that I got on break I left. Thank you God bless Andrew from Florida call back tomorrow. That's a great job at a function of the Lord bless you by his grace back on your tomorrow Friday

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