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Five Principles of Prosperity | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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January 3, 2022 7:00 am

Five Principles of Prosperity | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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January 3, 2022 7:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers shares five principles of prosperity, as found in Genesis 24.

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Biblical toward prosperity. Listen to Adrian Rogers. The Bible teachers clearly and quietly that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of the service and the first Psalm in the Bible. Psalm one speaks of a man is like a tree planted by the rivers of water, and that's all man's with a gigantic leap glorious promise. Listen to it and what so ever shall prosper so don't tell me that God doesn't want you to prosper. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. Our problem is that many of us don't understand what real prosperity is welcome to find three profound truth. Simply stated, pastor, teacher in the Adrian Rogers just heard. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servants, but prosperity doesn't mean riches and fame like me, believe to prosper means that God's hand is upon us helping us do the things he wants us to do in Genesis 24. Abraham shows his most trusted servant Eliezer to find a bride for his son in the same way God has commissioned the Holy Spirit to call out the bride of Christ, so that we may prosper.

If you have your Bible turn to Genesis chapter 24 is Adrian Rogers reveals the five principles of prosperity by the book of Genesis. That's the first book in the Bible obviously and fast-forward over if you would. Chapter 24 and then waited a chapter 24. Go down to verse 56 and IE verse men later on will get into the impact chapter we're talking to you about the prosperity and five principles of prosperity. Notice in this verse that I'm referencing here and he said under them may not say the Lord hath prospered my way. How would you like for God to do that for you. How would you like to be able to say… God has prospered my way now. The Bible teaches clearly and plainly that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of the service and the first Psalm in the Bible.

Psalm one speaks of the man was like a tree planted by the rivers of water, and that's all man's with a gigantic leap glorious promise.

Listen to it. Don't try to water down it says this and what so ever shall prosper. So don't tell me that God doesn't want you to prosper.

God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his are you ready for these five principles of prosperity they going to come out of this chapter. Let me give you the background for the chapter Abraham is the father of the Jewish nation.

He has a son of promise that son's name is Isaac Isaac in the Bible is a type or a figure.

An illustration of the Lord Jesus was to come because both of these sons were sons of promise, sons of miracle birth and sons of sacrifice and so forth. We don't have time to get into that just put it in your mind that Isaac is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Isaac needs a bride and the desire of the father Abraham is to get a bride or his son Isaac knew what the desire of our heavenly father is a bride for his son Jesus and the church is the bride of Christ. Now guys I don't know whether you like the feeling about you two are bride we are the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ and what is the desire of the father with the father. Once a bride for his son that this is the background of this and so Abraham chooses his most trusted servant whose name is Eliezer and he sends them all on a mission to get a bride for his son and he comes back with a beautiful girl named Rebecca. Now Abraham typifies and pictures God the father. Isaac pictures God the son, and Eliezer pictures God the Holy Spirit what is the purpose. What is the office work.

What is the motivation and the high provision and responsibility of God the Holy Spirit to seek a bride for Isaac and so the Holy Spirit is working here today just calling out a bride for the Lord Jesus Christ. And so Eliezer is going now to seek a bride for Isaac that that is the background and I God prospered Eliezer God gave Eliezer Goodspeed God gave Eliezer prosperity as he said the Lord hath prospered me in my way that we can look at that and we can find five principles of prosperity are you with me so far. Principle number one establish your loss. Put it down in your notes or put it down. Certainly in your mind establish your calls that you've got to have something that motivates you something that drives you every person means a clause a reason, a God given goal and purpose for his life right now.

The first full verses and Abraham was old and well stricken in age and the Lord blessed Abraham in all things, and Abraham said in his eldest servant of his house that rule over all that he had, but I pray thee, thy hand under my thigh and I will make this whereby the Lord, the God of heaven and the other, that thou shall not take a wife and my son of the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I dwell, but thou shalt go to my country to my kindred, and take a wife and my son Isaac. Now Claire began the status them are our apology. Eliezer had a call as he had a mandate question. You have a calls maybe I was drawing a breath, and drawing a salary fighting to live in living the funny thing and I and you have a calls to life. You just enduring lie had a clause in your life you need goals in your life and and beware of vague goals" could not write down what they intend to do what they want to do what they feel God's call them to do that just rather than being a a definite specific they are sort of a wandering generality Tiger Woods is mostly great golfers.

