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August 7, 2020 9:00 pm

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August 7, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his latest article on the Black Lives Matter movement.--2- Is numerology okay for a believer to use as a guide for information- Are there number patterns in the Bible---3- Is the atoning sacrifice of Jesus different from slavation and justification---4- Where do dinosaurs fit into the biblical account---5- If God cannot be seen, what about verses such as Genesis 17-1, Genesis 18-1, Exodus 6, etc.---6- In John 5, what does Jesus mean exactly when he tells the man who was healed to -stop sinning- or -sin no more---7- In John 5-29, what do the deeds have to do with our resurrection---8- I have friends who are thinking about going into the Catholic church. How can I best help---9- Matt discusses Roman Catholic teaching.

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A previously recorded Nats like show mass like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max Y branches your questions at 877 Monday hope you have a good day for you are 200 and recall all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 or newer. The show was a Christian call in show winter questions on the differently than a lot of people do shows here and there. I'm extremely biblically minded use logic, evidence, rationality, presupposition was members things in order to defend the Christian faith because it is the truth. And if you don't believe in Jesus Christ as God in flesh regarding the cross roads in the dead of your trust in him and you will be lost in the day of judgment, not my problem is yours. I do care about you and that's why here on the air so well were hoping his people will listen.

Can one challenge that please feel free but that's what I defend, and over the weekend I did some research working on an article on black lives matter for a while and I released it lubricant and I'm updating it periodically and know you don't want to say this quite a bit of research on the founders I did research on the donations where he goes to research on the websites I tracked down varying interviews really did my homework and am no true Christian who holds to biblical theology can support the movement of an organization I should say the organizational block?

The reason is because it denies the biblical family and promote some sexuality lesbianism transgender is him and wants to work against the standard family. It's also founded by strong Marxist and it was very dangerous and you know it, we just can't support it is not to say can open up, not against the issues like you know as Christians want to get rid of racism in the race is in the sense that we don't need that don't want proper biblical way of handling this is not by by promoting the redefinition of marriage. The redefinition of sexuality, the demise of our Constitution and the destruction of the nuclear family, which is what black lives matter as an organization is promoting. So again, let me just say closing or listening who like black lives matter or care what color of skin you have. If you're Christian, your loyalty is to Jesus Christ, not an organization not a movement, not a church… But Jesus Christ and him crucified.

And if you study the Bible and if by chance take it seriously like I can take it seriously, for God is the word of truth. Jesus is the only way to salvation, then you cannot support the organization of black lives matter. You can however support the idea of the destruction of racist ideas and racism course we we stand against that. Unfortunately with the devil does is he'll take a good message and he'll fill it with foul lies and is like an iceberg, how much is below the surface and you can't see that's the issue, and the news media have been paying attention. What reading and watching. I've not seen the news media cover a lot of the issues of the recovered in that movement its Marxist organization it or origins. The destruction of family how it desires to work against the family and how the promotion of having donations to goes to Democratic things is pure Democratic Democratic stuff. Now they have the right to do. They want to donations.

I'm not stand against death when talking about though is that here just supporting for leftist stuff by donating to them and when and if are significant. When this country fails, in part because of the Democratic Party, which the leftist and the Democratic Party, which I think are unconstitutional, ungodly and dangerous. They there.

The things that they're doing folks are similar to the things done in the Roman Empire this fall and you can reduce degree stuff on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and started to do some the things I did was promoted homosexuality for the feeling they started passing laws where the Senators the people in power were exempt from those laws and the population was required to adhere to them. They increased taxation a great deal. Basically.

And let's say that the moral fiber started to fray and became sporadic of battles here near the Empire, and it gradually felt and then they laid the blame at the Christians as well.

Things are concerned about is if by chance America would have a Great Depression or a great failure. Would they blame Christians for in all history has a way of pitting yourself. Nevertheless, if you want to get the article unconscious to the kind of work.

See and the second black lives matter, Neil Colón read the article right and have been adding updates periodically at the end of the article of this in the news like some people like like protesters killed woman for saying all lives matter are burning Bibles and Portland stuff like this. Also some black lives matter. People are using it Mafia tactics and going to that certain businesses documented on the website on the website at the bottom where they were saying.

