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Interviews on Cutting Edge Social Issues

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 15, 2017 4:20 pm

Interviews on Cutting Edge Social Issues

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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When you go for cutting-edge interviews and the hottest topics around right here the line of fire starting now it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown hello my name is on like to talk to you about an article recently posted by Tina about called to get a friend postabortion and since I'm a team. This is directed towards me and I would like to respond. We're here from 16-year-old autumn today on the line of fire. We were scheduled to run earlier in the week had to reschedule for today going to miss this important interview come your way. In a matter of minutes. This is Michael Brown.

Welcome to the line of fire your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often in compromise is my joy to be with you today and I want to encourage you with the truth. You can have a voice today. Yes, by God's grace. I have a louder voice through radio through TV to writing articles through preaching and teaching and other means. Through books, but everyone today has a voice will have a voice in prayer you get alone with God and pray and he hears your voice when you pray, and there's nothing more important than God hear your voice having God hear your voice is more important than having people hear your voice but these days, through Internet through social media.

Every body can have a voice. If you got something on your heart. You can be on Facebook you can be on twitter Instagram or whatever it is you can post what you're thinking you can put a video on YouTube. And if God desires to spread that message he can do it at and more than that were ever you live you have a voice. If you see something wrong in your household.

You have a voice. If you see something wrong in the school system or your kids are going to have a voice is apparent whatever setting you find yourself in.

You can make a difference.

I want to encourage now is the time for us as God's people to swim against the tide to go against the grain and to make a difference now is the time for us as God's people to be the salt and the light now is the time for us to raise our voices 16-year-old girl who is burdened about an article in teen Vogue, which is reaching kids her age and younger and say here's what you you get a friend that's had an abortion and in she can now speak in a way that that is heard around the nation.

If if some 10-year-old and nine-year-old kid that identifies as transgender get on the flip side of this, they they want to talk about their own lives and parent help some with YouTube so just do it on their own. These days, and annexing hundreds of thousands of people have watched it if if someone could just be burdened about something and post something on Facebook and I get shared hundreds of thousands of times everyone can have a voice and make a difference and maybe it would be 10 people that heard what you had to say. But one of them will end up being an influential leader in the society and your word to them has a life-changing impact so everybody has a voice. Let that be the lesson today because in the second half of this first hour. Were going to speak to an activist mommy as she calls herself a homeschooling mom who posted Scripture verse on Facebook had a Facebook account temporarily shut down. She has a voice as well so I want to encourage you, now is the time to make a difference later in the broadcast were also going to speak with Robert Shipley about twisting of title nine. You want to know about the show find it very very interesting and I do twitter pole did twitter pole last night and the results of that I wasn't surprised, but II think you may be surprised to hear the results of this critical all come your way today on the line of fire by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown but I think we can all agree abortion is scary. No one skips into that room as if they're getting their hair highlighted their nails painted just for the record, the thought of going into a room and having my baby surgically removed from my body is both terrifying and scary. None of these gifts make me feel better. Alright so again we played the Scripps tree earlier in the week.

You may have missed the 16-year-old girl named autumn part of students for life and she is reacting to this idea that this idea, excuse me, that teen Vogue article that says hey hey your friend gotten an abortion get this given this gift or that gift, something just utterly trivial and more like a more power to you for having an abortion. She is a very strong reaction to this, so out we were scheduled to have autumn on earlier in the week and we are having a hard time connecting today on like an essay. The gravels try to stop vote could well be, but hopefully will resolve these issues momentarily and bring this young woman on but again, let me encourage first thing when you see something that frustration when you see something that bothers you when you when you see something that grieves you use your voice to talk to God about it. Don't just get upset. Don't just get burdened. Don't just get angry. All of those emotions are understandable and sometimes is a righteous anger we have in a righteous grief that we have right but before you do any of that and let that dominate turn that into prayer got them upset God. This really grease me.this really hurts me God.

This really concerns me. God I feel like the world's going crazy father on the how to respond to this father would you ask father would you move father. Would you work so what you what you do is you first turn your voice to God in prayer and that is the ultimate thing you can do that is the number one thing you can do is turn your voice to God in prayer and then say father use me to make a difference. Use me to make a difference it could be that you have an assignment to pray that you have an assignment to pray for others to stand up and to speak because they'll have a greater platform.

It could be that you get a specific burden to pray say that that double turn the tide in secular media. Or maybe you get burden to pray for the makeup of the Supreme Court of course, or something else like that right so you want to you want to give yourself again to God in prayer so your voice can be used in the say Lord use me to make a difference. Lord, use me to bring about help. Father here I am. I'm available God raises up very unlikely people. Sometimes he raises a people that are quite likely and and quite as expected, and quite yeah I'd I see why God use this person, but many other times God raises up people that are not what you were expecting, not who you were expecting, and yet he works through it anyway. He works through unlikely vessel so don't count yourself out. Don't so God could never use me because I'm just what just what just a grandmother just a teenager jet just a housewife, just a computer programmer.

Just the pastor just a custodian just a kid just a retiree just what who is it that that that God says is good use of show me in Scripture that you have to be certain education W certain height obligation certain complexion gobble issue certain temperament gobble issue, certain ethnicity gobble issue certain other ministry express goblet you show me that oh yes, there are there are for sure things that we are called to in terms of character to be entrusted with the spiritual position was really a pastor and elder thing after be grounded in the word. You have to have godly character. You can't be a novice and all these things are important, but I'm talking about God using someone for a purpose at any moment.

You never know who he wants to use and if you make yourself available. You'd be surprised.

There may be gifts in you that you didn't know were in their there may be a calling of God on your life that you did know was there. There may be an influence that you have that you didn't know was there or you may become convinced of your absolute emptiness in bankruptcy, which then drives you to God in prayer drives you to God in prayer and and you say Lord I think of nothing to offer. Lord, I want to speak, but I have nothing to sick kind gestures and for my own life. Being able to speak being able to preach and teach God enable me to do that early on when I was 18 I started preaching for the first time and it a few weeks ago I was in Florida recording shows regard TV, and we recorded 1630 minute shows 1630 minute shows in two days. It was easy. I didn't have notes. It flowed anointed to preach the speak before I was saved I had good good use of words. Unfortunately I was full of sin and rebellion ugliness. So my use of words was, not good and I was vicious and ugly with my tongue, but I was a talker I got saved. Then God change my tongue to change my attitude and change my heart, and then anointed me to preach and enable me to preach and they really teach that's on talk radio, I'm a talker it's natural for you to do this but but for years I felt called to write for 17+ years I felt called to write and I had no release to write, you may not know this but as a new believer, I felt this contrite is nothing we talked about the church we have this thing about being anointed to be an author you, you're kind of pastor or evangelist to those with callings in and out. I felt this anointing to write this calling to write and I would write an essay in my college class and and the professor would say you write well. You're an excellent writer and so wanted, but went when when I would preach, I could always preach a simple clear message. I can do academic work.

