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More on Obama's Betrayal of Israel; and 2016 as the Year of Great Shaking

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 27, 2016 4:40 pm

More on Obama's Betrayal of Israel; and 2016 as the Year of Great Shaking

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So just how great was America's betrayal to Israel before the UN Security Council will straighten out here for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the results of the voting machine in favor one adopted it as a sanction, 23, 34, that is the shameful sound of the UN Security Council announcing and then applauding the decision to call Israel's settlement activity illegal, thereby brand east Jerusalem, where Pres. Obama himself prayed at the Western Wall to brand settlements in Judea and Samaria to brand them illegal and this is all with the help and participation of the United States of America led by Pres. Barack Obama and perhaps the most shameful act of his presidency, one that will live on in infamy. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast. I hope you had a blessed Christmas.

I hope you are enjoying the Hanukkah season.

Those of you who like the Chanukah candles. Some do both subdued neither. Some do one or the other. But I prayed it and hope that your time was blessed with your family out. I will pray that your time was blessed of your retroactive for a hope. It was blessed all right 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

This is where we left off Friday when the UN Security Council voted 14 to nothing against Israel all that needed to be done was for the United States to veto the measure and it would've stopped right there. However, we had no intention of vetoing.

We plan to abstain, and in fact, according to Israel. It has quote ironclad information ironclad information that says that the United States Pres. Obama's administration worked actively with the Palestinians to draft the resolution and were behind it. Going forward reaction from Prime Minister Netanyahu has been intense will cover that will cover Sen. Ted Cruz saying that the United States should stop funding the UN until this is reversed will talk about some of the reactions from other Republican and Democratic leaders and of course the reaction from President-elect Tromp. But before we get into any of that just to make this perfectly clear if this is big. This is major and snooze were going to focus on to make this perfectly clear. The United States has differed with Israel's settlement part of this is been known.

There are critics within Israel of the settlement policy. There are critics saying that Prime Minister Netanyahu is himself to blame for this crisis because he kept up with building settlements in East Jerusalem and Judea, Samaria and territories occupied by war way that critics would put it in. This is only an obstacle to peace and upsets the US as well so promise Nathaniel is to blame for this, but as Prime Minister Netanyahu said yes there's always been a difference over the settlements, but friends don't take friends before the UN Security Council.

This is an absolute outrage and the purpose of the UN Security Council, according to official website of UN Security Council's primary responsibility under the United Nations charter for the maintenance of international peace and security. It is for the Security Council to determine when and where UN peacekeeping operation should be deployed that this has nothing to do then with what Israel is doing this. This is not a threat to world peace and security right now as we will demonstrate what is the UN Security Council done what is the UN done about the horrific bloodbath in Syria taking place just a few miles north of Israel. Hundreds of thousands massacred, tortured, butcher, and the UN wasn't done with the left. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. I should just note though that is highly irregular for president to make these sorts of moves so late in the presidency. We seen Bill Clinton do this at the end of his peace process but it was a process that was long underway. This really does seem like more of a punitive measure very irregular for an outgoing president more of a punitive measure friends. This was from October 27 foundation for Defense of democracies VP Jonathan Sean's or the White House plan that would kill the peace process. This is reported by the Wall Street journal. This was an opinion video on the Wall Street journal.

This was something that we have talked about or that others have written about and talked about that they saw coming for some time is not over yet.

It's not over there has been a concern that the Obama administration would do something ugly towards Israel that this would be a parting shot from Pres. Obama against Prime Minister Netanyahu and also a way of him undermining Donald Trump's administration coming in because UN security resolution can't be undone without a vote that would counter this, and that would also include China and Russia not vetoing it so you got something that's almost an impossibility. Naturally speaking and in a case like this when it's been talked about for months and when I been reading reports of what's been feared for months. It would Pres. Obama do and then he this happens.

This happens you have to say okay when the administration says no, we had nothing to do with this resolution whatsoever. Israel says it is ironclad information they've gone on international television and international media and city of ironclad information. We will give that over to the Trump administration if they want to release publicly find the Obama administration did not disabled in abstain from vetoing this they were behind it. According to multiple sources rhymes death. So listen to this report from October 27 JJ click number nine. Again, this is Jonathan Sean's or this is as reported by the Wall Street journal in terms of some things that might be coming initiated by the Obama administration.

Pres. Obama may be planning to recognize a Palestinian state at the United Nations before he leaves office foundation for Defense of democracies, VP Jonathan Shands, or joins the show with details so Jonathan, what have you learned while Mary learned that there are about six options right now that the president is considering from recognizing a Palestinian state to UN Security Council resolution. The details parameters for the peace process.

Or perhaps I think even more likely. UN Security Council resolution against settlements. If those failed and we think that there could be a a rose garden speech or some other parameter speech that the president delivers in in the last several months of his presidency. There also apparently weighing the option of sanctions or at least boring organizations that support settlements through IRS regulation. So as we understand it there about six different options on the table.

All punitive measures in the eyes of Obama. Perhaps a last chance of score settling with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminisces this is remarkable notice. One of the specific options that hear their reporting back in October. October 27 right that one of several options one of several things that prison.

Obama might do is have a UN security council resolution against the settlements. That is exactly what happened but look it went beyond that it went beyond just talking about the settlements say and in what's called West Bank or Judeo Samaria you're talking about in the heart of Jerusalem as well. East Jerusalem remember during the war with the five surrounding Arab nations try to wipe out that the fledgling state of Israel. 1948 Jordan occupied East Jerusalem and the Jewish people only got it back a great cost in 1967 and it was a time when all of the Jewish sites were defiled by the Jordanians and and synagogues turned into bathhouses and things like that just to further mock the Jewish people in Israel recaptured that this is the eternal capital of the Jewish people, but now according to this resolution is illegal territory. If you if you join me. If you're one of those going on our tour to Israel cobbling in in late February or early March and we go to pray at the wall. One day as we as we do right. We we go there. Just understand that that is now illegal territory where Pres. Obama went and offered a prayer that is not considered illegal territory effect. Listen to what Charles Krauthammer has to say this was December 22 special report on Fox news click number seven Charles Krauthammer articulating just how grotesque this UN resolution is an and again, according to excellent reports and sources. The Obama administration was behind the resolution help craft the resolution and then abstained from vetoing it an ugly slap in the face of Prime Minister Netanyahu and the people of Israel, and one that they will not forget.

Let's listen to Charles Krauthammer to give an idea of how appalling this resolution is, it declares, and any Jew who lives in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem the Jewish quarter, inhabited for thousands of years is illegal breaking international law essentially an outlaw can be hauled into the international court or international courts in Europe which is one of the consequences.

The Jewish quarter has been populated by Jews for a thousand years in the war of independence in 1948 the Arabs invaded Israel to wipe it out.

They did not succeed.

But the Arab Legion succeeded in conquering the Jewish quarter and expelled all the Jews they destroyed all the synagogues in all the homes for 19 years with no Jew could go there. The Israelis got at the back of the Six-Day War, and now it's dictator.

This is not Jewish territory.

