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Church Security Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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March 22, 2020 4:00 pm

Church Security Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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March 22, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior. This is part 2 of the topic on Church Security. Will and Roy once again welcomes Ben Ziggler who is the head of security for First Christian Church in Kernersville, to join in the discussion.


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This is the Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought you by DAW. CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry were there devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, and challenging and to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy do that black guy uses a week to join Bob and zig were head of security First Christian Church cars 2 and been doing these many servants of God is by vocational if you will a full-time job at church taking care of the security of the facility and the people there and also works a full-time day job believe that that that so we don't disclose my giveaway. His many Secret Service men. Thank you for joining us as we left last week show.

I think we were concluding on some of the topics about the shootings and some stuff gone on the South Carolina church and some of the numbers in the right security person might look like. So with that. Welcome back, man, what have you got in mind today. I appreciate you guys having me, I think to pick up on a topic from last week is that this really is about effective ministry is not just about having some guy with a gun.

If you look at it in terms of ministry. Then the question is really very broad. How do you build an effective ministry. It all starts with leadership commitment.

It starts with the leadership of the church committing understanding the need and looking for somebody who's going to drive that ministry ministry just doesn't happen that that point, then that ministry leader really needs to understand and be intentional about what they want to do. Understanding what types of people. We talked a little bit about this last week what types of people do we need in this ministry.

What are their functions for the purposes that's not all of it that you have to be intentional and you have to train there has to be a training program. What is a training program give you well it gives you consistency. The minister wants to know that while he's up there in the pulpit on stage that the people that have committed themselves to keeping that worship area safe are going to be consistent. They're going to do things the same way and so that's why training really comes into into play and you know something man when when you talk about training and all I remember when I was in the military and out and and we know when you talk about last week how training and you know you want to have diversity ends. You know on your security team, and you equate that to like the police department and you know, police have to train on their weapons every now and then. So if they have to train on their weapons every now and then. I remember in the military we have to qualify once a year right you know you have to take your M-16 if that was your weapon assigned weapon. Know your M 60 if you were assigned that weapon a leave in your 45. If you are sign I will and you have to qualify again on the rain so it's no different then then those areas absolutely we we spent a lot of time in training as it is an all volunteer group. One of the things that we do every year is to work on de-escalation now that's that that's a big word and and people think. Well, wait a second I'm out.

I probably will never use that you get a teenager you understand de-escalation teenager comes in and and they're all hot and excited about something you need to talk them down to where they're going to listen. That's what we want our people to do when there's an issue at church and somebody is is not happy with the message somebody is had some counseling that that they heard something from the minister that they didn't agree with or or something else is going on where they're not thinking rationally, you need to be able to assess the situation and in. You need to de-escalate that situation before it gets worse. We know that's one of things we think what de-escalation most men, and though I will stereotype a little bit here. It takes a lot longer to get them to de-escalate than it does lady I think in the course or is that exceptions to both sides of that right. But that's good with you share that because most people don't think about part of handling situations is de-escalating they think handling situations is put down whatever that means, if it's physical altercation, or if that's deadly force.

Depending on what the severity as of the other piece of his that's good to know you folks are X going through that step of the process. We think it that's critical that also gives you a chance to understand the situation and to try to minister more now can we get a 0 to 60 in a very quickly and physically address the situation absolutely. We don't want together. We would much rather bring this down verbally right and I know just recently you have what's what you guys had to deal with that. One of our recent events was a bad thing. It was people would come in, not realizing the church of the policy but no concealed guns and Ben's team had to deal with one or two situations on Friday evening as we were first getting started with the vent with you will be very upset in the you the gutter concealed carry. There are qualified to carry a gun undercover but yet the church is policy but no concealed weapons so that you know you are able to handle it nicely. In fact, even the folks we got a little bit upset came back the next day and apologize for the way that it behaved or responded to them what specialists they solve the infrastructure that was in place and started to realize that they were protected as well as all the speakers and that they could feel safe coming to the church which is a great thing to do for here is visitors coming in that have no not been there at all in there for them to immediately well within reasonable amount of time assess and realize that there is a safe environment and you will you said something about the practicing peace and qualifying.

I think that something if you're listening to the phone and error to the show tonight in there today and you've you've euros concealed carry person list. I would like to just address something for me here. There's a whole lot of difference in going to target range and qualifying to be a concealed carry person and I should be in trying to pull gun in the combat type situation or an altercation type situation with adrenaline move in the and all the moving parts at the same time so if you're concealed carry in your heart and you enjoyed being able to do that.

