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Live From The 2021 Men's Summit

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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February 6, 2021 12:16 pm

Live From The 2021 Men's Summit

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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February 6, 2021 12:16 pm

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Kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people who instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore.

I am live that man's summit which just some. I look forward to all were out here in the First Christian Church in Philly that address computer put it near you know, GPS or whatever it is actually 1130 N. Main St. in Kernersville, NC 27284 give you that just in case you want to come over and join us are still times can be going on till 2 o'clock. 20 bucks get to launch the whole deal and so while it is you're like me and you had a chance to listen to some of what we talked about this morning you blessed on your socks what God's doing right now. The people from S you're more than a minute for me. Your old friends. I got to see them all together again for the first time in a long time but you know how cool is it what God is doing through them through your prayers. I mean, many of you listening listen Leonard rescue and I know you been praying a lot, and you can see wow God is doing things around the kingdom had men who are standing up for righteousness and women).

You can hear but in this case since we talked about the men summit right you know this or doing so, we have actually talked about some even stood up for righteousness. Kind of. His whole life we have Rick Smith was actually with what he calls, talk to him but he can tell you the actual initials of the thing which is the organization that puts on the men summit every year it is is what Rick it is TA W CM and it stands for talking and walking Christians man's ministry if you gonna talk the talk. You gotta walk the walk, but I go way back to stood for the Triad area originally tried areawide Christians man's ministry that was you know so they make make make adopted a new slogan which made it easier try but nonetheless you got some amazing speakers that are here for this event right. I can see if you look at the TVP guy behind me speaking right there is the key to call off he is live and here so man you get to come over. You want to meet Nikita. This is your opportunity and I can tell you you've probably met him several times. Ricky is a real deal. Yes he is and not actually do a manual picture with him. I haven't done it this year but working to get the. The photo is Nikita's real deal. Yeah, I mean you know I the Lord splashed me to meet a lot of people. Whatever. But there's only certain ones that you just don't want to go hang out with like let's go don't have lunch or go at dinner, which obviously my friends Elaine rescue feel that way about them Nikita because I get to do his share with him every week I I am shocked that it not just Nikita but staying or these other people he interviewed on his show like these are real I mean they are neat people. They are the kind of people that you don't get a sense like I'm talking celebrity at all. When you talk to you growing up watching wrestling. You know, you would see Nikita and the other one of the first amount that management was like yeah he's the real deal and then you hear them speak to read his book and read his testimony is its his. His heart is for God. More specifically for men of God and how men need to be the Christlike example in-home in and not in our everyday living in interaction with people we have to show Christ in the way we live and that's man enough to select what he thought I have that sufficiently time to man up. So speak of his time to man up our other guest. I mean, I have tried for years to get them on the radio. You know he's over there in England and not so easy to reach all the time, but for the first time ever on the Truth Network. I can assure you first time ever, probably, and any Christian radio station that I am aware of.

We have Phil Collins land welcome. Fill out an honor IV 98 got you drumsticks so you die you know those talk to different people to be on the shallowness that in your name and he said to look at some well will make that for setting but Phil actually talked about man up. I mean, our churches need to man up and part of what they do is they gotta provide security because times they are changing right and so absolutely what you do feel the sides in your musical career is areas AMI strategic are at right AMI strategic solution solutions. I knew there was a word that I was just as AMI strategic than I but solutions and in those strategic solutions are specifically right church security is absolutely actually know what we live in a day and age where I see the enemy of our soul attacking in in so many ways, mentally, spiritually, but also I see it physically towards the church and ticket cannot share Scripture release the Scripture that I use when I teach your churches and do seminars etc. and that is in second Timothy and I think you've heard before second Timothy chapter 3 verse one and I listen watch this this powerful but understanding tallies also preacher I that bets are, it comes out. I'm sorry 11 understand is that in the last days there will come times of difficulty we see that running all around is going verse two says four people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, and wholly heartless and peaceable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving. We see attacks against the churches in greater ways I've ever seen before my life and me. We just had a couple of attacks I think a week or so ago a church in California and other places that I individual walks in on the size set up an ID device put inside the church. I am attorney i.e. ID improvised explosive device and ago I learned some on my show. I got in a box improvised.