Remember, it's called the Jewish quarter, but it belongs to other people in any Jew who lives there is an outline that's exactly what we supported the resolution. The six explicit in saying settlements in the occupied territories standing East Jerusalem precisely so an absolute outrage, but is an amazing assembly. All these different nations around the world meant Senegal New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela sponsoring the bill sponsoring the resolution.

Egypt initially sponsored it earlier in the week present electronic reached out to the president of Egypt, who stepped back from offering it, which was an extraordinary thing to see happen.

People say was only one present time is no business for Donald Trump to get involved. There, under normal circumstances, perhaps because this was overt attempt by Pres. Obama to undercut the peace process as Donald Trump would step into it to make it more difficult for him stepping into it as may see it was appropriate for him to reach out. I'm glad that he did so. Egypt, then step back from sponsoring it.

Then New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal, Venezuela why the world would they sponsor this.

What's their issue with Israel is remarkable. Listen at the whole world unites together and was it ultimately come down to Jerusalem the world against reasons in the Bible friends read Zechariah 12 read Zechariah 14. This stuff is in the Bible read a little further premise. Netanyahu called in the US ambassador to brow beat our ambassador and then called in the 10 ambassadors. I believe it was 10 that have ongoing relations with Israel. He called them, and to cut off ties, diplomatic ties with not be welcome at events etc. to. He is pulled any funding from the UN and he has pulled projects they're working with Senegal. Their work with the ugly special project is now pull those you don't. You don't start to work together and have business relations and in Israel find constructive ways they can improve the life of the people. Senegal then have the Senegalese leaders do this. Israel simply not going to happen and and then and then on on top of that, on top of that he has urge the United states to stop funding the UN. Right now we give about 22% of the overall UN budget comes from United States Sen. Ted Cruz has said no funding until UN Security Council reverses this right there's there is a lot more to talk, let alone get to some of your calls as well and then I want to look at some of the history of anti-Semitism in the UN.

Some of the shocking history bias hatred towards Israel rejection of the Jewish they were going to call it it it is so mind-boggling. The obvious that you have to be in denial to deny seeing it written about these things have address them if you go to my digital library and the website you will find a host of related resources. That is the line of to start the search for Israel through Jerusalem final articles and videos that are highly relevant also take advantage digital download friends sent off until the new year on the line of for cleansing and Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown would have underwriters with United States during the jackals at the UN voice of Charles Crump Hammer again weighing in on the horror of what was done, the shameful betrayal of Israel. According to Israeli enter minced minced Israeli energy minister you Folstein it's USA has abandoned its only friend in the middle east. All all also also, let me let me point this out. There is a major meeting in next few days in France. International gathering of leaders and the concern there is that Secretary of State John Kerry will lay out what he believes the peace process should look like and try to get international support for another dagger in Israel's back light of that promised anything I was urge the Jews of France to leave France and with Israel if they want to continue to live their lives as to say this is all very very intense.

866348784 let's go to Edison in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Welcome to modifier. Okay, yes, go ahead anyway. I will not present the Army.

The very moment he got a late payment.

You know, and eight poly Cerritos. It just looked at his November inauguration at the that he was not quite know that if you make a joke of it. It is position has always been that of a Muslim. He is always held anything against the wind, the president of the it'll with it once discussion with him matters look at certain usual.

No easy she just treated. So disrespectful intended.

I'm talking about Obama tricked him and he gave him her tutorial Jewish history, which you ablated cut to the heart. Anything president are present that you regarded anything to do with Italy has no respect is that it is my position. My opinion know it is roughly a lot of what went on in second Kings chapter 6 no luck the skillet, but man quite a bit a man of God rather there was a young man came and told the board actually fairly saw this the actually very good Army during argument and he set up a lunch with Bill Cosby show man's at DiMasi with us more than yet yeah I didn't in second Kings chapter 6 that's exactly what happens where God shows him angels in flaming chariot surrounding the city listened be there the more with us more guesses even though they seemed outnumbered a completely so I don't believe that Pres. Obama himself is a Muslim, but I do believe he has great sympathy for Islam for a number of reasons, including the years he spent growing up in Indonesia, and even being listed as muscle there because this is father was Muslim. None of that surprises me. Yes, he will say were still great friends with Israel and and have positive things to say and yet there has been deeper trail. And yet, in this case before us his true colors really are coming out there. There is no denying it. That is true colors are coming out at this point and the mistreatment of Prime Minister Netanyahu, which was videotaped where they were sitting together meeting and then Pres. Obama walks out to have dinner with his family leaves in the Army just something that is not done to another head of state, let alone to your chief ally and friend in the Middle East. Israel with the key role Jewish people have in America. The betrayals all the more ugly it's it's really undeniable, and the only positive to me is that the ugliness is coming to life only positive is that it's coming to light before he leaves office, but it does make things more difficult. The next administration and for the people of Israel. This is still devastating news. I thank you for the call for weighing and 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Ella and Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire and doing well thank you okay I don't remember way back in the Bible like something about somebody look on being he, Israel, and then find the round and does something like like Them in the back and I may be taken, but I think it don't blame Danielle Young. I'm not sure how that I'm not sure the specific passage to which you are referring in Daniel, of course.

First Thessalonians 5 is a much more general passage, Ella. That's is when people are saying peace and safety, then sudden destruction will come on them.

It wouldn't surprise me if there is an end time peace treaty with Israel and the surrounding nations find a time of total harmony and peace in Israel has no defense walls or anything like that because everything seems peaceful and that's when the last hellish war breaks out and then gobble defendants people at that point I have to look at Daniel again to see what verse you might be thinking of in those terms, but limited to citizen. I don't believe that Daniel would be prophesying about Pres. Obama and this is not mean that in every way.

Pres. Obama's wicked evil man.

That means that his dealings now with with Israel have been very wrong and very unrighteous and, therefore, with respect to the office of the president or called out publicly thank you for the call 86634 yet. Let me just give you a little hint of the bias in the UN and by the way I'm going to take this up the next 30 minutes or so. If you miss any part of the broadcast catchall Click on listen entire shows archived within a couple of hours of its completion. Or you can listen live wherever you are in the world by just clicking on listen live on the website or on your cell phone, you'll be able to listen online at the UN human rights Council from its creation in 2000 62,016 over one decade adopted 135 resolutions criticizing countries okay and tenure. Reitzel was created 2006 until 2016. It had 135 resolutions criticizing countries, 68 of those 135 resolutions have been against Israel. Yeah 68/135. Think of all the atrocities that have taken place over the world the last 10 years is the main culprit Israel shame on the UN hey friends, an exciting announcement.

Our new book, breaking stronghold food will be out January 3, that there is a special, limited time offer from the publisher will encourage you to take advantage of it.

Even if your ready order the book get another one. Here's the deal. Go to stronghold only available here stronghold of got that stronghold when you order the paperback humility through Amazon will be a link to do that.

