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Prescription Cost and Roe vs Wade Continued...

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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July 17, 2022 4:00 pm

Prescription Cost and Roe vs Wade Continued...

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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July 17, 2022 4:00 pm

July 17. Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. This week the discussion will continue about the Roe vs Wade repeal.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

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Ministry sponsored by WC talking and walking Christian men's ministry where we're devoted to breaking down the walls voice denomination to point man to their God assigned now here's your holds will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior welcome back, today we left off with our discussion from last week. Just speaking work that's great. We will think about this.

What you just said list speak about word of God so fornication sex before marriage is his sin right so God didn't import be that way we know that was one of the most intimate things he designed for man and woman was to be intimate together and have sex together as part of the relationship right so if we back up you you not been through play. Root cause analysis is training and stuff so forget back to the root cause was a person in this position have have an abortion goes back to the fact that wealth they had not been having premarital sex right if you really will get time to the basics… The old-fashioned views I'm sure is what's up for not having premarital sex.

They don't get pregnant right so they'll have to work with an unwanted child in the middle of their single life. If there will abstain from that because God originally designed that for that to be part of marriage not part of the social circle not part of just doing it because it's it's it's feels good or could care less how many people with and in the other side of that is that the men need to step in as we've learned from leaving out a piece on this morning from Mark Driscoll and I've heard this before the 85% or so. The time for man will step up even though they're not married.

If so, we need to take care of the child and raise it then they will turn away from move back to SoCal will save the child move forward with having this baby so men have a very vital role in this. The other thing is to have left 100 people never communicated to Hallie Miller never told the child that the young girls pregnant ladies pregnant from this international relationship and then woman makes decision goes off does without everything incurring the conversation with Samantha about engaging the men on that piece of you know, and I think that comes out to the myriad of decisions and choices that people and how their influence regard to the position that they take so again if they hold their peers more to giving them an answer to their quote unquote situation then they will hold true to that and enable fort on the other hand, depending on who they are round and what people are influence in their lives. Then they may say you know this child deserve to live, and so why don't you look into some options and taking the baby to full term and then giving it up for adoption and I think a lot of women I've counseled some who have given babies up for adoption. They said that you can't help but not having a connection to a child and also there is a motherly child on in the womb. Yes, and as a result of this motherly and child bond in the womb. There's there's this connection that man cannot experience you know so as the mother it and you notice I'm just her throat.

As you noticed during football games basketball game when a player you hear him say hi dad you there's a, well, they always say hi. I was five months of is that relationship building. There it out to where I think mother and child. If it's boiled or yes it's built in God built that way designed it that way. So I think that's the one of the premises behind you and one of things will that the comes to mind is that the other organs were about the birth defects that sort of thing you know, severe birth defects and again, the creator of the heavens and the earth is in control of all this absolutely and I know this was things are not speaking from experience, but I know for people of gone through it, who had very severe deformed children then you want to make it but they carried out his laws got a lot of material and even some were born in the past year with in a few days so over months of that sort of thing, but of the birth, but maybe even years. Your soul later, but I think that's were if you think if you're a follower of Christ doing what God asked you to do. Sometimes going through those storms as you and I talk quite often there's a bigger purpose behind in that purpose could be for your own life got skipped preparing for greater things may hate to think about this, but sometimes it could be a bigger storm.

