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Church Security Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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March 15, 2020 4:00 pm

Church Security Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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March 15, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior. For the next two weeks, the show will focus on Church Security. Will and Roy welcome Ben Ziggler who is the head of security for First Christian Church in Kernersville, to join in the discussion.


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This is the Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought to you by TA W.

CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where there devoted to breaking down the walls of race and accommodation and challenging and that take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy welcome black guy June like you know Roy something has come up in news recently, and we've all been reading about it and you know we got gentlemen here who's going talk about something. I think that's near and dear and important to the church community at large. Telling what it is you think you will get been Zigler drawings tonight than that he should go to church together. He's the head of security at First Christian Church in Kernersville North Carolina so given the current environment when the course, build health crisis right now but it's all relative to the well-being of your church members and attendees different plateaus as either security or its helpers. Other things so we got a great time to bring Ben and talk a little about church security night and likes Republican into little bit of coronavirus piece of it as well so we can talk little bit about those precautionary measures. We need to be taken in thinking about. So if you're listening today. This is an important topic denies all the topics that we discuss and try to keep it relevant to some of the things that happen you know around the community and in the world seen at large. So let's get right into it right you think it will be hard to introduce yourself.

Tell us a bit about your background. What is exactly due as part of the security lead there, that the church and in the Congo.

From there was some question follow-up behind your introduction. Thank you for having me this is a relevant topic I've been going first Christian for about 15 years I was on staff for about four years and so understand little about the ministry aspect of the church and what has to happen behind the scenes to make sure that it's a worshipful garment about four years ago I was asked by senior leadership if I would restart the safety ministry at church NSE use were ministry because I think that's really what it is were called to minister in all roles but the security aspect of that is very different. If you look at the church. It's a difficult place to really protect because your inviting and people who may not know how to act in the church. Your inviting people in who have ill intentions.

That's where you want you want people like that in the church. They just can't act up and so we have to be very vigilant and very intentional about how we protect church sets a good leader Ben and talk about protecting's so if the person is listening, then maybe they've not been exposed to church security and with all the bits were done with HUD putting more than average person's exposure to security what the protocol looks like and why the needs there but if a person just listening. Today they may say with church.

At the same so I do as well as things that you just don't expect there to be something bad happened of the new head of the last four years I could have a couple real relevant events that happened on Charleston and I think there was one out in Texas for correctly a couple other church shootings. But what is that exactly mean church security team.

Is this just a group of guys or ladies that have got a concealed carry permit that you know you say okay you can be part of the team and you can be part enough you don't quite look right; choose you.

Is that what it looks like or is it a more comprehensive selection process more confidence in the training process can just load about that. Unfortunately that is the scenario and a lot of churches and I say unfortunate because that tends to be where people immediately go in and talk by church security blitz. Make sure that Bubba has a gun because Bob is going to know exactly what to do and he's not protect us a church safety ministry really is in place to do two things. One, it's there to protect the people and secondly it's in place to protect the ministry of the church. We want to protect the church's ability to minister so that everybody has the option, the availability to worship in a safe environment it's ministry. We do this because we love people we love even that person with bad desires enough to protect them from doing something bad and were willing to do whatever it takes to protect them and protect the rest of the church. If the first response is will let's make sure Bubba has a gun. The church as an entity has a liability issue. Then the churches put their eggs in Bubba's basket that they know how well he's trained. They know his ability to assess the situation. The church is really looking at liability issue at the end of the day, how often will a church utilize somebody with a gun. It happens almost never not saying we should prepare for. That's not what happened so that that means when you say liability. That means if he does something that's out of the ordinary. Then the family members or someone who might be related to that individual who they shot could come back at them and perhaps you know bring some type of lawsuit or something. If somebody in ministry leadership asked somebody make sure that your brain going to protect us. There could be a liability issue on the church on the first pass the yeah okay so if if you look at where the difference between a set safety ministry team versus just some good guys with guns.

A ministry looks at people every Sunday ministry helps out every Sunday we are helping with medical situations with loss.

