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August 7, 2020 9:00 am

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August 7, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do you explain Matthew 24-34---2- How does Jesus' statement that angels are not given in marriage not contradict the idea of the Nephilim---3- Did the early church fathers discuss baptism and whether or not it was salvific---4- What was the Nazarite vow---5- Can you be saved but not forgiven---6- Before an elect person is regenerated, is the wrath of God abiding on him---7- What is the one act of righteousness in Romans 5-18---8- Do both LDS and JW's reject the Trinity and the hypostatic union---9- Is John 1-14 and Colossians 2-9 the best verses to demonstrate the hypostatic union-

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The previously recorded mats like show why is the founder and president of apologetics.

Research was found alive. The more you have questions of our Bible doctrines. Why is called responding to your questions at 775 of them wants what you can recall 772072276 and or for the newbies. This is a Christian apologetics show Bible questions, debating impromptu debating people call up like Catholics and Muslims are were atheist things like that trying to promote the Lord Jesus Christ is our goal here to edify the body of Christ is upright every single time before the almost every single time like 9% the time.

I pray before the show, the Lord, the glorified body of Christ edified and speak so well if you want to check out the CAR M.O RG had over hundred million visitors to the sites and overworking the new website hopefully be released in about six weeks and getting excited for that removing forms to their location than doing a bunch of stuff and a lot of plans going so you guys all know about that will forfeit logic you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 and if you want to learn some theology you can go to the website CAR M RG in the right hand side of any page you will see a laptop that is as online schools and that we can just click on that and you can sign up for the schools and if you want to know your theology. This is the place to do it. You can go to seminary cable to Bible college.

Not sure which book to read. Look, I would apologetics for 40 years and got thousands and thousands of thousands of hours of teaching and debating and things like that and I've learned what needs to be taught the basics but not just so basic that you don't have any information on me the basics and some I put into the schools in a logical order. And if you learn anything. Go to theology school, go check it out. You learn about the Trinity, the hypostatic union can be to cut you into my thumb justification imputation you look learn about these things. We can know the Christian faith is not to warn you though warn you is a lot of times what happens is people start learning the stuff than they realize when they go to churches and sometimes your hearing preacher churches are the light of minute. That's not exactly accurate and it does happen.

Call me up and email me and say thanks for ruining it. A chuckle.

Warn people that when you really start studying the word of God, you find out that a lot of time pastors and elders and some churches are teaching very deeply and not teaching.

I doctrinally teaching us by stories experiencing feelings and using the word of God to help that along. Not all patches of course do that, but it does occur. So as a warning.

They tell people it's a good thing. Hopefully I will find out that they are looking at the word of God. The people also written a a couple of of novels novella and a sci-fi novel if you want to check them out from the Carmel homepage as well. I once called time trap and to sci-fi novel and an atheist because that's what novella the short novel and it's about to an atheist nation that develops on an island and how things are going really well and it's a theological examination without making atheist look like morons because you're not. And to showing the problems with atheistic perspectives and justification and filled with cold foundations so there you go at you, and learn the kind of stuff father you go check it all out that if what you may call me at three open lines 28772072276 ticketed society from Boise, Idaho. They decide welcome veneer. Matt, how are your doing all right nice Friday.

Looking forward to mow the lawn tomorrow.

Not really, and working Saturday so you are logged right into it. So Matthew 24 audit ortho right at the end of Matthew 23.

The grounds of the world on earth. All the blood you know that you shed will come upon this generation. And then in Matthew 24 verse 34. He says all the thing you notice on being dark and the Angels gathering a lack all these things will happen in this generation.

Matthew 24, 34 how do you interpret that I can't see any way way from no partial credit amounts.I do use you.I think first two that's one of the ways to deal with that.

But also, don't forget look at Matthew 24, three, he was sitting on the Mount of olives, the disciples came up to him privately, saying, tell us what these things mean what would be the sign of your coming in the end of the age we are talking about their asking him about the end of the age. And if you're aware of this but biblically there only two ages this age and the age to come.