Trust me I can I can write something Rob confused by what I wrote you know I can to this elite academic work. All right I can teach a seminary teacher in the whole class in intensive class in the week teaches one semester class in week. No problem, but when it came to writing in a simple act of preaching. A simple way but when I would go to write it. We cannot technical, scholarly, it would it would get messed up and I thought what what in the world when the world's going on what what in the world.

Why can I feel called. I feel the Lord singing right and I could not write a page and then we get bogged down a bit. Technically it's scholarly. It's like what's the matter, what is it you drove me to prayer there. It frustrated me because I felt a calling. I felt a calling, but I wasn't able to act on it and I forgot Singh Reisch, and I didn't have the release to write and and and then then some began to happen. 1989 the floodgates open why and in the next thing I know I'm writing book after book after book and basically about 30 books.

Since then, some of them scholarly. Most of popular but free. 17+ years I felt this calling didn't have the release so we pray you pray you pray. I felt God saving me to speak to the nation on radio, no outlet on radio. I admit I felt silly silly speech to the nation about moral cultural issues but had no outlet. I couldn't get the local newspaper, the Prince every so often the printer in op-ed piece about this. What I prayed because I forgot Singh speak but in heaven outlet I the gift but have the outlet speak. I'm on radio right now because God answered those prayers. I'm in radio right now because God by his grace anointed me to bring a message and open the doors to do it, but for years four years. Those doors were closed. So here you have a 16-year-old girl right. She may be well known. Her circle of friends. She she's gifted she competes with the national level of national Christian forensics and communications Association for speech and debate member students for life of America spends time with a local group working in the pro-life movement. But I was I didn't know her name.

I never heard of her. She gets burden and she wants to get a message out and shoot. She puts out a video we finally connected with this clearheaded courageous young woman autumn and out will get a break coming up as we come back to hear from her directly. Listen, by God's grace.

She's speaking of people all across the nation and to young people in particular and waking up culture. Why because she got a burden she was disturbed by this ridiculous article in teen Vogue. You could say trivializing abortion gets a celebrating abortion what to get your friend ahead and abortion. She got burden to do something about, and she put this video together for 16-year-old you think wow that is clearheaded, that is articulate that is powerful that is pointed that's a message. She got a burden. She acted on it and God has promoted the message you talk to autumn, we come back to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown all right looking back broadcast.

We finally connect with them. He autumn I played your clips twice this week and introduced you twice glad to finally gets on the air so us on how is it that you came to put out this video and in did you imagine that it would get the attention that it got as you responded to teen Vogue's article on what to get your friend to have an abortion, not how big Brad started with me reading article on chemo but something like that in our home. I decided I wanted it or not know a lot of people credit are not my recorded eye contact light. And from there I really Brad a lot further than I had expected that the autumn achieves old I've read had something like 60 articles ready this year that were pro-abortion. This is typical of what your generation is getting exposed to. I think Mary strong all actually on my generation were improved by phone or laptop and you let me know please know pushing abortion. Though many time to get into our culture. Teaching generation very apical art magazines like that to promote it normal like abortion to the next young generation people and yet autumn it seeps it seems that that your generation. At this stage of life is more pro-life than than the last generation growing up and in the immediate aftermath of the 60s in Roe V Wade seem like it was going to be here forever and couldn't be challenged with all the. The median social media bombardment that is pushing abortion.

Why do you think that the younger generation seems to have more pro-life sentiments than some of the older generation, like Henrietta, like Terry, but I'm coming out and proving that even humanlike child.

I'm changing back to eat a lot of people believe how I'm having a kind note on the more people are becoming informed on what abortion actually in lighting organization but I like so vital because they are reaching out generation going to change on next-generation on it. I can called again the pro-life generation at right-thinking hell next couple years. Hopefully I really change things in our culture that now the autumn. Obviously, we have ultrasounds now which previous generation didn't have when when our daughters were born almost 40 years ago you waited for the child was born. Five. It's a boy or girl now, not just knowing that you can actually see the baby moving in and you know it's got its hands folded in all these things very difficult to to further dehumanize the baby. What about the effect of abortion on young people when they have abortion.

Did you have reports like that.

We were that the kids are traumatized by you find out that women have been traumatized by it and that you can't just continue to glorify the way societies try to do family member and hurt by abortion and the main problem that our culture is trying so hard to normal.

I think they don't talk about what abortion is like that. Women don't like conflict, you can't go back on though. The way that our culture talk about giving no one any good to get there not a true act of abortion. I got celebrated in like a lighthearted eat. I know women can go. I think we are ready to get parent. What people don't understand abortion leave when her broken and those who try to approach it.

Teen Vogue I'm not accomplishing anything.

You know, abortion is wrong and murder trying to go solution on if any really harmful especially know not only to the children women who are deciding how to just think perhaps autumn that that this shout your abortion movement where women were going to shout out the abortions they had again celebrated you think that might be an unconscious way of covering up pain. I think a lot of women don't hear from another time that they're happy but unfortunately a lot of women don't actually help someone know that they regret that I covered up by trying to make like the right time.

We collect something okay you will believe that on a lot of when you try to you and not by preaching Mark you are generation in our culture again harmful and want so autumn you only see her friends classmates who are pro-life and then you have some who were quote pro-choice, whether they're close or distant function; social media what what's been the reaction among your classmates and friends to your video on a lot of great back now call the most part it actually did a lot of pro-choice people actually shared the air on their agreement. A lot of I think most people agreed abortion is a big deal letter not in agreement that are not on.

In general, to invoke approach extract dockable just to the heart monitor abortion academic part again competent than precognitive. But then again there out there are the people that are very strongly for abortion, and I did not like I had to say and obviously as a woman you can speak more forcefully like him as a man because you know I is a whole my body, my choice argument is going to come up nonetheless it's it's universal moral issue. Certainly you do debates certainly been involved in discussing issues you know that flak negative response you become your way. But when you get some of the really ugly ugly ugly stuff in and use it that it they assault you as a person in ways that you wouldn't even want to repeat.

How is that felt you has it affected you when you get slammed like that are not really reading had been a lot better on your authority to anything that your grandma on actually hard not respond. A lot of all patient again me on again.

I talked and I noted Garrett, thank you much attention to all the negativity I probably would. One thing is all the attacks against you personally will not against you against the issues and then it's a sign that you hit a nerve is a good sign off and Jesus promised us to have this resistance standing up for righteousness sake, stay right there. I just got one or two more questions for you delighted to speak with you today. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author internationals and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, one of the good thing was attacked and social media.

When people can hide behind anonymity or if the usernames hide behind screen say things face-to-face. Often the anger that comes your way is the result of people responding and hurt and if we can learn to look for something deeper and figure how to minister to the rather than to react to their anger. We can really be used by God speaking with autumn 16 years old. Her video response to teen Vogue's article on what to give her friend ahead. Abortion has been viewed for more than she expected.