Kids were helping with people that don't know which Sunday school class to go to. We are helping eliminate people's ears by addressing situations, none of which involve men and so there's a preventive measure. There's a reactive measure, but were very intentional, so you're the liaison for the ministry, basically. So you're the typically of an ephemeral hairband that you would typically be the maybe one of the first five faces someone from your team would be one the first five faces. They'll see as they walk through the door to your point. If a person is not oriented with the building, knowing where to go.

They could ask one of your people your people would give him proper directions, but by the same token, if that person walks in with a trenchcoat and it's not bad weather outside is actually going to radar because of aggressive like that person's okay.

Math need to sort your coder step over to the side of his toughest mom to get an understanding with their intentions or any get our first intention is to minister to people and if we see something suspicious working to try to understand what's going on and and a lot of times that first reaction is to go talk to some maybe you have somebody that feels very emotional and they just don't look right there just there something going on. We can sit back and watch. We can go interact. We can go and talk to them and try to understand what what's going on. That also allows us to assess. We think that there's a threat situation here you know. And now that that's good to because I think overall and the general concept behind when a person says church security that's first thing they think they think guns you know and you know bring guns in the church and you know you have all the ideologies behind. Well, why do we need guns and Churchwell the same reason why bad guys come in the church to do bad things.

So I think that mentality that a person has to say that all it it's all about guns you not think that's been clarified when you when you address the issue about individuals who need direction or you know other security measures that you guys have in place as product part of the protocol you know so if you listen out there and you don't have something like this in place, regardless of your size then you know you should get with someone who has the Ways and Means that can help you because you know there's a lot of churches. Of course most of the churches. Unfortunately, you know that they are not large congregations or smaller congregations. So what would you say to a pastor who say has a church body of under 25 people. What would you say to him as far as security if they can't actually have person or go out and hire someone to do security for them. The basis for church ministry is the same regardless of size. The church, it has to start with support of the leadership, the elders, the deacons, regardless of who takes responsibility and who does what if they don't have support of the leadership. It's not going to last is not can be effective. So the first thing is leadership has to understand there's an issue and they have to support an intentional effort. The second step is there has to be somebody that has to take responsibility and leave the ministry right ministry just doesn't happen.

You guys know that know that we talked about many times been. We've got to step in and we've got to take step of the natural movement back along to the rest of the supernatural same holds true here. I think what will same small church but require someone in the church to make the step. Maybe it's a personality.

To qualify, but if I say I'm going to forget how to do this, then God will bring all the resources bring that police officer that needs a church home or the other former military person's got expertise in that field to come along this road of trust God. But if you're not doing it. You don't step up and start trying to make something happen then you can expect God to bring the resources alongside and I think you what's that if you plan to fail. You fail to plan a play if you fail to plan you plan to fail runs of the same holds true in all of our jobs and in in in the church ministry and everything super to have some sort of plan moving forward. We put ourselves in a bad situation and enforcing that would be really really sad that her sudden had noted no preparedness at all. There has to be an intentional plan you're not gonna succeed if you don't have an intentional plan again and that's a great lead into my next question and then maybe you know this if you don't lay we can look it up during break, but did the church in South Carolina have a security team and plan in place.

I do not know that I do not know that one of the challenges that they had is that was not a Sunday morning was that was a substitute event Thursday night or something that very small Bible study and that's a vulnerable time. Sunday mornings there typically job more churches have something in place for an off night right with me that then there is another good point that we need to make sure for listing your partner church that this raised a flag with me in the which we could talk off-line, but that's one of those things I guess every service. If the building is open than it should be somebody that is capable of private property providing security and defense right so just to be disproportionate to the number of people that are there. Well I think we're coming up on a break and when we come back we want to continue our conversation with the band. You know, in reference to church security an important topic that we all need to hear. You know, I'm finding out and learning that it's it's more about not about guns per se, but about other things that you know the security team would bring to the church. Will this greatly in his head in the break and I guess it's about people that the end of the day is not people in the starts with people so the guns are just the mechanism in which to provide the service you hopefully never required that that's what will be used for that is more about people in the future to say that we say will be back with you.

Just few moments we appreciate you joining us showed up and join the content and will be practiced. Governments T a W CMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship. After that fast breakfast in town meeting location is at their gracious posterior First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash. Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 336-885-1987.