In this age we have trial and tribulation and sickness, and marriage and things like that but in the age to come to the full redemption of work have eternal life, and it doesn't and and so I got an article written on this go to those to this age nation, establishing from Scripture and show that that's the eschatological position of Jesus and Paul the apostle talk from is not what type churches today teach from the solicitor heretical is just Bible says to this age need to calmly go with what they taught you and therefore what happens at the end of the H and I can I think that's what he talked about becoming your coming in the age so would it be appropriate to look at Matthew 2430. Forget that all things will come up on the sturgeon would be okay to dispute everything that the format reverted earth .434 and state.

All of that happened in the and not generation well I would say, up from roughly verse three and he starts to teach. In verse four as he is answering the question about the when will this all happened and what's the center coming in the end of the age and he goes and he starts talking so I would say that for those who don't want partial plagiarism as partial as compared to full rigorous and full plagiarism is false, and full plagiarism says that Jesus returned in roughly 70 A.D. and the armies of Rome back destroyed Jerusalem. It's a ridiculous position is refuted by action one verse 9 to 11 is a partial plagiarism would say that the fourth that things that Jesus spoke about were fulfilled in parts at the time when he was there and will be fulfilled completely and fully towards the end times and that's what cult is called partial printers in the next that's fines within orthodoxy. So that's how I handle it so desires is adopt partial plagiarism and then there's no problem at all okay for you. Is it okay to believe them fun was turned up no Gartner did turn the blood. You know all that stuff did happen and I think that you know irritably you know because my dad thinks figuratively about war right but that all the people technically in this generation. Severe agree with AutoCAD.

I just didn't know that I will what is this generation because he could be speaking with Generation X alive at that time and he could be speaking the generations to come because he does say in verse 36 of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven of the Son of Man is on some of the father long for the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah will wait a minute. The days of Noah, that's that everybody was basically evil and we have nestling the issue within the sector that the offspring between fallen Angels and women and so that has not been. I wish I wouldn't say was completed in 70 A.D. this is something yet to arrive and then it says to mentally taking what is left of what is its people. Since the rapture is not the rapture. If the rapture occurs rapture is definitely biblical. The those verses are not about the rapture.

Smithwick admin taken in the context of some dumb theologian Dave Matthew everything before Matthew 2434 has to do with the destruction of Jerusalem and then everything after deals with the.

The final laughing.

Okay, one last quick question forever concerning the knuckle and brought it up, how you deal with the passage that you that I forget where if the Angels are not given to marriage. You know, implying that you elected to join together with woman, I got no this is an issue of just what is text size of the Given marriage.

So the answer is the Given in marriage. This process is you can be Mary did not have relations in marriage does not necessitate that that union. I'm speaking think like that because her children in the car listening so it doesn't mean that and a lot of people will read into that text wasn't there or not given in marriage okay given marriage doesn't mean that they can't manifest human form not be incarnate, but manifest and we know that that is the case, because the Bible talks about seeing angels, not even knowing that there Angels there people so the early church taught that the nestling with the offspring between fallen Angels and men women and the Jews always taught the same thing that I don't generally will quote general church fathers of the early church or history or tradition as support for anything because I believe the Scriptures so completely, but when all the Jews of Judaism taught this in all of Christianity taught this up until the 1500s when it came out an unpopular thing to hold in the South.

I three was was introduced, but I think it has some merit to it so that's the threshold to any right and I think the supportive of our two verses in Genesis 69 research Noah was perfect always generations was ancestry and then Daniel 243 which says they will combine with one another in the seat of men, and that means that they can be people is really interesting night outlet in the as the Alethea Nebuchadnezzar statue thing at the feet of clay issue which is at the time roughly.

