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How to Function with Unction | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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August 25, 2020 8:00 am

How to Function with Unction | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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August 25, 2020 8:00 am

If you have “unction,” it means you have the power of God upon your life, energized and directed by the Holy Spirit of God. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how and why God designed us, so we can function with unction.

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Have you thought about intricately. Man was made by God. Listen to Adrian Rogers if he were to think about the human body. Your heart pumps every minute of our lives to 30 pints of blood throughout 60,000 miles of arteries and veins and capillaries.

Some people would have you to think all of this just happened, but the psalmist said, I am fearfully and welcome to the word finding featuring the dynamic lesson, pastor, teacher and author as we were just reminded our bodies billion complexities designed by God.

While we were still forming in our mother's womb. Our bodies can only function his mercy, and our spirits can function with unction by the grace of God. If you have unction.

It means you have the power of God on your life.

If we want to be energized and directed by the Holy Spirit, we must first understand how God designed us and why. If you have your Bible handy turn now to Genesis chapter 2.

Look at verse seven is pastor Rogers begins an insightful message how to function with unction. I heard years ago about a preacher in a small country church in the backwoods West to speak into this mess in prayer. They can write a long prayer and in the midst of that prayer.

He prayed a phrase like this several times. He said Lord unction eyes are pastor, Lord, unction, eyes are pastor, Lord, unction, eyes are pastor now.

The pastor did like it very much because it sounded like something was wrong with, and so I met the deacon of the noise and a deacon.

You prayed several times for me to be unction eyes.

She said what is that word unction eyes mean we only can scratch his head and he said rev, I really don't know what it does mean that whatever means you and got it and I think that whatever means there are a lot of us who don't have it so I will talk to you tonight about how to function with unction that literally means to have the power of God upon your life to be energized and direct it by the Holy Spirit of God in order to understand this. You don't have to understand how God designed you and why God designed you the way he designed you to look if you will in chapter 2 and verse seven and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.

This is the story of how God made the first man out dust of the ground. Somebody said that God made man stepped back and looked at him and said I can do better than that and made a woman. Well, that may be true if your lady probably believe that it is. But here God tells us how he made the first individual and he made this man body soul and spirit.

He made man out of the dust of the ground. That's his body.

He breathed into his nostrils the breath of the spirit of life and that is a spirit and man became a living soul. Now the apostle Paul sums all three of these up in first Thessalonians chapter 5 in verse 23 where he says and I pray God your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is a triune God father son and holy spirit and God made us in his image, and so we have a triune nature body soul and spirit, I would help you to understand the difference in the body, soul and spirit, and why God created us that way and how God put us together and I think you'll get a lot of instruction and hopefully you'll get a great blessing and learn some practical ways to live the Christian life.

When you understand just why God created us and engineered us the way he did very first thing I want you to notice is what I want to call the magnificence of the human body, God formed a human body in verse seven and the Lord God formed man of dust of the ground. Now this word to form when the Bible says God formed man is a word that is used for a potter who would be molding clay. God just made a man out of dirt out of there for years people would laugh at that, as though that is somewhat primitive, ignorant way that prescientific days would describe the making of a man, but in recent years scientists have been startled to discover that indeed man is made of clay and air. As a matter fact that NASA's Ames research Center reported that these research scientists in analyzing the human body have found out that every element in the human body. Every single element in the human body is found in the dirt in the earth. Every one of them. And so if you give the scientist time to catch up with God there catch up with the Bible. As I've said before, when a scientist has a good word to say about the Bible that doesn't give me more confidence in the Bible just a little more confidence in the scientists now suppose you were going to make body and you would take these elements and put them together. What would you need according to the reading I've done, you need 58 pounds of oxygen you need 50 quarts of water.

You need to ounces of salt you need 3 pounds of calcium you need 24 pounds of carbon.

You would need some chlorine, some phosphates and fat some iron some sulfur and some glycerin and that you would take these things less. Suppose you took them into your kitchen is that I'm going to make me a man.

I'm going to build a man I don't think you be very successful. If you take just one square inch of skin. Just one square inch of human skin.

The size of a postage stamp that one square inch of skin would have some 3 million cells every cell is Paul Doty of Harvard said more complicated than New York City. There would be in that one little piece of skin. There would be a yard of blood vessels there before yards of nerves, 100 sweat glands 15 oil glands 25 nerve endings in just a little postage stamp of skin and we're not talking about the micro construction of the skin but just those things that are more obvious like sweat glands. If you were to think about the human body and the circulatory system of the human body.

The heart pumps every minute of our lives 10 to 30 pints of blood throughout 60,000 miles of arteries and veins and capillaries. I said 60,000 miles. The average man has about 10 pints of blood and that blood contains 25 trillion red cells that carry the oxygen and their 25 billion white cells that fight disease now white cell doesn't live very long.

He lives about 12 hours.

