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March 14, 2022 10:19 pm

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March 14, 2022 10:19 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Where in the Bible does it say that Christ's righteousness is imputed to us---2- Matt discusses Philippians 3-9.--3- The pastor at my church divorced and remarried. Is he still able to be a pastor---4- What's your thought about calling out the sin of others publicly---5- Do the Father, Son or Spirit have different wills---6- What did you think about the debate on March 4th between two Christians and two LDS---7- When Christ died on the cross, did only the human nature die-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is why you why 10th is a special day and a lot of us have been through a lot of things and suffer a lot of losses today is birthday of our son passed away when he was. I don't go.

I did bring it up to say you know our heart heart was broken still is a lot of people are experiencing things like that but keep your eyes on Jesus. This would remind me off today so render back so for long ago when when tragedy strikes that when your faith is in Christ and what he did on the cross that it will never waver what happens though.

By God's grace only by God's grace we get to the sex I just wanted to say hey buddy, if you want to give me a call, Scotland 772-072-2760 I want to hear from you and Alexia have a little just to do there we go. I just put on the on something like so if you're new to the show. It's a Christian apologetics show how we do radio. Of course, and if you have questions about God theology Mormonism jobs witnesses Christian science unity behind Islam. Roman Catholicism is. Let's see what else I say Eastern Orthodox UFOs are called like conspiracy theories.

There are some that are just great great conspiracy theories are just fun to talk about right great difficulty. What we are for open lines 877-207-2276 Anthony from Virginia. Welcome you are up here where the Bible say that Christ's righteousness is imputed to believing Christians or anyone it doesn't say Christ's righteousness when it does say beautiful things 39. Is this a success, and may be found in him and him that's right reference to Christ not having a righteousness of my own dry from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which comes from God on the basis of faith so that verse right there is the best verse we can find to demonstrate that a righteousness is not our own thought by the law of everything we do is based specifically says it comes from God, but notice what it said may be found in him that phrase. In him was a sign of federal headship dealing with Jesus in him because in him. We died. Roman 6668 we are crucified with him. Roman 66 so be found in him, not having a righteousness of of my own dry from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ all this really interesting verse because the way we receive this righteousness by faith in the righteous is what it comes from God. Now we know that Jesus is God, etc. so what the theology is called active and passive obedience of Christ. The active obedience of Christ is his fulfilling the law which it offers.

22 he never sent and so his righteousness for the righteousness that comes from him under that law is imputed to us record to our account legally and that's called the active obedience to passive obedience is where he went to the cross and our sins were imputed to him was called double imputation.

Our sins were imputed to him as righteousness is imputed to us could best be interpreted to say Philippian 39 bad the right does not come from the law but from a person who is right for putting his faith in Christ and being safely going okay for the right is not an alien righteousness from someone else as it is, yes it is. It's the righteousness that comes from God.

It's from God. We have no righteousness. Deuteronomy 211.

I never said my man in your opinion, is not what it says are you saying in your opinion that we are made righteous by us keeping the law, not by keeping the law, but by being obedient and faithful so we get righteousness by being obedient. We are we don't get righteousness are right through obedient. Okay, let's try this again which church to go to well tell me or I hang up I would choose to go to. Well, there's no there's no charge that currently. Okay, so I told you, tells me or hang up on and the soul. I want to bring know I ask you what church you go to and you do that, hang up on you. He can call back if he wants, they could tell me what church he goes to reason I ask what church people go to is so that I can cater an answer to them according to their other church tracking then word it better than this for so many years that when I ask a question like that and they beat around the bush. It's because they're hiding something and then you got it dig to high to find that with her hiding and I want to go through that just not and so he's welcome to call back but not what he was probably either Eastern Orthodox or Roman Catholic or at little better now would be some Protestant guy who doesn't understand theology properly only just say this folks, we are we are the righteousness we have is not our own, because it says they be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own derived from the law.

That means is when you do something you don't lie or you help somebody across the street. Whatever. This is a social charity to people in the law and you do that that does not get you righteousness keeping the law does not get you any righteousness because the same law says you are to keep all of James 210. Whoever keeps the whole law. It stumbles in one point is guilty of all. So the standard of law keeping is perfection.

That's what the Bible says, you keep the law in any way shape or form, you stumble in one point, just one your guilty of all. Break it off, and in Galatians 310 for as many as are the works of the law hundred curse for his written curses.