I would encourage you to seek out the next level training so that you have a better understanding and a better clarity on what it means to be in real life situations and be expected to draw and shoot accurately and and and think on your feet if you will.

This whole lot different venue concert comment here but think just a word of encouragement, are all absolutely and in that you paper paper. Static targets don't move much and back. They really don't in and you don't get a lot of excitement your heart rate doesn't doesn't really get up when you start trying to be able to effectively protect somebody be it in a church beat in home be it in public.

You want to be able to shoot through learn how to handle an elevated heart rate handle noises handle movement not every shot to get shot if you got people walking in front you have to be able to assess that and you don't get that way unless you practice that Wayton so what what then would be that next level in the process take us back to that. I think we were talking with talk about training we talked about you know leadership being intentional and at typing so so what would you look for next in building this security program after you start with the leadership and you got a ministry leader and you got a church plan so that you, the team knows that the church leadership is behind them. We have to select the people understand who we want we select as we interview them. We we we do background checks. Then we start with training and you can't train for every scenario, but you know we want to make sure that we can properly handle fire alarms will make sure we can probably handle medical situation. Those going to happen a lot more then a gun situation but then at that point. When your team is more mature and people understand what each other is going to do. You have assigned roles on the team. Different positions in the church and then if the church leadership decides that they want to have part of a component that is armed. There has to be a full assessment of that plan that needs to be written needs to bring in the church attorney and and it needs to be very very intentional and we have relied on on talking to people that are current law enforcement retired law enforcement to understand the policies that were in place for them to try to bring in unit best practices. What makes sense.

What's tried-and-true. This is a real big responsibility and it's not just I want you to want you to carry a gun very intentional. We have an entire process that that takes months for somebody to be selected and for them to go through a process. There's no way you can replicate for a non-professional law enforcement officer.

The 400 hours they're going to get ability, but there's a part of it that you can take them through to ensure that the church is making a wise decision when it asked somebody to put their life in other lives on the line by carrying a firearm.

That's a tremendous responsibility. The church ultimately has that liability if they put that plan in and affect you knowingly speak that response blocking farm and distant.

It got from heart we needs call that out to lie here is that if your handgun owner or a firearm under insurer and make sure that those guns are locked up in the future once as well. Got it have access to it will their safes that we every put beside your bed Easy Access to get into a loaded handgun or to handgun to get access to for home defense.

Please, please, please, just make sure you know where your guns out and make sure they're locked up and secured absolutely right, because in out safety wetsuit security or safety is a part of security being safe. You know with the weapons that your your handling and being safe. And also without words because our words can be weapons of warfare and grace so you know we we have to understand them. You know we've been talking about intentionality and we been talking about leadership. We've been talking about the food spirit on the last show and all of these components I think make up what then is talking about here in reference to a security planning looking for the right people in training and getting those elements in place so we're talking about church security and people.

This is a serious issue.

If you're listening right now and you don't have any type of security program or plan in place then what should a person do ban if they don't have one in place of work if they're looking to get one in place where they have to go who they have talked to the fee if God lays this on somebody's heart. They need to talk to the minister they need to start by making sure that the church leadership understands that there is a serious need to protect the flock and and if you could hear minister and they don't feel there's need protect the flock you got bigger issues but I they need to get that support.

There's a lot of resources online. There's local churches who are willing to help to have a conversation. How do you start this on. They can contact us at first Christian we love to have a conversation to to help churches understand this process, it is a process you have to be intentional to have an effective ministry in this ministry is no different. The main thing is to understand this is ministry first. That's good with will. Good question.

Been the back to Mayor Becker Cooksey are available if someone needs access to some resources and to come start the process of how to do this and get us Ben Zigler and Teresa from First Christian Church just leave a memo in the message there with phone number to reach back to you and that will be read text records a moment. This boy Jones, thank you so much with the will Hardy and Ben Zigler will be back to 10 AW CM and would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their voracious poster First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy of affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash. Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 336-885-1987. Welcome back to our show plan will Hardy and we got our guest bins and report to the two week shows this is the second week, second part will lose a little background on the church. Peace to the dinner break we were chatting about the next things we like to share with you little bit about part of the church security piece been what you discern about elderly folks obviously they can get the disoriented you know and insert after there with one of their loved ones.