You will then get sent to the first three chapters immediately in PDF once you start reading it and then when the book is released. January 3 that the paperback is set free e-book as well via both get one free for three Is immediately have to do and it's a very limited offer. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us on the line of fire. Welcome back from your Christmas break. 866-34-TRUTH 784 the number to call if you like to weigh in on the UN vote and America's role in this again rather ironclad. That's the way it is really leaders have put it, they have rather ironclad Intel that America was not just a passive partner with this resolution abstaining from voting abstaining from vetoing it, but rather an active partner in crafting it and bringing it forward through the Palestinians and others. What do I believe don't know for fact that I believe that's true, why because we've heard this was coming for a while. We have heard this was coming for a while. We have heard the Obama administration is going to do something like this and when it happens, as described in Israel's bold enough to say that rather ironclad Intel Israel had pretty good Intel.

I would believe that to be true. And when you have respected political pundits just publicly saying America was behind this I believe it is true, but either way what we do know that we abstained from the vote that is indisputable.

That is undeniable, and that is inexcusable out what is Israel doing in return, report New York Times yesterday undeterred by a resounding defeat at United Nations, Israel's government said Monday it would move ahead with thousands of new homes in East Jerusalem and more nations against further action, declaring that Israel does not turn the other cheek just a few days. If the UN Security Council to condemn Israeli settlements, uselessness of municipal government signal that it would not back down. The city intends to prove 600 housing units in the predominantly Palestinian eastern section of town on Wednesday when a top official call. The first installment on 5600 new homes and think that activity like that is is what the UN Security Council is getting exercised over wall bodies are rotting in Syria and in one of the worst atrocities and in terms of human barbarism with the whole world watching one of the worst atrocities in our lifetimes takes place and and again the UN barely lifts a finger much of the international community just sits by uninterested is not happening in their backyard. Hey, most of us in America hardly think about it because just so distant from us and it's not hey, it's not before us in social media and you see it in Instagram yesterday or whatever.

You know it's not relevant. Plus I got some cool new gadgets for Christmas in itself. Unfortunately, what we are of thinking and feeling. Here in Hades in a big sports weekend and and everything else but you think you think again what what is Venezuela or Seneca New Zealand or Malaysia or the other countries that voted in favor of the resolution. What what the settlements in Jerusalem have to do with them. If someone explain that to me to explain why that is of such pressing concern here in terms of of UN voting.

Let's see old but get this, this appear. The UN Gen. assembly from 2012 to 2015. This is according to the website UN United Nations Gen. assembly has adopted 97 resolutions criticizing countries enter believe this nonbelief 83 of those 97 have been against Israel. Yeah sorry Peter 2012 2015 United Nations Gen. assembly has adopted 97 resolutions criticizing countries 83 out of those 97 have been against Israel. You tell me United Nations is not anti-Semitic, and I'll ask you what are you smoking you file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to decade for June 1967, the West Bank, including much of Jerusalem was controlled by Jordan during that time, a time when Israel did not have a single settlement. There were numerous Palestinian terror attacks against the nationstate of the Jewish people. In other words, Palestinians committed terror attacks against Israel, when there were no settlements. That is, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, himself an opponent of the settlements, but on a video from Prager you per University from January 12, 2015 since two years old. He explains why the settlements are not the great obstacle to peace that their consciously presented as being in his proof is that there have been constant attacks against Israel, Jewish people attempts to wipe the Jewish people out terrorist attacks in others and constant rejection of the Jewish state before there were settlements 866-34-TRUTH 784 this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire before it gets us more calls. Let's listen to more of what Alan Dershowitz has to say in any season next going to talk about what happened in Gaza. Remember Gaza Gaza Strip.

This was occupied by Israel, the Jewish people were developing the land. There developing farms.

There were markets. One of my friends said when his wife was a girl there, go there to shop with family and and it was fine and the Palestinians living there and and there a standard of living was certainly higher then then it was under Hamas. So what happens Israel under aria, Sharon, shockingly, because he was stuck in a move right. The bulldozer under aria, Sharon, and under tremendous pressure from America since right was gonna pull out the uprooted thousands of people edited living there for years. Physically they dry literally had to drag people out of their homes. It was tremendously traumatic for Israel to see Israeli soldiers carrying fellow Israelis out of their homes, people crying and screaming into basically put them in a refugee camp within within the rest of Israel so that they can say fine will give this over to the Palestinians and what happens click number two Alan Dershowitz in 2005, Israel abandon every single community. Every house every farm every structure an adult in the Gaza Strip headed the Palestinians of Gaza react. They launched thousands of rockets and numerous other terror attacks against the nationstate of the Jewish people. The attacks continued to this very day and every year the range of these rockets have longer and their payloads more lethal. Only a very sophisticated Israeli antimissile defense keeps the country secure. Can you blame Israel for not wanting to risk a two front rocket and look Israel pulls out and what happens.

It gets far worse for the Palestinians. It gets far worse for them. There is a vicious war between the Palestinian Authority and come off with many killed with many tortured in the most atrocious ways in ugly war between them. The people end up voting, Hamas into power. Of course, Hamas does different has different programs of social benefit for the people there. It's not just about terrorism but in point of fact, it is it is a radical terrorist group that is probably just as corrupt as the Palestinian Authority in terms of mishandling of funds, if not more corrupt.

It is now hurt the overall standard of living for the Palestinians. Why because it is now been turned into a war zone with Hamas wanting the destruction of Israel.

How you have is your next-door neighbor without protections and making sure that arms are not smuggled into Egypt has also had to put up barriers with Hamas because, smugly entitles the Sinai from from each of smuggling weapons into Gaza and Hamas in and Egypt have not been in good standing and it goes on and on this what happens. Israel says I just take over just have added take it. So Dershowitz continues click number three wheeze explaining the nature of military occupations, military occupations are clearly permitted under international law following an aggressive attack by a neighboring state. Jordan drills neighbor to the east attacked Israel in 1967. Despite Israel's repeated efforts to keep Jordan out of the Six-Day War in defending itself against Jordan, Israel captured the West Bank in the eastern part of Jerusalem under international law until a meaningful peace is achieved and all terrorism against it ceases Israel has every right to retain military control over this area, since no peace treaty has been reached and the terrorism continues with new attacks threatened almost daily. Israel is under no legal obligation to leave. Given the danger that Israel would be putting itself and if it did leave the West Bank, exposing its major cities in international Airport rocket attacks.

It would be irresponsible to do so is why Israel is still there. Now you say okay, but that's different from settlements is different from building settlement.

If there is dispute over the Israel claims that it has the legal right to build settlements and after all, they say, look, there million and 1/2 Palestinian Arabs living in Israel proper. They have free rights of citizens they can vote their own Knesset from the Supreme Court they have to serve in the military so they get protected without having to serve in the military.

Why can't Jews live and what would potentially be a future Palestinian state.