Here's a demands remake on your business and if you meet these demands will leave you alone is certain percentage of people who were minority. There has to be certain lot of money donated to certain causes.

You don't do it, then your business will will love suffer. You know, and this is Mafia okay so not limited to say this before you get the callers that the only way that we can change the issues that are plaguing our country as to the blood of Jesus Christ look folks, what happens to when people don't have God in our hearts. The laws have to be passed increased become more draconian in order to guard the hands we as Christians have the obligation to preach and teach that gospel to everybody.

Racism is evil, lying is evil dealing is evil. There's all kind of things are evil in this world and it needs to stop. The way to do it is by the change in the hearts of people by forcing them and forcing things down her throat. This is what really is the power to change is the preaching. The proclamation of the gospel. Jesus Christ and telephony to happen and we Christians are obligated to do that and seek that for country for those nearest us as well/we should be doing and what they go to any McCall will forfeit lines 877-207-2276 look at the Kyle from Savannah, Georgia Kyle, welcome your on the air yet. If I meant what's up: how much to get information recognized they are. Over the years, kind of went back that he did, but early became a born-again believer about three years ago, but early on in my life before of the Christian I noticed the phenomenon in my life that seem to be a little beyond get the reality. And it was being recurrent number in and beyond.

Yet I get beyond I get cool when I whether it be through other people are near anything that I began to follow that I would get overwhelming peace that would you not get all sorts of inclination toward me and I would begin to look for and get that long story short, things would come true, and I would have information that I should have. I believe now looking back at it and he things would come through and I came across study in Deuteronomy. When I became a believer and it Deuteronomy 18 verse nine. It ain't around there about looking at the omen and I've been realized that things like this is forbidden by God and I noted in my life and I really feel it. Laura get it. Not the same feeling I had when I was wondering if you ever heard of anything like that or just done any research, numerology, or seeing lingering numbers or yes yeah I you I see numbers and patterns because my autism and account things Isis. What I do and is my whole life is what it is not a big deal but this thing is with you very very very very careful about numerology and things like this because it gets your attention away from God with the truth of the revealed word with a phenomenon that can happen is that we can actually train ourselves to see numbers recognize numbers observe numbers that focus on our member of my wife. I got married.

She lived with her brother for a while and I go there a lot and I would see the on the clock tunnel six move those numbers. I said to rate remotely called she called Raymo as a race. Everybody looked in six again and I just yes. So I go with her night or two later I looked at was busy at same time, you know, I could see my wife if she got off work whatever form America look at title VI after a week he said when I see that like you do. It was because of programming him to see it and so you can program yourself to do this to be very careful about this kind of thing and it's it's very very dangerous to similar to numbers because looking at numbers and as a guide for information is similar to if I roll sixes and that means blah blah and well then you're looking at chance and things like this. I will say that there are number patterns in the Bible that are worth studying together some of them are definitely there and you go to an impending and aggressive information on numerology and on screen on, and are specific patterns.

There, but it's different because the patterns of numerology. For example, are no CLEC number eight is a new number of new beginnings of a person was crucial was so circumcised on the eighth day a people's a people in Noah's Ark Jesus was raised in the first day of the week which is 7+1 date when you take the name is Chris Dawson Creek Jesus Christ at the letters good letters and numbers are the same thing in Greek letters get 888 and start saying things like this and I like the word for fish is a good Metreon mathematical value of 1224 well how many fish did Jesus have the disciples catch in John 21 of the resurrection hundred 53 well, 8×153 is 1224 the same number for word fish how far we take this to be careful because we can start seeing things and then what we do.

Start measuring the Bible by what we see in our patterns and this thing is going to get in the level of the more I voted right back having three of the line 77722 max Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show. Kyle is going alright so did that help you want to make sure that that help that that II do believe that it goes a little deeper then my pattern and I think that I do every test on that when I would well younger I would had weird inclination that it was my grandfather whatever I did. That was very prevalent in so I went become members very late after I got married and my family talk to them about the bike that you know my aunt who knew more about my grandfather.

Apparently there are a lot of stories where he was you anything that would like he knew that it neighbor down the street with a stroke with would run down the street. I got yeah Sam attracted is a bit of history of data kind of these odd things gotcha yeah yeah that's me I better talk about off the air because I know more about it than I'm willing to share. I like and I so yeah I end and very night I miss dearly that you you are a Christian, yeah. And I know that daemonic night able to hold on nine is necessarily demonic. Okay, I guess depends.