How you can handle it lean into him not to turn away but to lean into God and then the other piece could be your preparing please prepare you for this person for the one that really need someone in the very, very difficult time that your that counseled the true that this Stallworth person standard strong faith and strong trust in God and been through the storm to build sure back with that person so for so many different things that we get we think we missed because in the moment immediate gratification immediate solution rather than just let God do what God does indeed and Elroy and I think before we close out here. We want to mention you know the dinner and man talk, dinner, and that's coming up and how God is working through the men during that time. Yes, think you will get a great opportunity coming up folks. If you're in the area of this wheels mentioned in earlier portion of urine with servers will help when there are few within an hours drive you and Charlotte on half to come and join us on July 28 at 6 o'clock dinner Shri got Bishop Larry Jackson made of you may recognize his name is been speaking with us on several events. He spoke in a promise keepers in the past, and certainly been big part of staying courageous through the family research Council's of late, but he'll be back with us again on Thursday night July 28 at 6 PM for dinner and will have the session start little bit before seven. So come join us into its if you can't be the right six. No worries. The dinners a floating dinner from six to about 10 to 7 and the Bishop will be with us from Tyndale seven to about a 15 or so scrub a great evening and for those of you haven't heard, Bishop. He doesn't hold any punches you to see love zoning, but a shoot straight at you and comes right to you with the word of God and will assure you been pastoring a long time. He yet unveiled Scripture sometimes that you read 100 times and it gives you guys put the built in him to show you something just a little bit different and maybe just a whole another depth that you didn't realize was there watching six Omar baguette, you know, when he was talking about last time he was with us on our last dinner you talk about being on one of our Lord and of course you know that I think is very good message for the believer on today is that we are pulled in so many directions by media by people's opinions and you know through just society at large, and we find ourselves being pulled in so many directions and we are searching for that one thing that we might agree with with in these particular opinions that's been thrown at us, but an opinion is just that it's an opinion, and if it doesn't line up with the word of God then that's all it is Roy. It's just an opinion. How will the I'm glad you said that because the other day lightly waking up things as you know what some come to mind gospel Martin the other day. It was heard so much about the Republican Party for so much about Democratic Party and the my which the new station eternal there something you once I've corn the other select you as you and I talked you shared with me through the years and the it really doesn't matter on either side of that. It's really about the biblical party and that's what just God put on the biblical party is not the Democrats not to focus the biblical party. If you look at these issues from a secular or worldly perspective. Did you need to stop, especially the fall of Christ. Gotta get back into the word and look at biblical lands as biblical party and less water things is really encouragement to me will and been a big encouragement and want to encourage your listeners that make sure that you jump in, dive into the word for every issue. Every issues after bullet down. Don't look at the symptom of the problem, look at what the real problem is in the center is a something got or spoken to and what we know about Scripture.

Nothing is new under the sun. Nothing is new so you are God's already dealt with it right. He's Artie prepared us for so we need to be ready to do just that to step in and look at the biblical lands before the biblical Paul talking and walking Christian men's ministry like to fight you to our monthly men's breakfast held every first, third and fifth Friday of each month. You enjoy fun, fellowship in the word of God break bread together.

The meetings are held at First Christian Church 1130 N. Main St., Kernersville start promptly at 6:30 AM and have a hard stop at 8:00 AM.

Come join your host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior that's do those things will know that God will honor us and he will direct us and guide us. Absolutely Roy because the last chapter in the lab very last verse of Ecclesiastes says that the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep his commandments, because this is the whole duty of man" working in the course you know we we keep all the things that Jesus said we keep all the things that the apostles talked about, and even though they are things that are in the Old Testament that God spoke through the prophets, kings and priests to the children of Israel.

He steel those principles still apply to us today, a man I will have to go and sacrifice turtledoves, lambs, and all that because Jesus was the one true sacrifice.

But what we do is we take a lot of things that because the word of God tells us that the workday Old Testament was written for our learning and admonition.

Meaning that we learn from what God did spoke to the children of Israel. We learn from that. So number one will make the same mistakes that they need and number two anytime when you're learning those things that God has spoken through his Kings prophet and priest in the Old Testament, and then through Jesus and then the apostles of the New Testament we find that all of those things are solidified in one word love. It's the foundation and basis for everything we do we do it in love and as Jesus said if you if you want to fulfill all the commandments fear God do what God said, keep the commandments little words, those things that Jesus said not to not talk about you know going back and speaking about those things that he spoke to the Israelites from we want to make sure we make the distinction. But when God spoke is just like those the 10 Commandments. A lot of what was said. There God outline through the apostolate you know in the New Testament, so you'll find the very same things. You know, spoken differently depending on the situation and the context in which God used that person. It's out there, so we are we are not abandoning it at all. No no no in what he Christ. Many times we spoke, he said, as it is written writes he was referring to what had already been written. What is Artie been referenced in the wall and what was expected so to point the sacrifice is no longer necessary. Christ came and died. The blood washed us of all our sins. But we still have things were supposed to be doing as you just said we have laws were supposed to follow were not supposed to be running off doing sin consciously and willingly and deliberately because we got the blood the covers right and that's one thing to think many believers today wrestle him on the fall of Christ covered by the blood so you are super slippery look at this liberal pornography.

It's okay for do that once a day or 12 times weekly for go to get drunk once week. No big deal.

And those are things folks don't be weakened by the world you're supposed to be different than the world so we encourage you to stand strong in your faith and listen to what will his you shared with your door.

Things are supposed to be doing a respect was Old Testament new test Old Testament fed into New Testament testified back to the Old Testament soul interlinked it all fits. It's all one part of the big book as we all know and many people try to prove it wrong with the we know how that all worked out for me.