If there is a two state solution, while miss my bus to be free of all Jews, Palestinians, a look, you're getting the best lanyard water supplies. All of this and some of the settlers or anti-Palestinian or even volunteer there is some ugliness you do have some extremist among the Jews, as well as extremists among the Muslims. It's just that you have a higher percentage of extremists among the Muslims in and terror is their way of getting back in Israel. Reginald is wrong. We rebuke so was perfectly fine to have dispute over the settlements not perfectly fine to dispute East Jerusalem forget that this perfectly fine to dispute whether Israel should be building settlements in difficulty � Mary now called West Bank is a conducive to peace or not but it is complete self-deception, to think that if they stopped over the settlements, there would be peace is not the primary obstacle to pieces. Alan Dershowitz demonstrates that video which we play clips not only so, but the big issue to repeat is as Prime Minister Netanyahu said you don't bring your friends before the UN Security Council so Ted Cruz tweeted this out spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tonight this December 24 to wish him happy Hanukkah and assure him of strong support in Congress. No US dollars for UN until reversed wall wall that would be significant in that comment suggests that crews could wash examiner has made his mind up since Friday when he said he looked forward to working with Sen. Lindsey Graham and Priscilla Trump to significantly reduce or even eliminate US funding of United Nations and also to seriously reconsider financial support for the nations that supported this resolution. This is heavyweight stuff. This is heavyweight stuff and and then then get filters. The controversial right wing Dutch parliamentarian and perhaps next Prime Minister who has been found guilty of hate speech and his country which is only been made him more popular. He tweeted to Israel. Ignore the UN and keep building your settlements as much as Israel may have a problem with good builders on the one hand, because they were try to be more measured in their tones about Islam.

They certainly have to recognize them as a comrade fighting against radical Islam and not being afraid to expose if this is this is weighty friends don't don't underestimate how weighty this is a report on the daily wire Hank Varian says this Obama administration not been yet.

Once Israel back at suicidal pre-1967 borders of this is that the greatest concern of all, not just what's happened with the Security Council resolution, but rather that Secretary of State John Kerry will will sketch out a plan for two state solution saying that that what America wants which link is fueled to the nations that what America wants is Israel to go back to its pre-1967 borders that would make it at its narrowest. About 9 miles wide, surrounded by peoples that want to annihilate them.

That's why they are called suicidal borders and the report continues, roughly one month ago. According to the times of Israel US official stated that Barack Obama had nearly ruled out any major last-ditch effort to put pressure on Israel Bristol peace negotiations with the Palestinians, indicating Obama will likely avoid one last role with Israel's government as he leaves office.

Only days later, Kerry at least into Israel. Speaking at the Brookings Institution saving form threatening Israel by refusing to commit to veto any UN resolution intended to establish a Palestinian state. He promised to veto if it is a biased and fair resolution calculated to G the religion of Caesar buys unfair resolution got that right calculated to delegitimize Israel.

Oh so this UN resolution that we did not veto was not biased was not unfair and did not delegitimize Israel.

What absolute nonsense UN resolution for which United States they last Friday denied your sovereignty over the Holiest Pl. in Judaism.

This essentially denying any Jewish claim to the land of Israel. This this outrageous and I'm glad because of her administration, clearly clear, warned about it said we question improvement out over the years, said her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for joining us on the line French initiative Paris conference is January 15. That's where there is great concern that Pres. Obama may promote the move. UN Security Council giving guidelines for peace agreement between Israel.

Palestinians that would be very difficult. Just another obstacle to overcome in the future and defense minister Victor Lieberman said this yesterday that Francis Francis proposed peace Summit is a modern-day Dreyfus trial of a difference he said is at this time, instead of the defendant be ones you will be the entire nation of Israel with France going to election since this is not a time for peace Summit at the tribunal against the state of Israel.

Dreyfus trial course goes back over 100 years when a Jewish officer was falsely accused and found guilty exposing national anti-Semitism in a very ugly level. It's part of what helped fuel the modern Zionist movement is Jews realize that they did not have a safe home and many other parts of the world. Israel's novice suspended ties with 12 of the UN Security Council nations.

It is suspended all working ties with 12 of the nations that voted to pass a resolution urging Israel to halt building its settlements of BSO foreign ministers and ambassadors from Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay, Spain, Senegal Museum will not be received at Israel's Foreign Ministry amid the disparate suspension they will also not be granted an audience with Prime Minister. It's on Yahoo.

I on and on it goes. Again the exact words of Dutch leader. Builders ignore UN and continue building and then Rebecca kill reports on the that representative Jimmy Kermit Democrat from Washington civil were seeing now with Israel's accusations is the beginning of the war American government were seeing the air war right now missing all these tweets. Those kind of innuendo and always have stories all the stuff to create tremendous tensions that when the president comes in on Jerry 20th. He vacant he could begin the ground war which will be when his appointees began to carry out his actions and the departments across the government have a training swamp is not war. The American government is draining the swamp with this part of the swamp you drained as well. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Deborah in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Thank you for calling the line of fire. Hi, thanks much, Dr. Brown.

I cannot tell you how much I am so grateful to you how last week. You just brought a start mentioning nothing about it and you just gave the play-by-play like Kaylee got in our here so boy we prayed for an hour and then in the second hour how you told about the disastrous thing that took place on shocking. Yeah, New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal, where did that come from.

I mean I was especially shocked about New Zealand. I thought they were kind of question kind of a place and and I'm not a previous prime minister at least was even like anthem Jewish heritage.

You know three of the of the New Zealand decision any further information about why in the world. These countries that I do not know the specifics with New Zealand. I can only say that the default mentality around almost the entire world is that Israel is engaging in illegal activity in building the settlements.

That was it takes something extraordinary for the country to see that any differently. Why specifically New Zealand voted this way it is.

It is a great question to ask because sometimes it comes down to a major political leader just having influence.

For example, what Pres. Obama did this not reflect the sentiments of the majority of the members of Congress for sure. You even have the minority leader Chuck Schumer speaking out against it as a Democrat. It certainly does not affect the sentiments of the nation as a whole, but it does affect is that it does reflect his specific agenda and some of his issues with Israel and again to think of this as a parting shot to think of this as something that you do almost to get back at someone else or you know it's almost like I'm about to go off the air in five minutes I come to the end of the our song and to say something that you can't respond to and then end the show. You know that's that's kind of what he's doing, but a some of some of the history here is a simple essay. Once you're on the Security Council and once your representative to the UN, the default value. The default mentality is anti-Israel here to distribute another example UNESCO of this again is UN watchdog award each year, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization UNESCO adopts around 10 resolutions a year criticizing only Israel. UNESCO does not criticize any other UN member states in a country specific resolution exception occurred 2013 when under pressure from UN UNESCO adopted one resolution on Syria. Otherwise every year they adopt 10 resolutions on average, all criticizing Israel.

World Health Organization for one week every year the UN world health assembly decision-making body of the World Health Organization needs to formulate global health policy resolutions were adopted to address global health issues. There is one exception. The annual resolution entitled health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory. Including East Jerusalem in the occupied Syrian go on singles out Israel for condemnation. No other country in the world is condemned by the World Health Organization so this is that the entire way. The UN tie goes 100% of the time. Barring extraordinary intervention as when the US would stand up and veto something with its role in the Security Council. It's just the spirit of the world. Reminds me of Psalm two in the nation say we don't want the Lord's anointed ruling over us. There something about Israel's role in the world that is going to be hated and opposed by the nations. It's part of their opposition to God's was far from perfect. The world's treatment of Israel reflects its attitudes towards God.