A lot of factors and God has his way of communicating things would have visions and dreams today feel that words of knowledge and things like this in the charismatic sense. So this means I am happy that daemonic rental to tell you is that you get very careful of looking at patterns because you can start developing your mind in such a way that it will see patterns that aren't really there and will be convinced that your true and you can go to deep at and so this is I'm just telling I all but okay that God is getting a bit to break your habit of it is going to and because the issue numerology is ambiguous. Anderson is actually a psychological word for word to phenomenon the word out and I forgot years ago, but patterning in the brain and you see things that really aren't there not been calling you hallucinatory wacko insisted we start seeing yes always I have observed that I saw that other that was because words were tuned to that. Whatever it is we start seeing another, and so like I can do that with people I can put 20 things out by being based on the pattern in their lives page.

Notice that you noticed that in their heads and start seeing that you confirm it and you can do this yourself you to be very very careful to study the word of God and if things start happening you to call him again. Okay, okay try.

I okay got the stuff in my family as well. Noted millions and I read that now I will let yeah nap I cannot I, resonated with that. I think in the letter. Yeah, I do help good goblins like I get to see you all right, let's get on the air with his from Arkansas. Zach welcome that good.

I just realized that when my brothers moved to Arkansas. I just found out you think that Clark still had about the atonement today, particularly about when it applied to the Atlantic. When I got there in your life About plot to take them around verse 12 for talk about where made alive. You know, through faith, and so curious about you know whether the doctrine of the now missing on you know something that the plot to the group of the elect on the cross or something that you are visionary, until they believe can help you get 20 sacrifices different in salvation. The 20 sacrifices different than justification. The atoning sacrifice is something that occurred on the cross. 2000 years ago, our salvation occurs when we believe when we are being saved for the righteous judgment of God.

Along with this is our justification which is the imputation that means the reckoning to the dictation of Christ's love of God's righteousness to us flipping through nine, so we know the got Alexa because the Bible says so. Ephesians 145 and a lot of listeners don't believe in this, but then just go to Ephesians 1 just ignore Ephesians 1 and Romans nine. At that position.

As you will feel a lot better. This would set stroke notice as a class of 214 is that he canceled out the certificate of debt at the cross, the certificate of debt to the record carotid fund and means a handwritten IOU legal indebtedness Jesus we set our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Forgive us our sins and Luke 11 for forgive us our debts in Matthew 612 Jesus equates sin with legal debt since breaking the law of God for something for and so what we can see is that a little that can be transferred toward legal debts sin that was transferred to Christ on the cross of the cancel that there were was canceled, not when you believe when you get baptized as cattle of the cross with us.

What a subtle route to having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us. You take it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.

That's when the sin that is canceled.

Now what's necessary logically from here is the issue of election moving to that, but there are certain ramifications of require this understanding, the tone from the text or texts, but nevertheless so many good Roman 66. This is were we died with Christ.

Romans 687 were crucified with Christ openly crucified with Christ. Christ crucified 2000 years ago, we were not crucified. When we believe were crucified with Christ. Now this with Christ issue is not the doctrine of federal headship that the male represented descendents, not female. Adam and Eve in the garden. She said first sin entered the world through Adam through Eve's 512 Christ represented us on the cross. This is so infrequent it important to not in Adam all die in Christ all shall remain alive at all can only be elect. The issue here of the nature of the atoning work is that Jesus Christ cancel the sin that at the cross who canceled for that's the question so if you cancel that the cross and that he grants. We believe flipping is 129 because our believing is the work of God. John 620 29 will then at that point.

We believe that's when the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us so we sidetracked little bit and say there's a doctrine called the passive obedience and active obedience of Christ. The active obedience of Christ is him fulfilling the law perfectly first appear first Peter 222 he never sent the passive obedience of Christ is him allowing people to crucify him. So I is active obedience.

We have righteousness place passive of the atonement that the great they voted right back after these messages we have two open lines 877-207-2276 max Y call 770-7276 pairs. Matt's leg back on here with Zach from Arkansas still there okay slowly cut and wrap it up a little bit.

