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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 19, 2016 4:20 pm

Perspectives on the World's Insanity, News Commentary, and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 19, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/19/16.

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The world continues to go crazy all around us here to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to France I had a wonderful time in England over weekend. I was in London and had a blessed time there arrived on Friday spoke a couple times Saturday a couple times Sunday flew back yesterday. That's what we had a prerecorded show yesterday and we did email questions on Friday but it is a delight to be with you the number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. I just posted an illustrated video. I think you're going to want to see it. But as another example of the world going mad around us. Are you ready okay. Cecile Richards is campaigning with Hillary Clinton, Cecile Richards, ahead of Planned Parenthood and she made a statement which even for pro-abortion radicals has to be one of the craziest statements I have heard in all my life.

Are you ready she said a woman voting for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders. I am not making this up. Yes, she said a woman voting for Hillary for the city for helically that would make more sense for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders what for Col. Sanders chicken are meant to be killed and eaten, so is she saying if you over to Cruz. He advocates killing and eating women, maybe with some KFC spices added and are you kidding me. Obviously he strongly pro-life and believes in the personhood of the child in the womb that was little over a week ago Hillary Clinton made a comment that the the baby in the room. She struggled for it.

She said the unborn person does not have constitutional rights which its laughable sites.

She got slammed for the pro-abortion side for daring to call the readers of person is not crazy that that child fully developed on this a little time about nine months one minute before emerges from the will is not a person is not person but what makes exit from the will becomes a person you kidding me Christopher life's I was saying how can you call it baby. A person says no constitutional rights. Well, that's that the moral insanity of the world in which we live today so I address that on my latest video I encourage you to check it out, go to our YouTube channel.

Let's ask Dr. Brown on YouTube a SK DR Brown on YouTube you will find it eye-opening and disturbing. I saw a lie, I'm just talking about the insanity of the society that we live in today.

How right has become wrong and wrong has become right of truth is become error and error has become truth and how reality is whatever you perceive it to be someone posted this video I had not seen her an article I had not seen it posted on my personal Facebook page and it is from a transgender Baptist preacher, so a male to female Baptist preacher while considering suicide says that the Angels reason an angel that she identifies with reason told him/her that the Bible is wrong about these issues or is being wrongly understood.

This is now a Baptist preacher going by the name of Allison Dylan Robinson is a picture of the world in which we live like that you file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I knew our voting in the Republican primary today were did both.

This is Michael Brown, nuisance and want to fire several listening to a particular on W MCA and then on Internet all over New York.

If you're voting today or if you did vote cast an early vote to be voting later one calling to let us know who you voted for and why. I might even take some calls 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH news event after news event that the latest things happening.

I continue to watch and think what what world are we living all the more reason for us not to be like the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind not to be conformed to the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds to be like Jesus and thought and word and deed to to go against the grain of the society and swim against the tide of this world. The world really is going mad around the snow look since Adam's sin. The world was been formed.

We understand there is been moral insanity and spiritual deception from the beginning, and there have been horrific periods in human history as spirits worse than this. At times and there have been periods of human history that have not been as bad, or in places have not been as bad. Certainly in America. This must be one of the most spiritually and morally confused, bankrupt times in our history and in certain ways. I don't know that we've ever been more confused, giving way to not just relative morality, but relative reality.

There's a video that's getting a lot of circulation out where a guy has set shorter white guy is on a college campus is interviewing students and said what if I believe him a woman of my one year your woman. The problem with that yet. That's who you're more power to you, say what if I believe him a Chinese woman well alright sure if you are, that's great. And then a couple of you to tell me why you believe that that I could accept it and then there there with them and then will what if I said I was a 6 foot five Chinese mobile boat which are not, not 6 foot five with I believe it well II you you think. None of this is this is this is happening on our college campuses, relative reality, not just relative morality, you know, when someone says to you, there are no absolute truths. You know the right question to ask them you you say are you absolutely sure. Are you absolutely sure because elaborate. However, the answer that they have just defeated themselves. If they say well I can't be sure about anything. The woman you can be sure there's no absolute truth. And if they say I'm absolutely sure that no absolute truths.

So it is one of these self-contradictory statements that people makes it sound so sophisticated but the level of flack coming our way in in in North Carolina and incoming way of other states simply center for religious liberties were simply standing for for bathroom safety and and locker room safety and and public privacy and things like that privacy for people and in public facilities, bathrooms, locker rooms, that the amount of flack and attack Pearl Jam.

The latest band to solicit Pearl Jam, and who else Pearl Jam, Ringo Starr, Bruce Springsteen, of all canceled North Carolina concerts Cirque du Soleil was that how it's a properly pronounced they they have said and I coming in North Carolina.

Of course they got a big event coming up in Dubai yet I compare the treatment of gays, lesbians, transgender identified individuals in Dubai within America and with Dubai compared to North Carolina but there is no probability by an Apple Apple with its sickening hypocrisy. If you haven't read my article on the check out my latest article is the sickening hypocrisy of Apple and Starbucks all they they threatened and speak out against states like Indiana when they pass religious freedoms law bill that facing mirrored the national unsurpassed on the stateside level when they did that last year Apple was when the lead companies coming out and pressuring them. And sadly, the governor, legislators caved immediately despite a few heroically standing up against it and Apple.

Although although they are taking it these terrible bigoted states and how dare they protect religious freedoms that discriminate against others help dare they have public safety bills or discriminate against others of terrible apples got no problem there.

Opening the biggest Apple Store in the world in Dubai since 2014 they've had stores in Saudi Arabia. When I went online to look at their Saudi Arabia website.

They boast about the close connection I have with with businesses and government there.

How how they're working on all this and Apple is doing is amazing things in Saudi Arabia all Saudi Arabia Europe you're caught two men sleeping together you could be beheaded publicly if you're caught in adultery can be beheaded publicly you're caught stealing several times.

You have a hand chopped off yeah you speak out against the government, you can be beheaded. You get a thousand lashes in these these are the kind of treatments. These are the kind of punishments that that people are subject to their I guessed on the lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years, had a month last week and he told about a story that I somehow missed it. I went online to check at it it it happened, as he described it wasn't doubting him. I just wanted further verification so I could link I posted, but it years ago a man who is a member of basically the religious police, a 17-year-old daughter said that she had converted to Christianity from Islam. He cut out her tongue and burned her alive brother to death, Saudi Arabia. These are the kind of things that happen there apples got no problem no problem working in Saudi Arabia and boasting about their close relationship with the Saudi's no problem with these bigoted states like Indiana, Mississippi or Surrey or North Carolina. However, it is it passes religious freedom spill stands up for public safety and privacy in bathrooms, locker rooms Work with him different cities saying there there I can do business rather than I can that I can allow there. There just government-funded employees to do any nonessential travel to North Carolina that it's it is just cultural madness and we need to raise our voices because otherwise friends will get used to it. We will get used to it. That's why for years I have been functioning as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution to draw attention to this cultural madness 866-34-TRUTH 784 one of Starbucks Starbucks in order to have their stores open over Saudi Arabia and to make money in this Islamic country they change their logo. All I kid you not.