Everyone who does not abide by all things were the law to perform them. So what the Bible is saying that you have to keep the law perfectly. If you are keeping the law and you stumble in one point, your guilty of all of it. The standard is perfection.

So when we go to two ugly flips to be flipping Street nine maybe have have five found in him, not having a righteousness of our own race is my own derived from the law, it's not anything that we do from the law of righteousness of my own, he says, derived from the law is what he does. But, by contrast, that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness was comes from God on the basis of faith.

So we have a righteousness that comes from God based on faith.

We know that the good Romans chapter 4 Paul says this also. What then shall we say that Abraham, our forefather corn.

The flesh is found.

For if Abraham was justified by works of the law and he has something to boast about, but not before God for what is a Scripture say Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness… He believed God and the faith that he had discredit his righteousness doctor the 1 Who Works His Way, did not credit as a favor. But what is to Romans 45 says, but to the one who does not work but believes in him justifies and godly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Sometimes with the false religious people want to do when religious systems want to do is save know you understand is not us doing the works is God doing the works in us, and so therefore we don't take credit for the work will so when you eat a sandwich, is it you actually doing the eating was a God doing the eating and your notice, make any sense when you're honest is that you being honest or is it God being in NUI was it you doing it with a don't tell me that it's God's work in you that he is one doing it because you're the one doing it.

If you are not the one doing it, then it cannot be credited or taken away from your account by the action of your responsibility what it is you do so with the false religious people like to do is say we are that they stay don't work at this river was happening as we are justified made right by before God by our faith and the goodness of the works that we do.

But those goodness of the works that we do a really God's work in us is not really us. It's the works that God's doing and submit a lot of credit because it's a stupidity because what you're saying is look God's doing it in me. I'm not really doing it. He gets all the credit will then you're not doing anything if it's you not doing it.

He can't give you that which you derive out of your own actions. When you say you have to do things to be right before God, they are illogical and they are teaching false doctrine to the modern doctrine and finally forgetting the calls. Titus 35 says this he saved is not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness say they'll go stake. It's the works that God does in us as were saved were both trusting in him is some save or save something on the process of being saved we do enough good stuff with the works of God does in you not on the basis of deeds which were done in righteousness, but according to his mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit. That's what it is I get tired of people who like to take the time on the radio. My radio show to teach false doctrine by not answering direct questions and then save as one things a lead to another and that's why yesterday I was suspicious on caller to be a good call on everything that person.

But when they don't get to the point they can say one thing after another after another of matter what I a some time to come to do is use my radio show is a means by which they can teach false doctrines. Having said all of that was good to Luis from Utah Luis welcome here. I would've thought that your take on after being divorced and remarried. Apparently of life bless them if I like Dell and then he remarried and I found out that way and backed out. Because it know things are going really good like God is really really you there and then I find it.blow their lot which lets you break coming up so we work through this and I'm knocking to be able to solve the problem by putting a shed light on it right so what it says in first Timothy 517 that the elders are to receive double honor, specially those who work hard, preaching and teaching. So by default.

Elders are a pastor to preach and stuff our elders.

The elders says in Titus 15 okay Titus it was to appoint elders in every city, if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife.

What it says in the Greek, there is an air mask would like us. It means husband of one wife, or it could loosely be transmitted a man of one woman, but Ms. Balian's latest husband of one wife. Now let's apply this again. Let's say that there was a pastor who good man, godly man, godly wife, she dies from whatever and then he remarries I say three or four years later could he be a pastor yes but it says husband of one wife only this one wife mean only one in sequence. Not that that was going on here. I will get back with you right back averages messages if you want to give me a call. You 772077657707 still there. Alright so when it says husband of one wife.

It is permitted that he have more than one wife. If his wife dies and remarries now that we have another issue. What about a man who is an unbeliever and he divorces his wife for no good reason. And then he becomes a Christian, then what and it's a he marries and then you become a Christian. Find a good Christian woman they get married and later he wants to be a pastor. Can he be a pastor of this is where some people say no we cannot because husband one wife and you divorces was wrong.

He was a simple divorce, but then we have the issue of well this riling well. The issue is that what it was done in unbelief. He wasn't save the time and all things are new so we move along. From there, and I think that's promotable at that point. Now let's move to a Christian pastor whose wife is like to say she abandons the faith she leaves the faith completely. She is becoming. She has become an adulterous and is the unrepentant and end as she divorces him. So now is he disqualified. That's a problem because we have to. The elders would have to be involved.