Now most scholars agree so long went quickly before it appreciate your you got your kayak stick structure is not all yeah kayak and start like a pyramid you got one thing on the left. One thing on the right that same thing. Climactic like the metal in Revelation would be applied right but there's different kinds of classics, traffic structures, there's a triangle at an angle to the sideways pyramid trying to triangle your step chiasm and you want you to look it up because one of the things I've never done with 24 Luke 17 is defined deep rickety the brakes the topic and not necessarily by the chapter break because it's man-made, but I try and find a natural break and then I want to map it out. Kai asked Ackley and see if anything surfaces eschatological flour okay well just on the circuit like that 23rd 34 would be like a good point. Really appreciate everything you do Matt.

I really enjoyed that faith. But the bigger the debate on baptism without a young Church of Christ guy is likely more debates between you and Church of Christ. It was it was really good. I think you know you just hadn't thought through a lot of the issues that he had a few that you know he got through this email may be given time to be able to come back with Dino's own perspective back out. I really enjoyed, and I think a lot of people like more praise God. You know Jeff German sides of her mythology written radio studios and thus also show yesterday with him discussing it in some other issues to so it's it's an important topic and the ongoing offer all the data Church of Christ people on one debate listed as baptism by immersion in water necessary for salvation. This is simple so answers know it's not a threat I buddy God bless.

Okay thank you much more okay I that was just Psion the skin to Jason from Florida Jason welcome will, there's a pain that there is the music and so I bought Holland out of the rate for okay Jason will be right back folks after these messages the mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave there is again a result, I and my question. I want your interview get back to you not, but my question is there anybody "outside expert that we are back out like that they can affect the requirement. It Holland like album. There are quotes from the church fathers are talking on baptism and the climate of Rome, he said.

For example, and we to being called by his will in Christ Jesus are not justified by ourselves or by your wisdom or understanding or godliness or works with right on right in the heart, but by faith and well okay you know and Polycarp said by grace are saved, not of works, and then marry court others, so they weren't including baptism in that and so you know, mean that.

Are you Catholic. Now, now, so you want to find quotes out of the Bible where people said that baptism is not necessary for salvation and not fire like that delete that but something I get that when you break there are a lot of that thought, okay… Ain't that nonfat and have that blackjack report discussion going to like trout. For example, is Charles Christopher so you dig into belts or discussions with people on them.

Baptism is requirement for salvation are either hello that are adding their are you are you in discussions with people on the issue of baptism.

I have a couple friends there like a date now that I think that the likely apartment that you died for you baptism your state right but an theater interval. Throughout cannot not like an apathetic or think they have to go right out right this very second floor is something that it is the peak of crops that have a only upon these guys you spent these friends of yours and no movie speaking speaking have to be baptized to be saved. Know one at the right hand and neglected it not like like the next three is that that you see here that Had there not asking this, are we justified by faith.

When we have faith or not justified by faith we that's a good question to ask him if they say we just live by faith we have faith that baptism is not necessary since simple if they say no you're not there denying Scripture cc is it's a difficult question. And the guy debated on Monday night didn't know what to do with that question. He was unable to answer because it could get in the answer. Either way, he loses it's a very simple question so okay well you not a lot of information on Carmine baptism in checking out is the daily question eight sure the problem you are right, let's get to Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome here on the air. Courtney are you there I did hit the button right button Courtney.

Maybe she's with the phone. Let's see, Courtney, are you there three GOING to put you on hold it.

We got our current rate of my daughter and we were talking about everything now nattering. I would like it all know that they might know now it's a Nazirite not Nazarene Nazirite Val and a little bit differently but now it was it was that because Joe just think is 13. His is consecrated by his mom and could cut his hair stuff like that in the movie where Otis named Victor mature played him in the gutter because he was in trouble. Okay, good. I would like to think about the Lord getting ready drink wine. There Samson was kind of interesting. He was a bit of a mama's boy in some areas because he would say it with his mom… Go get her for me. You know an EEG would drink in the East. She was the most sanctified guy and yet and yet he know it was used by the Lord, just as God can use unbelievers or compasses will but yeah so that's interesting.

Okay, I think it might not ever thank you welcome.