Those folks became followers of Christ in their journey to prove it out and spin alts so they will. It's been really good to see you and have some good time catching up folks what I want to give our listeners a pop quiz before you go to pot twisted listeners and here it is, what book in the Old Testament that Jesus reference more than any other book pop quiz. I don't cheat and go to your go to your phone, go ahead and give it out now because God is able and so once you decide in your mind right now the look of the phone. Don't cheat on what that book was. Then you can send us an email at Plus, if you have a prayer request please submit those there as well. Absolutely.

Will is always looking for new topics from blisters that the things of interest in you concerned about.

And hey, if we don't have the answers will go fun, absolutely.

And keep in mind that were coming at you from a biblical perspective we share with you what got started. Through the years.

What the Scripture says today about the things that are on our heart and please feel free to reach out to us and we have folks disintegrate commentary to great a little some more. Thank you for that and it will talk much about it but if you let support our ministry. I go to website W.W TA W and there's a donation tab there on the website will afford you, feel free until wed to support. Please do that and all gifts are tax-deductible at the moment we hope nothing changes. I really don't talk about the future. We got it about right mouse right so would love for the supporters haven. We've got one more Nelson would like to make to you the August 25-27. Michiko Laughlin was great from the ministry show several times.

Also, MC's lot of our vents that we do speak to our vents. He's hold help in whole conference down in the Fort Mill, South Carolina is called the man up conferences August 25 Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon the 27th. There's lodging available their own campus through the center you think you could pick up the details off of our website. We got a link we should register to this event. The go have a movie night you think is part of the night with me and just some good fellowship.

Tom got a great lineup of speakers. Absolutely great line of speakers and I'm working off member here with Gen. Boykin will be there the better brothers will be there. Rick Joyner will be there for MorningStar ministries was written ethic over hundred books, then let's see who else is there. Elwood will be there speaking and I believe the king himself will be speaking and there's one other person doesn't come right off, but hey it's on a website.

All information feel free to reach out there if you got any questions since note and again the link to the registration there. They also have an info. I think that was to get to the registration you have any questions in the contact person, but that should be a great weekend. Again, if you can support and go there, and the cost is very cost-effective know that you would love to have you and were just trying to help promote that as well. You know, because God is able.

He's good and there is always something for everybody when you come to these events. You know God has a open door ready for you to walk through it and all you have to do is just step out by faith. So just think about that man when you come to a crossroad and you wondering which direction to go. Always select that direction.

That's biblical and a man never ever go wrong, you might be hated. You might be hunted.

You might be discouraged. But if you take the biblical approach God will honor that he he cannot go against what he said he honors his word above his own name that's in the book of Psalms. So let God work through you to do those things that he call you do as King profits and priest of your home and be that man that can lead and be that man who was a godly man if you listen to the podcast.

Any we've explained in showing you how to be godly man how to witness to a man it's a little bit different than witnessing to a child so listen to some of the podcast that we have out there and you get some good direction on exactly what you need to do. God has established this ministry and he's working through my body and cohosts Roy Jones to get this thing established so many years ago and I'm just thankful that I can come alongside and will. It is such an honor to have you as we talked many times about the goblins together folks pray for us as as leaders of men that God will continue to burn our hearts with the things that need to be dealt with and also to believers in general that we can address and share the gospel and in the hope our fathers been so gracious to us in so many ways into the ministry. Thank you Lord for all that roof we've accomplished through through him and with him. What is done is continue to work and push forward because one thing to remember folks is not guaranteed tomorrow and if you're listing you have made a decision for Christ with us will invite you to do that. Are you do submit be in the sitter trust that Jesus died for you and he did die for you know that repent and turn from your sins and let God fill you up with the Holy Spirit become a new person as we close like closeout prayer will hey man father. We just thank you for this opportunity that you've given us some today and we trust trust at the broadcast will reach the heart of some man, woman, boy or girl to change their life. Thank you for just establishing man talk radio, podcasts, and we just committed into your hands given you all of the glory. All the honor and all of the praise for what you able to do. We love you today Lord just asked that each and every man just be showered down with blessings realizing that all these things come from you.

We love you and thank you in Jesus Christ name man amen as we conclude today show TA W CNN talking and walking Christian men's ministry building a community of man servant leaders in their communities, churches, and work environment. Check us out our website for upcoming events and regular scheduled meetings. Don't forget to send us an email or topics that you would like us to visit.

Thank you for joining us today on man talk visit us WC

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