So autumn your your own upbringing. How has that shaped your thinking what what environment we raised and that's give you such a passion to be so strong pro-life at such a young age I and how my entire life. What also competing in getting the tool that I am passionate about my right a lot of kids that I'm thinking about writing an ranking on five trained by my be able to talk about my passionate about waking out and talk about the doctor: no, God love and mercy and grace that I got the issue of abortion coming really passionate about and don't being able to approach that in a way that he had been running abortion across that into the very wrong, evil in our culture very strongly, promoting essential things in order to do any of that first and having an understanding of the gospel on thank God you absolutely and Joe's as a debater myself. Obviously one of the most important things is to be able to present the position that you differ with in such a way that those that hold that position with so can you understand and you presented it adequately sold units to debate the other side the convincing way shows a clear understand you're coming from and always remember is your speaking that that you are going be speaking to people or have abortions and that there that it opens up an old wound and always have that the gospel solution the gospel forgiveness gospel redemption. Your message is essential so you only got about two minutes left. Would you say to other young people that agree with you, but they're afraid to speak out and want to be ostracized. They don't want to be insulted, rejectable, would you say to them I would take people out abortion right now and if you are wearing speak out again. Now take from not on but I would encourage them not.

Not from trigger an important to be able to issues like coming from on love and in a way that you're able to protect their argument and sharing truth think people my age and younger and older have the tool to change things on. I need you On or even in getting involved in the collective donating to local pregnancy clinic where now getting involved in student life group and extremely important site in the collective not getting as many young people generally passionate about a cubic morning change absolutely is autumn I love it. This is the pro-life generation you go off your kids in a very different world because we slit behave. Keep up the great work which your yawn.

I have all the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire. So we go pro-life teen to a mother of 10, Elizabeth Johnston married 19 years to her husband Patrick was a medical doctor.

She's an activist view agar who educates about current events and topics that are important to families and recently came to national attention because of something that happened to her on Facebook. Elizabeth first is a mother of 10 and homeschooling my hats off to you if that's your entire bio right there. My hat is off to you. Great to have you on the air. Dr. Brown for many years all it's it's a joy to do it. We have common friends with the Benton brothers and a friend that is a friend of the balances is a friend of mine sold first before we get to the recent event with Facebook talk to me about the worldview that you and your husband have that you can celebrate 10 children and be homeschooling your children and do with joy and vigor what what fuels your fire, and where we want to outrank out a generation of young people who love God and build his kingdom and we believe that homeschooling our children and welcoming as many children as the Lord left where it was the best way for us to accomplish that goal got it and and tell me about your your online writing your your blogging what would you do your view video blog. How does this work yes I started about nine months ago. I'm really going to all transgender background became really important as a mother I was very concerned about what was going on, and the effect of the transgender background guidance from Obama and target all of that. I was very concerned about about that in spell I started making any other really on not just banish you but any burning issue of the day. I believe that God's word speak to the burning today and have all the answer that we need and so I began to apply. Got work to do this you think there clinical or cultural issues. Issues in any and coming up, and I've been blessed in a short period of time to garner a following, and I would continue to do or tilling by got great and and but that the Lord Jesus Christ will let me play the transgender advocate for minute why care why care about what happens in bathrooms with people of the privacy you got a guy struggling with gender identity. He's more comfortable in the ladies room what why get uptight about that white why, but into other people's business well and very concerned not particularly necessarily transgender are trying to take it manage of the situation, but very concerned about the potential for man pretending to be women entering into the restroom and locker room shower of our daughter and her sanity has got to stop. We completely locked our mind in the culture and not only Eric but the men of God have minor boy and an account on it. If you have our friend David and Jason have done effectively in North Carolina and you know the other thing is, even if some is generally confused and not a predator, there are issues with that little kids in it in a ladies room and a man comes walking us was visibly a man or say you're in the YMCA in the in the locker room changing before you work out and here's some of it's a biological male versus a predator. These these are issues where people without butting into our business. Not are they not in my own children actually last year when transgender topic like a lot. Not all the anxiety my own daughter as they enter the bathroom and were concerned if they were going to be in a macro demand and in the bathroom but the truth of it is, there is an agenda, but people are all male and female and I track on the family and now we see yesterday a big story Tony tampon in the trolley.

The transgender tampon being foisted upon our children here just trying to hide behind of our children to this notion of God made male and female, young have to revive that unfortunately your stocking night map I word that we have provided the concept of male and female. You know it's what's while I was planning on actually writing on several examples of what I culture insanity I have compassion for compassion for those who struggle with gender identity confusion of compassion on those with biological chromosomal abnormalities that would be called intersex but that wasn't to do with declaring war on gender distinctions try to blur things so sorry lately nothing but my latest latest article is called menstruating man in the latest examples of trend sanity's always started to write on this and within a few minutes I get three different emails from three different people you see in the 70 scenes have you seen this. Have you seen the thing about tone of the tampon that teaches American F. Have you seen about this father and daughter who were now to become mother and son have you have you seen this pastor synagogues, transgender, and I said all coming in my article. So this is this is something that comes knocking at our doors and if your kids in the public school system will be knocking at their doors is as well so Elizabeth what happened now that that suddenly got you in a position it expect to be in yeah what happened when I yell out March and that video I went viral and had a million and I would reread the hypocrisy of radical movement in getting out. I found you in my van and and talked about abortion and homosexuality and how that is to a large thrust of the radical feminist movement things just went went crazy and lots of traffic. My page, not just because of not just to that video, but every place on my face. You understand, when 11 million people watch her video at all my other videos are being lodged which are a lot of them Bible study against homosexuality and abortion, and exit Albert wonderful but that at that point I became some type of threat something that needed to be controlled and so all but banned me for three day because of certain comment I made six months ago. Dr. Brown is comment I made what deeply embedded in my page. Underneath one of my videos from months ago.

Now you tell me they were expunging something that they could try to ban me for an out day rain at my comment, but simply commentary on what the Bible and about homosexuality that violated community guideline could be construed as is hate speech to dissuade people, digitigrade people, did you call them perverts out to serve burning in hell and we should burn their houses down. I know no name-calling commentary on what the Bible says about sexuality.

You can go to my page and find what the comment part and so anyway I get man for three days when they released me from that man and I'm back on Facebook.

I immediately requested Micon.

I reposted the screenshot and I said Facebook believe the Bible at help me make this test go viral and it was totally going viral and within a couple of hours Facebook it ban me again. At this time there and make it hurt a little more and it was for seven day span and you had $75,000.

I could not interact with them just have other band a few times also were over a half-million now, so I trust.

When you have is that this vehicle is communication. If it's a great tool can be used in a great way along family friendship connection. But when Sarah read an article that posts I want people know about it round about debate or something.