Even if those like you may call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 we have for the lines you may call John from Australia hey John, welcome you on the air alignment community. Yes, I can I count you got. Let's start from a string of regular artist only. If you are you okay course of writing or I will cart last Mark good looks so easy for me. The total fuel bowl make you you are forgiven you will think the far north just before and are weighted equally. Faith and not given in school got out servlet discussing site.

It just makes sense easily overwrote the current will to be saved means to be saved from damnation.

So how could you be saved from damnation and be damped. You will look at would like help with it. You see Christians forgiven person is a Christian you you would say you can't be faked but not certain other people got out in the hell, therefore good, but the hole in hell no he doesn't, he does not understand the theology nor does he understand logic and it's just that this false position. If you're forgiven of your sins. My God, he forgives you of all of your sins and the sin that is canceled at the cross. Colossians 214 tells us that Sophie's forgiven and descendents canceled the cross and we believe that we become justified and so you can lose your salvation and could be in hell having been forgiven holding as long as the hole for the break. The devotion right back after these messages we have for open lines 877-207-2276 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave back to the show.

We have three open lines to give McCall the 772072276 we lost the caller from Australia and that's why golf calls back again for open lines 877-207-2276 get back on Messiah from Boise. Welcome back out but call back when you, or open wide and out. I think you really don't like this one. Okay so you correctly the first one really points without me. Years back when the certificate of debt was completely paid for on the cross propitiation happened at the cross, though, and I'm sure you agree that having all the elect all who would believe pride so that more and elect Kirsten's regenerated the wrath of God abides on him.

That's a technically difficult question to answer because there's a yes and no to it to let me go to Romans eight to teach a concept.

A lot of people don't know about is called the now and the not yet. The now and the not yet, so this would assess and the Romans eight 2930 for those whom he foreknew he also predestined now to's for people who are friendly with that verse.

It does not say God look in the future to see who would believe in him and then he predestined them. It doesn't say that is has for those whom he foreknew he also predestined near the same group. The four known ones are the predestined what I could do a little studying what it means to be known by God. It's really pretty but nevertheless, for those whom he foreknew he also predestined to become conformed to the image of his son so that he would be the firstborn among many brethren and these whom he predestined past tense. He also called past tense in these whom he called past tense. He also justified past tense in these whom he justified past tense. Also glorified past tense but glorification is the full resurrection of us in the redemptive work of Christ at the eschaton and so when were resurrected and glorified bodies that'll glorification the next future.

This can happen as prophesied in first print is 1535 to 45 so we are not yet glorified. Yet it says we are. See, here's what's interesting about this is that predestined called justified glorified all of these are set in stone their past tense spoken.

Why is that because we're so secure in Christ that it can be said of the elect, for whom Christ died and bore the sin that they are justified and glorified at all, now the not yet so now the not yet we are glorified right now, but also not yet let's apply this principle, the now and the not yet to an atheist who happened to be elected.

He's going to believe at the age of 50.

Let's say and before then. He's under the judgment of God in the now. But these can be justified glorified in that but not yet. So we have this gray area. How do we answer that we would say and how I cut a deal with it is to say, well he's under the wrath of God without being under the wrath of God's judgment without being under the judgment because there can be different senses which we can understand the word wrath were judgment, etc. if he were to have died before he was saved to go to hell, but it is impossible to die before he saved the God predestined to be saved so in what sense this gets complicated. Do we have this balance between.

He's under the wrath of God but is also not under the wrath of God because in one sense he is because he's rebelling.

These individual who rebels against God is a hater of God is doing no good. So rightfully theirs.

The judgment of God upon him but yet God's mercy opens his heart redeems him and saves him and then he's outside of that judgment, but ultimately he was outside the judgment by the proclamation of declaration predestination and clerk of God. So we just get this this this problem of how we work this out with the now and the not yet issue and it applies across the board and in Christian terminology is not a kind of paradoxical though. If I make the laconic compound. I understand from moment they know the golden chain of redemption. Although it's kind of make them that I completed at the mall not yet faith is something that happens in time that is subjective to me like I'm pointed out that my generation like something that the subject but the atonement given that way.