They changed their logo say why will the mermaid logo was considered inappropriate. It display too much female flesh system mermaid logo hardly graphic, hardly sensual, but they removed it to cater to Saudi sensibilities. Could you met could you imagine them in America. Could you imagine this America a Christian company said you know we we have a problem with the logo or just Christian throughout America by compass Christians run America said we have a problem with with the logo and we like you to change it otherwise would. We don't want operating in our city are in our state were happy to have you, but you need to change putrefaction, bigoted Christians, primitive Christians, Puritanical Christians backwards backwoods ignorant Christians.

And of course we get blamed for everything else in the process. It would be like into crusades and inquisitions were seeking to impose a theocracy where like the American Taliban, the American Isis, the American Al Qaeda at people go crazy and Starbucks are truly scorned such a request effect when someone at a shareholder meeting. Whatever it was a few years back, made the comment that you know people are offended by Starbucks aggressive stand in behalf of same-sex marriage and things like that. Basically, the CEO said little take their business somewhere else paraphrase a close paraphrase of what Howard Charles Schultz said in response all, but they won't offend the Saudi's with all their atrocities that take place there on a weekly basis in public squares that the beheadings and the other things no comes the Saudi's.

We will bend over backwards to cater to whatever demand you have and will get rid of that mermaid on the logo. Of course they came up with holiday cops last Christmas, so got rid of any Christmas greetings or anything like that just become holiday cuffs this matter for that offense Christians or seems like why you see me out Chris and get get away from Christmas. A supermassive holiday and states. No offense Christians don't offend the Muslims make a lot of money over there. What sickening pocket by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends look I I am not hopeless or discouraged no money to the contrary, I am full of faith and full of expectation and full of holy optimism because God is God, because Jesus is Lord because the kingdom of God ultimately triumph. My heart goes out to those who oppose my heart goes out to those who mock my my heart goes out to those who don't know the Lord a light I get on a daily basis. Sometimes many times in a day really ugly nasty hateful comments that are posted.

They can be on her Facebook page or twitter feed on our YouTube channel and it's kind of day and night, day and night to night. I see some of them and when I see them again.

Not my heart goes out to the to the people who write them. My heart goes out to them because if they don't know the Lord is here someone posted this a few days back. Trench gender identified her activism. Not sure which telling me that that that my my DAD that the God that I serve and worship has anger management problems and then let's see what your doctorate in homophobia and then Dr. Bragg dirty brown dirty brown I'm calling you out as a crypto shoe on the wood that was about fake Dr. Brown.

Can't you see being tested by God and repent fake Dr. Brown repent now or suffer the consequences of fake Dr. Brown want you to stop talking and you might not burn in hell.

And this is different once was a Jewish outreach site and another one is a Jewish outreach video and another one in response to Kenya began Christian so that you just come in from everywhere. Your fake doctrine, intolerant, homophobic bigot posing as a Christian, and judging by your prices all your right making a killing from exploiting people's ignorance and gullibility and then are you a doctor to just pretend to be.

Once shame on you for using fear without fact to scare people. Dr. imagine. So this am and this is just comes in a daily basis. I feel bad for the people, because I know they're wrong and I know ultimately the one true God will glorify himself and will bring everything to light every hidden thing every dark thing to life, and on that day will bow the knee either joyfully or unwillingly, but will bow the knee and acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus so much. My heart breaks for the people who don't know the Lord.

All I'm saying is it's an urgent conference. We talk about Jesus, revolution. The revolution that overcomes evil with good. That overcomes hatred with love that overcomes the powers of darkness with the power of light. The revolution overcomes lies with truth, not an angry, hateful revolution, but a love birth Jesus revolution revolutionary stank and revolutionary ways revolutionaries don't just sit around and say well it's not like what's happening know they say I'm gonna make a difference with your friends to make a difference really make a difference when razor kids were here to make a difference with a presence in the business world and needy and it came with her to make a difference for her go because we are lights we are lamps we are torches. How can you put a light in a dark room without making a difference. I'm saying more.

The same is only to produce more of the same as like the way I deceive myself for years. They give all my other lose weight, get really good shape and I eat the same I always ate no more sensitive produce more the same but when you make a radical change by God's grace and help you can see radical, lasting fruit, and eyewitness with emerging you to do is not be on the sidelines with emerging to do this is not the cowardly liturgy to do is is not not be afraid of what the world might say or do but rather be concerned with how God feels safe here. I am your son on your daughter. I don't know what to do, but I want obey. Lord, I'm yours. I'm scared I you know I'm scared to speak up and do it's right the Lord by your grace of duty culminated in the presence of every day and spend more time with them every day and get the word your heart, mind, every day, and then from there. From there, be a witness to a lost and dying world telephones in Brooklyn. Christina, welcome to light a fire, I around hello on talk about when you said that I just mentioned it to those that missed it earlier a man who's going from male to female and is now a female Baptist preacher and says that being the angel of reason told him that the Bible is wrong about these issues.

Yes my own.

I elevate radio radio, nowhere I'm joking. I would like (people come to America because America Bible based on the about eating when you know about. Now it felt correct in my light of the world that you check the very calls you look.

My heart goes out to this fellow he had all his life. He struggled, he was considering suicide. He was married to a woman his ex-wife.

I imagine her divorce always but she's supportive and making changes. I can't relate to the item.

He's gone through.

I I can't relate to the struggles I don't believe he just decided I would be a woman one down in a minute going on in it lose everything potentially an and do this audibly that for for a split second. How however right and whatever it right whatever whatever is going on in his life that that caused him to experience these things you we should be praying if if we look anything we take a stand or rinse exam abortion. We need to have compassion on on on the women that are counting their babies. We we need to be working for better solutions and and and etc. if we say homosexual practice is sinful and some cost to the churches on same-sex attracted we need to be there for the long haul to help this person walk with the Lord and love the Lord and express wholeness and fullness and the same thing with with this with this individual Christina so I got a break coming up. Let me just say this when the ultimate issue is I have to decide between what I feel and what the Scripture says, the moment you go with your feelings you have entered the world of deception we have to decide between the Revelation and what is written in the Bible when you go with the Revelation you have now entered into the world of deception and that's why this man who now goes by the name of Allison Robinson made the comment, yet you won't find out you won't find a lot of Isaac Watts and things like that in in my hymnal, but you will find more of Bruce Springsteen and things like that that should tell you everything he, Christina, thank you for the call. I appreciated go to my website Esther Gibran asked if your ask Dr. when you get there, check out this week.

Special resource often put together, in particular for Passover.

So join me on the website aspect around the Lord. Check out the special resource offer Jewish resource offer. It's a great blessing and it's for this people. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I am working on a new book.

I'll tell you about it in the months ahead work in a book, though we are talk about the state of America today and it's it's most conference thing of written in terms of what has to be done to turn the tide in America and part of what I look at is how we were founded as a country. Our earliest days. In contrast to these universities. The Harvard's the ales of the schools were founded how much the Bible was part of American culture and electronic to recapture that I'm not trying to go back to that and say that we can live the way the colonies did not work which totally different environment now workgroup got it much more diverse population.