They put that in the box walk away from the church as they were all dismissing and it went off dictated that device remotely. Now, no one was killed, but bottom line is this the enemies trying through various groups to come against the churches in America. If we do not sure of our defenses. If we do not take time to look at security and safety of the churches on there can be a very serious price to pay.

Things are not like they used to be. Now know and you know your Rick, besides being a volunteer for the TA W CM M3YW6V talk just like talking metal all come together and that you are you are in law enforcement. You know your whole life.

You're retired right furnace which police force retired from Kernersville. I started in Winston right record what wow thank you for your service to you.

You in the Marine Corps before you became a police officer and people asked me about where the student within uniform when I was 19 years old my came out when I was 52. The next time you'll see a town mall being a casket at this you let them put in on you then where you got you got to look good back as the days come in or you gotta pop up out of there you go. A look good.

Okay, no doubt, no doubt, so from your standpoint. We talked about on the last show the full armor of God, right open war is upon you with the risk and are not insulated you became a police officer after you were in the Marine Corps. He knew that there was evil on this grand scale right worldwide but I bet you got to see some stuff in Winston and in Kernersville that you're like I can't believe this is happened behind my house will not told you before we went on the air that I been social distance so retired to say and stay out of jail. And the reason being is no.

I had had enough of people and you don't take this wrong way for Greg's society for so long, it makes you beat you up spiritually merely physically I get to that second. Gotta go to break, so you got time over here to First Christian Church in Kernersville can meet Phil Collins and talk live from the men. Some men activated and even really cool for the first time is returning that we have Phil Collins here it we have Rick Smith retired volunteer with the Triad area house ago talking while Kristin is me in ministry there you go. And in the call thing it if maybe one aware this but we want to be aware of it that that the Truth Network has another side to it, like network and the Triad area that the talking that there there shows easy to remember God's call man talk and man talk comes on the light every Sunday right yes every Sunday afternoon. I can't remember the time, but if I'm not mistaken is 1230 yeah I'm probably me, I always listen to the podcast right so again you go to the podcast of think God but you know Roy Jones and his sidekick will heart will hearty their black guy in a white guy and interracial reconciliation is always been a big part of the heart of that ministry and so there on our station W POL and as well as their own in a man talk website and podcast. It's it's all there.

So we left our hero Phil Collins needed know this other side to his you know gifting.

Just remember, just wish I could remember feel calm song of the moment in the background.

I can feel it coming in here after I hold you know that's part of what you really do. I mean it through your ministry, which is again AMI strategic solutions you are looking and preparing churches for active shooters. Most, like you feel it, and they are denied all athletic and and so you actually know were saying during the break that likely you experience it like this. You never ever forget that it's it's real message for you if your pastor listening if your volunteer church leader ministry leader. If you just a member. I would challenge that after you hear the broadcast. Maybe tomorrow when ABC pastor who ever need to see. Does your church have security program and process in place if they do, do you know how it works.

Do you know your exit route. Do you know what to do in the event of a emergency or threat but to change. In June 2010. As a pastor I remember so clearly on a Tuesday night.

We were having a board meeting we were meeting in our fellowship hall. Another church was meeting her sanctuary. I had to go because I had to leave the fellowship.

I'll go across into the office to retrieve something.

Little did I know what I was about to encounter. I remember I got halfway across the parking lot in an other corner my my peripheral vision.

Also a great Jeep Cherokee and within a matter of seconds because the things happen like a snap of a finger.

I heard the racking of a shotgun and use a 12gauge sound like for some reason I just knew what was and by the time I got into the door of my office the first round went off and I looked out and it was a guy young guy ran us out of the sidewalk was headed towards the front of the church you know when things happen.