A single what's what level of culpability did he have it all the stuff that the becomes a an issue with it to decide over the other issue back here around go back to the setting of doing something. Another thing, setting a good friend is heading back to people can hopefully here right so here's the thing is that we look at the circumstances with to be very very careful in that same issue. It says children who believe will get to that in a minute.

How literal are we to take things remind me that was is what their children believe so look so now he saw his wife leave the Christian pastor's wife leaves. I think at that point he needs to take a sabbatical and get his life back together before he resumes the pastorate because his marriage has fallen apart, but it's not really by his fault. So I think then that there could be an allowance of okay was not his fault. He was in everything right. She's the one who left and therefore he should not be punished for her sin. In that case, and that's fine. Now that we have this issue of the husband and wife is a pastor. He actually just don't get along and they don't belong. And I think the divorce is very reasons for divorce in vinegar the sub things are now, we have a serious problem when I did I would say in a situation like that pastor now disqualified because you work things out with the can't work them out. It's a problem okay good luck we doesn't get along. We decided to go separate ways. Sorry pastor you're not qualified just couldn't work it out okay now. The next part of that versus having children who believe. Now what you do see this is a problem. So what if he is only one child, but it says children so that's plural take it literally have two or more, that's not the intention, obviously, but has children who believe what if you have five kids and for believe in one don't now what you do so.

These things become difficult to solve and say here's the universal truth about it bank were done and so what normally what we want to say is this, that the qualifications of the elder. Undoubtedly, he's gonna be a man can be one so pastors and and elders are not to be women. And if you're listening to me and you go to church is one pattern elder anybody out there listening original length you to leave the church that will so what we would normally say is I would think that a pastor could be a pastor if he's divorced under the right right circumstances under certain permissible circumstances and not others. So you see how this is not exactly an easy thing to work through knocking out and out great while on the problem. Artie like like I love like what happened in everything like that you write and and ultimately that bike will okay I need to find out like it out there like okay this is my my problem with what talk through you know if you work where you dominated the third situation for me, but I think I'm not like I want to bail out. I this is really hard for me is the reason that the first time in its reason for what the reason you last night. He went as far as far as what I what I looked up and found out that he left them. She left him and felt okay just talk like that. So you have to find out what the issue was there. She left and why did she leave him.

Is it because he's a wife beater in secret and we have a problem if she left because she just grew tired didn't want him anymore and she left another guy then he's the innocent party.

There so abandonment. Believe it or not.

Abandonment is a qualification for divorce so it. The Bible says in verse the end of her 27 the unbeliever leaked leave. Let him go. The person there are no obligation.

At that point yet or what is adultery so if she left him, and he's doing everything right, then he's is innocent and the other to be involved, decide how much is to be preaching get things together suck like that and what is more variables to go by her nugget while backing up. I just googled that much about the guy got going on and that panel in my heart that what you're talking about, you know, I like the knee of the American art and art 28 years and it's very important you yell as a pastor, no doubt, how do you help somebody you know in maritime year and 1/2 Horsemen American cabinet yeah but nothing seems okay. Because of this, but someone who's been through it can then relate better to send one who might be going through it.

So there's an advantage there. When I would recommend you do on your because of Micah I recommend you do is a lunch appointment with them and just talk about is concerned, what's the reason so let me just tell you if she wasn't doing anything wrong. I'm not saying he's perfect, but you know what I mean you know has been perfect, but he's cute. He's done nothing really wrong. Okay and she's the one who was abandoning him and she left within he's innocent then you just ask and were you pastor at that time and what happened were you did you pick a year off or is Going with the elders involved white here know you know that he was about five bar like Bell. I mock what I understand I what I like that. That caused, ripped the shirt will you not rent them out obviously and I'm not quiet but I got to know about yourself are the important part is that you would be legalistic but there's a qualification pastor yet called Christian pastors of above reproach to now you to find out what was his responsibility in it that's what you want to find out if he says something like lie districts. I was tired of her. I just did more about it. That's a problem, but he says no I tried to say you then okay what are you don't have a folks like that every one of the 120 McCauley 770777 mass Y call 77077 back to the show with all right now let's get to Angie Lawson. Now let's get shot for Tennessee Sean. Welcome around here. I called out you difficult understand okay just let you know it's hard understand you like you far with the phone or something.

Okay so I better try okay and better all much better, much better for you.