So we got all different Christian groups etc. but what I am saying is that through biblical principles. There were biblical ethics.

Despite the failings of America. There were things are foundation. There were very healthy and if we get back to those we concede great blessing come to America right now. I see us in a state of great cultural and moral deterioration questions how Christian was America. You read sometimes it that the founders were written word. All deists in unity and believe in a personal God, the way we do then you read know they're all like Bible thumping evangelicals opposite the truth is somewhere in between. There David Barton spoken and written about the slot there's been controversy over his writings and well it's exaggerated. It's not accurate. So I want to continue this discussion, it's an area of reading about more and more and more looking to to get the original quotes in the best context that I can so I can be good research but am thrilled to have with me, a professor of history and philosophy at Southwestern Baptist theological seminary. Also, associate director and senior research fellow at the land center for cultural engagement. John D. Wilsey's area of specialty is American historical theology and the history of American identity and his new book out late last year, American exceptionalism, and civil religion reassessing the history of an idea this book came to my attention and I should. I should've had professionals on back then because I was very interested in it. So Prof. welcome to modify, thanks for joining us today might my joy I we just this is just a real short segment we just got two minutes before before our first break but how did you get into this field of study yourself that it started with my dictation when I studied the work that Mary had always interested in American history, a history major in college and I wanted to hydrate the contribution that Christian theology made to the foundation of our nation. And that's what I studied for my very very interesting. So what when you speak of Christian theology in the history of our nation explained that in terms of exactly what that means when the American American Christianity had a very unique history developed from the founding of the British colony during the pain seven Jamestown all the way through until Rio Grande character to really interesting unique from the development Christianity on the European continent in England and though the light is unique aspect of American church history are the same reason why American articulations of the out there off the very so it's just it insured total total bite-size questionable on packet and then I will. I want to assess just a few questions, specifically a little while about Thomas Jefferson and David Lawrence representation get your get your feedback on that. But in. In short, would you say that it is America's inherence to biblical principles. That was the key to our exceptionalism resentment overly simplified statement. Well their water. The Bible Christian principal optical principal Barry very important and the founding of America American culture are the perfect will will will unpack that all right testbed question test with someone's devoted their lives to send these issues. Given 10 seconds to answer of the book by Prof. John D.

Wilsey American exceptionalism and civil religion.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm speaking with history and philosophy.

Sure, John D. Wilsey, a professor at Southwestern Baptist theological seminary is the author of the book American exceptionalism and civil religion reassessing the history of an idea or talk about how how Christian was early America also professor will see you you lived in the ancient documents that agencies make those once I live in. You've lived in these early American documents you you read things in context. You you've read enough to kinda get a picture of the culture and the way things were so. It's an overly broad question, but if I say how Christian was early America from the colonies of to say that the founding of our nation into the early hundreds.

Can you pay 1800s can paint a picture for us.

Sure made a how crisp the question how Christian with American early colonial history prior to the revolution was extremely Christian thinking about specifically the New England colony founded starting at 1520. When the Puritans got employment 1630 when the Puritan started the message at Bay colony.

They got the New England colonies that were counted by the Puritan family again to fit complement New Haven, New Hampshire, Rhode Island BPs were colonies that were established to be Christian colony to be Christian, well and they were linked together by local church covenant that forms part of a cohesive knit and each of these colonies that was designed to form a Christian commonwealth designed for the innocent of the colonies to be all of life through the length of reformed theology in the great awakening takes place in the early 18th century in the great awakening is an evangelical revival that sweeps across all the 13 colonies and course it does. That would in Britain as well, largely through the teaching of preaching of George Whitfield in the theology of Jonathan Edwards. By the time you get to the revolution the American people. The American colonists today. They drink deeply from the well of biblical theology is that there they receive it mainly from the preachers and the preaching of the colonial period, American America is a deeply religious country always has been and there is a Protestant content that reigned in American culture really from early colonial.

All the way into the early 20th century. Now that the old leader asked which comes again in the time of the colonies in the 1600s to me that really reflects how Christian things were that were colonies is okay everybody, if you have X number people you have to have school for education because Satan, the old leader is going to try to keep people from reading the Bible. So you need to have schools to make sure they can read the Bible. I that's here, says it all. Yeah, I mean it is streaming your heart is founded in 1536 Wayman married 92 Gail no one print bent Dartmouth elevator all founded in the 16th and 17th and 18th century there founded institutions, mainly for the propagation of the gospel to educate minister for one thing. Let's keep in mind is that we know when the school are famished that schools are practically Harvard, Yale, when there founded there founded as centers of Neoplatonic Augustinian epistemology, reformed theology under the curriculum that really you know, informed by philosophy of Patrick Raymond with the 16th century French philosopher who believed that all ideas existed in the ideas in the mind of God. The curriculum prior to the early 18th century, it called the old learning very heavily theological but the new learning that come mainly starting out as a gift of book to the Yale Library 1714 is heavily influenced by the work of Isaac Newton and John Locke. Of course are informed by Francis Bacon's method of induction on the scientific method really want a key aspect of the English enlightenment and it puts the emphasis away from the authority of Revelation and put on the authority of reason put up a dual epistemological authority one in Revelation and one of reason and in that the new learning and the influence of locket Newton and Bacon particularly have a really big influence in the colleges that are originally founded. You know, mainly for Puritan Puritan ministers at the new learning is in a you really be informed largely by the by the Enlightenment by English enlightenment and so it's a little complicated. I mean history, the school, there is not a straight line right from there founding to revolutionary. Where you know it just informed specifically by Christian theology. It is, but there's. Their specular influences in the curriculum well being put forth in the school right so see you have obviously Scripture is is there deleting Scripture as part of the curriculum that the Greek in some cases as well. All they have to live by Christian ethics. And you know you look at the code of conduct for Harvard days and I don't know Bible school in the world that has one at our yeah I'm in our society strong enough sure yours is. But while our all right so but it's good to understand that there wasn't just you know, kind of a Bible something that you know is right there reading the classics they were learning to think and reason salt when when our founding fathers dropped the Declaration of Independence and Jefferson's wording and then with with others working with him right when when they say that it's certain things are self-evident to these inalienable rights and it's clear that he's been given by the by the creator was that was that in their minds just kind of the God of the philosophers, the God of reason was it impossible to separate that from the biblical fundamentals that we are created in the image of God was a kind of a both and biblical and reasonable statement or was it just one or the other.

Yeah Jefferson you know it. It's fashionable to say Jefferson with why, and eight Benjamin Franklin and other know another natural birth about natural religion if people were not really there were God, but they were coming. They were very strongly for it.

But even really appropriate to call the people Dia because they didn't think of themselves.