The red cells will live about 120 days and then this blood is losing through our body in minute little vessels called capillaries. These tiny tubes that surface the bloodstream. If you were to take these capillaries in your body and my body and spread them out, they would cover a 1 1/2 acre field and they are interconnected so as to supply the nutrients to your body. These all of these millions of cells that require these chemicals.

Now what that would be like it would be like Federal Express delivering trillions of packages daily to over 60 trillion business customers overall route of 60,000 miles. That's what your blood system is doing in this body that God is made.

No wonder the psalmist that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Now your body knows what each of the cells need like the nutrients that are needed is an R and the cells send out signals and as the little truck in the bloodstream stops at each cell it unloads those particular nutrients and those particular chemicals that are needed for vitality and full-line that's the reason the Bible says very clearly and plainly in prescientific days, the life of the flesh is in the blood, you have not only those red cells but you have those white cells that have anti-bodies that are particularly designed to fight disease and if you get particular disease. Those white cells will go to get the name rank and serial number that disease they will organize an army to go fight that disease and whatever that particular germ are virus is. It is an amazing thing that God has put in to our body. The Hebrew word for heart is live LTV and it speaks of not only the emotional part of a man, but also may speak of that muscle which is the most powerful muscle in the body that pumps all this blood.

Hold your fist up about that way and clench your fist and look at it. That's just about the size of your heart, your heart is just about that being if you live to be 80 it will work every day, day in and day out while you sleep.

That muscle is working now.

If you work with the arms after while your arms get tired of your work with the legs. After while your legs will get tired but your heart, weighing less than a pound will pop 1 1/2 million gallons of blood every year for the rest of your life.

I said one and 1/2 million gallons and a lifetime the human heart will pop 40 million times. It will push almost 1 million pounds of blood through the 60,000 miles of blood vessels that make up our body.

Again I remind you that the Bible says the life of the flesh is in the blood that some people would have you to think all of this just happened, but the psalmist said, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I have been reading about the complexity of the human eye. The human eye is a marble no scientific instrument is as sensitive to light.

As the human eye.

I the human eye can see a glow as faint as less than 1000 as bright as a candle in the dark. The sensitivity of your eye increases to light 10,000 times knife you have a camera with an expensive lens and it you may be proud of that camera but no man is ever made a lens that is superior or will even equal lens in the human eye. It changes its curvature to focus on things that are near the things that are far the people to self adjusting. You don't even have to think about it. The adjustments are automatic with require no decision on your part whatsoever, and when your eye takes pictures it takes them in color, and develop them instantaneously and I was reading something very interesting that when a little baby is conceived in his mother's womb. There are optic nerves in the eye that began to grow toward the brain and there are nerves in the brain that began to grow toward the optic nerves in the eye there more than a million nerve endings in the babies. I am more than a million nerve endings in the brain, and these begin to grow toward each other. Now you and I get amazed when we see engineers who perhaps want to dig a tunnel and will start in the side of the mountain and the start on that side of the mountain and they dig through the mountain and that tunnel meets we say is not a marvelous active engineering will friend over a million of those nerves go from that baby's brain through the flesh to the optic nerves in the eye and vice versa, and each one of those more than a million finds its counterpart and gets connected that is an incredible thing and some foolish person will say all of that happened. Just by chance but everyday hundreds of thousands of people are born with the ability to see the human eye is an amazing thing.

It has the ability to transmit to the brain, over one and 1/2 million messages at the same time. Only God could do that. Psalm 139 verses 13 and 14 says for thou has possessed me from my reins guys covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise the prime fearfully and wonderfully made. I also did some reading about the human ear beer is one of the greatest architectural wonders in the world. No man could ever produce a microphone that would duplicate the human ear.

The middle ear contains air. They enter ear contains liquid.

What happens is that when there is a noise of the sound waves activate the eardrum. The eardrum is capable of handling over 73,000 vibrations per second. Now these vibrations are transmitted by the means of small bones called ossicles to the fluid in the anterior and these act like a piston driving that the Interplay fluid back and forth to the rhythm of the sound pressure that is beating up on those ears about the movement of that fluid goes to a thin membrane called the basilar membrane and this transmit a stimulus to a complex structure called the organ of Corti containing the nerve endings of the auditory nerves and ear is so complicated that volumes after volumes have been written just about the human ear. Batman might design a radio are a television set, and everybody says that is a marble of design. It is nothing compared to the human ear. What about the whole nervous, complex of the body. Beginning with the brain between your ears is about 3 pounds more or less in some of us less of great white matter called the brain. It has more than 30 billion cells known as neutrons, and all of these are interconnected in an incredibly complicated way there literally millions and billions of interconnections inside your head and up your brain is a computer that no computers ever been built that will begin to match it.

If if you think about just simply a boy catching a football. He goes down the field/say some 30 yards and a man throws a football that was wonderful I were talking about sees that ball in the air and immediately his brain begins to calculate.

He calculates that the speed the trajectory the distance and then the messages go to that voice. All of the muscles in that boy's body and they begin to coordinate themselves to move into position to catch that ball.