He thank you for the kind words. Thank you for calling and what are the most salacious thing about this Dr. Efrain Herrera expert on Islam sees the Islamic response to the recent anti-Israel resolution in UN Security Council as part of their new war against Israel thought talk Thomas Islamic Jihad all see the Security Council resolution condemning Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria as historic achievement. The Security Council is on record that is really control of all areas beyond the 1949 armistice line is in valid yes. So they're saying hey, this is another step to destruction of Israel all, it's ultimately not can happen, but to the extent we do the right thing will be blessed to the extent these other nations do the right thing. They will be blessed and of course we call for Israel to have real full turning to the one true God. Our friends just another reminder go to stronghold or order your copy of breaking the stronghold food comes out in six days right or your copy. You can order there and on and you will get immediately sent you a PDF of the first three chapters, you can start reading now today and you'll also get a free e-book. Yes, you get free e-book on Kindle as soon as it comes out along with paperback so that's only if and it's a very limited time offer my bottom line today world treats Israel the way it treats we seen a great shaking in 2016 BC great awakening in 2017. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. While there is no question there is no question that 2016 was a year of great shaking and a people, was it not meant to tell me the last year that was like this this much shaking and upheaval in the nation.

Of course a lot of worldwide shaking that's almost perpetual in one country or another, but some have referred to this as a political revolution. Merriam-Webster, the dictionary people named Sir real there word of the year only way you could describe it, and now they pointed to things like the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series to Donald Trump winning the election. I mean, just a lot of things happen that would have been unexpected but the results of the election, far and away and and that which came out of the campaign and the divisions within America.

No question that this has been a year of shaking with the elections at the top of the list. What I wrote what I'm wondering about us. Is this how much is this the hand of God.

In answer to prayer. How much is this the hand of God. In answer to prayer and what needs to happen to go from a great shaking to a great awakening this is Michael Brown. Welcome to today's broadcast of the line of fire.

You like to get in the conversation. Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884.

Do you see the hand of God. You see answers to prayer in whereat in America today that it is that it doesn't even mean that you like Donald Trump as president doesn't even mean that you think it's a good thing. It I'm simply asking if you see God's hand in shaking America.

If you see some of the surreal results of the year as bearing the marks of divine intervention here. Look, if I played Lebron James in one-on-one basketball right one-on-one half-court and he beat me five straight games 21 to nothing that would not be a miracle that would be completely expected. He's what six-foot eight and a physical monster in one of the most gifted athletes of our generation. And I am in good shape for 61 but on the six were to 61-year-old white man who, at his best, could never really jump so yet it if he beat me five straight games. 21. Nothing you would say that was a miracle he would have to say man that was a miracle assume a way I can explain. However, if I beat him five straight patients to nothing and he was really trying. You have to cite this America. This is no possible explanation and if I was interviewed afterwards at have to say anybody with a brain understands this with the hand of God. I will get. I would get any credit whatsoever obvious. Under this there is too ridiculous even to talk about right.

Okay so it's one thing when a natural process of events unfolds that you don't say well it was divine intervention I went to the gas station to put gas in my car the other day and then after that went to drive through the car wash.

I was nowhere many miracles that took place during the time I was unaware of any miracles stopped in alien invasion running miracle that stop might my car from exploding or just seem like normal right but it F if you are driving in and you are gonna band very carefully on the side of a mountain and saw the mount started to fall and next in your cargo screening down 300 feet in the new land on a road down there and you completely on scabies's save the laws as America.

Do you see the hand of God shaking America's laws. I certainly do talk about how to go from great shaking to great awakening. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH the night that presently Trump was elected, I wrote an article and I was just waiting for confirmation that he was in. It was all pointing the direction I waited for one or two reliable websites to announce it while Fox and CNN were still waiting to announce a summons us a couple snaps that I sent my article out it was shared on different websites multiply tens of thousands of times Donald Trump earth United States by the sovereign intervention of God firmly believe that I am one who strongly opposed Donald Trump during the primaries had grave concerns about his presidency always wondered, am I missing something God might am I looking through natural laws and not seeing something you're doing for sure if you believe God raised up Donald Trump to be your president then you have to say. God raises a people for national leadership, secular leadership in ways that are different than the way he raises a people for church leadership is Donald Trump would would not be allowed to serve as as an elder and in our in our churches right that in most it stemming from Freddie recency wouldn't be allowed to serve as an elder little over senior pastor or something like that. But could God raise him up to be president Wynot. That seems that he has in one way.

Presently Trump make a lot of decisions that many conservatives are pleased with and and are very hopeful about in terms of where he's going with his administration and standing with Israel is very positive so warts and all the that the tweets and all the things you wish you wouldn't say or do. It's all part of the package but think of some of the shaking that's taken place. The shaking of our whole political scene.

The shaking of the Washington establishment.

The shaking of the secular media.

The shaking of the church.

The shaking of the nation in terms of race, religion, not a lot of this is bad stuff coming to the surface. The amount of divisions in America. Please understand if if you are say Hispanic and you have some friends that are that are that are illegal immigrants are undocumented workers in America and their fear for the loss of future right now your your your center of God was Donald Trump maybe are mostly living in America after 20 years of peace loving you despise radical Islam and all that it does and Anisa robots in God's hands. I see a lot of ugly stuff, I understand the concerns and worries people have either way, this is all coming to the surface. Is it not this is all coming to the surface now with Pres. elect Trump much more so than before. Again, for better or worse in in the viewpoint of Lance wall mount Donald Trump is a divine wrecking ball against everything that is PC and he even labeled him in his book God's chaos candidate.

I certainly see divine shaking.

I certainly see that, for better or worse in America right now shaking can be for the good shaking could be for the bad depends which shaking depends how we respond to. But let me let me suggest some things terms of how we move from great shaking in 2016.

To a great awakening in 2070 right number one to the extent prayer played a role in this shaking, it must be maintained and increased to the extent the prayer played a role in this shaking, it must be maintained and increased. Let me explain why I feel it is so critically important. We all know the importance of prayer. We all know the importance of corporate prayer and crying out to God, an individual prayer. We know that there were calls for prayer and a desperate way leading up to the election by many Christian leaders across America from all different backgrounds and persuasions.

What happens though is this we hear use an analogy, you you're really sick you.

You have a bad report from the doctor you radically change your diet. You start to exercise, and once you feel healthy go back to Robles you you have a crisis in your family have a child at sick you don't miss church service you're there at every prayer meeting your your praying with your friends are crying out to God for miracle, the child miraculously recovers within a few months back to Robles is his human nature. I'm sure I've done it is well so a lot of Americans concerned about the elections, recognizing the degree that we need awakening, a country crying out crying out crying out crying out crying out right and then present Trump get selected and something is terrible something that's great, but either way with a sense of urgency is often lost. Nona, we need to keep our foot on the gas we need to keep the pedal to the metal. We are in as much need of awakening. Now, as we were three months ago. Maybe there are things stirring and happening in terms of a spiritual awakening in terms of America. Turning to God in terms of the church coming together as one. Talk about need an urgent need young people being freshly touched by God. Again, a noncitizen will agree politically.