So Christ's active obedience, which is fulfilling the law and that's where righteousness according to law comes in his passive obedience is where they led him to the cross and this is where I atoning sacrifice work. So when we believe that's when the active obedience of Christ. That righteousness is reckoned to our account. Maybe righteousness is not our own practices comes from God. Flipping 39 that's what it means that justification is so the atoning work occurred 2000 years ago were justified when we believe that helps. It out little curious about the idea in crime, you know I'm first in election or the foundation of the world and find right and then become again cried yell through faith and I just know I don't know.

We do not become in Christ to face. We are in Christ because of the eternal covenant with the father gave to the sun. The elect and then the sun came to this world, became one of us and represented us on the cross.

We were in Christ from before the foundation of the world noticeable to says Ephesians 1 verse four just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. That's when it occurred, he chose us in Christ in him. That's federal headship before the foundation of the world. Okay, it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that we were and I know all all that's right that's right the correct piece of head of mankind and Jesus as the representative had had a deal with Christianity redemptive work/why says in first Corinthians 1522 in Adam all die in Christ all shall remain alive. Length L. K. Adam represented everybody.

Jesus did not that's that's the kicker. People think that he only represented in everybody for the machete one more thing. So if I ask a trick question. Have you died. Hopefully you can smile and say yes you have you died with Christ to guide to the elementary principles of the world you died to sin and that would be correct and so we have a pattern in Scripture that whatever it says.

Anyone has died in relationship to Jesus to the world died with Christ, I to the world. I do ourselves is only the believers is a very interesting verse it says it's a grantee's 54 asking the second creek is 514 for the love of Christ controls us have concluded this. That one died for all, therefore all died he died for a group called the all and it says therefore all died. Who's the all who died, it can't meet after not having to have to be the layout of this upset a lot of people. Nice talk about this because they don't like it. That's not the blonde hair blue like locations for for Jesus that they know about the stress in a woman's nightgown standing at the door of your heart, asking permission for you and your wisdom to let the men and save you because that's it's all about you. They don't understand biblical theology they've been taught man beat Hamby that Rennie and theology from the pulpits for decades and this is why they are not familiar with this and this is why. Not adhering to biblical theology because they been fed milk For long time.

Right or mad up, got Leslie okay let's get on the phones with an from North Carolina and welcome you created everything, therefore God showed me back. I still want to times. Okay, what I would do if I would use go to go to Tom website and read just the dinosaurs.

You'll find some articles there.

And yes, God clear dinosaurs and this letter series about them that well to say that for now and it looks like the last. I think three chapters of the book of Job, we could read that to but if you go to the article, you'll know where it talks about it in the book of Job, Job 40, 40, 41, I think it's will see two creatures there. One is land-based and one is water-based and it's not like it's a hippo and you know like a rhinoceros no no no you read these things is like none of it are few. One of me breathes fire and so in others so we think of some people think that that breathing the firebreathing dragons you know of ancient Chinese culture. Some people say go because usually these legends have some sort of fact in. Could it be that some of his creatures have fire coming up a lot people don't realize there's a beetle blog of all things that has to chambers in his abdomen. When these chambers liquid or bar put together fire is produced so you know if this is not a unknown thing in phenomenon in the world. So maybe that's the case with any rate, read Genesis 40 and 41 and God made him and then 98% of all species that ever lived on the earth are now extinct 98% effort is lowest, 94, 96%, but I've heard it repeatedly is 98. So okay what what was your question act 9.02. I don't believe that I would place my heart that when you shot back that night.

They went to bed like I'm going back if owed-got paid what they thought I drank what they think that that bell… Not light up the night company… Bill I don't know why.

Okay let me into that one.

Okay alright so I'm very very familiar with these verses, we can also go to Genesis 17 one. Genesis 18 one. Exit 24 ninth 11 Exodus 6 versus two and three, number 12's noticing that I understand. I think there are many places where God is seen in the Old Testament, the answer is very simple. They were never seeing God the father see the pre-incarnate Christ and attended John 646 in first Timothy 616 of these verses go to car and looked up on karma look at something called a plurality study just look of the plurality study okay and it'll go through the verses that you've mentioned and I've mentioned it'll go through them and ill explain what's going on. You can just read the article to so I got the Scriptures. This is one of the most oldest approaches I've used against Colts missing.