Okay, so I'm not sure called out your letter you are no longer. For example, most frequently calling out a pastor that is why then he actually married the church secretary may never stop preaching during that time. And I'm waiting on the side of my pastor is right for doing that but what the lake although not publicly. What's your thought about that room 18 says that the main thing to do is to go to them first and second. This issue is been bouncing on my head recently because there's a growing church here in the Idaho area within walking distance, but you not within walking distance, and the three of them have women pastors and elders and so I'm thinking about contacting them because the need to go to them and an offer to have a discussion with them and say what are you doing this mistaken scripture because it is and what they can probably do is say no and went talk to you at that point then you go public. And that's the order so he needs to be trying to contact them and if they don't response a look, I'm trying to Matthew 18 I went through first to go to the brother first to do this you take the elders you do this then you go to the church. So if he's just labeling them as a problem now that it becomes an issue about how practical is it so I try to contact Joyce Meyer ministry, for example, and nothing, and yet she's a teacher but her heresies and Joel O'Steen. I rarely talk about that. He's new, he's got heresies but I'm not try to contact so here's this thing do we know that we are a public figure. There's a different set of rules, so to speak, and you have the right to be able to quote them and things like that. Like I really's article on anti-stand like I haven't contacted Emily stomach is a this is what he says and hear the problems so there's this gray area of what we do and so I'd say it's okay to do it, but it's also it's a good idea to try and contact them as well get things straightened out okay after that is a very public figure life ended married Kurt without taking a break in their that sound like something that's in your opinion, should be called out. Yes, depends, but he should know the circumstances.

Why did he eat his first wife divorce. What was the reason. If they just didn't like each other because he was you know like in this.

The secretary then he's disqualified. For me, pastor, if she was the adulteress she abandoned, then he's innocent. In my opinion, such a situation warrants a time of healing and spiritual reconstruction for the pastor and that I think it's a good idea. I think it's wisdom at this point that he step down and not preach for a while while he's dealing with this because it is marriage is been destroyed because the Bible says it can't manage her own house that you not qualify to preach, but it doesn't mean that you have to be perfect and everything and so this is a difficulty at this exact point in the discussion, trying to decide what to do so.

This why say it's good for the pastors at this point to take a sabbatical. They prayerfully are reconstructing their spiritual life and under with the guidance and help of elders and didn't get back in the packet. That's why think should be done.

I think it shows humility. I think it shows care and stuff like that so with our past letter and my wife were to pass away. I might take a month or two or three off for you and what I can to deal with this kind of a thing, it's subjective, but it's it's also wisdom story or not. Sure it will audit on it but it I felt like I think it difficult try, but don't know and going for him first privately possible.

There was an attempt made to even contacted my pastor back, but I don't think it ever went anywhere from there.

Yeah it's a problem it's a problem.

It is a worldwide public figure. That's what the big deal when I'd love to know who that is, if you could email me to see who it is no okay and I don't inflict on the north and can check things out.

You know it will. I try and error error on the side of grace, law will understand that we live in a sinful world, and things are difficult and if if there's a you know if it's 50-50 on the go with grace and law that this is my position there are people who disagree with me but that's okay and have their their their time in court, so to speak, to labor case out but that's that's it.

So yeah email me let me know in the I'm doing a series of an analysis on varying pastors and stuff like that and not looking for heresies for those I just just got this person teaches this good stuff is a good is a really bad and to be worried about John MacArthur.

I write about John MacArthur, the worst I could say to him as he doesn't believe the charismatic gifts that that's nothing.

You know he's a great guy.

So that's a dispensational. I wish he wasn't. But you know is a great man of God so no guys after okay alright sounds good okay will bless, but okay. Are you to write alright, let's get to Mitchell from Charlotte, North Carolina, Mitchell welcoming on their little is going thing and we got what is on the different will will the father will defined in the will of the Holy Spirit is one of the will of each one has a question to say what is the will of the past have an art understanding and automate all of the Holy Spirit by how you know it's not the will of the father or die that make okay so sick okay so let's get into the doctor the Trinity are little bits and something called two things called divine simplicity empirical recess so God is one being and she is the Trinity in this one being so what we say in divine simplicity is that the one God is one substance, one thing is God.