They thought it and felt a strong idea if they don't like with the language of the declaration that the note nature's God and in our creator which we do not understand know that that their understanding Jefferson understanding of God vertically Jefferson understanding of God is very much as my creator as the author of the universe as the as the maker of the universe without you. Jefferson believes that God is it a personal God, but he he. In instructing God's transcendence. He takes away a lot of it imminent that it is activity in the world through Providence and through intervening miracle. It's complicated because the language of the end declaration is certainly a conformable to Christian historic orthodoxy, and certainly is as a conservative evangelical Christian. Note what I call Nowak. What I would affirm a declaration of intent… Generally speaking yeah sure, no problem, right but but we have to understand the historical context of where Jefferson particularly Jefferson is coming from when he thinks about God and also the historical framework of the 18th century Jefferson it can be influenced by Voltaire, for example, in Voltaire's branch to lift off Keith was no very comfortable calling thought he thought of himself. He called himself a militant. He didn't even come up with the but he certainly rejects the incarnation of Christ, the Trinity, and on go though.

It's important that we bear the thinking mind is a very specific historical and theological context in which the articulation of God in the declaration of coming out of right so that there was clearly a fear of God, a reverence for God in recognition of God is the creator and human dignity came from from being his creation. So let's say those foundational biblical trees that would've been largely embraced, even if everything else in Scripture was not was not embraced. Yeah me. Jefferson very very big on the on the broad transcendent qualities of God and then also human dignity aspect.

No you think are inseparable. Belief got it all right. So let's let's do this. I we just got a few seconds before this this next break all but let let my listening audience know if they get the book American exceptionalism. What were they going to get out of it. What's the eye-opening feature of this book in it in the book.

I tried to ask what what exactly does exceptionalism mean and where the theological entailment term and I divide up exceptionalism into two categories, one at strongly religious and one that is more more articulate in a political social way and I advocate that the strong religious articulation exceptionalism that violence, the Christian gospel, God all right doubt very interesting. Okay, so the book American exceptionalism and civil religion reassessing the history of an idea, the author, John D will seek we come back.

I want to ask for professionals is taken as a American historian about the work of David Hart had them on the air. Great interview some contact me took issue with SS… When another historian discusses will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back to modifier and speaking with Prof. David Wilsey at Southwestern Baptist theological seminary's book American exceptionalism and civil religion professor Wilsey. I have a lot of friends over the years have done this a tour of Washington DC thing with with David Barton where he points out all the different things in DC from whether it's a 10 Commandments fresco with the Supreme Court or something else in our early history that points back to some very Christian very biblical in our roots and EE paints a picture of of how Christian America was what I had them on to discuss this with the Jefferson lies which become a bestseller and was pulled by the publisher because of alleged errors and I think I republish with some revisions by Parliament daily. We were discussing that book and he said Jefferson was the least religious of our first four presidents and yet attributed various statements to Jefferson that would point them in one in the Bible in schools and things like that. It's not my area of expertise of I have people who are critical in saying no no is misrepresenting things here.

There are only a fair hearing for the sake of our listening audience. So first overall, your evaluation as a historian of of the the picture. The David Barton paints of early America, and then if there are areas or one you want to focus on what you take issue to give us an example of your perspective.

So you know I I've listened to David Garnet Bennett a couple of event over the years, but recently came to an ankle contact where I live back in 2012 and I sat in the front row was.

It was great because you have nobody fit on the front row in church. The place was packed and I had great feet on the very front row and got to listen to David Barton in my dissertation, but picture dictation, which was later published as a book under the title one nation under God has been a lot of time talking about David Barton's work in addressing it is writing as well as Billy most of the Christian America thinkers between 1977 today in the way it you know I could look at it. They Barton, broadly speaking, is that David David Barton is wrong about history actually quite rarely, when you listen to him when he read his book, the EE usually no right right on about American history and about things that he is better in terms of the interim of the fact terms of the other details pretty incredible to listen to me about a very good handle on the things you might my primary problem is his use of history. He often will will cherry pick from the historical record in order to you know into in order to forward a particular what I would be given an ideological agenda and ideologically driven agenda which I think is not a very good history.

I don't think that historical think you can call yourself a historian if you're going to not look into consider all of the data that's available to your careful research and an honest inquiry in terms of guilt, how he does this.

I really think about his and if there's a few things that not to point out particularly when he talks about Jefferson being unable to free his slaves under Virginia law and I'll just refer to your readers to your excellent blog is readers you may have been extended reading. Jefferson lies the David Barton has written is that there's another really well report book that is a rebuttal to Jefferson a book called getting Jefferson right back checking claim.

Better third president by Grove city College scholar Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter and noted that David Barton was listening to that he would immediately want to fly into a rage for me bringing this book. It he does talk about a lot of updated edition but by the way, we without referencing the.

The authors of the name of it made reference to attacks and critiques. Of course they came up neatly and then he said he made a few minor corrections and was appreciative that that the rest either. He rebuts it yet.

II recommend people read both III written books and and their books written against my book source read about. That's the best exactly I mean I totally agree. I had a bad review committee my pic excellent but just yesterday a file opulent. It did you read the book and emigrant vision, but we talked about when it went. When Barton talked about the manumission laws of Virginia know what he does when he looked at the 1782 Virginia log manumission, he really think he really does leave out very critical details and that law and it leads him to really a false characterization of Petrillo algebra computed on flight specifically for 1782. But what would be backup, specifically David Barton is the Jefferson did not free a slave like George Washington did in 99 when he died because Virginia law forbade the freeing of your slave and left you're doing at your death like what Washington did me… I actually quote the femininity to lobby leaves out that the important part that they that you can you know you can for your slave by by a deed in it while you're still alive.

Jefferson could could indeed have freed slaves as as a living person. He died in 1826 he could have three displays at any time between an 1826 and there is that a notable example of someone who did that Robert Carter is wound over 400 slaves very wealthy Virginia plantation owner and he freed his life in 17 9172 law and know so this is this is an example and it's an example of the David Barton bring up a lot. That thing that Thomas Jefferson could not free of life is illegal for him to breathe life and that's why he didn't pick it out, died in 1826.George Washington did so, he did that with his last will and testament and so that that's theater theater at the troubling example for no one away the David Barton I think you did history in order to support a particular characterization of of Jefferson as someone trying to make excuses form provided.

Lately he had a slave he could have freedom. He didn't want the people had slaves in those days George Washington George Washington could have three displays a long time before he died I don't know why he feels the need to defend Thomas Jefferson in this way in and and to misrepresent you know that the femininity long-awaited friends. Just as this were just another time that the two books, David Barton. Jefferson lies in getting Jefferson right Warren Throckmorton of the names if you just get those two titles. Jefferson lies new addition and getting Jefferson right compare the free solstice David Barton will have responsive than the critics will say it's an adequate response or sorted out, but Prof., I'd like to have Jan to talk more about American history. Some of these cultural issues how we come back to to certain Christian biblical foundations without trying to establish a theocracy and separation of church and state controversy.

So perhaps another time we can have a little more time to talk and explore these broader issues, but thank you sir.

Wearing a forgiving sure perspective, much appreciated. Thank you so much appreciated all right, but again, American exceptionalism festered from closing my bottom line today. The only way America is going to stop Wheatley losing his mind this by going back God sets world continues to go crazy all around us here to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire back from London got in last night had a wonderful trip arrived on Friday, four times over the weekend some good private times as well with key leaders and then flew back yesterday yesterday broadcast was prerecorded because I cannot fly year in July broadcast at the same time. Maybe one day that technology will change, but right now, hasn't happened until that changes I could probably just speak directly into everybody's ear around the world and the will hear me at the same time 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 a bunch of things I want to discuss with you today, but I'm going over the phone lines as we do on Fridays for you got questions, we've got answers this past Friday I only answered each question so I'd take your calls.