Iraq, but I can be Tiger Woods playing golf.

If you let me set the conditions father's estate, Tiger Woods and blindfolded. First of all, and then I turn around about 15 times and 19 the Bible alone and I can meeting I can meeting because he would need to know which way the pin is manning the best golfer if he blindfolded me can see the goal.

He's not gonna make it. If he can't, if I can be Tiger Woods when he can see the goal how are you even going to succeed if you going have a goal, much less one that you cannot say you got to have some goal in your life and and it's got to be specific.

If you have that you like a ship at sea on a dark night without a rudder without a chart and without a compass.

Most people don't plan to fail my chess though plan anything we say sure your pastor, you want to have some goals. Mothers ought to have goals.

Teachers have no status out that those athletes have goals. Medical doctors ought to have a goal in their life, and a church in general ought to have goals is your goal. Your calls specific.

You could put it on paper this morning. Suppose I would just pass out paper this morning as I write it down. What you all about what motivates you. You try number one you must establish your calls. Beware of vague goals and even more. Listen carefully, beware of unworthy go.

What is success what is success. Many people have the wrong idea of success on my said you know that your important and successful.

If you're invited to the White House for a conference but as in the lesson of success you're successful if you're invited to the White House for a conference and you in the Oval Office and that red phone rings and the president so interested talk talk immediately. Debbie Mansour, the red phone the emergency phone. Some is in the lesson of success. Success easier in the Oval Office you talking to the president.

The red phone rings. He does pick it up.

He says here it's for you know that in the eyes of the world is success monotonous can be important and unsuccessful. You can be rich and unsuccessful. You can be notorious and not successful. You can have power and not be successful. What is six – listen very carefully. One definition of faith here is succeeding in the wrong thing that is facing. If you are succeeding in the wrong thing. A wise man is said whatever man does without God in that thing he will do one of two things.

Either he will fail miserably succeed more miserably. Are you listening failure is often success at the wrong thing that I've said that you need to have a specific goal but do you have a where they go really for the go mass to ask yourself some questions this morning is your goal is your call this is a God-given is named as the thing that moved moves you is it God given limited does it create in you enough motivation necessary for its fulfillment is not a worthy goal. If it doesn't motivate you enough to fulfill number three. Does the clause that you serve the demand of you.

Your family past. Is there anything that demands of you every nerve every ounce, every sin you every corpuscle of your body to say this one thing I do mama fall in the clause that you had. Can you pray and ask God to help you fulfill the thing that melts you will better the thing that motivates you.

The thing that drives you, can you honestly get on your knees and say Almighty God in the name of Jesus. Jesus help me to do this thing. Beware friend of vague goals. Beware of him worthy goals. Many folks are listening to radio station Debbie I am what's in it for me.

Rather than wanting to do the will of God.

Beware, I say beware vague goals. Beware of unworthy goals and listen precious friend. Be unaware of unbalanced goal.

I'm goals for every area of your life, not just one area, not just physically not just financially, not just domestically, not just spiritually mature here entire life needs to be a life of balance as my God baby to lay low story of the school college being came to the football coaches in your star athlete. I want a batting. Here's his report call is got four F's and a D what you have said about that goes. Sidwell looks to me like is concentrating too much on one subject goal need to be balanced now. What we're saying is this, you have to establish a cause there was no answer.

Hands and butts about it. Eliezer knew what he was about. He knew what his cause was established. Your calls asking some questions about what you're doing right now.

I will ask three questions. If you get to where you're going.

And everybody's going somewhere.

If you get to where you're going. Where will you be you think about you headed somewhere. Every body is headed somewhere.

If you get to where you are going on. I just am at heaven have. I'm not about what we call in this life. If you get to where you headed, where will you be second question. If you accomplish your goals. What will you have what we and then when you consider what you have will have is the big question all the things you're living full with Jesus dying for when you get to where you're going. Where will you be when you achieve what you want to achieve. What will you have said all the things you living for Jesus Christ dying full principle number one, therefore, is establish a cause number two. Principle number two is this examine your condition. Now this is what Eliezer had to do.

He knew what his cause was and they had to see where he was right. Now beginning a look if you will, beginning in verse five and the servant said to him for adventure. The woman will not be willing to follow me into this land must I needs bring my son and enter the land from whence thou came in the words of Rebecca will come back with me will I take Isaac to Rebecca and Abraham said in him beware that thou bring not my son thither again. No, you can't take Isaac back to where I came from.

