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Memory Lane Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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December 20, 2020 4:00 pm

Memory Lane Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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December 20, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. The discussion over the next two weeks concerns Christians and walking down memory lane during this Christmas season.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.





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You know, Roy and the thing about it is, is there is a lot of things that men experience in general you know ants, children that we carry over, you know, to adulthood in our memories. Oh yes, and so they are good things that we take with us in the course there bad things that we take with us, but each one of these experiences, we should learn from them and give us an a positive going forward a positive look at how we as men growing up from childhood and taken it walk down memory lane. How we respond to our children. That's a great point will because I think sometimes we fail to realize we talked about collateral damage in the past, we still realize the words of affirmation in the building, memories, and how important it is in the child's life because what they see in us and what we do as fathers and husbands the water while sitting, that's what the children see is how we relate to our wives is shaping their expectation of their own future, exactly, and if they see a certain hay remodeled. Whether that's good or bad that will soon become what they expect for their own life and what they're anticipating and also I think will allow them to settle for less than God intended for them to have because that's the only thing they've ever known or will the reverse of that will have them holding their expectations so high as the father and husband set the bar high, so that your children will expect the same out of their relationships and I think when when the bar set high have to be careful and not ensuring that the desire that the parents have is their desire instead of their children's desire right so another words you know that the parents could have a desire that they go to school become a doctor or lawyer and the child says no I want to do gymnastics or I want to play the guitar well. We talked in the in the past list with friends about parents living vicariously through their children living that living there unfulfilled dreams back to the children.

I think that's part which is leaning towards will expectations were putting on them need to be there dreams and were expecting them to follow their dreams as opposed to our dreams and expecting them to adapt archery and we should be simply just giving them guidance. Yes, you know distance you know and on how to approach whatever it is they need to approach and then how to carry that thing out right so we'll talk about memory Lane tell me what is your list that puts on the spot here what your fondest memory of childhood. Well I think it's growing up in the city, experiencing the ins and outs of movements course I grew up in Detroit and experienced having a lot of experiences with respect to the civil rights movement that was a good thing. When I look back at it now we we understand that the times were turbulent, but it was a good thing experiential for me in that it allowed me to see the various sides of the argument of why certain people were looking for that you know African-American people. They were looking for the freedom and they were looking for the deliverance of oppression and things like this and when I became an adult. There was a more fonder appreciation for going through that and haven't experienced it, rather than getting information secondhand by the most most people would with agree that there's that experience when you're going through the fire is, if our temper still going through the fire.

It sure is painful when you get on the other side of it. It sure is a sure is good feeling to know that you're on the other side and you learn from your God strengthens you through. In fact, that the Google baby talk about that on next week show I think is one of our topics we got set up for next week.

So what about you Roy what was your fondest memories growing up.

Well you know it's funny as it was her preparing for the show will hold in the neatest things I stars enjoys getting the Sears and Roebuck catalog was, you know the Christmas wish book links with the card and the list for those of you that what Sears Roebuck is update myself just a tad.

That was very younger than suburban Sears Roebuck in the Sears. What later became just the Sears store and I would use to always look to their exit. Always have. After my parents are so pick out a couple things that you there giving some guidelines for Santa Claus to bring in your my dad was a truck driver. Think of mitts that will form show the so we didn't have a lot of time together.

It's always look forward to having time with him during the holidays and him being home with us for three or four, five, six, seven days weeks vacation with us and but the I guess that's probably the expectation of having those times anticipation went up waking up Christmas morning to see what was on the tree Santa Claus had brought in nine certainly I guess that would be part from childhood perspective around Christmas time that would be without without reflect back to little bit younger than you are. So I was, coming in is this the youngest hole desegregation started in the neurosis really come in school when I was in full full string of things so that I get what you're saying. That's the by going to the fire. During that time.

The storm was a great reward is on this.

This side of absolutely right for everybody that absolutely you know I was looking up, and some doing a little bit of research and I found where this was either in psych Central or psychology today.

They were talking about adverse childhood experiences ace for short ACE and they were saying that there are 10 experiences that a child go through and when they go through these experiences that they respond differently as a adult and the number one of course, that we have been talking about on the show is sexual abuse that was number one in eight and they are in the order in which they appeared in the article emotional abuse was another emotional neglect was one and then physical abuse, physical neglect substance abuse at home. Mental illness in the home incarceration of a family member and parental separation or divorce.

That was that in the order of severity that was in the order spare back over the first So the First Couple Was Sexual Abuse and Emotional Abuse Well so Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, so You Know When When and What Were Saying Here Obviously Is These. This Is the Darker Picture Sure You Know of the Memories Because All Memories. We Know from Childhood Are Not Good Memories but You Know so so This Particular Article Was Talking about. If If a Child Go through Some of These These 10 Common Are the Most Common Things That They Saw in Children and As They Become an Adult. Then These That the Adult Person Begins to Respond.