But if you'd like to raise your questions. If you'd like to weigh in with comments if there's something you want to probe with me, by all means give me a call any question you have of any kind whatsoever that you want to ask Ms. Lawson's fit for Christian radio 866-34-TRUTH 87884 sure to check out my latest articles. My latest videos we have posted a video today right. Address the question, is it ever right for Christian to remarry after divorce. While the spouses still live it. Address that question. I've got a video on an outrageous statement by Cecile Richards at the Planned Parenthood that would've voted for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders – he actually said that I dress that an illustrated video. Those are our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown and then my latest article on the sickening hypocrisy of Apple and Starbucks so check out latest video latest audio latest article all on Esther to Brown ASCII DR Brown doffed org how Josh yesterday.

The terrorist bombing in Jerusalem chew simultaneously in Jerusalem.

If you look at these buses there. There just just the buses just got it and it's is just it's it's a horrible picture and and yet VP Biden last night, so this is within hours of the bus bombing says that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's is leaving the country in the wrong direction. He was speaking to an Israel advocacy group J St. criticize Palestinian leaders but saved his harshest words for Israeli officials close.

I firmly believe that the actions that Israel, Israel's government has taken over the past several years. The study and systematic expansion of settlements, legalization of outposts, land seizures, they're moving us.

More importantly, they're moving Israel and the wrong direction. Yes, according to the article on reading from Biden did signal out Palestinian leaders to modify the boss for declining to condemn specific acts of terrorism. Carry-ons carried out against Israelis is present said he didn't know whether Monday's explosion was a terrorist act but added that the US condemns misguided cowards who resort to violence have come on hours after a bomb blast leaving how how many injured wounded at least 21 God only knows the severity of the conditions and if any, will die and VP Biden does not take his major emphasis for his major emphasis on Palestinian terror, but rather Israeli policies. That's messed up that mess up 866-34-TRUTH like that. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown testing 66 Michael Brown your voice of sanity and spiritual clarity midst of a society in chaos in the church.

All too often in compromise of the phone lines on this Tuesday. I can really do on Friday. You've got questions.

We got answers any question of any kind you want to ask me any issue you want to raise to me the phone lines are wide open. 8663 foray 87884 before the break, I mentioned the bus bombing in Jerusalem and 21 people injured when you see that the bus just a shell of a bus left it's it's amazing that everyone wasn't killed on the bus, VP Biden speaking to Israel advocacy group last night spends this is that his harshest criticism not for the Palestinian Authority and tell him he gets positive terrorism, but rather against the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel extraordinary extraordinary so power This is Palestinian media watch reports that thought talk, which is official organization Palestinian Authority file talk are very much linked hand-in-hand my for the bus, the leader of the Palestinian Authority.

What are they post on the on the Facebook thought talk page yell oxo martyrs brigades blasts the self-sacrificing operation. The good news of victory keeps arriving a bus bombing operation of the occupied city of Jerusalem, which dozens of Zionists were injured. The fact that there could be a Facebook page publishing this the fact that Mahmoud Abbas has not 100% completely renounced thought talk and statements like this tells you all you need to know, and explains why Israel does what it does and lives the way it lives and shame on Sen. Biden for rebuking Israel at a time like that. If you have issues with policies save them for another day.

866-34-TRUTH we go to the phones starting in Greensboro, North Carolina with Carolyn. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi, thank you so much for taking my call.

I just have a question about a only a small number of Jewish people all about how God created man began when actually I think that everything is male and female existed in the first human being. And then it later when the Scripture spent male and female created he them.

That they became male and female. From that point on, but originally were not. You know what I'm thinking about you that it Eric Bay and I know it has little to say no.

Here's the here's the mistaken part. Okay let me explain what useful God originally creates one human being called on Dom within where was the fullness of the human race, meaning that within our dominance is male and female he created them. But it's just one person that he created initially alright so with and that one person. There was obvious that he was a male and within him. There had to be some type of female genetic component in the way God made us, and then in Genesis 2 he takes out of the man. He makes a woman and now you have the two separate one, so the woman comes out of the man so initially in that sense I Dom man is male and female, and then God takes the woman that he shot out of the E she takes the woman out of the man and show from there. From there we we have Adam and Eve and now Adam is exclusively male and Eve is exclusively female.

The bike the idea that some ancient rabbis had and it's just it's not necessarily that of conspirators conceptualized by this in a kind of dogmatic way but but more more in a distant kind of a graphic picture was as if you had kind of back to back a male and female, and that in some way.

Adam was androgynous that he was somehow both male and female physically and out, then God Splits them, but that that's not a widely held viewpoint and certainly not what Scripture says I Dom, if you looked at him.

He was a male, but he had within him. Obviously those components for the females when God takes out of the cider takes the rib as it makes the woman that you have male and female so that the the idea that would be un-biblical would be as if you had like on this dual human being that like almost a Siamese twin with no back to back in one side mailed. It is a female course that's not what would happen. That's not how he was created right right the name of that only occurred at one time but I don't remember what I just solved. The only way that I've heard described was that Adam was originally androgynous and that would've been the only only name I've heard.

I don't know if there's something else associated with this so I'm on the familiar yeah. Okay.

Thank you. I'm not sure and I look initially got cyst on Dom Peru which he was be fruitful and multiply, which you cannot do until the woman separated from the man, and now is her own unity.

86634. The woman is created out of the mat letting us make an interesting point. There are evolutionary scientists who are completely against intelligent design creationism and they will often say look human being share was 98% of chimpanzee DNA is set to figure something like that. As if this now points to well there. We must've evolved from from apes know all that shows is the masterful genius of the creator who could use so much of the same common building material service in the DNA and you come up with beings that are so completely different so radically and dramatically different.

So the same way I Dom, who was a man looking for a companion but having done so. He was not a dual you half male, half female walking around like that was a man was a suitable companion in the animal world right at the names of the animals shows a superiority dominion over them.

No, there is no suitable companion so out of his either his side.

The word seller can mean side or rib out of that God now makes the woman and then the two become one only a man and woman coming together can be 12 men coming together two women, you cannot be one in the way the man more because originally man and woman were one of the unique way. And now that union reflects the fullness of male and female in the uniqueness of the creation of God, 866-348-7884 we go to Ames Iowa Robert welcome to light a fire. Thank you talk to college on the topic of gender. I'm not heavily involved number Vineyard movement and the issue of same-sex marriage deftly been issued about one of the other issues that kind of becoming concerning your bike while were standing for the biblical definition of marriage, or someone government meant that a certain truth.