You got to bring Rebecca here.

The Lord God of heaven, which took me from my father's house and from that land of my kindred and and which spake up to me and that's where the me, saying unto thy seed will I give this land and he shall send his angel before the thou shall take a wife and my son from thence, and if the woman will not be willing to follow the than the house of the clear of this my oath only bring not my son thither again and so I could read this more, but what is obvious is this that Eliezer says look this is a profitable you're asking me to go to a land meet a girl that I've never met. Establish a relationship with her and convince her to come and marry a man she's never met and leave all the mother houses land brothers and sisters, and come with me.

That is my job. That's what I've got to do now.

Those were the conditions follow. You have to see where you are this more, not what you want to be, not what you wish you were take an honest inventory and see where you are right now. This moment if you are call me on the phone.

Maybe from out of the city you would call me on the phone is alienated may result from a wind had brought a come by and see how we get to your house. What is the first question I would ask where you now where are you now because I cannot give them direction to get to my house unless I can. First of all, help them to establish where they are right now and you can get where you made me do you understand where you are.

That's very obvious and we need to take an inventory of our selves and find out where we are now. You therefore you need to diagnose your problems, I hear was Eliezer Ed find the right girl. He had to convince her he had to convince her parents take care of all the details and in your life, not just enough to establish a cause. Ask yourself what is standing between me and that calls one of the obstacles, what are the roadblocks another roadblock storming the God is not with you a Eliezer had difficulty zooming the God is not with Paul said there's an open door, set the force and there are many adversaries and the door to the room of opportunity swings only hinges, opposition, and really problems are just opportunities in reverse.

Did you know that if your business is a my business has problems like God your business as problems have a job as a my job as problems. Thank job has problems. The window probably wouldn't have a job. Did you know that even people pay you for doing nothing.

The greater the difficulty on your job and your corresponding ability to solve those difficulties and overcome those difficulties that determines your worthwhile is going to listen if your job and having a problem somebody had few problems somebody with a lot less ability than you and a lot less pay than you're getting would do that job is your ability to meet and solve problems that constitute your job. Quit griping about your problems. No see where you are and and look at yourself and and design a plan to meet those problems.

If you begin in this chapter and in chapter 10, and see that Eliezer saw as problems, and then he got a plan and the servant took 10 camels of the camels of his master, the party for all the goods of his master were in his hand and he rose with the Mesopotamia under the city may hold and so forth and so forth.

He had a plan is to find the right girl is going to get invited to her home and then he was going to share the promises of God with her minis going to pop the question then is going to get. He's going to ask your parents for permission, and that is going to bring her back. Isaac now then nothing wrong with planning.

Planning is not unspiritual planning is very spiritual God plan my redemption before he made the world.

I was in the heart and mind of God. The Lord says which man into a bell tower then sit down first and count the calls to make plans.

I've Artie told you to fail planus plan a man ask a girl how do I get to the county fair.

She was beautiful girl. The man had a pig in one arm, a chicken and the other arm in a basket he was going to the fair and the girls that we go down near mile and turn left and go another mile you come the county fair.

He said could I just take a shortcut through the woods. She said well yes, but you might get lost in the woods. What he said can you go with me through the woods and and guide me through those woods. She said no I can do that is a one or she said you might get me up in the middle of the woods and try to kiss me. He said down this.

How could I do that I get this taken one harm a basket and a chicken I'd be impossible on. She said I don't think so said you could put the chicken on the ground and put that basket over that chicken and I can hold that silly opening date, you have to see what your condition is and know again that the door to the room of opportunity swings only hinges of opposition number three number three encourager confidence, though many of us just we think we just think we can do. We all think that God wants us to prosper, but encourage your confidence Maddie encourager confidence number one, there is the promise factor get a promise from the word of God looking you will and in beginning about verse five and the service at a man peradventure the woman will not be willing to follow him into this land must I needs bring thy son again into land was that they must not notice this and Abraham said in him beware that thou bring not my son thither again Lord God of which took me from my father's house and from the land of my kindred, and which spake under me and square in the me saying underlie seed will I give this land, he shall send his angel about take a wife on my son from what he saying this is based on the word of God.

We have got a promise from the word of God coming up tomorrow your part to this important message.

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