Welcome back to man talk radio and we're talking with the band. The head of church security had First Christian Church in Kernersville, North Carolina and before we went to the break. You know Roy had brought up some things band, but I will pass you know being the head of security.

What does the head of security.

Look for in people and the process that you may have to go through in selection process to select individuals for the team and what steps would you have in place in order to build a effective security team at a local church to the questions. First, what we look for people. This is ministry first, and it may surprise a lot of folks that that's really the main characteristic people that understand awareness people understand situations, but people that can talk to somebody it's having a bad day. People that can quickly assess and make good decisions. It's not necessarily just going to be that the big beefy guys like Roy it's going to be people that are able to minister in. They come in all shapes and sizes and ages. And really, that goes for any size church is not just a bigger church that has all the beefy people you want you want all walks of life that are able to fit in and help to minister in this area and you know because because communication know being one of the first five faces that you perhaps might see when coming into a local church. You know that individual has to be able to communicate with the general public. You know, and congregates and you know, in particular so as not to be overbearing or you know that the individuals feel threatened. Know what I type thing absolutely wheat we have dealt over the years with a lot of different situations. Almost all of them involve using your voice talking to people listening, watching and talking people down from situations or talking to understand what's going on. That really is about awareness. That's about the ability to communicate. That's about the ability to love people will that is wonderful. So Roy, what you think about when you know someone talks about venture security and you know individuals at large. You know, what would you think the face of a person who wants to go into security should look like you know you know you haven't some experience with the with weapons as far as the right candidate will think your August enforcement comes month person has to be certainly even-tempered, you know, and just end and be able to think quickly but not really not react without and I'm still with the consequence of action will be. And I know that's a difficult thing to talk about the as you go through these dry runs your mind starts to work through potential scenarios and that is just like anything.

If you like playing football playing baseball. If you start thinking about the what if's.

Then you start getting you subconsciously getting trained in engaged in the event he must not happen. So at some point I think you started just naturally respond in the steps to start falling play something's gotta be a person's even-tempered even killed that sobs experience handling guns because here that's it made the day come down to that that you've got a use deadly force to stop what's about to happen, wiser, and so are all by coastal going to pull up that situation Charleston or Dylan ugly was the guys last name it. He sat in the service for an hour before in any students on here she black people and then he started killing people and in in that particular article ethically estimated there was 176,000 incidents or something crazy or somehow on the right, but don't and I was really hot. Number some sort of church incident throughout the year. I think that was globally but in and it was really remarkable to hear those numbers with includes fistfights as you know people doing church is behaving like losing land in town halls and everything else but the point being that it will didn't fall back upon the questions this I don't know. There's truly a stereotype, but I think the right person that loves God first, not filled say that I need to be the very first thing because it's just think of that being a natural expectation since there hopefully in church and serving ministry. They love God first and then these other things are gonna come in line behind that and you know of it and I think if a person is manifesting the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 522 and 23 talk about Nina for the flip spirit of love, joy, peace, and long-suffering goodness, meekness, temperance, faith in any goes on the say besides these are against these there is no law.

So if you're if you're practicing the fruit of the Spirit in the fruit of spirit is being manifested in you and I think being under the Holy Spirit control then you know because you're on the Holy Spirit.

Control then you can do those security measures and you can do them in a way that again protect the congregants at at large.

When also you know fulfilling know the responsible duty that God had placed you over blas. It is as been said it's a ministry that is ministry, not person is you to say that will if it comes to mind that the person serving in that role back to Ohio said just a few moments to review step in the natural, God will come along to the supernatural.

So if you're stepping in to protect and we got to trust our fathers, use you somehow, and we don't know what that looks like a minute could be that your life could sacrifice because you stepped in that role.

In order to save others.