Well someone who is transgendered believe the Bible governs specifically mentioned someone who man who identified the woman or vice versa. We shouldn't consider that family will younger transgendered of them so I like others like Annex not loving to the loving way to respond with the members of the third transgendered to pray that God where the make him comfortable, and whatever whatever they are now endowed be including it out there on the way to know. Having oral surgery and I might like what is confused them like what going on. That certainly you have friends within the vineyard who have wanted to redefine marriage and sanction a committed homosexual relationships but that still remains a friendship in the vineyard movement not endorsed by the, the national leadership and I would imagine I haven't looked at the response to the transgender issue yet.

I would imagine saying you got friends just like you have with with almost every denomination because you have those that lean left and when they lean left the they get away from scriptural authority a few things. If someone has a genuine mental disorder, mental or emotional disorder, and they they are biological chromosomal males and believe there females in the dress as a woman that may not necessarily be sin if we classify them as having a mental or emotional disorder.

Note someone that's medicated for certain thing and they go off their medication and they they act crazy when we don't the silly consider that sin, I mean that in on the what they did, sometimes because they have a disorder likely to be disorder in the brain, just like they can be disorder in the body, but the last thing the transgender wants to be classified as a sum of the mental or emotional disorder. They want to say it's anything but a disorder. So then how do we address it on a come back to that. So the brakes stay right there and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on I will bite John Limburg some years back. Official statement of the live in a deeply divided partisan nation but we need not be a deeply divided partisan church, the body of Christ must embrace life intention regarding the LGBT community welcoming all people, but not affirming all behaviors to Robert that official statement is what I would always preach that whoever it someone is whatever state of life therein. We need to welcome them into our midst and preach the gospel to them and serve them and seek to bring them to repentance and wholeness and salvation. So I tell people my home congregation or from man comes in wearing a dress and carrying a Bible and praises the Lord through the message what you do fight a lot for lunch afterwards gets annulment help them find wholeness in Jesus.

The question of what about those who are advocating within vineyard in another denominations Christian groups no-no you have to embrace that this is who the person really is.

If if Johnny is 100% convinced of the corpus being has been for years and that he's actually Jane and that after cycle of psychological evaluation has been school gender dysphoria, then he should be embraced as Jane and that's the compassionate thing to do. Of course, I recognize there are some people a tiny tiny tiny tiny minority of biological or chromosomal abnormalities. And in that this whole separate issue to address were simply talking about someone who's a biological chromosomal mail say like Bruce Jennifer everything we know who identifies as Caitlin and now were all supposed to embrace his Caitlin is that were supposed to do almost certainly, certainly not the first problem is, where does one draw the line of perception becomes reality, then how do we tell Rachel dollars. All she's not black when she is a white woman identifies as black and if you can have transgender why not transracial. Some so you can because perception is reality. What about trans-species, some so you can go to my YouTube channel folks asked Dr. Brown asking dear Brown on YouTube and check out my video on the man who became a woman then a Dragon novelties. Richard Hernandez now believes he is evil.

It's llama medusa, a mythical Dragon why not if it's the one is real then why not the other is real. So that's the first problem us affirming perception is reality. Now we get away from from any any semblance of truth. The second thing is gender distinctions are important.

Biblically, none of this could make us male and female but deals with us male-female throughout Deuteronomy 22 five says a woman must not cut a man's apparel, nor shall a man wear women's clothing for every dude does these things is apparent to the Lord your God, and that that phrase 12 out of the will have to apart to the Lord or parts. Lord your God, I checked every one of those references and all of them were for things that apply for all time. Not just for ancient Israel. They said no were not cross-dressing. This is who we really are.

The reality is if your biological mail and you lived in ancient Israel, and he said I'm a woman and you problems clothing you would be in strict violation of that. The compassionate thing to do is to help that person find wholeness by getting to the root of their problems and by finding out why it is, is it an emotional issue.

Is it a psychological issue going back to certain things earlier in life is that is there any component that's biological that needs the adjustment or healing or anything like that know you don't affirm the person after sex change surgery and say hey this is who you are. We embrace you now is this the you try to get to the root of the problems.

The website sex change sex change was founded by Walt higher, himself a man who had was on hormones and had sex change surgery to become a woman, only to realize that that was really not his. His issue and reverse whatever he could reverse to to go back to being a biological mail but he was always a man. The whole time and he has many, many cases on that website of people who had sex change on the so you can transgender you can't, no matter what anyone says. So it's a dangerous trend it's done in the name of compassion. I think people mean well, but it's ultimately destructive on biblical and opens up a Pandora's box of social and cultural madness and a Robert if the your home congregation went in that direction. That would be one good reason to leave because that would mean there departing from scriptural authority if it's just our friends within the movement I would worry about it know exactly my home congregation is pretty we're pretty solid and I think not remembering tarnation is telling a Facebook vineyard illogical form, but started getting argument felt like I've never like orbit or someone that basically the argument was if you're like if there come up to you for prayer and their definition of feeling you know is that you know God would provide them the means to go through the sex change. You know the best compassionate ways to pray for their desire and I'm like yeah you desire so that one up thing a lot I want.

The abundance of God to provide me with more caroling yeah because I have I have a need. I have an addiction and even for not comparing those two things identically look the if you're asking God, then yes, God healed me from the inside out. Help me from the inside out.

You don't you don't ask God to provide money so you can get hormone therapy and then have these perfectly healthy bodily parts made by God now mutilated or changed or removed or whatever it be just like so with body identity integrity disorder be IID who for decades has been tormented by the presence of a of a right-hander.

They feel it's like this had grown out of their their their their shoulders and something terrible in some horrific so what are they due date they cut the handoff if you people don't of amputated limbs woman blinded yourself with the help of Dr. Blinder self in another happy because I got rid of these extraneous lambs or they never knew they were not whole when they were seeing. I know it's sounds crazy, but these are deeply troubled, not judging them as wicked and say there are deeply troubled and need help from the inside out, and to pray for them, provide money to amputate the hand. No no no I provide money.

Pray for money be provided to amputate a mutilated chain something else on their body.

Thank you for the call. Robert and again for my consulting leadership is standing rightly on this. Hey look, friends, the DSM, the diagnostic and statistical manual of the American psychiatric Association is likely the Bible of the psychiatric world and in in the fifth edition it changed gender identity disorder into gender dysphoria, so it's no longer listed as a disorder previously was listed as disorder surly because Mrs. Bullock. Luckily, Mrs. Mike DSM-V similar disorder. That's what they said you much pressure. Transgender activists put on them.

In general the backlash they got within come out with just the right language.

It's it's kind of like me putting a gun to your head and saying tell everybody a nice person.

It's a nice person. Is it C you misjudging them actually a nice person. It's insane. This is not just done in some dispassionate, completely scientific, nonpolitical, non-pressured way. No, these are the facts is the facts. Let's face the facts.

And let's pray for people who have this disorder to find wholeness and help in Jesus and let us be a compute community of believers with a defined wholeness and help friends. We've got a terrific Passover resource for you would put a great package together so that we don't normally have in stock in stock at a very special price free videos well go to my website find out more aspect friend asked Kate art Brown.Ford, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire. This is your joyfully Michael Brown freshly back from London got in last night. If great weekend of ministry 866-34-TRUTH 7884 the number to call it a little while and open up the phone lines Wi-Fi development of now be a few minutes before get your calls but if you asked me a question. Any question whatsoever of any kind you want to ask because I was flying to England on Friday and flying back on Monday.