Adrenaline kicks in and you planning train for a lot of stuff but some like that happened, you just react in ways you may not think you would. I got to the to the church. Went to the bottom door. The church ran up to the hallway downstairs, got upstairs real quick got the door secure locket. There is another church using our sanctuary. I just open the doors. I said shooter shooter shooter, I never forget this as I'm sitting here just talking about this thing, and on within a matter of seconds. The second round went off and I will make this a long strip there was a young man who had an encounter with a peer. I guess another student at the hospital is going to earlier in the day and it was over girl into something something crazy but he retrieve a shotgun ticket within which the church any and he was trying to make his way into the church to kill his fellow student and parents, but I thank God we were able to secure that church get the door locked and when the third round went off.

I thought he was coming through. But I remember hearing you shake the door.

Try to get inside the church into everyone got down between the pews and with have one-man leaks out of the door because we thought if he got in as soon as he came in one of us will be able to tackle into God take you take them out and knock the gun out of his hand when the fourth round went off for her to get the church and I sit with this is that he's coming noon the fifth round when it went off.

That was it was over with. I think think he just found out he could not get in. I believe God had angels around that church, protecting it.

Had we gone out the back door of the sanctuary.

He could've easily heard us going through he could come around but that it took probably 15 to 20 minutes for the police to respond and I thought about that. The length of time that it took. Look what happened in a matter of 45 seconds to a minute. All it took. So churches must be pastors. Please, please, if you're listening evaluate the security at your churches and if your church member. Talk to your pastor. Talk to your individual whoever may be a deacon or board member and said what do we have in place. In the event there is an active shooter or just a threat comes onto the property and without going into detail, developed a piece of software that churches can use call. Stay alert and and I'm promoting that is been released.

We've tested it, you can send out alert messages in under five seconds is knit individuals because it takes on average I think 7 to 9010 minutes for law enforcement to respond.

I may be wrong about that, but I think I'm pretty close. So mom I guess my heart, my passion is. We must protect our our people's pastors are they are to lead the flock to protect them spiritually, but also to I think he's to check. He's charged to oversee the properties well.

So let's get practical here since we got Rick police officer and we have Phil Collins. Of course, which the effort. Forget anyway. You know the Truth Network I imagine somebody may not like Christianity and they decide that you know here's the home of all these you know just talking or whatever you want to call us and they burst into the front door while I sit in the booth kind of back behind all that but, or, in the is the idea to leave them in because I got a back door right hereunder, don't and then make a phone call or do I stay in can try to confront the student what I do, you do what you're trying to do. I had been trained. That's why I'm asking.

Well, I hear that it here's the of lot of pastors, pastoral staff want to rely on God protect mine and that you were supposed to arrive major thing is all this the other day you don't lean on the shovel and pray for all you God but God gave you a shovel and they give everybody time to write that down because you need this you don't lean on the shovel and pray to God again because it's really because you don't lean on the shovel and pray for all my heart that it actually sounded like to go viral and all but but note your law. Pastors want to just I got a little box and dog and if you fuss at her if she gets home. Some she's not supposed to. She just looked away like okay if I don't look at him.

He's not there. That's the same mindset we have a lot of that a lot of churches that if we don't recognize it, then God will take care of us, but it will you know it'll just go away. Now the Lord is upon you, letting you a risk rate, read your Bible comment yes all right in okay so getting back to poor Robbie sit in his booth and I didn't training cultivate. I called Phil Collins all right it did take a while for police to get the right.

Fortunately, there is life known.

Note, some people are not comfortable with our own, but I'm comfortable. I got lots all right. You have a consumer character. I don't. Do you need to get one in okay will reason. Reason being is all right with you, your God gives a certain set of skills right: DS all right well I got a skill set, the drummer Phil has a and yet we we need to use all the servant for almost 30 years to the public before that wrote a check blank check to the people United States I would give whatever it took up to and including my life to defend my nation will know more so I will give you a blank check mom, my brothers and sisters in Christ will step in and get in the way and protect you because that's what I'm supposed to do that. That's way God made me as a servant.