I've known for 40 years. Okay, got a few things memorized from long time ago so very familiar with them anymore versus thereto as well and we can do this policy. Nine estimated to them and explain to them if you have questions, have him get on the radio the county and call me will talk that's good what we got people waiting so want to call back get back in line okay okay sounds good. All right, I love those questions is good stuff just gets a letter from Des Moines. I will, Larry.

Welcome you are on the air. Matt.thank you. We got up in John five, driving place To think that it's all right but after the healing healing of the paralytic Jesus find the temple and said been made well go and sin no more. What what does he actually mean by stating that when were all simple and were going to send well, it might have been that his sin had led him to this affliction, but generally speaking, what happened to advancing his case and he was born when there's a break.

Hold on.

You read the section talk about after the break.

They both lift you up in lines 87707277 Matt Y.

Call 770-7276 pairs. Matt slick back of the shoulder.

I alright so I had an opportunity to go through the text and looked a little bit of the commentary database witnessing the same thing I was saying is that it looks like Cisco's and the more that the consequences of his earlier center lifestyle had led to his infirmity. The lake, I conclude that so that answers the question, but the morning when as yet somewhat well if we could drop down to verse 29 chapter on word says and good deeds to resurrection life is the new media judgment. You so like you know it's not our good deeds or evil deeds and those are important, but talk about resurrection of life is or something else without resurrection of life that is talking about or I don't know what I if I've done a similar kind of a sentiment is brought out and it's the sheep and goats. The sheep do good works to the ghost too bad works in the judgment that is being generically referenced. Here's the idea of the judgment good and bad those who do true truly good stuff can only do good because are in Christ is the only way anything good can be done.

We can't do anything good guy and of ourselves, because the only standard of goodness is God's character and the only way that can be manifested to assist with the work of Christ in the blood of Christ which cleanses us from all of her sentence. So this is just a very loose way of Jesus getting at some of the things that he was he was talking about later on and appalled apostle and in the other apostles brought out in more detail in the epistles. And I also realized that there was a whole bunch of hypocrisy going on with the scribes and Pharisees, and all those guys try to come after Jesus catching them in no all that so okay perfect now. Thanks for your help and God bless.

Okay hey folks for throughput lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get on the phone with Zach from North Carolina.

Zach welcome you here in India we got there, my daughter was born that now the later on her perlite 30 and earn her or grant our document joining the Catholic Church and me in my wiper Presbytery reform. But here they are. What what how do three I would come out that my watch. We went for you. Would you boyfriend right decision. She's not what I would say she's probably not saved and she wants a ritualistic big religion that can tell her what to do and think and feel and stuff like that so what I would do is do some researching. Karma is a lot of information and it should because she's not saved thought this would be very very difficult when you could do is go through the cut and paste information on karma cut in pay six section to type and cut and paste or discard carbon rod/type in the word cut security and it'll bring up the pages you go to the Catholicism section and you can look at the issues of the apparitions of Mary and what they say about Mary and also the requirements for salvation which are just huge things you might also want to do hopefully is to go to Carmen look up summary of salvation for Catholicism. Every now and then.

I'll leave it on the radio takes a full minute minute have to read it to be cited and maybe I might reading the stuff to her. Maybe it might sink in that no are some problems she's a Christian should recognize the problems but because she's not. She might not have any discernment at all okay Matt bet 813 I went on with the tech camp and but that will appear on your boat now earn report Brandon Barrett. We want to go to church but now there thing I want to get that relate to that.

My wiper target compound like that, but a good thing. I want to wait. I watched the art would should do is if I were to be on the phone with her to see she calls and see what the Catholic Church is against the sink. I asked why well because and she's give reasons and they won't be biblically-based recent because anyone who really was a Bible not to become Catholic. So what I would do is find out what those reasons are, and then just ask questions about the validity of those reasons. If she think she's gonna find that in the Catholic Church because what happens to people who aren't really regenerate as they want to run a veneer of religion as security if they want external stuff is that of internal stuff internal responsibility regeneration versus the external Roman Catholic Church/cult leader. Whatever it is telling people what to do, think and believe. So the issue then becomes, what's the motivation for this negative find of the motives are and then when I do that, cases I I undercut those motives because you can't get motives of the Catholic Church. So, okay, get going Is not an issue of going or not going to catheter to get into heaven is trusting Christ, but official Roman Catholic theology regarding salvation is antichrist.