We only answered emails on Friday show was not able to take live calls. So if you got a question you'd want to ask 8663. Foray 7884 a few minutes. I'll be joined as normal at this time on Tuesdays by my esteemed colleague James Robison as we talk about some key issues of going on in society today in God's heart God's mind and that that'll be about five minutes from now. But first let me draw your attention to to something not to do. May I do this something not to do. If this is accurate. Is this really happen sometime somebody makes this up, but according to this report waitress in Charlotte, North Carolina, says that she's hurt after customer left quote hateful message for her on a bill instead of a tip.

Now this is been done before. The person forged it all right.

This has been done there been people gays and lesbians.

It's I got beat up.

I got this happen to me that have to be here that the marks at some some guy guys didn't know holding a Bible and yelling at me and it was all a hoax and they did it to themselves and assuming this is true. Okay. Assuming this is true where where there's a place for the.

The tip okay and it it looks it looks legit so set on face value, where it lists that the tip $20 bill it says Leviticus 2013, which is death penalty for two men line with each other and then on the bottom praying for you! HI letter unchristian thing to do. You talk about a way to alienate people you talk about a poor witness.

It's bad enough when you going to a restaurant, a Sunday afternoon after church service and you pray before your meal and you got a big party there and you make that that server work hard back and forth, back and forth and did I really see she came in they be in your Sunday best or the city. Pray before your meal or they hear you talk about the Bible, a great sermon today and leave some low tip that's bad enough that's better for you Christian witness show generosity show appreciation for the people who serve, honor, honor them okay because most of the money they can get is is on tips to get a big table that takes a lot of their time or they get the place filled with church growth. II listen we used to have students for ministry school that worked at a restaurant near Pensacola, Florida and is a time when the manager in almost all the all the. The waiters and waitresses were students from ministry school and they would try to do their best to not work Sunday afternoon because be filled with Christians in the get the worst of civil. That's bad enough, but to not leave a tip at all, and then to put down an Old Testament verse about the death penalty from such a practice and then to add praying for you on top of it against this is legit because I know how this person would've known that the. The server was was a lesbian but each of a bad witness exhibit but whether she was lumber's Uribe from Jesus died created image of God fallen flawed like the rest of us needing redemption. Sure love right away to be kind to get interest in her life and given extra generous tip.

Just if you identify yourself as a Christian, by all means, given extra generous tip but don't don't ever do stuff like this or relieve a little note looks like $100 bill and it's just a track on the other end think all praise Lord is an acute hey do that if you leave a generous tip to all right right back with Rev. James Robison file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown last right up to this morning national radio programs local radio programs.

Folks want to talk to about articles that I've posted on the stream if you don't go there regularly. If you don't get news updates from the stream of you don't get the commentary of dates, by all means do it is a look at right now. Here's a major store Utah governor to sign antiporn law. Today I'm looking at commentaries from a wide range of top conservative thinkers and then along with that some great inspiration and this website that the of the product of the vision God gave to Rev. James Robison James welcome again to light a fire fighter docketed to be with your appreciate what you're writing. The Arctic people are wise about concerned about not only to read what you're writing but to share the last week in three days we had about a million new viewers and readers to the stream is based upon what God put on your heart to share her knowledge and as you talk about rid of the hypocrisy of the two major corporations and their answer: Starbucks or doing business freely in Saudi Arabia where they are killing people who are claiming to be here practicing homosexual activity and or they do not allow freedom of the specimen so many areas and ambiguities.

Is there but someone has a conviction here that we could borrow out opposite sex, or transgender.

You really into the bathrooms of our granddaughters are our daughter's children and you know they pull out the other sizing newsgroups. Bruce Springsteen, citing Brian yet he'll probably reserve a pricer so it's as you point out its hypocrisy in God the pelvis to recognize that and stop the nonsense yeah and and again friends.

We need to be a voice. Yes, the world is going crazy around this, but that doesn't mean we just let it go crazy around this James this this I think gets to the root of a problem that you've addressed for many years, which is if we are to make our voices heard. Then then we have to be true as well. The other words it's right for us to expose the hypocrisy of it of an apple or Starbucks again friends you can read my on the sickening hypocrisy of Starbucks and an apple.

But we ourselves that have to live right. If we are going to speak to the world and shine brightly, then we must be consistent.

We've got a deal with hypocrisy and romanced well-regarded knowledge to create inconsistency likely one of the things that is so terribly damaging factors would almost mark but at least we admit there's a mark as a standard of measure to show us the standard we file. We don't just eradicate the standard and remove the standard of measure because we didn't measure up.

That's really when the nation is going into what we might call reprobate party. I to the point that they don't think straight.

When you change God's truth into something that is not until I argue ignored or misrepresented or just discarded and that is in essence exactly what's happening today. It's not a matter whether we file you answer matter whether or not we return to the correct standard of living, because we have a standard that corrects us. We don't eliminate the standard excellent timing is right for scrapping the current forecasting the great foundational punch side as though they don't matter where building on Cheyenne lives, relationships, opportunity and freedom is collapsing all right, so you can have freedom without a moral people in a responsible people and ultimately you can have that without a God fearing people. One of the things on the stream is you've got some commentators who are expert with finances and economics which which I certainly am not of anything but that. So is find it fascinating when someone can take biblical principles and apply those say to the economy. The other areas of life.

So, in your judgment or is not just a matter of sake. The Bible tells us how to live in the home and how we should be married. Husbands and wives and raising our children, and so on.

Light and things of that. The other all of the major areas of life. You and you would find that there's a biblical principle and some of your stream authors and editors are using biblical principles to address things like the economy correct is nothing without understand when you look at some of the trends today. There are a lot of young people going that we should take and redistribute the wealth which then guarantees poverty for everybody and that you are seeing people on this.

This is a momentous move.

Even as a relates to one of the candidates. Right now, promising at work on take from others and redistribute once you make people dependent upon a source other than God. You have moved them over into the realm of total fleet because I don't accept responsibility. They don't take advantage of the privilege of freedom is given them to become productive and contributing individuals.

It is a very strong tournament we got today and I'm telling you Christians don't pray any questions, don't spread the truth which is what were trying to be with string tributaries of wisdom and enlightenment in him, citing correction that is very helpful expire if we don't reach out follow me to get turn also share it with love and conviction were not going to correct our course for the collapse any people in Outlook to a source other than God and to their own responsibility and accountability. We are going to lose the freedom we would enjoy and the opportunities and blessings are supported and we really do have the stage at the collapse of Christians really need to correct immediately about all these candidates who seem to be at one another all the time we better come to the table of reasons for praying for that store printable's ability to give us to sit down together and where we have differences even in our discussion I we have different approaches which sit down in Greenwich Street the most sound solution to the serious problems we price and let's just don't blow one another up try to rise by tearing of the people around you really do need to be careful that we build on principles and reads all those principles, not just attack personalities are worship personalities yeah and and obviously in the midst of the political season. It's easy to get into the political spirit, which is attack demean great others for your own benefit or to adventure cause discredit others even if we feel strongly about candidates and issues we have to be careful to conduct ourselves in a in a way that the does honor the Lord and yesterday, reports come that Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood on the feud seen the story but she said campaign with Hillary Clinton that a woman voting for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders is at as if Ted Cruz wants to kill him. The women I mean one of the most bizarre statements imaginable, but that's that's the radical pro-abortion side was the Republicans traditionally into the state call for strong pro-life stance. These really are life-and-death issues though. It's not just rhetoric.