So Phil would you get a concealed carry if I you or me absolutely no just think about this unit were the first thing that a church should do is conduct and that's what I do I get a churches and if for small fee. I do a very detailed assessment and produce about a 30 page report and let them know this is what I found. This is what I recommend that you should do and you know I think everyone if their car qualified and able should get a weapon if they can afford it and if they can use effectively is more than just going to do enough to get your permit and that's it. You get a train you and I are trying kill more animals than you might be good. Let me interject.

I haven't killed any human animals kill planning let me interject about training of the firearms instructor for meteor you when like it's real you will sink to your lowest level training so volume is told in paper from 7 yards away 21 feet. That's for you go back on that. A lot of people hunting and I have seen what the effect of their training animal shows up your lowest level training will be what happens when you have read. All right, so I have a rumor that we might have as well as feel constantly talk about a star-studded show as they were so blessed to have this Phil Collins.

I mean only actually work yet, but where live at the First Christian Church in Kernersville, with the column talking with their kingdom men activated which got some powerful speakers to get the key to cool off actually speaking right now. Roy Jones speaking pastor here. Pastor Pete has been speaking. Who else you got is keen climbed speaking today yet is the case we got Ken Klein of Bishop Jackson Mikita Roy Jones Museum see in the quote first thing this morning. Let me throw something in here real quick about talking it didn't get addressed needs to be addressed. It stands for talking, walking, Christian management now that being said, what we stand for is breaking down the walls between race and denomination and teaching me in how to live like God expect him to live as leaders of the home that being a leader in the home. That's not you don't know and tell your wife you Nazism later home to do what I think you know you have to live your life like Christ loved the church and that means sacrificing your life for her and that's what you gonna do, but that's what ministry you guys meet like when it went well. We we do the settlement. Every year we have an annual mountaintop experience week definitely come to collect. We have a a men's retreat and this is not like any other means retreat that we don't go and go fishing and golf and do all this stuff and then have a speaker wrote that several Saturday night not we get up barrel Friday we have service Friday evening after supper starts at 730 typically midnight we get upset and we do this about the curses which is about panoramic but did Saturday morning will have a service at breakfast and will break for lunch will come back after lunch. Have a service and will have active Google has a little group sessions that will have a little bit of free time finished. Some people do a lot of heritage free to but I'm not paying 20 bucks a trout go fishing as a man, and he too wanted not to try and force it to stick a dynamite like a stick of dynamite you get a whole lot more things now that's that's that's really cool and that you got that going and then placed is that the first Monday or so first and third Friday of every month. We have our men's breakfast starts at 650 and ends at eight it, whether you lower your advertisements is hard. Start at seven and a hard stop at eight in the cafeteria here at first Christian, which is our host church and we have what we need to tell people right the first Christian is not that there it's our host is there house church, but they got people from churches all over my point right from Winston from this strange girl we have on time even let me speak it can imagine, we have the guys that that every every first and third Friday, they drive 50 miles a guy doesn't come from Concorde. Sigh. I concealed my Bible and I had a concealed carry.

As I came in here that so we get back to Phil. You know when you have Philly you gotta give them equal time you are talking about the software and during the break. He said something I thought man that's almost as good as aniline and plan on leaning on the shovel and molded problem that this situation is real and in your software is already stopped several of you service or in inner testing phase which we completed now but it's software. It's called Estée Lauder and on if you can see this month my phone here but it is a software is designed that where individuals and churches. For example, has two levels to the parishioner can download it and they can send alerts new reports to designated security personnel which is level II, and then for example they received the report they get an indicator comes up on the phone and tells them what's going on. The level I use of the parishioner can send a photograph of a long story short, it's something just an extra tool that can be used to enhance security don't have a security program. This could be a start but it's really great if something happens if there's a threat.