It may be younger than its current form of partner or spouse. That's this not suffering they could get separated and that's part of what you're saying is helping to to relocate, get them back with their loved ones and the same for children. I guess once he was little bit about that and then will step into the next conversation sure it is you look at this as a ministry. I think that it's also important to understand is creating a web safe worshipful environment means making sure that everybody is there to be able to worship. If you are a parent and you can't find your child or if your parent wanders off that does not allow you to be in a worshipful environment and so a good safety ministry will be effective in making sure that kids and seniors get back to where they need to be very quickly we actually practice this drill and we got a a time limit that if we can't find especially that kid with an X number of minutes were going to call 911 and get KPD to come and assist us but we practice that because we we want to make sure that our kids are safe and healthy. That's part of the ministry. That's part of ensuring a safe worshipful environment. But what about band the emergency response with respect to you know, hurricanes, tornadoes, that those type things. How would the security team ministry act or play a role in those things but there's two aspects that I think that this comes into play one. If there's a situation a weather situation while were church. We we understand the challenges in the scenario and we can best assess and get people move to the right place in a very quick timeframe.

Obviously a greater communication among the team and staff and and we can we can affect those movements very quickly. The other thing that we've done is we've gone out as a team.

Part of our team is gone out to help outside the church when there are issues in the community and again it's ministry is not just within our four walls. It can be anywhere and that gets back to the heart of what we do is ministry so long the response team B.

So what about are you your teams and you individually as a leader are you is your team responsible for responding in the event there's a heart attack a medical issue so someone goes down during the service and sanctuary could be a heart attack, stroke, whatever are your team is your team, the one in response to this and all you people is that part of their training. Also, CPR knows different components. We have a separate medical response team were fortunate to have several MDs on in the congregation and so we have a very solid medical response team, and so my team's responsibility is to get the medical personnel notified get them there. Get our medical bags which we have stationed throughout the building that patient. It is can be like a police officer on scene of a wreck there to be there until medical personnel arrived in there to clear the scene. Make sure that ambulance, fire truck can get in there safely and efficiently and so that's how we work together with medical team and a movement need to call out to be in. This is the sort is related, but I don't to consider this with you, but the morning that we had last Friday morning talk and breakfast there was a septic tank truck. I think to the car up there to the section writing from the church building in one of your team was actually text me while he was up there in the course and for ascendancy it to after we're done with breakfast that had on silent, that he had Texas and I am a purist on get the breakfast of the saw this accident right front of me. He responded was there to help the head of the EMT in the fire department arrived and also helped assist with the extraction of the person who apparently been pinned into a car and the just again here folks is not just in the building of the will of the church inside the walls for ministries outside the walls for ministry and plus you never know that you might be the difference in someone being alive or not making if you've if you step forward and allow God to use you properly that morning that that happened I was I was on the way to work and was unable to to get the breakfast but that same gentleman saw the accident was the first on scene called 911 assess the situation and would help got there. I think you texted you, but that he called me and he described what happen he said. Another is nothing you can do, but you can pray and and he said can you get the rest of the team to pray. We got there we got apps we use for communication instantly to our our full team and so as soon as he was able to break free. He because of the ministry heart.

His focus was on getting as many people they could pray for that lady as possible. And that's that gets back to that ministry mindset and then that's a great point in that. Ironically, one the guys who did make an end breakfast told us that had just happened out there and he was little behind the things on in that and he called it out of the request were close.

Note that morning that we were sure to pray for two point the prayer chain and gotten moved around pretty extensively in the it was good cease on a push that out as well so so Roy we know we've been taught about church ministry and we want to end up this last segment to say that security doesn't stop within the four walls of the church you write will you know you you you is in and man you have to be at the forefront has God placed you as the head of your household and you later to write, you need to be listening. You need to be listening and acting on some of these things because God have placed you as that individual you not to protect your family so Roy we talk about security outside of the four walls you know for that man who's listening right now. What kind of mindset should he take on, you know, with respect to his Christian role as head of the household. What what what type of mindset do you think I'm vigilant well into your four-wheel.