These are life-and-death issues really are and should be so simple to stand up for the preciousness of life itself ago that help us about MS of the very people are campaigning to cite analyst take care of other literary worms are trying to justify the total limit of the most focused people. The plaintiff owes them alone and you just punch my heart but dissolution of her shares matter are just like marriages and service matter of family commitment is a serious matter. Economic instability of serious and excessive taxation and regulations are put people in bondage. These things matter and we had better start taking me your corrective measures very seriously and we need to understand right now that I've made leadership as it is chosen for the next two years will determine whether office patient teeters and collapses out with her mom, we began to return to sound banking sound economic opportunity and the privilege of blessing others because we ourselves are blessed and friends. I just had a guest on the last hour who is a historian American historian talking about the Christian roots and foundations of our country. James you just got about a minute that when I talk about a theocracy of of forcing everyone to live by the Bible. Rather, saying let's live by and let's advocate for these principles in society right well this might work because of a desire to worship God and have that freedom and the fact years of the founders were influenced by the truth of the gospel power and the sound principles in the word of God, and they actually brought together and put on paper a foundation of principles that actually lead to necessary correction in the lives of those who signed those amazing papers, so there was a power there was a forces of the power of prayer.

This is the supernatural power of God. They actually did something greater as a whole. All of them working together in unity of spirit that was bigger and greater than anyone of bail. Actually called them anyway to painful necessary repentance and correction can some of their own practices. So this tenacious is the father of the power of God in prayer. Mason James, as always, thank you for your time. Great having on the air with a visit their plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back or article II.

I know that time is short.

Right now, but but if you have any question that you wanted to get on Friday were unable is only answered email questions on Friday. Any question of any kind whatsoever that you had for me was it's appropriate for Christian radio and try to take a few calls if I can 866-34-TRUTH 87884 of here. This is just within the last couple of hours breaking news federal court just open the door to boy using the girls bathroom at school federal appeals court. This is associate press has overturned a policy barring a transgender student news and the boys restroom is Virginia high school three-judge panel of the fourth US circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the Colchester County school board policy is discriminatory is discriminatory against the boys is that discriminatory against the boys that a boy loses girl uses their their bathroom or she is a girl who believes she's a boy uses their bathroom. That's not discriminatory against them. The appeals court ruling establishes legal precedent present in the five states in the Fourth Circuit, including North Carolina, which raises a lawsuit challenging the state law requiring transgender public school students use the bathroom that corresponds to their sex on their birth certificate of the child was born female, but identifies as male of after complaints, the school board adopted a policy requiring students to use public restrooms correspond with their biological gender. Okay that the kid believes he's he's a male and hours. She believes she's a male apparently is happier living as a male like to get to the root of the kids problems and help them find wholeness as created as a female NAFTA be on hormones for life get 16 surgeon all the other trauma things have to live with. Obviously, the solution is wholeness from the inside out. However however now you discriminate against all the other boys so all the other boys are discriminated against all the other boys have to put up with this if it makes them uncomfortable. If it seems that your your your talking about high school okay with you guys know that's that person in their is female anatomy in our bathroom second to make someone uncomfortable or perhaps perhaps I'll possibly subjecting that person to the mistreatment and in what what about with some of the schools benefit. Okay, there's a faculty restroom and I have high schools to be big sellers is to get to somewhere but you don't bathroom you five times day school right but let's say Geddes bathroom and some school silicate. This bathroom is just for faculty but it's gender-neutral is just in a single bathroom in that you know so just go in there one at a time there in case I know one think of specifically where the school said to the parent. Okay, your child can use that bathroom now know he identifies as she uses the girls bathroom and then took the school to court over this is the type of madness were dealing with the madness of what society is doing the madness of imposing the struggle of one on every body else look at. I was speaking at a school recently was speaking, there was apologetics conference and I was I was speaking there and it was it was it was being held in a in a school building and I went into one part of the building and where I went into the building. It was like elementary school for little kids lined up in the hallways. I mean it's real little kitchen on elementary school-age and I have Elizabeth I didn't know what part of the building.

I was in I went in the bathroom disability went to the The Voice room and asked him as a leader in the bathroom all these little boys come walking enemy. Their little boys there younger than then any my grandsons and just little voice and I thought how utterly unfair to have someone that they all know is a girl come in their bathroom and then after Sharon arming some perverted things can happen. It's it's completely unfair to them. It's outrageous and then think of the girls when you open up the possibility of of some guy decided to take advantage of the law is to take advantage and and's identifies a girl for a while so you get to the girls bathroom or locker room is a people and they do it.

It's been documented the voyeurs and the predators and the others I hate to bring the stuff up all the time I could I could literally talk about it every day. Write an article on everyday put out a video on everyday because there's something in the news more outrageous than the day before, and something in the media more outrageous than the day before I I advocate is loudly and clearly as anyone.

The goal is to find wholeness for those who trouble the goal is to get to the root of their struggles that the goal is to to help them find wholeness from the inside out. That may not be the socially acceptable way today. That may not be the politically correct way.

But it's the way of ultimate compassion. Let me ask you question this request. If there you're going to have to have surgical intervention and have your your hand removed because of of some infection that could spread through your arm. You lose your arm can spread through your body and you die you have a choice between surgical intervention or a doctor saying actually I I have an intravenous treatment that will destroy that affection and that the risk of losing her hand is only like 2%. If we cut off.

It's 100%, the risk of losing him is only 2%.

We seen this work tremendously well what which option do you take GQ take the there intravenous one to try to save the hand right and if if someone says hey can I pray for you. First, can I pray your prayer God guide the surgeons hand as they amputate see God work a miracle and heal and and and remove this infection. That's a price right so my prayer person identifies transgender is not God help them have the funds for hormone treatment and sex change surgery or God-given peace of mind as they transition my prayers got healer from the inside out, let them find wholeness and harmony with their body made their mind and their body be at harmony one another without radical surgery without removing it, amputating healthy breasts or removing or mutilating or changing whatever you want to say healthy private parts, no, God heal from the inside out. That's compassion. Why tried hard not suicidal.

Now if you are child of God, he will always give you grace you not to commit suicide. He will he will on the condemning someone to commit suicide is irreparably lost regarding those in what state that they died emotionally, mentally, but I am saying there is always grace.

There is always a way of escape friends Passover is coming in a few days. We got a special Passover resource offer of very special package put together that'll be a great blessing if you take advantage recur. My website aspect around SK your My bottom line. Today the gospel is a message of life's message of salvation. Transformation is the message.

America must hear

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