Like my dental essay I committed throughout my whole life that you degenerate that the 50 for my whole life and felt all the fins were propitiated 2000 years ago.

Like Christ suffered for each number each one of the bill. How can God be mad at me for the like if they were done because of confidence.

So, for example, African resist. Jeremiah long time eating something I think it is anybody who's who repents God will turn his judgment away from them and succumb to kind of a thing and so when Jonah went to Nineveh. It says God sits on the destroy you but Nineveh repented and God relented from his destructive work, so there was a in the anthropomorphic sense, as we walk through time, we see that Nineveh was under the judgment of God. But God had ordained that they wouldn't be the case in Nineveh and so God works in our time and says your under judgment you to be destroyed. Knowing that he has set in motion the very things by which they're going to be redeemed, repented and and not face the judgment, which is, it is God going to judge them or not judge them on the human level there. The people because of their rebellion are under that judgment and the judgments coming yet God provide a way out for them on their level of human understanding and so they escape that judgment which God ordained for the foundation of the world would occur. There are never heard Nineveh presented like that to make a lot of this is how it works with cluster 214 of the building with that is you do, but only quoted it says have Jesus, having canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees, which was also 20 took it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross so the certificate of debt is the Greek catalog refund which means is to work hand and writing the handwriting and it means a handwritten IOU of legal indebtedness and getting rooms on the break I can get into why sin is a legal debt and Jesus equated to estimate legal debt and our father Martin heaven. In Matthew 612, the figures are debts in the in Matthew and Luke 11 for offenders or sensors or traversal forgot which peeps equate sin with debt and so he bore our sin or legal debts in his body. First Peter 224 says that he bore sin in his body.

The only way this is possible, as if by its by legal imputation to impute means to wreck into another's account, so I debt can be transferred so my debt on my house can be bought by another mortgage company and the debt is transferred to them because legal debt which is an abstraction can be transferred and so when Jesus canceled the certificate of debt.

It sets sin debt that was removed at the cross. Logically speaking of talking everybody here and you know this, logically speaking, if he is canceled certificate that can you go to hell because if Jesus canceled the certificate of debt. The sin debt at the cross and it cannot be you go to hell if the sin that is canceled because it doesn't exist anymore, and anybody would say that yes it's canceled and you can go to hell will be accusing God of unrighteousness, because God then could not have anything by which you would judge anybody. He just be sending them to help for no sin for nothing that can't be.

The logic is that it has to be for those were given to him by the father as Jesus says in John 637 through 40 of the father give me will come to me in John 10 starting in verse 27 night so people don't start reading. He says your of my sheep and I play my left on for the sheep. And these are the Pharisees, you're not my sheep. So we see this we go. Wait a minute, and then we have the word propitiation I was going here. First John 22 his appreciation not only for our sins. The sins of the whole world people to understand what the word propitiation means. It means the sacrifice that removes wrath. This make it potential, but it is removed as a who's removed for. Again, I can only be the elect, the ones given by the father to the sun for redemptive work Jesus says he will not lose John 639 this is the only way all makes sense, and so would people understand what propitiation is. That's another way of looking at the now. The not yet he propitiated the wrath of God.

He removed it can only be removed for those who are good to be saved cannot be removed those and helped out with you say the atonement have to be applied.

It is applied upon faith. So what I would say is that the sin debt was put upon Christ and he died with it on the cross and then were justified when we believe the sin debt that we have is not canceled when the belief that is canceled. Jesus died. The cross is not canceled.