This is divinity in this. That's it is just one thing, there's not parts just we want to call and called a partial list is not parts is not made up of three different things combined in the one nope God is one thing, now we see in the revelation of Scripture that God reveals himself as three simultaneous and distinct persons. Three simultaneous and distinct persons okay is a doctrine called the parrot Teresa's and what that means is each of the persons because they are one thing, ultimately each of the persons entered dwells each of the other. So there is in personhood. We recognize the idea of having a will identified with each person. Three persons of the Trinity implies three wills, but there can't be any contradiction or anything like that in the Trinity. After one being with Dr. empirical recess work all of the wills are entered into dwelling. The others completely and totally from forever so we can't have a distinction of wills in any sense where I want you don't want it wouldn't work with Dr. parrot.

Teresa's with the teaching of the mutual intra-dwelling of God. But when we get to the issue of the incarnation that introduces something different and often break with me so far there okay although we write back after these messages, folks will go into relativism, hypostatic union got you into much of I don't think works mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back everybody lists on the phone with Mitchell from Charlotte North Carolina welcoming on here okay so that makes sense so far what I said about the of her creases in divine simplicity in the Trinitarian understanding yeah yeah okay now when we add the human nature to the second person was called a hypostatic union, the second person, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us John 11 verse 14 and so by the logic by necessity.

If we have three persons then bite by definition a person has of a will. So now what we have is a divine nature and human nature in Christ. Therefore, each must have a will. The Greek word for will to will is selectable and so there's a word to describe this guy's relativism, which means that Jesus has a will. The human nature will the divine nature and so we have yet to wills in one each nature. However, they manifest as one will, in the person of Christ. With this we don't do it have a doctrine called the Kennecott you in your bottom for the communication of the properties with it means is the attributes of the human nature as well as the attributes of the divine nature are ascribed to the single person to the single person said I am hungry. That's right, I am thirsty. So that is the human nature speak that the human nature speak that's that's the wrong thing to say, we correct that.

That's the one person claiming the attributes of humanity.

He saying on Thursday. He also said I will be with you always, even the end of the earth now is speaking with the attributes came in the attributes of divinity. We don't want to say as the oneness Pentecostals doing this problem is to stay within this clear say there are position is problematic. We don't want to say that it one point, the human nature is speaking and another point the divine nature. Speaking next Nestorianism which says that there are two persons in the one body. That's not it. Jesus is one person, the one person said on Thursday. The 1% of it with you always the one person laid claim or claim the attributes of both natures and the one person has one will.

So even though underneath things in the natures of Christ.

There's a will and of of each fiscal die fellow Chisholm what we perceive and what is revealed in Scripture as a single will and that is in one person to Christ. This is kind of reflective of the Trinity, which has three distinct persons in implies three wills, but because of her. Teresa's been there's only one will that's manifested because that is how it is, God can have hundred three wills within himself uses one being and the parrot Teresa's kind of shadow of that doctrine can blend over onto the hypostatic union where one person is to natures in Christ, and so it wasn't too confusing, but that help. Word got back and re-re-watching on you to that gang but I pray about it and I will eventually stand it but cannot believe that I appreciate your living tell you that I've been studying the stuff for decades and I've only in the past year.

Two or three really been able to articulate all of it together understand it all, how they all relate to each other because in a comforting you learn the stuff just by reading the commentary these are bits and pieces of things that are that become necessary. When I'm debating different cults and so for example the oneness Pentecostal in John 639 we have this issue. August give an example of why the stuff comes up like this because this is the will of him who sent me that all that he's given me.

I lose nothing but wait a minute who's talking in the oneness people. They say Jesus is God incarnate, and that the flesh is speaking sometimes in this human the human nature speak and sometimes a divine nature speaking.

Other times, so be like this. I have cannot have it. That's a divine nature to do my own will that be the human nature, but the will of him.

The father who sent me, that would be the human nature is like that.

So this what they do. It's ridiculous. And so that's why have to study these things and learn these particular Nuance doctrines that deal with these heresies and so I'm still learning how to articulate them properly in order to bring them down off the highfalutin level down to the average Joe level okay yeah I appreciate that, but you may affect your expression and then I time but there are ugly blessed all right, let's get to Gary from Utah Gary welcoming on the air on its going to see if states advanced theology explains all good questions. Okay look through quick and the kind of guy you're looking I've got it all cleaned out.

I needed to find out did you get a chance. The debate that took place on March 4 with apology at Utah which was Dr. James White hosting info lately that the subject matter with what is our ultimate authority to Christian and two Mormons but Dr. James White with the moderator.