Or it could be when he comes alongside of you that your accurate you have the shot and you can deal with this situation, save others so it's all about faith. It's about the Holy Spirit reside in this like you said in the and make those steps and out of love serve others for gospel to come along supernatural, then you know you, you've got a team of pretty diverse folks so and I mean literally diverse so you got from all walks of life. Occupations experience sets and how would you answer Wil's question about what is that potential candidate look like you know I think that they're able to minister, and everybody brings different abilities to minister and will you can minister to a group of people that that maybe I can't. That's why we want men, we want women, we want Latinos, we have Asians on our team we have in all sorts of folks because certain people naturally have a better ability to minister in a lot of cases to others church. We want that ability want somebody to to be comfortable. We had out with a situation several years ago where preacher was speaking about about abuse and young lady walks out of the back of service just crying. Very emotional. The last thing she probably wanted was a big old guy coming over to try to see if she was okay. Where is that we ask one of the ladies on our team go over talk to my talk for an hour and half. I don't think a guy could have ministered her like she did so you know we didn't protect anybody physically that day, but we minister to her and she felt the results of the ministry that that team is all about. While that's good with the diversity were just talking been discussing bond you know what that brings to the table, not just the communication side hourly but is parsed force part of the team you're able to sit there and talk as a team and so were a person might have an subconscious bias that that there were talking through his retardants. You may identify what you may say okay this is the blueprint I'm going to be looking for. This may be the way I react to the situation, but by having that diversity lady different race, different ethnicity, whatever it happens to be, they can bring a different light. The different expense set into that situation such that it creates and if you think of the unit is one unit. The balance becomes in the one unit. It rises to the top is a balanced approach because you got the diversity if you got all white guys are all white women. Whatever our all black men are all black women in your you got a diverse population didn't do could have some biased subconscious bias, which we all know exist that we could surface in terms and then you can have a gap in your security because she created and a gap just by that an subconscious bias right absolutely it's it's like an effective police force. Typically, a local police force will look like the community you don't want to police force looking completely different than the community they want to build a fit and they will be on the National League right and we expect we want the same thing on our team because we want to minister to everybody. Anybody walks into our church. I want to make sure that I've got people that can effectively minister to them. That doesn't say it doesn't mean that a white guy can't minister supply gotten not saying that I like but sometimes it helps to be able to send somebody that looks like the person who struggling church.

They may be able to open up a little bit quicker. They may be able to more quickly identify what's going on and that's what we have to get to. So how important is the support of the pastor in this particular ministry. I could not would not do this without supportive leadership when you look at the charge that my team has we are there to make decisions for the church a lot of times something goes on, we have to address the situation of ministers on stage. There is no going to get him other ministers are teaching Sunday school class. My team knows that we are there to assess and make decisions and that the church leadership will stand behind us. We've made mistakes before and how we've approached people what we said were human ministry team is told us we'd rather go to somebody Monday and apologize for how you overreacted. Then have to address a situation that you under reacted in the somebody and in law somebody people got hurt, etc. there is no way you can run an effective ministry regardless of what type of ministry.

If you don't have the support of leadership. Well know than just watching our own Sunday services and Wednesday night services in an the road team personally publicly commend you guys and your team and ladies for all that you do because it's one of things I never think twice about not be quite honest that the iced always carry for that very reason because I didn't know the capability of of what I used to attend church was near the level this churches and think that it's for that we want to come in and say thank you for all that you folks do, and then the other piece of the pastors just watching his comfort level is amazing because he knows that you folks are there and that and that that means a lot. And if he's able to minister, and a much more relaxed level, knowing that if something were to switch to flip that he's got you men and women there in the background take care of things that we come to the end of this show Roy, but we gonna pick this up next week and we got to talk with Van some more on church security how to build a security program, you know, because this is something again that's it's it's very important so listen next week when we talk about church security Lindsay, that's right. And as always will close the show. If you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior please will take a couple seconds are with you just make a confession to our center recognized Jesus God covered by the blood he rose from the third day to accept him into your heart and confess your sins and turn and start following him. You can have eternal freedom in life. This and you know there's nothing like eternal life in Christ so be thankful that you have breath and that you can still make this choice them in time.

Get off the sidelines would challenge every week. Start doing something if you're not serving local body encourage you to start serving, give us obscurity guy go to class to find out what makes you tick. Start serving God in a deeper level and most importantly please your family lead your children from Roy Jones. The white guys and I will hearted a black guy and we will see you next week as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men that are Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings, drop us a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future.

Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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