Not Normal in the Sense You Know of Functionality Sure so This Basically Becomes a Handicap Exactly in His Adult Life, and You Know It It It Doesn't Mean That It's over Just Means That They May Need to Seek Help for Counseling to Work through Some of Those Issues That They Dealt with As a Child Because If You Were in the Middle of Things, Chances Are You Want Taught How to Deal with Those Things Exactly Executive Assistant Was a Byproduct of a Very Unhealthy Environment and You Know during Depending on When You Were Born.

Things like This May Not Have Been Discussed. You Know like in the Home Is Also so the Child Even Though They Were Experiencing It.

They Could Not Understand It, and so Understanding and a Course Experience and It Is Two Different Things We We Experience A Lot Of Things That We Don't Understand Right Now so When When We Have Memories of Good Memories. Those I Think Are the Easy Ones That We Can Grab a Hold to and Say Hey Now As an Adult When I Look Back at My Life and the Things That I Went through Things That I May Have Thought of As Bad Things Turned out to Really Be a Good Thing on the Side Submitted for Listing and in Ladies As Well. I Think the Thing That's Important Is That If You Have Young Children or Children Are Still Former War Shaper Born in Your Home You Should Think about the Effect That Your Behavior Has the Worst That Your Sharing, Speaking over Them into Them and One of Things I Think Is Most Powerful Things of Experience of Last Couple Years Was Talked about Gen. Boykin and Our Summit Him. We Talked about a Minute for the Heather Sons There Speak a Blessing into Their Sons Line That Was Wonderful It Was and Now I Think That Just Speaks and the Bible Talks about the Power of the Word Right Units in the in the Power of the Tongue That It's Something so Small Could Certainly Do so Much Damage in a Thicket the Rudder of the Ship Enters the Parallel and so Folks, You Know What You're Trying to Say Here Is Just This Build Good Members Let's Let's Downloaded to Children the Way That the You Want Them to Remember the Rest of Their Lives, and That Your Grandchildren Will Be the Byproducts of How Your Shaping Children Today and I Believe That That the Byproduct Especially If You Are Born-Again You Know If You Are Born-Again You Want to so Good Seed into Your Children. You Want to Be Able to Do What Is Necessary in Order to Make Sure They Have a Fulfilling Environment in Which to Grow and Learn. I Agree Will One Think about Memories. One Thing That We Need to Talk with the Other Side Significant Probably Think about with the Twisted Lab Is the Worst War World Top Break Will Be Right Back with Your CM and Would Love to Have You Join Their Community of Men for Breakfast Every First and Third Friday of Every Month, Bible Discussions and Fellowship.

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Welcome back to man talk radio, this is Roy and this is will it will write for the break chimed in on us that we talked about the two memory types right is the really good memories in August OF those members that aren't so so good from growing up and even as adults and it we don't need to get too personal Xhosa will still help sucks. It is the week of Christmas we will make sure we stay up in the Jolly celebrate the whole reason for the season your Savior was born in the celebration of our Savior's birthday and we want to make sure that that's what this is all about it. I don't think that when we're growing up your parents see they were learning. Most parents have the first child, which is kind of the test child if you will, that the past can endure mom and dad.

Learning what how to be parents and, second, third, for children, a little bit easier and not quite so much oversight, but softer touch a thing for most most families this June is when it works, but you know as parents we just want to encourage you is never too late never too late start to change course if you had a very emotional journey are very abusive journey you can see can fix that you can make a difference in the child's life and in your husband's life or in your wife's life to don't don't think that it's ever too late and I think it's important message and will talk about building members. What better time to start in here celebrate our Savior's birthday them have new memories and MD Roy because of new memories. This what we need because if the word God says with new creatures in Christ, then we should, you know, take on the characteristics of Christ and not go back into the world and allow ourselves to be influenced by things like that. But some form for second will what your favorite Christmas movie. Well, my favorite Christmas movie. I would say is one of my favorite Christmas movies but not the favorite.