I know I haven't seen oh my gosh you got it on YouTube but you have a doxology at Utah here from Durban and ducked away. Anyway, I was thinking I watched it man. If you and Bill McKeever and John for their that were destroyed the Mormon guide to the one-woman guide to make a long story short, he kept focus on liberty when I got before and about the interpretation of the word interpretation like 40 kind that will depend on your interpretation of the like in anger out like it's not about interpretation what the Bible says in contact and verbatim is not that our people member when I do when people tell me just how you interpret things that I start interpreting what I want and don't like that you just interpretation and I will interpret that you you just said that whatever I say is always right and that you lost the debate and discussion. So I win. Thank you know it just for the I know that really irritates me and I when you getting your debate that you put into that lower form of the glory that other about interpretation interpretation because what they're saying is what it says what you're saying right there. Doesn't agree with me. So just a matter of interpretation. Now they go back into the gray area of I don't know, but our church tells what really me and so with man ultimate authority in the Mormonism is not the Scriptures is a they negate the Scriptures the ultimate authority is depending which Mormon you want to go with his the testimony of the Holy Spirit or the 70s quorum or the office of the presidency, etc., or the book of Mormon.

This defense yeah you rent it out when you debate L thing, oh yeah, yeah, sacred tradition, the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope of the papacy all the stuff they have the final authority and you and I just and how do you know the right because the Bible says all sutured as Scripture by yourself would get the authority to do that and you don't stop yeah all I need a cloning wall to bang my head against him and talk to people from thinking of an hour and 1/2 long out thinking man I wish I know Bill McKeever and their dog for court so that the expert that they were there and play you are there. The backup whatever just given your piece from the Bible to a good man think Edward got destroyed. With all that I will go back there when you have a chance to go to Johnson arts and right, and they would just join him in don't need me. I just be there to give them water okay so you asked Doc that's what is it in advance doctrine thing I know I attended no more than me.

At this docket splits the know I call him up with a way you get to be there to be there to bring them sandwiches when I need him right now their address level in the why really important if you get a chance check it out on the thumb. That channel came up and you might enjoy it. So I think it will horribly go to go for the colors talk you later look at couplets goodbye or look at the Chavez for Marilyn Chavez welcome you on the air that like Lorrie okay we got right well I had like a question about the Trinity and also what you are. He mentioned something about the incarnation it was that meant that, but for this Indy car. I looked in early. That's the thing about mastering necessary unionism, mystery and hazards on the story that others to Christ hybrid that they cannot pursue dialogic price that's basically what it is there's variations within it the title. So for now okay so question but okay about one cry died on the cross when when not be like the flash sent you that finally the human nature died on the cross is correct okay but that you majoring a divine intervention create you. Right stuff to persons. The teaching is that in the one person of Christ are two distinct natures one person. Jesus always says me. I etc. that one person to say we so it's I be with you always. I am thirsty. So what we do as we conclude that the attributes of both natures are claimed or ascribed to the single person for the single person would say I'm thirsty I'll be with you always.

Okay so I'm jaded why the David also had a human. Correct. Yes, it had a dead okay well well get that when we talk about. Like Dr. Clark on crack which church to go to.

I love Trinitarian Pentecostal but I had a hard life performed docket on magenta and by the way I did okay.

I'm just kinda like understand because it meant by Muslim like an IRA.

Okay like I okay now good now.

I got some advice for go to Carmen. The website is my website and look up the economic Trinity ontological Trinity right economic and ontological look him up. Read up on that. Also look up hypostatic union.

You should know that hopefully and the communication of the properties or the communicative to you and your module you learn those and you'll build answer 90, 95% of all the questions that they would most of the stuff would would raise okay okay Scriptures in our get I got okay hypothetically communication the property than on ontological Trinity and economic Trinity.

These are just doctrines of the church is come up with to describe various things, brilliant theologians and things like that. It is just a summation okay Trinity affairs ontological aspect of it, there's the economic aspect of it, things like that. Okay, I think I have before I got really gutless to get listening minutes. Would you calculate the argument and thing and then argue that it is not needed, then all he think that identity. While the migrant was also very Jesus came into existence. 2000 years ago but the pre-incarnate Word was eternal union of the pre-incarnate Word word Trinity and the human nature union called Jesus that occurred 2000 years ago with the divine nature was eternal. Okay, I or anybody say sorry to well talk in the chat room there. Ohio. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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