Robert Young preached somewhere and put on Facebook live is a great vehicle and tool and suddenly you get muted cut off. That's so very disheartening. Your file.I know you crippling to your your ministry and in your affected and I me for some people it is connected to their livelihood and their and so yes I understand that. Anyway, when I when I got back on after Saturday I was really concerned Facebook was going to permanently and I had a choice to make. Was I going to be filing into. Thank God I had my page and my collar or was I going to be a voice for all of the other conservatives and Christian who I now learned because everyone pitting neither method is in their complaint and their evident filling our new working and I think my heart burden for them and I wanted Mark Zuckerberg. This is a liberal little and they are still revised their rights states in Isaiah.

I written a number of times about centering on Facebook and pointed out extraordinary double standard Elizabeth back on loud and clear what happened. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution very Jim is Dr. Michael Brown Dawson 10 and courageous voice for God's order for mail female, as God intended. Pro-life Elizabeth where can people connect with you.

What's the best place and I am also on twitter Instagram Connie Google pop-up port in Elizabeth before that one video went viral. Will you responding to the women's march was viewed by 11 million people. What would you say wastes your average viewing on of you are whole anywhere from 200 now to maybe 600 now okay. She's already had a great video presence online and and a lot of people follow you, but this just somehow blasted out all right.

And again, that's a substantial following a really that's that's great, great views for the things you're saying. So what then happened you decided you to take a stand and it's the Jesus principle if you try to save your life, you lose it will all call compromise here.

I'll back off here won't do this anymore then you become a slave to the people's opinions. You become a slave to what's popular to what's trending as opposed to just living to do God's will so you were determined that you raise your voice so what happened there but there private companies are not allowed to get on their political and religious belief and how it quite ironic that the left one day stop whining private company yet ran a creek or export maker want to object to participating in a homosexual wedding.

Therefore, to participate or lose their business to find and get Mark Mark Zuckerberg is going to stay on loud to the median control what is being seen. Now the truth of it is.

When he got in trouble last year because former employee admitted that Facebook is controlling what we are being that there is not freedom of the press will bear that they are controlling and that it that they are influencing how things are training and when not marked in bearing and he called a meeting of conservative better-known member that show conservative media like went back in and whatnot to try to build a bridge and invent them. Facebook is signed by and is not discriminating against them, but I am here to tell you I had an inbox full of current screenshot and video footage proving that they presently answering not only my page but all the cages of countless conservative and Christian and by censoring Janine shutting things down or choking distribution. Her helmet I've I've I've I've I've pursued. I have pursued this several times in the few times they said yeah this what you were being no choked those you distribution was being held back of these things were happening and so I was pushed it I've noticed again a dramatic drop in the region.

I press them and just as of last week I sent some is going on here in the world are half-million people on her Facebook page and yet the or or reach is a fraction of what it was no accident. Of months ago and you know this rally is nothing so it anyway.

You know it raises enough eyebrows, but I have had things shut down.

I've had them shut down the given one example, we had a post where is John Kerry sitting as a mediator between the leader of Hamas and Benjamin Netanyahu and the leader of Hamas is death to all Jews.

That's like on his T-shirt that is holding a little child in those Body Armor in front of him and Kerry says to Netanyahu so you think you could meet him halfway and that's the caption so we we got we got shut out of Facebook and I wrote to the the person connect with Harrison when the world happen this the rotate speed stuff soldiers doesn't want talk about Hamas reference. I just talked to some, a Jew, myself.

Sorry we missed read it, but I would send them things we would just as a test. Look for the most vile horrific anti-Jesus stuff on Facebook and then sat and then reported know this doesn't violate notices and violent notices of violet or grinding guidelines, and then you post something just a friendly discussion about transgender issues annexing to get shut down so that the bias is unmistakable. So where do things stand now.

Yeah you're right exactly what I am having reported me from all her and I record right now trying to contact Britt that are working on desktop, particularly involved my page because I had evident that my video don't have here for some people, people cannot even accept my page background I going to click on the icon of my page my name, I picture and are absent down a bit, but I have video footage proving happening you lot of people you can follow are like my a follower like, but no way like to get your information my inbox and though I Facebook it undeniable for the picture there's a video of Donald Harding, black ministers, praying to him and anything I think about him and it was going viral had like nine Facebook put a black conqueror over it and market] video because black minister were praying McDonald's Rob, I have reported that, I mean there's no denying that they are entering your client like I would like for Mark Zuckerberg to admit that he created a liberal news platform and that he is going to censoring control conservative and Christian feet on his platform if he wouldn't get that in at least the public but no and conservative Christians with fleet alternative platform like Gav and freedom vine and palm and all of you that are platform that are not because of the epidemic of censorship that we are yeah it's on Twitter and Facebook celebrated their partnership with was glad with other LGBT activists right sessions they celebrated.

They announced it, and in my mind, this was no this was you know that the positive thing to do.

So you know Twitter losing people over. This has these other alternatives listen will will check back with you days ahead. But in the meantime, keep doing what you doing this much we know this much we know what whatever's going on with Facebook. We do know there's a clear bias that's that's undeniable that's that's been documented, they they have basically celebrated this there being there being called to account for what we have to do is keep getting our message out and from a 16-year-old girl to a homeschool mother of 10. The messages God can get your message out to people soliciting.

I just got a couple seconds.

Are you backing down or speaking up all the more loudly how all the more grant that occurred when a braille man take the stand. So I want you keep doing it. Elizabeth you are stiffing the spines of many God bless you. Thanks for joining us around.

All right friends, you heard it.

My bottom-line courage is contagious.

Will you leave the way we go for cutting edge interviews and the hottest topics around right here light a fire starting now is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown for joining us today on the line of fire. In the first hour, we heard from a 60 role champion of pro-life or young lady who, speaking up and speaking out.

We heard from a homeschool mother of 10 married mom of 10 homeschooler and she is speaking out and their messages are being listen to watched heard by hundreds of thousands by millions of people that reminds me that God wants to use you to make a difference, not just the TV preacher that just the pastor stand behind the pulpit. That's just the talking head on Fox News or CNN, not just the person writing an editorial in the newspaper, not just a political leader or a celebrity. God wants to use you to make a difference out here this this and am about to focus on another issue, another important issue that that will be very educational for you and we're well go talk to the lawyer about something major that is affecting our schools and affecting young people around America book before I get to that. I did a Twitter poll and asked is it it's I guess it's in its final stages now, let's just see here.

Maybe there a few hours left on it but I did this Twitter poll you ready I asked this question all we find it here. Okay, who do you trust more Russia with the liberal media sub got on the 25,000 some followers on twitter so were not nearly as big on Twitter's view on Facebook, but still it's it's a decent amount of people that are there and maybe conservative like me and many Bible believing like me but plenty that different plenty that are that are downright hostile to my beliefs that would follow me on Twitter and others that are less conservative or less biblically based stresses question you trust more Russia with the liberal media. Now think about that for second, how would you answer that I guess rejoices.

Russia liberal media are neither idle trust.