I would have to say home alone, home alone and and the reason is as it was, it was so comical, but it also sent the message you know and all of these movies you know they have messages, but here you have a kid who's basically defending his home from please if you know an editor's old mother absolutely and so it it brings about a gladness in the sense that you have this one child who the parents go on vacation and they forget and then all of a sudden you know he's there and having the food in the home off because of a please and intercourse. It's it's hilarious in the sense that I think it it, we know we had. We get a lot of laughs from it, but it's a lot of truth behind the two because there are individuals who are push pirates. For example, you know during this time of the year who who just ride around the neighborhood look for packages to pick up and see you were saying earlier keeping it up on the Jolly with respect to this time of the year, but do you realize Roy that during this time of the year is when parents are the most depressed. How am I going to make ends meet. How how my going to provide Christmas for the children. How my going to put food on the table when coronavirus now on top of everything else has compounded the thing so we can't forget about reality, but I do understand what you're saying about keeping on the up and up and Jolly has much educated we started going to add to that the that potential stress by giving too much heavy stuff to think so. My favorite movies too I guess would be once more tradition, but it's also become a favorite movie is that the Christmas story in there with the little guy wiggles BB gun those euros to dry out mother tells her she drops so it's not as part of our traditional Christmas morning we watched the Christian story. It's a wonderful life you know that set with Jimmy Stewart and said that's quite quite the touching lot of lessons and that lot of things to keep in mind you the point that pressure is happy going into the holidays and then click next door takes advantage of a mistaken how that goes, but it ends up well right is a very well so and it's about family within the day it was showing about family friend surrounding him in the midst of a of a very difficult time and that's what they guess we should plan a C4 while were here this moment is folks, you know, if God has blessed you with whatever and you got a little bit extra. Your plant that seed out with somebody itself makes your neighbor's a family member made his two local church this doing some sort of program I was talking with Pastor today in heaven see a overloaded corridor in the church parking lot with the tremendous amount of stuff inside the car me so much stuff that was only room for the driver and this is not car cars little SUV individuals living in the car and apparently this is quite common these days as many people are living in their cars new move from parking lot parking lot or in wooded areas to wooded areas and they get out and get around in the daytime, so that there is a need out there folks just are just like just asking look around yourself and look around the neighborhood and even contact you church God's given you a lot. You got an opportunity to give back to wills point earlier many families. Not sure how to commit Christmas work this year, but of unemployment. Lot of tough times and convictions from start in Q1 of next year as it sounds like based on the landlord's and everybody's in the middle is pandemic stress and and I think Roy you know when when we say a lot, you may not have a lot but you if you're eating your house is warm. You have clothes on your back, you're doing better than most of the world's population because most of the world's population is under privilege.

You know they they here we are going hey I don't want that broccoli casserole for dinner and they the people who don't have anything to eat, they would be so thankful just to be able to fill their bellies with food that we say we just don't want that set before us.

So I think it it should give us a different perspective rather than how we use to view things to look at things in a more caring and loving way, just because it's that time of the season, but even more than that, it's because you love Jesus Christ and if we have that love for Jesus and as you stated, if we do have just something extra that that we can give close shoes cash. It doesn't matter what it is. Thus, the ultimate memory lane or talk about.

Think about what he did for us what Jesus did for us. All our sins to the cross, that we may have eternal life and salvation. If we accept that and follow him to think about the in think about memories and build members.

What greater what greater memory can you leave with your child and listen to me talk and your loved ones and your spouse.

Whether it's your husband or your wife to say there's this family need and we need to go do some about take your kids making part of that journey in their interest if his take meal by fixing gift cards bio inside the Christmas cards is not a big to do for the family receiving that will see it when you leave this do something to show what it's like to put in downloaded other people's lives and to put others before ourselves in this. This shows love and the greatest commandment is to love thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength and to love others as yourself and know nobody hates their self. They look they love their self and so mostly with the well well if you're eating every day every man you love is.

That's right as you find a way to get that food that's right, you know, so if you're doing that then you again are doing much more than the world's population so consider what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross.

Consider that long road that he had to take with that wooden cross that was so heavy because you have to remember a listener, you have to remember Jesus Christ was beaten so badly that you could not heat you could not describe him as a man. In other words his. His flesh was just ripped from from the bone and then the Romans made and carry that cross and when he carried that cross even though he went through the agony, the pain, the discomfort and and ultimately dying a physical death. All of that he did for you and me and and no man can endure that pain that agony that Jesus Christ went through and then he rose from the dead exactly what he said he was going to do. And of course all the prophets before him prophesies that to Roy so so let your mind reflect not on the little baby Jesus that was born, but think about the Jesus man, the God man who not only walk that gravel road for you but also gave his life for you and so we who are privileged and if you're eating, you are privileged because there are many in the world who are not due that thing out of love for Jesus Christ, for the one who don't have it so good will in no folks, just take a moment thinking this is think about. The enormity of that load. Love said such a great love the greatest love and I don't think we talk about that enough of the, especially those of us that are trying to spread the gospel in we target men in our case or target men on the sidelines with that in the day for you to stop think about what greater love than what he did there is none greater and greater. And that's what's so important folks.

We just gotta remember that doesn't walk down and really what else, what is your greatest childhood memory talking with you spouse or children can help and Esther children hey what's been your greatest memory so far about childhood continue to build on that. They don't have an answer. Let's probably sonnets, change the pattern start moving towards building really really good solid new members talk about were so glad to join us today will launch to accept well just remember you if you are not born-again you want to be confess your sins to the Lord Jesus Christ and say hey God, I can't save myself only you can save me and so give yourself to him confess that he died on the cross was very rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures and when he did that you will be saved.

Amen as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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