That's not the goal. The goals of returning to God, so to the extent prayer played a role in the great shaking of 2016.

It must continue to play a role, and even increase if you want to see a great awakening in 2017 and beyond to never to undertake some calls but let me give you some of my list of five items here number two. We must put our hope in the Lord, not Donald Trump. Am I hoping that Donald Trump will do good towards Israel and do the opposite of what our president has done to Israel in recent days absolutely. Am I hoping that Donald Trump will elect conservative God-fearing justices to the Supreme Court who will be real constitutionalist absolutely.

Am I hoping that he will make wise decisions regarding the economy in dealing with terrorism absolutely, and I hoping that he will make wise decisions regarding immigration and leave and some compassionate avenues for those who have been here illegally to become legal if they have been law-abiding citizens are law-abiding workers here raising their families in our country through.

I believe there should be a path to citizenship for them.

I'd love to see that I endorse Sen. Ted Cruz were different with his hard-line approach is yes secure borders. Absolutely yes deport those who are illegal and doing illegal things here. Yes, the compassionate solution for those I love to see that but but either way, even if Donald Trump appointed best justices, with her head to the Supreme Court, even if he helped turn our economy around.

Even if he be replaced. The affordable care act so-called Obama care was something far better, even if he stood strongly with Israel. It even if he he launched an effective war against terror. This this still does not equal spiritual awakening that still does not heal many wounds across the nation that still does not bring the church together that still does not cause young people to want to follow Jesus. So even if he was the best president we are for hat that still will not bring a great awakening to the nation that must come from the pulpits and that must come from the pews so said no many of church than the pews anymore. Many meet home groups all of the understand just using proverbial terminology. It must come from believers on a grassroots level.

Turning to God. It must come from prayer groups on campuses must come from leaders across cities praying together and crying out.

It must come from individual believers in God. There must be a breakthrough. There must be more that's that's what must happen if we are to see awakening come so don't look Donald Trump to be the one that brings awakening to America.

Pray for them to do what he supposed to do as president to do well. Pray for those around him. All right absolutely amen to all of that important essential but don't expect him to do what he's not called to do what he cannot do can't give what you don't have a right only if he gets radically dramatically born again. The next thing the whole nation, stunned by the change in his life sure that can help bring awakening but right now while we pray for him and for his relationship with God.

I'm concerned about my walk on concern about my wife's walk on concern about our kids or grandkids on concern about my neighbors is no sister. We live story lives nobly pray for the president. But what about where you live. I live about your church will encourage nation.

What about the the fire burning in the heart, life, or your pastor and the leadership there that's that's what we need to look at the sea great awakening, right will come back your phone calls 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and I give you three more points quickly on five ways to move from a great shaking 2016 great awakening 2007.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the line of our first hour. I focused on you and resolution from which America abstained a shameful day in America talked about some of it happened Friday, but then spent the entire first hour focused on it. I strongly encourage you to listen to the whole broadcast you can do so by going to my website. The line of the line of, just click on listen you will be able listen to lower leader to day going from great shaking to great awakening.

We go to Bobby in High Point. Thanks.

Recall in the line of fire ran hello agreement, a lot like you are probably nice about it that during the election night after 3 o'clock tomorrow and I'm not some kid an account about a shout if Matt setting down her still awake. Patrick to get the thing went and get the best that I did a lot of praying I found that Hillary Clinton is a blatant liar and band Gothic turned me off at her. So I and our country is in terrible shape. Paperback are three letters in a combat that have no intent to do anything but looking to the government to hand out. They have no area that terrible shape that America and I think we actually kick in your talcum at the chart and act and the Methodist Church I was at right back and I were in Charlotte never say Charlotte and there was that method manifested upon the spine. Thanks, Maggie. They were that master is not reprimanded by doing that and it actually that is wrong, God says a man shall not live with another man and a widow woman in up.

Sorry, but sees me apologist just just to come off their one split second. Sorry Bobby, let me just we just jump in and say this yet that the point that I've been making is that we've seen great shaking in 2016. I believe the hand of God is in the to go from great shaking to great awakening certain things need to happen. I listed the first two to the extent prayer played a role in the shaking must be maintained even increased number two. We must put our hope in the Lord, not Donald Trump.

In other words, repeating if he is the best president we've ever had.

The fact of the matter is he's not the most of the spiritual awakening to America. Number three. We must give ourselves the great commission into changing hearts and minds, especially among young people that it's an urgent task right now number four. If in fact we been given a divine respite, a reprieve of sorts.

We must maximize this opportunity with a holy desperation if things would've gotten intolerably bad under Hillary Clinton presidency, we got a certain respite will you do with regard seize the moment and pray and engage or not. The number five we must not underestimate the depth of division in our country. The task is massive and only with the help of the Holy Spirit will receive positive, lasting change. I thanks for the call bobbing sorry for the interruption in the middle of your sentence. There with all this is the foundation I'm so glad to have my friend and colleague took Darrell Bock with this parabolic is a prolific author, New Testament scholar and professor at Dallas theological seminary, but one who was also engaged. The culture actively for number of years on critical life subjects and even wrote a book about how would Jesus vote. Also Darrell is so glad to have you back with us on the line of fire directly with Michael Merrick at greater very yeah and happy Hanukkah to is a sign knowing] all in the take it all and hate Darrell could you give me your own process your own personal evolution through the Republican and Democratic primaries up until right now in terms of what your position has been, or how is it been adjusted well. I major thing is good. We haven't arrived at in a complexity amendment really indicate that neither party has line on on answer in every area and that there is a mix of things going on here that is very, very complex, but one of the things that our culture does attempt to oversimplify the complexity of the thing and allow people to cherry pick on biblical value Y that you only look to the value that are part of the kind where you are you tend to bypass the values that are on the other end of the discussion that also need to be integrated in order to have a kind of a healthy worldview and a balanced worldview and so we talked past one another rather than to one another against one another rather than actually engaging we did Dan Rather have a conversation and that ends up being unhealthy and we bunker to decorate the pretty art gridlock. Now there are ample thing with her.

Really, it met the really are major differences there that are rated in worldview different than significant but most issues that we have have the multiple element lying in them that we need to really do a better job of thinking.