More Russia liberal meeting, three choices, Russia was one for us to liberal media Chris three. Neither idle while that the number one response was neither idle 60% and it's what just like 500 futsal forces a couple hours of Summit milieu, five, 600 votes and that's it. So just a cross-section right of those respondents, all but here's what's shocking out of the 40% that picked one you ready 36% said Russia 4% said liberal media 36% said Russia 4% said liberal media. There is massive distrust of the liberal media, especially from the conservative side which means we have a great opportunity to raise our voice and speak because a lot of people question with their hearing on the news and many others will question with their hearing on on the conservative media side and they don't know who to trust and who is putting out fake news and who isn't. So this is a great opportunity friends for us to speak up and make a difference because your voice will be heard by your circle of friends in your voice will be heard by your family and perhaps your voice will be heard in ways that you never imagined were worried, next thing people around the country know who you are, know what you have to say. Just because you spoke your mind one day. So one of the word of advice.

If your post something posted no way that if it gets attention will be embarrassed by the house that posted in such a way that will glorify Lord, we come back and talk to Robert Shibley about twisting title lines with us. Once I got to be with me to find out for the light of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends for on the line of fire.

I heard of title IX in the past I wasn't intimately familiar with it, but when Pres. Obama, the Department of Justice began pushing issues of transgender activism will be sold. Response to HB two in North Carolina, the so-called bathroom. Bill drew a lot of attention to the subject of title IX and I'm joined by Robert L. Shibley. He is a graduate of Duke University and Duke University school of Law, and he is the executive director of fire another fire we've been fire for many years.

Fire school of ministry fire standing for a fellowship for international revival in evangelism. He has been the leader of fire, which is the foundation for individual rights in education and he's got a little book put out by encounter books a call twisting title nine so I want Robert Shibley to fill us in on what were dealing with. But Robert a first welcome to the line far thanks for joining us today by this or are you thank you for having me already great to have you hate Robert before we get into the subject.

Tell me about your fire and what fire does. Sure fire with my fire was founded in 19 99 x 2 people play our professor at the early Pennsylvania islands world course to the conservative and civil liberties attorney from Boston Harvey Silver Glade liberal and they wrote together a book called the shadow University became out 1998 and he was subtitled the betrayal of liberty on American campuses and talked about sort of the rise of what we now call the movement behind political correctness and the way the people were being told that they couldn't have certain beliefs they can express certain things on campus and the response of that book was so enormous that the next year 1999. They founded our fire and I've been working there since 2003. We've been the whole time defending free speech, free religion, freedom of association and due process on America's college and university campuses and will things now compared to when you started well or better in some ways, and worse than others. One of the ways in which their better is that fire for the last eight or nine years is been tracking written speech codes. These are rules and universities that actually prohibit students or provide for punishment for students to say or do things that are not popular with the authorities there and we started counting eight or nine years ago, 79% of the schools we looked at had what we call red light speech go that that's really the very worst because of their rules are unconstitutional at public universities and that private university rules that violate their own promises of free speech number of the left ear was down to about 40% of red light school so there's been a big improvement there. On the other hand, but worriedly I think if it's safe to say that the culture of free speech and a lot of other freedom on campus has not gotten better and worse with the you know. More recently, with the with the riots in Berkeley and the violence of Middlebury College over Charles Murray's appearance. There that no increasingly it seems like students have been missed educated both by college and in the K-12 arena to believe that shutting down people you agree with is the right thing to do and take violence, then that's also acceptable in an effective and so again before we focus on your mini book and twisting title IX.

The atmosphere we have today with micro aggressions and trigger warnings.

I just wrote an article about school in Canada that remove scales from the fitness room because that that would trigger things for people. How in the world did we get to it.

To this place, especially in the name of diversity, tolerance and inclusion while you think that's a great question. I think a lot of it is just sort of the cultural forces that have been really in the defendant Bureau for a long time.

Certainly, ever since I've been working a fire under there.

Clearly, things that people wouldn't say now on campus that they would've been willing to say back when I was in school and I hear that all the time for parental stories from when I was in school will no longer 1996 to 2000 and thing out.

You could never get away with that today there is this real fence on campuses that if it if the likely official section which there might be. There certainly going to be a massive social thank you for stepping out of line and and disagreeing with with the majority's yeah so Robert what's now happen with title IX develop his first four listeners that are smooth this what is title mind. Why was it instituted in the first place. When line is the federal law that prohibits sex with termination in federally funded education program that includes pretty much all K-12 schools that are public and pretty much all public and private colleges and universities. There's only a few that that don't take any federal money, including the Hildale Grove city College and a few other like that and title IX simply says that those programs that do get that many aren't allowed to engage in sex with termination with X. We are a reasonably big number of exceptions, like returning Lord even boy state girls. They better that was passed in 1972 and from going back further the research for my book, the other of a couple issues that really came up. There were the idea that there were still a number of public universities that were single-sex or progress or single-sex they want open up and of course athletics was also an issue and as I talk about my book directly for title IX passed in 1972 by about 1985.

Know the athletic situation that the really gross disparity between men's and women's involvement had basically vanished. There still a disparity but it much, much smaller instead, the euro title IX, a sort of action is moved to this idea that it is the main way to prevent sexual harassment on campus quite so was title IX when it talks about sex did anyone ever think when when these things were being put forward when there was no move to have women sports and and and women being able to be women in these different athletic areas, etc. in programs that didn't exist before was was anyone confused about the meaning of sex then did everyone understand assessment biological sex.

While I didn't see any evidence that that it meant anything different from that, you know, in the run-up and end date units are leaving congressional debate in 1972, which we we went over how or what a very long after that that it started getting sort of expanded into other areas. No one want to talk about most in my book is the idea of a sexist that sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination, so it's not just something bad, but you do to somebody else but that it's actually a discriminatory thing, as opposed to something morally wrong and that therefore it can get brought under the umbrella of title IX is therefore a federal problem rather than you know a state or local or problem on your university campus. So what is now happen with title IX with Pres. Obama, the Department of Justice and even the way things are being used in the courts where sex is become gender identity, and now title IX in effect is being twisted and undermined, yeah, well what happened is that the 11th region with very activist in making and really pushing for twisting the law pretty far one that really got fire involved with this so-called dear colleague letter from April 4, 2011 where the Board of Education's office for civil rights went so far as to actually dictate the standard of proof that had to be used in sexual misconduct cases on campus. The rear cues excellent conduct of the claim by the department was that of his 1972 law would make no mention of discrimination or sexual misconduct percolator that does make a harassment or sexual conduct. Said that you had you the lowest possible standard of evidence making the termination preponderance of the evidence that the 50.01% likelihood standard for making that decision. Another thing they did just a couple of years later is dictate that to school that they had to use a definition of sexual harassment which was any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, including verbal conduct and the reason that's problematic is that verbal conduct is to speech and so we've seen this idea that that speech can be thickly wrapping applied to Princeton, a student at Temple into grad student Temple who is a veteran of the first direct quarter of a tank there and as part of his master's program. He wrote a paper opposed to women. The military well that has something to do with text. Obviously you did at the do with you know differently in men and women and he took a controversial view on it that can make people uncomfortable and then people didn't want to hear. And so you have issues like that where you think it's it sounds like kind of a reasonable definition when they start applying it. It turns out that if you step out of line and you and your opinions have anything to do with Yardley, sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc. you could find yourself in front of a campus tribunal. So till we come back let's find out about this campus tribunal's and then seemly been on through this day is you can make a difference. Your voice can be heard.