We get baptized is canceled the cross, therefore, that is removed and God infallibly brings his people into the faith and then they believe is 129 and are justified by faith as a regular whole. Okay hold on for posting the call of 877-207-2277 direct that mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave, Robert walked back to the show want to call 772-072-2762 sorry still there are very well sometimes it is Matthew DeWitt, Vinnie my Bible studies without when I'm teaching in Boise where okay I can open them. No, no, my wife had some health issues. I got really busy some of things happened, but if a church want to be the one to open the doors for me to build a user facility start teaching again. I probably would take it up so they are really sure they were quite a motley crew that gather you. I do gather some interesting people. I don't know if you were there when you the time, so I wanted to have strippers types would come in and argue just for the sake of arguing, but it was usually quite good and fun okay but let me go talk about the atonement. Talk about the mall not yet blinded I think about that more but let me ask a question that's kind of related missing. Another thing that I've been wrestling with personally, so I totally believe in the imputation of the righteousness of Christ that might benefit dealt with by Christ work on the cross and I also have his right arm imputed but I've been I read in Romans chapter 5 by the righteousness of the one that many are counted just for something like that in all reasons the Bible version is the righteousness of that one at talk about like like a thing that by the righteousness of the atonement alone like you basically what I'm trying to say you couldn't use Romans five for imputed right never heard a guy she cannot thing by the you can find a clean slide 18 is the killer and the Buddha says literally in the Greek and Romans 518 is through one transgression condemnation to all men, so also through one act of righteousness, justification of life to all men. Justification is salvation. What is that one act, the right sacrifice of Christ that that's it. The one act of righteousness because Jesus had to be sacrificed. According to the law and fulfill Old Testament law, enter into the priesthood, according to law, which is why was baptized and had to be an unstained blemish which he was first Peter 222 and this set of Romans 518 is talking about imputation is called double imputation and end well will do that right now there's an invitation of Adam as the federal head one transgression condemnation to all men. We know that in Adam all die first 2015 22, so when he fell.

We felt in him and in him is a signification of federal headship with a male represents the descendents. This is why says in Romans six S6 were crucified with Christ will how we crucified with Christ. Now we get baptized knowingly believe that when he was crucified.

Again, that's federal headship his representation. When you go to the second part of of Romans 518 it says through one act of righteousness condemnation to all men will like I can teach on this. I have taught at that Bible study thought of this for half hour just this one verse and showing that when Adam sinned, the resulted condemnation to all men because that's the correct theological position you take the verb to drop down the second part and it says righteousness. The resulted justification of life to all men, and then we start studying the all of the second you find out that the always limited and I have you been there when I stop this, but I can demonstrate in several verses that the all when it talks about redemptive work can only be a limited group and there's no way out and Tony were the one that said you show that in a different word when in Christ all died quite obviously not everybody right right is important is faculty blown away by this when they see the special tomb right out of the word of God and it changes their theological perspective a lot so but you know what I want to arrest the converse for him the time of the nature, the atonement illogical and do not know about this verse in first Samuel 314 therefore is a God speaking. I have sworn to the house of Eli that the iniquity of Eli's house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering for ever. That's a really interesting verse, he would never dig never even Jesus sacrifice one atoned for his sins definitely limited but let me draw your attention back to Romans five. It shrunk totally with you but I I've heard pastors try to use that were teaching that you imputed the righteousness of Christ. The entire right to life note from cradle to grave. No use that birthday by the righteousness of the want that not many will be counted right because were talked with her talk about. There's the active obedience of Christ. Yet the active obedience is the price under the log license for four who never send first Peter 222, lived his whole life perfectly, so he has a righteousness because he got in flesh the value the righteousness is infinite, so that's what it means there the active obedience of passive obedience was they leading to the cross and he was nailed to the cross. He was put on the cross and things like that passively allowed a different way like a lamb dunk over that teacher that Christ active obedience imputed to the believer like somebody was questioning that. How would you just well, I think. Romans 514 through roughly 20 is where you had to glean that information, but it says in Philippians 3, nine, and maybe found in him, not having a righteousness of my own derived from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness was comes from God on the basis of faith will wear that righteousness. Righteousness by definition is compliance with the law and being in harmony with that law. So we be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own derived from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ because we know he was under the log license for four. The righteousness was comes from God on the basis of faith. So we have his righteousness is imputed to us that mythological okay then yellow colored giving out one more go for one quick thing will get to the next caller will admit that I just wanted to talk with you forever really appreciate you and like I said I'd love to see more debate that like talking about the gospel in the world gone. I love don't love debating lifeline when I got less things all right that was just cited from boy see hope you enjoy that theology and going deeper than that. Folks, but then when hurt your heads but it's a lot of fun. Anyway, Andrew from Ohio and you're welcome on here that question about the question. If I'm correct, although you over the and Mormons.