He is responsible for the cure of his flock, which is his family and he is the protector so from my standpoint, my balance point sin in the several facets of think it's the emotional health is the spiritual health and is the physical health and physical health is not that I am responsible for protecting so I lot my house them have multiple facets of protection which includes an alarm system. Another, and other waste or to monitor what's going on around the house and and that that's part of my role as the father the husband. The second piece of this in which we don't talk much about this is that spiritual and emotional security that we need to be built to that and will come back that just a moment, but from the practical standpoint, I think it's perfectly all right in a people can debate about guns and all that sort of thing was nice having that your personal choice. God's give me peace about that journey.

So I'm okay with it if you choose not to be okay with. That's all right. As well, but you still need to be responsible, physically protecting your family. So what my question to the men would be what would you do if someone came inside your house and not prepared to deal with and we even go so far as to practice that my wife and I and because so I want her to be in the mindset that this 3 o'clock in the morning something happens that you've got some level of practice in your mind what needs to take place so and then as the father the husband should do the same with children. You should teach them a safe place to try to hide something.

If the alarm goes off or where to go. Worse, a safe place.

At least the safest place in that moment to get to this probably is likely to be found responded and then control parameter soon as you notice an intrusion secure safety of your wife in the near responsible for the next step. That means finding out or to where the intrusion is who it is and what's going on and that means being the man and not hope not to offend and invite here but me to be in the man of stepping out and putting your family behind you and you step in and in a no greater love than a man lay down his life for friends/family/child so then being the head of security. How how do you carry over and of those security measures and things that you have been trained and to the home to fold out. I would say first and this is it daily struggle for a lot of us the single best method of protection for my family is to ensure that I bring God into that house better than a gun better than a dog better than alarm system can protect against anything and in I do better when I make God the center of my life in my house but just like Nehemiah. He prayed and posted a guard I'm going to take aggressive steps in my house to ensure that from a physical standpoint, my, my house is guard and and it is Roy said it's many is its many layered but I'm going to do everything I can protect my to protect my house and protect my family you know and you know Roy when you talk about. That's something I think that most men probably don't do enough of is to practice. The plan right you know, go through it several times.

You know and look look at your points of entry. You know that could possibly be. And if if a person is here or if you're in the Baylor if you're in the bathroom. This is how you should respond your lock doors or barricade doors or for doing those things that that's in your plan.

You know to go through so I would encourage man to get a plan if you don't have line and Dan practice that plan because you know, as we said before, and brought you play football that most coaches in this country, if not all of them won't let you play on game day.

If you have cracked another won't here live and you always are few that would it would fix them into just to have good food good. They are weak with the yeah, you're exactly right will and then back to Ben's point spirit which is is leaving to but spiritual help us that this person for money and the other pieces not just from the violent pieces practicing in the case in the sense of an emergency, were in the middle of video of about crisis globally right now and what are you talking to about with your family, how are you getting them rehearsed for that.

But in the more immediate since what happens if you have a fire in a two-story house and haven't talk to kids about where they should go or how you're going to react when you fire launders off, I lost two cousins when I was eight years old to two-story frame house fire and though they had never practiced large family, six children and two younger ones did make it what they both caught one colony today Bedell quality through her bed in her bedroom and they burn up in the incident in my uncle went to a very tough time is that my whole family, but poorly and had they practiced. There would've been a us a sequence of events of the triplex and had old enough children that could get all the kids, the parish of the lower-level kids upstairs. The overtures could got all the kids to ride into the house parents came outside and done with a moment with the would've done. But in this case, he and the going to the farm article to get to there. But at times burned quite a bit could chase the other two kids got the ones he could get out and so preparedness is the key let us in the church in your home and those are things to think about whether spiritual security or physical security, and many are responsible for both of those absolutely you know Roy when you're talking about how, in reference to the two-story. They have these ladders.

Now you know that's you could just buy them. They're not expensive and all amount and can mean when you think about that. You say what's the cost of a life when you can go out and purchase something that could potentially save a life you know and and some people would say well why should I invest in something like this. Well you don't know what could happen and so you have to you know be on guard and at least have the insight that if I don't practice this and then I get into a situation to where I have to do something then you handle planets. What will will believe it's been a great pleasure to share with you. You will always is my brother from a different mother then spin our honor to have you for two weeks with this is just thank you so much for your services to church and so much for your time here with us today.

We just hope wish you the very best think I really enjoyed spending time talking about something critical. Everybody take all right and we thank you for joining us here on man talk radio and join us again next week.

Thank you Lord Jones and I will hardy and will see you next time. As we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men that are Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future.

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