It's against the Scriptures. It says, for example, in paragraph 26. Even Catholic catechism says you obtain salvation by faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments. It says that it says a lot of things about salvation and the Bible clearly sets us. For example, in Romans 3451, who does not work but believes in him who justifies in God and his faith is credited as righteousness or room 320 may maintain and manage justified by faith apart from works of the law, so the Roman Catholic Church says Ithaca observe commandments.

That's the issue noticed that's what you focus on is the issue of how money works like I do. How much that rituals go to the Knesset that require rituals, you got it you sin you gotta go get the sacraments ascending that it wouldn't go to the priestly kids go to Jesus again with the sacraments.

Go take the Eucharist you gotta do the rosary know what's just praying about to marry and the father never Jesus know it's his ritual support partner. She went out felt like I will just salvation but someone who's truly saved. I will see how they could go to the Roman Catholic Church is idolatry with its false gospel. So I would say if she wants to go there should probably not, but maybe she is in God just using things in her life to bring her to that sense of of true acceptance of and reality. I don't know A lot happened. Not wanting to hurt but I'm not like that we are not reporting are going to hurt their don't ask your wife what would she support your daughter going to Mormon church with her teeth, God gave the planet is about his wife and become gods of you know, handshakes which she support that church like that say no will go to Carmen and read up in the cut-and-paste sections but it's it's succinct read up to there and show this to your wife and say look at this. These are some things you want her to go to church or what you want because she'll be damned by believing in Catholicism, the same as she beat down the she's an atheist. So you see, thank you very much. I meant to talk to sort it is no right okay let's go in the phones with Michael for airline whom we lost and have no calls waiting, slow to do is go to the cut-and-paste section I'm going to just spend some time reading with Catholicism officially teaches when I talk like this and understand that this is purely theological and I don't hate the Catholics. I was molested by a priest and I was never Catholic and things like that okay is not that it's just what was the Catholic Church teach you all tell you what it teaches.

It teaches abominable heresies Roman Catholic Church is not a Christian church is not saying it for years and will continue to say for years so it says this in the Council of Trent says so that in paragraph well this work into CCC catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2020. It says that the justification is granted through being dunked in water having water sparkled on you and baptism is false is not if scientist it condemns an Council of Trent Cannon on justification can the nine if anyone says that by faith alone implies a justified, let him be anathema. It curses the gospel. It says a thing about Mary. Mary, the all holy one. I cannot read the references Romans at a time. All holy one second to Eve's prey to sit at the right hand of Christ is the advocate helper benefactor asked me to tricks the mother. The members of Christ clean overall things. Mary brings life by her intercession. Mary help make atonement for sins Mary crush the head of the serpent. She deliver souls from death when considering the church is no better way to look then to Mary's Catholics and trust himself to Mary's prayer. And no man can go to Christ by his mother.

These are just heresies so there's stuff like that. And as far salvation comes me don't have much time. I go through the stuff with the requirements for salvation. Baptism is Rick requirement. The church is penance is the sacrament service and witness of the faith of observers of the natural law which is the 10 Commandments to spend detachment from riches's role was the Catholic catechism says is necessary and uses the word necessary something is necessary. There are no exceptions to so this is what is necessary for salvation and Catholicism baptism.

Paragraph 1257 the church paragraph 846 penance paragraph 980, sacraments, paragraph 1129 service of an witness to the faith. Paragraph 1816 the observers of the natural law paragraph 2036. The natural laws.

Example 5, paragraph 2070 detachment from riches, 25, 56, it goes against what the word of God says Roman Catholic Church must say I will always say it's an apostate false religion is not a Christian religion. It's a veneer of ancient patterns and rituals. What it does is it puts roadblocks to salvation by pointing away from Christ towards the priest towards the authority the Catholic Church reported sacraments. It says this of sacraments that graces something merited by Jesus and Mary and the sayings and it can be infused like a substance into the sole person paragraph 1999, thereby making them more righteous sacrament salvation is a false religion. There is the music goes turn. I hope you have a great evening and by his grace

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