We need to have a better conversation so that� There are there are problems of the church perspective of the way in which our stance and the public at look in terms of the things that we are bright we octave bright but then it looks like there are other things that we have ignored or excused, we probably should make your deed and in so that makes us look inconsistent and critical. In fact we take positions now that we would not tighten idea years ago that kind of thing about it makes for a complex testimony for the church and particularly with young people that you've already noted bit inconsistent. The something that they are keeping their ion and as result make some people very hesitant to bright with the church believe that I will unpack what you're saying and get into the concept of the role of the church is as it is of the third estate not being Republican and Democrat or specific party, but rather having its own voice, but we just got about a minute and 1/2 before the break. Dallas theological seminary as a seminary does not have some of the 18-year-old students is much as students in their later 20s or 30s or even older but still younger generation by large. What's the atmosphere there. Are you seeing any of the generation gap reflective even in seminary gallery, absolutely. All our everyday 30 like, but reported 50 of the people are just out of college and their like 20 and that barbaric way. The conversation he will remember when I talked about young people reacting those of the voice that I'm hearing on the basis that are at the between what we teach in the pulpit and what we do only engage in the public square. Yeah, and then where would you say is, is there is the most glaring inconsistency where the churches come around on either side of Donald Trump.

I will talk about issues of gender and how women are viewed and probably on the other side of right.

That's probably good place to start because I think there's a frequent clear that shows a blind spot.

That's pretty significant. Got it all right we will be right back with Prof. Darrell Bock if you don't, only in any responsive haven't read any of his books just get online review are your books typing Darrell Bock and have added from highly academic works technical works in New Testament great commentaries to works that anybody can understand the real Gospels for the lost Gospels. We don't have had a full concert at issue. Darrell Bock VOC K will be right back with Bock. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the 2016 presidential have not just divided the nation. They have revealed how deeply divided the nation is remember when the baby Jesus issue. It was being brought to the temple by Joseph and Mary and Joseph and Mary and Simeon prophesied over him. In Luke the second chapter and said that he would be assigned spoken again so that the thoughts of many hearts would be revealed.

The elections have brought to light what is in many, many hearts and their many divisions that we now see right within the church and lots of misunderstanding, miscommunication, my guess Prof. Darrell Bock research Prof. Dallas theological seminary, prolific author and New Testament scholar also actively involved in cultural engagement is urging Christians to talk to each other, not past each other and in a volatile time like now when everything is reduced to soundbites and where we tend to dig in our heels.

This call is all the more important so Darrell where are you seeing right now. Some of the deepest areas of divide. Even within the church and and how we are perceiving things or missing things.

Well, we thought in the run up the election. Normally a magazine like the day with Ron a couple lightning out of the four rationale racked out the vapor Canada Day person candidate baby and it would be in a two-part deal election I had. They ran the gamut from you know why or live for Clinton to why one should think about not going either provided for each of the running candidate. Trying to argue from biblical grounds for concern.

The very candidate and it just shouted that interaction among leaders of back-and-forth between vertically between the various Republican candidate who were running, you know some of the client and had a pedigree relationship with the church, some of which I am then you know how people that boarded make the case for them. The you know this election was really initially I think a bout of the nature of our divisions in our country and in the nature of the candidate out of representing the most vocal laying of that conversation all that conversation isolate.

Let's start here and then we'll open it up in our next segments, which are much longer. The difference in perception that you've spotted you've observed between men and women in the selection. This is it that a deeper divide the normal. I looked at him matter how you like that they provide the normal.

I think the reflection of the Merck. The people feel on all thought about where we are that Natalie great insecurity, which then can manifest without me there for her frustration and I think that's what you're saying, but the example that I have in my that I think is really glaring the way in which event Delco have handled them to my thing of potential mishandling of the Baylor football situation. The drop height about women and in the rehiring of the Baylor ID over what happened at Baylor at liberty University that alone there. A blind daughter. That's a blind spot in feeling without women are treated in some people would say that blind spot in how women are treated is also present in other areas of our body. With regard to right start immigration from about Boston which are complex questions.

There's no doubt about it, but but the language you get got in the light in which certain positions are this fall. I continued down a lot less finance they'll tell us who you voted for the default and if you don't know what happening available catch up on that. What about the controversy with Russell Moran Terry Fallin Baptist divided was happening in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us today unlike any other phone number one remaining time we have to.

My guess Darrell Bock, Prof. at Dallas theological seminary, author, and also cultural spokesman you may have seen a month sickly newscaster redcoats of his in the New York Times so he's not just speaking within a Christian ghetto of sorts, seeking to bring a Christian message to the world. Darrell have any real publicly whether you voted for Trump Hillary are neither our lack.

But there what I did. Right before the election thing that I would anyone voted Berkeley in any direction than the myth collection in part because of the law in in the management candidate and embed above in any direction or about neither the candidate about 1/3 party with the reflection of the difficulty that week by an recognizing that part of the Berkeley will work defending but the same with baggage that all of complicated understanding of where the church really what about that that's where the what not difficulty experienced by millions of Americans both believers and nonbelievers. So just quickly what happened with the athletic director at Baylor and is hiring at liberty, and perceptions of misogyny with Donald Trump and female perceptions of of of Christianity. Now what's what's there what there what there were multiple multiple problem football player, Baylor football theme court during naturally very well at the time it with the that the and the athletic the athletic office at Baylor really did. I charged back to you of women on. The subsequent study led to the letting go of the letting go that route director and eventually let it go but go and or that the not taking personal care, report and respond to the well well court know that we had the drop height which is the mark on grading of women during the object and then we had the hiring of liberty of the athletic director had not been cleared by what it back to bite the Baylor by getting me and what it what it lacked is a bold problem. Most important of which is many women prickly millennial women felt very offended by what might be elected in the why women are handled. The why women tend to be marginalized up on the their opinion and their status people doesn't matter very much and this is something the church should care about and you with significant it is and and I'm fine with not at the lateral flexion on the candidate first by talking about the why Bert the dates are not a date.

Legal athlete with with which it should be connected just that we passionately and logically so in the fall like the product we talked about the challenges of the and the dangers with the in the faith that marriage with what we find her felt that there other. All man of passion in the day and week. Then the pilot fog light that undercut the Funny credibility will we do with the fact it seems that so much of the secular media is going to jump on the ports of division in the body, or even try to exacerbated almost as if their cheerleading for us to self-destruct. How do we overcome the way the secular media is presenting things because often that's the follow-through which much of the world. Here's our position. Yeah, I write but I think there really want is to work for much unity we have number of things that I've talked about it right at yeah the Turks are concerned about their character be concerned about that character be concerned about the posture all the difficult when we ballpark the benefit of others. But it looked like we care about birthing and felt there about the other art at the engagement of the white which we care law all the right thing that I met the other part of the really important to not let Bible with that of the why of our fundamental unity by what I mean but that it after all what we have to be self-critical. We have to own our own. We fail we need to have the integrity all have of owning up to it and trying to be responsive to the grind of the prophetic book not as bad by the defense of the defending it. You know, I got defended at the locker room and I looked at that bike out. I would want to think mark� The woman and I certainly want my daughter like that and so you know the really think out and not the kind of thing is inconsequential bumping boat fundamental about another Of the full form of the well of what we believe there is nothing or perhaps responsibly on and yet be honest we need to be better and I think we work towards that middle and which Clyde is the middle about value at birth but Pablo well I self-critical about my outbox that looked like we were that looked like giving up the other side that really the identity where it doesn't. Here's the challenge though it's it's easy to circle the wagons when we feel that our tribe is being attacked or misrepresented or that the future of America hinges on this and so if if you talk to me three or four years ago and said okay what if you don't get the kind of candidate that you want to vote for four on the Republican side and its Hillary Clinton that you can vote from the Democrat side of will you sit out the election.