The security person or designated individual can and not to dial 911 within the app usually goes out about nine or 10 seconds amazed phenomenal what God has given me has now been produced and is live and rigmarole so we hope to get this and a lot of churches.

It's very affordable pennies on the dollar but is something that I know can be used to really help save a life and is already been incremental stop in child abduction potential active shooter event and someone trying take a knife into a sanctuary to me that's working on what's been developed and you can't put a price on a persons in well-being. I tell people this here all the time.

People want to worship or they feel safe in this app is also been instrumental in helping bring to the church families in a row.

This church has a software normally try that church because I'm concerned today and so this is why need to have a security program in process procedure in place churches all they needed now more than ever before. Sodium pastors if you listing church members find out if your church has a security processor program, a man, a man and so how do they get up with all the latest… 3367746833367074683 is the best way to get in touch with me have an email address as well, how much and what type have a website yes or exited 11. My main website right now been transferred to two different poster hosting but it obligated. I website addresses W WW.AMI SS or Debbie WW.AMI strategic and then take your right to my new website.

Most folks noted by Debbie Debbie Debbie.AMI there you know I have gotten word from my producer Kim that we have misspoken.

I know you think and Robbie doesn't happen very often, but it did today that I show you know man talk comes on at 2 PM on the light which is WPO L got signals in both Winston-Salem and in Winston-Salem and brings so in High Point so you get all over the place So as promised, that really promised that I was hoping that we would have Nikita call off, it was been just coming hot off the mic so now I got you like a hot make sure I have this day is that leg hello, here we go public.

I did. I know the guys were late for me. Robbie, thank you for being with you. Love to the radio and in all that were were doing from masculine journey to man talk to man up. Christian car guy just go right down the programming that truth radio network brings to the airwaves and a and in making a difference in I was a challenging man.

Actually I was just given some tools for their toolbox to be able to man up to be able to rise up to be able to stand up to stand in the gap to stand the wall be watchmen on the wall and as I was talking about the word and worship and prayer, and in relationships is those of the four tools and in a nutshell. Yeah they go.

I can just tell you from my perspective as I get a chance to help Nikita record his show with them every other week this week as we record those that man I miss the guy is real indisposed people at you know I love to hang out with almost any time and were studio or we don't break off into some discussion that just not disciples just talk like man you're going places where God takes you so I give you guys some insight.

So last Thursday Nikita and I were talking and I asked him is not assured.

It says spirit and soul and body, and so I said my Nikita's never-ending quest of mind to try and understand what's there is transparent soul and body. When he told me was absolutely outstanding. So, on the other side of the spray here is marrying our anagram lots of daily life for daily living. In my natural self with a large inferiority complex when God called me to serve in a public way. My first response was I can't and he responded. I can argue an inadequate committee reminded me of second Corinthians 12 verse nine. My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. At that moment at a critical choice to make. Either I could shrink back into who I knew I was or take what seemed a huge risk and folly and beyond my abilities and capabilities. I knew if I shrank back from following him I could no longer calling my Lord that thought scared me enough to motivate me to follow him out of my comfort zone. Listen to me. You'll never know the extraordinary power of God in your life until you're willing to step out of your comfort zone and follow him.

I know this is anagram lots direction your life. Use today's pathway met with Dr. Robert Jeffers you want to know God's will for your life memorize Romans 829 it says for God, for new he predestined to become more into the image of his son so that he might be the firstborn among many brethren saying it seemed so blind to his son Jesus was so pleased with Jesus Christ, that he decided he didn't have one shot many children. Many sons and daughters just like this person just so that you can escape you, so that he could begin molding shaking conforming to become just like Dr. Robert Jeffers is heard Monday through Friday on your station. To learn more, go to so blessed to have with this mechanical office here at the men's summit with kingdom men activated, as we are talking about. They do this every year, had no covariate, I never seen. I will just tell you it Nikita call off of the master okay because it he doesn't wear what you expect that what I've seen about this this morning I'm farm so full of antibodies that I don't need one is the blood of Jesus runs all the way thought through every vein and artery and let it be so.