No man has ever been able to create a computer that would even began to approximate what happens that you and I just take for granted when a 10-year-old boy catches a football.

Now we have a body that body is made of the dust of the ground. It is God's crowning creation and thank God for. But remember that God made us body soul and spirit. I remind you that plants also have a body.

And I remind you that animals also have a body. So what makes man different from Lance animals man also has a soul Bible says that God breathed into man's nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.

So the body is just simply the house for the soul.

Second Corinthians chapter 5 verse one calls our body, our earthly house and first Corinthians chapter 6 verse 19 calls our body temple of the Holy Ghost, so your body is just the temple and earthly house that you have while you live on planet Earth. Now you are not your body you live in your body, but now you have a soul Bible says that man became a living soul. The Hebrew word for soul is in a parish and the Greek word would be suitcase. The word we get psychology or psychic or psychiatric from that is the you that lives inside the house.

Your soul is your real personality.

It is your sense of humor, your intelligence, your likes or dislikes your idiosyncrasies, your proclivities, all those things that make you the uniquely wonderful person that you are roughly speaking, your soul is mind, emotion and will let me show you how the Bible describes the soul is being mind and emotion and will, for example in the Psalm 139. In verse 14 we already quoted that the psalmist said I will praise the prime fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are thy works, and that my soul go with my soul north right well so the soul can know things soul enables us to see as is.

I just gave you these facts a little while ago about the human body your soul has enough intelligence to say yes I am fearfully and wonderfully made. So intelligence is in your soul also will will is a part of your soul. Psalm 27 in verse 12.

The Bible says deliver me not over on the will of mine enemies. Now the word that is translated will bears the same word that is translated soul and it could be translated. Deliver me not over to the soul of my enemies, because the will is in the soul.

So if you going to see God how you see God you set your soul to see God you say I will see God. So what is your soul.

Your soul is your intelligence, your soul is your well and your soul is also your emotion first Samuel chapter 18 verse one and it came to pass, when he made an end of speaking on the soul that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David per Jonathan loved him as his own soul love emotion is in the soul of man. So you have a soul.

Your soul is mind, emotion and will, so you see the magnificence of the human body. You see the miracle of the human soul that God created you and God gave you mind God gave you emotion and God gave you a will, because God breathed in the man's nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.

When I was a young Christian I used to think that soul and spirit were the same thing that you, the terms were interchangeable just the invisible part of a man that you could speak a man solar speaker man's spirit, and it was six of one half dozen of another, but that is not true.

The Bible says in first Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 23 that I gave you before, and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ know what is the difference between the soul and the spirit will is back up a little bit both men and animals have bodies man and animals have soul. Does that surprise you. The Bible teaches very clearly that animals have souls. A soulless life.

Put these verses down Genesis 1 verse 20 verse 21 verse 24 and verse 30. All of those verses speak of animals as having conscious life. Self-conscious life animals your pet. If you have a dog. Your dog has a mind, emotion and will your dog is a soul which the dog soul will die and parish dogs do not have everlasting life Not have everlasting life.

Parakeets do not have everlasting life. What makes man soul different is the spirit, the spirit of man is inextricably united with his soul. Now man soul and spirit are not the same. Hebrews 412 and first Thessalonians 523 they are not the same but they are inseparable and it is the spirit that makes man unique, not his body, not his soul, but primarily the spirit that makes us in the image of God, for God's spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and improve. And when the Bible says that God breathed into man's nostrils the breath of life. God put himself into man and the word granted Shea which means the spirit of life God put himself in the man. He did not do that to the animals and so you have a human spirit that makes you unique for minivans will continue with part two of this message tomorrow on the program.

If you have questions right now about who Jesus is about what he means to you how to surrender your life to go to where discovered Jesus to find resources and materials there that can answer questions you might have about your faith again go to and click discovered Jesus if you like to order a copy of today's lesson in its entirety. You can call us at 1877 love God mentioned the title how to function with unction. This message is also part of the powerful series cultivating a deeper faith how to strengthen your spiritual life if you like the complete collection, all six insightful messages: number 877 love God or go online to or you can write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for studying the Scriptures with us today and he is an encouragement to spend some time in prayer and ask God's Holy Spirit to illuminate your spirit Adrian Rogers said when your body is right, your health when your soul is right your happy when your spirit is right your home. Join us tomorrow for the conclusion of how to function with unction right on love worth buying listener in Alabama said a brief note of encouragement recently. Let me share it. He said Adrian Rogers is such an inspiration, and I enjoy listening to God is still blessing us with his service, you agree with that. I love that simple reminder that real truth never changes. That's what we believe these messages and resources from past Rogers adjuster timely today as they were when they were first given.

When you donate to the ministry this month. Love to send you our walk by faith, booklet collection, whether it's knowing what authentic faith is worth finding victory. This booklet collection by Adrian Rogers is perfect for those who want to know more about walking by faith, request the bundle when you call when you get right now at 1877 love God 1-877-568-3463 or give and thanks for your generous support of love worth finding

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