I probably was set. I probably will. I don't want another establishment candidate. The Republican party for Skinner get a hold to certain family values and conservative values you have to do a better job of putting forth candidates that reflect that and I'm not going to vote a compromised vote. And yet, when push came to shove, once again, I thought like I can't vote for Hillary Clinton and the best way to vote against Hillary Clinton's to vote for Donald Trump and perhaps God has raised him up this summer saying you know someone who does. Even though the Lord who degree from Erica so you know in a conflicted way but I guess actually cast my vote. Same vote was conflicted about when I hit the button I did vote for Donald Trump and was glad to see him elected with hope that despite all the shortcomings he he could be someone that could do something positive for a nation, but you and you feel the stakes are so high, it's often hard to have that that third estate position so it it explain exactly what that is were were not of one party or another were of the Lord and then speaking with a different voice to the world where I kept a person, a person About the collective because they were concerned about or that concerned about religious liberty, or some combination of the kind confirmed.

I get that absolutely that with a lot of right here prickly in the makeup of the court having that what don't want to flip giving someone a complete path in all areas needing to be the third of 1/3 I will critical on your outside at what this really best for the country moves that are being made in other areas moved.

The only way to go about often people are the things that think the old people together all people are now at the core of adoptable. There is that the fire for the right side reconciliation time to move people toward and they're all brushing up the firm. People were marginalized. All you all you know how do you like that the environment that were in and the problem with you that riff being accused of being a writer when you really think bifocal adoptable and in the end Ali adoptable, more than anything else. You know, when you speak of being accused of being a traitor course that's that's been the pattern in the early churches you know so well, was accused of of antistate or anti-Empire actions and being subversive because they they didn't fit in to this day I can talk about friends in India where colleagues have been martyred by radical communist because they were not for the Communists, and they were not against the communists of the settlers must be informers kill off illegal fit that mold so great challenge being put forth by Darrell Bach. Make sure you check out his book learning plan and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I firmly believe possible here in America. For this to happen, happen on our knees can happen with our repentance as believers can help with our giving ourselves to the great commission and being more passionate about that than we are, even about politics. My guess Dr. Darrell Bach, professor at Dallas theological seminary New Testament scholar and prolific author has been addressing these issues as one seeking to be loyal above all to Jesus and bring a consistent witness from the church to the world. Doubt you. You've been brought into the situation controversy surrounding Southern Baptists you have prominent leaders like Robert Jeffress who have been strong Trump supporters and basically saying you're foolish if you don't vote for Donald Trump in light of what Hillary Clinton would do you have Southern Baptist leaders like Russell Moore who have been open never trumpeters and raising constant concerns about the character and demeanor of of a candidate now President-elect Trump so here you got to have the most well-known spokesman for Southern Baptists and even for Christians in America seemingly deep division where you come in with all of this well about how point you know that you POINT out about that out knocked out cold in fighting the culture war. Here are couple of decades in which reviewed other people of the enemy. I actually don't think that's going to be undertaken for the 12 that are valid. Not again. The blood turtle port and what that means is that were actually trying to draw people or the golf hole and and the challenge them about how they live by time, their need for the gospel correctly tried to wrap people out of the hands of somebody rather doing them as an enemy to be crushed and I think that like all the world about how he day, but I've been calling for people to recalibrate the way the culture war and to recalibrate the way the pension that we are in the middle of living with that we are paying attention to the merits of what is coming from both thought and Raven cherry picking him all one you are all the other thing about what combination work that in terms of the tensions that we limit. We live in a dysfunctional world and the world is not perfect. Ultimately, at the in the meantime, we have time represent him in the value of the house without sense of the problem with your approach is it requires thinking and maturity and spirituality and effort. Those qualities are often lacking in in our fast-paced instant society so all of this requires us to really get back with God in a deeper way and slow down a little extra you look at the root of the parent. What that's about how people act like most about quality for relational you're dealing with how you interact with other people and there's a lot of by her about how to deal with conflict and tension in which one of the major role being doing a good job of listing some of the compassion even in the midst of talent.

You know all I and at and yet you open the Devon activity. They, I think you have your black letter talk about it. You know trying to redirect their thinking kind of give them all about the weather thing, but he engages them out of the way. The name them, but I called the bank but in a wide out what the results of their life can and that there's gotta be a better way and I think that we need to represent herself.


And obviously this is a great opportunity for the church to step back and learn because we see some of her dirty laundry has been exposed for the world to see and the general perception that it's white evangelicals who helped voting Donald Trump and therefore there insensitive to the plight of immigrants and therefore there insensitive to the needs of women and therefore there insensitive to the concerns of Muslims that something that we have to overcome. That's right voting and how we move you know more about the election. All we want but we are we are now, but out of the church board in the church or by making sure that it hands up all I think about represent and not elective enough elective effect. The candidate protect a political cause really board back religion and the argument value.that I met represent all people by the image of God having a video about that group and it but real record by Bob yeah it's it's a great challenge minutes. It is a great opportunity and that means that the evangelical leaders, Christian leaders that the God has placed near Donald Trump have a sacred responsibility to speak truth to him. If he does go in ways that they feel is wrong or contrary to Christian concern for America as opposed to just cheering him on to be as as one Jewish scholar put about the prophets of Israel, his Majesty's loyal opposition that God is it were was looking to the prophets when he was about to bring judgment.

He was looking for the prophets to intercede and almost to challenge him to show mercy that the same way. There is this a holy and respectful challenge that leaders can bring to a president, and they will only do him good. If he listens back, I think about about talking about the parent by their work were pro-Israel by work five on the bottom.

They affected me that they did top-secret about trilogy would violate God's anger and without that you have the bell what all ship it will thereby along by their what was represented and with the back because they were committed what Israel should be that there were self critical about what was not, and that is very very important that in a very very important part of the third to maintain in the midst of the situation yeah it's a great challenge for saying yes we are patriotic minor ultimate expression of patriotism is loyalty to Jesus and in loyalty to the kingdom of God that comes first, and we believe to the extent America operates on kingdom principles to that extent, America will be blessed to do good, Darrell.

I appreciate the voice that you bring and the work that you do. May the Lord continue to open doors and secular media and I'm are you feeling right now just 30 seconds that you're being fairly quoted and fairly represented by Diablo Margaret Hamilton very very early or something of fact, the garlic that I interview with pride though they are engaged anymore which is the actually the encouraging thing excellent and that the way you voted or didn't vote will remain a secret that God let out at night. Great talking to God like Michael, thanks so much. Right again. That was Darrell Bock, research professor New Testament studies at Dallas theological seminary. Also on the front lines of cultural engagement. Check out his many books tell Pablo CK tree visit the line of fire website life hired toward 40% off of all digital downloads.

Bottom line today calling on the church is holy, challenging difficult. We can only fulfill it with the help of the hose

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