They both reject the Trinity in the union year of the J doves absolutely yes, but the Mormons have Pacific Union may or may not have defined theology of Christ. Having two distinct natures, so I've not heard with their view is on that. I think I talked to Bill McKeever for Suzanne at an expert on Mormonism like I don't know if he knows the answer either.

If Bill if you're listening you can give me a call and tell me anyway the go-ahead filling or go on Mormonism first go well and look versatile, or the well when I do a talk to Mormons because of no offense meant to Mormons are generally very uneducated in biblical theology. They have their their faith is a faith of feelings and testimony not of truth based on God's word, which they denies district is complete because a second innate article of the articles of faith is who the Bible is correct, insofar as this could be translated and so they understand that even means. But anyway so I have to ask where the rat and then I take a direction to go. Once I find out what their interest is what we are talking about is kind of a little bit in part two of you talk to Mormons because they can be all over the don't want to read the book of Mormon. I give you your website you what all about and that the book of Mormon home is one of the most yes flooring reads I've ever encountered reads like the Quran is like a snack. Somebody trying to sound spiritual and streamlining of every page on my clock, get on with it.

You know you can become God. There's a lot of you the potential of becoming gods. If you pay the full 10% tithe of your income to the church you keep celestial law go to the temple. Get your underwear you go to the temple ceremony get your apron ethically favored and the hopefully then if you been good enough to go to the third level of celestial heaven, which is called the church of the firstborn you shake hands with Elohim, the God key for the star event planner*Coca-Cola you shake hands with them and he knows that you been a good faithful Mormon you have the potential becoming a God of your own planet woman I believe them all multiple correct as many stars are out there. Is this God's that kind of thing and it's so okay that was a question about that. It was vastly good. We got it. John 114 and Colossians 29.

The best birthday to go yeah except what you probably would want to do is demonstrate daily attributes of both natures are also described. The single person seem to find verses in the Bible to demonstrate his humanity. He walked he talked.

He ate and you want to find those that demonstrate his divinity. And you know I will be with you always seemed into the earth. Matthew 2020 minute John 1423. The father-son will abide in you go to John's 75 father, glorify me with the glory I had with you before the foundation of the world.

These are attributes of divinity and are ascribed to the single person, which is we call the committee caught you in your bottom in fancy theological terms but that demonstrates at the boat.

Both natures are there in the single person of Christ and with the J doves will probably come back with his will. He was given the authority Matthew 2818 and so therefore it's all that is and when I say that I just shift gears with them as I also admit he has all authority in heaven and earth yesterday have authority to forgive sins. Yes, that shouldn't you go to him and ask him to forgive your sins, and bloomed there like so you if you want to have his own way and you know what trite try that John 114, one 114 is right and Colossians 29 but also Philippians 25 through eight right and I would go to Carmen look up the hypostatic union and also look at the committee caught you into my and will give you the verses for both of those saddest property that have the that's run in the Hebrews 13 that the good Wendy, thank you. The Williams of the glory of God moves up all the universe by the hour. After making down the right hand of the man yes Dennis it's a good verse but then if you sent on the right hand, the J doves can say will wait a minute. These God was to save the right hand of God, then you got explain the doctrine of the Trinity and how that works is a problem getting over that hump with them so I like to do is just is.

Get them to the point where they recognize the authority of Christ and have them pray to Christ, you have the authority to forgive sins and ask you want to go to the one who's given all authority and Matthew John five 2223 talks about giving him the same honors. Get the father wanted to do that and there's other ways of witnessing and was point to class on our okay buddy the blessed man sorry John from Kentucky call back on Tuesday because Monday is Memorial Day will not be on the air live. Have a great week

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