Parents educating students which listen carefully to Robert Shipley's many very helpful twisting title nine will direct that file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown the reminder file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of firearms. Robert of the foundation for and review rights in education, known as buyer Robert what's your website for folks that want to take advantage of the resources there alright so let's talk about a campus tribunal what what have folks been subject to that have spoken out written something done something that went against the PC a grain of the campus. What's actually have when you refer to campus tribunal. Let's not just a hypothetical metaphorical term as it know that's right. Most campuses by just about all the ones I'm familiar with have a sort of pseudo-judicial process that basically the equivalent of a trial. Usually you don't get very much in the way of due process for the trial. So, for instance, sometimes you may not even know who is accusing you. You may not know all the evidence against you.

You most the time you don't get an attorney, you know, nobody is under oath, etc., but in any case, these these tribunals don't just handle most people think of them is like cheating case. They also handle cases of assault and battery and even sexual assault become the really serious thing. The crimes that are other felony crime colleges are still having their own little trial for them so that that's a problem in and of itself and you know when when the college has a rule against saying certain feet, those of the very same people you get in front of we had one female student organ. I talk about my book to God in trouble for yelling. I did it first outer window a five word forward joke got her five conduct charges including sexual harassment.

Another professor of evidence professor at Northwestern wrote an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, which is higher education. The main trade publication, talking about how she didn't really think Northwestern was doing a good job with title IX and then been thought that it was I being overly paranoid and she was investigated under title for writing an article criticizing title IX so it can really be.

You know just about anything in and print the the punishment can read range anything from a slap on the wrist to expose and you again these are real things happening on campuses we've attracted, especially on LGBT issues with conservative Christians and things like that and free speech issues with friends with the alliance defending freedom and liberty counsel often dealing with these so this is going on there. There is an assault on freedom of speech and freedom of conscience and religion are campuses. There are many professors that are loath to really share their viewpoints for fear of losing their their tenure-track and things like that and they have to help us keep their views to themselves. It is an oppressive view on campuses in yet. This progress remains use at the outset, so Sir Robert what can your average person.

Do your apparent sending their kids college their distress by what's happening a student on a college faculty member what can they do and what will fire.

Help them do well if it's a us dinner. Faculty member is being silenced on campus for finding every religion or many of these other aspect of the first time of the fire handled if their finding is under attack they can they can submit a case on fire's website. The and that's part of the bread-and-butter of what we do we defend those folks about you know through our public advocacy and then sometimes if necessary through legal action as well if they are a parent or alumnus that many are universities with with few exceptions, the really big and Rich universities are less subject to this but universities are quite sensitive to public relations and are also sensitive to you who are donors and people who are tuition payer opinion on things and so I mean I would love to have your the parents and alumni of each university that we deal with, not really, you know, take take the initiative to write in and often you can do that required website we would take action, function, but you thickly writing or calling the University expressing your displeasure can go really long way toward making a change here. These folks are used to getting hundreds of thousands of emails and calls and I think in many cases, you know, the people talk about a bubble that I know and and nine academia being an ivory tower and many kids little really realized just how how how far they've diverged from mainstream thought when it comes to the actions that they taken at the time of the need to be reminded of that yeah absolutely I had I had to PhD some yesterday one of process is best to leave his school and go teach Christian school because of the opposition he had in the humanities.

He said he was the only 1/150 professors that held to certain conservative views and when he just spoke up for them is a is a former homosexual who been raised by two lesbians, by his his mother and her partner when he began to talk about his life experience and was better to have a mom and dad and so he got sensitive attack in every way and the base he said with enough complaints against you that if you try to stay here for your tenure really come against you fellows better to be in a different environment and and he was basically saying we got a look totally different way for for for higher education others others cows in the so on the one hand, yes let us strengthen Christian schools and universities and encourage folks not to bow down to the God of accreditation and to be more concerned about the well-being of their kids and that the nurturing of their kids in the environment in which they can be. But I also believe we must challenge the the massive secular education system on every level and and we can do it with with our dollars are money speaks doesn't certainly speak and you know it.

In many cases you like you said no professors who are are on the tenure-track or you know I'm not yet been tenured are particularly threatened if they have any kind of dissenting view of the stuff for them. But our pressers were tenured. They're scared to speak out to and you know the more who speak out the other. There's a real fall spent that year alone. Yes, in these cases it and angrily look it is you know very disproportionately and obviously politically University lean left, but that doesn't mean you're alone and there's a lot of people on the left. You would also like to hear those viewpoints but unfortunately think they're they're generally drowned out these days are the senses of their drowned out by people who are are are ready to condemn me if you step out of the political line and the more the more people who are willing to play that game to better offer role be yes absolutely. And then look there is even though we are in the minority on the secular campuses are still a critical mass of people speaking up. There are respected scholars, their respective intellectuals who are conservatives who challenge the current PC madness that we often see are campuses that people just are to speak out and follow Jesus principle that I'm a try to save my life and try to do it's right. Then we see a whole lot of progress. Robert once more. Please give our listeners. Your website that the and please come and visit. Donate. If you're so inclined. And believe you know get involved the you can look up your school on their rewrite 440 of the biggest and most prestigious one. Look at your school and if you like what they're doing cinnamon out. Yeah, absolutely. And then look if enough of us speak there will be changes. Let us act there will be change. If we do nothing we can guarantee is going to continue to go in the wrong direction hate from a fellow fireman to the head of another fire.

God bless.

Keep up the great work.

Thank you very much like roommate I you bet-ite friends 866-34-TRUTH the number to call.

I haven't even had a second to call yet, but you trust more Russia for the liberal media that it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown so so how how much this trust secular media right now, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. The place we can go to get the record set right hate.

There are areas of expertise I have and I will do my best to address those and comment on those and make them as clear as I can in their areas were. I do not have expertise and I'll be the first to tell you that I do not have that expertise and that I'm gonna opinion maybe to throw into the mix for discussion. So we we are going to speak of that which we know will speak with authority we hear is where we can speak with authority speak with clarity. There is we can't, and in other places will bring on other guests to speak but what I find fascinating is right now there is massive distrust media in general I would assume that that those that are strong on the left totally just trust those on the right. They distrust the Rush Limbaugh's and the Sean Hannity's and the mark with Vince and the other prominent conservative voices. They deeply mistrust them and say was all fake news was fascinating is that those on the right are not just distrust in the MSNBC's in the CNN's but that the New York Times is in the Washington Post as well. In other words, the secular media in general is looked at is so biased is so inaccurate, as is so untrustworthy as so promoting a particular agenda with out without a clear factual basis without the ability to report the news rather than to create the news that there is such massive distrust that when when I when I did a twitter poll mentioned this earlier in the show but I want to come back to it.