I know best. So I'm just full of anybody. Obviously, you know, it's always wonderful, so this only three reasons why three outcomes are possible here.

I don't get it. I get it to recover from because it's like 99.7 some some percent or get it and and and and I go to heaven with Jesus and I'll wait to all of you standing next to Jesus. I plan either way how you look at why do I wait we have Amy, calling him she's our host on the cure and they got a big show coming up today on six traffic on sexual abuse and recovery from that which Amy you obviously got some experience so that this shows really important slides.

You can call in at our number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Amy I'm so excited about your show today will will will be getting back children and now I'm counting on you and component and the help.

Absolutely amazing show, so grateful that you got that lined up again. It's on today at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network so glad you called in the day Amy have a great show warming to find someone we left her hair. Nikita right before the break, I mentioned that in for me when I heard the other day because that setting that idea between six. Soul and body in Nikita.

Some called man camp that he doesn't absently awesome which I'm lining up to go to man camp. Yes, you have committed to come and commit to.

Nikita got no I committee let's see what you make that commitment. I will how do you tell the Cubs to fruition. So I told my wife. So I've I've crossed the biggest hurdle they got a blessing. I got a blessing were on our way, but it excited to learn that the roofing spirit, soul and body.

When you look at Nikita. You can see that this case be a professional wrestler trim down some from those days Bob Blythe Bob just is fired up and pass it about Jesus. Really more so that I was you was about about the rest of the squared circle gets Rick flair.

Dusty roads are rich steamboat or Hulk Hogan Ray.

The rest of and it still you know that really it was a great discussion of the data appreciated the questions now. I will say this for the listeners out there. You know your guy 18 years or older. Consider, go to band camp in full IN Apple and read all about man can happen if your met your wife giving you her blessing I tell the ladies you know if you get the menu blessing there more apt to common and willing to sign up and it show up in the ad really it takes it's over a period of days, but over that period of days is where we really dive into the difference between spirit, soul and body. It's not really something.

Give a one minute answer to and add our intent is to equip these men to go back home to be healthier in all of those areas mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and and understand the significance of of those three components to whom we are we are spirit, we have a soul which is our mind, will and emotions, and we live in this dirt suit.

I like to call you know what they were to get a glorified body. Thank you Jesus because my aches and pains remind you that every day it's the dirt suit part. You know that's the part I'm open to get a little but I actually I've got all those issues because it got emotional issues that I struggle with all the time I got spiritual issues I struggle with.

I got body issues and and so anything that we can we can go get to work on those that Whitney Kinney and I were talking about, you know how the body becomes ineffective and that the story about I've ever heard at DL Moody and Spurgeon so from what I understand DL Moody traveled to England because he wanted to see this world famous Nino Baptist preacher Spurgeon whatever and in size. Moody comes up the unit to the door. You can imagine there in London and out Spurgeon smoking a cigar and it just freaks Moody out that that's a big one to answer all English cigar.

That's Moody was like what you did to guard your mouth. I thought your credo.

Imagine that this is judgment.

You have no other way to put it.

And then Moody looked at him and he goes well I'll take the scar out of my mouth when you take the spoon out here how much Moody was a little overweight. That is if you take care of your body right you can manner all connected. The spirit soul and body are all interconnected your summary physically and mentally, emotionally, ultimately spiritually the spiritual heavyweight can your blood. You know you need more Nikita didn't come to man to man. As always, not at 1230 encouraging right now where you might be one of our generous sponsors here. The Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned that talked about the horrors of abortion. Yes, it's Mike Lindell. You've heard me talk about his pillows for a long long time and no doubt big business is responding to Mike Lindell and all this generosity for causes for the kingdom by trying to shut down his business.

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What a chance to respond, especially if you need a pillow alive had my now for years and years and years and still fluffs up as wonderful as ever.

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