I did a twitter pole and I asked my Twitter followers as as to as to who they trusted more Russia or the secular media, or neither. At all. Music Russia is been historic enemy in certain ways. In the Iron Curtain and tensions between Obama and Pruden and and it was Russia try to undermine our our our elections and all this stuff in Russia. Being a friend of a Ron and us being opposed to Ron and all this and you know and and and being dictatorial and oppressive and and and all the things that we think about the negative things we think about Russia and in Donald Trump, Costley criticized for not taking a harder stand against Pruden and so on it. When I asked folks on twitter who they trusted more.

Whether it was Russia or the secular media, or neither. I 60% said neither interest either of them at all 4% said they trusted the secular media more 36% so 921 said they trusted Russia more than the secular media so I wonder where you stand on it that did this at some extreme to you that seem crazy to you. You said I understand that 866-34-TRUTH 7884 means is the door is wide open for another narrative what it means is the door is wide open for other truth tellers to rise up what it means is the door is wide open to challenge the pop narrative to challenge with the media saying to shout out.

The Emperor has no close to say hey, wait a second. This is wrong.

Hey wait a second. We we don't agree with this and just because you're saying it from behind the TV camera or over the radio or in print in the newspaper doesn't mean it has any authority or any credence in fact were starting to question everything you say until we see more facts.

What a great time for the truth of the gospel to rise in the midst of a culture which is had its fill of quote fake news. The light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us on our 866 I want to play some clips for you.

This is Tucker Carlson Planned Parenthood discussion. He's talking to executive VP Dawn leg wins the tour of the pronunciation of her last name, and this was from March 13 on Fox news so JavaScript clip number is six Tucker Carlson interacting with a planned parenthood, executive so Planned Parenthood does provide an awful lot of abortions every I think over 3000 I think that's right in that range and the majority of them are after 5 1/2 weeks. That's the point at which the fetal heart.

It can be detected. I'm just wondering is someone who works there. What you think of that. What is being aborted. If you can hear the heartbeat what is that thing that's being aborted. How you feel about that. Well, abortion is a right in this country, women have their own views on whether or not they want to be pregnant. That is not a viable fetus at 5 1/2 weeks. Anyone knows that and what you would do is make your own choice, and that's all. Planned Parenthood is ever said when everything mentioned make their own choice right but it follows you and I made my license to get right right but it was specifically think you're the country's biggest abortion provider. If you can hear the heartbeat of this thing this fetus, what is it is a piece of tissue or is it a separate human being.

I think that's up to each individual to decide what they believe.

I'm sort of laugh. This is the left of incredulity. This is the laugh of you gotta be kidding me.

It's up to each individual to decide with a beating heart is it's it's up to each individual to decide what that beating heart is is that a baby is a child. Is that a massive tissues such as the comp of cells what what is it that that human being there that there was injured in a car accident and it's hovering between life and death.

It's up to us to decide what you got a pulse here was a pulse mean the supposed me. That's human being does that post mean that that is just a biological entity of some kind at this.

It doesn't know you know it means that the person is alive. It's a person and the person is alive redefined the person redefine the situation based on your and I think about what what kind of nonsense is that what kind of science is that it's up to each person to decide whether that beating heart is human or not you've got to be kidding me. So let's go to clip number eight. As the discussion continues good for Tucker Carlson. People say look this is killing a light heart is beating you can hear it at 5 1/2 weeks and the majority of your courses take place after 5 1/2 weeks so I want to know if that bothers you at all. Does it all stop and think about what is happening here is a wiping taken people say life is being taken. Do you think that I personally favor safe, legal abortion in this country decided on by each individual woman and her doctor to decide for themselves. I personally do not believe that that is a viable fetus at that point saying why our little nerves. Now there are no rules we follow. Why are you really really late now I'm asking you human question and I hope you favor me with the human answer. I'm not saying it's Bible at five weeks is not, but you can hear the heartbeat is a human being or not, is it separate from the mother, not different blood type, often a different sex different DNA. It doesn't seem like a tumor or something that is connected to the woman holy it's distinct. What does that mean I would think you would've thought about it, considering you provide more than anyone I have is not about it very much. For myself, but I am not going to project onto other women.

What I believe.

Since when does what I believe not believe determine reality here. You have women that have something called hysterical pregnancy that that it is an emotional thing it's treated certain things in their body and they think they're pregnant even begin to have signs of pregnancy and there is no baby in there they can believe all they want to believe but it doesn't create a baby in the womb.

I can as a man believe that I'm pregnant.

I believe that pregnant, I believe, what thank them send out when I was heavier. While my stomach was getting bigger because there's a baby and that I could believe that all I want, but it did not create a baby in the womb when there was none. Conversely conversely you can say it's not a baby all you want, you can deny the humanity of the child in the womb all you want, you can say that that those little fingers and those little hands or are just part of a fetus as if that made it non-human. You could say that the fact that you can actually's make out the face and the ultrasound that the boat was a baby just kicked the mother's no insides and and now daddies got his hand on the stomach bow he can. He can feel that You can you can say that that would stressed Campos out doesn't deny the humanity of that baby in the womb.

It doesn't deny the reality of when that heart starts beating and when that baby starts to experience things and feel certain things over this deny the reality of any that's not a choice that Outlook let me put a different spin on these words when we say when we say is pro-life people. It's a person, not a choice. Let's take it further. It's a person and it's not your choice to say it's not a person it's a person and it's not your choice to deny the person out of that person. What if I deny the personhood of non-Jews written on June person is denied the personhood of Jews you're just varmint you're just parasite you should be exterminated. What if I denied the personhood of black Americans were Hispanic American Blacks or Hispanics. Are Asians not Caucasian.

A person does that make them not persons of some of the guys my person.

It is a white man does that make me not a person know your opinion, your interpretation about what is a person one is not a person does not define what makes someone a person. It does not deny biological reality.

It does not the bottom.

Deny physical reality. This idea that it's subjective every every body can shoot. I'm I'm expressing myself very clearly for good reason here, but I want you to hear this again time am I getting worked up over nothing. Let's just listen again to clip number eight the entered the interaction of Tucker Carlson and executive VP with Planned Parenthood. People say look this is killing a light heart is beating you can hear it at 5 1/2 weeks and the majority of your courses take place after 5 1/2 weeks so I want to know if that bothers you at all. Does it all stop and think about what is happening here is a wiping taken people say life is being taken. Do you think that I personally favor safe, legal abortion in this country decided on by each individual woman and her doctor to decide for themselves. I personally do not believe that that is a viable fetus at that point saying why our little nerves. Now there are no rules we follow. Why are you really really late now I'm asking you human question and I hope you favor me with the human answer. I'm not saying it's Bible at five weeks is not, but you can hear the heartbeat is a human being or not, is it separate from the mother, not different blood type, often a different sex different DNA. It doesn't seem like a tumor or something that is connected to the woman holy it's distinct. What does that mean I would think you would've thought about it, considering you provide more than anyone I have is not about it very much. For myself, but I am not going to project onto other women. What I believe you better believe you are projecting onto what you believe you believe you are because you're fighting for Planned Parenthood Pfeiffer funding for 500. When isn't it ironic, is it ironic that Planned Parenthood tells us Planned Parenthood tells us that none of their federal funding goes for abortions, correct how many times we told it. None of the federal funding that we received Planned Parenthood goes for abortion abortions only make up 3% of our income right correct. That's what we hear all the time and yet were told that if Planned Parenthood was defunded that we will not be able to get abortions who will or what how's that house that if if they're providing all these mammograms, which of course they don't call go. Having many people call to expose this that know you can actually go to Planned Parenthood get a mammogram and there certain services that are provided with her plenty of other medical clinics that provide those very services. Why not give them the federal funding. So, if none of the federal funding is being used for abortion. You cut off the federal funding, then how on earth. How on earth as it can affect abortions if if I said every dime that you give to this radio show is going to help us feed the poor people in in Uganda all right every dime you give to us can help feed poor people in Uganda.

If you stop giving to us when we go off the air. Wait a second. That would mean that were not feeding the people in Uganda that would mean that were using the money to stay on the air. So the hypocrisy that this shouting, not hypocrisy. Planned Parenthood is my blog and the fact that that when you go there for an abortion. They don't say have you considered your options and in many will tell you that used to work there have to push hard to be quota that to bring in more money have to get more people to a boorish and again saying I believe what you believe does not change the facts. I I can believe that I Mickey Mouse right out doesn't change the facts to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown videos of years back some of my friends that were strongly in the pro-life movement were all excited about Dr. Seuss's Horton hears a who is never the.

The message of the book of persons a person no matter how small this was used to help further fuel the fires of the pro life movement. So let me encourage your friends. The Emperor has no clothes.

The Emperor has no clothes so much of the activism coming away so much of the social activism coming away so much of the whole push to undo gender distinctions to glorify abortion to redefine marriage. The Emperor has no clothes at end and look I use this as an example in my article went viral that when I simply said I'm sorry but Caitlin Jenner is a man wearing a dress though normally I would refer to Bruce Jenner but to make the point. I said Kim Jen is a man wearing a dress. When he speaks he still a man when he goes to the bathroom. He's a man he can still reproduce as a man I met on this testosterone is that hormones is on the chances, but he fought he fathered children as a man.

He's a man is a man wearing a dress, he may be a confused many, maybe hurting man maybe ascending that whether he's a man wearing a dress and when I said it is just like this thing when electric different websites are getting shared left and right you much more than than something I'd normally write. And of course some people know this but very few would say one offended what I want to offend someone, but the same time got to be realistic until the truth right what our daughters were going out there teenagers and put on outfit that same on this is make me look fat and she so yeah they go.

While it is my feeling is don't ask. I'm sure you have asked me. I do I. I'll write something and tell Messier told you think of it, and I get back all marked up in red why she did next was to help me. She believes what I wrote wants to help me writing better this goodness a bad what is in progress. 27. Open rebuke is better than secret love and in the kisses of an enemy are profuse but faithful are the wounds of a friend. So it's good only speak the truth in love. It's it's good when we we we reveal the error of the false and destructive position. How much more when it comes to something like abortion, the great plague the great delight of the last generation. Think over 50 million abortions performed worldwide every year in America. Over 50 million abortions since Roe V Wade, the tragedy beyond proportion of the dehumanizing of our culture beyond proportion ascend with all kinds of consequences of which were hardly aware yes to all of the above, it it it is been a horrible plague and spent terrible plague on the women of had abortions that bear the pain afterwards.

Sometimes the physical consequences more often. The emotional consequences the spiritual consequences, thanks of his redemption. There is forgiveness in Jesus for the man who participated in. In these things. Yes, there's redemption, but this is been a terrible plague our society. I interview the 16-year-old girl.

The first half hour of the show and she said this is the pro-life generation were the ones that are coming up with a different viewpoint where the ones are being raised with a different viewpoint where ones that the scene the ultrasounds and and can't deny the evidence so in short, this is the time to address the stronghold of lies stronghold of lies that that it's just a clump of of of tissue or mass of cells in the it it it in a woman's body those allies. The scientific lies is a biological lies this chromosomal lies I asked the question the other day my friend Larry Tomczyk said something in it. It prompted me to tweak this out, that why is it why is it a baby bump.

When the mother decides to keep the baby, but it's a massive tissue bumper lump of cells bump. She decides to kill it that now changed the reality of that human being inside the womb, what, when we begin to say enough is enough with with the activism unknown off is is enough with with the ill man using a woman's locker room and another woman just has to change in his presence because he identifies as one not enough with that.

Yeah I bothers me that this man struggling and and and suffers from from what we call gender identity confusion get that that that concerns me that that hurts me I I yes absolutely.

I feel for that person.

But we are not going to impose his confusion on the rest of society when I can impose his confusion on on on everyone else.

That's not confused.

Just my standard analogy. If you have a blind kid in school. You did her best to help that child and and work with the child with braille tax and things like that so maybe take them by the hand what's in them at the Holick but you don't order the whole school to close their eyes and read braille it when it comes to kids that are confused about about gender issues and things like that when when there confused that we now impose that on the whole school. The 16-year-old boy gets to play on the 16-year-old girls sports team that means is a girl this I can make that team and maybe a girl that was going to be better and get a scholarship that she may not make it an of the other girls have to be uncomfortable with a biological male in their locker room and by the way, if this kid identity identifies transgender in and out as gay.

Then they would still say will yeah even though identifies wonders me I'm attracted to men so attracted to an all great wonderful in the same locker room and shower stall. You do not turn the world upside down. Delta struggling person. So why is it when you offer solution say to transact business. Say hey here's a handicap bathroom.

You can use in its gender-neutral no no no identifies will and I will use ones that one must do impose that everybody else wanted 60. Here's a viable solution so we need friends to keep speaking up. We need to keep raising our voices. We need to keep exposing that the Emperor has no clothes so you challenge me early that they made this ridiculous statement on Twitter and they said that you are in the Bible God is, is referred to as he and she and I said never to shake this one of the characteristics of a mother, your motherly care of Bob is referred to as he and his father but God transcends gender got a transgender God transcends gender all known auto many times in the Bible does refer to ships what what I get accusations for Trenton Sean superior's committee did make one example. So we need one person. So in any case.

In any case that the arguments break down. We hold them up to the like to keep holding him up to the light that the household of the house of cards. It's built on lies is going to crumble as we keep speaking the truth of friends. I'm on the air to keep speaking the truth.

Pray for me run the front lines on the radio writing books, preaching, teaching, TV getting the message I really know how training people are school of ministry, speaking the truth. We need your help.

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